Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 6
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SAJLE—GOOD HAMPSHIRE! boars.—Mike Loss, Algona. 8pll 800 YEARLING HENS FOR SALE —John Wallace, Fenton, la, Dull FOR SALE-SHROPSHIRE RAM —O, V. Harlan, phono 10F14. pll NOTICE—WE CARRY A FULL line of trails.—Joe Bloom. Hull FOR SALE — POLAND CHINA boars.—R. A. Bleich, Hurt. 9p9-ll PUREBRED DUROC BOARS—Vaccinated, going at $16 to $18.--A. C. Carlisle, Whlltemore. 13pll FOR SALE—Leather sheep lined coat, size 6.—Mrs. Anton Didrtk- scn. Phnnn 7-15-J 13-g-l' WANTED— JOB ON FARM FOR married couple.— Write "E" care of Advance. 12p9-ll FOR SALE— DUROC BOARS FOR sale. Rock. P. M. Chrlstensen, Lone OPERETTA WILL BE GIVEN AT CORWITH Corwith, Nor. 30—Foremost in high school interest this week is lOulOtf announcement of the operetta, Hollywood Bound, to be given early In December by 60 members of the girls' and boys' glee clubs, under direction of Esther Smith. Parts were given out last week Monday and rehearsals are now well under way. Nineteen students lave speaking parts, and there will )e a chorus of 40, also special rios, dances, and other entertainment. Following is tho cast: Lowell Kelvig, Luverne Korleskl, Gayle Thompson, Margaret Bunt- ng, John Stull, Robert Mitchell, farley Chambers, Lurlia Adreon, laxlne Perkins, Lewis Hllyard J aul Puffer, Milo Risvold, Richard ohnson, Jean Merriam, Hugh Uner, Ralph Hunsby, Glen Fisher, Hyde Johnson, Kenneth Wilhite, Elizabeth Oxley, Evelyn Dawson, Jeanotte Woods. A special trio will . ALGONA, IOWA Hodgepodge Webster—A stow of rations ingredients} a mixture. FOR SALE- yearlings.- Bancroft. -DUROC -E. C. MALE Bchnkendorf, lOpll f7r be Virginia Walley, Helen Bunting, »»>?»• Barrack!,' FOR SALE — TWO BLACK mares .in foal, one suckling colt.—H. C. Snyder. Titonka. 13pll WANTED—GOOD SECOND-HAND 50 (or more) foot windmill.— Harold Fischer. Swea City, pi 1-12 FLOOR SANDING, FINISHING; best equipped.—Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275. Ilp4-15 FOR SAF,E—USED RADIOS. Rit- tery sets, electric sots, and one G-vnll (able model. Come in today. -—.loo Ulooin. Hull BUY RECORD OF PRODUCTION Poland China male hogs, cholera immune. Aaron Steussy H-p-10-.11 a senior, will be pianist. Pair at Lone Rock Wed at Fort Dodge Lone Rock, Nov. 29—Mr. Mrs. Clarence Ackerson announce the marriage of their How big a part does chance play In every man and woman's life? There is no doubt but that much depends upon opportunity or the chances given a person. Very often a remark of no particular Importance fastens and lingers in .he brain background, developing nto an urge that makes one man a doctor, another a lawyer, another a merchant. How many times has that chance remark changed the course of a lifetime for good or bad, * * * * A temporary financial pinch has made felons out ot otherwise honest men and has sent them to prison for many years. Recently a southern Towa bank. employe was sentenced because he took fabulous sums from the bank. What chance led him to his act? * * * * Another chance that has been developed and dwelt upon by writers Here's Line-up of Present Iowa Senatorial Districts Number Counties 1 for many years is the accident of birth, and while not ordinairly viewed as a chance, still can be considered such. It is this accident that gives one man a better education or surroundings for de- jvelopment, and another a poor and | home and bad enviornment. * * * * A preat deal of to-do is- made 2 afternoon at I this is false on its" face. Not' all ficiatmg. A single-ring ceremony was used. Attendants were Larson and Viola Bierle the Leon After capacity for physical labor. Many men, by chance, have strong mus- WANTED — tion by married years oxnericnce. Lonp Rock. CLERKING POSI- man with four — Paul Olson, 13pll-12 FOR SALE—LIGHT PLATFORM truck. KCHH! running condition.