Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 2
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afternoon was Our Present Imml- LU VERNE B, B, TEAM TO PLAY IN NINE GAMES - • ••~>»uviiciiii|j 0 ui me u©a cross Lu Verne, Nov. 29—The Boone here, and 37 contributors, and the valley Conference, composed of six total 1 sum raised by the Lu Verno - ~J v^i.m j/wuwu \JL OI.V schools in Hancock, Humboldt Kossuth, and Wright counties, will open ite basketball schedule this week Friday. Trophies will be awarded to first and second place winners. Last year Livermore placed first, with Lu Verne a close second. Prospects for a red-hot scramble for honors seem promising. Goldfield and Livermore, with veteran outfits, get tho call at this time. The schedule follows: Dec. 3, Renwick at Corwith; Dec 10, Corwith at Goldfield, Livermoro at Renwick, Bode at Lu Verne Dec. 14, Goldfield at Bode; Dec 17 Livormore at Corwith, Goldfield a Lu Verne, Renwick at Bode; Dec 23, Lu Verne at Livermore. Jan. 7, Lu Verne at Corwith Bode at Livermore, Renwick at Goldfield; Jan. 14—Corwith at Bode, Lu Verne at Renwick, Goldfield at Livermore; Jan. 21, Corwith at Renwick, Bode at Goldfield, . ...*..», .uuvic tii, vruiuilUIU, Livermore at Lu Verne; Jan. 25, Lu Verne at Bode; Jan. 28, Goldfield at Corwith. Renwick at Livermore,. Feb. 1, Livermore at Bode; Feb. 4, Corwith at. Livermore, Lu Verno at Goldfield, Bode at Renwick' Feb 8, Corwith at Lu Verne, Goldfield at Renwick. Feb. 22, Renwick at Lu Verno, Livermore at Goldfield; Feb "3 Bode at Corwith. Thanksgiving ('tunings, Goings— The good weather that prevailed over the Thanksgiving holiday made it possible for many to come and go for the day or the weekend. Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Corbin were guests of the Carl Haltmey- ers, Manchester. The Arthur Krauses left. Wednesday for Racine, Wis., to spend the weok-end with Mrs. Kranse's relatives. Mrs. Herbert Smith visited the Ralph Con- suers. near Estherville. Mrs Flora Raney spent (he week with her children at Reinbeck. The J. E. Lindebaks and the Duane Neals went to Ellsworth Thursday. As there was no school Friday the teachers all went home. The Milton Woitos, Scranton, were week-end visitors at Mrs. Ella Woito's. Lucille Wehrheim, Webster City visited Betty Burlis. Mrs. George Hanna. daughter Geneva, and the Russell G. Hannas. Fairmont, were at Peter Thompson's. The Ernest Eittreims, DOS Moine.s, .spent Thursday and Friday at Archis Sanford's. Traveling Uridge Party fiivon— To raise money for a local community project, members of tho Progressive woman's club — —- —• • v/uvsj-ii, .ninui" gratlon laws, Mrs. Henry Peitzke. Five pupils who' attend the rural school taught by Esther Merkle gave a short program of music and readings. Hod Cross Collections $81— When the final count was made on Thanksgiving day there were 64 memberships in the Red Cross here, and 37 contributors, and the total'sum raised by the Lu Verne branch was $81.25. The Rev. E. E. Hancock was local chairman. Sonth Dnkotans More Here- Mr, and Mrs. Lincoln Noble have moved here from Beresford, S. D., and are making their home in an apartment above the City Cafe. Other LnVerne. Mrs. Henrietta Northrup, who had spent the summer and fall with her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Dimler, left one day last week for a short visit with another daughter, Mrs Geradl Herbener, Mason City, and was then to spend the winter with a third daughter, Mrs. Basil Koob who lives in Wisconsin. Mrs. Helena Stripling and Julius Stripling attended the funeral o COttNflt ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA evening callers on the Godfredson were the Clifford Rlngsdorfs. lona Godfredson was a Thursday, sup per guest at Mrs. Jos. Frankl's, Al gona. Mr. and Mrs. George Lanning en tertained 14 guests at Thanksglv Ing dinner, Including George God den, Emmetsburg, Mrs. Kate Smith and the Guy Smiths, Humboldt, and the John Schrelbers, Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson spent Thursday with Mrs. Gertrude Thompson, Burt, Recent visitors at E. B. Dltt- an infant child of Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Stripling at Sherburn Minn., last week Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ramus, Anita spent Thanksgiving at the Otto Ramus home. Mrs. Anna Sankey accompanied the Bert Ramuses ionic for a short visit. Mrs. George Stoddard, Renwick, pent Friday with Lu Verne rela- ives. Mrs. Josie Brink, who had een staying with her, is now at he son John Brink's. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anderson, reen River.Wyo., arrived Wednes- ay for a three weeks visit. Mr. Anderson is a bridge contractor. Mrs. Sue Rollins, Moline, 111., arrived one day last week for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Jennie Lovier. The Elmer Starrs of Estherville, spent Thanksgiving at Mrs. Jane Staufacher's. mer's were the Howard Salls- tiurys, C. L. Dittmer, and Arie Leonard and Lawrence Dittmer. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee and their son Gordon spent Thursday at Algona, guests at Mrs. Kate Dittmer's. Donald Bierstedt, Lone Rock, spent the Thanksgiving vacation with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee. Thanksgiving dinner guests at William Ringsdorf's were the Donald and Roy Ringsdorfs and Mrs. Ruth Brayton, with her children. Darlene Brayton spent the weekend with Marjorie Johnson, Fenton. The Ted Ringsdorfs, the Wyott Stotts, and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ringsdorf, Mapleton, Minn., were Thanksgiving dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pederson, Bode. Mrs. Pederson is a daughter of Air. ind Mrs. Stott. Banker and Mrs. J. T. Heaney, of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. John Trunkhill, and the Tony Jandl family ate Matt Sezerence, Weet Bend, spen Friday at Tony Jandl's. Eugene Jandl spent Thursday with EacI Doege, Tltonka. Avery Fitch was a Thursday supper guest at the Brdman home at Algona, and a party was given there In the evening for young people. Edw. Fitch, Sexton, and his son Chester spent Friday night at Dell Fitch's, and Saturday were north of Burt, finishing a tiling Job. Avery Fitch helped. Thanksgiving dinner guests at John Koestler's included the Chester Fitches, William Hansen, Ervin Hale, Mrs. Rose Fitch, and tho ;atter's daughter Esther, all of Sexton, also the Dell and Victor Fitches. Thursday Trunkhill's. dinner at Mennett Mrs. Mary Jandl and ORDINANCE NO. 251 AN ORDINANCE VACATING THE STREET BETWEEN BLOCKS EIGHTY - THREE (83) AND EIGHTY-FOUR (84) OF THE ORIGINAL PLAT OF ALGONA, IOWA, AND THE ALLEY BETWEEN LOTS THREE (3) AND FOUR (4) AND FIVE (5) AND SIX (6) OF BLOCK EIGHTY- THREE (83) OF THE ORIGINAL PLAT OF ALGONA, IOWA AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA, TO CONVEY BY QUIT CLAIM DEED TO THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT OF ALGONA, IOWA, THAT PART OF THE STREET AND ALLEY VACATED BY THIS ORDINANCE. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AL- GONA, IOWA: Section Oner- That all that part of the street located between Block Eighty-three (83) and Block Eighty-four (84) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, more particularly described and bound as follows: Commencing at the northwest corner of Block Eighty- three (83) of the original.plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence West to the Northeast corner of Block Eighty-four (84) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence South along the East side of said Block Eighty-four (84) to the Southeast corner of Block Eighty-four (84) of the original plat of the. City of Algona, Iowa, thence East along the North side of North Street to the Southwest corner of said Block Eighty-three (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence North along the West line of said Block Eighty-three (83) to the point of beginning, ie and the same Is horc'by vacated. Section Two. That all that part f the alley lying between Lots (3) and Four (4) and Five (5) and Six (6) of Block Eighty-three (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, more particularly described and bounded as follows: Commencing at the Southeast corner of Lot Three (3) of said Block Eighty-three (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence West to the Southwest corner of Lot Four (4) of said Block Eighty- three (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence South to the Northwest corner of Lot Five (6) of said Block Eighty-three (S3) of the original plat of the City of Algona, lawn, thence East to the Northeast corner of Lot Six (6) of said Block Elghty-threo (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence North to the point of beginning, be and the same Is hereby vacated. Section Three, That the Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa, be, and he is, hereby authorized and empowered to convey to The Independent School District of Algona, Iowa, by Quit Claim Deed all the right, title and interest of the City of Algona, Iowa, in and to tho street located between said Blocks Eighty-three (83) and Eighty-four (8-1) of the original plat of tho City of Algona, Iowa, and the alley located between Lots Three (3) and Four (-1) and Flvo (5) and Six (B) of Block Eighty-three (83) of the original plat of the City of Algona, lown, vacated by this ordinance and more particularly described NO* '2S2 AN ORDINANCE VACATING TIIP ALLEY BETWEEN LOTS ONP (1) AND TWO (2) AND SFVPM (7) AND BIGHT (8 ) OF IiLon'tr EIGHTY-THREE (83) OF TUP ORIGINAL PLAT OF ALCJON IOWA, AND AUTHORlX,' THE MAYOR OF THE CITY m,' ALOONA, IOWA, TO CONVKV BY QUIT CLAIM DEED -m KATHERINE WERNERT TIIP INTEREST OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA, IN TIIP NORTH HALF (N^) OF T P ALLEY SO VACATED. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CPrv COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AT GONA, IOWA: Section One, of tho alley lying That all that part between LO| H Seven and bounded in Sections One Two of this ordinance. and thrco (83) of the original plat of tho City of Algona, Iowa, be and Lhe same is hereby vacated. Section Two. That the Mayor of . the City of Algona, Iowa, bo and he Illn 'is hereby authorized and cmpow-1 ° r " ln ered to convey to Katharine Wer I'" 11 "' 0 - nert by Quit Claim Deed all the' Sri '''' of tbn "•'""'!' .' ' Tha t| Rona, i 0 . '"'"«• s-ssgssi vnci , """ publication as provided by Adopted and passed by the City Council of the City of Algnna, this 26th day of November, 1937. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. Approved by me this 26th day of November, 1937. C. F. SPROUT, Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. .-' — ~». u M.m:^ va- ; ' cated by this ordinance more par-1 At tlcularly described as follows' Commencing at the southeast corner of Lot One (1) O f Block Eighty-three (83) of tho original plat of Algona, Iowa thonce West along the South' lino of Lots One (1) and TVO (2) of said Block to the southwest corner of Lot Two (2) of Block Eighty-three (83) of the original plat of Algona, Iowa, Portland spon- - sored a traveling bridge party last week Tuesday evening. Throe tables were in play "each' a t"b7or^ PhelpS home - Tiedo's, Dr. H. D. Meyer's Ce^il Huffs, and the A. D. fiurlis home Mrs. Arcliir. Sunfonl won high over all. and oihor winners wore ,1. A. Lindebak, Mrs. Limlebak, (ind Gaili" Borryhill, Livermore. Refreshments'" wore .served at the same lime, at each house. Forty-five women and children gathered at Mrs. Charles Larsen's Friday for a surprise farewell party in Mrs. Larson's honor. The Larsons will soon move to Algona. The daughter Lauretta, who teaches at Britt, was at homo for the Thanksgiving vacation. The other daughter, Beulah, clerks at Algona. The afternoon was spent at visiting and doing fancywork, and lunch was served. A cash collection was presented to Mrs. Larson. The Tom Trenarys spent Thanksgiving with tho Alfred Busch family at Ledyard. The George Lar- sens were at their daughter Mrs. Sterling Johnson's at Jewell. The Martin Larsons, Violet Long, and Mrs. Jennings, Titonka, were dinner guests at Lewis Larson's, Burt. Mrs. Sperring and Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Fisher, of Thompson, and , Leonard and Bertha Daniels, Burt, spent Thanksgiving at the Charles follow SliidtMits Point' Home— JeanntMie Henderson, who attends (he Minnesota university, came home Wednesday for tlie Thanksgiving holidays, and was accompanied by her aunt Sylvia Stenson, Minneapolis. Other college students at home were Earl Legler and Virgie Hardcopf, Cedar Falls' Edward Lindebak, Forest City junior college; and William Chapman and Earle Hanselman, Ames. The two last named had only Thursday off, and so went back Thursday night. Tuesday Club lias Program— The Thanksgiving meeting of the Tuesday club was held last week with Mrs. Fred Merkle, and Thanksgiving quotation were given in prose or poetry at roll call. Mrs. George Wolf read the president's ^.^ ^^, UJ1 u »». u. »UHZ i proclamation, and the paper of the over Thursday night visitors Mrs. Eunice Moore and her children drove to Sioux Falls Thursday for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Holding, Burt, were Thanksgiving dinner .s of the Ivan Longs. A family Thanksgiving dinner was served at Leroy Burger's, of Burt, and Portland guests were D. M. Stewart, and also Oliver and Edward Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shiplcr, daughter Mary Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stewart, their baby son, and the Roscoe Stewarts. Elda Jandl, who is taking trailing at a beauty academy at Foi Dodge, was at home a few day last week. A turkey dinner was serve Thursday to 26 guests at E. 0 Mann's. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Zanke and Mi and Mrs. Jens Sorensen, the last named couple of Algona, wer Thursday dinner guests at R. A Harvey's, .and Shirley and Jimmi Harvey accompanied the Zanke home for the night with thel grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Godfredson, o Mason City, and W. D. Woltz wer Cut Your GROCERY BILL in Half Buy Briardnle and you buy WE DELIVER MOE & S JOGREN ALGONA, IOWA SAVE TH E [ d. Backed by a local concern to insure your guarantee. Grade A Blowing Fibre ;. manufactured by g 7=7^ WOOL "** S '° ne Co " lar « e 't manufacturer, of the Rock Wool insulation. It is installed by the Supply Co., with the following background of 1. Your job installed under the ; nntteh ;.f; 8ona 3. •>- guaranteed to give positive results m fuel 24 hoWafte 8 ""™" ~" f0rt ReSUltS that y ° U Can S66 WithiU WHY W Over seventy homes in Algona and with Capital Granulated Rock u/ O ol pany. You too can have a draft-free hn are warm when insulated. It is a defini home. It is Fire Proof, Moisture, Proof Ver vestment that returns from 20 to 4O own home insulation for as low as $6 No Salesmen's Commissions to m Without o • 4. f, r ?u ter X itory have been insulated ^ D Cowan Bldg. Supply Com- to®' Rooms formerly hard to heat lr £ pr °. ve ™ent program for your ? ln oof and Everlasting, It is an in~ Cent .^ ach Ye .*r Forever. You can month. No Finance Charges. Y ° Ur H ° me - u/^ M/-I, " Cowan Phone 275 ng Supply Co. a. Cowan, Owner Uteet Type Blo wing Equipment .

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