Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 9
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Sash rou 15 TO 20 PER CENT OF YOUR COAL BILL EVERY YEAR [.class investment that insures you of a yearly return on your money. PRICE RANGING AS LOW AS 91.00 For Window, 2 ft, l)y 4 ft. KOSSUTH COUNTY AnVANP.Pl ALGONA, IOWA CLOSING OUT Wi! WOI-P iit Hrnry northeast ot Tilonka, last j Monday and found n,,', „„.„ u | ing the liisl. of (his yeiir's ,;,\'\\ crop ' WOK., they happy! Tho < ._ .'nsse I,. Jacobs, northeast of '.'ity, was picking corn Thurs- I - •• ',':, " •> '"I'l'J : i no mi) •»,•,, i. n.y, was picking corn Thurs<"1 iK'pn f,n, !( |, ai !i() -,, wirn ,.,.!,, in ,i- ly . n c said ho li.-id 25 acres yet UK; driveway and anothor outside I" l)ir:k. Tim Job was being done ml>. MrH. Swalvoi iuskrd wliolhcr ' ''Y bund, and wo etui well imagine wi! (irn UK! Mlnw who wriiw the '-''"I .Tcssc. wasn't o , w who wriiw the '-''"I .Tcssc. wasn't overjoyed by last farm news, and wlipn wo ucknnwl- : week's .snow and bitter cold. cdKi'i! fuiilt. sin: said she got a' * * kick on! of our Hl.urf. These . .. -, * , l:l . nv . KO Fred Plocger lives at Ledyard, good folks v.in move to a places lllltl ls an cx Pert bricklayer. He has ' cast, of liuffiilci (Ventor on Jlarcli 1 luli "' a fi]le 8 - roora house for him- \ Tlial will lake them o\a ot our lor- r self atul Ilis family. It is modern' ritory, and wo .shall miss Hicm '" cvcry wa y, including air-condi-I * * ' Moiling and insulation. Tho family ; who lives a mile '"' r ' i"' :f moved into it. In the base-' 1 V, ban a farm mont there is a recreation room, Virgil Hlomster, f " r ^o children, a boy and girl, If. consistH of Merrill, 7, mid Carolyn, 5. There 177 acres. Mrs. Ulomster Is having -.--—--.-.- • - - llillen Jonspn west of Swca C owned by Mrs. who lives in (own. n ring- > Ve wiu 8 lttdl y tel1 y° u how littlc !t 1st to have this wonderful home improvement. itstord Lumber Co. POOL, Mgr. PHONE 25G 177 acres. Mrs. Ulomster is having aro now two brick houses in Leda fine now barn built, SGxflO. The yard—Mr. Ploeger's and the Cath- earpcnlors were pulling up Uic olic rectory. Fred laid the brick rafters when ho were wcok Monday. Milieu herd of Ilolstein cows, and the barn was badly w-cded for them. We found him hauling dirt to fill in the doorways, but ho took time lout Lo lake us to the house and show us a now hoy, born on August 21, named filaino Lolloy. Mr. . there last ^ nr bQ\.h the church and the rec- has a fine t()r y- . * * * Wo called on B. G. .... „ u .^ „. „. Anderson, northwest ot Swea City, Friday. E. Ci. Is a bachelor, but he has a tine! home. Ho is a good farmer, and ho raises Brown Swiss cattle and Chester While hogs. j and Mrs. Jensen have two other children, Margaret, 3, and Willii i Samuel Gibson, who lives north- ' , • • Llm ' 'west of Swea City, said Friday that 18 months. I hey call the latter, ho had about four days of com . Hilly. All three children arc the picking to do yet This snow did ( picture of licallh. j not suit him, but he believed it j ^ When we called at Geor B o Mo- ™ uld l f?™ before long and that eonseii's, easl „[ Swca City, last * he weathcr w ° U j d A e nlCe 'week Monday the men were eating fin afternoon lunch. They had been picking corn al a neighbor's with their corn-picker, and a lilllc part on the picker had been broken, so they wore going lo lown for a new purl. Dad had told Uic boys that * * * Carl Rath, northwest of Swea ""v, was burning cornhusks Friday in a hog lot, where he had shr.llcd corn that his large crib i would not hold. Ho had to fill his c'-ib d'-ivoway to the roof. Carl,' who likes to kid us, thinks we *- ""j° •.""" wao mces 10 