Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1937 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
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THE WEATHER Nov. 22-Nov. 27, Inclusive—Considerable snow llke-ly, temperatures mostly below normal, though somewhat warmer early In week. ALGONA, IOWA. TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 23, 1937 10 Pages 80 Columns GIRL SUFFERS BOTH LEGS BRO Famed Seven Methodist Preachers Who Picked Corn in Challenge Match Pose For Picture —^——-^—————————————————_____________ 2 Algonians on Honor Eleven s ^. who actually picked 18 bushels in an hour the Rev Harold Dav,£,5 * n Sl 1Cea , b l e - The y°™gster _Mornin S side co.iego, (in the white pants). *Thf pSug a ^ M Fbg C 5& ^ssenger's!' 1 ^^ <* Ask^Squads to Banquet 50 SCHOOLS INVITED TO ALGONA MEET Movies of Big Game! to Be Shown as One Feature. era, all-west halfback from California, and back-field coach at Iowa, and something new in entertainment is promised by the exhibition of pictures of the Iowa- Minnesota game two weeks ago which will be shown in the auditorium. A part of this feature will be the between halves show given by the university band, the singing chorus, and the Highlanders. Ticket Demand Active. Coaches and members of the two all-conference elevens in the group to which Aigona belongs, will attend as guests of the Algona Chamber of Commerce, and others are! Janse, and Dr. F. C. Scanlan, who are being assisted by Secretary O. S. Reiley, and members of the Jr. Chamber of Commerce athletic committee. Klwanis and Rotary committees will be named to assist and members of the two organizations have set weekly meeting dates on that day and will attend the event in a body. list of Invitations. ANDERSON AND LYNK CHOSEN ON 'ALL' TEAM Willasson on Second, and Two Others Mentioned. Seventeen football "A" lettprs vere awarded at the annual banquet given by the mothers to the ootball team in the high school gymnasium Saturday evening. Seven of the letters were awarded o seniors, eight to juniors, and no to a sophomore, and another o the manager of the team. Seniors to receive letters are 'aptain Don Willasson, Kenneth -ynk, William 'Douglas, Harold Sanwart, Jack Long, Robert Mucky, and Jos. McNeil. Juniors are: y4e Anderson, Junior Long, Roger tichel, Lee Roy Lee, Clarence De ine, Robert Conklin, Wesley chultz, and Bruce Miller. Louis eville was the only sophomore honored. Darrell Bruns, manager of the team, was also given a letter. Anderson New Captain. Lyle Anderson was elected captain for the coming year. The eight juniors and the sophomore will make nine lettermen for Coach Paul Berger to start the season next year. Other seniors to graduate this year are Ted Jordan, John Spongberg, and Everett Black, who were faithful members of the team Good News for Wildlife Leaders FIVE INJURED WHEN CAR AND HORSE CRASH Animal Killed When Hit Broadside on Highway. Barbara in Unuj, Accident, |O KS broken in a Saturday nfi,, rnri of pilS RECENT PICTURE of Jay N. (Ding) Darling, famed Des Moines Register syndicated cartoonist, is of particular local interest this week because Mr. Darling is to speak at a meeting /o f the county Conservation League in the high school auditorium Wednesday evening at 7:30 p. m. This meeting will be open to The public ?