Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 7
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l*v NOVEMBER 28. 1937. ; cem ent was made In last rncr Leader & Signal, the Garner Herald, that '[ark had sold the Herald Leader •& Sig- ;hcr. Mr. Williams bought [the business, but also the 'it & Clark firm consist- It Clark and his son, ; , Clark. The latter was ftccive on the Herald at ut for the last year and a iecn in charge of the Banister, which was purchas- widow of the late R. Mr. Clark retains fn'of the Herald lot and TwMch is now for rent. He 6 S a home at Garner. He ilnue to live at Garner for nite time. He has not yet future activity, ark was an Algona and irg printer prior to Jan- 08, when he became asso- h'\V. C. Dewel in publi- the Advance. Mr. Dewel for Clark's interest in 1917, Clark then became pub- the Garner Signal. The RESORTS TO RUSE TO ESCAPE FIFTY SUSPICIOUS HOGS Irvlngton, Nov. 22—Heroic Davis wont hunting Friday and had nn unusual experience—a near-aUncIt by n herd of hogs. He was going through a pasture and hud almost reached to the lings before ho noticed tlielr antagonistic attitude. Far from a fence, he felt that if lie turn. ed to run tlio hogs would take after him and run him down; HO he tried a hit of threatening on ills own no count, meanwhile slowly backing away till lie readied a fence and escaped. It is believed that the hogs must have been Hindu belligerent by dogs or wolves. There appeared to bo <10 or CO in the herd. ews HIGH. I'. K. Kent wnnt to Dns Ihursday on n business trip rein mod Friday. ' Mrs. Ann was a Ruest at the Williams home -lasl wuok, spent Sunday with the i". H. Bamlys at Britt. Moines Mr. mid Mrs. H. D. Ilutchins ---' land, West Bend. She will return] last week Tuesday for Long Beach, to West Bend Wednesday evening | (tomorrow) for Thanksgiving. Vernon Kohllinns and a friend, Bob Mulling, whose home Is at Pine Bluff, Ark., spent last week Sunday with Vernon's parents, Representative and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas. Both boys attend the university of Iowa. The Kcv, and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman will leave Wednesday (tomorrow) for St. Paul,' where they will spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Muh- 'I'll*' K*-v. M. A. S "Pent. Friday win, and Mr:;. I'lillip Srlieniel •., .. , ---••"••imi.VjiiiiioU.llU Jlo the halter's mother, Mrs. Ida Mink- -ler, will spend Thanksgiving at Ce- spend dnr Rapids with Mrs. Ilutchins' sis- Iem an's brother, Dr. Geo, W. Muh- Kislor, Mrs.. 101 '' Mrs. W. II. Bailey. ' leman, professor at Hamline university. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Amesbury en- f'lmrlcs Stevenson, student at ."ho.nol. Alton,' Iho Un.vors.ty' of" M lnn «oS wH , «': and Mi* W P. Anieslmry en- is Parents, Mr. arrive Wednesday to spend the tcrtalned at Sunday dinner, and - ' Thanksgiving holidays with his guests Were Mrs> Am e«bury's par... .. . ' " """««'•*» wiia nis - n L<, TL/T, „_,, •..•„„ t..•^,„ T>I«I, m. ''lid ThfinkKKiviug with her A.rs. Coiner. Mahoncy. Mr. mid Mrs. Fr n( ] |>,>or:h sncnd Thanksgiving with f oofliVi motlinr ,., t Livcrmorn. Mrs. (f.., ir( ;,. H. |.'r,.,. will spend lh(! Ihiinksgiving holiday <U her son George Free'K at Garner. , The Hoy. und Mrs. R. A. Bur- irows, Sioux City, will come tomor- will row (Wednesday) to spend Thanks- Mr, .giving with Mrs. Burrows' parents, | Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wright. A. J. Keen was sufficiently im- last w«* to be Car Sales in Drop as Winter Arrives >r _ r . „ „„ - -- -• taken home from the Kossuth hos- .11 is. (.iorg(. Ilioriiion, .Teffer- Dital. He is still abed, and a prac- ........ W " s 5!. llltlrsr 'jiy KiiePl: of her tlcal nurse Is caring for him. •Tnnc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. es Brown, f en tonsils c D. hospital. Mrs. C,. n. Colburn. Mr. mid Mrs. i'au] Ruhr, ol Molnris, wnr(! Thursday gunsls of Mr. mi ,i Mrs . C!oo ents, Mr. and Mrs, John Pink, Ti- tpnka, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sanders, Sexton, and Mr. and Mrs. L, A. Bo- lenetis, Wesley, son Robert. T)r. and Mrs. G. D. Walrath, their small daughter Jeanne, . Marilyn Calif., where they will spend the winter months. They were to stop at Salem and Portland, Ore., en- route and will be at Long Beach in about three weeks. They have spent several winters on the Coast. Mr. n.nd Mrs. Merle Webster and their son Richard will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Mr. Webster's grandmother, a Mrs. Bungardner, at Slbley, and with other relatives at Sioux Falls, S. D. They will return Monday. Mr. Webster is in the employ of Bert Deal. The W. J. IJonrnes left Saturday for Tucson, Ariz., where they will spend the winter. Mr. Bourne's health has improved this summer, and he hopes to feel a good deal better this v in ter then he folt a year ago. For the last two or three years he has been troubled wil.li asthma. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. B. McCall, Kenosha, Wis., who were guests of Dr. Norman, and Mr. and Mrs. nn'b- !and Mrs ' c - c - Shierk last week ert Stewart will be Thanksgiving Sunday, returned Saturday from New York. Chicago, and St. Louis, Mr. Misbaci was pleased with the spring line; he says pr tations, wil in men's clothing, and cos, contrary to expec- be lower. Senator tnd Mrs. L. J. Dickinson and Hunter, returned from Des Molne« Wednesday since the Monday before with the son, Call D e.s. Senator Vernon to heir grandson, Lynn having visited there ckinson, daughter Ruth Dickinson-Hunter, who is taking a business course, and other relativ- Dickinson went to Mt. ittend a meeting of the Cornell college board of trustees, of which hji has long been a member. Pr. nnd Mrs. M. C. Keith, Casper, Wyo., arrived Monday morning for h Mrs. Keith's brother, the day wi W. C. Dew< 1, and sister, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe. Tiey were en route home from Chicago, where they had visited a son, and where Doctor Keith meeting of medical of- attended a dinner guesets of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Omaha, where they visited other j tors of the Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ste- relatives. They will leave for home ficials. Dtctor Keith is secretary of the Wyoming association of doc- wart are parents of George. Monday. Mrs. McCall is Mrs. Wai rath. Williard /i-inlrr left Friday for T)r. and Mrs. R. M. Wallace and Shierk's mother. Marie Grover, Burt, left Sunday for Mrs - Elir l J'raiil will leave Wed- China, Tex., where they will spend nesday for her home at Ottumwa, the Thanksgiving holidays with after two weeks here with her par- Jane is a fourth grade Doctor Wallace - s brother. Miss Gro- enta, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp. She ver is a sister of Mrs. Wallace. win st °P at Des Moines for her sis- student at the Bryant school. Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Aulman, Des Only thirty-four have been sold in month. In the 1 purchasers have boon: Chovrolets—W. B. Williams, Algona; Edwin Marion Paulson, of Minneapolis, where lie attended thelMoines, and their daughter will • new automobiles ' "' P ,' i ' lh .' K nf il frioni1 ' Krir - Amloraon, come tomorrov/ (Wedne^day^ to i the county lliis . T ,'', 'n.',,,. , v n K1)pllrl Thank^-iv'ng with Mrs. Aula.= f two woeit;' • , ' ', UI " K Pp °l |lo '« K "~ " lillls mother, Mrs. Ella Laird. ,eoir " ' '''!' y w huvp rh!l ' - Ke of the ser- County Siipf. and Mrs. William They will all return Sunday. ter Luella, who is attending the Sunday visitors at E. N. Taylor's Thompson's Beauty school there, were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greer, a " d Luella will spend Thanksgiv- Blue Earth, and Mrs. Edw Johnson '"K with her. and Mrs. Ella Patterson, both of! Mrs ' / c« I{|1SS > Strahan, left Fri- Curlew sister and mother of Mrs day, having visited her daughter, Sunday Shirley; will spend Thanksgiving at T ayi^Vespe*tively Mrs Greer is Mrs. Walter Roberts, since last |os sold to Mr. Williams in Wesley; J. E. Foley, Henry C. K \ v ^i I Mr Clark kept the plant Schick, Morris Daley, forwilh; ri|v la time published a paper i William Schadondorf, Lakola; Goo. T urw IspringB In 1931 he re-1 Wolfe, Ben Kunkel, Lu Verne; Garner and established. Harold E. Gartner, 0. Michaolson, llcl Garner is the Hancock' Harold Miller, Titonka; and " " Mre M ' Inunty seat, but has only :00 population. jfark, the former Mamie lian M. George H. Broen Lloyd Bancroft. Iowa City with their son, Dr. Hale Horde wont to her Shirley, who is in the psychopath- M. Clausen's. Mason ic department of the hospital there. ty, for a brief visit, last week Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Uasmusson lf jsday. will go to the Twin Cities for the Mr. mill Mrs. Stanley Johnson Thanksgiving holidays Wednesday •rn supsls n! a turkey dinner evening. Mr. Rasmusson is music •i.v tit Melvin Warren's, Esth- instructor at the local high school. Mr. and Mrs. William Dehnort, crvillo. 1 M K(!nnoUl Kmlfson and and Lestcr was a well known and • Plymouth; and the Rev. 0. I. Knut^on's mother lAlgona girl 30-odd years Frerking, I^wkota, a Nash; and II. riwiink Osa-'p ' ' «!>'".'1 ThanksKivInK with Mrs. were Sunday dinner guests of the ipaper Mention lls Van Auken, r ormer Algonian , oldtimers who read Man- ditor W. Earl Hall's Eye M. Knecht, Whittcmore, an International truck. Mrs. Florence Edw. I-Tauptmans, Corwith. Mrs. TTauptman is a niece of Mrs. Will- nnd Mrs. n. M. Smith will son. also a sister of Mrs. Taylor. iwee.k Monday. This week Satur- Mrs. H. D. Hutchlns Library Trustees snoml Thanksgiving day with Mr. diaries llaylor, Anita, came last ents Mr and Mr g C ' E Sjostrand. [Smith's parniits, Mr. und Mrs. W. week Tuesday for a visit with his! ^ nn( ] jj rs -^ j.j Horn daugh- " c '"' !11 " "'-'•'" ' Mrs. Frank Oslrnm will go to day Mr. and Mrs. Roberts will go to Lyle, Minn., Wednesday to get her Mankato for the week-end with Dr. son Edward, who will be here for and Mrs. George Penn. The Mes- the Thanksgiving holidays. Ed- dames Penn and Roberts were col- ward was transferred to the Bots- l e Ee roommates. ford lumberyard at Lyle last fall, ! Mr - ""d Mrs. and he has not been at home since, went to Omaha Saturday, and Mr. The Kev. and Mrs. M. A. S.los- Hutchins attended a national farm trand will leave Thursday morning, loan meeting there. . He attended "fter Thanksgiving