The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
Page 8
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THE tJJPMH BUB MOlNJESt ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OGTQBflft 6, 1897, October Gloak Sale. We Challenge Comparison of our prices with all other houses in the northwest, During the month of October We will make special prices on Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Jackets, and Capes. JNO.GOEDERS. Dr. B. A* Camfield IS CURING THE DEAF. His Methods of Treatment Absolutely Restore Hearing. At Tentiant House, Octo 11. Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat treated scientifically and by modern methods and late discoveries known only to the most advanced men in medicine. New Methods C'uro. Dr. Camfleld says; " For eons of ages it has been handed down to posterity that persons deaf from heritage, from sickness, or other causes would remain deaf. But science and study of the human anatomy, particularly that of the nervous system, have developed methods for restoring hearing to the afflicted." " The methods I atn using-have resulted from the most thorough search of eminent teachers at the Chicago Eye and Ear College and Hospital and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary." "They are curing the'deaf at these institutions because the means now employed have the rational, legitimate, add unfailing j-esult of restoring the lost sense of hearing. Thousauds of people, who from age or disease were deprived of their hearing, Lave boon entirely cured, their hearing made as good as in youth, and it is not beyond the province of truth to state that 50 per cent, of the deaf ouu be relieved at one treatment and entirely cured in from one to four weeks by the now methods I am using. Tho Causa of neatness. By observation in every day practice a. have discovered that 75 per cent, of the deafness of the present generation is traced directly to catarrh in some form. I have relieved with one treatment, and perma nently cured in from one to four weeks, cases of years' standing. I make no excep tions, no matter how stubborn and deep- seated tho disease is. It has been my good fortune to have dis covered a method for the cure of this disease that NEVER FAILS. I can relieve the most radical case of catarrh in one minute and make a positive and permanent cure in from one to four weeks. brtb.o Dr. Camfleld pays particular attention to this important branch of medicine 1 surgery and is prepared with all the finest modern instruments to operate f _ tor thw relief of Cataract, Closure of the Pupil, Cross Eye, Closure of the Tear ;,- f Duct, Glaucoma, Iritis, Staphloma, Pterygium; and the Removal of Tumor and f Morbid Growths of every kind, i have the largest assortment of colsrs, sizes, and forms, and in the finest „.,.,,„' of Frenph and German Artificial EVes in this country, from which per' SQill selections may be made, or we will sehd an assortment by express, allow- |,jflg purchaser to select one or more and j^tiro the balance, thus assuring a per- attention given to'fitting: description by a NEW strain J» a are the hardes , wea,k and defective eyes of thai perfectly restores Jost eight, cures a,re ground tp. fit eaph fa perfepfc Jhat pan ' IB Will K mm f <p* IS A COMBINATION TICKET PABLBf POE THE LEGISLATtlBE, Democrats Endorse His Candidacy and Place Men in the Field for the County Officers. Representative J. M. FARLEY Treasurer L. c. SMITH Sheriff S. P. OHKISTENSBN Coroner A. H. VORWERK Svmervlsors J EDWARD KUNZ (supervisors ^ c A OLESON The democratic county convention divided honorS with the county fair last Wednesday. It was a great convention, apparently, but there were others. The populists and the free-silver republicans were also holding meetings in town, theirs being in the forenoon. The one thing upon which the combination seemed to be agreed was that J. M. Farley of Whittetnore should be the nominee for the legislature. When the democrats met in the afternoon the following was presented to the convention as coming from the free-silver republicans: ALQOXA,' Sept. 29.