The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1897
Page 5
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THE UPPER DBS MO1NES: ALGONA, TOWA. WEDNESDAY, 8EPTEMSEB 16,. MM Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 23-4-5. Notwithstanding the fact that the clothing market is steadily advancing and most dealers are have offered you in the past. We still cling to our trade-winning motto: ''Best Goods at ^est . ^ ^^ ^ ^ Wg ^^ spare _ _ that of last year is convincing proof that the people appreciate our efforts and realize mat n mean * h j this occasion that they will claim the attention ot semi-annual sale, a trade winner. Experience has taught us that it takes prices to do that, and we propo eto make all clothing buyers. No concern has ever offered stronger inducements in men s all-wool suits than me toiiowmg. •*" & y . . ... *-»i • _.i_ • *. ^J.^% $2.00 hats at $I.IQ ; $1.00 nats $7.50 to $9.50 ±, Suits at $5.95. - all- Qii4 + c< o + &* Q^ Our Wgh-grade men's suits . ,~~ «~ ^ wool QUIDS Sit qjO.tJQ. w ni all be slaughtered. Our cheaper suits will start at $2.75 and \ve will offer you all-wool ones worth $6.50 and $7.50 at $4-95- All-wool boys'suits at $1.95, and children's at nnr. $10 Overcoats at $5.95. and children's overcoats. $1.00 Underwear at 39c. Oowles' Block, ALG-ONA, IOWA. Specials in Furnishings, etc. as n , . - you anticipated. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. o. 71 departs at .................... 8 : 30pm No. 65 departs at ........... •• ........ o.ouym TRAINS EAST. 10 . 4Bftm No.2 departs at ............. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 6:28pm N Frtlgh? S Vat a caVry passengers-" „ No. 76 departs at .................... 3 30pm No. 94 departs at ..... -j^iVci, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. County fair in two weeks. Taylor's grand dry goods and millin^ ery opening comes next week. A new boy blessed the M. DeL. Par sons home one morning last week. Wheat is still at 75 cents in Algona. Good yields are reported. Hogs ?3.50 John Goeders is back from Chicago and reports business booming in the The thermometer averaged 78 de grees Sunday night. It was above 9 a Robt Kain is planning on a big new home up on his fine farm, the old Ben- choter place. Both roads have a shortage of cars. Every station in Kossuth has a scramble for empties. ThefirmofMullica& Ohnstedt has dissolved, Mr. Mullica continuing the foundry business. the loading ones in the county, and Mr. Blossom will prove a popular merchant. In speaking of the change the Spencer News says: Mr. Blossom has been a resident of Spencer for ten years or more, and in all relations of life has so deported himself as to merit and command the good will and confidence of our people. Our people generally will regret to see him go. • Rev. G. W. Southwell will close his second years' pastorate next Sunday with the following subjects: Morning: "The Temple of Character." Evening: "The Basis of Tribute to God and Caesar." Horace Mann was at Denison for the Bryan meeting and was instrumental in persuading him to come to Algonn. Sir. Mann is taking an active part in the democratic campaign, and will go on the stump himself. Algonians may have noticed a neat cottage going up over on east State street. Thos. Sarchett of Union is building and will come to Algona in the spring. He has a handsome block, and will have a comfortable home. A. L. Belton says sheep are going to be the thing in a year. At his old home in Pennsylvania they are _ very scarce. He found also that in Ohio the same condition exists. He says the farmer who has sheep is all right. Lewis H. Smith about once a year cleans out the patch of Canada thistles that holds its own back of the Methodist church. He attended to them bat- urday The patch is spreading gradually and ought to be exterminated. every effort to make the affair a success. Club rooms will bo opened in the Union block on the dates of the tournament. Will Devine and The.o. Carroll together with three young men from Boone county, Ernest Carroll, W. God r frey, and Marion Martin, were before 'Squire Taylor yesterday charged with shooting guns and shouting near the Laas place in Rivet-dale, and distressing Mrs. Laas, who is sick. S. S. Sessions was with 'Squire Raymond in the prosecution, and Chas. E. Cohenour defended. The boys were let off. The Woodward Theatre company has been secured by the management as the special attraction during fan- week, opening a six-night engagement at the opera bouse, Monday, Sept, Z7. This popular organization, which is well known to local patrons of the drama, will present during its coming engagement such pronounced successes us "The Lost Paradise," the great labor play which bears the record of a continuous run of one year in New York city, " Wife for Wife," "The Private Secretary," and other sterling productions. The company is a large and competent one, and comes bearing the laurels of a continuous engagement of over 100 performances at theCreighton Theater, Omaha. The kinemetograph, the latest and most improved device for the production of animated pictures, will bo a special feature. Seats will be placed on sale one week in advance. Prices 85and SOcents. A special ladies and childrens' matinee will bo given on the Saturday of fair week. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Tho big Britt fair comes Sept. 14-10. Guy Hanna of LuVerne has gone to Albert Lea to school. Art Miller of Whittemoro came to Algona Saturday to get a load of ice for Yale & Hutchison. W S. Wilcox reports to the Whittemore Champion that the egg house has paid $25,000 for hen fruit in the past year. Ledyard Leader: Goo. C. Call was up from Algona Monday and bought the App farm of 100 acres that joins his farm west of town. .OOK OUT week's Republican. The ladies of the Baptist church will give a social at the home of Mr. John Urch Friday evening of this week. , Everyone invited. There will be conveyances at the church at 7 o'clock to accommodate all who wish to attend. Goeders' store is a sight these days. The new goods are pouring in and his tables are piled to the ceiling. He has bought the largest stock he has ever had this fall, and has a splendid lot of goods. Everybody should call on Goeders. ALL musical people, who are contemplating a course in piano, organ, harmony, or musical history, will do well to call on me at the home of K J. Gilmore for terms. Call early as only a limited number of pupils will be taken. Yours respectfully, LEONARD J. SMITH. MR GEO. NOBLE went out west Tuesday evening to look after Mr. Taylor's cloak business in South Dakota and other points. fever, but will live. Mart P. Weaver is enjoying a vacation for a week. He is cultivating the acquaintance of that boy. Phic-ken Die supper at Mrs. A. E. Whee C lock's P next 1 fhursday evening. Everybody come. Supper 15 cents. Dr Keneflck's brother vyas hurt in a runaway at Belmond Monday. One hrothe/jumped out,- but the other was thrown out. 5. Ward made * possible at 600 rifle shooting. T W Wadsworth's report of the nextWednesday. The Bryan meeting will be on the court house lawn, Chairman Bonar says, if the evening is pleasant. Both Bryan and "Cyclone" Davis of Texas talkin.thei evening. We urge every one who can to hear them. Let Kossuth do the right thing by its distinguished visitors of all parties. A F Call, president of Sioux City's big Mondarnin festival, sends^he Algona people a special invitation to be present. All the railways give a half fare rate, and this is a good chance to see the new start the metropolis of the Missouri is taking. The show is Oct. 4-9, and will be in Sioux City's best style. The Fenton church dedication Sunday was a great event The building did not begin to hold the people. Rev. One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main s, $1. All work warranted. «. v E _ Q BOWYER . Frank Barsalou is going to become a Methodist preacher, and will seek appointment from tho Methodist conference at Ida Grove next week. Tho Champion speaks well of J. V. Wichler, Algonu's now furniture deal-. or: We can recommend him to bo a live business man who will got his share of trade. Humboldt Independent: F. E. Allen and family of Burt, and Henry lucker of Livermore, with his family have I been camping at Inkpadutah Bend the past week. They got fish enough to | eat and had lots of fun. Miss Ella Winkel, daughter of Nick Winkol, fell from her wheel at Livermore, and the result is that she has a badly sprained wrist, a scratched ace and is otherwise quite seriously bruised up, requiring the doctor's attention. The Gazette says tho J-Iumboldt old settlers had a big meeting at Livor- inore. Kossuth contributed Miss Bertha Mann, who read the obituary notices, Mrs. ElhanonClark, whogave a paper, and Eugene Telher, who spoke. . Iowa Falls Sentinel: R. M. Rich mond, politician, journalist, capitalist, banker and owner of the town site of Swoa City, was in town between trains the first of the week. Mr. Richmond favored the Sentinel sanctum with a pleasant call and left a fine sample of this year's corn grown in his county. Record breakers, price breakers, and quality breakers at James Patterson's Watch this space; it will do your pocket good when you come to the fair. No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson. He says, however, that it all WHITTEMORE DON'T BOLT, DLtLIJUOi -I.JL.VJ &i*J ^ •*«..»*. f hinges upon whether or not A. D. I11ULJUB UJJUll 11 iiuui.t'-'fc "-"• "w --. Clarke establishes a second bank at Naudain°advertise in this issue, is the time to buy. ing The fair is a big success. ' THE Delineator for October is now ready, price 15c; also the Glass of Fashion, price 5c. For sale by GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. MR. JOHN NOBLE arrived from Grand Island, Nebr., and will hustle the cloak business for Mr. Taylor on the road this fall. WE have just received some beautiful new patterns in ingrain carpets. See us before you buy. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. TAYLOR'S millinery opening Thursday, Sept. 23. A fine day and an immense crowd greeted the old settlors' reunion at Dayton Wednesday. The forenoon was do- voted to the parade and to music, and to an eloquent one hour's speech by Hon J P. Dolliver. Ho eloquently recalled the early times in Webster county and contrasted them with those of the earlier times in tho east. John Isenbarth, who a few years ago was injured by a locomotive striking his wagon while he was driving over a crossing, had suffered from the effects more or less ever Bimwnintil JaB^weok , when he iioporiur says: He »iu.u ^,..« -• most respected farmers, as was evidenced by the large concourse of friends who attended his funeral on Wednesday. A wife and two children mourn his untimely death, It Will lloll Up Its Usual Majority for J. B. .Tones. The following letter is from one of tho leading republicans of Whittemoro. It speaks for itself: To tho Editor: Some people havo got an from reading tho Courier that there is KoiiiK to be a big bolt in Whittemoro against nurt of the ticket this fall. Now wo wish puii OI_\MO t befol , 0 the votol . a .„, . i.l _ Vmisi rt/M-ioiatu yearthis same The Kraft clothing house has a big destitution. Mrs. L. Horan, while .riding proving in health. The Algona was not settled till Monday. aterer, and » 60. him located again. will be glad to 9. y Chri'schilles was one of the features of the day's program. Geo E. Clarke and E. V. Swelling finally tried that Will-Struecker case from West Bend. It came off at Emmetsburg. Will sued for taxes, etc., ami Struecker put in counter claim for slander. The jury found for Will for $95, and the case will go to the supreme court. This is the case where the slander was in German. It has been hotly contested. TheY P. S. C. E., assisted by the Sabbath 'school, and others, who have been kind enough to lend their aid, have been engaged this summer in the flftwer mission work. They have sent 3000 bouquets, which have been distributed aUng the hospitals of Chicago, and in the free kindergartens and slum districts of that city. There was an inside drama connected with the tent shows in town last week that was more realistic and exciting than any they put on the stage. They were between wind and water financially and remained day after day to get money enough to move. They finally ?ot off for Britt Monday. We commend them to Coroner Bailey. The government notifies Mr. Smith that Kossuth must pay the expenses of shipping the Kruger family back to New York. The board will consider the matter Monday. The pre >sent impression is that the order will not be complied with and that an appeal will be taken to the treasury department. If the Krugers were illegally shipped in, why should Kossuth be mulcted. The tennis tournament at West Bend is now set for Sept. 21 and 22, next week Thursday anS Friday. The Al- Bona club will attend, and is booked for the cup and medal. The Journal - The club bas OBe of tbe finest diet ALL persons indebted to the late J. H. McNall will save costs by paying up before Oct. 1. A , JOHN G. SMITH, Admr. Fmr to thVinongrel standard and that Bryan had so hypnotized them that the mongrel ticket would get a majority in the town- shin Well when the noise of tho battle had 'cleared away the result proved cou- cluBlvelSthatTwo are not subject to hypnot- icinfluences, for while we lost one vote wo gained 11 and showed up with a majority twice as large as we had dared hope 'lorTho voters of Whittomoro have no • • • to enter against Algona nor against any other part of the county. We have been before the conventions of the county and have sometimes been defeated and sometimes successful just ati other towns have been, but whether defeated in WWIIB i *?\"_ ,',„,. ,„„ i invn a vwavs sup- in •n-nfi-r. conventions or not wo uuvu U.IV.M.J" ~DEATH OF SAMUEL REED. ^ ed th e ticket and have always come WE don't carry filled, plated nor ten- cent rings; but we have the finest line rings at liny Pressing Wanted. I have a new hay press and am prepared to press hay for all who want it. 1 24t3 C. D. BEST, Algona. FOR the mondamin carnival to be held at Sioux City, Oct. 4 to 9, excursion tickets wHl be sold by the C., M. & St. P. Ry. at one fare for the round trip, $4.30. ____ Wanted, 10OO Live Pigeons for delivery Sept. 16. Get prices and report the number you wish to sell to wT A. Dutton, under Goeders' store. Farms For Sale. Two improved farms 41 miles west of Algona, 160 acres in each, for sale cheap, time to ouit purchaser. Call on C. J. Doxsee, Algona Iowa.-17tf. $4O Per Montu Salary. A few energetic ladles and gentlemen wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, ?8in3 FRED LAX, Colo, Iowa. THIS is the season for flower pots. See Grove & Son's assortment. The Pioneer of Four Mile Dies peacefully at an Advanced AK°. Samuel Reed, whose gradual decline has been noted, died Saturday. The funeral was held Monday at 11 o'clock, his children, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. John Wallace, S. B. Reed, and Mrs. Lurvey of Eagle, Wis., being present. Rev. Sinclair conducted tho services, and a long procession of old settlers and friends followed the remains to the rOPUDllUUUB umvu ui*i*w • •~ "sheriff the county has ^^Srfnvpd the ni-niid of the way he has administered trie Sutles of the Office.. We will come before duties 01 tne omco. wo win. ^...