services at a Nebraska-Iowa football game the Bancroft, for St. Peter Minn. .where same afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hut- they will sn&nd the Thanksgiving chins returned via Des Moines, holidays with Mr. Sjostrand's par-, where they spent Sunday with rel- regular school. He and were schoolmates at Goldfield, and he was a guest of the tfr. Dewel BUY B. & L. Stocks *^**j, «-"• "•*• •-" '-"•"'-^ S Jn. Smith. Waslitii. anil M Sunday for ing late Thursdnv afternoon, S or purchase. The library now eon- -, illl UL L11U J1MIU Jill Illmrl. n it last Wednesday men-| t d ,,, H 1. M. Van Auken, who had Ito thank someone in Globe- Icmploy for a copy of that Decent Banner Year edition. S Auken is a chamber of fee secretarial careerist, fepnears that he is now at f Kans., presumably as sec- pf a chamber of commerce If memory is not at fault McMahon, president, presidinu;, and rimrles Cilv with tlie " illc «"ber« wero in at- M .,. Alta Stiien. uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Sam ter Mary Joan Mvs> Margaret Dil•s. Andy Anderson left Baylor. He remained here to work lnn ftnd the latter . s daughter Dor- Knnsas^ City, where for Mike Loss, farmer south of Al- l otnV| all of Newton, will be Thanks... ... n [riving dinner guests of the W. G. MfCulloughs. Mesdames Horn and Dil'on are sisters of Mrs. McCullough. M>% and Mrs. Edw. Sheehan went llhpy arr. snending tho Thanksgiv- gona. The library board met in Mm ns-jjm r holidays. Mary Louise Gilmore, daughter sembly room of the library build- M'-s. I,. M. I'nltor roluriu-d Wed- of Banker and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, v from a two weeks visit at will como home Wednesday to Chrlschilles. her daughter, spend Thanksgiving day. She is a f"p°hman student at the Ames col- of new hooks was approved Minn., visited Siviiiison, Elbow Lake, lege. to Maxwell Wednesday to visit Mr. Post. atives and friends. Virginia Morck, who is a freshman student at the Minnesota university, will come tomorrow (Wednesday) for the Thanksglvirux holidays. Bob Post, who is n student at •the Northern Illinois college of op- tnmetry, Chicago, will also arrive Wednesday, for the holidays with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sheehan's father, then to Des a week ago Sunday Dr. and Mrs. Harry McCorkle, Moines Thursday on a business its MT jiml Mrs P with thnir nhilHrpn nrA nlnnninEr ' ^. ? ^_. _- j e 4-1 A« TVT^ ^ rt « tains between 10,000 and 12.000 TI T'nmmcrening. tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. with their children, are planning to spend Thanksgiving day with volumes. The library owns $2,000 I'loiinor Joan Edge, Mitchell, S. the V. E. Youngs, Mason City. Mosin Federal Farm Loan bonds which n. came Sunday for the week with dames Young and McCorkle are have been called for payment, and i.?i pf ,iinr Thornc and other former sisters. it was decided to put the money in- .-eboolniat.es hero. Mary Gisch, primary teacher at mission, and from there to Newton to v'.