Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1937 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1937
Page 5
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NOVEMBER 2,1937. IUSE AMONG HE ENTRIES llN 'PET' SHOW | r o were some 60 entrants In ft" show at the Iowa theater Cats, dogs, mice, roost- oyotes, and ponies viere en, and 32 winners were: |s—Scottle, belonging to Dowen; Poodle, Bobby Eth- Peg, Duane Walkite; y, Lyle Mathes; Sklppy, Billy ; Tipple, Doyle Johnson; Ruth Ann Sigsbee; Rusty, McGuire; Charlie McCarthy, Iy Dork; Duke, Gerald Ski 11- loota, Don Deal; Spot, Dickie T; Jlggs. Keith Stott; Pat, Sanburg; Beauty, Dickie edson; Nippy, Margaiet Rey- Fust, Warren Bandman; I,'Frances Sorensen; Tiny, Lu- Sraliam; King, Eugene Peter|Tiger, Bert Baldwin. •Marjorie Smith; Bernice "Cliessil," Marcia Setchcll; ' Dolores Bowman, iise—"Zippy," Collita Forrcst- 5 bster—Bobby Keehn. frotes—'Sport" and "Brownie," arot H. Miller. s—"Flossie," Elmer Stev- •Diaraond," Melvin Carroll; Charles McVey. s—"Billy" and "Brownie", tell Strayer. ^ tarians Hea^ a Jpeech on Snakes by Local Teacher ton Arnold, high school zoo- jbiology, and science teacher, i before the Rotary club Mon- loon on snakes. He had with KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA PAGE FlVl '• V 6 " ?° Uc attended a funcr- Watorloo Tuesday. The Rev. and Mrs. p. j ,, r wore at Mason city Saturday Mrs. Fred McWIiorfcr, w,,, 'ho flu, i s territory. representative jn Younkcr, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bode, are driving o. Del. sedan. CapMius uxo Dodgo rte thc^ Mrs " wHh liomecomrng "at"" Ain c r"ovcr the week-end. Dorothy McEnroo spent tho weekend here with relatives. Sho U n student at Cherokee Hetty Gunn, student at Ames spent the week-end with he- i er, Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. Dr. and Mrs. ,r. 0. F. Pri cc Sunday dinner guests uf ij r Mrs. R. C. Ball, Titonka Sheriff and Mrs. c ftscy Loss „... tertainod the board of SU1 ' sors at noon dinner Monday. The A. W. Amunsons spent tho week-end at the Twin Cities Mr Amunson lias a sister there "Sonny," son O j Mrs. Clara' Walker, had his tonsils removed Monday at tho KoKiith ho«n;;.ul. .lane, spent the relatives at Council were u nd supervi- -"r. nnd 'Mrs. jj :o Ames Saturday hnmccoming football Stale . Cowan went to attend a game at the .. -r_-i — ...v JM , l , LltU 3 cnl C ge, of which Mr. Cowan a graduate. n their older Mr. ' MrSl AUBUBI Hucnhold, son Helmuth. drove to Milwaukee Thursday to visit the Mr. Huenhold'* nephew, Huonliold. Tho Algonians arrived home Monday •. and Mrs. p. C.'scanlan, with little daughlor June Anne Sunday at Rock Valley, iK of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Scan- tholr spent .. Mary and Gladys Sciwlu turned Monday from DCK |wo live snakes, one a garter tlie other a small six inch snake, both found in this vi. He also had skeletons and of rattlesnakes and snakes |a(ive to Iowa. Arnold said the rattlesnake only harmful snake native jwa. All other varieties are jicial to farmers, in that they j and eat mice, rats, frogs, and It is estimated, ho said, bull snake is worth at [J'lO to a farmer, because it destroy enough rats and mice (year to save that much in yllis Sawyer gave a clarinet [accompanied at the piano by Tba Haggard. Hilbert Rasmus- pnstnimental music Instructor i high school, is a new Rotar- Bridge Built at the Call Park Irkmen have been busy for the rweek on construction of a fete bridge on the road into Imbrose A. Call state park in- itho main gate a few rods. The thoy had spent, the end. Mr. nnd Mrs. II. M. Haubem will leave Wednesday for Chicago r.n a buying trip for the Chrischilies store. Audrey Potter, returned Sunday from two .weeks with her uriclc, Dr. W. W. Soulhwick, Maralip.il- town. Dl'UKKisI Mild Mrs. I!. F. Sorcn- liin. the doctor's parents. Mrs. Oliver Moo has had her painted. It is oc- H. M. Smiths and and is located apartment nines, copied WCK l<-|tl]e c _ on Minnos ° ta Anderson left last visit her parents S. D. She ' 1 ' "*' will Mr " be derson js International Harvester rcproHpnlativf! in this territory. Messrs, iiiul Mcsdaiiiea Win C .......s., „. ,, r. B ,,r U11 - ,»"" W"'-P- Stoolo drove to Charles sen spent the week-end at Des ! ^L^K™,* 0 , **?, wlth _. the Moines with Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Adams. , Mr. and .Mrs. Raymond Taylor, Rstherville, spent iho week-end (it C. W. Morck's. Jlr. Taylor operates a cafe. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Rood, Sioux Falls, wc.re Sunday guests of the Loo H. Reed.s. The Messrs. Reed are brothers. tola I,chiiian has returned to her work at Des Moinos, afw. 1 a week's vacation with her parjiiis Mr. and Airs. A. Lehman. (icrlnide I'i'Icr spent the weekend at Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peter's, Lone Rock. She is employed at Ihe W. W. Sullivan home. The Harold Walkers were in Sinux City, Friday and Saturday. Mr. Walker is an ;if_ r ent hero for the Metropolitan Life. Loraine Holmes i.s older Mrs. Steolo's brother, Chas. W. Humphrey, an attorney there. Attorney and Mrs. G. W. Stillman, with ..their little daughters, Anno nnd Marcia. spent the week* ond with Mr. Slillman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stillman, Dolliver. Tin If. M. VoDcrs returned Sunday from Minneapolis, where they wlll go home Wednesday, after a brief visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barry. Mrs. Berne is a former reporter for the Up- pe DCS Moines and tho Advance. Helen Ford, Fern Gisch, and Clelus Mosbach, the latter of Whit- tomore, visited at Eagle Grove Sunday, Helen is an office girl for Kennedy-Parsons company, and I'ern is a clerk at Hawcott & Ogg. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Morck went to Minneapolis Friday for the week-end. They attended the Minnesota-Notre Dame football game and visited their daughter Virginia, student at the Minnesota state university. Mrs. Gilbert Shcppnrd went to Fort Dodge Sunday to join her son Joseph, and from there they went to Grayslake, 111., to visit the former's daughter. Mrs. Byron Colwell. Mrs. Sheppard will be away two weeks. Mrs. Addle L. Seymour, of San Diego. Calif., left Monday, after four weeks here with friends. She looked after business interests while here. Mrs. Seymour's late husband was for many years a Lakota banker. The Kev. and Mrs. W. G. Muble- man will attend a joint district conference of the Fort Dodge and Algona Methodist districts at Humboldt Wednesday and Thursday, and the Rev. F. E. Burgess will accompany them. TC. 10. Vincent, Vincent Isaacson, Bob Sellslrom, and Junior Long spent the week-end at Minneapolis, whore they attended the Minnesota-Notre Dame football game. high school students. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Benner, Mattie Benner, and "Arch" Benner, all of Primghar, were- Sunday dinner here. He hailed from Lotts Creek, as did his wife, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Leininger, Lotts Creek. F. E. Sanndcrs met Mrs. Saunders at Des Moines Saturday. She nad been at Bloomfield, where she visited relatives. Mrs. Marguerite Kencfick drove to Iowa City last Wednesday to bring home her father. Oliver Moe, who had had two operations at Iowa City in the last few weeks. They came Thursday. Mrs. D. J. Mitchell and her daughter Laura, Seemans as far aa Cedar Falls to visit her sister Gwendolyn, who Is attending college there. The Seemans will visit Mrs. Seeman's brother, Earl Byson, Anamosa. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer got Mr. and Mrs. the latter assistant city clerk, ac- a l ' * home Wednesday from two weeks - I. VU*I. ^.tl\J. Htf Moines, returning Sunday evening. Mr. Saunders is manager of the local Kennedy-Parsons branch house. McsdameH G. P. Towne, Minnie Modin, D. S. Driver, Edw. Blanchard, and E, N. Taylor attended the- funeral of Seward Thornton, Livermore, an automobile accident victim Friday evening. The services Mrs. Kenefick, on going trip, as far as Cedar Rapids to visit Mrs. Mitchell's son, Lloyd Mitchell, a few days. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Sweeney, of Fort Dodge, attended the Minnesota-Notre Saturday. guests of the Sweeneys at a dinner dance at the Fort Dodge Country Dame football The Robinsons Verne cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Hall, Cherokee, with their daughter Mary Elizabeth, were Sunday guests at the i. H. Kirsch and Jerry Helgens homes. The Mesdames Hall and Kirsch are sisters and daughters of Mr. Helgens, who has been in poor health again and bedfast for the last ten .days. Mrs. A. D. Canmhan returned a week ago Friday from two weeks with sisters at Aberdeen, S. D.. While she was there a family re-|i union took place. Two brothers, one from Des Moines, the other from Los Angeles, attended. Mrs. Carnahan had not see the brother from Los Angeles before in 35 years. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel accompanied the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, game were . evening. Both couples will attend a homecoming game at Iowa City between the state university team and the Minnesota team. Itutitcrniaker and Mrs. I. L. See- Darlene, left this morning for Cedar Rapids to attend a state creamery convention until Thursday. Mr. Seeman is delegate from Sec. 6 and old home. He has four brothers there and two married sisters. Two of the brothers are railway postal clerks, with runs to Chicago, and one is a traveling man. The remaining brother is a farmer. One other brother, who was a rural mail carrier, died last winter. To begin with there were seven brothers in the Overmyer family, besides the two sisters. Mr. and Mrs. by automobile. ... , . „ „..» ..\JI.VMVI.». l^liu >YU,O VJJJtJ UL L will be on a butter-scoring team. | terson girls at Lu Verae Irma Lee Deal accompanied the!years ago. Postcard from Florida. A picture postcard of "A beautiful .lake scene' in Florida comes from Mrs. F. I. Chapman, Lu Verne. She says, 'Greetings from Florida, land of fruits and flowers.' Mrs. Chapman went to Florida a few weeks ago in the interest of her health. She was one of the Pat- many Attend Regional Bann.nct. The Rev. F. E. Burgess, C. Pa«l Carlson, and Geo. C. Vance attended a regional Red Cross meeting and banquet at Spencer Thursday evening. Flans were made for t*» innual roll call. guests of the R. W. Andersons. The the doctor's mother, Mrs. Jacob Winkel, to Mason City Sunday to attend a Passion play and visit Mrs. Winkel's sister, Irene Capes- visitors are aunts and uncles Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Anderson is a telephone employe here. Mr. mid Mrs. Conrad Herman spent from a week ago Friday till ,.us, cashier in a Sears & Roebuck 01 store there. Mrs. Walter Barton, Minneapolis, cane Wednesday to see her father A. J. Keen, patient at the Kossuth hospital who today in reported a meeting there of a P. T. A., of I former Lois Keen, and Waltor is son City, and their two spent Sunday at Mrs. children Ciillon's father Anton Strait's. The Cul- lons took Mrs. John Cullen, mother attended the Minnesota - Notre i°f M- K -» to her home at Whitte- Dame football game Saturday and more, after several days with them. met old wo n . friends from Saskatche- The Gem-ire Smiths returned Sun- i Mrs. Alwin Iluenhold and hoi- pi ttle son Jon accompanied Mrs. Henry Furst as far as Lakota Friday, and Mrs. Huenhold and Jon visited Mrs. Huenhold's mother, ,., Meacox, Britt, a brother from ^™ l £?™£ r £^ tt ^ for the day with relatives. Barber THE NEW Booking Only Class A Productions TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Matinee from 11 o'clock Another Special! WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY Stars of "Good Earth" and "Capt. Courageous" North Dakota, and a sister-in-law. Mrs. Gladys Filinworth, Britt, with day evening from a week with rela- Fl ' od Bailey, Long Beach. Calif., fives at. Panora and Cherokee. Mr.|visited Mrs. Anna Skinner Wednes- clc-rk at the James dru now till after Christmas. Her father is a Botsford employe. an added j-) 0! . .store from ](1KO thoro _ Smith is connected with the farm loan division of the Metropolitan Life hern. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Ludwig. Ruth Lund, and Irvin Laabs wore week-end guests of Charles Luud, , who is attending col- Mrs. Ludwig and Ruth are his sisters. Mrs. George Tloswcll went to Mrs. Xeal Smith, her children, no . s Moines Saturday to attend the Leon and David, and Mrs. J. S. Black spent Sunday with the, Elmer Smiths, at Swea City. \Vallnco Reynolds, Swea City, spent the week-end with Dr. nnd Mrs. C. D. Schaap. Mr. Reynolds is a brother of Mrs. Schaap. funeral of Charles Bond, firmer employer of Mrs. Bosweli. Mrs. Boswell is the wife of Algona's new laundry operator. Mesdames H. M. Smith, Hollis day. The guests were cousins of E. J. Skinner, deceased husband of Mrs. Skinner. Mr. and Mrs. diet Harmon, Woden, are parents of a lOVi-lb. boy, born Sunday at their home, tho first child, named Charles Ernest. Mrs. Harmon is the former Helen Dole. Irvington, and she is a sister of Evelyn Dole, an office girl at the courthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Doherty were at Des Moines for the weekend, and Mr. Doherty attended a Heinz convention there. Mrs. F. L. Means, Villisca, Mrs. Doherty's ily. Trainer, and C. H. Swanson were j mother, met the Dohertys at Des at Mason City Wednesday. Mrs. j Moines and came here with them Smith attended a bridge party, and ; for a two weeks visit. js a sister Qif the Aj . end tw , ns and Mesdames Trainer and Swanson \^^^^>^™™,^^ ^. and Mrs. Krause are "their Furst hails from the Buffalo Center-Lakota neighborhood. Until McKoe, society editor tho Upper Des Moines, week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McKee, Mason City, returning Sunday with "Bill" Dailey, who had been a guest there of James Spencer, who is now ployed at the Hotel Hanfovd. "Bill" returned to Des evening. Edytl'.e DUley. Rose and Christine Arend, their nieces, Florence Hilbert and Judy K. Bockes, and two nephews, Paul and Richard Arend, the boys Burt, drove to Remseu Sunday to Mrs. T. 1'. HarriiiKinn returned |c goes over a creek that winds'Saturday frum a week with Mvs. ^ _^ ^ tho park for some di.s-:^'- If - Morse, former Algonian, and v j, s j te .d friends. ' |week-end here with Aria Bakkeu, uncle and aunr fe, and though water does not'other friends at Cedar Rapids. | Matfie K. Warner and Eva Whit- and was also a guest of Grady i Jin it at all times considerable - 1f|- - illl(l - Mr:i - w - I! - Ril >' c ' -Mason nov . retired Burt teachers who Phillips, manager of the new Ken- •r doc.; flow when ,snow melts j '''•>". and iheri son Walter Jr. wore ], avn f nr many years lived togeth- neth Cowan paint'shop, who hails pc spring and in heavy rains. '• week-end guests of Mrs. Raye's er at that town, have ordered their .fi'om Cowrie. ^Vietta is employed fconcretp bridge replaces an old ! parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. X. Taylor. Advance sent to Santa Paula, Calif..! at a Cowrie bakery, and Aria is |en one. The work is being! • 11rs - W. K. Uohcrts reui/ned till further notice. employed at the James drug store, '.under the direction of the j Thursday from a few days with her Ov.i-n Mnthi's, Ames, spent the! Hetty Reynolds spent the week- i park board and the highway, grandmother, Mrs. Adam Gipe, of W eok-end here wit'h old school! end at Emmetsburg with a former [rtnient, and ii is a PWA pro- ! Stnihan, find other relatives iliovc. chums. He is tho son of Frank ! local schoolmate, Helen Joynt. I Mr. and Mrs. Kmmett .'.'allahan, Mntlic.s, former owner of state's I Helen recently moved to Emmets- KnimctshorK, were Satu-day visi- cafe, who is now operating "State's 'burg with her parents, Mr. and •AlffOnian Worle t«>'« "f Mr- ; '" (1 Ml ' K - K;l >' Beamish. c a fe" at Ames. I Mrs. Cr A. Joynt, and Mr. Joynt, af- I guiuaii » TC V* S M ,._ callahan operates a lumber-! Mrs. Hiehnrd Macheek, of Des; tor many years in a like capacity Algonian S Sister yard. i Moines, and .her small daughter j here, is now Milwaukee agent ' August, Sfndcr, who had for many ! Mary came Sunday and will remain there. Algona Youth Will Give a Radio Talk William Monlux, son. of Mr. an* Mrs. D. D. Monlux. is now an «JH slatant In research at Cornoll ua^- verslty, Ithaca, N. Y., and Will gW x the first of a series of radio talks this week Thursday at 1-2:40-Outran Elmira, N. Y., station. He WM raduated from the