** h ! Tr V VlH be no admission charge. Mr. Darling, former chief of the U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey, will discuss what the Kossuth Conservation League has already done and what it can do in future In the picture (left) he is conferring with Frederick F Jordan director of National Wild Life Restoration week, which will be cttle' £pri;°™r eXt M £ r l h> - Mn Darlin S is President of the General Wild Life Federation, which is sponsoring the "week." Five pei-sons were cut and bruis- ,, ,„, ed Sunday night at 9 o'clock when "ad been nt a 1929 model A Ford driven by Ev- ' erett Bowman ran into a horse a mile west of Sexton, where the group had been for the evening. e horse broadside In -- the road a mately 50 miles an hour. . Pact smashed the entire 'front The m- of Council niu lla <l attended clinic there. The right door of n, carV^r un "MV end oMh?"' 11 " in "»- d °° r to c],, so t for ti,p re ron of c,, so t ju a a ,M ar btt<!k , a8 the wind- Bunded, and Kh 14 5 , , e wn- shield and the glass flew over the Coaches and football teams have en i ' all season. Two Algona players were given berths on the all-conference first team as chosen by the coaches. An- been invited from the following tion, and Lynk the right half towns: Humboldt, Clarion. Eagli tion.' WHlasson was named _, v*bV4 AUUj JUUUglC Grove, Hanson, Hampton, Emmetsburg, Clear Lake, Mason City, Osage, Forest City, Estherville, Lu attend the honor banquet for the Algona high school team December school banquet will set a nts of this kind in _ state, both in the point of atten- j Buffalo'center, sen, West Bend, Whittemore. Rolfe, Pocahontas, Laurens Mallard, Cylinder, Fenton, I"" C ' ty ' RenW ' Ck ' anci0 " Bu rt, Ledyard, Titonka Lakota Wesley —i , a -assssi ysxss'szsZZ h> """" »"»- a - ?«£ ¥'?">or«rK.r=; «««-»»» team, will speak. j The banquet is in - - - Big-Ten tackle from coaches Iowa's line, and Nev- cj — •—• h.»v \j\,i t • C *-J 1 Oil UC committee of the Chamber-and Dolliver ^ commerce, which is composed! The of W. F. Steele, Leo Spilles, C. R. I in the .Holt. C. H. Williams, Dr. P. V.! arranged. i — - w- > — ui'Tiiu, xvaiiawna, I Uoldfield, Fonda, Fort Dodge, Spen- the cer, Ayrshire, Havelock, Ringsted hftt* rt v> rl T\«l I!.. — — CJ •• » • will play yet been Seek Pet Car Numbers •* —~ » M>U uaiiAcu a[, right guard position on the second team, and honorable mention •was given Junior Long at half back, Muckey at end, and Banwart at guard. All-Conference Team. The 9omplete list follows: FIRST TEAM Nby (Humboldt) le, Michelson (Humboldt) It, Wilson (Eagle Grove) Ig, Anderson (Algona) c, Strathorn (Iowa Falls) rg, Cobb The Nor th Central t (Clear Lake) rt, Hudgins (Eagle ferenc e of the Parent- Grove) re, Burton (Webster Citvl sociatlon will hold a DISTRICT PTA TO MEET HERE NEXTTUESDAY North Central Units Expected to Send Delegations. POSTOFFICE FORGE IS KEPT BUSY BY CENSUS CHECK UP Out of more than 2,000 unem- — —•• came to a stop on top of the body of the horse. rtr Bowman said yesterday that nni on see the horse tin 't was only 20 or 30 feet in front of the car, and that it was then running crossways to the car. He suffered a bad gash on his left cheek and H™ C "/if' **"?£ !t was th °ught for ,™f_ tha , t the Imnact with the Edward Johnson, who was with "m in the front seat, lost four «°?l£ ot , h ;??.?* n upper »» cut to close the , from the car onto th, over several u B8i | " |- P Hone Break, w^bS?' 1 ^'-! the knee, and was draw,, by"muscufe» so that some three Inchl bone •-• • al > bones in the other 14 Mr. Phillips stopped the within a .short distance, a, •wo made an effort to get 1 fh t( V h( ; car - The "»'"«»• the broken thigh WM lntens( . wound. Leota Rlf7n Offered bad ! r onat , cuts on her leg and head, and Kd- SV h ° , many vehlcles " ""•--' ~- J - - ' J ' Q stopped, and she was loadedra a truck part and was taken te] miles or more into Carroll,» « Ul Ule norse nad t s he was taken to a hospital. been discovered up to last night [ y , Sh ° WCd the cxtent o( lt( ^',i 8 be l lev <* «>*' tSf-fflS 1uries - ... — -- — .. UHU , t*ilU J JU~ and Cecil Cook also received about the head. The car is considered a total lose I* 6 ,?