Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1937 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE Kosstrra .cotwrt. ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA ^^^^^g|^^g^|^^|g|||^g^||||j|||jg^P^^^^l^j^^^g^^g^j^jj|^pgg^BBBI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^J - "... ' ^^^^^^^^^^^•^••^•iMaBMM^BBaaaMiBiaiiHiiiiMii^ BurtFolks Hosts to Qut~of- Town Thanksgiving C, G, SMITHS ENTERTAIN AT MARVIN HOTEL Burt, Nov. 29—Among many family gatherings on Thanksgiving day •was one at C. C. Smith's at which •were the R. C. Smiths, Jefferson; Mrs. H. Guide, Bancroft, and Maxine; the K. J. Smiths and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larsen. The group had dinner at the Marvin hotel. The M. M. Chipmans had as their guests the C. B. Chipmans, E. O. Chipman, son Howard, daughter Vera, and the R. E. Gabriels, Armstrong. At J. G. McDonald's the R. F. Elvidges, Mrs. Maude Hanna, eon Charles, Alice Eighme, and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hanna, of Nora Springs were guests. The Dr. Perry Stows, Newton, and the Cecil Godfredsons, Swea City, were at J. P. Stew's. The W. T. Kennedys had their son Dale, of Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geigel, Algona, and Mrs. Nettie McChesney, Lynd, Minn. Supt. Otterness, Fenton, and Mr end Mrs. W. H. Klamp, Algona were at the M. L. Vinaas home. The R. E. Kautzkys, Anna Meinzer, end Irene and Minnie Colby,, Fort Dodee, were at A. H. Meinzer's. At G. P. Hawcott's were the R. F. llawcotts and the Harold Stewards; at Le Roy Burger's, D. M. Stewart', the Roscoe Stewarts, the W. J Stewarts, and the Earl Shiplers. Guests at G. W. Bleich's were Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Bleich, Mapleton; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Treinen, Marcus; Mr. and Mrs. Don C'ronin, Toledo; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronin, Algona; Opal Cronin, Chicago; and the Floyd Koepkes. The Dan Harrises were at Lee Person's; at R. E. Mover's the I Hans Koestlere, lone Mover, and 1 the W. T. Movers, Sexton. The S. E. Straleys, Fenton, the W. E. Braces, and Mrs. Pressie Ringsdorf Tvere at G. E. Brace's^The 0 H Graham and W. A. Pefers families -were at J. H. Graham's, and Mr and Mrs. Vergil Schrader were at C. H. Schrader's. and Mrs. M. W. Fandel, Whlttemore, (all also attended the silver wedding of Arthur's brother George, near Rodman, in the evening) The P. W. Kollaach and Julius Baas families were at Mrs. Fred Lehmann's, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Longstreet, Des Moines were also,there. The Wyot Stotts and the F. A. Rlngsdorfs were at Vernon Pederson's, Bode, and the L. H. Schencks wer at Horace Schenck's, Lake Crystal, where Mrs. Sadie Sche-nck and daughter Maude, Minneapolis, were also as guests. I The G. C. Giddings family and the E. H. Pannkuks spent the day 'at Guy Carlson's, Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paine were at the Sill home, near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich went to New Richland, jMinn., to see Mr. Bleich's aged mother and remained till Friday. The Emil Leecks and the R. E. Stewarts were at Leonard Drager's, near Sexton; the Henry Meiers family, with relatives at Elmore; the Roy Clark, Fred Jennings, and George Graham families, at the Jacob Godden's, Algona. Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle had dinner with his father D. D. Clapsaddle, at Algona. Thanksgiving week-end. Church Societies Hare Parties— The Epworth League had a party :at the church Friday evening, and (Saturday evening the Intermediate i Sunday school class met at the par- 'sonage for work. Hospital Patient Home Again— Al Staehle, who had ben a patient at the veteran's hospital, Des Moines, seven weeks, came home last week Tuesday. Other Bnrt News. The Fred Waters family and Viv- THIRTY-EIGHT L R, PUPILS 90 OR BETTER Lone Rock, NOT. 29—Students in the local schools with an average of 90 per cent or more in regular subjects i nthe lost six weeks are: Seniors—'Marian Jensen, Marjorie Jensen, Marjorie Pettit; juniors —John Sprank, Mavis Nyman, Betty Marlow; freshmen [What—no Th,r » * 'SoPhs'? - Ed.]