The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 13, 1897
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALOONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER13,,1897, VOL. XXX1I-NO. See the New And- TO BE A ROUSING RALLY, BIG SHAW MEETING OCTOBER 12, Indications Point to a Gathering of of Much Size and Enthusiasm —General Political Notes. The big republican rally of the campaign at Algona will come Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at .the opera house. L. M. Shaw, candidate for governor, will speak. Chairman Wadsworth has notified every committeeman, and it is expected that a splendid audience will greet our next governor. Mr. Shaw is not an orator, but those who hear him will not be disappointed either in the manner or matter of his address. It will bo a vigorous, comprehensive, clear cut exposition of republicanism. M. Z. Grove & Son. 102 E. State St. TELEPHONE 19. Now carry a full line of the Butterick Patterns, as in stock. We will get the new patterns fast as issued each month, and will have ior sale The Delineator, price 15c, and The Glass of Fashion, price 5c. October numbers now ready. Patterns sent by mail to any address on receipt of price. the Kossuth Rules. The Clear Lake Mirror publishes the rules adopted by Kossuth republicans for holding caucuses and in a column article very heartily endorses them. It says: We commend to the republicans of this county the following rules for the holding of caucuses which have boon adopted by the republicans of Kossuth county. These are admirable rules and they are not open to any objection. If they wore adopted republicans would be allowed to settle their own differences without the help of the democrats, populists, or prohibitionists. Let them attend to their own affairs; let them run their own caucuses and let ours alone. This would be only what is right and what everybody knows is right. It is a good idea, too, to hold the caucuses open two hours. Everybody then has a chance to vote and can do so at least loss ot time. _ A voter would not have to put in his time listening to a lot of useless wrangling, but he could go to the voting place, oast his ballot and go honje. No select few of a party could get together under this system and " run" a caucus just because they made all motions and kept the chairman busy recognizing them, while those present who were too modest to do otherwise sat still and did nothing. Under this system a larger vote would bo cast, every voter would have the opportunity of expressing his sentiments, and no one could say truthfully, with the proper notice given, that the result of the caucus was not vox populi. We believe the adoption of rules, similar to the above, would benefit the party and give general satisfaction. the result will be contrary to the vote of the primary. The people themselves nominated the present ticket. A Sample of the Campaign. LuVerne News: Mr. Farley is the democratic candidate for representative and promises to make Mr. Jones hustle for what he gets. George Boyle likes to see a hog, but when it comes to one the size of Algona it makes him tired. The r.ocal Cninpnljtn. As the Hurt Monitor sees it: Farley will receive the same treatment as was accorded ex-Senator Chubb last fall. Gerraaniti Standard: If Mr. Farley defeats Mr. Jones for the legislature he will have to be a little more than an ordinary pacer. Armstrong Journal: Harvey Ingham and George Boyle are having a light with daggers at'10,840 paces. No blood has been spilled yet. Spirit Lake Boacon: Politics always was a mixed up affair in Kossuth county and has cut a figure not only In business, but oven love matches have not boon left unmolested, says the Armstrong Journal. R. M. Richmond says in the Swea City Herald: An article in the Ropor- ter'last week sho*ws the Wesley boys are very sore over their defeat, but they need not lay it all to Algona. The Herald has no grievances over the results of the last convention. TOOK IT FROM THE JURY, N, J, SKINNEK CASE tS DISMISSED, After HenrliiK Evidence ot Prosecu< tlott Defendant is Released— Other Matters In Court. The Wesley Reporter says THE UPPER DES MOINES' political attitude is dictated by four of losing the county printing. This is not only unfair, untrue and ungenerous, but particularly uncalled for. THE UPPER DES MOINES has never questioned the Wesley Reporter's motives. Jim Hoflus luis been nominated for supervisor up in Wlnnebago by the bl- metallists, as the Erametsburg Democrat calls them. The Buffalo Center Tribune says: He is u thorough business man and would make a valuable member on theboard and should bo sup- G. L. Galbraith & Co. AND- HARDWARE. W. H. JONES, NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business Ofllce over Algona State Bank. HOBART, IOWA. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Kockford of Kookford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. Kossuth County State Bank, SiaM!^aSJ«sa' b -tt*«»- 0 « iromtlie old oountiies sold at lowest lateB WH. H. INttHAM, President; T. CHUISCHILLES, Vice WM, W. "Wadsworth, Barnet uevlne. ^ Tho Location Issue. The West Bend Journal in referring to Kossuth politics says: "The democrats claim that ring rule runs the republican party in Kossuth, and point to the fact that all tho nominees except for supervisor are from Algona as proof. The old officers were re-nominated is the simple explanation of this." What the Journal says is true. The habit of charging candidates to the county seat comes largely from the fact that wherever official live when nominated they usually move after election. Many of Algona's permanent citizens have been gained in this way. It is true that Col. Spencer and Supt. Reed were originally Algona citizens. But they are among a very few who have been nominated from town. We have gone over the list back to 1882, as far as our present files run. The list is as follows: For treasurer, Chester Rickard of Cresco, D. Rice of Plum Creek, Geo. E. Boyle of Whittemore, W. A. Chipman of Portland, and R. H. Spencer of Algona. For auditor, C. B. Hutchms of Algona, Samuel Mayne of Bancroft, C. M. Doxsee of Algona, F. D. Calkins of Ger- For sheriff, D. A. Haggard of Sherman, M. Stephens of Irvington, C. C. Samson of Whittemore. For recorder, John Reed of Union, C. D. Creed of Whittemere, M. F. Randall of Algona. For clerk, N. B. Benham of Algona, Geo. E. Marble of Burt, A. A. Brunson of Algona, B. F. Grose of Bancroft. For county attorney, R. J. Danson of Algona, W. B. Quarton of Algona, J. C. Raymond of Lu Verne. For surveyor, O. F. Hale of St. Joe, Horace Mann of Irvington, C. A. Tel- ller of Algona. For superintendent, B. F. Reed of Algona. Wm. Ward of Wesley. For supervisors, W. W. Alcorn, of Seneca, Geo. E. Boyle of Whittemore, M. O'Rourke of Riverdale, A. H. Peters of Ramsay, Robt. Lane of Buffalo, H. C. Hollenbeck of Wesley, J. O. Rawson of Lotts Creek, J. W. Robinson of Algona, C. C. Chubb of Cresco, B. F, Smith of Ramsay, Leander Barton of Lu Verne, Ernest Bacon of Buffalo, D. ported regardless of party, as the west end is surely entitled to one supervisor at least. ^ _____ WESLEY NEWS NOTES. Music TniiKht In tlio Public Schools —tho Wesley IIou Cholera Cure. WESLEY, Oct. 12.—Our schools are progressing nicely. Mrs. Miles gave her first music lesson last Friday which is going to add very much to the interest of the schools. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Reineokeburied their baby today, which died Saturday morning,' aged 10 days. Tho funeral services were held at tho residence of Mr. Seaman, five miles west of town where they wore when tho child died. Services were conducted by Rev. Plummet'. Farmers are busy marketing their grain for which they are receiving the top price. Cards are out for the wedding of Joe Klinepeter and Miss Heverley, which is to take place at tho homo of the bride's parents, Oct. 15. Mr. Lucius Tuttle of Chicago, brother of Doc Tuttle, one of Wesley's old hay dealers, was here several days last week looking after the hay busl- nes hei-e. C. E. Oleson Sundayed in our town, the guest of G. M. Butts. Mrs. Welt Miller who has been visiting her parents and friends at LaPort city the past month returned home Saturday. , . ,. Burt Gallagher has boon out In the western part of the county selling his hog cholera cure. Ho has been meeting with good success. All that have given his remedy a trial claim it is i success. While Mr. L. C. Galer was hitching his team to his buggy yesterday morn ing he stepped into the barn for some thing they started and run across the railroad truck and up into town, where they were caught, but not until they had broken the nolo out of the buggy