™ °' the h ° r se had not ' ron and on the Algona rural routes, tr? n icr e ^^ retUrn « t0 Tabulations of the result of the census is not kept here, for cards the animal sent from here to Des Moines for ! ' that purpose and the results locallv are not available. However, Post- Sullivan and Assist- . the it till sometime 0 ,i . Vi i.'"" acci(J ent was report- fL*?*&™* Patrolmen and the , t0 f ' nd the owncr of Parents nt Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Haggard lei same evening for Carroll, au. expected to be home somettoil effort Is morrow for a short time, ret! Ly " k ,, (A1 S° na ) Franklin (lowa Falls) Ih, Sharp (Clarion) fb. SECOND TEAM Green (Iowa Falls) le, Waters (Hampton) It, Lewis (Clear Lake) '" Burton (Iowa Falls) c he high school meeting n auditorium here, they are kept busy next Tuesday November 30 District last few days s to see that SOIL CONSERVATION OFFICERSJECHOSEN Thsi year's county Soil Conser- , - . son (Algona) rg. Armour (Clarion) Do( lge, secretary; and Mrs. C. . ,_, —, - a , .*» uiuui \\_fim iuuj rt, Donaldson (Hampton) re, Nle- 50 RED FOR'fl UESTS EGULAR' PLATES MADE Changes in Law Delinquent Car Owners. 191 HEAD LIVESTOCK OFFERED AUCTION S750 DAMAGES ARE AWARDED FOR INJURIES Kushner, Emmetsburg, 1st. vice"; show that the workers waruort Ernest Craven Titmikn 9nri mm-a n«^ _ ™«i«.eia wanted Mrs. Clarence ShilbS; For't Tey 6 a"re d ady°were W wo k rkin althOUgh 3, secretary; and Mrs n n th™ „„»;„„„ . ere working more was representativps for Gnivatt, Spirit Lake. Registration will begin at 9 C than average hour, i hand there o'- 'tie wort ° nSUlng year » ' a meeng of " T h ° 01 h "" dfnK yesterday A representative from - waned in the auditorium. An invo- Exact details oTn ! S T WaKes " will be given and ' rep ° rta are nnt Elmore Girl is Given Award in Elmore Accident. Court was opened yesterday af- by Eagle Grove, center. Final Conference Standings. One of the biggest farm sales of .[the year will be held next week T uesday when Fred Kent will offer 1!>1 head of livestock and an extra i large quantity of farm machinery , at public auction at his farm ten 'miles northeast of Algona. The offering includes 8 horses, 45 cattle 138 sheep, and 100 hogs. Chicken ; raisers will be particularly inter- jested in a complete line of chicken I equipment which is included in the | sale, and there is also an unusually | fine lot of farm machinery. A half- Automobile license plates for pn s e advertisement on the farm 1938 will go on sale next week pa£e gives det ails. Farmers should er's office. The new numbers will sale to advantage. 6 The "sale begins ^", cuu ' e i to meet this morning at be blue on a white background, at 10:30 in the morning, and luiich - oclock and will Investigate crira- just the opposite from the present win be S6I 'ved on the grounds. !,"5;_ Ca ^ es , turned ° ver b y Justices plates. Motorists will have till M_.«I.U"T *~oi_~ February 1 to get the plates, but ^OFtn lOWa OhlVCrS after that date a penalty of five i n Mid-Winter Cold SMfl» 5 B-SSSE S ise above the free?.- i' lre - iho suit was started byl™""'" «v,««^_ »».. ^ ,, ^' u ?» man (Iowa Falls) qb, ' Bjo'rnsen (Humboldt) rh, Trickey (Iowa «„,„,„.»