The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
Page 7
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HPJr^K BIB MOittBB: ALOOffA,. 1W A, Mick (writing)—"Dear Bridget: If I ain't back before I comes, I shall arrive as soon as I get there, so mind and don't miss me when we meet." How TO KEEP EttiiitntnRREu ENS BRIGHT AXI> FRESH. That hand work on wash materials is fnt- more desirable than on silk nnd velvet, KO popular a few year? ago. cannot be doubt- ea, yet many women complain that the colors fftde nnd din^n so soon thnt tho work is labor thrown owny. But this is nn error, for if properly hnitiilriorl. wash Mlksmay be kept fresh" and bright tmtit i!l e B . rt . lcles th «y tulorn are past usefulness. J he doing of tho embroidery is no daintier work than that ot keeping it ingoml order, and only by doing it f lc rself can the tasty woman hare her fancy linens kept bright and pretty. "When ready to ilo the work, select n bright day, Jill a Rtuall tub nearly full of worm water anil add a little Ivory soap to mnke unds, put eai-h pict'O in jiiul wash rarefully. After each article is clean, rinse in slightlv blue water, to which a little thin storch is added, wr'ng and hang in the shade. When dry. sprinkle, fold, snd let. stand hnlf an hour. Iron on tho wrong side, pressing down heavily to ihrow out tlio stitches of the embroidery, thus restoring tlioir original beauty. KM7,A It. PAKKEIU ffABM (AND GARbEN. MATTERS OF INTEREST AGRICULTURISTS. TO . OCTOBER g. MEANS MONEY MADE. You cannot ndvertise money ont of people's pockets all the time :you limy do it no w nml then, but if you don't give them some- tbingof absolute merit in return, advertising will never prove successful. The kind of advertising that pays is advertising n good thiue. As it hhs the merit people will use it again and again. Never has it been lietter illustrated than in the great success of Cascarets, randy cathartic, that we have been lately advertising in this paper. All DruegistK'call Cascarets repeaters, tbat is, people buy them, like them, and buy them jtgniii and recommend them to thoiririends. Ciiscaret.s are guaranteed to cure constipation or money refunded, and are a delightful laxative and liver stimulant: the best medicine ever made. Wo recommend all our rentiers to try them. In Chicago. Some Up-to-Date Hints Abont CttHlrn- tlon of the Soil nnd Yields Tliftrfiot— Itort.lcultnre, Viticulture anil Hoil- cultnro. Stranger—"There's the largest chunk of coal I ever saw." Chlcagoan—"That's not coal—that's of our purest ice." The Ureek census has been completed and the kingdom is found to have a population of !?,485.800, uu increase of 11 per cent iu eight years. 1S1OO Kewnrd, JS1OO. The readers of Ibis paper will be pleaded to learn thai there is at least one dreaded disease that science lias boeu able 10 cure in all its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is this only iiositive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a. treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken i internally, acting- directly upon the. blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength !iv building lip the constitution and as- Bisting; nature In dolntr its work. J he proprietors have so much faith in iU curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any capo that it tails to cure. Send for list of Testimonials. Address F. J. CHUNKV & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists 75c. ^ Hall's FamilyJfMlls ar_ejho_best. When the queen goes abroad she always has a couple of fire extinguishers sent; in advance and fitted up in. the bouse iu which she is to reside. '•My wife can always tell when I hnvo been drinking," observed Margo, .-and tbo worst of it is isho always does tell." The Creek Indians of Oklahoma hnvo dc- cidell that the sniuiws sball not vote. Her Fainting Feint. Bob—T!:at prim old maid fainted at the sight of a snake this morning. Rob—But ] thought she said she was not afraid of sunkiN. Bob—Nunhn't. She fniuted when one o£ the gentlemen nillod it a littlo garter. Ills Yiillil Incuse. "Why did you shoot, this uinn through the leg!" asked tlio judge "It \viis nil a mistake, .indue,'' said Alkali Ike. "You sci'. my gun hung tire an' 1 WIIK sliootin' on this down throw.' 