- Wilma Marlow, M™ *n ^™ m ** Ho ^° ns - ot porothy Jensen, Gerald Radig; in Marcus, spent Thursday night at D. the eighth grade-Jean A/ends. ian Eicher, New from Wednesday London, visited to Sunday at L. E. Roetman's. Mr. and Mrs, Waters are Mrs. Roetman's parents. The Dr. ~ T. Hohson's. The D. T. Hobsons were Thanksgiving dinner guests at Harry Hobson'e, Lone Rock. Mrs. Paul Moore spent last week .at her daughter ,Mrs. Leonard Schmidt's, Bode, and from there was to go to Cedar Rapids to visit Women's Club Program Given— The Woman's club meets this week Monday evening with Mrs. W. ,A. Peters, Mrs. O. H. Graham as- Isisting. Music in the Machine Age [will be the subject of the program, 'which will include a round table, Tune in, America, led by Ruth Hodgson, und a book study. The Man with the Baton, by David Ewen, given by Mrs. Glenn Anderson. a son. Mr. and Mrs. H. and A. Thompson Maxine Flaig, Charlene Rath; Dorothy seventh Hobeon, grade— Catherine Mae Householder; sixth grade— Luella Ack( Bates, Robert Marlow, . _„ gabarth; fifth grade—Helen Jensen, Caroline Rath; fourth grade— Doris Gross, June Hanna, Kenneth Householder, Ruth Kraft, Doris at Mr9 ' ousenomer; sixin ••—~ i~--«•.-. -— ••-•-• — — Ackarman, Jean Morgan, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Ed- rlow Phyllis See- ward Clarke, Detroit, and Mr. and — j -' * Mrs. Morgan, and the latter's mother Mrs. Jane Clarke were Friday guests of the W. J. Cotton's. Householder, Ruth Kraft, Doris Mr - and Mrs - M - E - Blanchard Marlow; third grade—Ersel Bierle ! were Thursday guests of the Law- ra*h«s.rin» vioitr nvi^nt. u.^.1,. rence NewbrouEhs. Mr. and Mrs. Flaig. Phvllis Hawks, Th« h^ ' erne ag. vs Hawks, •«•« ——a- ...... «.Thompsons brother Earl Dixon's, I Dorothy Lewis, Jovce Marlow Fre- John Newbrough were guest* Dysart. Howard and Vera ma Slaughter, and Lois , „. Mason City, spent the Thanksgiving week-end at their homes here. L. R. and Bertha Daniels were at the Charles Phelps home for Thanksgiving. Margaret Liunstra, May City, spent a few days last week at G. H. /McMullen's. jderick "Rath, Kenneth" Richards; the A - D - Newbroughs. Lawrence Chipman, Wil-jeecond grade—Shirley Culbertson, • Newbrough was a supper guest ois Graham,.of ,Kenneth Flaig, Phyllis Gifford, there. Grace Newbrough, employed i Thanksgiving Beverly Lewis; first grade— Joan'! at ^5' Erhardt's, Whittemore, Flaig, Helen Sprank. j spent the day at the parental A. D.'s. er, Lakota, spent the holidays at i Lloyd E. Walker and Mrs. Emllle H. A. Blanchard's Heldenwlth, Algona. V Mr. and Mrs. Fred Long, daugh- Slnns Patient Home Again— ter jjary, an j Mrs. Bdw. Elwood* of Francis Foley, who suffered from E mme t g burg, visited the J. S. Cul- sinus infection and had been a pa- j en , g p r )fl ayi tient at a Fort Dodge hospital, Mr ftnd Mrg> o eorge Urlch, of came home Friday. Garner, called on Paul UHch Thursday. Bernlce Ludwlg, West Bend, spent Thanksgiving here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lud- wlg. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oliver were Thursday dinner guests of Mra. Oliver's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Omelln, Mason City. Mrs. James Kroegmeyer, of Anamosa, and her son Pat have been, spending a few days with relatives and friends here. Mrs. Kroegmey- er was formerly Alice Juno Calry. lola Barber, Mason City, spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Barber. William Hlggins, Eddie Parrel, Pat Murphy, and Frank Foloy spent Thanksgiving with the Rev. Father Hyland at Manilla. Paul Urich was a Thanksgiving guest of his mother, Mrs. Mary Urich, Duncan. Henry Thompson, of Los Angeles, who had been here last week, looking after business affairs, left for home Wednesday, and woe ac- Waljtechmldt, s last Skew Other Lone Bock. Mr. aud Mrs. Howard Blanchard, Des Moines, spent the Thanksgiving holidays at M. E. Blauchard's; the Victor Rogers family, at A. A. Stowe's, Amee (returning Saturday) ; the Herman and Noah Rels- ners, Lotts Creek, and Mr. and Mrs. Arend Neeland, at Emil Kraft's; Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Rowc, Estherville, and the Dean Rowes, Ceylon, at Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rowe's. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton drove to Ames Thursday for the day at Harley Shellito's. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton were guests of Mrs. Cotton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. of Thanksgiving Goings and (Joinings an< ^ JIrs - T - E - Lewis, Oska- Union Services for Thanksgvilnp— A good-sized audience attended a union Thanksgiving service at the Presbyterian church Thursday morning. The Rev. Mr. Thoburn Spoicher, Methodist pastor here, delivered the sermon, and music was furnished by a choir from both churches. Burt Girl Fast Typist. Burt, Nov. 29—Vera A. Chipman was one of a class of 55 graduated from the Hamilton school of commerce at Mason City last week - - - - , The E. M. Jensens drove to Dows loosa, and their daughter Jeanette for Thanksgiving with Mr. Jensen's I spent Thursday with the W. G. