The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1897 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1897
Page 8
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Tffl5 tIPPEK DBS MOINES: ALGONA, rnxv A. WBDSSaDAT. SEPTEMBER 29, 1897. •HI on. Four Days, oirtHM^ During the Fair We will sell Crackers (oyster, soda, or butter) at $1.00 per box. CANDY—You will want it for the children—we will sell it to you (a good mixed candy) for 8c a pound. THE GASH GROCERY. C. ANDERSON. 1 FAIR IS WELl UNDER WAY 1 J South of court house. PEOffiSEB TO IE A BIS STOOESB, Racing Attractions Will Draw a Lacrge Crowfl—Many Fine Exhibits Of the County's Products. 3Do FARM AND HOME WHERE you can engage in diversified farming and not be dependent on any one particular crop ? WHERE the climate is free from malaria and perfectly healthy? WHERE there is a sure and reliable rainfall ? WHERE the soil does not need to be fertilized .? WHERE your children will have the best of schools ? WHERE your family can enjoy church privileges ? WHERE stock raising is assured by good pastures covered with nutritious grasses and watered by spring-fed streams and lakes? WHERE fuel can be had for the labor of cutting it ? WH.EBE you will have a ready market for your stock, field, garden and dairy products ? WHERE you can buy land at from $3.00 to $S.oo per acre, on ten years' time, at 6 per cent, interest ? If you do, the Northern Pacific Railway Co, Has lands in CENTRAL MINNESOTA that will make both FARMS and HOMES. For particulars and maps write to IF. "w. T*7"xxjssrz% Eastern Land Ag±. N. P. Ry., St. Paul, Minn. W. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner. Or apply to Dingley, Gooke & Co., local sales solicitors, Algona, Iowa. SEVEI DIYOEOEB WANTED. "VTeete's Term ol Court Will Hear of Domestic Infelicity Reuniting Mfiinly in Desertions, Seven divorce cases are listed for the coming term of court. That is more than have ever been on the docket a,t cme time. In most of them the charge Is-desertion. They ace as follows: EL F. Randall vs. Ollie Randall. Mrs. Randall is a isellis, and is tbe woman who had Dr.. Felling -arrested charged with criminal practices. They •coineii'om Whitternore. Randall alleges various unsavory causes for wanting to be f ree. R6bt.Pri.ndle vs. Alicse Prindle. Tbe pj-indles.belong to Gerinania. Desertion is the cause. L. L. Lord vs. F. M. Lord. Mrs. Lord alleges abandonment and cruel treatment. She lives in Whittemore. 'Ottille liorenz vs. Adolph Lorenz.. This is an Irving-ton case, inhuman treatment charged. Mildred Platt vs. Ed. Platt. This is leading superintendents of the county, it, already well under way and announcements in full will be out in a short time. This will be a splendid opportunity Tor 'teachers and for those who contemplate entering the ranks, and a grtiat amount of very necessary and helpful work >can be accomplished in the six weeks. This morning promises everything for a Mg fair. If the weather continues favorable it, will be the bast fair tbe county has ever had. The exhibits poured in all flay yesterday and in some Tines are better than eyer. More stands, shows, tents, etc., etc., are here than were ever on the grounds. A big string of horses promises some lively races, and the special attractions will all be on. Tbe racing program begins this afternoon. The crowd is already pouring in. Tomorrow and Friday afternoons will both be full of good attractions. Everybody should plan to attend all th reed ays. THE FULL RACE PROGRAM. "Wednesday, Sept. 25).—Novolty rare— Open to al) horses owned in the county. Entrance $1. Distance I}-.; miles. First half mile walk, second half mile trot, third half mile run. Purse, $40; first £]a, second s-12, third fS, fourth & r >. Running: Race—Open to till horses owned .in the count; 1 , thorouphbreds und professional running'horses barred, the rare he infi for farm horses und ponies. Half mile beats, two in three. En trance free. Pursf 825: first £12, second $S, third ST.. Trottiup;—County Race—Open to all "horses owned in the county "having a record of not under 2:50. Httlf-milp heats, best two in three. Entrance five per cent., ten percent, from winners. Purse $50; first 82fi, second £ln, third $10. Running;—Free For All—Half mile heats, three in five; five to enter, throe to start. Entrance five per cent., ton from winners. Purse W (Ml; first 8(10, second 82?i, third Slf). Relay Foot Race—Half-mile dash for team of six runners on a side, to be stationed one-twelfth of a mile apart, each