Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 21, 1907 · Page 3
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, April 21, 1907
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Sunday, April 21, 1907. - i,HinjEaATUiruAiirriijw' Base Ball and Other Sports LEAGUERS FULL ; VICTIMS HI CLASS B Seed's Roysterers "Rally Readily and Get Over a Winning Score. An agreeable' surprise for you this lime dear readers. Decatur won a gam's and did It in a manner that convinced the couple of hundred fans who were out yesterday that things will look much brighter for us in the Three-I race after the boys have had the opportunity to limber themselves up to the extent that is quite necessary. They were In the game all the time and not single bobble marred thlr good work. Jacksonville of the Iowa state league was the victim and fell prey to the tune of 3 to 0. Only once did the Lunatics have a look-in at home plate and It was so close that the whole row of goose eg UK was missed by less than ft foot. Another time a man got as far as third, but could not wiggle any further. Two others got as far as second. Profit by Error. The Decatur team was out-hit almost two to one. but profited by Jacksonville errors and slow team work. The Lunatics could not . bunch their blngles In sufficient quantities to make them count, while two of the four safe ones gleaned by the locals came In one Inning and each served to score a run, thanks In a measure to slow work on the part of the visitors. The Decatur nien also ran bases as though they meant business and to that fact alone Is due all three of the scores. Ed. Drury llanlon was given his first workout In the box. He went to the lab for the first three Innings and performed very credibly, considering the fact that he has not had much practice. Two hits, a wild pitch and a hit batter was his record, but not a man got beyond second during his administration. Keyen' Work Better. Keyes. who fared so badly at the bands of Milwaukee last Sunday, took the second three Innings and. although his record was the best of the three, it was during his work that the visitors came so near scoring. He saved himself, however, by covering the plate and catching his man after he had come near making a wild pitch with a man on third. Schreiber pitched the last three rounds and was touched up four times. It looked bad for him in spots but he managed to pull out each time. Two of the hits tame in the first inning he twirled, but after two were out. Neither of the three twirlers allowed a man to walk, which is a word in favor of good control for so early in the reason. A kern Looked G?od. But while the good things are being said of the Decatur twirlers, neither of them had anything over Akers, the Jacksonville man, who pitched the entire nine innings. Four singles was the total obtained off him and with the right kind of supp3rt Decatur should have been held to one run. Even the iJecatur players admitted after the game that lie was a tough proposition and it would seem that Manager Frank Belt has a fast man in him. L'p to the sixth inning Decatur did not get anything that looked like a hit, the score In the fourth Inning being due to errors. After Moore had fouled out In the fourth. Tenant hit to Roland at second. After juggling the ball long enough to allow Tennant to reach first, Roland took a peg at his manager Just for the fun of the thing and the ball went v ild. allowing Tennant to retch second. Krebs fouled out and Wagner hit through Roland, allowing Tennant to score. Roland's errors alone were responsible for the run. In the seventh Wagner walked and scored from