Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 7
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f. NOVEMBER 30, 1937. UfcORWITH FOR 64 YEARS MOV 29—Mr. and Mrs. |e reached their 64th niversary Saturday, No- but a family gathering the occasion was held, t Thanksgiving day, No- slnce November 27 was ig day 64 years ago. 10 parents of eight chil- 55 great-grandchildren. knber of the descendants Jtlie aged couple for the KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA ews Former Sheriff and Mrs. L [More Locals on Page 5.] Mr. Htul Mrs. Wn Minn., were TlmnKsgivias* KU( of Mr. and Mrs. G. c. Ycim.an _Mrs. Everett Anderson Andmon went to k le is 85 and Mrs. Fris- hHznbet.h Mergon hey are In fairly good « niv g with her , 1f j they do their own work Mrs - * otor Hortlni' house and Mr. Frlsblo's shop. Mr. Frisble ' ksmith 65 years >P i she loves, but cares for and quilted six quilts in the |>er, Tuesday. Mr. mid Mrs. jor. He has a 30-day furlough, and part of the time will be spent at Minneapolis with his brother John. Mr. and Mrs. William Chubb, of Minneapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele drove to Garner Friday evening to visit the George Frees, giving with Mr. Chubb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chubb. William is manager of the collection de- W. H. Voas, also a guest at Iowa City, to his home at Chicago for a week's stay. Doctor Voas is a psychiatrist in the Skpkie school at Winnetka, Chicago. Mrs. Voas will return this week for another two, weeks with the Shirleys and then will go home. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon plan to leave in mid-December for Tex- na. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murinp-h mrtmnnf fr,* n n,, p"'•n"~T L —il to'K'hter Judy and M," MurtS bran™ Un & Bradstrect «", where they may spend most or mother, Mrs. E. J. Murtach went i Mrs 'vn>il T»,.ln r >„ i , 'o Do ! l C ' d tO . — "• "•*.»! tubii, wmiL ' j'i i n« r Uos Moines Wednesday for the' home at all of the winter. They are undecided whether to spend much time at Mr. and Mrs. Herbst snent who 5 " Thanksgiving dinner with the other daughter, Mrs. Frank Weiner. The Jack Sheas, Bancroft, spent ... last winter in California. The °th- . high temperature at "San Antone" Mar- Friday was 70, and the low was 06, from our wintry spell dropped the tempera- ection Boss nng Home Here Nov. 29—Mr. and Mrs. w dl have sold their j home here to Oliver have moved to Algona. roll was assigned to the sloy section of the Mil- boss when Martin Did- gona, resigned a few o. The Stockwellti, who ears lived a't Sheldon, Stockwell was section been back here only ten and is taking brief visit till Sunday iul " i supervisors of national forests, and Ida Halpln, Ames student, spent ! is now statlone d '" the Willamette at Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. .forest, near Eugene. Previously he ,a course in primary teaching. urt, were >eed Corn on est Yield Guess IftrnH' Parents, Mr. Md^Irs. ^tjcla were^ and Mrs. Thos. Halpin. Dorothy i the Columbia and Olym- . . . ,, Mawdsley, freshman at Ames, spent !f' c forests. John graduated from the week-end with her father, E. K. i ^ he A1 eo na h| sh school In 1927, and Mawdsley, southeast of Algona. ! £rom Ames colle ee in 1931. He ac- Robert C. Dewel, and Joyce Chris- cept a forestr y Position the same «i **"•-" "I irnn r* T-Tn iim « 'Unwm i« -inoo 1- ,,-t- spe tlo woo, , ,' " n Phvnis W ' h 1 ' nr ' tensen, freshmen at Grinnell, were Huber IB n also here for . Kl "°'' ° [ Mr am 1 Mrs . Mrs Too in i- WyC ''- J'l-l n. .IJMIIIiL I u ' r: ° U - ° 