The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1897 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, September 15, 1897
Page 2
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DES MOIMiJBJ IOWA WEDNESDAY 8EPTEMBER 15» 1897 KOTES OF THE WHEEL WATTEnS OF INTEREST TO DEVOTEES OF THE BICYCLE. A Crem? St«rr«*!»a Tetnporarllr at tbe tifixi of the I* A. W—A Good Ki- OSircr—Pome Hew Alliances Berord. Elorrison at t!s«! Delia. rfj, is&'JTfj HILE Isaac D. Pot- ¥\/WvJ?/ ter ' s a ' jrca "J ^ j' ' ,-. '/ executive affairs of ^ •' ' ' the League of An.- ar€ ticder the cci:- - A - Cre£ ^ McrriE-oa. first v;e; piesMeat of tbe or- .;ani7.nt:on. When Mr. Morrison was d to his present office, ear!}- this rear. he v:as a resident cf Milwaukee, w litre he had resided a dcrea years or more. He was regarded as a Western man in every fcii;?, and in Lea sue po'iucs hi; seJcf.'tici) tv;,? c'jnJridlert'Q a recognition of the \Vest. A few weeks ago. however. Mr. Morn sen ro?igreu his position with the Pa'vHt Bre~5i:g company to recent the advertlsirg maHaie;a?at of Scott & Bowne of this city. This neceEsitalea his i-rinovai to New York. and he 5= co~ a member of the New Yorls ~ti.te division. Vrhether that fact Trjil have any bearing oa his future career ia the L. A W. is an interesting question. replete with perplexing conditions. AH Mr, Morrison is one of the league's brightest arjd brainiest men. as we!) as one cf its most consistent and cjn- e-c:ent:ous workers, it is to be hoped thst his change of base will not put a permanent stop to his ascendency. In the natural coarse of things. fojScvnng the ordinary rules of prrjmoiion. JJr. Morrison would have been tb-? logical successor to Mr. Potter CE president cf the league. This would have been •he rational reward of service and it on the one hand and a good thins for the V."<?st on the other. Bui. nov,- that Mr. Morrison is a member of the sam- Osvislon as the incumbent pres-Jdent. it is possible thst certain cassidera- tcno rosy -,vork a change for the imrr.- diate future at lc-2f;;. J'r. Potter mi" f.v nay net be a candidate for re-election rest wir'.c-r. Should he run 2~a:r;. tna: would, of course, sc-tti^ th» ques- is another indication that the foreign prejudice against the wood rim is dis- appearag to some extent. The wood rim for bicycle wheels is distinctive!;an American idea, and its advantages reem consequently visionary to the Britishers. English manufacturers still cling to the mechanically fastened inner tub? tire, for which the wcod is less wel] adapted than the metal rini, and this is probably one important consideration of the antipathy of the English to the lighter and more elastic rim in use in this country. The majority of the export orders received by American makers for shipment to England specify the equipment of steel rifas, and the liking of the Britishers for that fcrni I has been an excellent thing for the S makers who had a surplus of the now i out-of-date steel variety. Perhaps American riders will reciprocate by giving the gear case the consideration which it deserves. BASE BALL GOSSIP. NOTES OF INTEREST ABOUT THE NATIONAL GAME. Comments on the Development of Rowdyism on the Ball Field—Mae- Dates Most Take a Hand—A Crisis Is Sear at Band. Smiley Tired of Life. J. Robertson Smiley, manager cf a i female bicycle cut St. v.-hich gave rac=s at Detroit, Cleveland and other cities last year, was hauk-d out cf tlse river j at Toledo the other night. He had bad | a quarrel with one of hi; fair racsr;. ! and after she told him that she did not ; care for him. be threatened to commit ' suicide. The bridge guard says Smiley • ~all;<?d to the nridcie of the bridge and j jumped in. He thon grabbed the piling I and hung on until he vras fished out. I Dcttie Farnsworth and TfJie Anderson ! are the stars cf Smiley's aggregation. Century in 4 1-3 Hours. Frank Skinner, a Cleveland cycler, mode a wonderful 100-mile record in j that city the other afternoon on a quar- i ter-mile track. He was paced by tan| dems, and the century was completed i in 4 hours 20 minutes and 21 3-5 sec- I onds. That beats tbe best previous am! ateur record in this country. Fifty miles were covered in 2 hours 5 min- tion for 159?. Mr. Morrison v, r oti!d no: be on the ticket again for vice prfsj- cent, as the t'.vo officers would n r ;i be chccen from one division. In the even: ihat ?Jr. Potter should not rnn ai'ain, .several conditions would undoubtedly govern