iua us, mums we they had better have lunch first, don't always tell everything in the and they wore packing il away as nariol . tna t wc know. Of course not. so many good things to there isn't room for anything else. » anything to cat again. SHOWER GIVEN BRIOE-TO-BE AT LONE ROCK nmtira»coMic( De Luxe Hand Colored Carefully reproduced PLAIN from original etchings $1.80 with your name printed on * each. heir deep, rich, gravure-browh tones combine with soft ribbed snow-white decide edge paper to create the type of Christmas Greetings your friends will be happy to receive. Size 5 l /2 x 6%" in an attractive box. CUSTOM-MADE by BURGOYNE \dvance Publishing Co. Arthur Johnson, .south of Swea City, was helping his wife with houscrloaning lusl week Tuesday. I Ho had a rug on tho lawn and had cleaned it, and he was just rolling :it up to take back into the house '[when wo arrived. Wc can't say we 'an; much of <i critic, but it looked | as if he had gone a good job. And now, we .suppose, will be asked by oilier housewives how in tarnation Mrs. Johnson went, about it to get her husband to tackle such a thing. Lone nocki Nov _ 2 2—A miscel- We don't know, so we'll probably lanoous Hnower was ne i d Wednes- havo lo explain it on the rolling dfly aftcrnoon at the home of Mrs. | pin theory. Fred Flaig in honor of Gladys Bier- WP rill-d al * Martin Krapp's, »tcdl, and 50 attended. Games were . ,i r il.nnmft inst wppk played, after which lunch was serv- soulhwest o « anR . 10 . i:r ', 1 ;f 1111v °° C ed. The hostesses were Mrs. Flaig, I. 111 "'"' 1 ' 0 ' ill " l0 -" ".Jn -." ™-no4- Mrs. Merwin Marlow, Mrs. Bernard ''"," "" ". °^ n „ A,,m, 0 tin Tiim- O'Donnell, Mrs. Calvin Household-; od a new boy, born August 19, nam- _ ^ .^ SanderS| Mrs _ Emil I',. .. ,, ,...,' ;'',',,„ LSI Kraft, and Mrs. Frank Macumber.' jl,,a wife say he ubj ,s 11,s be*,t Q t ^ ts were Mrs . clar . ever. Marl n also a ho .ed us a fine Macumbel . Algona; Mrs. E. C. flock otshoep, and leajs sheen r daughter Evelyn, and arc tho bos wood kiHois .n tho Sorenson, Burt. business. There was lormeiiy a _ lot of burdock on the place, and Dodco— tho weeds were hard lo keep down, ™, .%„, Fcnton, spent a but .since tho sheep began buainost, ]agt woek , a the . Hawks there is no burdock.^ i homo _ ^ Mys _ stebrltz> and | Fred Shoolcv north of Swea City, daughters took Mr. Hawks to Fort j h-id rinlshod Picking com the day Dodge last week Tuesday and Mrs. oca led, w'hich was last week Poole remained thore at her home Tups-Civ' and Mrs. Shc-eley said sho Kathryn spent from Wednesday till was glud It wa's ovorWh, for she Friday with her mother at Ban- had not missed a day in the field croft. lioi-self Thev picked by baud, and lev Invc some more than 3,000 Upturns to Cal.fornm- m,Jls li vTs some job for two Alfred Hawks left last week eo le to do Lidos doing the Tuesday for his home at Hmkley, Ti res • d tlio housework. Sir. and Calif., after a week here with his I ATI--? Sheelev have two children in mother, Mrs. Kate Hawks and his .MS. sjiLLn-j sistoi-i Mrg _ Jegsie stebntZ) a nd SC|U) ' „ « * * daughters Kathryn and Mrs. Fran,„,„.., we arrived at Otto c j s p O ole, of Fort Dodge. Schmidt's, south of Bancroft, last — week Tuesday everybody was just .Itn/nur Clears ISont Sinn— i-o'idv for a trip to Algona, so we ' The Mite sociely held an annual didn ; t got much news there. But dinner and bazaar Wednesday at Otto did say he had sold his hogs, the local church. A total ot $52.50 and wo know that he always rais-iwas taken in. e.s a fine lot. Ho said he would be , 'courting" al this term, for he was i • Other Lone KOCR. drawn on tho jury. That kind of F G McCreery, who is employed "courting" is somewhat different at t , he standard Oil'office at Ma- from tho sort Otlo was doing when sQn cltyj w£ ^ a business visitor at he got Mrs. Schmidt to say she A A _ Kruegel .' s Wednesday even- would try living with him. ingi He was formerly "B" station , T*n wvior nnrtbwast salesman with headquarters at Wo found J. D. Hylei, noithwest of Swea City, plowing alfalfa sod Wetatei^g^ Wednesday. It was tough pulling, | d t(j Eagt chain pHday by t , he bul he was doing a good job. , ^^ Qf ih(j 18 . mont hs-old son ,s;.