=it Mrs. Sheehan's brother, R. A. Moss. The Sheehans returned Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoppe, and Kenneth to Algona Federal Building and }iv. lim ] }[rs. S. B. Wilson went Pioneer, will come tomorrow (Wed- JKrmtson attended a Westinphcuso. Loan stock. This $2,000 is part of to Blue Earth a week ago Saturday nosday) to spend the Thanksgiving mee jng and' banquet at Des Momes ... • the Florence Call Cowles $5.000 en- ,, n ;l business trip, ins professional careei : dowmont fllnd| and tho othe r $3,000 owns a farm there. Mr. Wilson fc . . i UVUVIIUJMl. I unit, Ultu Lll^ uunvjl v.»,'(w 1M\M>S U III I III LUt'lU. lil'.T, l_*. Fhat was in war time, ana . g jnvORte( j in American Telegraph tlMil-od T)»Io, daughter of Mrs. farmers. holdiays with her parents, Mr. and| Monday o{ last week . T ] ley a i so Mrs. L. Gisch, Union township sto pped at Ames to visit the Pratt , . . la in v<joii--u ui 111111,1 i vj after the. war he accepted a d Tel hone bonds . i nt Mason City. Where _ Iserved between Mason City p . fink Hf>ar<; I KOtary L.IUD JtiearS P'red Dole, Irvington, started work 1>.| T/. McDonald attended a state i Monday as a clerk in Joe Bloom's farm tenancy committee meeting at bhita is not recalled, i » fles Armstrong leir in an Estate ; Coast to Coast tsore. Fort Dodge Friday and Saturday. , - . i by Members Mr. i Northrup went He was recently stopped daughter Esther, who is a business student Mrs. Cecil McGinnis Wilbur Tloiipo and James Africa, Santa Monica, Calif., arrived Wednesday, and Wilbur \A visiting his mother, Mrs. C. E. Roupe, and Jim is with his aunt and uncle, Mary and James Duryea. Wilbur is a member of the Santa Monica police patrol, and he hadn't been here before for a visit for nine years. Jim is a barber. Dreiinan Mnthes, Ames, started work at the Misbach clothing store Monday and will be employed there TODj HUG Rotary club Monday noon. Mr, niid Mrs. Frank Clark, Garner, stopped here briefly Saturday evening, en route home from a call at their son Harold's at Bancrdft. \ow that Mr. Clark is temporarily out of the newspapers business, he and his wife contemplate spending part of the winter in California, where they have relatives. Their son Bill, who was a star football player when he was in the naval academy, is now headquarters> representative of the General Motors company in the Twin Cities. ... ^••s. Tolm Anderson, Fowler, Got orado, arrived Friday for two weeks here with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Didriksen and other friends. She will also visit friends at Emmetsburg. Mrs. Anderson has been making her home with a daughter, Mrs. Julius Kunz, Wesley, since her husband's death in Colorado. The Andersons farmed near Wesley many rears ago. They lived near Clear Lake for two years, and for the last 20 years had resided in Colorado. Mrs. Anderson plans to be with Mrs. Kunz till spring, when she will return to Colorado. Y, EXTENDED RUN I HERBERT PRICES, 10-36c ERROL FLYNN JOAN BLONDELL THE PERFECT SPECIMEN for the Christmas holidays. He is started the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank working Monday at the Elite shop Mathes, Ames, who are _ former aTl( j w m assist during the holidays, owners of the local State's Cafo. ' Ji'rs. „ to West Union last wi.-ck e:"l to her of the committee by Governor 13"^ 'j s ~ taking the place of Mrs. who now operate a State's Cafe at ! visit Mrs. N.vthi'U.V- 1 parents, Mr. Kraschel. ]Fred Pooch, who will clerk at Haw- Ames. Drennen plans to attend the I Talks were given before the Roland Mrs. Floyd Lane. Irene McDonnell and Frances j cott & Ogg's. Mrs. McGinnis work- college there in the second semes- tary club Monday by IT. M. Hau- ' Wlnw Umigc began work last Duffey spent Sunday at their pa-i e( j at the Elite before her marriage ter. " " ' rock Monday at the Hawcott & -rental homes at Whittemore. Irene fs ; x years ago . ivnrmnro rn«>ttn R fl v<, tint berg, G. S. Buchanan, and County n-eek Monday at the Hawcott te -rental homes at wmtternore. Irene "A™ H!