man to deliver a token to his successor. Purse $15 to winning- team. THCTtSDAT, SEI'T. JiO. Running—Slow Race—Open to all horses owned in tbe county. Half-mile dash. Entrance free. No man to ride his own horse, no whip, spurs, or other artificial promoters of speed allowed. Purse S25; first flO, second SS, third 85, fourth S2. Running—Foot Kace—Open to all residents of »the county. Half-mile dash. Purse $15; first SS, second $5, third 82. Running—Free For All—Half-mile heats, five to enter, three to start, best three in five, entrance five per cent., ten from winners. Purse SI (K); first $(10, second $25, third ¥15. Trotting—The 2:40 class—Mile beats. Five to enter, three to start. Best three in five. Entrance five per cent., ten from winners. Purse $100; first 800, second $25, third £15. .Special Race—Fred Corey's pony against Guy Scott and a Des Moines rider on a tandem, five miles. Purse 850; first $!ln, second $15. riUDAT., -OCT. 1. Trotting—Free For All—Mile heats, best three in five. Five to enter, three to start. Entrance five per cent., ten from winners. Purse $150; first $75, second STiO, third S8a. Special Race—Forest Rice's pony against Vet. McChesney on u bicycle, five miles. Special purse. Special Race—Fred. Corey's six horses against six outside horses, in five mile relay race, riders to change at half miles. Special purse. protest iT lie Ends such evidences ^ap- eciation us were showts last, evening, sRch & Bowrr? are Ftrrmp in an tne etnCTts of the popular minstrel sbow. Bobbv Beach and Otis Bowers lire so well known that they do not need to be introduced; and they are veil supported in the comedy work. The audience was an nproaronsly appreciative trae Irom first to last. THE TEEMS TOTJBJf AHESTT, AT eft Benfl Ent«rt»i«B tbe KnlCbtft cl the Racket—Xot a Lwcr* Attend- West Bend Journal: The flates of tbe great tennis tournament have come and gone, a.nd tbe tournament itsell is now H matter of local history. In spite of all that bad been promised us Livermore with one, Algona with two, Es- tberville with one, and West Bend with two teams were tbe only ones present. But it was interesting just the same. Tuesday morning was a little windy, but tbe afternoon was perfect; Wednesday tbe conditions were reversed, except that the wind was not nuit€i so strong. Tuesday night Rist and Haggard bad won two 'mutches,- but Hist ha.d to go borne, so in tbe morning -when play was resumed Bailey took his place. The championship in singles, including the p r i z£ — choice of a Pirn or Campbell racket—was won by LeRoy Greely of this place, a.nd Frank Woods and Har- rv Doolittle of Estberville. were tbe winners of the championship in doubles and tbe cup. A meeting was held Tuesday night by all tbe clubs present and a tempor- ii'ry organization formed, looking to the establishment of a northwestern tennis association. Temporary officers were elected and committees appointed, and enough said and done to assure tbe completion of tbe project by next year. THE BEAOH & BOWEBS MIUSTEELB. Comlne: to Alarona Next Week at Popular Prices—Iowa Comment on Them. The celebrated Beach & Bowers minstrels will be in Call opera house next Tuesday evening. Seats 25, 85, and 50 cents. The Cedar Rapids Republican says of them: Beach & Bowers' two nights' engagement at Greene's was brought to a close last evening. It has been a most satisfactory one to management, company and people alike. The bouse was packed from pit to dome at each performance and the appreciation of tbe audience was shown in the enthusiastic applause which was almost continuous. Beach & Bowers are prime favorites in Cedar Rapids. People have learned that they never disappoint, and always have something fresh, new and of tbe very best. Tbe company is an excellent one and thoroughly deserving of the success with which it is meeting. Right now is the time to Buy Hard Coal while the price is at the bottom notch. It will be higher before long. I shall be able to sell and deliver the best hard coal, also all grades of SOFT COAL at the best figures to be had in the market. See me you buy. I will make it to your interest to do so. before A. H. NAUDAIN. One Hundred Dollars trCreseo case. yeui-B ft"'0 :tiiu .icsor'aon is the ground. Doric C. Lytle TS. John W, Lytle, a Buffalo -Center ctise of desertion. G-ruoe Easer vs. Arnold D. Easer, desertion. Mi-s. Easer formerly Bred in 'Cresoo. Speaking of divorces recalls an .amusing case, not reported in the court .annals. C. C. Thompson of Ban- .ci'ofl br-ougiit a