The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1897
Page 7
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vgSJ'^ ***'-. UPPER DE8 ALQONA, «mA. WBPKE8DAY. OOTOBBJt 13.1887.. In Great Lnck. gimme' ft bite o 1 your neaeh.'' "5aw, I won't." _____ "Well, gitnme do stone.** "Well. I'll giro you de stone. But it's inigbty iucky for you ,dat de peach ain't a pear." _. LAST MONTH Ot the TenneM«« Coat«nni*t and Indni- trlal Exposition. The month of October closes this great let of all Expositions ever held in the South, and next to the Columbian, the best ever held in this country. For the '•losing i month, special attractions have been arranged, and the rates from all parts of tho country have been made lower than ever before known. The location (Nashville. Term.) is on the main line of the Louisville & Nashville Railrond, directly on its through car route between the North and Bonth, and the trip In either direction via that City can bo made as cheaply, if not cheaper, than via any other route. Ask •vour ticket agent for rates, or write to t!.' P; ''Atm.OrSi -UjBiwral • Passenger -Agwft;, Louisville. KT.. for rates nnd imorittntion- A Curlou* Thing:. Dolly—How dai-e that dude siare that \vny from that club window. l> o lly—oh, well when one goes walking it's just as well to have some object iu view. State of Ohio, City of Tolecfo, < Lucas County, Frank J Cheney makes oath that f e Is the senior partner of the firm of F. u. Cheney & Co., doing business In the City of Toledo County anil State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HTTNDRK11 DOM-iARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHKNKY. Sworn to before me and subscribed In my-presence, this «th day of Uecemhur, A (Seal) h ' A. W. GL.EASON, Notary Public. : Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally rind acts directly on the blood and rnu- cous surfaces of the system: Send lor testimonial, free. _, , , „ F. C. CHKNEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Kami I v Pills are the best. Utah's recent pioneer jubilee cost 8Ti4,- 001). nearly all oi which was .raised by subscription. There Is u Class of 1'cople "Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there iias been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of co_ft'ee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over }£ as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 2"> cts. per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. There is no rowo without a thoru, No joy without a sorrow; The pauts that creases now adorn Will be baggy-kneed to-morrow. I know that my life was saved by Pico's Cure for Consumption.—John A. Miller. Au Sable, Michigan, April 21. ISl'S. Sunflower seeds used as bait in the triip are said to be irrosistable to rar.s. . POINTS OF ETIQUETTE. Acknowledge an invitation for dinner or luncheon the day H arrives. Either leave your card of write ft note to a friend as soon as you hear that friend is 111. ; Remember that It is a math of good breeding to thank a person for a gift the day it arrives. : Keep sufficient paper and envelopes I on hand so your notes can be written I si once, and remember that dt;ity note j !s a mark of good breeding. Almost Inside Ont. The stomach that is not turned thus by a shaking up on the "briny -wave" must be a well fortified ono. The gastric apparatus can be rendered proof against sea sickness by that stomachic so popular among travelers by sea and lanrt -Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It defends the system against malaria and rheumatism, and subdues liver complaint, constipation nud dyspepsia. . • All at Once. "Ha, la!" laughed tho patriot as his sou set off a wholo hrinuh of firecrackers, • >fl «»* is what 1 like to hear." "1 don't.'' said the weary parson, "it sounds too much like a sewing circle." Merely H Question of Time. New York girl—It's too bad you can't have ocean bathing in Chicago! Chicago girl—Yes. wo Imvu't any suburbs on the seni'onst yet. VRKK,' IM'IMCMATIOX To men (plain envelope.) How, utter tfiu years' fruitions doctorm;;. I WHS fully restored to full vigor nud robust manhood. No C. O. 1). fraud. No money accepted. No connection with medical concerns. Sent absolutely free. Address, hock Box 5288. Chicago,'ill. Send iJ-t-cnt stamp if convenient. LITTLE MAORI CHIEF.' JAPAN'S OBIAT ENTERPRISE 18 AMERICA. DISTINCTION ENJOYED 6Y AN ENGLISH CHILD. The Honorable Victor On slow, Son of Lord unit t,ady Onilow, Will, Accord- Ing; to Parental I'romUe, Bnle Over the Tribe of the Double Island. LARGE APPROPRIATION 6V IMPERIAL 5IET* TO INPOUM AMERtCASS MAKE TKA. tO POK THE CURIOUS. StJgf ER1NG "He speaks very confidently on matters of tinouce. 