Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1937 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 5
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28, ETiCORWITH Lift, Nov. 22-The Methodist Home Missionary apclety -paying luncheon a week uay at the church. Plates Including the Queen Bath- THE MOV/ES By T. H. C. COUNTY APVANCfl. ALQONA. IOWA PAftfi STACK POOIt- The performance at the New Call Sunday was virtually a double bill, since the Walt Disney colored short, The Worm Turns, shared honors With that magnificent production, Stage Door, starring' Katharine Hepburn, Ginger and a tremendous climax surprise, fhn Jaw:" Thto Ws the flrat M^ h M^nTou.-and^And'rJS™' I^d^t annual affairs and wa» Thls , 8 my ldea of porfcctlf)n )n '.; I10Klif ; il)Ift ™., Sirred a decided success. Mrs. rd Applegate, president, pre- ten new members and six loueen Esthers. : Enorial service for members K» e d m the last year were con- Id by Mrs. Killer, and a red 'and a lighted candle were Lted In memory of Mrs. Mary lite Mary Huneley, and Mrs. jtta Clapsaddle. Mrs. P. E, ley sang a memorial hymn for Irrlet Oxley gave a reading, a ,e women's trio, Betty Scace, :ette Woods, and Maxlne Por' sang selections, and Virginia Bey played ft piano solo. U Auxiliary Meets— 3 Legion-Auxiliary met last 'Tuesday with Mrs, »no taken of a delicate and no surprise by Miss cinema program—a. Walt Disney, and a into her rather Stage Door. nowsrcol, a ! rnallsm IhaHraln ^^ *"* a feature like ''— ' '' ' ' ° There Is new 'about the plot of this "'-workers A nothing particularly Jou is excellent n 's .0 nlot of iiiio "epio" Tim i*«" i!-' '-'~ Men- Inhere . thing particular* plausible' ab^ Mining ? ZH.o^^'T a stage-struck debutante suddenly ly. "Musi somem e "" nn.nHn jr n "fill" uritu ,. ...•,- . n ^ «.. . scoring a "hit" with a audience on n ys , Httd " to create an. . isn't that the foun- critical nclress? Broadway audience on a first, i ilalinn of all night. But, barring these Inconsc-1 niust men be oniririori quential defects, the picture la a i that great prWoinlc" "wow" from start to finish. into the world?' Interspersed bolwcen scones of T haven't the.'heart to slap-stick comedy and vociferous Walt Disney and his boarding-house repartee are nm-i "-'orm" fuHhor (ban to W7h"iV I monts of tragic impressivcne.,s,; Miink it is onc of his rleverest n c probably seldom equulled in allt.ures. There is sometWnc ,o the history of the screen. Ono epi-] darned luiman about the fulflil- ive all had— in order may be horn back to . „,„„,, sode In particular, the suicide of; merit of a dream we ha Kaye Hamilton (Andrea Leeds), is of being able to take, a "shot" of f^\\ t»lna •••««•«. v ji " u ' ^ti J-JUUUH^, 1« ^naries certainly one of the mo.st dramatic n Page. jb[ t3 O f sc heen technique which ha« reports were given On |0ver come out of j.i c)llywo(jd Innnlind litnrtilly or fiuurttivplv tn an ^ r f e i/n n° n r^nTal The thcnle ot Sta « e IjMI ' '» «'« olther a 1*™" °* a proposluon Mrs. oarneia uouge reaa «v, basis of every great masterpiece in whichever you like. ' all tho world's history—namely,! A "(l cist: 1 leave my original that before you can paint a great Promise without proper emphasis, |r on the life of g were made for a meeting of lommittee charimen and offl- this week Tuesday evening, lunch at an annual feath- itlval the same night. A eoun- vicissitudee you are attempting -ii-_ «fl +V»rt AiivilinMr TiHll nn ». . .. . . ' " ieetlns of the Auxiliary will be I next week at Crystal Lake, fa largo number from Corwith (attend. Some 100 Legion and Hilary members, with their fam- attended a supper at the Le- 'hall on Armistice night. This is an annual affair. Iher Caesarean Section— fr. and Mrs. Merwyn Aitchinson >arents of a daughter, delivered Cae-sarean section at the Ma- City Mercy hospital last week day. The baby weighed three picture, write a great book, or por- let me repeat that a nowsreel, one tray a great character on stage or K nn d comedy short, and a feature screen, you must have lived the '' Picture like Stage Door ought to be describe. We might go further and bring it down to an everyday basis —that the most interesting people in our own little, circumscribed 'workaday world are they who have lived life and drank rather deeply iunai nnema entertainment. But how fow like this we ever get? And whoso fault is it? T>AXGMKOUSI,Y YOURS— This was a lively, entertaining (though temporarily) form the" Gun i (liainon ! 