Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1937 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 4
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^,uu*v,. tw . ^ w ^^,*.... ,~-~.~ H1 -.-——~ nil n ; .-. _ ; - ... *-•- ± rville Nordstrom, Algona Girl, Are Married GEORGIA CLARK BRIDE SUNDAY j ATSUNTHONY I ; Irvington, Nov. 22— Orvlllo Nord- Btrom, who had been employed at ;the It. T. Sabih farm, left Thurs- jaay Cor St. Anthony, where ho. was • Wrried .to Georgia Clark Sunday morning. The ceremony took place kit the home of the bride's parents. JMr. and Mrs. Clyde Clark, and only (relatives and a Cow close friends fwere present. A wedding dinner {was served nt noon. The couple jwlll spend the winter with the ibrldc's parents, and in the spring jwill be employed on a farm near ITltonka. Mrs. Nordslrom'« home Is at Ashland, Neb., but he had been employed on various farms in and around Algona for two yours, and jthc bride had worked in one ot the Bancroft Home Damaged by Early Morning Blaze Bancroft, Nov. 22— A fire ot unknown origin badly damaged the Otto Barntlno home early Saturday morning. The fire alarm was given at about 4 a. in. and the volun- teeor fire department put out the )la-/.o. A downstairs bedroom and Ivlng room were destroyed; and _he rest of the rooms were damaged to some extent. The upstairs was not damaged. :cafes at Algona. Mission Women Study SInm— met Col- Tarty is Obeli— Mrs. F. J. Welp entertained at Droesaler, who attend St. Theresa's college at Wlnona, will spend Thanksgiving vacation at their homes here. Their vacation lasts from Wednesday to Sunday. Richard Underkofler and Emmet Bovine, will spend their met ijovme »"' =i"-"" ir\,K-in TTkpna Thanksgiving vacation «t their re- ^Mn Wen.. speclive homes here, pooled home J. H. LAKOTAN MADE AN OFFICER OF DISTRICT C. E, Lnkota. Nov. 22—Attending « district Christian Endeavor meeting at Spencer lost week evening were Ronald Jos. . . . six tables of bridge Thursday evening. Mrs. Fred Thics, Mrs. Andy Uetlcring, Mrs. Frank Mulligan, and Mrs. Elizabeth Williams won prizes. Mrs. Prlestcr and Mrs. Foxson, Whlttomore, were out-of- town guests. Party, Dance Is Given— A C. O. F. card party and dance was given at the Forester hall Monday evening. Prizes for high scores in bridge were won by Mr. at fo'tir tables of bridge Friday night. Mrs. F. J. Welp. Mrs. Cnns. Klerscht, and Bertha \Selp ;r rp ex . 1 Marcus Rippcntrop, Marcelta " iTlwves, Viola Thaves. Lola Schrad- Mrs* Gertrude celved news Thursday that his father hod been killed by a horse. Ray left at once for his home, which Is In southern Iowa. the girls won from the Algona, ""/'feather party given by -ttrt i «**• men at the Hlgglns hall evening was well attended, and the boys made a good-steed profit. A 20-lb. turkey was presented to Geo. J Wlnkel. and many other turkeys,; geese, ducks, and chickens were distributed. Bingo and cnrda furnished amusement. