The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1897
Page 5
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ME UPPISH DE8 MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, Jj8?. OURTRAD During the week of the fair WAS SATISFACTORY. and we sold lots of goods, but we still have more in stock and on the way, and we are giving bargains that will make your eyes bung out, No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. ^^+^^-*s**~r*~r*->-<-r*s~~r**>-^>^^ CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WB8T. No. 1 departs at S ! 9S aln No. 3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 93 departs at "... 12:15 pm No.71 departs at 2 : ™ pm No. 05 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at -~ • No. 4 departs at 0:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at «>"- *• — No.04 departs at 3:30pm R. F. HKDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO 4 NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:05 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed 11:50 am Mixed 7:54pm Mixed ... Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., m., and 1:30 a. m. 1 F. H. VESPBB, Agent. Freight 11:59 am Pass 2:41 pm 10:28 p m 0:15 p. THE LOCAL FIELD. The boys had a most enjoyable time. Emmetsburg Is built that way. Durdalt's store Is soon to be resplendent with the new gasolene lights. He Bets his plant from a Detroit house atid will have 12 Wellsbach burners. The new light will soon, we predict, be used in many business houses and homes. The Women's Relief Corps of the eleventh district representing 22 corps will open a three days' aessionjit Memorial hall, Friday. Mrs. Geo. W. McLellan of Denlson and other prominent officials will be present. Meetings three times a day, and excellent programs are arranged. The remains of Laura Boals were brought from Des Molnes Monday afternoon, and with a short service at the grave were burled here. Mrs. Boals, who lived south of Hobart some years ago, moved to Des Moines. Her daughter was about 28 years of age and died of quick consumption. Barney Dunlap had a misunderstanding with the editor of the Ledyard Leader last week over an item that was printed, and resorted to a physical evening-up. Mr. Clark, the editor, had htm brought to Algona, where he pleaded guilty of assault and battery and was fined by 'Squire Clarke $15 and costs. The supreme court has reversed the onvlctlon of Wlltsey of Webster City, who was sent from Algona for adultery. ?hey hold that theevldence wasnotsuf- Iclent to prove the case. Wlltsey has >een out on bonds ponding the final decision, and has been married to Mrs. Shadle. They are living in the south mrt of the state. Geo. E. Clarke was in Des Molnes ast week to take part In an argument n the L. J. Bice suit against Callahan and Savery for some $200,000. A demurrer to the whole petition was presented. This case Is being bitterly contested. It springs out of the settlement of the affairs of the American Emigrant company. A butter shipping house that has been sending Kosouth buttei'to Europe offered some prizes for the best for six weeks. The Bancroft Register publishes the award as made by the house. Burt and Bancroft are a tie at 95 5-6. German Valley stood at 95J, Lone Rock 954, Penton 95, Irylngton 94i, and Lu- Verne94. All butter scoring 93 01 over is extra. The city council would do a commendable thing If it would figure on an electric light plant big enough to give the city a dozen arc street lights, and private business houses as many arc lights as they want, which might be a dozen more. It would cost but little and would be all the electric light the town needs. Other lights are cheaper for residences. Clothing Sale. Hats, Caps, Gloves Mitts, Ties, Pants, * Suits, coats, Fur Coats, All of well dressed people will tell you there's no "style" without the right fit; ••"--- no "ser- ii a Big vice" without the right textures; no "satis- nit;- _ . _ ... *_. • ••_ M.J M. fc^7 faction" without the right workmanship. Our clothing combines all these essentials on a large pleasant scale, and an Individual _ . . • • m * __ • _A • M. 1^ *.