1 mystery yarn, with an commonly known as Life !"T nn " I " 1 ° r fielling and plenty ° E There is something about the' ° n - Just to be surc l didn>t the blended into the mxltern of life that , no n , , fa ' Hy brings out the richness of tapestry h ' '"' °' l \ e plot ; and rwas ' lh ' <> to a(!e thc Picture from the or the mellowness of old That is why youth is carefree and daring, middle age more cautious • _ - , . i *-"•» »*. o , utt uu »vj "-to^ iin*it; vjiLii ids, 15 ozs.^nd was placed in | and weighted wlth caro> while f|ll , Incubator. The bahy son of Mr. maturlty recalls tho past f] . om memory's scrapbook and fulfills ' "'' " ot *«*™ co " fu f cd the false leads' always put in befuddle customers. Mrs. Leonard Mullins, who for weeks had been kept in an in- ,tor, was removed, having gain- mfficiently. Mrs. Mullins also a Caesaean section. She and baby son will probably be alto come home in a few days. Aitchison was st reports. improving at Station Nears Completion— he new brick addition to Walt's the promise, of sage erudition. ZOLA— another note- Paul Muni adds The succeSiS of Stage Door is its)worthy cinema-biography to his almost unconscious appeal to ev- - successful Louis Pasteur, and this ery person in the audience from places him definitely in the posi- this viewpoint. It is the reward lion of probably the screen's most for our suffering, for it is only by distinguished actor. There is a into the living pages of history. Personally, I thought the Pasteur picture was a better production—it seemed more compact, more even, more engrossing. For one thing, the trial scene In Zola was too long and drawn out; it was cleverly staged and expertly directed, with due regard to sustained suspense, but It was simply too long for its importance In the plot. On the other hand, there were more "high-spots than In the first in the Zola film success. There . was the scene in which the starving Zola comes to the book-seller and begs a few francs, unaware that his first and important novel, Nana, was a best-seller and had already netted him many thousands. A remarkable sequence. Joseph Schildkraut contributes a stirring portrayal of the great French military martyr, Dreyfus^unbelievably real from the standpoint of both acting and make-up. While we are on the subject of make-up Paul Muni's emphasis on make-up (In. this case, a perfect ggm)'apparently has had its Influence on the'rest of the'cast, since the characters are all life-like to a startling degree. Time (the news-magalne) calls this a "prestige" picture, and certainly that Is a well chosen word. The Life of Emlle Zola will never fill box-office coffers with lucre, because the appeal must necessarily be to "the intelligent minority." but such productions nevertheless tend to raise the whole standard of the cinema to the level of Art, and as In all Art the question of money is inconsequential. Zola's best known literary contribution was his first novel, Nana, Thanksgiving sacrifice and sorrow that we reach sympathy, a mellowness, a realism! our fullest majority. about the. characterizations of j Katharine Hopburn enters the Muni which combine Art and j picture as an experience-seeking Truth. After seeing a picture like ! er-Service station is nearing f°. ung socicty girl who casls her The Life ot Emil ° Zola ' one feels -! pletion. It is being built by a' lo: ln MINCE MEAT, Home Made, 2 Ibs 35c VEAS, OUR FAVORITE, No. 2 size 6 for 55c SWEET POTATOES, large cans 2 for 29c OPAL SALAD DRESSING, quart 25c PUMPKIN, No. 2 size 3 for 27c PINEAPPLE, No. 2^ si/e 21c FLORIDA ORANGES, 2 dozen ____89c FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR THANKSGIVING Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Red and Green Peppers, Leaf Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Celery, Celery Cabbage, Cabbage, Parsley, Carrots, Rutabagas, Parsnips, Turnips, Sweet Potatoes, Acorn and Hubbard