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fleming have received word that their daughter Acorn Club Feeds HnbWe*— Tho Acorn club entertained husbands Thursday ewntns at "! j^V'who wns seriously Injured a o'clock «Kan«T ta tl» rtwhytortan j ^^ n(W Sn t ur d fty while she was din'ms tvont. A iwsmttt VM *»R£--I A «n*$<>nger on a street car, will in?, with *wv> ?Ul *swH*»»s«r*, fwr- ^^ v>««U«0 put lent, for some time. *(N*t oars met h«id on. [The failed to say where how Miss Mewrer returnee fiwi wo xfwka with her o prizes. Billy Welp, who attends business college at Mankato. will spend Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Welp. ^ Billy flood is managing the^ I ,A. store at Algona. Hi' of Humboldt, recently the store. , Mrs. Paul t'dy and son Ronald Lee, 'DPS Moines. are visiting her Mrs. Charles Scholtes. Mrs. J. H. IVartHirtnn \waj- il t^ttidh high, tnefsj 1 dan. 6, St. Mftty'a, firntoetsburg, there; Jan* 21. St.,John's, Bancroft, here; 'an. 28, Algona academy, here; You, i accompanist, elected vice president of the trict. , Vwft>\ IVli Witt* Wth^M- KSl^frt* AlRwna. spent IJVi* pATOnl*. ^ r - nn ^ Jr.. V.. . .. J, P«hlhnii9- tho Ralph .131- «V«:nt l«sl week *!-•,-* '.- OI.-M-I - •r.r- -™-~- ^-^ >I«*J*»w U A. NHU. Tu*»ter with Mr*. Marguerite El- w „-,.- n-"'!.,•>,*'" !; ,-',% '-„-' >V-r: K:rr*a:7\^x Jlawb Tv>K\vnvp. b«rt. the \Vu«= *i-*u. ..-ran.. Mt.. u,- ^.^j;' >vmt«. T*d Votleatlne. ' Mr. «nd Mrs. Henry Lauck, son i er. ti* Ltfv:{ Ti;r, r il:i<fi-«, "iiK'rO- i Tho Missionary society Wednesday with Mrs. L. F,. livell, «md Mrs. Boldrldgo charge. Mrs. A. McLean gave the [location, climate, products, rellK- Ijon, otn., about Slam, and the Rev. A. Rn«li«h KJIVO a talk on the same iconntry, Mrs. E. H. Thomas road 'an article on tho southern mountains, nnd Mrs. Boldridsn told of isomo IntoroKlhiR customs ami KU- ipcrslilions in tho South. Mrs. K. P. Ronoy read an account of the first Thanksgiving and of Ooorgc iWashington's Thanksgiving prnr:la- rn<ili"ii in 17Sn, and road a Thanks;giving poem. Mrs. M. T,. Roncy iftlso road a pnem. Tho iii'.xt moot- jiriK will !"• wilh Mrs. 0. L. Miller on Doccmlior 1.0. and Mrs. J. H. Sheridan. In 500; sister, —-- - Pre ,-t^d co- Writer Dcitering and Mrs. Ottoj A new house is bemggreetedJ-a vilUx ia-i Kf."5 '^i.-luv-.'m. PU:.:s~."ij. li.'ivl. ~r<v.ti* n "flj «j.'S O^iirjre Valentine. Vaske won high. Other Bancroft News. Margaret and Mary Elaine DC- ent at Titonka Eileen Murray, and Helen ! Mrs. Carl Lallan. the lot east of the J. N. Merrtu home for Mrs. Catharine Eici. Marina Bettering spent the weri- s her sLi".sr. vino, |S. U. Konc'.v Off for Const— K. T'. Honey and his undo, R. R. Ronoy, arrivod Thursday evening in S. R.'K now Tlyninutli. They spout last wook Tuo^dny night with Mr. anil M'-s. fharln-i Jones, Konoshii. AVi.^.. anr] Wednesday nii^lit \villi (Jin Roy Ulylh:^. Du- buqiio. S. 1!. loaves for Df.s MoiiuiB thi.s \vci'ls Tui'sday anil will thenr:c travt'l to California, where he expects to spond ''hri.-Mnius. Aid I'liins ClirKtiiiii'i Tnrly— NEIGHBORS IN HUSKING BEE FOR VETERAN 'Fort Dod.se Thursday. I Vivian Wa;a-ni, Wes-. I 1 ted h?r mottc-r. Mrs. - l - Mr;. Car 1 :'! N:==-i-c. *•— [The cor- Henry Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. William _,"j'-<•,!!" -^T<.-vraKi: didat say for what or- Meyer, nnd the Meyer daughter " cjs-'r-iiti^Ti.] SSelnw drove to Fort Dodge last ~ y,rso&r.-iM K-ftll. Murray, Beem- ' w^ek Tuesday, and Honry Jr. had nn TtrrlnticV— f-r. *-.T!»1 X«*dhani. entertained at his tonsils removed .nt the Lu- X.iJ 5 !!- 7y-v n »iu ; t ,"-tf*nfi snlS- sf^t"?r, t*Mes of bridgo Wednesday theran hospital there. ... \' a ~ » u .".',,',, iel . -,,n-. 'Fn-: Snc'.i- cvor.iTic a: the Krall home. The Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker and ' "im? Uin vwfc Sunrtry tn~ ft luncheoTi tables were decorated Rosclla Voigt, all of Algona, spent KIT -v.