—. Guarantee Ticket to back make It up. It's this For the next three weeks I will sell steel ranges at Prices that will Astonish You. 4 Please call and get prices. Everybody drives a Wigwam buggy. The Gilbert comic opera comes tomorrow evening. The mercury was down to 30 above yesterday morning. The caps of the mill bridge are rotten and are being repaired. W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. A. P. Hall Oct. 20, next Monday. Rev. Prank Day's family are here and about located in the parsonage. Pearl Pugh carries one finger in a sling. A piece of plate glass fell on it Two cars of potatoes were shipped They brought 40 cents potatoes were shipped They brought 40 cents Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground teed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also out yesterday, a hushel. Two cars of out yesterday. a bushel. Everybody should hear Shaw Saturday afternoon and the jubilee singers in the evening. The stringers are here for the new Blackford bridge. Work will begin as soon as the iron arrives. Rod. Jain was in yesterday. He says it is moist enough up in Portland to make good fall ploughing. The new law compels the agricultural society to publish the premium awards at the county fair. Big loads of potatoes are in town every day. The farmer with potatoes don't want a cheap dollar. E C; Tuttle vacates the hotel at the Northwestern depot on Nov. 1, and a Mrs. Ryan of Whittemore will occupy it. Goeders is making a big October clothing and cloak sale. His store is jammed full of goods, and Goeders always has the best. Messrs. Porberg and Woods of the Milwaukee construction force were out yesterday to see about letting the sewer under the railway track. Word comes from Redwood City, Gal., that Clark Rice, oldest son of Daniel Rice of Plum Creek, is the proud father of a bouncing boy. Mrs L. J. Rice has been having a very serious sick spell the past week, caused by a hemmorhage of the lungs. She is now on the highroad to recovery. Mrs. John Reed on leaving for Des Moines was presented with an elegant engraved pin by the ladles of the Woman's Relief corps, of which she was president. The arrangement of terms of court The big art exhibition at the court house Oct. 28-29 is going to be one of the real events of the season. Paintings by Mr. Cumming, and Mrs. Shore, and water colors by Mr. Chambers of Des Moines, together with some of Will Purvis' best work from Chicago, and additions from the Algona collections of Josie Pettibone, Ellen Durant and other artists will line the walls, while hundreds of fine kodak views will abound. J. W. Hinchon's little daughter, the baby of the family, a blue eyed girl of ten years, has been gradually failing for some time, diabetes being the cause. He has done everything possible for her, and last week took her to Davenport for treatment. Yesterday morning he brought home in a dying condition. He is prostrated by his affliction. Mrs. Aaron Rutherford has been helping in the postofflce in his absence. The little girl died this morning. « Shirts, iTrunks We invite the public to call while our great clothingsale isi on, get prices, see the styles, good honest-made clothing. No shoddy goods in the store. count During This Month. -JNO. GOEDERS. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. City she last saw him and who now has children, the oldest also with a lunmy. GIRL wanted for general housework. Apply to Mrs. Thos. P. Cooke. POR sale, residence property, well located. Inquire of P. H. Vesper.-30t4 ORDER your stove repairs now at Doxsee's hardware. Repairs for any stove made.-30t2 Two hundred men's 'and boys' caps at 25 cents; worth 40 and 50 cents at Goeders'.-29t2. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. I HAVE a few second-hand round oak heaters for sale cheap. 30t2 C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. WE don't carry filled, plated nor ten- cent rings; but we have the finest line of solid gold rings at lowest prices. 20 E. G. BOWYER. Geo. L. Galbraith was at Webster Saturday. Miss Cornelia Ingham returned from Chicago Monday. Guy Taylor is over at Mitchell, S. D., at a big tournament. Mrs. J. W. Doxsee of Montlcello visited in Algona last Friday. Mrs. Maud Schlelcher Is over from Gar ner for a visit at the Jas. Cowan home. Mrs. M. J. McMurtry of -Richland Center, Wis.. is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Glasier. Dr. Morse was in Des Moines last week to see his sister, who is very low with consumption. Mrs. J. W. Robinson is at Cedar Falls with her daughters for a four weeks' visit, Mr. Robinson will go later. Mrs Rev. Kennedy visited at Gardner Cowles'one day last week while on her way to her new home in Webster City. Miss Jessamine Jones returned from Chicago Saturday and is again in her school work. Adair Leonard came with her ana will visit in Algona. A. A. Brunson, P. L. Slagle, J. R. Laird, and others went up to Bancroft Saturday evening for the bean supper. They say they had a splendid time. Miss Keith, a former Algona teacher, is now a Chicago doctor and superintendent of one of the leading hospitals. Her success has been very marked. Howard Robinson returned to Algona esterday with his family and will soon be at home in the S. C. Spear house. He will join his father in the hardware store. Mrs. A. C. Johns has gone to Minneapolis again for a short time. She and