Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1937 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 10
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&OSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, !OWA "-^^^^mmmmmmmm Annual Legion FEATHER PARTY J Legion Hall PRESBYTERIANS CELE8RAIE80TH ANNIVERSARY Des Moines Preacher Speaker Sunday at Two Services. The Presbyterian church of Algona celebrated the 80th anntvers- ry of Its founding Sunday. Speaker at two services, one at ho regular morning hour, the oth- r at 2:30 p. m., was the Rev W I. Phelps, D. D., of Des Moines. Doctor Phelps was for some ears pastor of the Central Pre-s- >yterian church, Des Moines. Since ie retired from that pastorate he as devoted himself to public peaking. He is known as one of e country's most eloquent speak- The Rev. C. Paul Carlson had TUESDAY, Dinner Honors Football Team— Mesdames Oscar Anderson, L. S. Muckey, and Louis Lynk entertain)d at 6:30 dinner honoring the ilgh school's football team Friday P. Norton, and Jane Cretzmeyer gave two piano ( selections. Mrs. H. M. Olson gave two readings, and Bernlce Stock two dance numbers, accompanied by Mrs. Francis Bar svening at the Anderson country rickman. After the program tea lome north of town. A three ourse dinner was served, with the nblcs decorated • in the schoo olors, black and red. Guests were members of the first cam: Joe McNeil, Robert Muckey, 3on "Wilasson, Kenneth Lynk, Lo Roy Lee, Harold Banwart. Roger Michel, Robert Conklin, Wesley Schultz, Junior Long, and Buddy- Anderson, also the coaches and assistants, Messrs. Paul Berger, Lawrence Finley, C. E. Rldenour and David Phillips. The boys on the team presented Coach Berger with a gift. The entire group attended an annual school party at the high school There will be a turkey banquet was poured by Mrs. A. A. Bishop, club past president, and Mrs. Lura Sanders, treasurer. Circle to Give Musical Ten- Mrs. D. P. Smith's Congregational Circle will entertain nt a guest tea at Mrs. M. G. Bourne's Thursday at 2:30. There will be a Smith, Mr. and Mrs L M. Mefritt and Mr. and Mrs. Hollls Trainer. Post-Knptlnl Party Glten— Donna'bello Merron, Bernlce Har rlngton. Ruth Roland, arid Mrs Donald Gardner entertained at t post-nuptial shower honoring Mrs Jack Hilton, the former Elsie Hal brook, last night at Mr. and Mrs R. H. Miller's. Quests we're members of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. After presentation of gifts a light luncheon was served. SlioHcr for Cresco Girl— Lu Ella, daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Roethler, Cresco township, was honoree at a pre-nuptial o'clock luncheon at the Totel Algo- shower Sunday afternoon at the local Academy, hall, Miss Roothler and Sylvester Arndorfer, former Union boy, will be married next Wednesday. Two hunded and fifty guests attended the shower. , t ( - * V - . fall musical program. Mrs. Geo. C. r . _ ~. - — Vance will sing a solo, Mesdames L « llcllCon Parties Tomorrow— Bourne and Lee Reed will give a Mesdames H. M. Olson, C. C. duct, and Meedames Vance, Bourne Shlerk / R - S. Asher. J. G. McDow- and Reed will sing in a trio Mrs ' Sl O- An(J erson, and E. T. Agard Reed will give a musical reading! wi " entertaln ftt the H °tel Algona ' and Mrs. Bourne a reading. Mrs at nt one bridge luncheon Monday Evening November 22nd 7:30 p. m , Your Thanksgiving Dinner Turkeys Geese Ducks Everybody Welcome Admission Free — — • • •-'« •«• i*ui »^cvi 1OUU. JJilU charge of the morning service, except the sermon. The church was filled to capacity. Doctor Phelps spoke on The City Four-Square, taking Ills text from revelations, Chapter 21. He dwelt on the virtues of life which anyone may practcie. These are the real constructive elements in the building "f the celestial city. Carmean Roskopf. hlsrh school i i voice teacher, was in charge of the T hi" 1 f ™ S ' Um ' and Coac misic. Missjloskopf is director of I payers from membors> and sta — ""«> *».v>j ucuii|ut:i. at the high school November 20 (Saturday evening) at 6:30 for all boys