-i7.l- i "wussir n: •Mr.'Bf.-H-.. wi;h shrvsanthemums. Mrs. Ray Wednesday evening with Mr. and .-••: "iii'iit. T'lu- ---ntinc wer «-prf Sir.i-h won high, and Mrs. Earl Mrs, Arthur Heidenwith. Grflbau won a travel prize. I The Presentation academy bas- Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Thaves and kctball team schedule follows: Nov. Mrs Thaves' mother, a Mrs. 22, Varina, there; Dec. B, St. Col- Schmidt, of Burt. visited relatives umbvillo, Varina, here; Dec. 8 here last week. Mrs. Schmidt will Bancroft high, here; Dec. 14, Al.TTlui: i^lijsse.i. who hflfi co lo Davenport soon to spend the gona academy, here; Dec. 21, Son- Alninetipnli? t few vrpeks. ^-; n ; e -«-ith her son Irvin. eco, here; Jan. 3, Varina, hero; las; -iree!; Mnndty. Mr. ^j r an ,3 ^j rs . E. R. Worley enter- sirtmess -ainefl at 7 o'clock dinner last week .smmt: Ha-; o' their va«s:io7i "t-.icr; a; :lu Arp.nc HUBS Lower Long Disfr on Jjovvcr long distance rates will he in effect-II day on Thanksgiving Day between points h the United States . . . the same lov/cr r^j that apply every night after seven and alU'l' Sunday on calls over distances of nlriit'^n miles or more. To make Thanksgiving Day huvpkr i:t yourself and for friends ;in-l reht'res \,'-| can't be with . . . "drop in" by tclcnheno n • I the daytime . . . when they nre '«athc:;'d together and you can talk with everyone. NOBTHWESl JEW BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY V# fa:hp.r. vrhosc- Tipi.Tid.i?.. ;? reroverinc.. t»u; is PI Miis- Monday evening, and guests were Messrs. and Mesdames K-flll. R. L. Williams, and Frank Alton a Story by Eisel; Ottosen, Nov. 20—The region and neighbors of Cbir'.-v; " " --•-.•- - > — Hnndcrtmark sponsored a c:::- , _ . ^ husking boo at his farm near O:::- C O m.m O n Vt'eEJ r TlHt-S son last week Tuesday. Mr. HUL- dorliiiark has heen in poor btaiib Tor .several months and rc-ctn'.Iy \vont to the veterans' hospita! i- IJes Moinea for treatment. Tr.eri wore nine wagons and anionc tho.s r r who husked wore: Dowey Dev.-iti. Walt Mcf.'ormick, Vern Kruc. Hf.-nry llardt, Phil Wagner, Doc-.o.- 1'eacock, Clem Ilogan, Williaa llundertrnark, and Luland Wildiii, all of Wr.-jit Bend; Torn 01:-:on. B S. T.asltf,Tf4vr* Low. :!H met s:-.:ir.f,. na-s Tuwcty evm-.nc •* ';7 rir -. : ~ K ' Mffi lv "-' .-,.. jac_ :n f weond rat v, oaen s secono . rior.-iu-o of .snowy roads an A:u .Arr-hk- Hanson. Jake Ryg, Ed^Ed- rni'ciin^' which wa:- to h.'ivr- bewi at Mr.-, llnldrid'-'r-'s Thiir?d-iy 'oik plac-o in-ioad at thf.- ohurfh. Thoro •\va. u a 1,'irjro riMfiidsm'-c, v.'ith Mrs. Boiilru'"'-' nnd Mr u . l!;i'-)-r-r n« h'i' : r- ess^s. Plans v.-fro laid for a ("?]!•;.-:.- mas party Friday ev( niir-;. Ijr-c^in- and Mrs. 0. H. Frerk- inr attended n farewell reception for the Rev. and Mrs. C. Paul Carl.-on ai the Presbyterian church at Algona last week Monday evening. Doctor and Mrs. Williams attended a medical meeting nt Algona .last week Monday. rather Killf-d— • Samuel Wnrburton was a Ban- Wac' aaa bv-en pick-i croft business visitor last week p f:-- L. Konwn re- ! Tuesday. • * t \ a irw o£y= wi:h Er- : went home Friday. . Tbey made the ac-i Whittomore's basketball teams ,' opened the season with a bang Clarence Edwards, John Vir.au.s. Art Vinaas, Ronald Vinaas. M-'-'vin \"inaas, Art. Lovig, f.'harle;-: Wyl-f.