1 LAST MONTH Of tho ToniH'HHce Ontpiiiilnl nnd Inilns- Irial Imposition. The month ot October closes this groat pst of nil Kxpofitioiis over held iu tho Sor.tli. nnd next to lln> (Ailmubiuii, the bent, ever held i<\ tins rmintry. For the '/losing month, hpcc'inl atlructii.ii» liuvo licen arrange;!, und t!n> rates Iroin all parts of tho conulry have 1 eon nindu lower thiiu ever before' known. Tho location (Nashville. Teun.) is on tlm main lini> of the Louisville & Js'uiilivillii llailroad. directly ou its through ci:r route lirvwcen Die North anil South, and tho tri|> in eitlier direction viu that city can lie made in cheaply, if not cheaper, than via :iny other route. Ask your tici;ot agent foi» rates, or write, to '('. P. At more, (,'oiiernl i'nssciiger Age:;t, Louisville. Ivy.. !'ur nites iind information Doing good is the only certainly happy action of a- man's li!;e.—Sidney. Tlio German emperor's imperinl train cost SKiiO.dlK) and of Uie twelve cars two are nursery carriages. Try Grnin-O. Ask your grocer to-day to show you a package of G.UA1N-O, the new food drinlc that tiikcs l,hc place, of coffee. The children may drink it without injury sis well as tlio adult. All who try it like it. U RAIN-O has that rich, seul brown of ^locha or .lava, but it is made from pure grains, and the most, delicate stomach receives it. without distress. ,'4 the price of coffee. 15 cents anil 2". cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like coffee. Looks like cotYoe. The value of the churches und tlio Umd on which they are erected in this country up to July i, IS',)!', is estimated ut ?!)SO,000,- OUU. Vegetable .Sicilian does for the hair just what its name says it does—it renews it. Fading, falling, thin locks are stimulated to look fresh and new by its «se; nature does the rest. Head tlio Aclvcrlisunients. You will enjoy this publication much better ill you will get into the' bubit of rending' the advertisements. They will afford a most interesting-, study and will put yon in the way of; getting 1 some excellent bargains. Our advertisers :u-6 reliable, they send what they advertise. Uy till! IJottll!. Ethel—Who was the man you just bowed to? Penelope—That was Uobson, the great composer. Kthel—A composer, did you sayj Penelope—Yos. Uo manufactures soothing- syrup. Sues' Machine Movomoiits—Copyrighted, 1 807. "Fake" Cotton riant. ECENTLY there nppenrctl in tttc N. Y. Sun what purported to bo a telegram from Atlanta, Ga., telling of a wonderful n o 11 o n plant that had been introduced from equatorial Africa nnd was to revolutionize the cotton growing Industry of the world, n was a most marvelous plant, towering to the height of tv/cnty feet and covered with a mass of downy cotton balls. The man In Georgia that is growing it would sell seeds as low as five cenls apiece. The Farmers' Review sent the clipping to the Georgia Experiment station, nnd received a reply in the line it expected, namely that tho .so-called wonderful plant was merely a very ordinary cotton plant that was probably palmed off on the present Georgia enthusiast by some local joker. Below we give the letter. Parenthetically we would caution our readers against believing any of the wonderful yarns that are constantly appearing In tho daily press about new agricultural plants of great value. The propagators are simply using the gullible city reporters to help advertise some worthless thing that they hope to make money out of by sales at fabulous prices. The letter follows: Experiment, Ga., August, 28, 1S97. Editor Farmer's Review, Chicago, 111. I have yours of the 26th this a. m., enclosing clipping from a Chicago paper. In reply to your letter I beg to say that the article has simply a naked basis In fact—something to build upon. There Is a gentleman named Jackson, who runs a small farm near Atlanta, and who is engaged in booming a HO- called African variety of cotton, etc., etc. After some difficulty I succeeded in getting a few seeds of the cotton, of undoubted purity, and have now in progress an elaborate, competitive test, including 21 varieties of cotton, embracing most of our popular, prolific varieties, seeds of which are easily obtainable at from 50 cents to $1.50 per bushel. So far I note nothing peculiar in the cotton. The plants have an upright habit of growth, and the fruit Is produced on short fruit spurs, each containing from two to five bolls. Usually there is one or more long side branches that proceed out from the main