««„„ Falls) Ih Tomke (Clarion) f b. | cation will be given, and a musical revealed Honoraole mention went to Law- Dumber by the high school will j Of 50 'received man, Clear Lake, and Bredt of follow. M. G. Norton will give an Billed oat Hampton for the fullback position, address of welcome. Mrs. Kushner, Postmastc "" *'•——„ for half back; Phil- wlu Preside throughout. Mrs C C contacts to Mucke"™^ " tKe> f ° r quarterback ; Collis * er ' s P en cer, state presid'ent! | the reports ^?*A for ^rd; and vkn Delfan,',, 3Lunch eon winTe served at the 'BeSf'out^o^emoer " — . -*,--- * vj/i cot; U l,a I, i On the other each of the 28 townships in the tTn ' "^ had lit- county attended. ted< to Carroll later to spend giving. The broken lower bones ¥ett| Saturday night at the hospital,! Barbara was reported resting e ier. The large bone cannot set for two to four or more ml the time depending upon thei dition of the Injury. caused by the break must god before the bone win be set. It is expected Barbara will I patient at the hospital for« months, as it is not believed. Ible to bring her back to All till after the b-jnes are well-i oo we, r, «* The committee for next year is- Chairman, Robert Loss, Algona- TUo"nt ai T ani G ' D " WelhoUn K n,V tre , asurer - O- L. Thorson hall, and eMrtloM can be made with Mrs. E. W. Evans. Wore -~~w »i**uu-*u£ D* — — —™MW ii AI.U J.ui a, 1'j, yy 1 jVa.ll^ The eight towns In the North In the afternoon Mrs. H L Gil mtral conference are Humboldt, i moi- e will give another welcome Algona, Clarion, Eagle Grove, address. Mrs. G. L. Kurd d is trie Hampton, ^Clear Lake, Iowa Falls, chairman in parent education wil condu ct an institute. Supt 6 B Laing will give an address on How the Home life Affects the -"" » 0ho ! Llfe °* the Chil< 3- Lloyd .750 Mumford, Council Bluffs, chairman .750 of state parent education, will give .600 Parent Education in the PTA. and Webster City. 'j The final conference are: Algona 3 Iowa Falls - 3 Clear Lake 3 Humboldt Is .3 ... meet this morning at Webster City _.._ 1 3 standings T Pet. 2 1 1 1 0 2 4 2 .426 .400 .333 .250 beri of term of court. " f ° r This Yesterday $443.65 Up to yesterday noon a total of $443.65 in Red Cross collections been a dollar a month for deiin- ,,,,.„ r.,iii i ' • -•— •.- l .,,,<_,«.- quency, but at the 5 per cent pen- ! mp ' f ' llll . n ^'. to '''•« above the free,- f ' lle - The first Sunday alty on a $L!0 license, the month is $21, the second T , and the third month $23.10. The new law requires that Conn- ]0 ,,, ,,„..,, ty Treasurer M. J. Duffy turn over ,.„„... fo)1 ,! '' ' wo j lich&s of to Sheriff Casey Loss in Fobiuarv ^i d T n L > Wednesda >' night a list of all motor vehicles not II- in 17 rn n nit " 10I ' nm . K ;l! "°u»tin« censed. In nast years fhi« hn R not ?.•". . a nl ?"• tnt .°n>y rainfall of car, driven girl at Elmore. A business meeting will complete the program and then the county council will entertain at a tea in tne Home Economics room All units of the P. T. A. in the North Central district have been invited to send representatives. Hit-Run Accident i» Reported Here R. C. Wilson, of Ayrshire re- Dorted to the sheriff's office that his car had been rammed by a hit-and-run driver at- the intersection of Nos. 60 and 18 east of Wesley Saturday night. The cars met head-on, Mr. Wilson reported* and his car caromed off into the ~l Ch ' Wh 5 e "./oiled over twice. been done till May 1. Another new requirement sets out thai every transfer of a November 15 motor vehicle must be completed November 36 in the treasurer's office within five- November 17 days