-r. Cliff Landc-rs, Albert Thor- sc-n ai.'j Ornftr Thorsen. "-.:,'.<:••.--.•' ti-L:: T- -.:•- '=- J—- ; -,:Tn :o Mr. ar.d Mrs. Georce Maahs | Friday evening, when the boys de;•• ji-i;.V.:r_ i:i :•:-:•-.•-s '-'•- ,_.-_,. ^ j a? - T€ . f t. The' visitors feated the alumni, 29-18, and the bcr IT. vlifii farfi'li'-.- an- to he '.-r:- tertainod and L-il'is r-.vehanged. Crush Victim Hark tn Selinnl— : liollan Thormon, \vlio silent n fo.w days wiili l.h • i)uir.:la< RilevK liefi'. after hiiving been released ifroni the- IsossnUi hosiiital, where 'lie \v:\:- for a time iTi critical oon- •diliiiti l'ol|.i\viii^ r an anloninhilo ac- cidi-at, has returned in in tin' l.ivriM'.oro lii"li is srayin:: -\llli 1 ho Charles Jon- Iiin"-- family there. Teams Win at Hodman— Or.iosf.-n i-'irls a::d boy; ball iwirc-i opf;^f-d -h'- sf/ason Rodman teams Friday i : itodmari. Thr; girls won • tin: boys 1M-13. basket- by from the frnin^ at Whittemore It Is Up To Yourself Othor Ottosen >"ews. Reittiives of Albert Meyer gatb- i | ered at the home Wednesday evening to help-him celebrate a birth-;] idav. anniversary. Attending: the 1 .Mrs. Olo Knutsnn, son Bobby,; William Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo his -.indies i ami daugliler Mildred, visited Mr. | Mover, the Werner Cades, William -•<•li.ii,! Mo , Kiiui.-icin at Chc.i'okee Saturday. jCiiido. the George Schultzes. Mr. .Mrs. Lo Roy ]\lo]i|)0 spoilt, lost'and Mrs. Kdwin L.iob, son Duane. Sciiltle l-'ainily 'Aisil-i Here Mr. n'ld M:-?. Rf.lpli l,os-«, with their i-hildri'ii, Mar.jorii ;uid Jimmy, 1 nrrivi'd NVi'dnesiluy from Scuttle for visits ;n I!H' ]iarental lionifs ''iini with otlifr '-(-l.-ii i\-">. This U the first linir. i lie Losse.s have be'Mi at Algona in live years. Ulrs. Leigh's Hiilher Slriclicn — Mis. Richard I.eiuh riM;e.ived won! I^riihiy nf ihe eritieal condition of her mother, Mrs. Kslella Kfidy. Indopi'iHlence, who had just suffered st .si rolie. Curl Sein Sprains Ankle-- ('(irl Seip slipped on a slick and sprained on unltle hi.sl week Sunday, lie traveled on crutches a few days. (Mlior IrviiiKlon. ! The August Kobisons, Swea City, reeenil\ speni a few diivs with the Home- IJoliis ins, and Mr. a:id .Mrs. AiiL'iist I-ohsi-, parents of August's wife, meanwhile looked afler August's farm chores. llecaiise nf wedding dances, '.here will he no club dance here till Friday, lieceinher n. At. I bat lime Kos- iria Tlnk'e.s, Arvilla Hudson, and Donald I.eiuh will he the committee in chai'L-e. Kvelyn and Lucille Hole, both employed at the courthouse, did not work on Armistice day. when the courlhouse was closed. Lewis lionhvell, Uvermore, briu he-r of Mrs. Donulas Itilny here, IK sick wiih pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. lOlmer Dole were Sunday gutists at f'he.st.er Har- IIIOII'H, near Wodon. week visiting her sister, Mrs. Ilor- man Ludwig. West IJend. Henry f.ovig, Arehie Hanson, and Peter Tfoli. were business callers al . urds furnished entertainment, and lunch wa.s served. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Kue-cker, of Ames, and Iheir son Morris came Here an. 1 Some of the Quality Features Which Make —The— "COMPANION" T1IK ALUE MR. FARMER ! PI, AX voru r.v KM SAM:; When you liavn a I'anu suk 1 . you want, bidders. One n""d bidder is worth $50 to $!