who participated in football this year. This is an annual affair, and the mothers of the boys will serve. The Chamber of Commerce will a banquet honoring the on a rs. ourne a reading. Mrs ge unceon R. P. Norton will accompany ali tomorr °w (Wednesday). Mesdames m ' - Olson Shlerk M musical selections.'" Tea will served following the prgram. Eastern Star Quilt Exhibited— The Eastern Star past matrons „, have a quilt they made on display U|TO " in a Christensen store window, and Olson, Shlerk, McDowell, and Agard will entertain the same evening at a dinner and bridge party at the hotel. . ftt -« aiuic wmuuw, anu 3 mi astiu. Twenty-five Eastam too " : i"*"- <" «. inay, ruiui i r members pieced the quilt, and nrcse nted Sunday evening at i. A. L. Peterson, also a mom- Lakota Presbyterian church millfarl i*- mi,- _i_j A .___ . Mrs. f*Ar» Sf Tnlin Tvr*.o IT. it is for sale. Star Mrs Local Presbyterian women who in a play, Faith Chest, the were Mrs. Wilflam Dennett will entertain the Naomi Circle Friday and assisting hostesses will be Mrs. Conrad Herman and Meta Redfield. Mrs. Oscar Anderson will have charge of the program. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, Mr and Mrs.' T. H. Ohlschllles, and Helen Dlngley entertained 20 guests Sunday evening at 6:30 din ne at the Dlngley home. ' The Presbyterian Missionary So- elety will meet Thursday at 2-30 with Mrs. Frank Shuts, Mrs. LeRoy McWhorter assisting. Mrs. Arthur Schunk will lead. The First Lutheran Brotherhood vlll meet tonight at 8 o'clock at ho church, with Messrs. D. J. Buss Tarry Spongborg, and Willis Blls- lorough as hosts. Mrs. H. M. Olson entertained her essert bridge club last week Tues ay. There were two tables of ridge. Mrs. P. j. Waldron was a lub guest. The Congregational L. O. A Sun- ay/school class will meet at El- Thompson's Flday evening, and « Sylvia "' — --••« • ' Whittcmorc at 11,0 Ir l l o'clock. OUR TREES — A- ~ —. » fnui.£ui;u 11UUUI 1LLK LilO i ——»•—•««».» f v*itJu ti, iinjiu~ ,- _ ~ * —" n**«.« football squad on December 15 ber ' t l ullted it: - The object was to £ rs< Geo> st - Jolm - Mr s- Vernie (Wednesday) at 6:30 at the hieli raise mone y f °r the lodge. On Hardgrove, Atha Hardgrove, Ann school gymnasium, and Coac Tuesda y evening. November 30, a ftebritz, Mr s- Arthur Schunk, and Tubbs. staff mmnhni-a n n^ „»„_ benefit bridge nartv will HP n-ivmi Mrs - John G. McDowell. Mrs. C -,.w*j 4 w AJi lo UUCULUI ui the choir. The program was the customary morning service. Celebration in Afternoon. The church was again filled in the afternoon. This time for the the state universit are to be guests. This is expecte to be a big event. Cedar Itapids Party Reported— Mrs. Essie Gelski, formerly Gil ... JLUIO unit; 1UI infc; *«ivij ALII mm i v J,rll anniversary service. Other local bride ' entertained at 6 p. m. dinne ministers collaborated, and the lust week Sunday at Cedar Rapids Rev. F. Earl Burgess, new Metho- m honor of her birthday annivers dist pastor, delivered the call to ary - aild assisting hostesses wert worship and the invocation. The Frcda Skalisky and Tena Gilbride Rev. A. English, former local Pres- Covel ' s were laid for 16, and the byterian pastor, now pastor of the table centerpiece was a birthday Irvington church, read the scrip- cake - Tfl e evening was spent at lures. The Rev. M. A. Sjostrand, music and singing. Attending- Mr -first Lutheran pastor, delivered a and Mrs - Charles Gelski. Rock Is- movmg prayer, and the Rev. Geo. lfmd ' son Bobby; Mr. and Mrs U \ance. Congregational pastor F ™nk Christie and James, Henry gave greetings from the local min- Frank, Richard, Martina Gelski' istenal association. Harold Ban- Loe lla Hagerman, Wesley Buchtel' wart represented the youth of the and Dale Strong, all of Cedar Rap- church, and Frank Geigel read a ids - Mrs. Gelski, who is a sister history of the Algona church. of Charles Gilbride, east of Algona farmer, received many gifts. Leads The Field • IN EXCEPTIONAL EMIRS - - OUTSTANDING BUYS ; A Gentleman's Agreement." Doctor Phelps used as his sub- Lees in Family Get-Together, you of a gentleman a.ucouii.y evening. XNOVemoer 30 a *"•*"""•'•> *«»o. JVIUHU auiiunK, benefit bridge party will be given MrSl John G - McDowell. Mrs. at^the Masonic temple, and the Paul Car' 80 ! 