Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1937
Page 2
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TWO KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA RADIO SUPPLY BARGAINS Always Buy for Less at Coast to Coast Stores 'B" BATTERIES c Universal B Battery 45 Volt Supreme Heavy B Battery , Duty' 29 Storage Batteries Approved Uclitnlng Arrester t.eiul-lu Strnii ... Tulie <>r»uiiil Clump llL-ll \\ | ru . I/, Conner /tiiU-iliin. 7o It.. Leild-lii \\lri-. 33 l'( Spots an Irvington Car in Thousands at D. M. UNIQUE CASE REPORTED OF GET-TOGETHER Irvington, .Nov. 15—Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Roney. Mae Grobe, Mrs. 'O. L. Miller, and Paul \Vateon drove to Des Moines last week Monday. Kenneth had expected to join his uncle, S. R. Roney, there and accompany him to Detroit, where the uncle was to buy a new car and come here in it on the way to his home in Washington state. It turned out, however, that the senior Mr. Roney had received word from Detroit that his new Plymouth would not be ready, so the trip was postponed. AVhat has puzzled everybody concerned is-how the elder Mr. Roney almost immediately after arrival of the Irvington party, located their car. It was a "Capacity day" in De.s Moines and the city was crowded witli thousands of cars. Mr. Roney found the car at the very first parking lot he inquired tit, and he waited there for the Irv- ingtonians to return, which they did within an hour. JOEBLOOM Ai'i'idi'iit Putients Aecovering— Mrs. Soward Thornton, who, with her youngest son Robert, is still recovering at the Kossulh hospital from the tragic accident in which they were involved a few weeks ago, lias had her household furniture moved to her father John Riley's here. Rolland Thornton, the Iciest son. al.so a victim in the accident, was released from the hospital some days ago and is staying at his undo Douglas lliley's. Mrs. Thornton, who was reared here, had lived most of her married life in and around this vicinity. Doan, Nov. 15—A name quilt recently made by the Doan Aid was sold at an Aid bazaar here last week Tuesday evening to Mrs. Alice Buffington at $11.60. The quilt is pink and white and ft carries 504 names. Ten cents each was charged for names, and the quilt was entered in competition with quilts made by other Aids and exhibited at the recent northwest Iowa Methodist conference. The money goes to Morningsido college. Woman's Club Has I'rngrnm— The Doan Woman's club met with Mabel Hansen Wednesday, and roll call was answered with safety j 'Aid Quilt Brings $11.50 north of the Doan church, will hold i closing out sale this week Wednesday and will move to town. Funeral Services Are Held for Mrs. Bare at Armstrong Armstrong, Nov. 15 — Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock for Mrs. Jennie Halvorson, and Mrs. H. M. Irmltei attended a quilting party Wednes day afternoon at Mrs. Tankarc The Doan Aid will serve the sale lunch, which will consist of hamburger sandwiches, pie, coffee, doughnuts, cigars, and candy. Itnznar, Supper lllg Snccess— 'The Doan Aid served the largest crowd it has over served at a supper last week Tuesday evening. The net proceeds were $104. Other Dean News. Many farmers here are through ideas and the new laws. Historic I husking corn, but others who are landmarks in and about Boston ! husking by hand, or are waiting for were described by Pearl Asa, and machine husking, have the job to Paul Revere and the Marblehead Potteries were Viva Hoover's topics. A duet was given by Ruth Hansen and Nola Hoover, and lunch was served. Hnnscn Snlc This Wednesday— Van Hansen, who lives a mile worry about in this changeable weather. Mrs. Fern Anderson will be hostess to the Aid this week Thursday. Mrs. Pearl Knox assisting. The rural schools were closed Friday to let the teachers attend an institute at Algona. ing laid for 25. Other guests were L. E. Cockrill, Dr. R. J. Oltman, H. L. Zigrang, Alvin Bredell, and John Sykes. Home from Fnviii£ Jobs— Lawrence Melavin, employed by the Metz Construction Co. several months at paving on Nos. 5 and 71, has come home for the winter. JENNINGS BROS,, LIVERMORE, SELL CATTLEjN S. D, Livormore, Nov. 15—Clayton Jennings and Thomas Johnson got home last week Monday from South Dakota, where they had been selling cattle they purchased earlier in Texas. They have sold altogeth- R~j c hard"7s a" student therTaiTd is er .1700 head which Jennings Bros, a member of the 110-piece