(JO at any sale. How do you Ket bidders? I!y IcltiiiK every possible bidder know of your sulo. Advertise in I lie. Advance (incl reach all purt.s of Uu> county. The cost of such an advertisement is trifling in comparison with the money added to your sale receipts. Iliclders 20, 30, 40 mlies uv.-ay loarn oC your sale through the Advance. If you want to impress them, list (•.vtM-ytliing in your advertisement, and make the udvcr- tUoment big enough to convince them your sale is un oppor! unity for thorn. Ono it nn nny bring a bidder for 40 inilc.s. If you want bidders — go al'iur them by advertising. ossrni COUNTY ADVANCK TIII: Double feature, top-feed-opening and top-plate- lift combined—new, exclusive and original in the SOUTH H10NFD COMPANION. Either large size coal or large chunks of wood admitted to the fire box with perfect ease. Kxtra long fire takes 21-in. wood, has heavy linings air chambered all around; grate bars removable through range front. The usual grate frame is eliminated in this new design fire box. SOUTH BEND'S patented lock joint construction is used in the Companion range the same as in the higher priced De Luxe in all body joints, the oven bottom and flue bottom. This construction makes the tightest body known—quick to heat—saves fuel —holds fire amazingly—hakes perfectly. For Christmas purchase that range now for later delivery. THIS HKAUTIirh S. H. RANGE FOR ONLY $106.50 TERMS Kohlhaas & Spilies Hardware ALGONA, IOWA Trade is just simply wonderful. A month ago 1 was worrying because 1 feared I had over-bought on fall and winter goods. It now turns out that I will not have near enough. Seasonable goods are selling like hot cakes. The sad part for us is most of this merchandise was spot buys for cash and cannot be replaced at anywhere near the price. Men's corduroy sheep-lined coats we are selling at $4.98 can not be bought wholesale today for that price. Men's boot sox that we are selling for 25c can not be replaced. The head of a big department store offered us $2.65 a dozen. He would have taken them all. Boys' and girls' snow shoes at $1.25. No more at that price after our present stock is gone. This price is under mail order houses and everybody else on these shoes. Only 100 pairs left. Boys' and girls' sweaters, full zip, y 2 zip, button, pull-over, all styles and colors, the biggest bargain you ever saw at 73c. Rubber footwear is just a matter of getting more. Our 4-buckle men's rubbers at $1.98 are world beaters. Women's and children's rubbers at 39c a pair. I do not know where to find any more triple-stitched, all leather oxfords, sizes up to big 2 for boys and girls to retail at 98c. On men's overcoats it is just a matter of having your size. Whether you want a cheap coat or a way- up topnotcher our prices, are away below all competition. You never miss the water until the well runs dry. If this trade keeps up Neville's store may be out of certain merchandise, by Christmas week. People are buying early and buying as r they never bought before. They are not simply looking, they are buying. I am not running this ad to attract more trade. We have all we can handle. I am simply telling you of conditions as they exist this year and as you will find them if you are a late Christmas shopper. People have a buying complex this fall and stocks will be reduced long before ' Christmas week. Neville's store has a lot of very exceptional bargains. Good standard useful merchandise at very very low prices. I have scoured the market, looking