first on Prout's stinging single to right. Fast- fielding would have held him at third. Prout went to second on the throw to catch Wagner at the plate and scored a rroment later on Long's pretty drive to right renter. The next three men were easy outs. I.uaatlra Had one (h no. The only time the Lunatics had a chance was in ttie fifth. Belt struck out and Hagel hit down the right field foul line for two bases, going to third on Pratt's out at first. Keyes threw a trifle wild on the first ball pitched to Akers and the sphere rolled out of Powell's hands. Hagel thought he saw a chance to score, but Keyes covered the plate and caught his man. Charley Bomar did the umpiring and id fairly well. He gave one of two de- LUNATICS AGAIN TODAY Billy Purtell Will Make His Appearance at Third. Manager Frank Belt and his Lunatics .will play here again this afternoon and will try hard to retrieve t lemselves for the beating received yesterday at the hands of Manager Reeds crowd. They will line up the same as yesterday, except, of course, the pitchers, while the Decatur team should fare better with something more like its regular lineup. Billy Purtell will be seen at his old corner and Krebs will work behind the bat, giving Powell, who has worked two days iraight. a chance to rest a bit. Tomorrow Keokuk comes for two games nd following them the champion Burlington bunch from the Iowa State league. CORRECTED, Clubs Abroad. Cedar Rapids At Home. Dubuque At Home. May 29, July 12, Sept. 2, Cedar Rods. Dubuque. READ -May Sl.Juno 1,2S July 4. 4. 5 THE Auif. 27. 28. 29. 30 May 7. S. 9 Clinton. 10 ANOTHER FROM THE SUNNY SOUTH ' mS ' "";. ski ' ' Eddie 1'eraona, the third aouthpavr and report, caught while warming up. fans thla afternoon. clsions that seemed to favor Decatur, although neither would have counted for anything in the end. This was the score: Decatur AB. R. IT. PO. A. E. Jeffries, rf 3 '0 0 2 0 0 Moore. 2b 3 0 1.8 0 0 Tennant. lb 4 118 0 0 Krebs, 3b 4 0 0 2 2 0 Wagner, If 2 1 0 0 0 0 Prout, ss 3 1 1 1 2 0 Long, cf 2 0 1 2 0 0 Powell, c 3 0 0 8 2 0 llanlon. p 1 0 0 0 1 0 Keyes. p 1 0 0 1 1 0 Schreiber, p 1 0 0 0 0 0 Total 27 3 4 27 8 0 Jacksonville AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Copeland. cf 4 0 0 0N0 0 Horte. ss 4 0 0 3 2 2 Roland. 2b 4 0 0 1 1 2 Hughes, rf 3 0 1 2 0 0 Creig. cf .v 4 0 2 3 1 Belt, lb 4 0 1 6 1 0 Hazel. 3b 3 0 1 3 2 0 Pratt, c 3 0 1 6 2 0 Akers, p 3 0 1 0 2 0 Totals 32 0 7 24 11 4 Score by innings: Decatur 0001 00 2 Ox 3 Jacksonville 0 00000000 0 Hits by innings: Decatur 000001 21 x 4 Jacksonville 0 110 10 2 117 Suiniu' .ry. Two Base Hit Hazel. Stolen Bases Wagner. Sacrifice Hits Moore. Double Play Roland to Berte to Belt. Innings Pitched Hanlonn, 3; Keyes, 3; Schreiber, 3. Hits Off Hanlon, 2; Keyes, 1; Schreiber, 4. Bases on Balls Off Akers, 3. Struck Out By Keyes, 4; Schreiber, 3; Akers. 3. Wild Pitch Hanlon. Hit by Pitched Ball By Hanlon, 1. Time 1:45. Umpire Bomar. . Moore and Prout Switch. Captain Moore and Wee Wee Prout switched positions yesterday for the one game . only. Moore's injury, received Friday from being hit on the leg by a ball hot off Tennant's bat, made him lame and he played second base yesterday because there is not the. amount of ground to cover as at short. Both played as though they were used to it. Two Out of Hospital. Two from the hospital roll wore out yesterday in uniform. Persons and Gfroerer. The former had a slight touch of grip and "Groceries" has been nursing his ankle all week. Both will work in at least a part of today's game. Purtell Promises Presence. A message yesterday from Billy Purtell was to the effect that he