univers- pnsturcd here during the summer, ity band. Messrs. Jennings and Johnson had, The Albert Smiths, who had ford. 111., has recovered from ft re-j been away six weeks. They expect spent a few days with relatives at cout operation at Chicago for re- to go back to the. Dakotas to finish Waterloo, returned early last week. Calumet Operations Successful— Mrs. J. P. Henderson, of Rock- Other Livormorc News. R. J. Hughes has resumed work at the K. 0. hardware store after a few days off with his sons Paul and Richard. He picked Paul up at Mason City, and they drove to Iowa City for the homecoming. moval of a cataract from one eye. rShe had a like operation on the WHY let "mere" (listam-e keep you from the children at school WHEN IT COSTS SO LITTLE TO TELEPHONE Following are typical TSIGHT AM) SUNDAY HATES i'or 3 - minute conversations when you ask to talk with anyone available at the telephone railed from Also nil. TO IJATI: Ames, In. :!•">(• Dos Monies, lit. 40c Evanston, 111. 7oc (irinncll. la. I0c Iowa City, la. •">.">(• Minneapolis, Minn. _•">()(• South Bond, Iiul. S.">c Lowest Lout: Distance rates are in effect EV- EHV NIUHT lifter 7 o'clock ami ALL DAY SUNDAY. (Itatcs shown iln nut include up some sales, and then will return for the winter here. other eye some time ago. Mrs. Hen- der.son, now S3, is the mother of (Jnind Chapter Reports Given- Mrs. Ben Tcrhune here, and some j Eastern Stars met last week years ago she spent several months j Tuesday evening, and the worthy with the Tcrhuncs. She had been unable to see much for some time, but her sight is now almost normal, considering her age. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Smith spent a day in Mason City with Mrs. A. G. Smith a week ago. The Smith brothers operate a meat and grocery store here. Mrs. Josephine Johnson. Amboy, l-'aruis are licing Improvetl- matron gave a report of the recent Minn., after two months with her grand chapter meeting at Des daughters, Mrs. Bernard Fitzger- Moinos. She was assisted by her aid and Mrs. Ernest Logue, has re- daughter,. Mrs. Harold Hunt. A turned to her home. She was ac- j program followed, with Airs. J. W. companicd by Mr. and Mrs. Logue (Hewitt in charge. Jean and Dor- and their son Donald. Margaret and Clara Malin accom- The Lcnikee farm house is un- othy Morris gave musical num- dergoing repairs. J. C. Mawdsley ' hers, and Jean Behounek and ' panied Mr. and Mrs. John Wonder- is building a. new machine shed. ] Thomas Hanifan gave tap dancing ] y a nd their son to Charles City Jesse Uedcll is having a machine; and accordion music. Mesdames last week Sunday, and the Won- ihed erected on the farm where the ; Temple, Hanson, Stewart, Qually, Herman Beckers live. More im-jand Lighter, all of Bode, were reproving, building, and redecorating i freshments committee, lias been done on farms here in the j last several months than in years • Nicholas Hies is Unimproved— before. Tviiilmiitlery Club to Itfeel- Nicholas Ries remains about the same, following his return from a hospital at Fort Dodge recently. derlys visited the mother and a sister of Mr. Wonderly there. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Boyd had a visit last week Sunday from Mr. and Mrs. Fay Kathan, Waterloo, daughter Mary Sue, and son Melvin. Mrs. Kathan and Mrs. Boyd are sisters. The ('rescii Kmbroidery club wiHHis children, Mrs. Mary Welter, of | Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wiggins have meet ibis week Wednesday with Bradgate, .Mrs. Barbara Donald, of come home, after a few weeks of .Mrs. Allie Brown, and roll call Fort Dodge. Katharine Ries, Des visits at DCS Moines and other will he answered with What t Am Moines, Mrs. Anna Welter, Liver- 'southern Iowa points. Mr. and Brs. Bert Brown had a the Rev. J. D. Wolcott officiating. Mrs. Jennie. Priscllla Bare was born September 13, 1863. at Lisbon, and died November 6 at Armstrong at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Marguerite Bunt following a stroke. She was well known here, having lived most of her life here with her husband, who survives, and her daughter, Mrs. Bunt. Burial was made in the Armstrong Grove cemetery. Other Armstrong; News. Aaniscellaneous shower was held 'Saturday evening at the Lutheran church in honor of Mrs. Arthur Boland, the former Dorothy Knudson. 