Mr. Morrison's course. Up to the time cf his leaving Milwaukee Mr. Horrison ivas linown to place his al- Ipgianc? Srst with the Vi'est, and individuals next. Among the latter, it is fair to include himself. His stand in the last campaign was manifestly on those lines. Thai ?;eing the csse. it is leascnable to suppose that Mr. Morrison would support any good man the West might develop as a candidate for the presidency. He would have to be a good man in order to obtain national recognition. Now that Mr. Morrison is no longer to be classed as a representative of the West, it might be difficjH to find a man from that section on whom the larger Eastern divisions would agree as a candidate for president. Then the selection wou'.d have to be from the East, and in that even; there is no reason why Mr. Morrison should not be the candidate, unless the- possible jealousy of other Eastern divisions bhould prevent the election of two successive presidents from the same state division. The office of president of the League of American Wheelmen is essentially honorary, and is the goal of the ambition of every real league worker who has the right interest in the organization and i!.-: field of labor. It is, or should be, the reward for particular *«rvice, an'.' FRAKK SKINNER I utes and S 2-5 seconds, and 75 mi'es ] in 3 hours 13 minutes and 23 3-5 soc- i onds. Will Work Toa;ctlif>r. By virtue of a verbal agreement en| tered into between Chairman Mott on behalf of the L. A. V,'. and President T. R. Crump for the Union Ciciisticas Mexicanos, the two organizations will wori: in accoi d in the future and CD- operate in maintaining the rulings of each other. The agreement has been anticipated for several weeks, but v.'as not made until last Saturday. Upon the return to this country of President Potter in September the agreement will be made in due form and ratified by the respective organizations. In the meantime verbal agreement will have full effect. There was some talk at one time to the effect thai the Mexican union would recognize the California secessionists and enter into an offensive and defensive alliance with them, but if this was ever seriously considered it v.-as effectually squelched by the cooler heads of the organization. Considerable correspondence has passed between the presidents of the L. A. W. rn-J the U. C. M., and some of the letter:; wore miscarried, resulting in delaying the negotiations until this time. Nov.- that they i.ractically completed the president of the U. C. M. can return to his home with the assur- aic^ thit his crsanization will be protected en this side cf the border, and with the expcc'iatlon to ilo the same in Mexico for the L. A. W. The result of the agreement will be that ihe Calitornlans will have to look elsewhere for assistance and that the V. C. M. will have the advantage of advice and protection from the largest cycling organization in the world. Mast Take a Band. T no time in the history of base ball has there been such disgraceful scenes on the diamond as marked some of the games played last week. This, if anything, is going to cause the downfall of the favorite American sport. The leaders in this rough and tumble base ball are so few that it would be •veil for the League officials to take a hand in it and expel a few of the men who are bringing the game into disgrace and disrepute, and thus teach a wholesome lesson to others. * * * It is all very -s-ell for club officials to set up in the grandstands and after a row is over piace the blame on the umpire and say that oScial should not have lost his temper. These same magnates were they submitted to one- half the abuse v,-h:ch the umpire is made the target of would take a bat and go after tbe tormentors, even should they have to answer a more serious charge than assault and battery. The language used by some of the play- 3rs toward the umpire is scandalous, and if used in a public highway would :all for the arrest and imprisonment of the party or parties uttering it. Umpires are human, and while they have in a way become inured to abuse, yet there are times when the abuse is so vile that they cannot stand it, as was the case with Mr. Lynch. Then, again, the newspapers are in a way to blame for much of the umpire's troubles. If there is a close decision against the home team, no matter how right it may be, the howl of "robber" is set up, and the minds of that portion of the public which attends ball games are incited agaiint tbe official. The next day he is made the target of abuse- by the crowd. If the game of baseball is going to be kept up to the high standard it has attained, then the-re must be more respect for the umpire. Good umpires are just as necessary to the game as good players, and without them the game will go to the dogs. The attacking of umpires by the spectators must be frowned upon, and the foul and abusive language of players should be met with expulsion. This and this alone will save the game.