~ the convention with Samson as our date. We shall seek the support of the for our man because wo believe THE Daily Iowa Capital has issued a complete summary of the changes made in the laws of Iowa by the Twenty-sixth general assembly. 'This information will be of much practical value to alj. Send ftve oents to The Capital, JJee jowa, for a copy, ree was born in the northern part of Ireland in 1811, being 86 years of age this month. He was married on Christmas of 1832 to Jane Boone, and came to America as a bridal tour. They located first in Pottsyille, N. Y. In 1840 they came to Wisconsin settling on a farm near Waukesha. In 1866 they came to Kossuth county and located four miles west of Algona on the claim their son Will had taken the year before. In 1879 they left the farm, and for 18 years have made their home in Algona. Mrs. Reed preceded her husband, dying Nov. 5, 1891. Mr Reed was a genial, kindly man, one whom everybody enjoyed meeting, whose friends were as numerous as ms acquaintances. His family speak for his good qualities, all of his children filling honorable station in life, and rendering good service to the world. He lived to a ripe old age, and while disease made his closing years painful, he never lost a cheerful serenity of mind, that made his presence a blessing and that made his final departure seem like the rounding out of a full and complete life. » In November that the result will be a .duplicate of last year's experience. So we advise the Courier editors to extract all the can out of anticipation for we THE OLD SETTLERS MEET. Geo. C. Call Elected President for Hie Now Year—1« Memory ol the Dead. The old settlers had a pleasant meeting Wednesday. J. E. Blackford, Geo. C.°Call, Horace Mann, Mrs. Bloor, and S. Reed spoke, and Mrs. Elhanou Clark road an interesting poem. For the coming year Goo. C. Call is president; Ed. Blackford, secretary-, John Reed, treasurer. Mr. Call .will appoint a vice president for each township, after finding out who will serve. J E. Blackford was continued as committee on obituary resolutions. His report for this meeting was as follows: Mr President: I was not quite sure that I was continued as a committee on obituaries, hut lest it should be wholly overlooked I report tho names of persons who- have been early settlers in this county and who have died since our last meeting. .The. list is as follows: Travis G. Leggett, Mrs, Came Wllloy, John K. Fill, Thos. Gilbr dx,, ML. Clarke Thressa A. Slagle, Ellen need, Mrs. Bobt Skllling, John Love, J. H McNall, "Grandma" Davison, Ernest Herman, MM. Geo. Turner, Hugh Black. As the years go by tho list of the very early settlors grows shorter and Bhoitei,. and very soon those who were really pioneers in the settlement of the county will have passed away. With many, ol these named I had no personal a c <l u aint^ ance and will not bo expected to say more of thorn thau to report their names. As a token of our esteem for those whoi havei left na and of our sympathy with the moie pa'rtteular Mends, we would ™oommeud that a page of our record book be set apatt and that the secretary be instructed to inscribe their names theroon. selves. FINE new line of dress trimmings, all the newest things just received. GGO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. CHOICE fresh fruits every daj GROVE & S at SON'S. Home SeeKers' Excursion. Special homeseekers' excursion tickets may be sold Aug. 8 and 17, Sept. 7 and 21, Oct. 5 and 19, 1897. Selling rate will be one lowest regular first class fare plus $2, the $2 in addition to the one fare rate to be collected by agent selling the ticket. No extra charge will be made when tickets are executed for return passage. WB are right lo line with flower pots. * M. Z. GROVE & SON. —Boowere, Mre. A. E. AV»r. Bart Monitor: Will Burt have another bank? This Is the question now. B. M, Richmond of Swea City was in our town last week and says he is contemplating putting in one to be run as a branch of bis Bancroft bank. Be has an optiQjj upon tfce lot owned by J. B. Cork up<m which, their real estate office Notice of Dissolution of Partnership Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, have this day terminated and dissolved the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, Henry C. Dodge, and John Grove, under the firm name and style of John Grove Land company, doing a general real estate brokerage business at Morris, Stevens county, state of Minnesota,, and that the said firm is this day dissolved, and that the business and affairs of the said John Grove Land company will be wound up and terminated as speedily as possible. The undersigned will continue in the general business of buying, Belling, and trading in real estate at Morris, Minn., ftnfl, tJj9 surrounding country, in his own name, and will attend to all the business of winding up the affairs of the said part' nei-ship of John Grove Land company. Address all communications to the undersigned. Dated at Morris, Minn., this 6th day of September, A. D. 1897. H. o. DODGE, FOB time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, A new lot of glassware, cheap, at Grqve & Son's.

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