^t^f^nnn Agent Brown. Mr. Hauberg told o« store, and will work during is a beauty operator, and Frances Mrs. E. 0. Slioen, Goldfield, and suit for Agent of changes in wholesale buyiim dis- the Christmas season. is employed in the county treasur- covered on his recent trip to Chi- I'rntt- who is taking a bus- er's office. auto-truck accident was ^'^j u,^,,.^,, ^ a tow iness course at Ames, will spend Mr. and Mrs. G. C,_Yeoman, and dav for Thanksgiving day with Mr. A. L. Rists, the B. A. Thorpes, and last week, had lately been cago, -"' d £ . K Thanksgiving with her parents, daughter Adra, and Mrs. Yeoman's and Mrs . Arnie Horsford. Mrs. Ha- the Dewels. Mrs. Shoen is a great- hat he was an unexpected llll r l - b "i " . ......._..., .,.„ , r .. „„,. AT,., n n nni= Pratt fnthnr F. w. Benkwith. were din- „„„ ,- 0 A,T^ wnmfnrri'fi oistor onri oiint. Mrs. Sill an aunt, of Merle father, F. W. Beckwith, were din- Mr, and Mrs. W. Hagen, Minn- her guest, Mrs. Lula Sill, a niece, eapolis, and their daughters Joan of Minnesota Lake, Minn., spent and Caroline will cdme Wednes- two days here a week ago with the gen is Mr. Hereford's sister, and aunt, Mrs. Sill an aunt, of Merle Thanksgiving Treat. WEDNESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, NOV. 24-27 Matinees Thanksgiving Day, 1, 3:30, 6 p. in. 2 TOP ATTRACTIONS, 21c HOWLING, . HILARIOUS FARCE with an ALL-STAR COMEDY CAST! HOOT GIBSOK "The Tainted Stallion" CUT RATE GROCERY last week Sunday of|ji r< Horsford is employed at the Griggs, son-in-law of Doctor Rist. nain at Livermore. His son not in tne soil Conservation pro. ImnrrlPd. has moved to Liv- srom and many othors plan to food William Bray, Lon- daughter of Mr. and Gamble store here. County Agent A. L. Brown and H. 'D. A., Lucile Pepoon, at- Milton's wife is now CO1 II. >> . ^. 0-UMCI hou.se for her father-in- B ram chairman. ^ |Tho estate in question is .-,.. r% 1 tho one in which an at- tLlmer UOle [advertised in the Advance nonths ago for information the whereabouts of the longs. s, of Portland, loving to Florida Nov. 22—Mrs. Geo. L. spend at the Graham store. She /began Thanksgiving with Mrs. Rae's par- work Monday, and Dolores Elbert ems, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. N. Tayolr. began work at the same store last Di'irsi Long, English teacher in week Monday. tho Tama high school, will spend Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schneph the Thanksgiving holidays with her are spending two weeks at the Ho- narents Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long. tel Algona. Mr. Schneph is an au- Mrs H. H. Yeoman and her son ditor for Swift & Co. His territory n f ronr™ Plhort irii"iEO' David will be home Friday, after includes most of the United States the former George Llbeit yii.i^ ^^ DQdgQ w , th tne an(J parj . Qf Canatla _ quarters on State street i,Iontia>.! i" , nircnts Mr and Mrs. H. 0. lluell, Burt, was an Algona This is owned by the C. E. Heise f"inei s naicnts, .___.. Elmer Dole took possession of Mason Mrs. A. A. Sterling, is new clerk tended an annual outlook cohfer- nce at Ames Thursday, Friday, nd Saturday. All extension work's in the state — county agents, ome demonstration agents, and lub agents—attended. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Goeders left Mr. Dole had been employed for some time at tho Elbert Garage, now located across the street nuu»uu. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Buell Mr mid Mrs. C. H. Williams, son will leave about December 1 for Valeria Pickett, and a guest, their annual 5-months stay at St. Elmer Benson, Manly, will Petersburg, Fla. This will be their 'ho had been at St. Cloud, southwest from the Legion hall, <™*- Th kR , rivins w nh Mr. and seventh winter there, ring for her aged stepfath- but now operates his own repair £ ' LR "" A ust ' Leei| B ritt. "Grandma" Penton is 6 the death of her mother ,and auto storage shop. •• .. jj 00 j,iiui a s, daughter of cing at E. N. Talyor's. is convales- Koohlluias, daughter of cing at E. N. Talyor's. She had nuutative and Mrs. P. J. Kohl- made her home heretofore with her has been confined to her bed so n Arthur, north of Algona. Mrs. nmer, arrived Tuesday to •" husband get ready for a ale. 1 N"wi wGreni S,J 1 !rir V S«S day" 1 'T,^"wm^' ^^^^^ffi, Titonka, was ! ' MrV and Mrs. D. W. Halbrook, of fonie,with the step-father, rura, deliveries —n^a,^- R Friday^st ^M^ A.E. Mich- *^^™™°*&*£l 01. A HJIUU^C TIJTS-V, . i i- -«r_ 3 HT«» Tnrtlr T-Tilf(-»Tl ', arrived Tuesday to —T^ ^T A Hours Renresentative and Mrs. P. J. Koni- made her Home neretorore wun ner shand get ready for ai r . V 1 " ^'V^in nn^nffifp'will Inas has been confined to her bed so n Arthur, north of Algona. Mrs. This week Wednesday! Window* at the postoff^^ also stm caring for B. Gray will leave for be open from 0: 0 to 10.30 huis . nce ^^ tion _ ,, A t ., Jen Wadsworth. .. . _. The Gray son Robert is attending a Florida col- ual. "'e only other child, a is Mrs. Edgar Inlay, Lai of the Record publisher. ays formerly lived oh one of Hutchison (Algona) farms had taken lessons of Mr, Michel. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hilton. Hilton was Elsie Halbrook I'lic Ilov. and Mrs. F. E. Burgess, before her recent marriage I lu, KM. win gpend Mr _ anfl J|rs> Wm E C j „.- „,,.„ .,..s. Burgess's Minneapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. Pet^.rents, Mr."and Mrs. W. H. Irwln, e _r Chubb, Humboldt, with^the^son — 0 r . tv James, will spend the Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long enter- |Sac u y. c . Anderson and holidays with the men's parents tained their dinner club Friday eve- Mr. and 3 »* "' V^, t Tha nksgiv- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chubb. ning at 6:30. Six__couple S _belong .their^son^^ ^ AnderBOn>a par . ^ tm ftnd Mrs. H . C. Bresser, Bur- lication Tonight 1 N *«j£hoolhou.e SV^W^ K ~Si ^.,^i Nov. 22—A new rural;at bridge, and Mrs. C. R. LaBario north of Band will llcated this i. 0 Sonerholm, lington, will spend Thanksgiving day with Pauline Van Horn. They t 1 T/ilfP Q ay W1U1 jrclUiiuc »»" iiw.M. »— ^ , , THlWrs W W Sullivan and are on their way to spend the win- Mr. and Mrs. w. ^ Florida , Mrs , Bresser and Pause has been erected in won high for women. Mr Sullivan's mother, Mrs. Essie ter in Florida. Mrs. mes K°. 8, two miles west and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aman en 7i M • .="" '^"nt to Des Moines Fri- Misa Van Horn are sisters. tertalned at a Sunday dinner a t, Sullivan l their home. Covers were trip They re-1 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barry, Mr 'and Mrs. Jos. Kelly, and the lasl .- named couple's son Jos. Jr. spem 1 Sunday at Omaha with the Barry "^^'"Th-TnksEiving at their par- son and Omar Kelly, who are stu- x-B&hKS 1 T^ rr v,.,, e,,,. rr = £™ ma a '• ^i^ifisas BSSSU, -Mlhouse was sold a week the Dessert club Monday. 