-rr-.r,r ,i ai'fass t.ts strong perfume in W^M,^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Mrg Bice g p ent last .week Tuesday at Des Moines on business. JUS uunuufe *.«« -"i- skunk. The dog was proud of the feat and was running around rubbing his nose in the dirt and then barking. Or was it the odor that lie was trying to rub off? We didn't learn where the dog was to sleep that night, but we'll bet it was not * * * * A McCormlck.D«i!n9 Cr..m ud by th. McCermick-Dctrlns us to'show yqu why the McCormick-Deering bearing separator does better work and con- to do better work. us why its perforance warrants an assign- of 355 McCormick-Deering cream separa- Ol 's to Kossuth, Winnebago and Emmet counties. k us why the Mason City District was .able to sel l 908 last year. See them at our store. Mceorraick-Deering Store to OW radio nro-rraan over KGLO »tow City, U:«-»'M. with August. We stoppedYt Louis Schwinfs, southwest of Swea City, Wednes- ifggr Q| »D"Uil x_»ii.j| !»*.»•-•— — lijicuu .... da y The Schwints are the good Wednesday. folks who accidentally had a little baby girl scalded with hot water a few weeks ago. For some time the baby was at an Algona hospital. Mrs. Schwint said the little one had got over the scalding only to get the whooping cough. . S J. Christophel who lives on the'first place east of the Gran schoolhouse, recently had a vj*it . Mrs. Mattie Carr, who has spent the past two weeks at D. W. Fur- nau's, left Wednesday for her home at Swaledale. Mr and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hulburt, Glidden. ' .. Arthur Priebe attended an oil men's meeting at Waterloo from W Mnines Sexton Mrs B. B. Sanders entertained he Aid at her home Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Jorgen Skow gave Bible study, after which lunch was Arthur Olsen went to Burt Wednesday to help with corn-picking at his brother George Olsen s jr who suffered the loss of two fingers in a corn picker accident recently. . Miss Lickteig, teacher in the Kutschara school southeast of town, held a program in the Sexton school Friday evening. A number -• Sexton pupils also took part, i in the form As I have rented my farm to Roy Ringsdorf for the coming year I will sell the following described property at auction at the farm 4 miles east, 5 miles north, \ mile east and i mile north of Algona, known as the old Larson farm, or 4 miles east, 2 miles south, one mile east, one mile south, * mile east and I mile south of Burt, on mother, who lives at Des ivinuiHB The Christophels took her borne and S J. said it was the first m£e hf had been at Des Moines m 97 years. He almost got lost! He- took his boy for a streetcar ride and they rode around some four hours, seeing a lot of the city. Harold Fischer, north of Swea City is always doing some improv- r ngy> Thursday he was busy laying ^^-^oTBwel amateur hour, a waterplpe into his cow barn. ue o •> h program baskets bad already piped wa^er o^Wa bog *ouow B iunch ^.