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jensen. iFlaigs, Mrs. Flaig being another Mrs. John Dempsey spent the day ] daughter. Tirlill \TT- n *i «4 1JT.._ T_l __ t _i_ _ . _ , I T?tlf Vl f* with Mr. and Mrs. John Ruth Cross, Curlew, was a Fri- . . _,. cc i • T- Tuesday. She took a junior secre- %•,*• > r " eg , e ^' dau =h!e- Janet, and .tarlal course and was one of thr°e ! Bfeuf ! ab _ Glad stone, Swea City were cited for a hieher avern^ snoP rt at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's; Mr. . ana J\irs. John Arbogast, I JIULU ^russ, v^unew, wus a rn- Fenton. Theo. Krueger, daughter | da - v guest of Mrs. Lillie Thompson Elma, son Howard and the A. H. i and tn e latter's daughter Neva. She Hannas were guests at the George i' s a former English instructor Jentz home, Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. < here. Thanksjrivini,' Ont-of-Town— Among Burt people who spent Thanksgiving out of town were the JJ. L. McDonalds and 0. P.; McDonald, who were at John McDonald's, Emmetsburg; the E. f. Bier- stcdus, who were at Lewis Wet'cn- er's, Algona; the Arthur Fandels .guests of Mr. Fandel's parents Mr' College Students Come Home- Stella Isenberger and Dorothy Brooke, Morningside college students, spont the Thanksgiving vacation at home. Oriole Brooke, who j teaches at Ringsted, was also at I the Brooke home. Eleanor Vogel, Grinnell student, was here for the week-end. cited for a higher average in typewriting. LONE ROCK L Whittemore ed a farewell party for Mrs. Carrie Olson, Burt, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. D" Newbrough spent Saturday and Sunday relatives at Lake View. The John Geitzenauers, and Mrs. Robert Ackennan, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hee:-dt, Algona, the Jim Ackarmans, and ths Frank j Thanksgiving dinner guests at jFlaigs were at Mrs. Caroline Ack-ithe Louis Braatz home were: Mrs. jarman's. The Melvin Hawks fam- ; Otto Zabel, Wauwatosa, Wis., her ily spent the day at Mervin Mar- family; Mr. and Mrs. George Za- low's; the Raymond Bierstedts, bel, the Eddie Zabels, Mrs. James Brunette, her family, all of Mil- j waukee; the Merlin Stauffers, Al-1 vina, Herbert, Ralph, and Esther cotnuahied by wtio Wa* to vlsl It, M. Mrs. Leo spent a few da; her .mother, Mrs thanksgiving Joha 9. Cullen'* Etnanuel, Yankfon and Terry Cullen Cullen, Judy McTlgues, E len, Algona. Ray Bench, Tr, City, spent Thai paronte, Mr. and Bernlce Far Thursday with „ Mrs. Frank Farr Richard Sey Schmltt, who at burg Junior coll* giving with thel ents, Mr. and I moiir and Mr Emtru tsbu ha T>r_,. •£,„ J T,- , , .v,F S, LUC IXO..VLUU1JU OlerSlCQlS, Mrs Rajmond Bierstedt attend- at Mrs. Kate Dinner's, Algona- I 3 TO rO \l-0l I r»0f*1. fn~ TIC /"I I., ~. . . - ' -»*t5"lil*, the Chester Almes, at J. M. Blanchard's. State College Students Home— Charles Schrader and Richard i Delber't Geitzenauers Chipman went to Cedar Falls Wednesday for Max Schrader, Kathryn Elvidge, Edward Stewart and a 'friend, al.so Barbara Jean Holt, of Wesley, who were brought home for I strong, were Friday guests of the ' ' n elbert Geitzenauers. Evelyn Radig, student at the A, I. B., Des Moines, spent the holidays with)Students Home for Thnnkseivintr— Gordon Blanchard, teacher at Arm-jOlin, and Eugene Blanchard, sui- Braath, Minnesota Lake, Minn.; Emil Braatz and the Werner Braatz family, Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geilenfeld, Algona, were there in the evening. The, Curtiss Sheidlers dent at the Hamilton business college Mason City spent the holidays _ ^ ltlBO oueiuluI . B at the parental J. M. Bianchard's, Thursday dinner guests of ana Kobert Gladstone, student at i «VioiHi Q »-'o ^-o.,*,- m_ Dubuque university snent Thanks- were -- „ _. Mrs. Sheidler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Maher, at Barnum. Dinner guests at Arthur Heidenwith's Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. Skates Boys' and girls' You must come in and see our skates. Our stock is complete— $3.49 ana 3.95 JOE BLOOM Cul , hls sister »i flnld| F(lth °f were: Mason (iiiy* }, ( > and • nity fcsglvInK with Mrs. Mike Chorokcc. « pcnt . k . Mr. onc| In, Seybiour and En end the Kim,,,,. "e, spent Thinics \\,"" """ respectlvfi na.r. 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