— See Thorpe Wood and Iron Works. Mpll-12-13 SAWS-CIRCULAR OR CROSS- cut. and hand saws, summed, filed, and sot. Work.s. -Thorpe Wood & iron 15pll-14 FOR SALE — SPOTTED POLAND China boars, price $10.00—Howard William, r>'/. miles west of \l- gona nn IS. l.Gpll-12 FOR SALE—PUREBRED YEAR- old Hampshire boar. — Robert C«sev. Bode. " Algona. ccromonv n,n i , """ clcs and can do m «»ual labor all ce, oniony the ; couple and at- day long that would fag out anoth- .1 Deeming supper at er man in a few hours. Other men couple then | can think more clearly, and see a a short little farther along the road of went to Dos Moines for honeymoon. They are both graduates of the local high school. They will live on a farm now. occupied by M. E. Blanchard. Lone Rock Juniors Give Play f or PT A Lone Rock, Nov. 2!)—The Lone Kock high school juniors presented i Play, Christopher's Orphan, last week Monday night at a parent- eacher meeting at the schoolhouso i lie play, under direction of Miss Walker, had the following Kyrwood Quinn, Char] Virginia Frye, Warren Arthur Person, Betty Ann cast: Charlene Rath, Thompson, Hurlburt, consequences of any act. * * * * IVlthin the last few years there has been a tendency to glorify tho white collar man to the detriment of those forced to labor with their hands, yet there is no greater unsatisfied soul than the clerk or white-collar man holding a mediocre job who is by nature or capacity fitted for a mechanical job. It is this attiduo, this chance,' that has made in the last few years poor clerks out of other-wise good carpenters, good brick-layers, good electricians. Comities Polk VVoodbUry ., Black Hawk, Orundy'IIII "9 Linn j Clay, Dickinson, Emmet. Kossuth, Palo Alto K Scott ? Lyon, O'Brien, Osceola'I 4 Pottawattamle * Cerro Gordo, Franklin." Hancock „ Hamilton, HardlnfWright 3 Crawford, Harrison, Monona ' ~~~Q Dubuque ? Story, Boone « Webster, Calhoun _.. o Carroll, Greene, Sac o Audubon, Dallas, Guthrle Q Cherokee, Ida, Plymouth ~ ""o Iowa, Johnson ' \ Buena Vista, Pocahontas Humboldt „ Allamakee, Fayette'II o Tama, Benton _ , Clinton ~~~~* Decatur, Ringgold, Uniono Fremont, Page '1 Lee \ Louisa, Muscatine "~ "o Marion, Monroe o Wapello ~~~" 2 Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth q Des Moines ? Povreshiek, Keokuk'IIIIo Washington, Henry _._ -—Buchanan, Delaware Io Cass, Selby "~~~ T t Apponoose, Davis ___! 2 Cedar, Jones 1, Howard, Winneshiek o Bremer, Butler """"'" o Chickasaw, Floyd I_~ 2 Marshall ~ 1 Jasper ~~" * Mills, Montgomerylll.I ~ o Lucas, Wayne " " , Jefferson, Van Buren _ 2 Adair, Madison _ 9 Clarke, Warren II""I~" ""2 Mahaska ~ 1 Adams, Taylor _ I 9 Clayton 7 : lackson Popnlation 172,837 101,669 83,279 82,336 80,796 '77,332 70,690 69,588 69,660 64,141 64,138 61,214 60,412 68,030 6(5,495 55,081 54,829 47,008 47,556 45,383 44,838 44,377 44.304 41,437 41,268 40,960 4n,737 40,480 38,372 38,562 37,875 37,482 37,672 36,553 35,985 35,9(36 34,712 34,663 34,161 33,727 32,036 32,598 28,001 28.844 28,222 28,084 25.804 25,296 24.559 18,48.1 REWRITES rends, Roger Jensen Dorothv mi. south, 1 west of jHobson. Vorda Bell Thomson Vlo- l.-iplO-ll et Nelson. Katherine Mao Hou.se- holder. Mrs. p. D . Arouds played a piano solo between acts. Many of these white-collar men must be content with little, for less m wage that they could earn as a skilled mechanic, and with the fear Jean of dismissal during a depression al- FOR SALE - CHESTER WHITE boars; cholera immune.'Farmers' prices.