stem near the ground. This habit, however, is not so very remarkable. In fact it so happens that one of the varieties planted in tho competitive test, and in rows adjacent to this "wonderful" cotton is very similar to the latter, but not growing so tall. At the close of the season I will make an exhaustive report of the test, which will be published in bulletin form. At present there is no indication that the yield will be even equal to the average yield of the other 20 varieties. A few bolls have already opened and show a staple of fair length and fineness, but not comparable to Soa Island cotton. There is now no possibility o! any material Improvement in the conditions and promise of any of the varieties. In other words the crop is practically "made," and the final results will be practically the 'same (relatively) as are now indicated. Very truly, R. J. REDDING, Director. 'p.S.—The claim that the variety of cotton belongs to a different genus cannot, for a moment, be allowed. It is not even of a new epedes, but simply a variety of Gossypiuin herbaceum, and very probably of local (domestic) origin. transform to pupae within the body ot their host, froth which they finally emerge by cutting a round hole through the body of the louse. Close examination of a colony o! most any louse will reveal several yellowish or brownish remains of individuals which have succumbed to parasitism. The preda- CPOUS insects live by actually feeding upon the lice. The ladybirds or ladybugs are, by far, the most important factors in the destruction of plant lice, as both the adults and young feed ravenously upon them. There is a notion prevalent in some parts o! the state that ladybirds. In some way or other, produce plant lice. Natural laws will not permit such a state of affairs. Like begets like in the insect world just as persistently as it does in the higher animals. The progeny of a ladybird is always a ladybird like the parent Insect. The young of the ladybird, however, looks very . different from the adult. In fact, the young of some species resemble minute alligators In general appearance, and are gaily colored. They feed almost entirely upon soft bodied insects. Among other insects that feed upon plant lice, the young of the Syrphus fly must be mentioned here. In nearly every colony of lice these little slug-like worms or larvae can be seen. They move about, raising their heads high in the air, and striking here ami there. Whenever an unlucky louse Is touched it is seized, held aloft until its juices have been sucUcd out, when Its empty skin is cast abide, and the worm seeks others. Bulletin 4S, Maryland Experiment Station. Ponsonby—"No, live by my wits should have " Ella—"Died in infancy." I don't have to exactly, or else I A tfew *tereey Woman Her Gratitude to Mfs. Pinkham for Relief. t, /'-- The llltinn. This is a synonym for that " gloomy. Ttar- condition o"( the mind whioh has . its origin in dyspepsia. All the tigly thttt. utidef theiintne of the 'Woes,' ----devils." "megrims."' nnd "rtiirtilf?fnb'v' tor- uieat the df sceptic: almost censolewilj". van- lull when attained wiHi Hoslettur'H Btoia- nch Bitters, that, moreover, anninllatCH biliousness, constipation, chills und fovor, kidney cotnplitluts an I uervouBliefis. Woman'* Inhumanity to Mnn. New Woman—Blniply liecatwe a woman marries a man IE no reason why une (should ttxlte his name. , Old Bachelor—ThBt'« BO. The poor foi- low ought to be allowed to keep souiotuiiiK hecotilil call his own. Our Klouilyke Bhocn ore a gilt edge Hue, nud every gentleman should fee them before buying. They arc tho best line we have ovei* offered. A«K vour dealer for them, nud you will get the best as well as tlio latest style shoo in the market. Beutley & OlniBted, wlioleRiile boots, slioosaud rubbers, Dos SloincH, Iowa. A retired old sailor in Hivruswell, Me., haw indoseil his front yard with a fence made of tho swords of swordflHu, and A peculiar case came up before a judge in the county of Huron, Out., in which the methods of a professional grafter were under examination. According to a report of the trial it appeared that Cooke of Clinton applied to Murdock, a farmer near Bruceileld, to get grafting to do. Murdock asked his terms: Cooke said 5 cents a graft to insure, or 3 cents each, cash, and take your chance, says Michigan Farmer. Murdock said, go on; and Cooke