for bargains and made many lucky buys. I have worked early and late and put lots of bang behind the ball v I am on economy road. The only money I spend is for coffee and cigars. I have cut out all donations except my yearly help for the kids every winter. I am putting every cent I can save into more values and bigger bargains for my customers. If I make any money this year it will be planted right liere in Algona. Giving employment, giving bargains that bring people back to town, and turning an old building on State street into a new brick is my way of helping to build up a town. Jimmie Neville THE SIIOK MAN CORONADO INCLINED PA A.C. A New Peak In Radio Vain SIMPLE—Touch Tuning, instantaneous and I BEAUTIFUL—Masterfully styled inhandnibMT! PERFORMANCE—Absolute fidelity in tonen QUALITY—Exceeds all ordinary quality s A radio that sets a new standard for perfonnainlj and simplicity of operation. Simply touch a Mid tog one of your six favorite stations and thatsliSsj stantly and automatically tuned for you. Canalsolil in the conventional manner whenever desirt' '• radio today with all these sensational new in • Electric Tuning Eye » All Wave—Three Band • Large Hand Rubbed Walnut Cabin* | • High Gloss Piano Finish ( • Large 8-inch Full Pot Speaker • Inclined Dial Panel • Beautifully Styled and Designed Liberal Allowance ?or Your Olif 5 CashPritt SlftS PER WEEK, PAYABLE WON Coronatio Arm Chair Model An Actual $50.00 Value This new Coronado arm chair model brings your favorite stations as close to you as your elbow. Beautiful modern cabinet design with bent Walnut Veneers and tasteful Walnut Inlay. Has an exclusive plate glass top—dust proof and stain proof. Large speaker and tone chamber brings tone qualities equal to console radios. R.C.A. li- ~ ~ censed. A. C. Model 690B. Cash Price $1.25 Per Week, Payable Monthly Coronado 8 Tube A.C. Console Beautifully styled cabinet. Has foreign reception, high fidelity, electric tuning eye, tone - selector and many other features. R.C.A. Licensed. Model 810B. Cash Price.., $1.25 Per Week, Payable Monthly CORONADO A. C. MANTEL $1315 N A $20.00 Value Exceptional tone quality, performance and style. Latest modern cabinet— has new easy tuning dial R.C.A. Licensed. Model 521. Cash Price R.C.A. Licensed Touch Tuning Coronado Mantel The newest in radio tuning. Never before found in a radio at this price. Simply touch a button and tune any of your six favorite stations perfectly and automatically. Beautiful modern Walnut Veneer cabinet. An Actual $35.00 Value. Model 645, A. C. Mantel.. S1.25 PER WEEK. PAYABLE MONTHLY Exclusive *'< An outstanding ra for greater ease. S No searching « station you are' ™ 'R.C.A. License^ CORONADO Battery-Operated Mantel A remarkable value in a low priced battery-operated radio that will give exceptional performance and economy of operation. Model 510A. Cash Price Complete With S1O OD Tubes and Batteries T tO«tf 3 $1.25 Per Week. Pav r.lnnUilv New Coronado Mantel Av ?iu.°° A new and different battery-operated radio. Six tube'performance. Greater undistprted output and economy of operation. Uses no "C" batteries and only -4 "B» batteries. ( Complete with tubes and i batteries. Cash Price. . . catteries ana $2195 BRIE N DIY STOFVE s 7 ^' OWNED" 3UD BARNAltl), Managing I'artuer ana U«iru«. SALPSHOOKS. ORDER BOOKS * I! II ill •?

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