—Aaron Taylor, Burt. 12p6-ll FOR SALE—G-ROOM HOUSE, five miles south of Irvington. Can be moved.—Henry W. Kohlhaas, Liv- ermoro. Ta. 15pll-12 -*Irvington-St. Joe Group to Funeral FOR N ° V9 ---THREE 2-YEAR-OLD l colts, two bay sucklin ways hanging by a thread over their head. A good mechanic, carpenter, electrician, or any other skilled man can find a place, particularly now when the ranks of this class is so thin. Their life is manufacturing — changing an object into a thing of usefulness. * * * * The ordinary white-collar t... ploye does only routine paper work, knows what he helps con- everyone's life, perhaps more ^ than any other factor. Many times .lie chance factor can be developed by being in a position to take advantage of the lightning when it strikes. * * * * Enough of that for the present, even though it be a diverting sub- hours of thought That Is Good Cl ea It shows immediately satisfaction that careful,' ... and it is economy -1 „, be added to your clothes, Elk Cleaners " ftUSSGL MCKM, student preacher in the suburbs of Chicago gave a talk on Faith over tho WB- BM Chicago radio station Friday evening. He halls from Lone Rock. HANS KOCKLKH, Bancroft, has reported the loss of a $2,000 diamond to county officials. He carried It In a leather tobacco pouch and believes It was stolen. CATHERINE L. SCIIULT/, Irvington, and George H. Harris, Algona, were marri«d Wednesday by the Rev. A. English. Mr. Harris was in the navy till recently. DIUINKENESS from bay rum twice last week by Bob Smith, a ranslcnt, caused local police to ship him out of town on a freight. D. D. PAXSON hns been named director of the Iowa Association f Mutual Insurance associations. FODll FOXES were kllicd in a ox hunt at Bancroft a week ago Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Lon Wrigh. Ulllul . tamed at 6:30 dinner Friday evening, and guests wore M,-. and Mrs. J. Hough, daughter Mary Ann I .t*rvti Tj-.li.-. ii- _ i . . _ _ ' lowslnp hour church at 5 at the Methodis Sunday, followin ner > Mr colts, 2 mures in foal, one roan mare, one bay gelding. — Henry Swalvo. Titonka. 25p WILL THE PARTY WHO TOOK the wrong overcoat at the V. F. W. hall. Algona, Thanksgiving night, please leave it at the Advance office? No questions. 2-lpl 1 FOR SALE — UNIMPROVED 80 j ,,„„„-„,, , ,. acres, 9 miles southeast of Al- dece ' lsed - wh ° died of heart gona, no reasonable offer refused. | GaSe complications. —Dora L. Elzig, Santa Ana Calif..! R. R. No. 2, box 40. 19pS-ll I Reding, Mrs. George Wag- 1 thread. A skilled n " r1 "'•- ^'-- •-• •• < — . . , . - minor man, however, and Mrs. Nick Thilges, and| can se e his work progress into a inilges son Raymond drove to| r "' fi ^'e appreciated by other men "ne, Minn., last week Sunday to and know that he has added some-.>-,, , funeral of Edward Illg, thing to the world. ••->. Monday morning. The body was ,.„ . * * * lirought to St. Joe, where burial! ^' mt » P'ty, somi was made Monday afternoon services at Currie and at St were conducted by the Rev .Fran- . ., sometimes, that tho The ? hance turns a Rood skilled artisan Joe into a " oor white-collar machine. That chance did more, for it FOR SALE—TWO NEW 5-ROOM i served bungalows. wit h garage, Just'on in the comminTty roomTf completed; one located Minn, and "-- mulunlt > mom of Illg, of Oto, la., nephew of the the re ' al lifo of that Person. He who ~"~~ J ' " dis- .would have taken pride in accomplishment, and who knows in his •» . i own head what he might have been Public .Supper Friday NiVlif ; ' S thus sadly rec l uired to continue A PUl Sday S 1ve SU1)P; r U1 ' be!; " S ^^ nt ^^^ U ^ 1C " iiiday