would arrive in Decatur over the Wabash this morning at an early hour and will be seen at his old position on third In tr.j game this afternoon. Billy had promised faithfully to report last Tuesday and when no word of any kind had been heard from him up to Friday night, the management grew anxious and sent him a message in the form of a request to get here Instanter. Hi3 telegram yesterday was the result. Pitchers Who Work Today. Bittrolff, Persons and Bomar will do OFFICIAL THREE-I PLAYING SEASON OF 1907 Clinton At Home. May 26S7278T i.iiv 15. 16. 17. Rock Island At Home. Mv 1 2. 11. 30, 30. 13. 14S. 2. 3. 4. June 16S, Auh.31.Sep.lS,5.6. Sept. 10. 11. Mav 3. 4. 11. 12S. Mav 26S. 27, June 16S, July 2, Sept 10, 11. 12. July 15. 16. 17. Aug.31.Sep.lS.6,6 I- May 29. 30-30. July 12. 13. 148. Sept. 2. 2. 3. 4. HERALD lout of the Drnlur bunch of twlrlera to He will make hla debut before DccMur the slab work this afternoon. If they acquit themselves as credibly as did the trio yesterday there will be no fault to find. Draws Near the Ocenina The Three-I league season opens one week from next Wednesday. Some of the teams have had more practice work than others, and it is possible they will not be bunched as closely at the end of the first two weeks as they are at the end of the month. However, if the weather remains good, things will look more promising all around the cir cuit. Make Hotel Business Good. The Decatur Hotel yesterday was the stopping place of many baseball players, about forty of them. Besides the Decatur and Jacksonville teams, the Wesleyan club stomed there for dinner. ' Springfield Beats Keokuk. Springfield. 111.. April 20. Captain Yeager brought his Keokuk team to Springfield yesterday to go down In defeat. The visitors were not allowed a single run, and only one man took, the liberty to get as far as third base. The score was 7 to 0 in the Senators' favor. William Fox, a resident of Springfield, and who made a record with Jacksonville last year was in the box for Scharnweber's men. He pitched a good game. Peerless at Pekin. The Peerless baseball team goes to Pekin today for a game. The lineup for the Peerless team follows: Smith, third base: Clifton, second base: Crank-shaw. shortstop; Arthur, left field; Valllere. center field: Toung. right field: Mclntyre, first base; Bowman, catcher; Bartlett. pitcher; Alderson, pitcher. Right Hand Sluggers Win. The Right Hand Sluggers defeated the Decatur Colts in a nine inning game Saturday by the score of 18 to 16. The features of the game were three-base hits by Shaddon, Williams. Thompson and Chrisman, and a home run by McKlnney. The batteries were Sluggers. Rod-ems and Redmon;" Colts, Frank Mc-Kiney and Charley Shadoan. Sangamon Beats Marietta. By a score of 25 to 11 the baseball team of the Sangamon street school defeated the Marietta street school team Saturday. Batteries for Sangamon were Ralph Butts, Del Coover, and Andy Coe, while Moberly, Hampton and Travis did the heavy work for Marietta street. Blues Beat Gattman. The Decatur Blues defeated the team from the Gastman school on the Wabash diamond Saturday afternoon. The score was 13 to 6. The batteries were Blues, Barksdale brothers; Gastman, Moran and Shears. - They Like Breyette. A clipping from one of the Mobile papers is to the effect that Mike Brey-ette is one of the fastest shortstops ever seen in that city, and that he is setting the Cotton States league afire vith his fast work. ' In the first series he accepted fifteen chances without an error and his work of getting away. from the plate is about as fast as seen in the big leagues. They call him "Rabbit" down there because of his fleetness, and say they wouldn't part with him for anything. Peoria At Home. Bloomlngton At Home. 12S. May 17, 18. lUri. June 28.29.30,Jul 1 Aug. 12, 13. 