0mP " )y of tho In t«»-Btate Power | Jay N. (Ding) Darling, famed '' ° [ DesMoins year. He was borne in 1932, hut had not been back since. He will go back via a southern route and Des'Moines Register syndicated , up the Coast via California Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cody, with a cartoonist who spoke at a meeting! Kat « Skinner and her e November 11 a hybrid company offered ten its product to the farm- essed nearest to the esti- ld of 30 varieties of corn, rapson, northeast of Wes- icd between 27,000' and hcls, and last week's ews-World reported that he ten bushels are valued n ?75 and $100. I ~ •'• J-*v* " 111 V.JUU t y j W 1 III <L vjlfcl '(.WV.I11I o\, W11U O|J(JI\.C ill, fct lilGtJtlllfa ' .".»••,,.. >.^>II.»MV,*. llliu ilV-i* IJJlJLtl'^L, nf T?nd n i ' nnw '' lil ' )y Daughter, moved hero a week jot the county Conservation League Mrs. E. J. Skinner, plan to leave in jiui u.ik, was hero from last "K" Saturday from Highland, Wis., !m the high school auditorium Wed- week or so for San Antonio, Tex., lucsmiy until Thnrsilny a and are now residing at 117 Col- nesday evening, was entertained af- where the F. B. Seeleys are spend- in VH crl)Kt lll)mo - I'° KC stre °t- Mr. Cody is a district ter the lecture at the Dennis Goe- in S the winter. They will stay two f -iv i' ,"""' 1{ ancnift, spent.: manager for a Wisconsin grain ders home. Mr. Darling went from °r three weeks and will have an nom Wednesday till Friday with company. here to Rochester to see a son who apartment near where the Seeleys nei (laughter, Mrs. Thomas Carney. I Albert CJrnotors, with his wife is a doctor in the Mayo clinic. i ar e located. Mrs. Seeley is anoth- mr. uiniey is u Pratt Electric cm- and children, attended a family Mrs. John Haggard, who had gofer daughter of Mrs. Skinner. Miss " ""-- 1 •' - - Skinner, who travels for Ginn and Co., schoolbook publishers, been given all of December for a vacation. She has 15 states in her territory, but so far has worked only Iowa, Missouri, and part of Illinois. After the holidays she will work in Michigan. St. Benedict Tommy McKerma, Chicago, ar- •ived Thanksgiving morning for a visit with his father, John Me Kem- Mr. and Mrs. Joohn Grandjenet, summer, but In the winter likes a turkey dinner on ThanfaSgrvinj! to have someone with her to look day at Algona with the form**'* [after the fires. She is neverthe- mother, Mrs. Marcells Edrmftttn, less active, and anyone who calls and the other Erdmanii children* on her finds a neat, well kept Mr an d Mrs. George Rome?, AmM, house. Mr. and Mrs. John Weyer, St. Cloud, Minn., called on Mr. and were also there. Herman and Jerome EJrdlnAn l»ii. t*llu IVXIO, UUUJill VT1 cLUUJCJJOl,, „, ' ' ' _. _ _. - « , --f * on Albert, and daughters Irene and | Mrs ' Ben Dol T Friday afternoon, stopped at Floyd Erlckson'a W«fl- Alma motored to Rockford for a|'"' ey were, guests at the wedding, nesday night and attended the Arnof William Stell to Lucille Birn-idorfer wedding dance at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Arndorfer go* home last week Tuesday from Milwaukee, and sprang a surprise on the rest of th£ family In arriving to a new Plymouth car. nothcr, Mrs. Carrie Erickson. Betty McMurray is employed at •rrandma Imerfall's for the winter. Mrs. Immerfall is nearly 90, but lias been doing her own housekeeping and cares for herself in baumer at Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. Dorr accompanied them to Bel- Thanksgiving with Mrs. Shea's mond to visit other uncles and aunts. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Erickson had New Thermostatic Controlled Ventilation and- Heating System Installed. GREAT BARGAINS 2 FEATURES, 21c WED.-THRU SATUR., 1 to 4 THE a MES©yiTEERS,. ; : TEACH THE li LAWLESS A LESSON! ploye. .. . , Hianksglving dinner at the home as far as Minneapolis with her par- anil .11 rs. Guy Cleflon, Owa- 1 "!' Mr. and Mrs. John Grooters, eats, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thurston, nna, Minn., were Thanksgiving Hoyden. The Messrs. Grooters are Virginia, Minn., for a home visit, guests of Mr. find Mrs. E. ,]. Hough, brothers. There were 21 guests at was called back Sunday because of [Mrs. Ucflon is a sister of Mrs. the dinner. the illness of her husband, who is Hough. /nli?l«r, dflufihtcr nf Mrs. Michel spent Thanksgiving at the home of his parents, Mr. and with D. Wane Van Deelan, Eagle Ml 's. M. P. Haggard. Mr. Haggard i i t«~ «' n «t nn j. ~ An « **• f , . ' .f-,..i.v-i I/L .tut,. ....... u. ,, t i,it v an i^utMUIl, Ji,agie " iLai "*•• - 1 -« ^Jttfcfeu.1 u. ivii. .rcti£guiu "'M"'?, !,!„ ™ ? ,,,^-M ^ a '' y . 55o '« lcr ' s l lollt from Wcdnes- Grove. Mrs. Michel and the son is suffering from kidney trouble. """""• " "' '" day till Sunday at Dcnison with Maurice, who attends school at The Thursstons had spent Thanks' '" 'Ames, spent the day at Des Moines giving day here. with Mr. Michel, Mrs. Michel re-, I"' 11 Lehman, Ruth Studebaker, and Leonard Lawritzen, of Des er to Speak Kavo thanks at friends. Leiirlifoii Mislmch t.he homo of Attorney and Mrs'. Spies, Emmetsburp, Mrs. Spies being his sister. 'Fidelia Hlunv. Forest City, spnnt turning Saturday. Mr. mid Mrs. E. S. Robinson,' Moines, spent Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Charles Har- lola's parents, Mr. and Mrs. An- 'voy, and her husband, all of Minn- drew Lehman, and her brother the Tlmnskgiving holidays with her 'oapolis, were Thanksgiving guests Charles. lola is employed by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. C. Skow, of the Wheelocks and G. R. Cooks. Central States Theatre corporation; near Wesley. She atcnds Waldorf Mr. Robinson is a brother 'of Mrs. Ruth at Fitch's. All returned to Des Moines that evening, and Chas. Lehman wen down with them on a business mission. Mr. and Mrs. Harland Cummings, college. jWhoelock and Mrs. Cook. Leiyis and Jtilin Ferguson, Amos ' Georgia Anno Geigel, senior at and Raymand Camiack, St. Louis, Bucna Vista college, spent the week spent. Thanksgiving with Mrs. Hor- Pm ' with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W^esley Dec. 16, tonse Ferguson, mother of Lewis Fred Geigel. She was a Thanksgiv-! son Donald, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. and John. ing guest of college friends at M. Cummings, all of Spencer, were Mm; ->r\ The, T.on-ion S«nf. and Mrs. O. T!. Tiiiiu' jimvn Sloan. Miss GeiL'ol is tnkinsr a hip-li ! ThanksgivinK suests of Mr. and Nov. 29 — The Legion .he Auxiliary have receiv- :rom State Commander J. r, Fort Dodge, that he ex- be here the night of De- 6, for the December joint of the county organiza- ic local post and unit are extra entertainment for ttond. n in a Train ash Known Here er ('has. J. Barnett, 68- •ailroad man at Memphis, in was killed recently, Panama Limited was dear Sardis, Miss., was a end of Dr. and Mrs. J. 0'. lore. The Prices made his ncos when they lived at 20 years ago; . and Mrs. 0. B. Laing drove to Rochester Wednesday evening, and Mrs. Laing received medical Sloan. Miss Geigel is taking a high j Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and school teacher's course. " treatment there. They Saturday. Hitn Dnolcy