dlvofoe •case not long .ag-o, and Ms fair client did not spell the .Batne of iborlicyc lui'd correctly. The case :had to go over for cowection, and before it 'Came on for liearing- ag-a'in the couple got together and patched up their difi'erenoeB, and left the county. FEB&QHAL MOVEMENTS. Frank Chandler came up from Waterloo Friday to visit his friends. E. Kinue hus been out several days visiting his nephew, L. G. Kiuue. Mrs. John Grove is back from a three weeks' visit in Morris, Minn. Mrs. Straw, who has been visiting at Goo. E. Clarke's, returned to Wells. Minn., Monday. Mist Eva Blair of Charles City is visiting Miss Louise MoCoy. She was a teacher in the normal school last year. Dr. Armstrong returned to Irvington Fri; da,v from a two weeks visit in Minneapolis. The doctor had u pleasant time there. Mrs. Dodge has gone to Wisconsin fora IB offered to any person who can duplicate tne CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, Mr. Platt left some I-visit and Irving and his wife - ~ --'' into her home to keep it during her ab- GETS THE EA1LWAYS. Kesolulioufe That are Referred to the Republicans ol the L'oun- ty. S, P. Drake introduced .a series of railway resolutions in the republican county convention. They were handled in .-after the committee on resolutions Shad, .-adjourned, and being too long and top sweeping to be properly considered fcumedlv., were referred to next .aprinif-s'convention. The gist of the; grievance stated is as follows: The railroads are allowed under the inter-state commerce law to -charge 20 and 23 cents per 100 pounds on wheat shipped from here to Chicago, while sfWna St. Paul *nfl Minneapolis, a. great-: ,BT distance from Chicago, the rate is 121 cents. The roads are allowed by this law to carry hard ooal from < ^ 1 * a ' M to Omaha, Sioux City, Sioux Palls, ftort Dsodee and Mason City for $2 per tan and at tJws same time charge every town in Kossutb county $2.50 per'ton fiimpJj' because this law does oot allow thea to charge more for a, short haul than tor a long one wben the short haul w witbin tbe long cue, butallows them, nrfeem they catch a town outside the |Wg haul (as we are here} to charge as " i *s they please. A S«WBB»«r School Register: Mr. -and Mrs. Thos. F. Coolre entertained a pleasant ciomjiaBj- at tea last Saturday evening', atid laBl, evening' a stioood oom- pau.v "vvtis most liospitably received. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Robinson came from Dess Moinea Jusl, week J'or tbeir j'ttpuia.?' AJ- poria visit. Time deals gently •with tbem, and their raoeptiou is not Jess cordial in Alg'ona as the..years jmss. Fi'dd Sciott i«i back from Kansas and is again M'ith Hote] Tennant. He f-ays the thistle A. D. Barker brought to THE Ui'J'Ei: DEsMdiNES ofi'liie is common there and is called a bull nettlf. ]1 is allowed to grow thick in potato patches, as the bug's all flock toil,. It is the first weed TVC ever beard ol that served so useful a purpose. W. H. lug'ham returned from the i-vest WeclnciiCla.v. He spent most of bis time in Washing'toii, but stopped B,t Bowlder Creek in Montana on the way back. Going he took the Ores-oil short line route -and returning be came, by the Black Hills. Mrs. Ing-ham is also home from six weeks at Chautaucjua, N. Y., and with relatives in Bufialo, Amsterdam., Fairfield, etc. Miss Cornelia Ing'ham is still in Chicago, but is expected borne soon. THE FUBLIO BOSOOLS. The total enrollment last week was 592. Teachers' meeting are held every Friday evening from 4:15 to 5 at the office in"the central building. There will be no school on Wednesday on account of the county fair. Free admission will be given to all pupils under 35 years of aye. The special teachers of music and drawing devote 85 minutes each week in each room in giving the regular lesson and spend ten minutes besides in each room noticing the work done by the regular teachers. The special teachers give directions for the work of the regular teachers. Fifteera minutes is devoted each day to music and 35 to drawing, except on the days when the special tt.a,cher gives the leason, when So minutes are taken. In the high school there are given on Friday-mornings special talks upon •different subjects. The high school teachers will make part of the addresses and others will be invited at other times. The first talk- was given by Mr. Spencer upon the benefits of a college education, and the second was presented by Miss Ooate upon county. Col. Thos. F. Cooke will spe.alr next Friday morning upon the means of travel in Europe. All are invited to these talks as well as to the regular school work. CAUGHT AT EUEGLAEY. Ed. James, Notorious In the Stelzer Ganj; at Burt, in Durance Vile. Last Thursday Lon Kennedy and his hired man saw a couple running from the house at the market garden south of town. The hired man gave chase and caught one. He was brought to town and proved to be young James, once in jail charged with stealing a gun from Stelzer at Burt. He was bound over to meet the grand jury, but says he dicl not enter the house. His story is that the other man went in to get something to eat. WILL HAVE TO MOVE. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on land ol drngs.mefl cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. SHELLY & PETTIBONE, Head Stones, Monuments, MARBLE , of- fisil^ opportunities to teacbew of the THE DEMOOEATIG PEOGEAM, The Corey Races. Wesley Reporter: F. A. Corey went through Thursday with his string 1 of running 1 horses to take to the Algona fair. Dick Turpin goes fiye miles against a tandem. John Berkly will start the free-for-all runs, and the others will start against Kelley's string from Bancroft. This will be a five-mile race, riders to change every half mile. F- A. has been to Cedar Falls, Fore§.t City, and Britt, and has started against some of the best bicyclists we have for five miles and has won in every jplaoe. We would like to see you wio .at Algp- na, Fred, but think this is rather ;a bi,g to try and beat ,a tandem. THE exoellent crops this year hav-ej gavea ftn impetus to fenmin^ that has j col been experienced lor some time. Central Minnesota has felt the effects as much or more than aoy -other section of the northwest, and buudr&de of farmers have taken advantage of the opportunity to secure some of the low- priced tot splendid lauds being of ej<ed for ea!e by the Northern Facile Bail way company. See soother column.— advertisement in SEE us ibis week for fruit. &J. A Jjocal Tlcteel lo Jle Put 1'p Tills Allfcrnooii—Gu«SBe»f at \Vljo Will lie the Candida-tciB. The democratic convention oo.mes this afternoon at ] o'clock. The silver men meet at 30 o'clock this morning, and-the populists at H. Exactly what is the program has not leaked out. It seems to be generally oouceded that ,T. M. Farley of Whittemore is to be the legislative nominee. For treasurer K. E. Sheridan of Bancroft, Hugh McDonald of Portland, 3. W. Hay and E. J. Gil-more of Algona, L. C. Smith ol Burt are mentionfod. For .sheriff S. P.. Cbristensen seems to bea winner, although Mike McDonald of Whittemore wants it. For superintendent Prof. Van Erdwycke of Burt is talked. For surveyor and for supervisors there seems to be a l&ok -of 'applicants. How the three parties will divide op BO as all io be in remains to be .seen. The populi&ts .seem to be on the outside at present wiitiQg- Beach <t Bowers lu l>es Moines. The State Eegilster -of Feb. 12 said Beach •&, Bowers and popular prices was a 'Combination that the .amusement public could mot resist, and last evening saw the largest audience of the sea- eon, in any Dies Moines house, p&ekec into the Grand to listen to the jokes ft'nd soAgs and specialties of tide always popular troupe. 'Tile jwblic- mflj.' ^eritidiBed k>y the lowers iof tbe le^iti- mate duama for toe little apppedatt bat the cha^TOplonof burnt oork min- *fcr*!l6| r will never lad treason te enter &• J'lie City Says the Northwestern Hotel Must Get Back Out ol the Street. The city council met Monday even- ng and ordered the Northwestern ho,el to be moved back out of the street, and that the new sidewalk be made straight. It also condemned a lot of worn-out sidewalks. C3?~See us before you contract. Clias. J. Doxsee, uA.~bstra.cts, "ESeetl "Estate, an.dL Office in Geo. C. Call Building. DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Operations jierJonoaed. Disease treated. Spectacles fitted. be at Algona GET WATER OR NO PAY METHODIST ASSIGNMENTS. riie Conference Is a Day Late and New MinifelerB !Not Reported. The -appointment of Methodist minis- .ers was made tit Ida Grove late last night, arid is not given in tbe morning capers. It is not yet known who will to Alg'ona. Rev, Bond of Penton been admitted to the conference. VIA THE 10ETHWEBTEB1. EXCUES1ON TICKETS TO COUNTY FAIR AT BLUE EARTH CITY, MINN., via the Northwestern line, will be sold at reduced rates, Oct. 6 to 9 inclusive, limited to Get. ]]. Apply to agents of Chioag-o & Northwestern railway. ,s a complete Steam Cable Well Drilling Outfit unfl solicits the malang of deep or shallow •\vfills on the terms above stated. D. R. FRAZER. demonstrated ten ihonmmd timefi tliat it is blxaost tufalliblt Donife Seekers' Excursion. Special homeseekers' excursion tickets may be sold Aug. 3 and 17, Sept. 7 and 2]* Oct. 5 an_d 19, 3897. .Selling rate will be one lowest regular first class fare plus $2, the S2 in addition to the one fare rate to be collected by agent selling the ticket. No extra charge will be made when tickets are executed for return passage. 