^ house. Harold has the finest nera we^e^ Heroian WJge entertaine a a of purebred Brown Swiss cau ^^^ nuinb er of women taking home have seen. He is JnliKing project work Saturday afternoon, atpresent. Mis. JJiscnerwa* i g Tbigmeeting wftg on maklng o f ing him with tne «<»*•* . r h doUs fr0 in rockford socks. his bead in laying the pipe, lu ' A number from here atteadod the had dug a hole '^weiUP clftgg pjay ftt the A i g0 n a bjgh where he wanted the^pip^iu^^ had ^^ audftoriuro Friday evening Tuesd N 30 W ^ SALE BEGINS AT 10 O'CLOCK SHARP LUNCH WILL BE ON GROUNDS Qflivestock-19 8 Head of Horses and Colts 8 One bay shire mare 9 yrs. old, wt. 1750; black mare 6 yrs. old, \vt. 1600; black mare 13 yrs. old, wt. 1600; bay gslding 5 yrs. old, wt. 1550; sorrel mare colt coming 2 yrs. old, wt. 1400; bay mare colt 3 yrs. old, wt. 1500; black mare colt 2 yrs. old, wt. 1200; sorrel mare colt coming yearling. 45 Head of Cattle Seven milk cows to freshen in January and February, including two fullblood Shorthorns, 2 roan heifers; 5 Whiteface cows; one purebred Polled Hereford bull from P. M. Christenson herd, Lone Rock, coming 3 years old; 2 exceptionally good Hereford bull calves; 27 head of Hereford cows, 22 of which are coming 3 year olds bred to above listed outstanding Polled He-eford bull; 5 Hereford heifers coming 2 years old; 3 milking heifers coming 3 years old; 7 head of real calves. } ^^^^••^^^^•^^•^^^^^^^^M 38 Head oi Sheep — 37 Ewes, and 1 Buck 1OO Head oi Hogs One hundred head of full blood Hampshire hogs, consisting of 20 liead of exceptionally good gilts, sold open; balance good feeding hogs weighing from 100 to 175 pounds; vaccinated. ^ • 250 — Head of Leghorn Pullets Laying Now — 250 Modern Chicken and Farm Equipment Consisting of 3 400-chick starting batteries, complete with stoves; 4 800-chick Baylor oil brooder stoves; 14 2-gal. chick waterers; 28 chick feeders; 5 8-gal. thermo chicken waterers on stand; 4 8-ft. chicken feeders on stand; 5 8-ft. chicken feeders without stand; 2 1000-chick portable brooder houses, complete with roosts; 3 6-pen portable round hog houses equipped with partitions; 3 3-pen portable hog houses; one 2-pen portable hog house; and 8 A-type individual portable hog houses; 4 40-bu. hog self-feeders; 3 18-ft. hog troughs; 6 automatic hog waterers; 3 18-ft. cattle feed bunks. The above equipment is practic- 3.1 Iv n f*\v One 10-barrel wood tank, new last year; one 10-barrel steel tank; one 500-gal. steel tank on trailer. Farm Machinery, Etc. One 10-20 Parmall tractor in perfect condition; McCormick-Deering tractor cultivator, 2-row, new this year; 14-ft. McOormick-Deering tractor disc, in good shape; John Deere 2-row corn planter with trucks, 160 rods of wire, new; one John Deere 10-ft, tractor power binder, new this year; 4-section spring tooth harrow; 2-row McCormick-Deering mounted corn picker; 4-section harrow. One Oliver 10-ft. roller; McCormick-Deering endgate seeder; Blackhawk manure spreader; John Deere 16-in two-bottom tractor plow; McCormick-Deering 14-in. two-bottom tractor plow; McCormick-Deering hay loader- Rock Island side delivery rake; 48-ft. Sandwich elevator, almost new, with wagon jack and speed jack; low iron-wheel wagon; wooden wheel wagon; 14-ft. hay rack; 2 36-inch wagon boxes; drag cart; single row cultivator. 200-gal stock dipping tank; No. 15 Vega cream separator; 1929 Chevrolet short wheel base truck with nlatform box, equipped with almost new set of tires, mechanically A-l condition; one breeching harness; 2 sets back pad harness; 3 21-inch leather collars; 23-inch canvas collar; 2 sets of fly nets; and many other articles too numerous to mention. Two 50-gallon steel oil or gas tanks equipped with pumps. TERMS. Cash, or make arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled for, IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk, LOU

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