14. Mav 20. 21. 22. July 2. 3 June 17. 18, 19. iz Aug. 3. 4S. S. 28. May 20. 21. 22. June 17, 18, 19, 20. Mav 17. 18. 198. Jun 28.29.30S.Jull Aug. 3. 4S. 6. Aug. 12. 13. 14. Mav 23. 24. 25. (May 13. 14. 15. June 21. 22. 23S. 24 June 25, 26, 27. Aug. 6. 7. 8. lAug. 9. 10. 11S. MILUKIN LOSE IN THE FINAL INNING Hard and Interesting, Game of Ball Goes to Wesleyan, 3 to 2. One of the most Interesting baseball games ever seen on Mllllktn field was witnessed yesterday afternoon between the teams of James Milllkin University and Illinois Wesleyan. Until the ninth inning the score was a tie at 2 and 2; but In the ninth Weslyan managed to squeeze out another run, making the score 3 to 2 and deciding the game. Wesleyan had Its playing clothes on during the entire game, the Methodists having only two errors scored against them. Milllkin on trie other hand seemed to have one of those bad days that strike a team at some time or other and made seven errors during the game. l.oat on WBMfm'i Throw. To Wassem's wild throwing may be attributed the loss of the game. When Wesleyan went to bat In the ninth Inning the score stood 2 to 2. Spald, the first man up. hit to short. Wassem made a clean pick-up and took plenty of time In throwing, but he miss judged and threw over the first baseman's head. On the overthrow Spald went to second. Gardner knocked a grounder to Smith, who threw to third In an effort to catch Spald. but Spald beat the ball. The net man to bat was yilliams, who twice before had fanned the air, and things looked hopeful. But he sent a clean hit over second base and Spald scored the winning run. Spald Was the Star. Pitcher Spald for the visitors was by long odds the star or his team, ut of the five hits off of Smith he got two and out of the three runs he also had two to his credit. He had the Milllkin batters guessing most of the time and they were only able to get three scattered hits. Spald was decidedly off at the start of the game, however, and out of the first four men that faced him he hit three. It was due to this that the first score was made. Moeller was hit and went to first, then stole second. Smith cam to bat and when he hit .ae ball Moeller was nearly to third. The second baseman did not notice Moeller and threw to first to put Smith out. He got Smith, but Moeller scored by a hair's breadth. It was one of the closest and prettiest runs ever seen on the field. Iu the fourth Inning Wlnnans hit to Wassem and Wassem over threw first base, allowing the man to go to second. Spald. the next man up. hit clean. scored Wlnnans and himself went to second. He stole third and on the next hit ball scored the . second run for Wesleyan. In the last half of that same Inning Milllkin tied the score. Hamilton went to first, being hit by a pitched ball. Moeller got a hit, send ing Hamilton to second. Smith sacrificed and advanced both Moeller and Hamilton. Plerson knocked an Infield grounder to secon and Hamilton scored. - - Illtfcla Died Hard. The score -remained a tie until the ninth, both teams playing good, hard hall. After Wesleyan had made the final run In the ninth, the MllliIn fans could hardly contain themselves, so great was the excitement. It was at this time that Spald for the visitors showed the stuff - that was In him. The first two men up sawed. nam ilton walked and then the spectators and Milllkin supporters thought they had a new lease on life. Moeller was the next man up arid every fan held his breath to see what he would do. Two strikes and two balls were called against him. The next ball pitched was right over the plate and Moeller swatted It away out In deep center. immediately a great yell went up from the grand stand but It died away Into a groan the center fielder for Wet leyan had pinched It. The score follows: Illlnola Wealcyaa AB R II PO A E Derton. lb 4 0 0 6 1 0 Wiley. 