'She received many gifts and lunch was served. Mrs. Atfdre'w Ospal, Mrs. Carl Thankful For. Thanksgiving stor- more, Henry, of Rodman, and Uv. will be told by Mrs. Margaret Charles, Bode, have been at his Long and Mrs. Bon Tcrhune. bedside from time to time. Mrs. Machine I. ever Injures Tanner-H. T. Sabin has been ii ivi:ig pains in hi.-i chest and back which resulted from a loosened rib injured by a lever on a corn picker. V L. f'Uirk is caring for him. visit from the daughter. Frances Spcraw, of Algona, early last week. i Dr. IlonnsU'ttcr to Texas. 20 Century Club Meets— | Wesley, -Nov. 15 — The Doctor Margaret Malin was hostess to '- Honnsteuers left Thursday for a the Twentieth Century club hist^new home at Fort Worth, Tex., week Tuesday. Mrs. William King ! where the Doctor will be in govern- gavo Columbia, and Mrs. Mabel Client employ. Mrs. Bonnstetter and Phillips gave instrumental seleo- ;the sons Billy and Francis returned Misses Walsh and .Ionian will lions. quests were Mrs. Ed-:early last week from two weeks at prc-sent the pupils of the Irvington school in a Thanksgiving program next week Tuesday evening. i'liultry tinil Italic Sale— The- Aid will have a dressed poultry and bake sale at the Sorenscn m-ocery at Algona Wednesday. November 21. ward Opheiin, Mrs. George Burns, Mrs. Henry Tillson, Mrs. R. W. Bcanlslcy, Mrs. L. E. Cockrill. and riara Malin. Lunch was served. Chicago with Mrs. Bonnstetter's sister, Mrs. J. N. Leary. The doctor 1 .-: parents live at Schnol lias Day's Vacation— Pupils of the Irvington school had a vacation Friday while iheir teachers attended an institute at Algona. Hulk Station Men Meet— Ernest Logue attended a meeting at Marshalltown Wednesday evening for men who are connected with bulk stations. It was conducted by the Iowa Oil & Jobbers association. Ernest was accompanied by Arthur Reeves as far as Ame.s, the latter going from there to DCS Moines to visit relatives. Other Irvniffton. Dinner for Foollmll Squiiil The Aid will meet Thursday with] 0. J. (Lefty) Cayou. high school Mrs. William Boldridgo, Mrs. Vern [ principal and athletic coach, enter- 1 Barker assisting. The Missicmaiy j lained his football squad at 7 p. m. , society will meet Friday nfim-noon dinner at the Town Tavern last Iwith Mrs. L. K. Colwell, and topics week Monday evening, covers he- will be Siam and The Southern ; Dr. LeGear's i Mountains. COW PRESCRIPTIC THE KELP COMPOUND TONIC j City last week Monday. Pr.LcGcir'cCcnv Prescription contains j Raney, Livonnore, spent last week Kelp (Iodine) and other mineral and ! Tuesday with the Colwells. vegetable ingredients scientifically bal- I Dinner guests at M. L. Roney's anced to make an efficient,tonic, appe- jSu , u] , clv wore Mr ar(1 _ Mrs Jolm ('•ray, Winnebago, Minn., r !eoi'ge Gray, Hurt, arid Mr. and Mrs. Jacob] Maasdum, Irvington. | SALESBOOKS, ORDER BOOKS * similar items can be ordered ai the Advance office, often at a <»<• ivi\r salesmen's prices. u ALMOST EVERY DAY SOMEONE comes to buy a package of the Advance's thin yellow second sheets for letter copies. tf Small Loans Up to $300 ON ACTOMOIHLES LIVE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FUKN1TURE, KTl. Prompt, courteous, confidential service, NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO to f'ltper Molneg office low* tizer and conditioner for Milch Cov.;;, heifers, and calves. Aids also in preventing Goitre (Large Neck) and Rickets (Leg Weakness). Satisfaction Guaranteed. Try it and Watch Your Profits Grow E. W. Lusby RED COUPONS SAVE THEM Get in on our profit SHAKING LONG'S Wesleyan's Nephew Dies in Car Spill Wesley, Nov. 15—Mr. and Mrs. Alf Studer, Mrs. John L. Studer, and Mrs. John Loebig drove to Kgan, S. D., last week Tuesday and returned Thursday. They attended | the funeral there of Leonard Lick- jteig, nephew of Mrs. Loebig. He ! was killed in an auto accident last i week Sunday morning near Egan. | when he failed to see a corner and 'his car plunged (iff a high embankment. »+»»»••»»•»»»•••••»»*•• H. W. POST Dray and Transfer ! STORAGE OFALL KINDS Long Distance Hauling Every load insured againsi ; loss and damage or all kinda. ', Equipped to do all iinda of < hauling and draying. PHONE 898 Algona, low. J G&B Special A satisfying smoke 'or the particular smoker. Let the flavor and aronia be your guide •-and the G. & B. Special will be your favorite cigar. The cigar made by men who know how. Chemacol Processed coal gives an easily controlled fire and cuts down on trips to the furnace. The genuine is identified with round tags. PEERLESS Requires no breaking up, no constant fussing while burning. Obedient