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE. FOR WOMAH'S PECULIAR WEAKNESSES. irregularities anfl derangements. It has become Use leucling remefly for this class -of troubltB. It czerto B wonderfully lealing,.Etreugthen- ing and BootJiing influenoe njion the menstrual organs. It cures "whites" and falling.of tlie •womb. It stops flooding and relieves euj>- TJtADE MARKS* DEEICKS, COPYRIGHTS &o. Any one BenfllnE n fiketoh -uufl fleaoriirtlon nmy -uijui'tutn, &'tia, wneilier lui 'iuveutiou as ;|iutuututile. OoiunuuuuutlouB utriutly . in Amiiriuu. We nuve u Wellington ufllue. PutoutB tutuu tlu'ousli Muun t <0u. reuolve Bpauiul uutioe iu the 8C!EKTIFIC liB»ntl£aUy inuBtrtttflfl, .ajty Boiwiflflc journul KM all Boos OK AMERICAN, OU'QlUutJlOIl if)f A CO., W AN'f-ED—A a'eliu-ble lufly w genUeiaaja to .OlstrilJiute nu,iuj)lt)B u,«fl awaUk) u. nonae to iiOBBe 'Oiiiivuufc leu 1 unr W^Btftlile'IPouet Btnijw,; Ite to f 75 u nxuuth «uBily inuOu. pressed and painful menstruation. For Change of UJe it is the beat medicine made. It is btmefiuial flurinj pregnancy, end fcelpB to bring children into tomes barren tor years. It imrigcrntes, utimu- latet, strengthen* the Kiolt) uyn~ tern. This great remedy is etferud to «U ftfBioted women. Whj will any woman iutfer anotntr with certain relief within Wine of Cardni only co«t« (1.00 per bottle at your drug Etor«. for niyjee, in caut nyuMng tjnoial OAnc- aMrtxt, fining tvnvptanat, the " PROFESSIONAL. ~—~^—~^—»^-»_^^ CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National uank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Fenruson E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LA.W, Algoria, Iowa. J. C. KATWOKD. EIUSTEST C. EATWOND RAYMOND & RAVMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa.. FREDERICK M. ATTORNEY CURTISS, AT LAW. Office over KosButli County State Banli, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TR1BON, M. D.., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND Office and residence in the Boston (In tne new block.) SURGSON, Block. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. 3. KENEF1CK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Pli-ysician and Surgeon. OfSce und residence in Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA.. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., BUR&S-ON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L. RIST. D, D. 8. Local anaesthetic f 01 deadening 1 pain in Eimis when eEtraoting teeth. NOTICE. IN THE &ISTK1CT OOTTBT 'OF KOSSTJTH •County, Iowa— In the Mattel' .of the Estate of C, L. Limd, deceased— In Probate. Notioe IB hereby given that In pursuance of an 'Order ol the^istriot oeurt of Kossuth ooiro- Ty, Iowa, made duly 5, A. E., 18»7, the tinaer- Eigned will offer . at puMic auction, on the 230 auy of .October, A. B., 1897, s-11 the right, *itle, .and interest ihe estate of C. L. Loind has in the following described real estate, said saw to be one-iialf.caBh uuid one-naif on >one years time on approved aeour/lty at se^en per cent. per annum : The north one-iialf of 'the Boutli- west-quarter and the southeast •gunrter 'Of ithe Bouthwesttjuarter, ihe sooitib .one-lhalf 'Of liuj northwest cfnaa'ter.eEoe-pt the r4ght-of-way •& 1ihe-.OhiuaBa, Milwaukee & St. iPatfl -raiii'oafl.SB •Section Six, the wasst ^one lialf of <iihe nortfli- iwest quarto of Section Seven, ;the east one- iialf of the noiitiheast quantei- ^cxf Section Seven, ,the northwest -quarter -of <tbt> aorShwefit .anaa 1 - *er erf Seation 3Hielit, iihe -soutli one-liWlf of *»f northwest Qtiai'tei 1 uiifl Ito oorih <one-liftlf >w tthe nojUihwest qniirtw <of ifihe acmtihweBt ^BW- itta- '«f Suotion .Bewentoen, *U drf 'jpowmw Ninety fisRe, BmufSe a'wunty -^ftfiltt, weHt >otw& aj IP. M.-.; ihe ettstitjue-lmlf tof (the iB0a13ieu8t BtiuUo ..flt'OueTkalf iQf itijie i«IS*oi!ion 'ttMmtflwe, iifll in llytj, JEange U^ventj-arlne, west'Of rtihe M.. fswitl nai itOiifi S.'lioih iftajr & fi w.. nawwdl.

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