3b ..3 0 0 1 1 0 Wlnans. ss 4 12 1 2 0 M. Spald. p 4 2 2 1 2 0 Gardner, c 4 0 0 11 0 1 Williams. I f. 4 0 1 1 0 0 D. Spald. 2 b. 4 0 0 8 1 1 Doolittle. c. f. ...... ..4 0 0 3 0 0 Wolerwaber, r. f. ....4 0 0 1 0 I) Total ....38 8 ft 27 7 2 Jnmes Milllkin.. ABR H PO A E 110 0 Moeller, c. f 4 1 Smith, p 2 0 Plerson, 3 b. 3 0 Stocks, 1 b 3 0 Wassem, a. s 4 0 Swisher, c 3 0 Gearen, r. f. 4 0 Berton, 1. f 4 0 Hamilton. 2 b 2 1 2 1 0 8 0 1 0 0 8 0 Total v. ...29 2 3 27 12 7 Wesleyan ........0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 13 Mlllikln 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 02 Base on Balls Off Spald. 2. Left on Bases Wesleyan9 , Mlll'kin 8 Struck Out By Spald 10, by Smith 7. Sacrifice Hits Smith 2. Wiley 1. Hit by Pitcher Moeller, plerson, Stocks. Hamilton. I Stolen Bases Moeller, Smith. Plerson. Wassem, Spald. Time, 1:35. Umpire, J. W. Carey. Travis I) feat a Travera. New ork. April 20. Walter J. Travis retained his supremacy today by de- SCHEDULE FOR Springfield At Home. Decatur At Home. May IS. 14. 16. 16 May 23. 14. 25. June 21 22 23S 24 Aug. 6. 7. 8. 20 June 2, ze. xi. Aug. 9. 10. 113. May 23. 24. 26. May 13, 14, 15. 16. June 26. 26. 27. Aug. 9. 10, 118. June 21, 22. 238. 24 Aujr. 6, 7. 8 16. May 20. 21. 22. May 17. 18, 1& June 17, 18. 19, 20. Aug. 3. 48. 6. Jne 28 29 30S Jul 1 feating Jerome D. Travers, champion of the Metropolitan olf Association, by 1 up In 88 holes. Break Hammer Throw Record. Princeton. N. J- April 20. Leo J. Totbot. of the Mercersburg. Pa., Academy, whoso home is tn Kansas City, Mo., broke the world-s interscholasnc track record In throwing the twelve-pound ha-mmer here today In the Inter-scholastic track meet. 190 feet 9 Inches. The previous record was 187 feet t Inches, held by Thomas Shevlln, made In 1900. Talbott also broke the inter-scholastic record in twelve-pound shot event with a put of 49 feet 8 Inches, beating J. R. De Witt's record of 43 feet 4 Inches, made -In 1900. . CHANGES IN SENATOR TEAM Joe Burs; la Sold to Marahalltown In Iowa League. Springfield. III.. April 20. Joe Burg, who played third base for Springfield lest year, was tonight released to Mar-shalltown, la. The change moans that Lawrerf e Doyle, last year with Mat-toon, will oe on third for the Senators. Catcher Reardon has been sold to Keokuk, and Pitcher Hatch of Cairo was given his unconditional release. New Ones. Catcher Hopkins of Cleveland and Pitchers RoyBeecher of Toledo and Charles Porter of South McAllister, J. T.. reported to President Kinsella tonight. -V . WILL PILL TOGETHER, Milllkin Means to Take a Brace Against Roae Poly. Millikln Is a long way from being discouraged by Its. showing yesterday and will pull together for the game with Rose Ply Monday. They have another shot at Wesleyan this season and feel confident that the story of yesterday will not be repeated, nor anything like It. The line-up for the game with Rose Poly will be practi cally the same as that yesterday, with the exception that Moeller will be In the box and Smith will go to center field. tjearens did not show up well In the game yesterday and It Is possible that Davis may take his place In right field. The second team organized yesterday and elected Harry Baxter captain and Lyman Smith