1 ' "He ought to—he's dropped n million nnd a half." Free Kxc-urslnii to Southern California and return. All expenses paid. Prospectus, 10 cents, llusseli H. Uorr & Co., 40? Globe IMdg., St. l j uul, Minn. "He may bo wise who only hears, With uever a word to say. Hut. truth to tell, there's many u fool Who, nlso, is built that way." 1'rco to Homcseekers. Illustrated Idaho literature seut free to hoineseekers. Write D. K. Carrier, 425 La Salle Ave., Chicago, 111 Tho French auilmfsador to Great Britain is tho best paid ambassador .in the world, hig yearly salury being £00 000. TO CUKE A COLD IN ONE DAY. TaUe LaxiUivo Hroino Quinlno Tablets. AH — -"ho money if itfuils locure. 25o MAORI chief who Is a member of a family high In British aristocracy is somewhat of a rar Jty. Such a person, according to "The Sketch," exists In the Hon. Victor Alexander Herbert Hula Onslow, son of liord and Lady Onslow. He is still only a lad, the el- ieat son of the family, Viscount Granley having just come of age. The young chief cannot as yet boast that many victims have fallen to his bow and spear, but he is, no doubt, destined to perform all manner of loughty deeds in the future, else would ic have little right to sport in his cap '.he white-tipped plume of the far-fam- id Hula bird, or to develop his form in [he voluminous cloak of feathers which inly the most distinguished of the Maori leaders and those of royal blood may wear. Callow as the urchin may be, there is determination enough and to spare in the manner in which he sviehls his sceptre of jade, and he is vidently sublimely indifferent to the 'act that the historic truncheon has In ill probability been waved more tlmea ihan its present holder can count over some grisly scene of cannibalism in New Zealand's unregeneratc days. The child was born during the years Ills father was governor of New Zealand, and a special deputation waited Dn the Earl of Onslow to request that Maori appellation should be bestowed "Hades imiKt be iilte a bit; hotel In the crowded season'" "Yes-without lire cs- C-utT* 4.'oimh Jiamam la HIP Meet nut] bent. It. will In-oak up a cold 4\ilckei ttiau wiyllilnit cist. 'It la always reliable. Try it. Mexii-o and Guatemala have their agents in the United [States looking for fine horses. Several months ago, the Tea Guild sent to this country a special commission, composed of Mr. 3. Mlt* suhashi, president of Shlzuoka Prefec- tural Assembly, and Mr. J, Ohara.mem- ber of Japanese parliament, to investigate the condition of the Japanese tea trade in the United States and Canada, and to co-operate with Mr. T. Funiya and Mr. T. Mlzutany, the American representatives of the Japanese Tea Guild, in giving publicity to the merits Of "JapaHeW tfas • and' thtrlMWf"of preparing them for drinking! 'WHich would insure the best results. Mr. Furuya and Mr. Mlzutany are planning to open tea bazars In many of the principal cities In the United States and Canada, where ladles can enjoy a cup of fine Japanese tea made by experts, and at the same time receive instructions which will enable them to make it equally well at home. More than half the tea consumed in the United States and Canada is of Japanese growth, yet, the majority of Americans apparently do not understand how to prepare It so as to develop the delicious qualities which it contains. It is believed ,by. these gentlemen that when Americans are In possession of the secret of making good tea, the consumption in this country will fully equal that of Europe in proportion. The Japanese government toas appropriated a large fund to aid the Japanese tea growers and tea merchants in prosecuting this educational work, and it is hoped that American ladles will be apt students. The main bureau of the Japanese Tea Guild has Issued an official recipe for making Japanese tea, the translation of which is as follows: First—Use a small.dry and thoroughly clean porcelain teapot. Second—Put in one teaspoonful of tea leaves for each cup of tea desired. ' Thhd—When using Japanese teas, pour on the required quantity of fresh boiled water, and let stand with closed lid from 2 to 8 minutes. Never boll the leaves. In order to retain the natural flavor, Japanese tea leaves should be kept in tight can or jar, free from moisture. Note.