— Pittsburg Gazette. OOWN r: KNOXV1LLE A C?!IPPt-E CURED. fhe Criiraro " Times - Herald " 31 KaoiTllle r.Ieef nil Old Friend. Corre- 3:1. Eradiate of the ceftsnct Main? learrcE. Ice Baltimore- ~ea tried to rattle him from the start, but they -re?? mace to feel the force of the la-, as two policemen stood close to the Boston berca ready to carry out the umpire's orders. In the first inning Joe Kelley was ordered to the bench, but refused to | move. Umpire Carpenter turned, rais- j ed his finger and the visiting players ' saw at once that their gaze was blocked. As the two cfncers -walked toward the players the crowd cheered and Kelley walked away. Carpenter haiis from Taunt on. Mass.. but lives at Port- ^ Times-HefaM map he was on cTGt-bes. > Scotland, sixty-one are said t o la^d Maine He i= five feet seven and j crd in E terrible condition, the snb.ieet ofjjis : died in battle 4t tbe yorrsal Institute at '---tra. on Ac past f'tb. the Knoxville corro- •pc.Ddent of tbe Chicago Times-Herald THIS AND THAT. The Srst envelope ever 05*3 the possession of the British The total number of ffi e a la ^ world's navies is estimated to b= zl- \ 600. " 3 '-A bag of hot sand relJc T€s n^,^, . phonograph was invented^ one-half inches tail and -weighs Ita j pounds. He first played ball with a | nice representing the shop where he | worked ana was considered a fine player. He never bad any experience , as an umpire previous to this year. He ; has a large acquaintance ainorg pro- ; fessional ball players, and is a great favorite with them. to meet his old friend. Mr. Ia tbe fifth century before ChrJ _ t \ T. Cora, whom he believe^ to be a life- fiD e a copper was deemed as precious as I-IDC ~rh>T'le. from rheumatism and sciatica, ; gold. ^ ._,,._.,_ ,-. Of_ seventy-throe historic l;in ss 0 , ha or to have becu Last month the locomotive trorks a' s tbe topi 1 ? of conversation. Tbe .riils is a resume of Mr. COBE'S story: i ••Ton are sware tbct from overwork and pic r>t the* tbe neietborhood afforded, until motives from Japan. A Leipsiger cV'jU-be?. From tbe time I was taken until A""-^. l a .'~: I tried every remedy I could li'.ar of without nny relief whatever. It wa = at tbnt lime that" a friend recommended ])r. "William?' Pink P:!ls. n:i'l was so en- Uanlon'a New One. The Baltimore club has purchased pitcher Newton from the Norfolk (Va.) ciub, of the Atlantic league. The price paid for him is said to have been $700. Newton is a Hocsier product. Up to about three years ago he had not the slightest idea that he could play ball. His first was with the- Moore's Hill (Ind.) college team. Ho showed great speed and curves in i practice and was installed the regular ] pitcher of the team. That year he won all of seventeen games played by the college team. He then went to Indianapolis, where some old players induced him to do some long distance throwing, and his arm v.-as gene for that year. Last season he pitched for an indpendent team at Maysville, Ky. This season he signed with Norfolk. Newton is not yet of age, and is almost as large as Rusie. His home is at HODC, Ind. A. CRESSY MORRISON. ehould be removed as far as possible from mere political consideration. In the meantime, Mr. Morrison is conducting Mr. Potter's office in ca:m serenity, with apparently no anxiety as to the future. He declines to dlECu;;:-: the subject, so far as he is concerned personally, except to state that the league's best interest is his interest. The Wood Kim. in view of the fact that it has been repeatedly stated by foreign dealers that the wood rim, now almost uni- versaliy adopted in this country, would not withstand the climate of England and continental countries, it is interesting to note that another wood rim factory is to be established in Europe. Aaser'Cjn machinery to the extent of more tbun 200 tons was shipped to France over a month ago and Is HOW K'lug icataUed in the buildings of the plant, Ti»e recent pjacing oi ao order ifff 