1 was prompter. : at the New Call Friday evening. and a good-sized audience attend- • -- . Dinner Clnb in Hoiiscwnriulng— - auence aen- Mr. and Mrs. C. R. La Barre were ed> M °mbers of the club sold tick- host and hostess at 6:30 dinner ets> The S' rls will hold a regular Thursday evening for the A W meetin S tonight at Bernlce' Har- Aniunsons, and later members of a rin eton's. - Pat,had a party sch ° o1 lousewarming. The club members! , , vere Messrs, and Mesdames W G * , schoolhou se Friday evening. «•-"••" — -'- ----- - ' "• McCullough, L. G. Baker A G. S Buchanan, W. A. Foster, and A. L. —•-.* luuj \j v Viiuiig, A short program in the auditorium .was given following which :minan, w. A. Foster, and A L », fa-vuu louowmg whicn -ong, and the rest of the evening I , e w ~ s dftncin e in the gymna- .'as spent at bridee. The TA ?, V Gllest s were members of bridge. The La Barrea, who recently moved into a ew home, were presented with a ift. the faculty. Other Society. Mrs. John Storm entertained at her home Friday at six tables of bridge. Assisting hostesses were Elmer Hartshorn and Mrs. \Vinesiip, Solid Juicy Apples 10 lljs. 2!)c, bushel Folger's COFFEE Lb. 29c K. C. BAKING POWDER 25c Size 18c Soda CRACKERS 2Lbs. 17c Large Size DREFT Pkg. 21c Chris^ianS f° e the speaker declared promise Kalispel, Mont, and of the strictest J Dodson, Little Rock, Ark. > in the den. Mioh.. Wednesday to visit Lee, Emma not" ' had not to both to Christ," but Jesus Christ!" Of particular interest lu uolu members of the local church and the rest of the audience was i review of the church's history given by Mr. Geigel. With this dinner for the first time in a generation. Covers were laid foils guests, all relatives. YI'a-Tnn-Ynns to Meet Tonight— The Wa-Tan-Ye club will meet tonight for 6 o'clock dinner in the Blue Room at the Algona hotel ar ; d _ tlle re win be a program. O£president, Laura Ames- —- club „ Mrs. Lura Sanders; Mitchell; secretary, vice, Clara CORN FLAKES Standby Lara's si/e PKGS. , A, HEARS J, D, LOWE J. D. Lowe was speaker at the ! mei ? bers - -- --" «-« -'um;i -November meeting of the Swea ! ^ l '\ son ' Flora Tiss . Vi °'e.t Norman, City P.-T. A. last week Monday if tella Mae Breen . Amy Johnson, evening, and Thursday's Herald' Anna Buss ' Alva Ewolt, Buelah --, —«. V.VM.I j, wiaitt Klines- pury; teasurer, Jessie Smith. Only twb girls from each business or profession can be members. Other Irnnd Lodge Eeports Given— The Rebekahs met last week uesday evening at their hall in - rsorn and Mrs ie Dehnert hotel basement, and Beada Redfleld. Mrs. Walter Deal Irs. Lillian Sheldon, Burt, who won hl R h : Mrs. Hugh Post sec- ad attended a grand lodge-meet-I ond ! Mrs - F red Powell, a'chair ng at Des Moines October 19-20,1 nriz6 : and Mrs. Lou McMurray ave a report. Other Burt people in was low - At two-course luncheon ttendance were Mr. and Mrs. Har- was served late in the afternoon ey Graham, Mrs. Mary Stewart, , , Tho F lrat Lutheran Woman's and Elmer 0. Chipman. Mr. Chip- i Missionary society will meet next man attended an Odd Fellows Thursday at 2:30 at Mrs. Ole All'i- grand lodge meeting, and he re- son>s ' witu Mesdames John Boh- wJ^Sf' T l lomas Guild wl11 meet I OMP'o Wednesday for one o'clock lunch- I - 4 ^-'ilVJ 1 S eon with Mrs. H. E. Woodward, of ° mm I Startling Valu^T >.-' " •"in — WINTER C Chrischilles Store ported it briefly. was served. A light luncheon said that his audience "listened , a ,'' son ' Zora Keitn . Lulu Huen- with approval." Editor R. S. Sner-'il Old ' Benha E - Johnson, Grace beck went on to say: |Dreesman, Imelda Dooley, and ""D^i,,*-!^™ - ,1 _ . >T?nr*r\ol Ttet^mn "Pointin sa out the improvement , Racnel Becker. Lig-ht or Dark WHEAT CEREAL 2 Lbs. 19c Im. PRESERVES 2 Lb. Jar 19c Graham or Whole Wheat FLOUR 5 Lb. Bag 23c Apricots parents to cation, to the end their "children nTrrieTVno™ ^ h ^ V S b ^^^^- ^^ i school. ° i v - J° s - ». ! "The speaker believes much of i ' h . e .