grafted thirty-four trees, putting on, so he said, 3,400 grafts, at 3 cents each, ?102. Murdock was staggered, but paid ?20 on account, and then got some expert evidence, this evidence being that from 600 to 800 grafts were all that should have been put in. He therefore, when sued, paid $5 more into court, making $25 with the sum previously paid Cooke, and fought it out. At the trial an armful of limbs from the orchard was brought Into court, and it was shown that grafta hail been put in decaying and broken limbs, and, in fact, everywhere a graft would stick, more for the purpose, as tho judge said in dismissing the action, of running up a bill than fov giving the best results in fruit. The judge said that the ?25 which Murdock had paid was enough, and dismissed the action with costs. HOG CHOLERA'_ANTI~TOXINE, For the I'reveiitton nnd C»ro of lion Ctiolern. 1'rnunrcrt from tliu blood or hovsos Immunized tiKulnst lliu bucllll of HOK I'holom. \Vo Kimr- iintce 10 euro tho dlscaso, nltio 10 Im .iinUto orswlneniittinst lion cholurn lnfe«'<«"- ycm kindly allow me," Miss Mary B. Saidt to Mrs. Pinkham, "the pleasure of expressing my grati* tndc for the wonderful relief I hate e*perienced by taking yoiir Coifipmlfaa? I suffered for a long time with nervous prostration nud general debility* caused by falling of the womb. It seemed asthough my back vronld aever stopach" ing* IcmiltJ not sleeps 1 t, had «i«ll , headaches. Iwas weary alltiietiftui, and life was* biirden to riie. I sought the seashore for relief, but all in vain. On my return I resolved to give your medicine a trial. I took two bottles tvtid was cured. I can cheerfully state, if more ladies would only giyo your medicine n fair trial they would .bless the day they sawlhoadvertiscraeiit, anil there would l>c happier homes I mean to do all 1 can for you in the future. I havo you alone to thank for my recovery, for which I am very grateful. —Miss 1,1 AKV B. HAiirr. Jobstown, M. j^ IH'lCiH CM nWHIU liuuinaii »»«H »•"*"•-»•• This preparation is a Hclcntlflo OHO mul Is ivs cfteotWo in IIOKS us Dlplhcrlllc AiUltoxlnotain children. We invllo tlio uttoiilloii of breeders of flno hoi7H Km- further pnrtlculiirn nUdress "N"). T. MI1.MKKN & CO., Uuctcrlologic Do- pni'tment, st ^_L l0n l^:.A''! In liVUnpafr ofxhooi made iu England cost ton pence. Thirty women are employed by the United States us lighthouse keepers. Ihe.r ^romS-IOO.toSI.-lOO, WILL ICEEP YOU DRY. J Don't "o fooled with a mackintosh I or rubber coat. If you wanta coat 1 that will keep you dry In the liaril- jest storm buy the l-ish Branil 1 Slicker, If not for sale in your | town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER. Boston, Alasr v , Wo herewith show a sketch of a famous invention which netted the inventor u fortune, the device- being the. now well known and universally used laxy-tong gate. The patent expired soriif time ago. and every one may now use this device. \Ve further show an internal grooved mangle wheel, by means of which an irregular movement is imparted to a small pinion. The remaining Hgure shows a crown and pinion through which a variable speed may be imparted to the crown gear by virtue of the shaft being eccentrically secured thereto. Inventors and nuuiu- 'acturers desiring free information as .o patents may obtain the same in ad- Iressing Sues & Co., patent experts mil lawyers, l!ce Building, Omaha, N'cbruslca. Wonderful r::c cent. Nickel Steel Tubing, patent flush joints, improved crank shaft mechanism, and dust proof bearings are what help to make i$97 Columbia* STANDARD OF THE WORLD. to all alike. A good deal better than any except Qolumbias, $50, $45, $40. POPE MFG. CO., HARTFORD, CONN. Jf Columbia are not properly r e pr«errfed In your vicinity, let us know, MlulilKuii Fruit Orowiu'K The fruit-growers at Pent water, Mich., have taken the initiative step to protect their interests in the way of handling fruits. A stock company has been organized with a capital of $5,000, the management to make contracts with strictly reliable dealers in such a way as to protect the growers. A detective service is contemplated to in- vesligale all complaints of unfair treal- menl of shippers and cause for complaints by the commission dealers against the fanners for any sharp or underhand practice on the part of the shipper. To make the work of the company effective, farmers are