Squash, Grapes, Cranberries, Pineapple, Tangerines, Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruit, Apples, Radishes. FANCY DRESSED TURKEYS, DUCKS, GEESE, CHICKENS UABY BEEF STEAK, per pound 25c (Sirloin, T-bone, or short cuts) PURE HOME MADE PORK SAUSAGE 18c BREAST OF VEAL, Ib. 15c BABY BEEF ROAST, Ib. 17c and 19c FRESH OYSTERS, extra standard, solid pack, qt. 59c TOP PRICE PAID FOR EGGS Sorensen Grocery Company WE DELIVER PHONES 138 and 139 • of men superintended by Rob- Sutcliff. The building will sup- room for Mr. room for iks, busses, etc. Scout Troop Named— he Boy Scouts met one night week at the schoolhouse. There e 13 members present, and a is was chosen for the troop- Troop. Vidal Bonnstetter and Woodbury were chosen pa- a theatrical boarding house indeed, that one has lifted the cur- in order to learn more about life, tain of Time and actually looked Here she meets Ginger Rogers, dis- m ^ mm ^^^^^ m ^^ mmim ^^^ m ^ m i^ illusioned young aclress who has i not Miss learned is that there are heartaches and thwarted ambitions in the lives of many others of the seemingly bard-boiled girls in the house. This eventually leads to the tragic suicide of Kaye Hamilton (Miss Leeds) in unforgettable he story of a Parisian prostitute, nd it paved the way for his rapid se in France. Zola, unlike many ther writers of that period, aeh- eved success and wealth in his aturity. I wonder if he, like Flau- ert, regretted that his fame should est on so slender a novel as Nana. was always a source of regret to laubert that his reputation should ave been made on what he consid- red one of his lesser successes, Madame Bovary, whose theme somewhat similar to Nane's. My knowledge of Zola is somewhat vague, but familiarity with Anatole France, an important figure In the picture, Is more complete, and he emerged from this production as another living per- soriage. It was- Anatole France who delivered Zola's funeral sermon, climaxed with that literary 'gem, "He (Zola) was a moment In the ttt conscience of toaft.".-.. Ahatole France who, thrott the picture, filmed ftlWays background, lending hW £ personality to the "atmosphere the production. , The Life of Emile Zola te indeed a "moment" In screen history — A distinct step forward In bringing t6 patrons of the talking 'pictur* something worth while arid unforgettable. •1 EpIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM GET THE DROP on the WEATHER! Warm Clothing ( For the Man Who Works Outdoors | A great stock of quality garments to choose from — Iff warm, sheep-lined coats, Mackinaws, Dressy Laskin [I Lamb lined Ulsters. 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Oxley and Mr. odist Aid held an all day meeting Mrs. Harry Wickham attended at Mrs. William Johnson's Wednes- vedding of the Oxley grand- day. The day was spent at mak- :e, Grayce Reeves, to Harold G. ing articles for a bazaar. A pot- holas at the Methodist church, luck dinner was served at noon. E eney, Friday. The Worldwide 'Guild met one - day last week with Florence and . Kirschgatter lias Operation— Thelina Hash. The lesson on rs, Paul Kirschgatter was tak- sou thern mountain whites was led to Mercy hospital, Mason City, by nul h Liptrap. Bandages were week Monday for an operation. ,. 0 ned for a hospital in Africa. and Mrs. Arthur Scheffelman tj, ne Q tto Glages have moved to a nt Friday afternoon with her. nousc on the Rudolph Glawe farm. , s r, nnll ed- whar o Ott - ^J-^^^d ™ iack housc - vacaled by as. n, two weeks. ind he latter' daughter Cather- ters University Hospital- ine, drovo to Clarion Saturday to 'OUise Welder went to Iowa CUy visit Paul Houston, who is in a LU, » day last week to enter a hos- camp there. r ^ n ^ m -. in d »1 for examination. , Mr. and Mrs. Dale Johnston -and — their little daughter are viMim,, Other Corwith-FairvieW. Mrs. Johnston's parents, Mr. and r. and Mrs. Con Brown spent Mrs. Charles Johnson. Make ... Moe & YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR Thanksgivi Men's 36-inch coat, heavy moleskin outer shell, a real quality coat, priced at .Men's Bodyguard Wool Union Suits $1.95 Sizes 36 to 50 Suede Shirt Grey or buck color. Sizes to 20. 98c Boys' sizes 75c. 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