—To thoroughly enjoy the-natural, delicate, and sweet flavor of Japanese teas, neither sugar noi- cream should be used. Twenty years ago fcngland had li,619 mala and 14,901 female, school teacher*. Last year there were 66,310 female, and only 26,270 male teachers. Frenchmen in Mexico have started a movement to create funds for the erection of » monument to mark the spot where Emperor Maximilian was shot. Washington, D, C., has long been a mecca for Southern negroes. According to the latest census of the city, there were 88,000 negroes In a total population of 2Y7.000. The seraglio at Constantinople is a group of palaces belonging to the stil- an. it Is a triangle three miles round and contains more than 100 buildings, some of great splendor. Encourage "children to walk alone, for they are often made high-shouldered by being led by the hand all the time ill walking. . <u. fta ju*-.' -•. ,i •- **•* • »-•• ki yff»i-f vl - u*~*r i*" - t«, I'frVlb it'may seem .incredible, DUI-II-IB true all the sahfe* that Kansas City possesses a negro who has a marked antipathy to watermelons. "What do you regard as the most important event of the century?" asked the philosopher. "Well," answered the wheelman, "the finish is about^as satisfactory as any part of the run."— Truth, . . __.„ 1 fitow Matted* fttem ttw* Obtained Advice That Mad* Thein Wall* HOG CHOLERA ANTI-TOXINE, Cure of Hog Ifor the Prevention nntl Cholera. Prepared troin tho blood ot horses immunized -•••"• ihe bacilli of Ho« Cho em. Wo guur JNO. T. MIT.LIKKN & CO., partment, St.. IjQlllH. MO De- Mistress— You were suormg awfully in tho night. M*ry. Mnld-Yls'in ; but it was out of worrtitln' hours. _ tiv sister, if you find that ifc sbitS 61 folloWing fftitttfttliy yottt fftiBfly <•-"' tot's adtice, you are ttot gattittg why do you toot try another <r* Many and many a^omatihas _ written td Mrs. Bnkliftffl, oi t*flft, Mass., stating her symptoms jjlalmtr and clearly, and taken her advice, Wriicli was promptly received. The lollop' - ing letter is a pretty strong confirmation oj our claims i " 1 had tjeeti Sick lor slat months i one doctor told mo 1 •w6uld.hare to go Ip a _ hospital , . before 1 would get Well." I had female troubles in their worst form, suffered untold agonies every month; my womb tipped back to my backbone, had headache, hysteria, fainting spells, itching, leu- corrhcett. ,, _ _ " My feet and hands were cold all the tiine, my limbs were so weak that I could hardly walk around the house; was troubled with numb spells. I have taken four bottles of Lydia E. Pinhlmm's Vegetable Compound, one bottle of her Blood Purifier, one package-of chcr Sanative Wash, and am entirely cured. I have not had one of those numb spells since. Can you wonder that I sing the praises of a medicine that has cured me of all these ills v—Mns. LOUISA PLACE, 050 Belmont St., Brockton, Mass. Kcntl the AdvcrtlKoinents. You will enjoy this publication much better if you will get into the habit of reading the advertisements. Th6v will afford a most interesting sttul'y und will put you in the way of gettinp some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. _ "Defend me," is my daily prayer, "KronvpHfnlla.nncMBgnv.wmrla, And Keep mefroni that crowning snare They' call' th'e summer .girl." A GKEAT SAVING. By using the Flag Brand Chicory, rnnnu- actured by the American Chicory Com)any, of Omaha, Nebraska, you can cut pills stand without a rival as a reliable family medicine. They cure sick headache, biliousness, constipation, and keep the body in perfect health. In many homes no medicine is used except Dr. J. C. Ayer's, J THE HON. VICTOR ONSLQW. Upon him. His Excellency consented, md to the name of Victor, given him by his royal godmother, was added that of Hula, in memory of a warrior celebrated throughout the Double Island. Later on Lord arid Lady Onslow traveled In the Interior in attendance on their son, who was, in full conclave, Initiated as a Maori chief, the .whole tribe chanting war songs in his honor. Alter the performance of war dances and other rites, all filed past to do homage to their new liege, and to beg him to appear among them once more when he should have duly attained tc riper years. GBT THE OENUINB ARTICLEt_ Walter Baker & Co.'s Breakfast COCOA Pure, Delicious, Nutritious. Costs less than O2VI? CENT a cup. lie sure that the