evening from 5:30 his job, when could be spent without reaching a in™ °" J " lm> tlle latter of Eugene, conclusion. ule * * * * . Th , e . Epworth League had a fo It's now just 25 days till Chrismas. This is the time to make good the resolution to shop early, as many so solemnly swore unto themselves a year ago as they were caught in tho last minute rush The smart thing would be to write a list from advertisements in this week's Advance, taking each advertisment and selecting prospective gifts Al- That's What You'll When you shop and see our large, spacious store filled with an j almost endless variety of suitable things for gifts. which a chili lunch was served. A 6:30 a regular meeting was held. There will be a program at th Irvington township center schoo his week Friday evening. .Lunche will be sold. Eleanor Jenkins teacher. The Beta Sigma Phi gona stores are on parade 'this' meete tonight (Tuesday) „,„ ^ week in tho Advance, and thou-i!' yn Carls °n's. Miss Carlson is sororif at Cath sands of suitable gifts— the kind ! local minute— are e to described. teacher. Aid wil at th the last meet Thursday . ««.7 — „ — w VilVJVi/X 'tlL „ . .church; Mesdames Carl Papf-/ <im Rainy season, so the papers say, '^d. McWhorter, hostesses will make certain that mountain I The Messiah group will' ™P landslide on a city in (of all plac- I Wednesday night at 7-30 at th os) sunny California. The C. of C.j h 'Kh school. The north on the coast will flay that scribe '" " ftlive for saying "rainy season." it is still iiew and the brightly interesting, he acquires a an, -- WE HANDLE THE FAMOUS BEL- din poultry fountain. No valves, no floats, no freezing or overflowing; fireproof. One filling of heater lasts 1G5 hours. — Wellendorf Hatchery, Algona. 27ull TWO 120-ACRE FARMS, ALGONA territory, one at $90 and one at 1115 with electric lights. Very desirable buildings. Can finance good farmer.—L. C. Stuart, 726 Forester Bldg., Mason City. 31ulO-12 FOR SALE CHEAP—ONE Standard Approved plete with tank oil-burner com- and equipment. Also one 1932 dual wheel Chevrolet truck with brand new box. Reasonable terms.—Phone 55 or see Western Credit Company. 33utf FOR SALE—20 SHROPSHIRE and Hampshire rams; also Oxford Dorset and Souihdowns, the good rugged fanner rams; Poland China Duroc Jersey and Berkshire spring boars, 2 yearling Poland China boars, the easy feeding kind; also Shorthorn and Angus bulls.—Pen Studcr, Wesley. 43u7tf NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION— TO Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that by mutual agreement the co-partnership of Waldron & Solberg, composed of P. J. Waldron and Olav T. Solberg, has been dissolved a.s of November 22, 1937.—Waldron & Solberg, By P. J. Waldron, Olav J'. Solborg, members of the firm. 51p"i I OFFER TWO QUARTER SEC tions along pavement, each with a nice .set of buildings, at $70 pei •acre. Reasonable down payment This means a Farm-Home with low handling cost that will always bo worth tho money.—L. C. Stuart, 72G Forester Bldg., Mason City. . 45ulO-12 KOSSUTH CO. FARMS: WE HAVE sold all our farms in the county except 3. We have the Thompson 297 acres 3 miles N. of Swea City, Edw. Sathoff. tenant. The Johnson 151 acres Hi NW of Lu Verne, Roy Guy, tenant. Also the Dennison 80, no bldgs., 2 W. of Bancroft. We want to dispose of these farms at once.