—To the chairman of the democratic county convention: You arc hereby notified that the free-silver republicans of the county, in mass convention, have unanimously chosen Mr. J. M. Farley as a. candidate for representative from the eighty-third district. By resolution of this convention your convention is requested to endorse his nomination. A similar communication came from the populists, tho full import being as follows: Resolved, That we heartily and unaui mously endorse the candidacy of .T. M. Farley of Whittemoro for the office of representative of the eighty-third district of Iowa, and pledge him our earnest and undivided support. Resolved, By the populists of Kossuth county iu convention assembled, that we deem it inexpedient to make any nominations for county offices to bo filled at the coming November election, but pledge an earnest support to free silver candidates for all offices. Then Iho democrats wont to work and endorsed Mr. Parley for representative. They also nominated L. C. Smith for treasurer, S. P. Christensen for sheriff, A. H. Vorwerk for coroner, and Ed. Kunz and G. A. Oleson for supervisors. Somebody suggested Horace Mann as the proper person to have the nomination for county superintendent. This brought Mr. Mann to his feet. Though ho was secretary of the convention and stood close to tho chairman, he made several ineffectual attempts to attract the attention of tho chair before ho was recognized. Then he said that it would bo wholly impossible for him to accept the nomination, and finally the place was left vacant, with authority for the county chairman to put a name on the ticket for that office if he can find anybody who will have it. The nomination of a candidate for surveyor was also loft for the chairman to fill.' Thon tho convention adjourned and all hands went the fair. to be sure, but Algona should not postpone such improvement much longer. Dtbers are beginning to call us old- fashioned. If the Algona wheelmen want to make fast time they must fit up a track of their own and cover it with cinders and not allow horses to be run upon it. Cinders make the best track next to boards. Mason City is said to have the fastest bicycle track in the west. The Des Moines track is covered with :lay, and is good. Word reaches here that Miss Lela Hulbert died Sept. 23, only a short time after the family reached California. It will be remembered that the removal to the coast was made largely on account of her health, but the change proved of no benefit. The physicians there said hers was a case of quick consumption. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Robinson, who live just west of town, died Thursday from an attack of typhoid fever. Her age was 11 years. The funeral on Saturday was largely attended and the remains brought to Algona for burial. The family have the sympathy of a very large circle of friends and acquaintances. John Reed is packine his household goods and expects to become a citizen of Des Moines before the end of the week. As the time approaches for his leave-taking he begins to realize more fully what it means to break tho ties of old association, and confesses to some regret as he thinks seriously of the matter. Geo. Williams closed a deal Saturday by which he becomes owner of tho M. Bronson residence property, near the Adventist church. Ho gets possession about Nov. I, and will make various needed improvements in the property. Then it will' make him a comfortable home. Mr. Bronson goes soon to California to reside in future. Itis said that Vet McChesney thought the bike would be an easy winner against the Corey pony until after ho rode in the race with Guy Scott on the tandem. After that ho changed his mind, though he went the next day on a single wheel against the Forest Rice pony. After that race, which was run in 15:19, Forest Rico said he ran his pony faster than that every clay after the cows. L. F. Hudson says he will defend, in tho suit which Schu & Waterhouse have brought against him, so far as the damage part of it is concerned. He offers to give up the "Sportsman's Game" label and not use it any longer, but he wants to retain the " L. F, Hudson's Game" label. Perhaps a compromise may be reached in view of this, by which all parties may be satisfied. At the close of the fair last Friday evening the Wesley cornet band lined up in front of THE UPPER DES MOINEI office and produced one of the best they had in stock. It was a courtesy fully appreciated by this paper, and helps us to say—what is the absolute fact— that the boys play good music anc play it well. Now if they will all vote tho republican ticket straight this fal we will risk a suit for bribery by promising to give them even a bettei notice than this. THE LOCAL FIELD. Tho death of August Steil, brother ol Joe Steil of Algona, occurred at his homo east of town, on Monday, of typhoid fever. The funeral was held at the Catholic church in Prairie today. Deceased was 18 years of ago. and wa sick