Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1937
Page 7
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9,1937. *-. checks A COLDS i Iv and ID FEVER ^ first day Headache, 80 jnlnntcs - World's Best Mnlment _ fnlilets [UPTURE lj[offnif"i» Expert, Minneap in., will demonstrate with- ge his " Retention" "Perfect Retention" , NOV. 17 ,lgona Hotel from 10 a. m. ji, please come early. nlngs by Appointment. Iphysician 'Will tell you Ills serious condition. Any fallowed to protrude Is dan- Jtetention Shields" will hold Ipture under any condition fcisc and worft. They (ire I, waterproof and practic- lestrucllble. It wear trusses that will en•e opening and don't neglect Tdren. Many satisfied clients fcommunity. No mail order. bFFlCE: 805 Lincoln lUdfj., '•••" -"Ms, Minn. COSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. IOWA PAGE SEVEN GIVEN TO MISS BONNSTETTER Irvlngton, Nov. 8—Tho 7)ivr,,.,i,i« Friendly club mot Wedncs" ly °\vi I Mrs. William Motzon, and roll M being answered with id cas r or coy- ered dishes. After business a IKK for the poor was discussed, and it was decided that the club members should fill a box with donations" VTt ove • 1>aUcrson will stetter, Algona hogs In in a I nick sold J()7 and was to 1/ouiK men were loading Mr. Farrow had delivering them one of the- stockbuy- most ECTAL DISEASES ITABICOSE TEOS AND RUTTUKE fe the ambulant method in pig these conditions. This | that you suffer very little [pain, do not have to go to [r lose any blood. You can iht on with your regular land lose no time except Ifow minutes in my office \, week. Sire welcome to come in for 'amination without charge. fat time I can explain my |d of treatment. i S. W. MEYER, D. 0. GENERAL HOSPITAL Algona, Iowa. ,„ , - - school nur.sc, who will place the goods where needed. The annual club banquet for ^embers and their families will be ,~ , ,' " Behrcus homo Wednesday, December I, and will be served at noon, followed by a program. Robert Bells arc Parents— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hell, Swa City, are parents of a n-lb d-iu-'h ter, their first child, bom at the, Kossuth hospital hint week Monday. Robert is u son or Mr <md Mrs. William Bell. Algona and lie lived many years on the farm where the Barney Capcsin.s family now lives. Ho later worked for the. only iihoul. 3oo Wo say "only" y<;(lrs he has raised • Mr. Farrow raised season, former hogs this because in more than 500. noticed that lie has been improving some "f his buildings this of soasou and has repainted all H 1U , Wh li?- Glvo ft farmo '- *iir i"i<,oh jor his products, and he will ;""H C »'UBlne« fi hum for others by uuymg their goods and services. * * * * When we called on James A. T i , , " "" .Jtimus >i.. Lloyd two miles northwest of Ledyard, lost week Monday he had Monday he had i from (he field with a big load It was evening. Mr. Lloyd sons are picking by hand, i come of corn. <iml two They a new crib to put it inj one of the late Frank Wiemer's farms. We noticed that Mr. Lloyd has a fine lot of Diiroc Jersey hogs Kent Motor Co., Algona. Mrs. Hell as n "o as any we have seen in ou'r was formerly Mary Blaha, Al-ona and she was stenographer at the Kent garage for some years. travels. | * * !|: ;(! j We palled last week ! Floyd If. Olson, Monday on lives ten Ray Wick-wire Studying Aviulicin—| m j lcH north of Swea City and two III OUR FOOT JEF SECTION —and learn how thousands of people suffering with tired, painful feet, weak ankles, broken down 'arches, crooked toes, I callouses, bunions and similar troubles have been benifited |h,the use of Dr. Scholl's Foot jrt Appliances. JFoot Comfort Section is in charge In who knows feet as well as shoes Jill gladly answer any questions Bay care to ask him concerning tend shoe fitting. Come in for a Demonstration. PELL SHOE CO, Algona, Iowa Ray, second son of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Wckwire, is employed on a farm near Bedford, and he writes that he has started to take, lessons in aviation. He and a friend travel by motorcycle to Fort Crook, near Omaha, for lessons. Ray is thus beginning to realize a lifelong am- ibition. K. P. 