package bears our Trade-Mark. Walter Baker & Co. Limited, (Established 1780.) Dorchester, Mass. Bicycling in windy autumn weather makes your cheeks burn with the warm ruddy Klow of health, it hardens you for the hardships of winter life and gives you the stimulation you need—the kind that is best. And all this for a Columbia Bicycle. It isn't much to pay for the pleasure you get __i 3 it! No other bicycle is so good as the Columbia— HARTFORD POPE MF6- QPMPANY, Hertford, Opnrv Knpoleou T.eaniH HU A few days after the thirteen Vende- mialro I happened to be at the office of the general staff In the Rue Neuve 3es Cupuclns, when General Bonaparte, ft'ho was lodging In the house, came In. t can still see his little hat, surrnountea by a chance plume badly fastened on, Ills tricolor sash more than caroloosly Lied, his coat cut anyhow, and a sword which, in truth, did' not seem the &crt of weapon to make his fortune. Fling- Ing his hat on a large table In the m.'d- aie of the room, he went up to the old general named Krlegg, a man with a wonderful knowledge of detail and the author of a very good soldier's manual. He made him take a seat beside him at the table, and began questioning him, pen in hand, about a host of facts connected with the service and discipline. Some of the questions showed such a complete ignorance "offlie'mo's't orilin- ary things that several of my comrades smiled. I was myself struck by the number of his questions, their order, and their rapidity. But what struck me still more was the spectacle of a commander-ln-chief perfectly indifferent about showing his subordinates how completely Ignorant he was of various points of the business which the junior of them was supposed to know perfectly; and this raised him a hundred cubits in my eyes.—Memoirs of Barou Thiebault. Hail Lost Ills Tower to Sliocic. i "Is Rev. Dr. Gumms ns eloquent us lie used to be? When 1 knew him he nhvoyu electrified his uudiouee." . "He doesn't now. Perhaps the insulation 1ms worn off." • A M1SSIONAKV MEU1CISK. Cleanliness begins within. If a man isn't clean inside, he is far from Godliness. A constipated sinner is a stenuh in the nostrils of the Deity. A man whose food sours in his stomach, and whose liver is leaden, can't help looking at the world hatefully with jaundiced eye, and conjuring up evil thoughts in his tortured brain. Cleanliness of person begets cleanliness of thought. Cascarets, Candy Cathartic nro the missionary medicine which purifies men's bodies and minds. Pure, fragrant, palatable, mild'an'd-poBitWe. lihey 1 - oleaw-out thu intestinal canal, stimulate the liver and strengthen the bowels. Then a man enjoys ngaiu fooling of charity and brotherly lovo for his fellows and recommends others to tako CascnretB and be as Impny as he. Not Mueli to Host On. Kot'e—I think thjt Cholly hus something on his mind. , Polly—J( ho has ho-must be cood tit balancing. Chauucy Denow expects to buy n farm of from TOO to HU) acres within ten miles of Boston. He hus not decided 'on the exact location. Mrs. \VlnHloWB8onUiliiB syrup Forclill.1 ren teethliiB-BOftens the B um«.iortm'i)*lnmii>» WMloii'iIlSyi |mln."ui'^wlna colic. Mcuntg " bolti* Richard and John McGriff, probably the oldest twins in the United States celebrated their OUth birthday in Decatur, Intl., recently. Dr. Kay'^ Renovator Wonft Its Weight In Gold. For Constipation, Indigestion an5 Sleepless Nights. I utive bnen troubled for the past 20 years with constipation, Indigestion uncl sleepless nlchts, bin since WldtiK your 13r. Ivay s ^Kono- vulor I can sleep IIUu a child nud am not troubled in iho lonst with tho abovo named illseivsas. Yonr.Ur. DiiVs.RcnpVutor i" worth UN ivclnht in tfblrt. •Tiun'-nii ;')W Ittj y ^^O'if" old. Yours, Mrs. U. A. M«^"V. '" ' , , town your coffee bill SB per cent, besides niproviug the drink. You will find it ip . economical, wholesome and agreeable. Ask your .grocer for Flag Brand Chicory put up in pound packages. If ho does not <eep it, write the factory. Samples mailed free on application. There are men bound to Kloudyko who have never felt themselves equal to tho task of shoveling snow off ten square foot of sidewalk. . _ Jean lugelow's personal ostato amounted to only §80,000. at her death. . , . . . St., Omatott,.Neb., March .3J; tST There Is nothing that renovates every orimn of tho liodv, mid restores them to ;i healthy natural vl K or, so pleasantly, yo t so su to mill certain In its elfuul us »r. Kay r « H°n° v '. v ; tor. 1 1 BtrlUoH to tho root ot llio trouble and removes the ciuise and cures when all other remedies fall. Send for proof of it. Dr. Knv's Renovator und Ur. Kn.y a Lunp Unlm arc' sold bv dniuglsls or sent by mall. Try Grain-0! Try Grain=0! Ask your Grocer to-day to Know you u pnckngo of QliAIS-O, tho uew food drink" that takes tho place of coffee. Tho children may drink It without injury as well UK tho adult. All who try it, like it. (jRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and tho most delicate- stomach receives it without distress. }± tho \tvlco of coffee. 