manager. They have a good bunch of material to pick from and it Is expected that a pretty fast bunch of players will develop. A schedule will be made out immediately and as many games possible played before the season for university ball closes. W. H. Carey Wins. New York, April 20. W. H. Carey In a 7 to 1 shot, easily won the Queen's county handicap, one mile at Aqueduct today, defeating Glorlfler. the Carter handicap winner. Pretension, 10 to 1. second; Good I.uck. 15 to 1. finished third. Glorlfler finished away back. Time, 1:40. GOOD GAME SEE THE SCORE Pltchera' Battle on Milllkin Field Be. tweea W IJla ard Wllkla. As predicted It would be, the game at Milllkin Field Saturday morning between the Freshman class team of the High School and Chester Connors' Junior All Star was a good one. The game early developed Into a pitcher' battle between Phil Wills for the Stars and Roy Wilkin for the school boys. A very pleasing little story is told in the following score High School AB H PO A Wllhlte, c 4 0 2 Wilkin, p Hard. lb...:... Stocks, ss. Gray, 2b Schwab, 3b.... Colby, If. 4 4 3 0 3 S 0 i 0 8 2 1 S Ketch, cf. Brewster, rf 27 2 2 24 AB R H-PO A All Stars-Connors, c Wills, p Grounds.- ss. Young, lb... Davis. 2b... Shaffer, 3b.. Lunn. If . . . . Coakley, cf.. Coover, rf . . . 12 3 1 9 0 2 0 0 0 27 S 8 27 IS 0 Score by Innings: High School 0 0110 0 0 0 02 All Star 10001001 x 1 Struck out By Wills, 14; by Wilkin. 9. Passed balls Connor. 2; Wlllhlte. 2. Base on bails Off Wills, 3; off Wilkin. 2. Double play Brewster to Gray and Gray unassisted. Three base hit Ralph Shaffer. Umpire Churchill. The luxury of a good smoke is appreciated by all men who believe life is worth living, and try to live it in comfort. If you are a lover of the weed, and have not tried cigars, you have much yet to live for. to get acquainted with them at once. In the Big Leagues " YESTERDAY'S HESILTS. The leaders In both the big leagues were winners reeterday.- Both the Sox and Cubs figured In decisive victories. It tookslhe Sox six Innings to get sta-tea. but wnen mey oiu i loose there was nothing t It for St. Louis but to take the medicine. Washington gave Philadelphia. a scare in the fifth Inning when they started the run getting by pushing four men In for scores. The Athletics, however. In the four Innings that followed managed to go them one better and won the game. Detroit was easy for Cleveland and New York had no trouble disposing of Boston. ' At Pittsburg the Cubs were four runs to the good at the end of the eighth inning. The Pirates considered It a hopeless case and agreed to stop the game rather than continue In the bitter cold. New York piled up a total of thirteen against Boston's two, and St. Louis made It three straight from Cincinnati. Philadelphia was lucky In beating Brooklyn when they were out-hit more than two to one. Errors did the business. Natloaal League. Club Standing. P. W. U Pet. Chicago 6 4 1 00 New York 7 6 2 ."IS Philadelphia .: 4 2 .66 Cincinnati 3 3 .500 Boston 7 8 4 .4 2s St. Ixuls 7 3 4 .4211 Pittsburg 4 1 3 .250 Brooklyn 6 1 ft .167 C.amea Yeatrrday. Chicago 6. Pittsburg I. Brooklyn 0. Philadelphia 2. Boston 2, New York 13. St. Louis 2. Cincinnati 1. Camea Today. Pittsburg at St. Louis. Chicago at Cincinnati. American Leagne. Club Standing. P. W. U Pet. Chicago 8 ( 2 .750 New York 6 4 2 .666 Cleveland . 4 2 .666 Philadelphia 7 4 3 .571 Boston 7- 3 .4 .428 Detroit 7 . 