1WM*M wood rims to this country |»y U»/*« English firms of important^ A N'cw Alliance. The L. A. W. and A. A. U. have signed new articles of alliance. The officers of the Amateur Athletic Union decided over a year ago that their agreement with the league v.'as decidedly one-sided, the cycling association deriving benefits that were not mutual. As a result of some small differences the A. A. U. subsequently terminated its alliance. This action was interpreted by some as an open defiance to the L. A. W., and trouble was anticipated. The officers of the two associations came together, however, and new articles of alliance were outlined. Howard E. Raymond, the ex-chairman of the racing board, was appointed to represent the league in the negotiations, and he stated yesterday that new articles satisfactory to both organizations had been signed. He eays that the new agreement differs very little from the old articles, except that some of the disputed points in relation to suspended riders and blacklisted tracks have been more clearly set forth. Many of the convicts In French prisons are paid for their labor, and earn about 35 cents a day. Half of this they are allowed to spend for extra food, postage, etc., and the rest to saved, to be flven to them on their discharge. They Are After Him. Hoffmeister, the new third baseman, had rather rough sledding last week, says a Pittsburg special to Sporting \ < JESSE HOFFMEISTER. Life. His batting and fielding averages both took a tumble. The young fellow was up against a couple of those old pitchers like Billy Hart, who size up a newcomer and try to work him the moment the man comes to the bat. Hart had Jess spotted with that slow curve and fanned him twice in the game when it was unhealthy fcr the ball to be hit. The ex-Springfield lad was not accurate in his judgment of ground balls. At St. Louis on Friday a number escaped him, but quick recoveries and bis strong right arm served him well and sailed the ball ahead of many runners. In the first game on Saturday two of the third bagger's throws were wide of ihe mark. On one the runner ran a!! the way around the bases. Hoffy has a couple of strong points. He is fast i;j getting down after bunts. »'ol)c* Aldf. William B. Carpenter, who umpired last Saturday's Boston-Baltiuiore .to tb§ satisfaction vt both teams, is Want a Cbanjjc, "Finish the season in the "West; the:: trips East and West," will be the slogan of all the Western magnates at the next annual meeting of the National League. Stanley Robiscn, cf thc- Cleveland ciub. said the othsr day thst the schedule as at present arranged was noi Fatisfactorv. "1 do not tiunlt a team should bp away from home four or five weeks in a stretch.'' said Mr. Robison. "On the- other hand, it is a bad plan to have the team play from twenty-three to twenty-five games on the home grounds v.-ithcut a break. I would like to see the schedule fixed so that the Eastern teams will make- three trips to the west instead of two. and the Western teams make three trips to the Eastern cities. I'll not vote j for a schedule that docs not call for a , fourth in the West." , .. . machine for the manufacture of book covers which turns cut 550 covers an hour and can be operated by girls. . .. There are in France 1,302,400 unmar- thu-:G~tk-over tlic-ir virtues that I wa« }>er- r ied women between the ag°s of t-a-or, rjs-^.totrytht-ir-.anal.pgantotaketljeni , fi fl ff; . i o-f nfl n in S—tpmi.»V. l^.V I wa? rather <ii?«our- ; tynve ana nllj and L"'6,000 untnar- nc^atnr.-t to Sad myself decidedly worse. : ned msn over thirty years of age. !',ut W nrs-1 by_ my frJD;l= to persevere ; The new standard postal "ard -will & ^ftlr^le nii'nVcTftf « ?»? ' ^ a trifle smaller than the c^rS ^ in use, so that it can be inclosed in business envelopes of ordinary size. Spain has more sunshine than any other country of Europe. The yearly ?iuent. though it wa« not noticeable to t!;:•>*•? srouud me. but 1 I was better. ai.-i '-"cr; v.-::s -rj c-lattd that I f:>oli;-hly di?- c.' mv fruU-be'.. anil received a ^evero fail for ::/v TL;p -n retarded my re- ery th'ct I became disheartenc-d. and .-e u -o t-reat v.-as mv avera S e in Spain is 3,000 hours: that of •I.,. ! .hortiv sh" thiti^v "aly, 2,300; Germany, 1,700; England. 1,400. ):::;• and ?e', Lack, began again to take- Pink Hi'.- steadily r.nil pc-'r-everiugly. and in a short time- "c-ould walk -.vithout crutt-hes. and in Jamisry. 