- C - 0remo . ny - T he bride ' who" woi-S at the Belmond, 2 No. 2i Cans 29c SUGAR I'ure Cane Cloth Hag LBS. Mum Creek Clnb Meets— Approximately 30 members attended a Plum Creek Literary & Social club meeting Wednesday at the home of Mrs. E. A. Hopkins. Roll call was answered with pati- otic verses, and a following program included three short sketches entitled Armistice, by Mrs. Paul Black. Other sketches were given by Mrs. R. H. Skilling and Mrs. J. F. Weber, and Mrs. Harvey .Tergen- sen read the story, "The Glory Road." Refreshments were served. Homelmilders Plan Dinner— The Methodist Homebuilders Sunday school class will have a 7 o'clock dinner Wednesday (tomorrow) evening at the church. Mr and Mrs. W. Ringgenberg, chairmen of the social committee Messrs, and Mesdames P. J Waldron, Howard Seeley, Edw. Carney, Francis Bunting, Howard Platt Chris Wallukait, and Bert Galbraith, also Dr. and Mrs S W Meyer are the committee in charge! Hridge Luncheon is Given Mesdames C. R. La Barre, A. L. . ilnani w ^ FQS J L«r, u. u. stokes, and George H Free entertained at a bridge luncheon Saturday afternoon. Mrs L G. Baker won high at bridge; Mrs' Jos. Bloom was second; Mrs. Don Nugent, third; Mrs H M _ j~ annon and Albert Olson as assisting hostess. Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand will be program leader. This will be the annual meeting of the or- panization. Mrs. Oscar Anderson will entertain at her new country home north of town this afternoon at one o'clock luncheon. Assisting the Mesdames Sigsbee. and Oriole I PANCAKE FLOURj 3 Lbs. 15c ! All Flavors ' JELL POWDER ; 6 Pkgs. 25c i Certainty CORN MEAL 5 Lbs. 15c Four Flavors PUDDING 6 Pkgs. 25c SEAL OF MINN. FLOUR 49 LB .BAG$1,99 views with others is limned" be-'" 0 ™ 101 ' r -° P S ° me time in the comes narrow and suspicious. They , WH ,,= ,,.,,, h f ,, are prone to follow the first derna- whoro \\l v i ^° me at Britt ' gog who comes along. K "• ^eison is m the produce "Attorney Lowe deplores the j ' 116SS - ^ lack of understanding among vot- i Woman's Club Program Givon era as they mark their ballots. He Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer wls h~ost cited the case of Kossuth county, less at a Woman's club tea at her ,"X"r sxss"£ -ass s-xsrs a "~,^ ™i~ ^n^SKSf 4 " iu> ^?.-- & D - »«»«» «.."««.. - lections, accompanied by Mrs. 1 R — .. ^ vt <.n\.r o^uie ilcllr- cst to the nth month and 13th day and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer won a lucky chair prize. . ... llivor— , St ?^ ! f rie l, are bec °ming popu- most recent, was oidw, cen was held Wednesday evening on -the Dea Momes river banks north of h 11 Vr and attend ing were Eliza: P v, ' ' ' ' n E. v. Pierce. Mr. and Mrs. C. . . . r. an rs H. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. hostesses will be S dw - Sheehan, W. .. „.„„„_, ttuu wiiA! ^ ost ', Seven tab 'es of bridge will be in play. The Methodist Standard Bearers met at Miriam Norton's last evening, and after a short business meeting the rest of the evening was spent socially. There ae 18 members, with Mrs. F. E. Sawyer as Mrs. Bert Cronan entertained the E. 1. W. Club Wednesday, and bridge was the diversion, Mrs Fred Powell winning high. Mrs Andrew Godfredson was low, and Mrs. Frank Skilling won a travel IU'lZG, Mnny years of ex- l>erienc(< and choice carefully selected tobaccos are region* sililo for the popularity of the G&B Special Just give it a trial —you'll know why they are so popular. For sale at all Algouu dealers. Texas Seedless ORANGES 2 Doz. 39c Red or Yellow ONIONS 10 Lbs. 25c Texas Seedless GRAPE FRUIT Dozen 39c Ked Ripe CRANBERRIES 2 Lbs. 29c BUTTER Creamery Pound Roll Small Pig Pork ROAST, Ib. 19c Armour's Star PURE PORK Pork STEAK, Ib. 23c|SAUSAGE, Ib. _.21c SMOKED HAMS Center Slices 2 FOR 88c Half or _« j Whole lb."24C Boneless Rolled RIB ROAST Lb. 26c Fresh PIG KNUCKLES Lb. BacOit Sqs. 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