'Honey to Detroit— K. P. Roney went to Des Moines Monday to meet, his uncle, S. R. Roney, Brandview, ,\Vash., and accompany him to Detroit, where the elder Roney will purchase a 1fl,'!8 Plymouth. Kenneth will help Mr. Roney drive the car this far. the state line. His ™ ilcs across r<l Uier lives in Iowa, a fewmiles north " r Swea City, so Floyd has a ... — is able to help with corn picking, using his right arm. The Eichhorns use a picker. * * * * Wo called last week ^Tuesday on Martin Bonnstetter, one of our good near neighbors at Algona. He keeps up with the times, though he is not able to read much, since his eyesight has been failing him for some time. He jokes us by saying that the only time we come to see him is when we want his renewal. Mr. Bonnstetter is the father of former representative A. H. Bonnstetter, of West Bend, and one of his daughters has for years been the Algona school nurse. * * * * We had a visit last week Tuesday with Walter Richardson, northwest of Elmore, and he told us that he always gets a great kick out of limmie Neville's ads. He added on and Herman certainly enjoys good story, * * * * Charles Eggerth, northwest of Lakota, was unloading corn when we called last week Tuesday. He said he had been spending some of hybrid seed acres of It his time at selling corn. He raised six been that George has improving the farm year by year. They own the 160 acres where they live and they rent another 160 acres. Carpenters were finishing a new chicken house, 16x60, when we were there. This is a fine building. The Schroeders have one boy, Melvin, 20, and he is planning on taking a course in Die... - M.- C3 — "• vw.iv. !.(-, «• V^V* LI I kit; 111 .UHJ- this year, and already it's all sold. I eel engineering as soon as he is The farm where he lives is owned by one of his cousins, who has built a fine new barn, 32x60, as strongly built as we have ever seen. Charles told us that Nor- through helping his father with corn-pickirfg. # * * * A. T. Buckels lives on the first farm north of the George Ailts, rime a long way to have him irpen their ployshares. On the ft.rm "Dad" has built a new corncrib and granary, 24x26. Otto rents another 80 acres. His brother Billy was there, helping him pick corn. Billy goes to high school but was having a short vacation while his teachers attended a convention at Des Moines. Billy does not , loaf for he makes the corn fly, throwing 80 bushels a day, which is pretty good for a boy of 16. Last summer Billy worked with a house- pasterer. * * * * Gerrit Gray, east of Lakota, is a" .lolly boy. He had unloaded a big boxful of corn Friday. He has good corn, but said it was down, and so was a backbreaker to pick. Gerrit told us that he will move off man Eggerth. 15, who was killed southeast of Lakota, and when we , , . .,, in the bus accident at Mason City, were there Thursday the men were , nur ""J, 1 , route , ln the sprlng ' Wfl Q Vl i O. nanVlOlir *"* " "" -•• - - «*• ,7 t% '" 1 * v '*- 1 -"^ l "lnri/liirai«Ti1l m Inn \t \m f rt« i*rn \^n vrn and mother, who The hail gona again he is going to call Jimmie. Walter lives across the line in Minnesota, but he reads Iowa papers. We always enjoy a lad's father at work on the cornpicker. The from Ren- Buckels boy, who is A. T.'s right- wick, are staying with Charles at hand man, was laid up with a present, the home at Renwick be- broken foot, on which a heavy ing too sad for them just now. A' stone fell, and A. T has Harry sister of the Eggerths, Mrs. Warn Boekelman helping him. They said Star, Onamia, Minn., and her three they had been picking corn to beat children had been there for a visit, the band. A. T. will have 6000 but had left forborne that day. I bushels when they are done. This I is where a barn was burned last southwest of and we will miss him, for we have always liked to visit when we called on him. Corn Field Robbed of Best Seed Corn Schwartz Bros.. Ledyard, will soon be happy, for the insurance company that owns the farm is building a new two- story house, 22x24. The workmen Irvington. Nov. 8—Charles Egel was much surprised, while he was summer, but there is a new barn i Picking corn Friday, on part of the noV, and everything is in tip-top i rielfl where all the better ears had shape. ,-.-—-.