being organized into local unions. The local unions report the names of their members to the company and pay over a membership fee of one dollar each. The secretary of the local union ascertains the number of acres and condition of the different kinds of fruit to be shipped. All these facts will be recorded by the company's secretary, who will designate • the markets to * which shipments should be made from each local union, so that none shall go to an over-stocked market. The company is determined to secure the beat prices possible for union members, who are to pay one dollar each every three months to the company, in order to continue its beneficiaries. Several strong local unions have been organized in Mason and Oceana counties.— Michigan Fruit Grower. Kneiulus of I'lunt J.lce. Plant Hce, like most Insects, have certain natural enemies that tend to keep them In check. Prominent among these are the parasitic and predaceous Insects. The former aye very minute creatures, resembling wasps, which usually lay their eggs tipcro the lice, These eggi hatch in|p small maggots, which enter the bodies of the lice, where they feed. UP.OW tlje body Juices until tbey are full grown, They tben, Poor Clover Sect!. Crimson clover is a "pernickitty" kind of plant, with very well defined notions of its own about where it will or will not grow, says Western Farmer. Sometimes when It seems to have every facility it does not amount to anything. Nothing but experiment shows, in many cases, whether crimson clover can be successfully grown. It should be added, though, that the poor quality of clover seed so often on the market has also a great deal to do with the poor clover observed in some localities. Whether farmers are careless and indifferent, or whether some of them deliberately put on the market seed that they know to be unreliable, is a matter for individual decision; but certain it is there is more clover seed of poor quality than almost any other staple on the market. The price commanded for clover seed Is always good, and buyers are entitled to get what they pay for. Inspecting Nursery Stock.—State Entomologist Johnson of Maryland, says the Baltimore American, is Inspecting the nurseries of the Stute, 32 in number, with over 5,000,000 trees, under the new law guarding against diseases and insects. About 2,900,000 trees and vines have been inspected, certificates given, and the work will be completed about Oct. 1. On the whole, nursery stock is in prime condition, San Jose scale was located in three nurseries, but believed to be completely destroyed. In two instances about 3,000 fruit trees near by, infested with the pest, were dug up and burned. All trees in neighboring blocks were treated with hydrocyanic acid as soon as dug. Opposition to this work, at first shown by some nurserymen, IB now disappearing.—Ex. KiilnrlcK rnuge from : 1'roo to llomcseclinr*. Illustrated Iilnho literature sout free to liomeseokors. Write 1). R. Cnrrior, JM ]j« Hulle Avo., Uhieago^Ill. Limt your \v»s uuutmnlly fiitul to United Btiites I'musiouiM's. !U,HIH> of them dioil. PJKO'K Cure for (.'oiiKUiuption lias beau a Hod-wend to inc.—Wm. B. McClcllun. flics- tor, Kloridu, Sept. 17, 1S1O. .More people over 10.) yours ola nro found In mild climutos tlum in the liiirliin' l«ti- Ullll.'K. <;'ue~* C»I1H>> Hatliltnl h Uie olilenl ami bent. H will Im-uli up a i-olil nulukci than nnyllilnic ulnu. U It) nlwuvn vcllubln. Try U. Mont lives which Uirn out a I'nihiro do it from the simple lack of uionil courage.— J'lieodore L. Cuyler. pl T sl'ormniiiintl.vCure(l.:;iinuorii(!i'vou«ncssn.ric(i llrVt. day's IIFTO of Dr. Kline'u Urniil, Krjrvo KtfHturor. Keml r.M-FUEK 8:J.<>» trial holl,l.i iiml trmitiijo. Jill. U. 11. KI.INK, I.UI.,!I31 Arcli St.. 1'lMluduliiliiii, 1 u. A storekeeper m Biitli, Me., keeps his ({ruin in liomiock chests, because rats iiov- guuw hemlock. Mm. AVInnl«HV'HHootliIiiK H.yniji por«'liilili-uiitoi!llilintKofti!iiiitliiiKUiii».i-i'ilii< i wIiine.iii luatlon,ulluyu imlu.curen wluUcullu. M <wnu u Ijutuu. The prices ot food arc rising >'» Wtmin. owiuv; to tlie steady depreciation o'i silver nml tho pnpur currency. •J'O CUIU5 A C'OI-I> IN ONK DAY. TaliO Ijiixntivo Bromo Quliilno Tui)li:W. All sturolund tlio money if It falls loourc. -J5o "Build In-day and strong nud sure With u 11 nil nml ample limo, And iiKcending and sucuro Bliull to-morrow find its place." Mrs. Loiigdtreet, tlio youug brldo of Oen, Lougstroet. has hiuco her m^rrlngo retired from tbo content tor the position of stttto librarian of Goorgiti^ _______ For him it IB u Koiiice good / Who ttiUos OOBO UK a gukle To UiiiiU of all tlio thiugH bo would | Have done if. ho bad tried. Tlio romaliiH of a Uomou military hospital and 11 number ol! KUrgicol inntnimeiitH have rocoutly been, fottud near /urlcli, Swit'/.orlaiul. ^ Clvrr* n.»