1*M. was able to discontinue the medicine ait-ogetber. being entii'e- ]r cured. Since then I have cleared The census of Egypt, taken June 14, showed a population of 9,700,000, an increase of 2.900,000 since 1SS2; in other Yale Murphy Oat. "Vale Murphy, who was released by New York recently, is not pleased a words, a gain of 42 per cent in fifteen years. Next to money, Rembrandt loved nothing so well as his monkey. He shed tears when the ape died, and painted a portrait cf his pet from memory. The Japanese begin building their p;«-c- of bni=h land, and planted and attended this year's crop- I took in all seventeen boxes of Dr. Williams' Pink 1'ills before I was entirely cured." Mr. Conn's address is Plea^antviile. Marion Co.. Iowa, where he is as well kuovra ai- in IZnoxville. bis former home. Dr. William:-' Pink Pillsoontain. in a condensed form, all the elements nece;>ary to give new life and richness to the blood nnd restore shattered nerves. They are also a j houses at the top. The roof is first specific for troubles pec-Jiar to females ; buil - and elevated on a skeleton frame s.uc-h as suppressions, irregularities anu all . . . ««-j \, i. * it _ 41 •>•"«. icrms of weakness. In men they etfe-ct a ! Tllec ]t affords shelter to the workmen radical cure in all cases arising from me::- • from storms. ta! worry, overwork or excesses of what- i ever nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxes O:ever in loose bulkict .VJceuts a box or sin i boxes for ?2.iii.l. and may be had of all-irug- ?i-t~. or direct by mail from Dr. William*' iltdicine Comnnrv. S<-bo:!«'ta Iv. N. Y. GERMAN JOTTINGS. The German language is spoken br 57,000,000 psople. Germany's proportion cf suicides is larger than that cf any other European country. There is a man in Eorlin who earns Mrrc Handles of Xervcs. Borne peevish querulous people seem mere bundles of nerves. The least sound agitates there sensoriums and ruffles their tempers. No doubt they are born so. But nniy not their nervousness be ameliorated, if not entirely relieved. Unquestionably. an'1 wiih Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. By cultivating their c;ge-itio_u. and insuring more complete assimilation of the food v,-:!h this nduiirablc corrective, they wii; experience a spesJy and very perceptible ga:u iu nerve ijmetuda. Dyspepsia, bil- :'ju-nc.-<. constipation and rheumatism vield to t::c Bitters. Twelve htmired couples who have been I Thirty of the larger German cities [ own and operate their gasworks as municipal undertakings. TALE MURPHY. with the deal he received and enough of base ball. Says he: "I intend to devote myself to the practice of medicine, and will endeavor to secure an appointment on the New York board of health. I did not want to sign with the Giants when Joyce approached me, as I felt sure that my long lay-off bad put me cut of condi- j tion. No judgment was sbov.-n ih my 1 X:itnrallv. i 1 . ... . . . j.»(rj>ri^»iij^it l .*v'-nj}iicr»nij i j uu\curciJ | a livelihood by breeding rats tor vivi- married by Rev. W. L. Morse have forms,! j section purposes. »i) as-oeictiaa iu Indiana to perpetuate hi;. 1 Thirty of the larger German cities : !ilomo! T' There is a Class of People S Who are injured by the use of coffee. j Recently there has been placed in all ! the grocery stores a nevr preparation "There seems "to" be T great objection i called GRA1X-O made of pure grains, ised to au American heiress marryiu? a : that takes the pmces of coftc-e. The j most delicate stomach receives it v.-ith- I out distress, and but fe\v can tell it | from coffee. It does not cost over ? 4 ' ! as much. Children may driuk it with | ;rrcat benefit. 15 cts. and 25 ets. per j package. Try it. Ask for GRA1X-0. The Bicycle A;;e. j The temperatl: ,. e o f n cucumber has beeu Wheeler—1'ir worried about that baby found to lie one decree below that of the dfniine. His lunps seem to be weak. ; surrounding atmosphere. Hence -'as coo! i n=a cucumber." rai foreign count." "Ye*, there is, and by f.vo people." "Which?" "The girl v. - ho didn't catch a count and the man who didu't catch ail heiress.''