returned Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Cook, Webb, Mrs. Thos. Kemis. Harland is Mrs. Kemis's brother, and Mr. and Mrs. returned daughter Jane, and son Jimmy were °- M ' Cummings are her parents. | Thanksgiving dinner guests'of Mr. ; Helen Kemis, who teaches at New to Des and Mrs. G. C. Barton. Mrs, Cook Hartford, was here Wednesday. She Moines Sunday, after having ?,pont »nd Mrs. Barton are sisters. The i s a sister of Mr. Kemis, who man- Thanksgiving here with her par- Bartons celebrated their 18th wed- ages the Arnold motor supply store ents, Cnunty Recorder and Mrs. di»K anniversary the same day. here. J. J. Dooley. Mr. a ml Mrs. R. G. Richardson's i John, son of Mrs. Eva Deim, and WHlium Hurry Jr., Omaha, spent son Bob left Monday for Brooklyn,. Maurice, son of Mrs. Kafherine Thanksgiving and tho week-end where he has a job in a furniture McEvoy, left Sunday for Minneap- with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. ,and undertaking store. He was olis to attend the Dunwoody trade A.Barry. He attends Creighton graduated from the Algona high school. John, who had worked for university. school in 1933, and later attended G - F - Towne a year and a half, will 0. T. Solborg has bought the an embalming school at .St. Louis, itake a course in air-conditioning Halm 'house of the Halm estate. He j Principal and Mrs. John G. Me- and Plumbing, and Maurice Will owns and operates the White Rose Dowell, with their son Allan, were take a drafting course dealing with gas station next south fo the Se-1 Thanksgiving guests of Mrs. Me- the construction of automobiles. curlty State bank. Dnwell's aunt, Mrs. John Gunn, of Wade, son of Edw. Hanson, is tak- Mr. iind Mrs. R. S. Blossom spent !Iowa Falls. Friday and Saturday , in S an architect's course at the Thanksgiving at Cedar Falls with! they visited Mrs. McDowell's par- j same^ schpo^ ^and the three boys Mrs. Blossom's sisters, Grace and I Rnts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher, Margaret 17ait, both teachers in the State Teachers college. Dr. C. C. Shicrk, the fool special- will board and room together. County Supt. and Mrs. Shirley, -. and Mrs. Leonard A. Peugh, i with the latter's sister, Mrs. F. L. Hoisington, Kans., and their son , Voas - Hitchcock, S. D., were Thurs- Shell Rock. I/I • \'» \J* 17111171 U • tlic 111 lit ,>l.lt^.iUi i a- ' — —-.~., .._-„ „..„.. HU «» , ™,i m • i 1"\ ist, has patients who come here Robert, who were en route home day guests of the Shirley son, Dr. nver for Burf, Girl. lov. 29—A large crowd at^^ S ^^ g £^^^^^^^ hc"°i; had--received-medicariVeatn;eSt; Voas, who had been here for six l",^ the first ganfe Ban^ j spending Tuesdays there. stopped Wednesday at Mrs. Peugh's eated Burt, 16-14. The ame was between S\vea Lu Verne in favor of Swea OSPITALS GENERAL 1— M. L. Tweet, ^ration. Woden, 2— Edw. Johnson, Algona, i S5— Irving Urch, tonsillec- ?6-G. I. Purdy, ioniy. Ottosen, 27—De Lores Boescholt, KOSSUTH !3—Billy Sparks, Hobarton, ctoniy. W. Peter, Algona, ^"^nteSburg: and fo; th£ from Rochester, where Mrs. Peugh Hale_ Shirley,^ City, and^ week.s accompanied her son, Dr. Mr" and" Mr&"sehlutenhoffer, of brother C. A. Momyer's and stayed' . Ollmore City, their two children, till Sunday. ind Mr and Mrs. William Krane, I "r. and Mrs. Julius Winkel, the Emmetsburg, were Thanksgiving f ^ rm f i 'f ^ Oltch ? r , guests of Father Mallinger. Pending choice and arrival of a and the latter's family, and the John Jacobs family were Thanksgiving new pastor, the Presbyterian pul- guests of Mr. and Mrs. George J. pit will be filled every Sunday by Winkel, near Whittemore. George