after it is signed by both the M,, V is M seller and the buyer or a penalty November 19 of $5 will be taxed. In tlw old law Nnvomber ?0 the limit was ten days. November 21 It is also important that all mo- . . tor vehicles bo licensed in the limit. county in which the owner lives, County Treasurer Duffy received regardless of where they liave been renucsts for more than'200 "net" "<= ei-em "" cases whirh am not mu-, previously licensed. Dealer list- numbers last year, and a like num- triable before the petit jury and TH° rington J Jtr( xr , ings must be filed by February 5 her is expected this year. However Jury cases are not scheduled tm ^ dva " ce °" ce " VN " V " ^™- ^ho next year, as compared with the pet numbers must be paid for and next week Tuesdav mnrn?".- .f " °P &r ^ s a tire shop next south of 1937 regulatioi»of January 5. Stor- --served before on return is tomorrow. State Wild Life Convention Date Fixed for Dec. 8 unit of the General of the state is a national Wilrf T ifV m j "' national oim L,ue federation, was at De? Moines Sunday for Des Moines was decided upon toration Week, and Carl D S?hu m " Door Opens in FronL The trio was hurrying to . homo early in the evening, andII accident happened, it is report about 4 o'clock. They had Iran . . from Council Bluffs to Car " -—, Ledyard. the Lincoln highway, and hi A district conference of commit- ma ' ti nB a short cut north IMS is being held today (Tuesday) Carroll to Auburn, thence east j at the same place. Representativ-' Lake c ^' north to Rockwell" es from 13 counties will come to' and eas t to Fort Dodge, to receive instructions on preparing! tlme and miles - The road Into.* tne soil management field report. Durn from a P° lnt some 12t °1 ' miles north of Carroll is I and there is a bump as the: ends and the grave! begins. The car door ope.ns «t the (n nnd this type of door is extrff hard to shut when the car Is i ing because of wind pressure, i eral accidents have occurred T people have attempted to swini door shut when the car was i ing because the wind whips It" and .literally drags the victim« of the car seat. Patient Active Student The trio had expected to j»» Courthouse is Now Tied With Skelly m Bowling League The courthouse as moved into a bowling tie with team .„ .. vu » t mm i_,a,i maker, Washington, D. c. secre .ary of the General federation »Mr "™ Lowe expects a large detogStn or ' Burt 7 Kossuth conservationists 6 ^' 0 ^! ^ u ^eme . .-""_-_: J Skelly ...:„_. UUW! Courthouse ." ... We-sley " ~ ,{j Irvington __~ q Flowers . Q Phillips .. o Titonka .._"~ o "On «4. ——— — — — —^ o end the convention with him Picture of Mr. Darling and Mr Jr. C. of C~"""~~~~~~~~ 7 10 10 11 11 11 Wesley Iowa Senate Asked - r nnd i 7Thu - r rtf r rainK ;imouS 'Tr d d"- knn and °^w»*».\*£ *«£ ^ r s -mS^ss ^- wi ^«- ; ^ ove n ^^ ^ ta ««. «ns.r sffi. re ss:—in^ t IhemonTh 'xo' '• e^dffwS'SSrS' as onun tened " wftT %&££ ^ ^' ™* Jt is e^S Sit S" tto^ca? V n % $& %™™ en^SfSi"- 1 !"' ^™ *"e Init ' ,. ,1 , . y-. . . , fa * in J LLUJ u- . , ; » 1T ILU AJiiAaueiu coinpiGte reports will be tnrn*»ii ' uuw ±y6f Chevrolpt ,-. l IU1 uibcnct, whirh innin^ -.„ i^tm T cd Ust Fridaj. The week's official f slll "K. of Burt, seeking separation ' over to Mr Reiley bv the PnH of escaped with , minor cuts anrt ! ay ' Di ckinson, Emmet Pa n Tu mo 1Or ! = T=s s =f^ * November 17 30 12 ^sorted l, er ln Marchi a934 . wcu u%e-r $iuuu. ^ fi . Qm the ^^ ^ c^cai coming at present invou , v ' eedct tne injustice Sim tiny, when ; Novembc^^- ' ^ ]) !! " I.sa1,c P Mn,Tr. TnteS ^ ,^U Buckets of Water Sn^^t ^ ?