8 4 .428 Washington 2-4 .333 St. Louis 7 1 6 .143 Gamea Yraterday. Chicago 7. Bt. Louis 1. Philadelphia 6,' Washington 5. Cleveland 4, Detroit 1. New York 8, Boston 1. Games Today. St. Louis at Chicago. SCORES YESTERDAY,' National League. At Boston R. II. K. Boston 0 2000000 0 2 ft 3 New York 40134001 0 13 14 1 Batteries Young. Pfeffer. Boultes and Orndorf; McGinnlty and Bresna-han. .At St. Louis R. H. E. St. Louis ...0 0002000 02 0 Cincinnati ..0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01 t 0 Batteries Karger and Noonan; Mason and McLean. At Pittsburg R. H. E. Pittsburg ....0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 6 6 Chicago 0 102000 26 8 0 (Called In the eighth by agreement.) Batteries Leever and Gibson; Lund-gren and Kling. At Brooklyn R. II. B. Brooklyn ...0 0000000 0 0 7 8 Phlladel'a. 02000000 02 3 1 Batteries Rucker and Butler; Lush and Jacklltsch. American I.eaaoe. At Chicago R, 1L E. Chicago 0 0000430 07 8 2 6t. iui ...1 0000000 01 3 2 Batteries Owen and Sullivan; Petty and Buelow. At Philadelphia Phlladel'a.. 0 0 0 0 2 Washington 0 0 0 0 4 Batteries Bender. Blankenship. Hayden. At Cleveland Cleveland ..0 0 0 0 4 Detroit .....0 0 0 0 0 Batteries Joss and Eubank and Schmidt. R. H. E. 2 11 x 8 2 0 0 0 1 6 10 3 Screck. Kitson, R. It. E 0 0 0 04 7 3 0 10 01 1 0 Clark; Wlllett At New York R. H. E. New York ..2 0 0 1 0 0 5 0 x 8 11 3 Boston 0 0000900 11 ft ft Batteries Worth and Thomas; Dineen and Criger. COLLEGE BASEBALL. At Syracuse Syracuse (, Princeton 3 At Chicago Illinois 10. Chicago 0. At New Haven Yale 7. Amherst 3. - At Madison Wisconsin 1, Northwest ern 3. At West Point Harvard 10, West Point 4. Antrlrai Association. Columbus 4, Milwaukee 3. Toledo 6. St. Paul 7. Indianapolis 4. Minneapolis 3. Louisville 7. Kansas City 6. After Dinner DUAL ATHLETIC MEET GOi TO TUSCOLA Decatur High School Has Varied Reasons for the -Result. The dual athletic meet between fli Decatur High School and the Tuscola High School resulted in defeat for the Decatur boys, the final score in points being "9 to 60 in favor of Tuscola. There was a large crowd present, most of Tuscola turning out for the meet and a great deal of enthusiasm wa uis- played. The meets heretofore have- always been held at the Greggdale park, but that has now been closed to ail forms of athletics and the boy had to be satisfied with holding the meet in the school yard. A track was made there a few days before the meet with eight laps to the mile,- and being toft was harl on the runners. The 100-yard straightaway was also much "on the bum." About five yards from the fin ish there was a stump In the track around which one of the Decatur boys had to run before finishing, placing him at a disadvantage. The best all-around man for Tus cola was Stevenson, who got eighteen out of the seventy points. The bet men for Decatur were Holmes. Miller and Snyder, each getting one first. The-- Decatur boys in a way lay their defeat to the fact that their weight men were out of condition and that they had no-, running broad jumper. These things they will endeavor to remedy before -the Cadets' tournament- Eleven athletes went from the De catur High School, together with a. number of rooters. Coach Mead went to see that the boys got along all right and had fair treatment. The boys had expected to do some thing in the relay, but Tuscola walked clear away from them. The Summary. The following is a summary of the meet: 50-Tard Dash Holmes. Decatur- first; Stevenson, Tuscola, second; Hall,. . Decatur, third. Time. 5 4-5 seconds. 100-Y'ard Dash Stevenson. Tuscola first; Shirk. Tuscola, Second; Hall, Decatur, third. Time. 10 3-5 seconds. 220-Yard Dash Stevenson. Tuscola. first; Trultt. Tuscola, second; Hall. Decatur, third. Time, 2C 3-5 seconds. 440-Yard Dash Trultt. Tuscola- first; Hall. Decatur, second: Fisher- Decatur, third. Time, 59 4-6 seconds. 