but a few days. « The ladies of the Congregational Sowing society cleared about $130 on the grounds during the fair. They fed people well and gave them enough to eat. The Presbyterian ladies also served meals, but no report of their receipts has come to this paper. A team from Company F will go to Emmetsburg on the 12th for a friendly contest on tho range. Teams from other companies will also be there, and Emmetsburg will entertain the visitors with a banquet at the close. No doubt it will prove tin interesting occasion. A note to this paper says: The pleasant expression worn by C. Dau ol Union during tho fair was not altogether owing to the premiums on his stock, but was duo in part to a grand- daughter at Herman Dau's on tho Tuesday before and a grand-son at Max Dau's the Saturday before. While it is no doubt true that a good deal of bad whiskey was punished during the three big- days of the fair, it was nevertheless notably true that very little drunkenness was apparent. Those who were looking for an eclipse of the sun through the bottom of a bottle kept wctll in the background. Marsh Stephens tells the news re porter that he has exchanged tho balance of his stock of goods at Crystal Lake for the farm upon which Gorman Valley is located. This makes him a town site .proprietor, and he is only waiting for a railroad through that section to boom, hia new purchase. Mrs. L. Nelson died Saturday, and the funeral exercises were held at the Methodist church on Monday. Deceased was 50 years of age, and had been an invalid for over a year. She was a resident of Algona about eleven years. She was a sister of Mrs. J. P. Foh'lln, and a woman of many splendid qualities. Three copies of tl\o new code have reached Algona, one each for the auditor, clerk, and county attorney. The new volume is the largest code ever issued in Iowa, and contains 2,362 pages, Other county officers entitled to copies will be soon supplied, and then the work of reading up on the many change's will begin. W. H. Ingham, while out in Washington, met our old-time Methodist minister, Kev. J. H. Todd, whom be found on a ranch, full of vigor and populism. The doughty has had a checkered career since leaving here, some 25 years ago, fully as much so, perhaps, as he had while saving sinners in tiUs town, Our town is admittedly a little slow in some respects. The horseless carriage wen were sadly in need of electric storage when they got here, and even hinted that they would not have If they had known wehwl no lights. f-4 L '. WANTED—Competent girl for gen era! housework. MRS. C. E. DAVENPORT. EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 karat. 6 DlNGLEY & PUGH. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Bert Lewis was down from Arm strong for the fair. Misses Eva and Kate Lantry are home from a very pleasant visit of 8 month in Minneapolis. Frank Nicoulin has gone to southerr Minnesota to look after some lane matters in which he is interested. G. H. Peek is home from his Now York state visit. He reports the Capt Bailey family well and prosperous. Geo. Millen was up from Marshall town and was a familiar figure during the fair. George used to live in Al gona. Miss Myrtle Nicoulin arrived home from Minneapolis last Thursday. She has been visiting there for 'severe" weeks. Harvey Ingham is at Iowa City this week in attendance upon a meeting o the board of regents of the state "uni versity. E. Wright, now on his farm neat Spencer, was a visitor in Algona during the fair. He is doing well in his new location. Frank Benjamin has been a visitoi here for a few days, He now lives in Minneapolis and is in the employ o Donaldson's glass block store. Lawrence Horan Was culled to Monroe, Wis., last week by the death o. his father, who has been very low foi over a year. The old gentleman was 74 years old. Wilbur Quick has abandoned type setting for photography, and is engaged with Church & Co. in taking views of farm property. He expects to go south with the company the coming winter. D. A. Haggard attended a reunion of his old regiment at Manchester lasl week. Out of over 1,000 men who weni into the service in his regiment 135 were at the gathering, which he reports was in every way very enjoyable. They hope to meet in Dubuque two years hence on the anniversary of theii being mustered in, I?or Sale. Two improved farms 4J miles west 01 Algona, J60 acres in eaph, for sale cheap, time to suit purchaser, Call on C. J. Poxsee, Algona Iowa.