Mr. Johns returned some two weeks ago from a long visiUhere and in Wisconsin. While gone she met a brother who was unmarried when J R. Jones' guests depart today fdr their homo in Gault, Canada. They are his mother and two sisters, Mrs. Jesse Jones, Mrs. Wm. McKenzie, and Mrs. Dr. Cameron. Henry and Horace Goddard are back from Dakota, where they went on a threshing expedition. The outfit they were with and two others burned in one big fire. Thev encountered snow at Sioux Falls bat- urday. Their cousins, Paul and Chas. Krumm, who were with them, went on to Ft. Atkinson yesterday. Mrs. Martha Lucas of York, Maine, has been visiting her father, Addison Fisher. She has never been west before ana had not seen some of her brothers and sisters for 42 years. She was taken by her grandparents when a baby on account of her mother's ill health. Mr. Fisher has been east often, but this is her first western trip. SPECIE SALE OF Ladies,' Misses' and Children's G M. JOHNSON is headquarters for Birdsell, Moline, and Mllburn wagons, One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. v e E. G. BOWYER, THE excellent crops this year have given an impetus to farming that bus not been experienced for some time. Central Minnesota has felt the effects as much or more than any other section of the northwest, and hundreds of farmers have taken advantage of the opportunity to secure some of the low- priced but splendid lands being offered for sale by the Northern Pacific Railway company. See advertisement in another column, — 28U3 THE Delineator for October is now ready, price 15c; also the Glass of Fashion, price 6c. For sale by GEO. L, GALBRAITH & Co. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 0 J DINGLEY & PUGH. Oct. 22, 1897, of all kinds and grades. Goods delivered to any part of the cny. 11. C, & N. W- Elevator. x no HI i «* i *& oL *^ w " w —— T j for the coming two years by Judges Quarton and Thomas is published this week. Also the governor's election proclamation, A M Coan is soon to have a fine new furniture stock in the former McGregor store He'and his brother are experts at cabinet work and will make a specialty of first-class repairing. The Degree of Honor of Algona lodge A O U W. will hold an open meeting ori Tuesday evening, Oct. 19, .at 8:30. Everybody is cordially invited. Light refreshments will be served. Wm G. Clarke, brother of the Algona, lawvers, was the attorney who won a AoO verdict for libel against the Dot Moines News for his client- Mr. Clarke is winning some big cases. The ChrlscbiUes & Herbetcloak sale, Oct. 22, will be anevent that will attract the ladies. Thsflrm will have the finest line they have ever brought to Algona, AU who wast cloaks see this fine display $40 Per Moijith Salary. A few energetic ladies and gentlemen wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, 18m3 FRED LAX, Colo, Iowa. A FEW second-hand cook stoves, all In the best of repair, for sale at bargain prices. C. M. DoxSEB, Hardware. Farms JTor Sale. Two improved farms 4i miles west oi Algona, 160 acres in each, cheap, time to suit purchaser. for sale Call on Any Stove Will Heat L/iJGtvisi v****»^ «« —-- i ~ tun.* C. J. Doxsee, Algona Iowa.-17tf. PINE new line of dress trimmings all the newest things, just received. Goo. L. GALBRAITH & Co. DON'T send your suits away to be dyed and pay $3 for it, when with 3 to 60 cents worth of Putnam Fadeless dves and an hour's work you can do it just as well. No experience necessary. Just boll the goods with the dye and they are made new again. Solo by &. & p, drug store. f MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgagee. Mpney—On short time. Money--At loweet rates, Money-Geo. 0. Call, Algpna, Iowa, f you keep putting in enough fuel. Then with the ordinary soft coal heater you are either too hot or too cold unless you sit by and spend the most of your time in regulating dampers. On this plan of heating your house your fuel bill is too great an expense—too much heat material going up your chimney. These objections are overcome m the 'W AT Chrischilles & Herbst's. Cole's Hot Blast Air Tight Heaters. They convert into heat the gas that is wasted in the AIRTIGHT holding fire all night with corn cobs, u^v...... „_.,.„.- -- „„, ^fe^ffiASK^r^ttMSWSP«a 'SSSwp^cfra^ $r°°rv^E jM^^^^KKSs^swr«si%Vff^ ^tbis^^wwift? 1 "' JBM ""* 7 We have made arrangements with the largest cloafchouse in . ;>','/ ,«•(•. viv^Ji '.Wi America to gwft-jJHP »ft j&peguM sale on Oct^Jrinei assortment will ;£virpa'ss any it jy lias been shown in , ^Igona^ The >>j'' .i irices guaranteed to be lower [n ••V 1/<{ O, M. DQXSB WE have just received, some beav ful new pattern l« ingrain carpets Company P sept J6 ^embers to norata

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