13 cents anil itf cents j.-eJ Hold by all grocer*. writes: "I would not Uvl<n $10.00 for if 1 eimld not KOt another." Sent fr«o in thoaa immtnK this wilier by Dr. H. J. Ivay Medical Co.. Omaha, Neb. • OUR KLONDIKE SHOE ni-u it sin- t'clBO lino, unit ovury UQIHIuniaii-should sen Uiiim lio- •Tirt-o IniyliiK. They urn tihu best "no wo hiivo ovi-r olHiieil. Ask votiv rtciil«;r for ilniu. and l^^ lK ^mJ^n "Vf- tRs **&£ (;.. \^^&^^^\^l a ^ a . kot. liuxiiro ^__________ loiiskl'orlt. BENTI.BY Ss OI>:UHTKI>, l>« - « MolnnB, la. _ fni. In" for Wnfwrtuul SJoum Siin- iuiiH, WliMlMHlK.Tank*.ri|»r8.Well liiHlni?. Tube Well SuppllHK, lleltlnR, racking, IJrnKS »nil Iron ' Tastes like Coffee Looks like Coffee IteiiHiiiinbln. T» thrco St.iit«H. l.lHtu fr««. Wrlto 10 The Record Co,, SInuxClty, l». \\'o uiuoli you in inukti ul your jir.i'rlci IIOIDO oquii) M> tiny inailo In Vermont. Kull lust ructions mill siiniplo KIMII .for Sfic. Wi'llB t»- il/iy. 1'cunw.V «.'«.. l>«'|it- A., "!IV W. Lukust., Clilo:iKO. FARMS MAPLE SYRUP NEW DISCOVERY:si." iiiiiL'Urntlol'umleiiruliwuist 7. Komi for book of Uwllmonliils no-1 1O days triutuiciit *'rm».'ti SONH. AII..H. u>. MOKPHINt and WHISKY HABITS. JIOMH iiuiiK. Jioofc I.-IIKK. DII. J. v. HOFFMAN,'Jl!., CHICAGO, ILL, 'i'Bi''ami Uuuk Kuainrr I'Mlowa, lieils, lliiUtci-sniid I'liBhinim. Wi'ltofoi'iii'loBH. aiwunCtty 1'ValhcrCo.. I'itd WalnutSt. NV. N. U. Des Molnes. No. 42— > plcus j mention SBRENE8S AND STIFFNESS It cures In two"or three vlsorous rubs* P ENSIGNS S^ I ;*lto i»« wl this paper. PATENTS, CLAIMS. flSffi'fJWSSH^ r.5 «S?i5lJa"«lt clmuiWiy ««««. 's Eyewater,,' j^wwHtttttiwaM^^^tttt ,^^;^S^^*njs*\S*^\S*>S*S*S*S*****'+**r°*^Tr~*r^ ^^^% Plain SueukliiR. Lord Aberdeen, .the premier ••of-the coalition ministry, was remarkable for the little use he made of his tongue. When, by way of reconciling him to ac- pany her on a sea trip, the queen smilingly observed, "I believe, my lord, you are not often seasick?" "Always, madam," was the brief but significant reply. "But," said her majesty, "not very seasick?" "Very, madam," said the uncompromising minister. Wellington was not given to use too many words. One example of his economy in this way will suffice. The duke wrote to Dr. Uutton for information as to the scientific acquirements of a young officer who had been under his instructions. The doctor thought he could not do less than answer the question verbally and made an appointment accordingly- Directly Wellington saw him he said: "I am obliged to you, doctor, for the trouble you have taken, j g flt for the post?" Clearing his throat, Dr. Hutton began: "No wan more so; I can -•—" "That's quite sufficient," said Wellington. "I know r, la equally so, J will pot T O GIVE MORB than is promised has always tee a the practice ot _ The companion. The two hemispherea have teen searchea for S_jt. attractive matter tor the volume lor 1898, ana the contributors for the year >;•* include not only popular writers of fiction, but some oj the most eminent (|<l Statesmen, Scientists, Educators, Explorers and Leaders ot Industry. FOR ALL THE FAMILY. 62 TIMES A YEAR. the following partial Hst of contributors indicates the strength and attractiveness of neit year's volume ; Distinguished Writers, Right Hoo. W. B. Gladstone The Duke of Argyll Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge Hon. Justin McCarthy, M. P. Hon. Tuomas B. Reed Hop. Qeorge F. Hoar Lillian Nordica Prof, N. S. Shaler y««r'» vo/wwe of Tht Cto»p«<>too» la taf Nil* Year's Nuintitr. Story-Tellers, Hos, L!i n/-«nvp Thmiet • rrflOll K, f ianS rl s ' Mrs, Burfon M«ry|wilkl»8 H»y4« and more thaa one nundrsd others WWB»»« %H3^BS?JL!SI?vJPtt« Vbbuui for ISSS «ft(J Swsle C(?W4 of (to ¥<W & «*• A* , J '., ? _ ( ,J , _. , ^ f^^ ^^^i^A^^^u&:^M^,

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