-17tf; THE excellent crops 'this year have given an impetus to farming that has not been experienced for some time. Central Minnesota has felt the effects as much or more than any other section of the, northwest, and hundreds'^ farmers have taken advantage of the Right now is the tittle to Buy Hard Coal while the price is at the bottom notch. It will be higher before long, I shall be able to sell and deliver the best hard coal, also all grades of SOFT COAL at the best figures to be had in the market. See me before '' you buy. I will make it to your interest to do so. A. H. NAUDAIN. priced but splendid lands being offered for sale by the Northern Pacific Railway company. See twlvertisement in another column.—28tl3 FINE new line of dress trimmings, all the newest things, just received. Goo. L. GALBRAITH & Co. One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, §1. All work warranted. E, G. BOWYEB. Per Month Salary. A few energetic ladies and gentlemen wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, 18m3 FRED LAX, Colo, Iowa. WE don't carry filled, plated nor ten- cent rings; but wo have the finest line of solid gold rings at lowest prices. 20 E. G. BOWYER. G. M. JOHNSON is headquarters for Birdsell, Moline, and Milburn wagons. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Two hundred men's and boys' caps at 25 cents; worth 40 and 50 cents at Goedors'.-29t2. Milwaukee Excursion Rates. Excursion tickets are now sold at reduced rates to Spirit Lake and Okoboji by the Milvvauke line. Tickets for tho exposition at Nashville, Tenn., May I to Oct. 31, are sold at 80 per cont. of full fare. One Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, Chas. J. Doxsee, •A-Tostracts, Estate, and. Offlce In Geo. 0. Call Building. Ladies' Fine Shoes, Ladies' Medium Fine Shoes, Ladies' Heavy Every-day Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Children's Shoes, Men's Fine Boots and Shoes, Men's Medium Boots and Shoes, Men's Heavy Every-day Boots and Shoes, Boys' Boots and Shoes, All kinds of Footwear, at The Shoe Merchants, Algotw, {owa. Flfte JBepaMag a#a pujtoju wpj*. PROFESSIONAL. ' t -^ %k ^^-^^^'*-^^^S-^^->^^^^^^ rf -N - ^ rf ^. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DAMSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Offlce over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fei'Kuson bljck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. O. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algoua, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa. DR, MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence In Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D, D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, lowl. DENTIST, A,L; RIST'' D. D. S. Loc,al anaflSfltolc foi deadening pain In gums wten extracting teeth. NOTICE!.' IN THE DISTRICT- COURT OF KOSSlJTti; County, Iowa-Til the Matter of the Estate of C. L. Lund, deceased— In Probate. - Notice Is hereby given that In pursuance of an order of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, made July 5, A. D., 1807, the undersigned will offer at public auction, on the S8d clay of October, A. r>., 1807, all the right, title, and Interest the estate of d. L. Lund has In the following described real estate, said sale to be one-half cash and one-half on one year's time on approved security at seven per cent. per annum : The north one-half of the southwest quarter and the southeast Quarter of the southwest quarter, the south one-half of the worthwest quarter except the right-of-way of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad. In Section Six, the west one-half of the northwest quarter of Section Seven, the east one- half of the northeastquarter of Section Seven, the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section Bight, the south one-half of the northwest quarter and the north one^half of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section Seventeen, all in Township Ninety five, Range Twenty-eight, west of the. Fifth P. M. ; the east one-half of the southeast quarter of Section One, the northeast quarter and the east one-half of the northwest quarter of Section Twelve, all in Township Ninety-.. fl-ve,|5ajlge Twenty-nine, west of the Fifth P. M, Saia sale to commence at Z o'clock pi TO- pn'sald day at the east door of the court house ia Algbna, KosButh county, Iowa, For further particulars address theunaer- gaed at Algona, Iowa. " twf J3tb AcUnJnia'ftfoy ol the J5stat« ej D. L, J<ug& fSlM.ji^^l^.f&ij.fJa.^jA-it^ ,!ii,. J, l {..A'A4fa&4S.£,,iiy*Sl'!

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