to damper control. Very little ash. An old favorite, we recommend it highly. Order it Chemacol Processed. Try a load of Botsford's Peerless today BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. PHONE 256 JIM POOL Mrs. Anthony Slurw Sr. has been on the sick list. Mrs. Forest Erlcfc- son has also been sick. Dr. A. Whitlow Is recovering from «i severe case of Influenza. R. E. Bunt Is 111 at home suffering from rheumatism, Thirsty in County Spent $12,000 for Liquor in October Business is still good at the Algona state liquor store, though it now has to meet the competition of the new Bancroft and L/lvermoro stores. The state commission's monthly statement shows September sales here of $8700.03 and Oc- RAW FUR Attention Trappers I received a letter this morning from the State Conservation Department stating the announcement over the radio that the season on mink and muskrats will be closed, is reconsidered — and it remains open from Nov. 10 to January 10th. Get ready for trapping. Our prices, as always, at the top. Joe Greenberg Phone 118 Algona, la. tober saled of $7846.16. Bancroft ealcfl after the store opened there In September were $532,43* but In October the somewhat astonishing total of $41.67.37 was reported. The grand total for the two Kosstith stores was $12,013.52. There. Was no report for the recently opened Ltvermofe store. October sales at Emmeteburg were $6990.88; (it Garner, $2599.83; at Brltt, $3485.88 (Hancock grand total. $6085.64); Eagle Grove, $3230.86; Rolfe -(pop. 101.2); $5169.06. Humboldt has no store. Total state- September sales 'were $779,334.39 In September and $947,858,38 In Octber. WANT AND F 0n f . at| 8 I" olthpr 5- Upper Dos Mo|i ho matoly f ()1Irl ? ln * * Set mall ro "tes. Why , "pay WALL sales tax. orders. THE BALD HEADED Or who kissed the hired K iriv T bet Who ever kissed her wore- ono'nf fine dress overcoats that .lining N „„, selling. With a "Wool Craft" nj tailored by Rice-Friedman, of M il w \ ?' the women will notice yon. Ju E ' will think more of yourself. The very latest patterns Vft you nii tailored and the last word in fiini E } y do not have to pull and tug to got it '„„ When on it feels so good and looks so nice you start right out going p i accsB ? gives you that self satisfied complex Yn know that you are well dressed. These won derful coats retail in the regular \v av t $22.00, but our small profit plan of se li in brings the price down to $17.00 You si™ - $5.00 by dealing at Neville's. We have reduced the price on the cheaper overcoats also. This is (Hereout, Week at Neville's. Our all-wool Melton belt back double-breasted overcoat, a $14 oo value is down to _________________ sg'nn Our fancy plads, young men's ~~o~ver- ' coats, real values at __________ ^.15 The cpllege coat Raglin Shoulilor~~ucit"' . all around, full of pep and style, now ______________________ $11.00 The new thing, men's Reversible overcoats, wear them as a top coat or turn them inside out for rainy weather, reduced to _____________ $5,95 Our Laskin lamb-lined storm long coat is a pippin, price ---------- 1— $17.00 Some 3-4 coats of northern Mackinaw, to close at --------------------- $5.50 Men's and boys' blazers and sport coats of all kinds. Our men's order of fancy wool sweaters just arrived, they are beauties. We are carrying a heavy stock of men's and boys' wearing apparel this fall. We have a full line of everything a man wears from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. All at money-saving prices. I am a sticker for standard goods and low prices. Jimmie Neville THE SIIOK MAX MODERN-MODE STYLING PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES GENUINE KNEE-ACTION' ALL-SILENT ALL-STEEL BODIES VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION Styling at different as it Is beautiful, for this bigger-looking, better- looking low-priced car. Smooth—powerful— positive ... the safe brakes for modern travel . . . giving maximum motoring protection. (WITH SHOCKPROOF STEERING) So safe—so comfortable —so different . . ; "the world's finest ride." (WITH SAFETY GLASS ALL AROUND) Larger interiors—lighter, brighter colors — and Unlsteel construction, making each body a fortress of safety. Giving the most efficient combination of power, economy and dependability. Giving protection against drafts, smoke, windshield clouding, and assuring each passenger individually controlled ventilation. 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