1 wo ta-, pntm u ^ c R wuliamSj with I sley spent last aurday to a Mr. Van Steen-|bles of bridge were in_P'^ A^des- | ^^ ^^ BensoUf Manlyi who parents, Mr. and Tuesday a program at which .'I. Shirley and Supt. ^ov^, ""-=— ,-,. , °f the Burt schools, will Walter Whitney, and Mr. ana B. lor $210. , B. Games at iurt for Nov; es o . the Albert Grooters, Merle Nov. 22—On Thanksgiving w H M, S. Thursday at R uth Y?°, f P- m. the Burt basketball "High attendance" members uo- (?»! Dlay their first home bas- val Neighbors will be entertamed same this season, which'KV the "low attendance memue'° against Bancroft, Vnd fol- i a * Mrs H. W. Post's at a luncheon the game Swea City, last at O ne'o'clock this afternoon. Bounty Class A champion, Tne Kiwanians will hold their 1 Verne, which won the Class n Pionship will play. , B, Boys peat Crystal Lake I' 6 /, Nov. 22— basketball *£«£%& JlA*n* Os• '.xjuai Lti&v last week . wo ., a chair prize. , n 'sht, the second this tr ^S e c P. D. W. club will meet for the locals, the boys won, iue ' J ""' wifh and the girls tied, 32-32. weal teams have brand new ,»l l'rn K rani L° f Pear l Leigh will pre- inanksg.Jving program at poolhouse An even- Alter tbe pro«re.m will be «eryed,' 7:30. DR. H. M. OLSON MOVED HIS DENTAL OFFICE MONDAY TO THE ROOMS JUST WEST OF THE NEW CALL THEATER ENTRANCE (Formerly occupied by the Blackstone) Doctor Rist and Mr. and Mrs. Griggs entertained at dinner for the visitors and local relatives. Leigliton Misbnch is home from a week's buying at Chicago. He accompanied H. R. Rosewall, Blue Earth, and Earl Beebe, Emmetsburg, and they stayed at the Morrison hotel. Approximately 30 wholesalers were represented from T^ANKSGIV/NG SPECIALS LETTUCE Large Solid 2 I OK I 3C Large Size GRAPE FRUIT 1 3 for lOc WHERE THE BIG PICTURES PLAY Seedless RAISINS 4 Lbs. 33c Winesap APPLES 10 Lbs. 29c WelMVhipt SALAD DRESSING Quart 25c WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24 Extra Special! Mat. 2 p. m., night 7:15, 9'- 15 ! Movie1V oT'the°'week—"Life". THUKS.-FKL, NOV. 25-26 Thanksgiving Day Mat. 1, 3, 5 p. m. OEANNA DUBBIN LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI —in— «100 MEN AND A. GIRL" You'll want this picture to go on forever— Great successor to «8 Smart Girls" Movie of the week.—"Literary Digest." Finest picture.—"Time." LESLIE HOWARD BETTE DAVIS OLIVIA DE HAVILAND ERIC BLORE —in— "IT'S LOVE I'M AFTER" Plus, "Vaudeville Hits" Compounded Dividends are Profits on Profits INSURED Save! Earn! Have! Our Current DIVIDEND Rate on SAVINGS SHARE ACCOUNTS IS 4%. Per Annum The LIBERAL dividends credited to YOUR savings share account are just as productive as the money you actually save here. You earn profits on profits, and BOTH your savings and profits are AMPLY SECURED by many modern homes. ALGONA FEDERAL SAVINGS ALGONA : IOWA LOAN PRUNES Large 50-60 Size 10-Lb. Box 83c Large Red Ripe CRANBERRIES 1 2 Lbs. 29c Crop DATES 2 Lbs. 17c Fancy CHOCOLATES 5 Lb. Box 89c No. 1 Budded WALNUTS 2 Lbs. 35c Jell Powder 6ms25c Hulless POP CORN 2 Lbs. 25c 1 Fancy COOKIES 3-4 Lbs. 25c BI;USSEL SPROUTS PERSIMMONS CHESTNUTS Libby's Fancy PUMPKIN 3 No. 2 Cans 27c Dried PRUNES 4 Lbs. 25c AVACADOS POMEGRANITES ENDIVE 2 LBS.29C Special BOLOGNA Pound, 17 c Lean flORK ROAST Pound, I7c Sugar Cured BACON SQUARES Pound, 20c Lean PORK STEAK Pound, 19q POUND 25c TTJIEIKEYS DUCKS ;ARGE OYSTERS GEESE CHICKENS COTTAGE CHEESE

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