—The Walker—Don't he talk.' treatment by the club. I bad not hand-| Wheeler—Oh, yes: but bis record is still led a bat or ball for two years and I ! OTer three "»mites and be is six years to remain at the I f -> !d -"-' rbe VellowBook. requested permission Polo grounds for a week to get in trim j again. Had I been allowed this favoi ' I would have made a far better showing." Murphy has received offers from Boston and also from the Detroit clufc of the Western league, but will adhere to his determination to quit the profession. liascball Endangered. Editorial in New York Sun: The statistics of rowdyism on the bate ball field this season, which are to be found iu another column, show a very discreditable state of affairs. The players in the National League appear more like rowdies, pugilists and foulmouthed ruffians than ball players among whom a carefully made set of rules might be expected to insure perfect order and decency of behavior. We believe that, as between the misconduct of the players and that of the crowds seeing the game in the various cities, the players have been the cause. All this rowdyism is useless. The rule or" the game forbids an umpire to reverse his decision, and yet the captains and other members of their clubs regularly demand of the umpire, always with abuse and sometimes with threats, to violate the rule. Of course the responsibility for this lies with the owners of the clubs, and not with the players. Let the owners positively forbid these brutal interferences with the game and its discipline, and the sport will get back the good repute which it has lost. Make the umpire like the man at the wheel. No talking to him! Self-Kt'ccojuinenclat ion. "Ah. Ethel. I love you to detraction." "That's just what Mr. Mallett has been telling me." •'Biu I'm far more distracted than be is fou must remeniher." Read the Advertisements. You will enjoy this publication much better if yon will get into the habit of reading- tbe advertisements. They will afford a most interesting study and will put you in the way of gx'ttinsr some excellent bargains. Our Disgusting Barbarity. "Europe." said the South American etatesninn, "is so excitable." -Yes." "Yes: they dou't ever have a little war j without shooting some one." advertisers are reliable, what they advertise. tbev senJ Mrs. Louisa Sebru, 01 Kayette. Mo., H j of Ihe po- She held office iu the oli!e-t repre-entative of Ihe postal service iu tills COUlltrV. ^^-^ linlrl .-.WoA in The Pioneer. Love is variously defined; but the practical philosophy describes it as the ability j :o support a wife. Xo-To-Bae for .Kifry Cents. Guaranteed uibacco habit cure, mnkfs weak c;en EUCDK, blouU pure. iUc, SI. All dniKB^ts- Mrs. Isaacstem (engaging servant)—I hope you havu't a young man; Bridget— i Oh. no inuin, he's nearly fifty. The Blue and the Gray. (toe i.'ob Is Kaongh. The president of the National Base Ball League, Nicholas E. Young, has resigned frcra the position he has occupied for 31 years in the service of tbe government as a clerk in the office of the auditor for the war department, j Mr. Young has been president for many years past of tbe National League. The duties of the place, at first light, have gradually become heavier until they demand so much attention at his hands that he felt that with due regard to his health he could not discharge them in connection with those attaching to tbe clerkship he has for so many years held in the government service. The question arising as to a choice, Mr. Young, wboufc devotion to the national game is a household word, decided to i tender bis resignation to Secretary j Gage. This was done Baturday, and at tbe request of Mr. Youag the secretary accepted the resignation at ace?, leaving bim free to devote bis entire at- teniioa to tee manifold affairs of tlw Both men and \7omeu aro apt to feel a little blue, -when the gray hairs begin to show. It's ^_ a very natural feeling. In the normal condition III °^ tbfo&s gray hairs belong to advanced age. -^ They have no business v/hitening the head of man or woman, who has not begun to go down the slope of life. As a matter of fact, tho hair turns gray regardless of age, or of life's seasons ; sometimes it is whitened by sickness, but more often from lack cf care. When the hair fades or ttirns gray there's no need to resort to hair dyes. Tho normal color of the hair is restored and retained by the use of Ayer's Hair Vigor, Ayer's Curebook, "a story of cures told by the cured." ico liases, free. J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell. Mass. GET THE GKXUIXB ARTICI.151 Walter Baker & Co.'s Pure, Delicious, Nutritious, Costs Less than OA r JJ CENT a cup. Be- sure that the package bears our Trade-Mark. Trade****** Marl Walter Baker & Co. Limited, 1780 > Porchester. Mass,

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