veterinary d*« partment at Ames in June, 19M» and js now working for his Master's degree, doing the research work "on the side." CALL Theatre FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Matinee 2 p. m. BENEFIT WA-TAN-YE CLUB Algona Relax and have a wonderful time. Brilliant New Music by Rudolph Friml |rry Empting, former Algonian,'years lived retired on a farm on a tin tomorrow, guests of the A. A, i Margaret Sweeney, Dubuaue,; Kolfo rural mail route, lately on- | Sterlings. Airs. Macheek is a cous- "f Mrs. R. AV. Rocder were' ed this morning at !) o'clock ie St. Agustus -church, at Des |es. Mr. Empting, a Firestone "live nt Des Moines, formerly I local representative [tory. in this Blaze is Put )ut at Jacob Home r Fred Jacobs house caught ft five o'clock Saturday after- and the firemen were called .inguish the blaze, which l«y damaged shingles. It is pd that a spark ' from the caused the fire. Mrs. Jacin the house at the time, the vacuum sweeper. A foor discovered the blaze and [the alarm. Mr. and Mrs. Jac- Jhe Coffee Shop. •tor Candidate [>s Coming Sunday '.Kev. C. Watson Sanders, of sviiie. in., w in preach at ES?; Ist churcn next Sunday as h7 r, tc for the pastorate. The iwr. Boetcher, of the home mis- society, an( j Edna Smith, a n ary to China, are booked for ['am at the church November Plans are under way to in- ^gregations of iBaptist chur- half of the [thodist Pastors d Meeting Here meeting of Metho- rs was held Friday at w. G. Muhleman's. Minis'^tended were F. B. Bur- gona; Thoburn Speicher, ' Wo od, Good Hope; G. ' , . owell, West Bend . | r ' hur - Wesley; w. L. Patterson, . and H. A. Nelson, Lu In Barber Shop. or Hoven - who bad for a n so been second man at y Furst sh op; has bought ence Shilts, deceased, half n the Shilts Bros. shop. there Monday. checks COLDS and FEVER first day tered St. Anthony's home at Du- liufiue. and Mrs. Edwin Roberts, cif Mason City, and their daughter | in of Mr. Sterling. Dorothy Ann spent Wedn3sday Mrs.' ('..[•'. Spec.ht accompanied I night at the W. E. Roberts home. Mrs! Mcrwin [''(Mit!', of Concordia, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Sample to But-1 The men are brothers. Edwin is a Kans left for home last week terfield, Minn., Thursday, and from I farms manager fnr the Midland j Tuesday after two weeks hero ' there wont to Medota Lake to visit Mortgage-Co., Cedar Rapids, and j her mother, Mrs. Frank J 10 r mother, brothers, and sisters. Shilts. Representative and Mrs. P. J. All returned Monday. Mlltiin Dnlil spent Wednesday Kohlhuus returned Sunday from'and Thursday at Des Moines on a Minneapolis, where they attended the Minnesota-N'otre, Dame football game W. E. is with the Metropolitan Life here. A letter from .Alfred Walter orders the Advance sent to him business mission. Mr. Dahl ownS|Wapato Wash. He does not and operates the Kossuth Radio & Electric shop, which has quarter! Mr. anil Mrs. F. J. l-ain^ are I with the Pratt Electric Co. the parents of a girl, born Sunday I Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Nelson, Og- night. Mr. Lain.' member of den were week-end guests of Mr. i:ud and Mrs. Bert Eldien. The Eld- iens moved here in October, and __ _ Moines Mr. Eldien is an Ellis-Chalmers Monday "to at'end a convention at representative in this territory, the Hotel Fort Des Moiues. He is Mrs. H. C. Herrie, Mason City, the plumbing firm of Luing Muckey. 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After they've been city terrors? "ESCAPE BY NIGHT" with WILLIAM HALL ANNE NAGEL STEFFI DUNA "PAINTED STALLION" SUNDAY AND MONDAY Exceptional What happens to Americans in the war zone? West of Shanghai THE TIGER OF NORTHERN CHINA! SECOND FEATURE GORDON OLIVER "YOUTH ON PAROLE" ISING ABOVE TH CHAOS OF A RACKET RULED WORL HE 'WAS WORSHIPPED FA HIS ATTAINING THE '.PEACE AND JOY that COMES WITH A GREAT LOVE! He is the son "XKWS OF THE BAT" fcS Plus "THE BIG APPLE" New sensational dance craze. BUY TICKETS FROM THE GIRLS visit Mrs. Mary Nilles and her fam- Plus Whispering- in the Dark" "The Smart Way" They also called on the J.. P. 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