—Address W. L. Whitham Webster City, W. F. Boylen, Box- No. 143, Sioux City, or Lincoln Joint Stock Land Bank, Lincoln Nebr. . north. Proceeds will go towards furnishing the schoolhouse" I There is Sale Dates Nov. 30-Fred Kent, closing out farm sale, 9 miles northeast of \l- gona on former George Johnson farm. Dec. 2—Mrs. A. Haupert, 4 miles east of Burt. 1% miles north, closing out sale. Dec. 9—George Kohl, closing out sale, 3 miles north west of Algona. Dec. 8—George '/ 2 mile Hahle, closin "» * * * * another chance, perhaps even more vital than the first. There are thousands of minds with latent brilliance laboring at drudge clerical jobs for the lack of a chance that would have sent them skyrocketing to the top. How many potential scholars, writers, teachers, yes, even politicians, have been held at a lower rung because 1 chance favored a rival? * * * * Ifanj- times chance opportunities aro ignored. They come so rarely that th&y should be given full consideration. But always carefully, for chance is a double-edged sword out sale west of Wallburg's filling i whcih win cither cut a path ahead station. Dec. 16—Geo. H. Wessel, y. mile east and two miles north of Burt. or mow one down for another. * * * * Chance (or as many lerra it' luck) plays an important part in Announcement— We have accepted the agency for the ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER CO, Our fi rs t shipment arrived Saturday. Make your Christmas plans now and be - Y able typewriter. sure to include a port- hould have been "heavy dew 'liquid sunshine"—but, never never should it be 'rainy!" D. E. D. Academy Girls Losers. Lu Verne, Nov. 30—The Algona academy girls' basketball team came to Lu Verne last week Tuesday afternoon and was defeated by the local girls, 55-13. The local boys played the Swea City team at Burt Thursday afternoon and lost, *-U~.l o. will be used. north entrance Mrs. A. W. Amunson entertained her bridge club yesterday (Monday) TWO tables of contract were in play. 2O Years Ago City and County I THE CITY COUNCIL had ordered a new chemical truck. and water fire Mrs. John Senefleder, of Swea City, and her children were guests at Fred Erickson's Thanksgiving day. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Cink spent Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Klein. We also handle L. C. SMITH CORONA PORTABLES REMINGTON RANI) PORTABLES I. G. DEWEL At the Advance Publishing Co. Office. H. W. POST l>ray iinil Transfer STORAGE OFALL KINDS Long Distance Hauling Kvcry load insured agamai loss and damage of all kind*. Equipped to do all kinds o* nmiliug and draying. PHONE 898 Alpona, low. --• — ""v.^ had written from Cody, where he was head of a company of machine gunners. His brother Clair had finished a course in aviation and was prepared to go overseas. ALCOHOL Denatured 188 per cent proof Gallon COAST TO COAST STORE DISTINCTIVE .UNUSUAL tilings flint you would love to give or receive, conveniently displayed in our large spacious room to make it easy and comfortable to do Christinas shopping. your A Word to the Men To make it easy for you we will wrap your gift purchases in attractive Christmas wrapping ready to give. The Store With the Christmas Spirit. ristensen Bros. Co. Prices Slashed — on — Our Immense Stock of 200 Winter Coats I THAT GIVES MAXIMUM FURNACE EFFICIENCY December Starts Real Winter Weather Call 229 today for clean heat-producing Coals. Prompt and careful delivery. F. S. NORTON & SON ALGONA PHONE 220 IOWA for Women, Misses Juniors and Children COATS COATS To Fit Every Figure »« w« have half sizes for the shorter ladies and regular sizes for the taller ladies. of I With Luxurious Fur Collars of the Utility Tailored Type ou can buy your coat |10>y j Mt ^ the the season at prices you usually pay iu January 0 '^HIS! Chooke your coat now and spend tie difference for Christinas. Christensen Bros, Company S»¥IE OSSTtTt

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