^l Uuck Fcntlior rillow", Hi>(l», lliilnU-riiiinil CadliloiiB. Write fofprlttst. " iliert'o..U»0 W«lnutW» Vni: Icitr'i ail nnout Vn. T,ftndR l)y reading Vlfiflnln Variner. Kenil Wo for""lii'w. 1 si:b.«i-li>tlon. t'JUXEii Co., limporla,_\»- SIOOto$l50aMonlli.^^gi \Vrlti- todny^ror purlieu lorn. J'EA^ltCJi^& CO., SotyourPeaston IDOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Ponslon AECM,_1 30cto$1.00 flg| fi Pieces at... Basw Send 10c lor Trial Order. Vocal or In- strumenliil CatalomiB FREE. Wtaasor Music Co.. 215 wabashAv., Chlcato. WHAT TO T1KB. « . __ WHAT IT COSTS. • Slufttnvr IJiiLen, lllH.'inl'OK, 1'mclli'nl tiUvli-.f, All In mir pninplilvl. " YUKON POJNTJJRS," ' "- l.nlil I" «")' acldriMW fur 6O CeiitN. Arvtiv J*iil>liK)iiiiti (Jo., Senttlfi rMORPHlNt and WHISKY HABITS. 110MB I'UJKE. Hook KB1IE. Oil. J. <^ 1 Win'JUN, UihMlaB'ite.1 CtllCAHOtllil^ ff^Tn'Jn^irAic^^' NEWDISCOVERY:«I«« B jB&ffilLwSr^Sil • iiiilrliiwllof»iKlcuru»wor»« ,^ sJSl fur boS: «" t.-ininunlalH nn-l 1O llliyB' 1.r,-u^ SiMiil :'. t.l->mi»« fot' mHtnlloii lilauli. Ad W. N. U. DCS Molnes. No. 41—1897. mention tbls paper. Butter from Queensland.—Queens land, the very holiest of the Australian colonies, recently shipped GO tons of butter to the English market und sold it at the highest price going there. It-was raised on the Darling downs, a high grade pastoral district, and taken home in cool compartmenla, where it was kept at an even temperature of 30 degrees, but not fro/eni—Ex. If you get a case of roup destroy the bird at once and disinfect the premises. Examine every other bird and it any sign of the disease be seen lull all such birds. Sometimes the disease is only shown by some transparent phlegm In the slit at the roof of the mouth. If you trifle with it the whole flock may be lost. Two Specialties.—Two specialties upon the farm fit well in with each other—dairying and market garden,* ing The manure from well feil cattle can he used in no better way than by applying it to a, good vegetable garden., and in time much may l>e utilised from the garden to supplement the feeding of the cows.—Ex. If jpafture Is tp orchard, tfcis fal), U till %ll?r WE ARK ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE OU' THE WORD " CASTOBIA," AND "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," AS OUR TKADE MARK. I DR SAMUEL PITCHER, of By'minia, Massachusetts, was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA/^fre same that has borne and docs now s^jf ZLff^J^#^' °' fr cveru bear the fae-simile signature of C^^^£O^^ wrapper. This is the ordinal "PITCHER'S CASTQRIA," which has been used in, tho homes of tho mothers of America for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY at tho ivrapper andseethat it is the Und you have always bought Sljf S/&?-+^£~' ° n ill& ' •- — - f J »J jfnr f. £f* J* Jtr *AM . wrap._. ,.^ Signature of****?****** per. No one has authority from me to lose my name except The Centaur Company of which Chas, H. Fletcher is President. f)jfl\ / <$*jt~^ -n March 8, .1897,' (^6^^-^t^ Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may oiler you (because he makes a few more pennies on it), the ingredients of which evert, he does not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bought" , DEARS THE FAOSIMILE SIGNATURE OF Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You, IMC C(NT»UR COMMNV. 7T OTBttT. NEW VOKK CIT<. Guns AMMUNITION, POWDER, SHOT, HUNTING SUITS, SHELLS LOADED TO ORDER. HAND LOADED SHORELESS POWDER SHELLS, $2 per IOQ, W Y> , 4V SPORTING GOODS, - - TflCllLE, TENTS, CHMP6US' OUTFITS, BOflTSftNP QflNQES. »I FOtfT BflLL, GOLF, oVMNftSIUM COOPS, CTO., ETC, Nineteen styles of Cameras; Plates, Films, So» Hitions, Developing and Printing Papers,- etc. aOBBER S ^ D D F R°^ A |l A ^ CUE - 6l»-630 LOCUST ST.. PES ',v#2 ?mS. a.V URE YOURSELF! an UlS <W f»r unmiturol fe

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