1-Mile Run Huffman. Tuscola, first: Byrne. Decatur, second; Smith. Tusco la, third. Time, 2 minutes 80 seconds. 1-Mile Run Miller. Decatur, first: Byrne, Decatur, second: Rennen. Tus cola, third. Time, 6 minutes 43 sec onds. Pole Vault Rice. Tuscola: first: Padgett. Decatur, second; Bering, De catur, third. Height. 8 feet 7 inches- Standing Broad Jump Snyder. De catur. first: Harbour. Decatur, second: Shirk. Tuscola, third. Distance. 9 feet 6i Inches. Running Broad Jump Stevenson. Tuscola, first; Armstrong. Tuscola. second; Allen, Decatur, third. Dis tance. 18 feet 4 inches. Discus Throw Parker. Tuscola. first; Snyder, Decatur, second; Bower, Decatur, third. Distance, 96 feet II inches. Hammer Throw Shirk. Tuscola, first; Parker, Tuscola, second: Snvder. Decatur, third. Distance, 104 feet 10 inches. Relay Race Tuscola, Stevenson Trultt. Shirk. Moore; Decatur. Byrne. iioimes, r inner. Hall, won by Tus cola. Dubuque's Sick List. Catcher John Hannah, released t' Decatur to Dubuque early last sDrinir is In the hospital suffering from ton- silitls. Shortstop Hadley and Third Baseman White, who accompanied t he-team to Jacksonville last week, were sent home suffering from an attack of grip. The Dubuque papers say that nearly all the players are in poor condition. Donnelly Gets Wolfs. Wolfe, the former Dubuque catcher,, noted for his home run propensities, hrs signed a Peoria contract. Whaf w!th Simon and Thlery. it would appear that Donnelly is somewhat doubtful as to the ability of his catching department. YVrsterm Leagae. Des Moines 3, Denver z. (11 lnaings 6ioux City 4. Omaha 17. Lincoln 2. Pueblo 4. Don't fail May 1. 2. 5S. 6. July 9. 10. 11. Sept. 13. 14. 15S. July 6. 7S, 8 Aug. 12. 13, 14. -I't. 7. tS. 9. Mv is 14 IK 16 Muv 23. 24. 25. I May 17. Is. 19a. May 20. 21. 22. Mav 31. June 1. 2S Rk Isl'nd Mny 3. 4. JS 6. July 9. 10. 11. S-Pt. 13. 14. 15S May 7. 8. 9. 10. July . 7W. 8. Sept. 7. SS. 9. FOB Juna 25. 26. 27. June 21. 22. 238,24 June 17. 18. 18. 20. Jne 28 29 SOS Jul 1 HARRY SCHNEIDER July 4. 4. 5. Aug. 27. 28. 29. 30 Aug. 9. 10. 1 IK. I Aug. 6. 7. 8. Aug. 3. 48. 8. Aug. 1Z. 13. 14. I una 6. 7. e -9" May - May 3. 4. 63. July 4. 4. 6. Sept. 3. 4. 5. 6. May 6. 7. 8. July 6. 7S. 8. May 6. 7. 8. June 10, 11. 12. July 22. 23, 24. 25 Aug. 183. 19. 20. Peoria. June 3. 4, 5. 7 nno 13. 14. 15. lnlv 30. 31. Aug. 1 THE July 12. IS. 143. July 6. 78. 8. July IS. 19. 10. 21S July 26, 27. 288. 29, Aug. 21. 22. -23. Aug. 27. 28. Zi. 3ep. Aug. 15. 16, 17. Aug. 24. il&a. z. May 3. 4. sa 6. 6. 6. June 10. 11. 12-July 22. 23. 24. 25. May 26S. 27. 28. 29, Bl'm' June 13. 14. 15. Juna 3. 4. 5. June 6, 7, o. so. July 30, 31. Aug. 1 Aug. 21. 22. 23. Julv 9. 10. II. BEST July 4. 4, MAKER 756 EAST ELDORADO ngt'n. July 2, 27. 288. 29 July 18. 19. 20. 21Si Aug. 30. 31. Sep IS Sept. 12. 13. 14. 15S SepW 3. 4. Aug. IBS. . Aug. 24. 25S, 2. Aug. IS. IB. I., no 13. 14. 15. May 30, 30, 31. May l,2.June 1.28 July 15, 16. 17. , May 263,27.28.29. July 12. IS, 14a SPORTING Juno 6, 7. 8. 98. July 30. 31. Aug. 1 Springfid. June 10, 11. 12. July 18. 19. 20. ZIb June 16S.July 2.3 July 22. 23. 24. 25. Aug. 18S. 19. 20. July 26. 27. 28S, 29 Sept 7. 8S. 9. Aug. 27. 18. Z9. Aug. H. 1. " Sept. 2. 2. 10. 11- ug. Zl. zz. is- Aug. Z4. Jon, t Mav 30. 30. 31. I May 9. 10. 11 iHi 288.29; rau-rrit. June 16S. July 2.3 July . 10. 11. NEWS Iecatu June S. 7, 8. 9S. June 10. 11. 12 ,.n 13. 14. 15. uly 18. 19. 20. 21SJ July 30, 31, Au July 22. 23. 24. 25iJi AUK. 24. 258. 26. laeel. . la. . Sept Z. Z, 10. 11. Aug.30,Il,beptia Au. 2L 22 lib. 19. ZU-ia.i U. Is. SoJJ

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