a supply preacher sent by Euena Vista college, Storm Lake. Mrs. Kllen T. Dean, Kansas City, the daughter of Mrs. R. J. Hutchison who suffered severe injuries in an auto accident three weeks ago, is now reported recuperating rapidly. "Unit" Post, Chicago, who came Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving returned Saturday night. He is a student in the North Illinois College of Optometry. Caroline SdiichM, Cedar Rapids, came last week Tuesday for a Thanksgiving visit with the B. P. Richardsons, going back Saturday. She is a teacher and a sister of 25—Mrs. Oscar Peterson, Mrs. Richardson. its', medical. Gwendolyn I>«nl returned yester- ff-Mrs. Woodrow Johnson,'day (Monday) to Cedar Falls, after ", major 'surgery; baby the Thanksgiving holidays with her f. ten weeks, also admit- nnronts, Mr. and Mrs. Bert ue.ii. tliur Lewis, Algona, major She is a freshman at the buto 'Teachers college. _. GROUND SALE Friday, December 3 Sale Every Friday We are having a good auction sale at the sale n each week now that lushing is over, IhanKs- ng past, ana we are n w set for some good sales, already have a good lo; of buyers coming Irom k to week. ' consignors "together with the regular ones as- *ua of stock to sell. Hive calls for feeder pigs, cows that will freshen shortly. Can get a good 'tat price on all lines of live stock. f eel proud of our market, very little left each !l < that is not sold, so we sell this way, no sale Meted, no' charge. Ve-y few of the sales barns ui "g do this. We could not afford to either u <* was left unsold. E na this sale, meet your neighbors, ask tneu aions on stock they have sold here, and, best 01 see for yourself. _ . „ „„.,_ in ™ a good run of stock Friday- Bnn | ^f^S w »l be another satisfied customer. Settlements aptly. t. M, Colwell, Mgr. is another brother of Julius and Lawrence. Mrs. Frank McChesney, Lynd, Minn., spent Thursday and Friday with her sister, Mrs. Frank Geigel. She accompanied the Geigels to Burt for Thanksgiving dinner with the William Kennedys. MVs. Kennedy is a cousin of Mrs. Geigel and Mrs. McChesney. Molvin Shilts, Fort Crooks, Neb., arrived last week Monday to visit his parents, Barber and Mrs. Frank Shilts. He is in the army reserve and is secretary to a sergeant-ma- ALCOHOL Denatured. 188 per cent proof 49c Gallon COAST TO COAST STORE Look At All The DOLLS 25c 49c 59c Beautiful baby dolls with moving eyes, real hair, pretty dresses • . . just the kind . of dolls that every little girl loves. Come in and see them today! BABY DOLLS 98c This doll can really cry. She has a soft cuddle body and Is dressed beautifully. e DEFEnDERS with ROBERT LIVINGSTON RAY CORRIGAN MAX TERHUNE ELEANOR STEWART Second Feature carefully selected to biieeos are respon Millie for the popn MOVES IN ON CUPiD! IT'S HOLLYWOOD LOW-DOWN! PATRIC KNOWLES BEVERLY ROBERTS GORDON OLIVER Wednes., Thurs. Dec. 1-2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 TODAY'S YOUR MIRTHDAYI JOE PENNER GENE RAYMOND PARKYAKARKUS HARRIET MILLIARD Helen Broderick Corn Loans Our bank will accept the Federal 50c corn loan papers and will pay over cash immediately for them. Just as soon as your Federal Corn Loan papers have been completed as required, bring them to us for cash. No waiting. Our experience with corn loans in past years assures you of the best of service this year. Iowa State Bank ALGONA R. H. ailLLER, President H. L. GILMORE, Cashier F. L. McMAHOJf, Asst. Cashier. Friday, December 3 ON OUR STAGE Junior Chamber of Commerce VAUDEVILLE 3 BIG ACTS Plus ON OUR SCREEN EDW. 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