and done other damages to it. Water is becoming very scarce in our town. Many of the wells are dry. The potato crop in this section of the country is turning out to be a good one, and are selling on our streets at 35 cents per bushel. Parties from Corwith were here Monday to buy, and took a load home with them. The N. J. Skinner indictment, which has been dragging along from term to term, was brought on for trial Monday morning. He was represented by M. D. O'Connell of Fort Dodge, Geo. W. Argo of Sioux City, and S. S. Sessions. County Attorney Raymond prosecuted. The indictment charged embezzlement in that he had secured money of Mrs. Boals and had given her worthless securities for It. Tho facts alleged are that Skinner had arranged to make a loan to a man in the west part of the county and that tho papers wore made out, but that the loan was never perfected. Instead of destroying the na- pers ho gave them to Mrs. Boals. Mr. Skinner's statement Is that he himself borrowed Mrs. Boals' money on his personal account, that any securities held by her were merely collateral, that when ho left Algona ho had a full settlement with her, and that ho has lived up to it. It seems that ho had $1,500 of Mrs. Boals' money, and that when ho left Algona ho turned over property and his own note to her, and that ho has paid several hundred dollars on tho latter. A soon as the evidence of tho prosecution was in a motion was made to dismiss the case. Judge Thomas heard tho arguments and sustained the motion. THE STEPHENSON INSURANCE. Mrs. Stephonson has boon awarded a judgment for $2,000 life insurance money. This Is the case where hoi- husband, after returning from tho asylum, was found dead in tho Dr. Rood barn with a revolver in his hand. Tho We congratulate Kossuth coutity afld our neighbors of Algona upon the sat* isfactory results which crowned strenuous efforts. Whtttemore Champion: The suth county fair was a record breaker in the line of exhibits, and the radBg program was carried out In full. The agricultural exhibits-in excess pfjore* vious years show a favorable Indica* lion that the farmers are beginning to have a larger interest in the Success of the society. Buffalo Center Tribune: G. W. Pang-' burn and wife attended the county fair at Algona last week. They report a very enjoyable time, and bring back with them some of the finest apples we have ever seen, one of them measuring 13 inches in circumference. The ap* pies were raised by Daniel Rice, Mrs. Pangburn's father, who lives near Algona. .___._ U ill 11 YYiUli *•« ^'-•i*'*' 1 "'" »" ..-— ---------company refused to pay, claiming* that he had committed suicide within two years from taking out the policy. Judge Ayers of Dos Moines and Goo. E. Clarke were for the company, E. V. Swotting and E. A. Marling of Emmetsburg for Mrs. Stephenson. The matter turned on whether there was proof of suicide and the jury found evidently that there was not. A DAMAGE CASE DISPOSED OF. The McCowan vs. Long damage suit for $3,000 was decided for Long. Some time ago Long had McCowan arrested charged with stealing a seeder. The case did not stick and this suit for damages was the result. The question was whether Long had probable cause for making the arrest, and the jury found that he did. The attorneys were Clarke & Cohenour and Sullivan & Mo- Vlahon. COURT NOTES. Mr. Russ is hero from Chicago for us suits. They will come on next Week. -.. rr,. The grand jury has adjourned, ino only now indictment is of Ellsworth of Ledyard, who is charged with rarsap- propriatlng Modern Woodmen funds. This morning the suit of Grant Ramsoy against Hoxie & Brunson on a Lund mortgage is on. E. V. Swotting is against Sullivan & McMahon and Judge Carr. The Kuhn vs. Breen controversy 8EMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES, Senator Funk gives a half column to J. E. Blackford's reminiscences of his campaign in 1859, and adds a paragraph of interest: West of Spirit Lake Mr. Btackford found only an occasional trapper. Osceola and Lyon counties were not organized until more than a dozen years later. Pocahontas and Emmet were organized in that year and Plymouth, Buena Vista, Clay and Palo Alto tho year immediately preceding—1858. What wonders the hand of man hath wrought within these thirty-eight years. •*-•<-•*• AFairmonter before tho court on the charge of