- _ - -. Andrew Boekelman, southeast of jalready been picked, ures that someone corn worse than he Mr. Egel fig- needed seed did, and Mrs. finish. * * * # Earl Stott now lives at Algona, but when we first met him he was „,„,,„, , , . -.farming east of Titonka. He has a Richardson, who are cousins of Vem a p artmen t in the Sadie •Sadie were to start plastering Wednes-1 Lakota, was picking corn Thurs- iE S el also comforted him with the day. The Schwartz boys were -'--- -- • - •- - '•"- -'-* "--picking corn, and they will have more than 4,000 bushels when they visit with him. iSadie and Everett! Walter, live with him and .runs the house. She said said- that her father, who lives at Elmore, is now very sick, and she had been caring for him nights. * * * * ., „ Last week Tuesday we saw Bob place to visit in the good old Collinson at Elmore and found Hawkcye state. Wo found himi nim in his shoe store as usual. He picking corn with a picker. Mr. ] nas the onl y shoe store there. We and Mrs. Ol.son like to read the found Bob looking better than Iowa news, which is why we get • ever - He was not well for some 'time. And Mrs. Collinson is just the line into Minnesota te see over them. B. D. Donovan is an old pioneer bachelor northwest of Ledyard, and scorns to look younger every timo we call on him. B. D. aims to lake food care of his stock, and we Steinbergs liny a Jfoino— Mr. and Mrs. Everoti Van Steinberg, Flint, Mich., have purchased a homo there. Mrs. Y-m Steinberg, formerly Kffie Egel, writes that now strikes are expected to break out any timo at Frint. Gallmiitli School Plans Pupils of the Galbrailh will present a Thanksgiving gram Friday evening, November If). Norma Raney is teacher. noticed that his barns are clea;i. He had already put down bedding, though this was in the forenoon. Mr. Donovan keeps well supplied , with news, for ho takes two daily! papers. Nothing like our dailies | and tho Advance to keep a bachelor contented—or a married either. Wo like to sell our man as jolly as ever. They said that business was good. Bob took us to his house and showed us a big Angora cat which weighs 18 pounds. * * * * Albert Zieijke, northwest of Elmore, was shaving when we got to his place last week Tuesday. He said he was getting ready to go to a funeral, so he had no time to tell us any news. There are two boys and two girls in this family, which is just about the right number. * * * * Fred H. Smith, north of Elmore, was picking corn last-week Tues- because they arc Wo always that kind. :chool pro- Mrs. Other Irvington. / Amelia Warmbier, of NEY Loan ^AUTOMOBILE LOANS KI,V LOW KATES IOAXS MADB ON TOUK IMIKSENT CAR 1 make you a liberal loan pur car—pay off your pres- ' iliince, advance you addi- rash and reduce your jnents by extending them I twelve- to eighteen months. LOANS MADE AT ONCE IKXHOHSKHS on SIGNERS purteous, prompt, and con- lential cash loan service. pll in person or write iSTERN CREDIT CO. K«st Slate St., Algonn, IUHU Verne, visited her daughter, Mrs. B. J. Sankey, Thursday. She is able to be around, after a serious ill- Iness. She was bedfast from a year ngo last May until tho following February. ! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheppman 'and their daughter Esther drove to Lakefield, Minn., Satunlav to visit i relatives, and Sunday they visited jollier relatives at Alpha, Minn., (getting home Sunday fvenin::. ! Guests last week Sunday at JRome Robison's were the Roscoe Mawdsleys, Burt; tho Harold Currans, near Lu Verne; the Percy Philp family, Irvington; and Mrs. Vernon Robison, Fort Dodge. The W. A. Woods cii'e driving a new Chevrolet. Their former car was disposed of when a wheel , broke while they were at Algo.'in a week ago Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thilges, Galbraith, entertained their respective families a week ago Sunday, the occasion being their first wedding anniversary. Bernice, Mary Lee, and Gene Rochleau recentyl returned to school, after an absence of six weeks due to whooping cough. George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Studer, near St. Benedict, had operation for appendicitis last , ss grandchildren are staying with her. These are her son Earl's children. The Earl Eichhorns were in an Lu auto accident, and Earl's wife had one of her hands broken,'so has been staying with a sister in Minnesota. She is getting along well and was to come home this week. Earl was also badly shaken in the papers day. He said we would not find him there next year, for he is to move in the spring. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have four little girls, and ones attend school, once worked in the telephone office at Des Moines. so she says there is no daily newspaper like the Register for her, though she now lives in another state. * * * * We were at Herman Bosnia's, northwest of Lakota, last week Tuesday and found him and his wife picking corn by hand. They apartment in the former Northwestern hotel and travels for the Kennedy-Parsons company. Mr. and Mrs. Stott have a fine boy. Mrs. Stott is a daughter of the John Pinks at Titonka. The Stotts like to run over to Titonka, for they have many friends there. * * * * George Ailts. southeast of Lakota, was picking corn Thursday. He does not go to the field himself, but tends the elevator for unloading. He said he would have more than 6,000 bushels. His boys built a homemade jack for the grain elevator, and it is something "different," for it is mounted on two old mower wheels. It does the job in fine shape. * * # * We were at George Schroeder's, four miles 'south and 1% miles east of Lakota, Thursday, and corn- picking was the order of the day there. There were 100 acres to pick. Mrs. Schroeder was at home, day. He had a big crib full andi thou g nt tnat corn already picked was piling the rest in outside 'would not have to be picked again. cribs. The hoist on the elevator] — had gone wrong, and the men had j to push the corn out of the box into the elevator when unloading. * * * # St. Benedict AVe called Friday on Otto F. Bau- The Sisters of St. Benedict at- man, 2% miles southeast of Led-'tended the Passion play at Mason yard. The Baumans have two j City Saturday. Two also consulted children, Roger, 5, and Janis, sixia doctor, one concerning an injury months. Otto told us of a fine'suffered in a fall down stairs and visit he had with Editor W. C.' Sr. Clairetta has a severe infec- Dewel a year ago. Otto lives onltion on her hand, his father's farm. This consists of | Mr. and Mrs. John Preushel are 80 acres. "Dad" is Fred Bauman,'parents of a son, born Thursday the village blacksmith at Ledyard. [morning. This is their second He located there in 1913 and has son. pounded the farm out of his old ; Mr. and Mrs. Greg Studer and anvil. "Dad" is a good plowman. Mrs. McKenna called on Mrs. and we have noticed that people Preushel at the Kossuth hospital Friday, Mr. and Mrs. John Ltldwig Attended a C. D. A. Card party fti Wesley Wednesday. Mrs. Fred Erickson received sad news last week Tuesday nbdn that her father had died suddenly, He was listening to the radio and dropped over dead. Funeral services were held Thursday forenoon. . ,1 ALGONA RENDERING COMPANY Phone No. 7 Removes Dead Stock FREE We make and sell Green Top brand of Tankage. STOP WORM LOSSES T2 r V? 3 '"} poultry cause million. It idollars in loss each year. Poultry ptested with worma costs you honey. Get rid ot them. Dr. LeGear's Nicotine Kamala Pills A combination treatment —Comes in chickandadnlt sizes. Dr. LeGear'i Poultry Worm Powder A Nicotine product fop ilock treatment ot large round worms. Both are easy to give and require no fasting. Get rid of Worms and Watch your Poultry Profits Increase. ( Satisfaction Guarantooif' E. W. LUSBY same accident, and his left arm j have no children, but they are just MEATS ARE CHEAP LONG'S As I have decided to quit farming and move to town I will sell the following E described property on the farm known as the old Lockridge farm, located 5 = miles south and 1 mile west of Titonka, 3Vi; miles west and 6 miles north of Wes- S Icy, 1 mile east and 6 miles north of Sexton, 7VI; miles east and 2 miles south of = Burt, 1 mile north of the Doan church, on = • Wednesday, Nov. 17th I ILD I [Exceptionally 80] T HE ORIGINAL IICKLESS I Only Sc cigar that Is recommended fur excessjye smokers, because the nicotine, as far as possible, Las been removed, making H not only mild, but a satisfying smoke. Moderate smokers who enjoy a mild cigar ore also en- ttmsiastically in fa- Tor of toe Ntckless. Try a box a»d no/ice the difference. Your dealer can get it for you. = Sale Will Start at 12s80 O'clock Donn Ladies' Aid Will Sell Lunch =j an week Monday evening. Mrs. Daisy Lewis, Pine Island, Minn., and her children recently spent n few days with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dole. Regina Kruecher, of Rochester, Minn , recently spent several days at her uncle Frank Ziemet's. ( Dick Skilling, Algona, spent l<r.