« ^ V ^^ ^':. b -nch I)r o e f Sen t t h a ; SWffi. 1 UW IJ IU 11UU UA^»^i.w- .companied"by three othors.E Thorpe, Richard N'orton, and sell Buchanan, and had expectw] make the trip in the M. P. Hags car. A change was made w plans when the latter three * unable to go for one reason it » other, and the Phillips car « used. . . Barbara has been an active ticipaul in many extra-curruj activities in the school, .>ao scheduled to play piano occoffi mp.nt for the concert by pu?" Getft the auditoriumSundayjiiie Initiation Sunday Evening Train East to Be Hour Ear 1 The j u ior Chamber of Com _ -23 }l deserttfj^ 1^^ ^^ • «» "°^™»- 16 A pardon was filed in which I.saac Miller, sentenced for larceny 9 in the nighttime here in May, 1934 was given his freedom. He had been out of Anamosa on parole since October, 1936. to make an outdoor _ 3 Buckets of Water Put OutCar Fire A Chevrolet automobile belong- ^rcS-Se?^-'.^ wm s « s «'» fft^St^sra . snent on cases which are not Thorington street in front of the N. V. Lowe, who from the east, had no lights MY Wilson said. It was not badly dam' T d> 7l d vf n !. ly .' for il continued to run an <J the driver kept on going. Wife of Ex-Pastor Here Dies Nov. 17 _ — ^«*juu^ [ at present involved in re •on in the upper branch legislature. This is the Met in the state in area and population. ° ff to a nearl y ice-skat- «ood Btert Changes In time of trains through Algona out the skating forjno'unced as follows: ^ ^ have senators. In which a sto ™ will be |Q Stftrt *•' tUHo t-lll liU&i* ^**n hundred' te 9t next Sunday have - ' iunced as follows: No. 11, the morning west; r train, will leave here at b- -' is four minutes earlier U» present time, wW^^ni 1 age is the same as last year, with diy, for after ^au uaiu LUB ursi 01 plates to be turned in before Feb- th« year rush makes ij too bother- rusry 1. 'some, and the licenses- will be is-' year, ana a like num- triaoie before the petit jury, and Advance ofHPP V VTvCw v, « W ° ra nas b6en received here that m», rltty 1<es «val Postponed ^ws-r^s s »i^£a wrt «^s?S:H^^ 5 S: as^jsra $ «& siftirsSr -i^isriTffi's °' clock - —^ l™Tf^^^^ . makes 1} too bother- Tacation for School Kids. ?£* o , ashL r,ut ou\ thf n* ^ $ 'i ater "^^ at Sheldon and Hawar- ft f 1 " be he »1 * d£to*»L* e licensee will be is-i There wil be no school tbia week ""the fTremen arrived alter a h U' *** DOW has a Sfoux City ^3- high sch ° o1 building. W S 1 , 1 ^^ S ° n f!L, u ?^!^ T,?"™^ a ? d Prlda y- Th e Thanks- block trip from the city hall. Paul- <££„ ^!^Ll e ^ ces w ere held Dl^^^r^~-, (ice is land J ^ **' ans for a formal opening' east bound evening the pond are being laid. The at 7:57. This is $1 Xor under the minimum weight pet numbers. _.^ ,. ., wv MW MVWV/UI bUlO Wcptt. nearly Thursday and Friday. The Tbanks- 11 their giving holiday begins tomorrow at noon. . ----- „ __ ,, ble cause of the blaze. was the proba- The bod'ywas mae Omaha and burle! O f the ashes was made In a Sioiw City building. ^ c E™?t~°~sp^fc, ... though at present a light covering of snow. i Lik??^ 1 '; 1 " 1 ", 6 ^" 1 ^ Speaker. ' the Prn^f °K al c °neregatlonalifits, i £ve £ff tSbUrg , c «««8»tlonl.to .«JL° . b l e " oa'fyjng out an exten- of hour earlier than the which ie 9 o'clock. P°< livan announces that »»" ( evening train east sb ° u ^. 2? n.i ped at the postoffice by I-' 1 •' ' t Tnanksgiviiig Ser English Thanksgivto will be conducted at u Lutheran church TW n noon at JO:30. Special Ing serviced will be W» First Lutheran church "" 7:30.

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