drunkenness declared that he had not touched a drop—was simply dizzy from the effects of walking over tho rickety walks of the town. -*•-*••+• Bailey: Seven divorces are asked for at this term of the Kossuth county court. Among the names of the fair ones seeking to break the bonds of hymen are such peaceable names as Dovle, Grace and Lord. No one would ever suspect people with such gentle names of swatting a man over the snoot with a griddlo lifter or belting him over the head with a bed slat, but such is Kossuth infelicity. ' . over the possession of Kuhn's child is ngivln In court. Mrs. Kuhn, Mr. Breen's daughter, gave tho child to its grandfather when sho died. Kuhn married ngain and sued to regain the child and won. Breen now sols up that Kuhn is not in shape to properly cure for it, that his wife has three babies of her own, that he wants to send this one to New York, etc. Sullivan & McMahon and Clarke & Cohenour are for Breen, E. V. Swotting for Kuhn. DR. OAMFIELD BOUND OVER. Tho Armstrong Journal also discusses divorces: Court convened in Algona Tuesday. Much of the time will be taken up by listening to tales of woe by both men and women who have come to the conclusion that marriage is a failure. Five women and two men who, a few years ago, thought that marriage would'bo a haven of bliss now come into court and allege that it is hades on earth. These parties undoubtedly imagined once that life would not be worth living, that they would not care to linger long in this vale of tears unless their darling would become their life companion. Now they come into court to untie the nuptial knot. A little more judgment in the first place would save much praying to the court. But of course it would be bad for the attorneys. ' A NIGHT OF OOMIO OPERA." The Gilbert Opera Company With SO People Will Visit Algona. Tomorrow evening the Gilbert comic opera company will present that amusing opera Said Pasha at the Call opera house at popular prices, 35, 50 and 75 cents. They have elegant wardrobes and come with high commendation. Tho Elwood, Ind., Leader says: So pleased were those present with the FirsUtfational Bank of Algona. $50,000 Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest, Tbos. H. Lantry, Cashier, ,Qeo. 1>. Galbraftli, Fred, M. Miller. Myron Sohenok, Thos. f. Cooke. State Bank. CASH CAPITAL, 160,000. General Banking, PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT TAVITB, ^•Interest paid on time deposits Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. ^ second t. AU3QWA, IOWA. .LJU V «l *Jf j 4-y*. »* w 1 — — — —•-- —•- i A Buell of Algona, Grant Benschoter of Plum Creek, W. J. Burton o! Springfield, John G. Smith of Algona, M. Weisbrod of Fenton. A Friendly Suggestion. H. H. Bush says in the Garner Signal: Bro. McMullen of the Wesley Reporter is not happy over the outcome of the Kossuth county convention and glyes a stick full of threats of rebellion. During the primary campaign in this county Me. insisted on taking a band in our local politics, and in a friendly way we suggested that he had better attend to his own county. But he would not take our advice, and while working " over the border" he lost his grip on the machine in his own county and the nominations don't suit him a little bit. Take your medicine, Mo,, don't kick; it will taste better after a little time. The People Nominated. Burt Monitor; There may be a/few who are dissatisfied with the republican ticket, but in view of the result of the primary election vote there seems little cause for ooeaplftint, ftiyiaube election it is kw®$ to to supposed. A** JUBILEE SINGERS SATURDAY. The Slaytoii Lyceum Colored. People Will Sins i« Altfoua. One of the best attractions that has come to Algona will be tho jubilee concert next Saturday evening. The Slayton company is the best and popular prices ought to pack the house. When the company sang in the Auditorium in Chicago the Inter Ocean said: They sangold melodies and hymns which even today may be heard in the south, and sung them with such pathos, that the audience recalled the singers again and again. She whom they call the "Original Black Pattl," sang "Away Down on the Suwanee River," and when she tried to leave the stage such an encore was given her that, stage manager or no stage manager, she was forced to come out and sing "Annie Laurie." And the stage manager once defied, tne rule "NoEncores" was broken, and that was why the line of carriages before the Auditorium stood half an hour later than they were ordered, Excursion Tickets to Davenport, via tbe Northwestern line, will be sold at reduced rates, October 18-21 inclusive, limited to Oct. 23, on account of I. O. O. F. grand lodge. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway, _ _' TBE eastern "Gold Bugs" are bun gry for more Iowa farm lqans._ Speoia. The Ear Specialist Charged With Practicing Without a Porrait- Lowest Penally $UUO. Advertising in THE UPPER DES MOINES attracts attention. The latest proof of it is in tho case of Dr. B. A. Gamfield, who announced that he would cure the deaf at the Tennant house Monday. Tho announcement brought on a prosecution for being here without a state permit, and instead of Monday being devoted to the unfortunate the doctor spent most of the day in preparing a defense for himself. The hearing was before 'Squire Taylor Monday evening, Sullivan & McMahon defending the doctor, and the county attorney prosecuting. The upshot was that he was held in $300 bonds to the grand jury, and that in lieu of them he spent the night with Sheriff Samson. He will doubtless give bonds and await the grand jury at the next term of court. In case ho is convicted the lowest fine is $300. The law compelling all practitioners to take out state certificates is very rigid. play, that hud the company remained here another night the opera house wouldn't have held the people. The company is made up of first-class artists, all admirably fitted for their parts. JAIL BIRDS ESOAPE. Kossuth'B Straw Jail Again Brought to Public Notlce-|15O Howard. Monday night E. W. Hammond, the Swea City burglar, and John Ward, the horse trader who did the shooting lust week, both of whom were confined in our jail, sawed off tho rods of the cage and escaped, It is thought they hud help from outside. It is suspected that they got out about midnight and caught the stock train east. Sheriff Samson has offered $50 reward and has telegraphed and telephoned in all directions. Our jail is a disgrace to the county. rates now. TUOS. P. COORE. COUNTY PAIR AFTERMATH. Armstrong Journal: The Kossuth ounty fair last week had the largest attendance of any fair ever held in the county. Ledyard Leader: The Kossuth county air was a grand success. There were more people in attendance, and the ex- libits were far ahead of any previous !air ever held in the county. Burt Monitor: The Burt boys won the half-mile relay foot race, The teams were composed of six runners, and besides Burt, Algona had two teams and Hobart one, in the contest. The Burt hoys eat lots of beef steak and potatoes and won easy. Swea City Herald: Our county fair at Algona was a decided success. The average dally attendance was between two and, three thoysaed, the total a> tendance h rfflojj Ilenry Winkle. The funeral of Henry Winkle was held at his late home Saturday, Rev. Landis officiating. Mr. Winkle was 74 years of age, and came to Algona in 1873. Of late years he has been much afflicted with rheumatism and a short time ago he was in a runaway in which the horse kicked over the dash, injuring his lame legs. He was the father of seven children who.are living, five of whom were at his funeral, H. J. coming from Decorah. He was a vigorous man in his prime and leaves a family that has taken an active part ip business, all of them u credit to the community. _______________ Mark Your Ticket Itlght, Ames Times; One of the principal changes in the election law made last winter, is the marking of the ticket. Under the old law a mark in the circle would vote for all the names under the circle, except those that were scratched by having the square opposite an opposition candidate marked. Now it will be different. After marking the circle, mark in anyone or more squares kills a vote, so those who want to vote for oaq- didates on more than one ticket, must not mark the circle on either ticket!, but.piace a cross in the square opposite, each name for whom he votes, This Ja a very important matter and must be. studied and explained. Seekers' Excursion, Special horneseekers' excursion, tickets may be sold Aug. 3 and W, Sept, 7 d J9, 18W, S,eHtag lowest regular flrefc - laws* to collected by

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