- day and Saturday with his cousin, Betty Mae Miller. The Jos. Yahnkes, Emmetsburg,, were callers at Elmer Dole's Friday. _ §68 Head of Livestock 681 = 2—HEAP OF HORSES—2 S One bay gelding 13 yrs. ol,d, wt. 1400; bay mare 12 yrs. old, wt. 1200. S team did not have "sleeping sickness.") » (This = 128 Head of Cattle 281 Eight head of milk cows, 7 Holsteins, 1 Guernsey; 2 Angus heifers, V/., yrs. old; 1 Guernsey heifer, l 1 /^ yrs. old; 2 Angus heifers 10 mons. old; 1 Guernsey heifer, 10 mos. old; 2 July calves; 1 roan Shorthorn bull; 10 ( head Hereford •steers, wt. 750; 1 black steer, wt. 750. ARMSTRONG The schools in this vicinity did not have school Thursday and Friday because of the teacher's institute in Des Moines. Those from Armstrong who attended the funeral of Arthur Schultz at Garner last week Tuesday are: Mr. and Mrs. John Laffey, Jack Miller, son Bobby and daughter Donna; Mr. and Mrs. L.nius Laffev: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laffey • Mrs. Martha Christensen and Ion Ralph; Mr. and Mrs Butch Laffev Gary, Ind., who are visit- i here; and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lorlg. Truman, Minn. Schultz was the *»™ LaffeV, Armstrong, daughter John Laffeys, and she is a bf "Butch," Joe, and Lmius Mrs. sister attended the *»- io , cias Play. Mrs. Tubbs of Shan. tvtown Monday night. Receipts oa ed $75, which will be used for the junior-senior banquet in the The school orchestra fur- e music between acts. was coached by Luciie the The Play small 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hop- KJjsra-na^ss day evening = S Head of Sheep 350 Leghorn Hens and Pullets', all from AVelp's Hatchery S H 30— HEAD OF HOGS S All feeding pigs ranging in wt. from 140 to 175 Ibs. Vaccinated for hog 'cholera. = . _ _ _ - _ _ _ | FARM MACHINERY, ETC. = Farmall tractor, 2-row McCormick-Deering corn picker, Farmall mounted; =s 2-row Farmall cultivator; P. & 0. 14-in. 2-bottom tractor plow; 7-ft. tandem disc; S 4-sec. harrow; John Deere endgate seeder; Litchfield manure spreader, 2 yrs. =5 old; McCormick-Deering corn planter with 160 rds. wire, nearly new; McCormick = Deering 5-ft. mower; Dane side. delivery rake; 8-ft. McCormick binder; McCor- == mick-Deering hammer mill; 14-ft. hay rack with steel running gear; wagon with S box; 1928 Chevrolet truck; McCormick-Deering cream separator No. 4; oil burn- S ing tank heater; 70 gal. hog waterer, new; 180 ft. of 7/8 in. hay rope, new; 80-ft. == trip rope; Ideal 400-ear corn tester; 220-egg Buckeye , incubator ; 2 brooder tiqjis- S es, SxlO; Browers oil brooder stove; Buckeye coal brooder stove; chicken feeders =s and waterers; set breeching harness; 40 rods 26-in. woven wire; 14-ft. steel S gate; '350-gal. covered galvanized tank; about 8 tons alfalfa hay in barn; wipe Es corn crib; 60-ft. 7-in. rubber belt; anvil, vise, tap and die set; set snap-on socket 3 wrenches; 1-ton chain hoist; milk pails and cans; Caswell tractor steering device SS for binder; emery wheel on stand; fork's, scoops, shovels, pump jack; Cole's hot- j=j blast heater; 3 adjustable wagon hounds with stub tongues; cooling tank; set of S trucks suitable for mower or binder; oak buffet, library table and Crosley Icyball =J i-efrigerator. 80 acres corn stalks and straw stacks to be fed on the place. 5 TERMS — Cash, or make arrangements with the clerk. 5S ^f ^Bl^^r*!il^^ ^P fimfc^lr iBPI lHHi^li^VPiBfeillli^ill^ ^PP* iWB idfc S c . 0. BIBPLE, Auctioneer TITONKA SAYINGS BANK, Clerlt S lPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW HOT WATER HEATERS WHILE THEY LAST! Tiger DeLuxe A $12.95 Value Five rows of J^-inch rust-proof tubes in staggered formation. Gives 40 % more heating efficiency. Heat, comfort, and quality at an exceedingly low price. Our regular price was $9.66. SALE PRICE, COMPLETE HEATERS INSTALLED AT A VERY LOW COST! PRICES SLASHED TO REDUCE STOCKS SAVE UP TO KSSSW" 1 "" _ RECORD FIRST COME- FIRST SERVED Ultra DeLuxe A $17.95 Value A sensational bargain. Larger water capacity. Gives greater heatipg ability. Summer comfort in the coldest weather. Quantities are limited. Our regularjprice $11.95. I Sale Price Complete Gamble's Leader A $4.95 Value An outstanding bargain at the lowest price it has ever been offered. Throws an ample supply of heat and has more heating features than you would believe possible at this low price. 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