The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 8, 1897
Page 5
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THE tPPER BES MOtNES: ALGOlsrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, BlPTEMBEE 8, 1891 * The New England's Fifth Anniversary, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Set>t. 9, 10 and Special Inducements will be Given in all Departments t on above days. We have received nearly all our Fall and Winter goods. Come in and let us hear what you think of our goods and prices. We can afford to give you lower prices this fall than any other dealer, as our goods were bought before the advance in price. DURDALL, The Clothier. ,<$ A'l RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9 :OB a m No. 3 departs at 3 :G8 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 12:15 pm No. 71 departs at 0:28pm No. 65 departs at 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 8:30 p m No. 04 departs at.. 3:30pm R. F. HEDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— OOULU— ±* v*. i/ii— Freight 11:30 a m Mixed 7:07 a m Pass. 7:07 am Freight 12:30 am ... .... Mixed 12:55 am Mixed 8:00 pm North- Pass Mixed 2:33 pm 10:35p m ...... <". H. VESPER, Agent, THE LOCAL FIELD. County fair in three weeks. Brownell has special school shoes. A sister of L. F. Hudson has typhoid fever. A new bank is rumored at. Swea City and one at Burt. The old settlers are in session at the fair grounds today. The Woodwards will play at the op< era house all fair week. A little girl of the late A. D. McGregor's has typhoid fever. Sunday was a hot day. The mercury stood above 90 nearly all day. The Upper Dos Moines editorial as soci.ation meets at Webster City, Oct 7-8. : Cliarlio Winldo has been threatened with a serious attack of appendiciti the past week. Mrs. Win. Kuhn has a pretty paint ing on exhibition in Ehlers.& Falken hainer's window. Supt. Gilchrist, son of tho late Prof. Gilchrist, is very sick at the family home in Laurons. Tho state fair opens today. Half rate tickets are sold by the Northwestern, but only the regular trains will 'run. The concert to bo given next Tuesday evening by Miss Potors, tho blind musician, will bo the musical event of the season. A little girl arrived at Joseph Dunwoodie's in Irvington Saturday, and a boy came Friday at O. H. Caulkms' in Plum Croek. Miss Peters, the musician, is stepdaughter of Aug. Thiol, shoemaker at Brownoll's. She is an accomplished player and singer. Galbraith's show windows attract lots of attention these days. Iholall styles aro very handsome and lie has an unusually line selection. Rev. Southwell goes up to dedicate the now Methodist church in Fen ton. Sunday. It has cost about $1,000 and is backed by a nourishing society. Frank Kornan was in Saturday. Ho called to talk county fair, however, and not tho treasurorship. Frank is one of the county fair association's best waivers. Only students west of Harhm instead of Thoi'inj/Uni, and north of Call street will attend tho ward building-. 'Ilipro were too many under the original division. Tho Presbyterians had a big timo "t the fair in the Scotch school_ house in Union last week. They took in n goodly sum of money besides enjoying themselves. The county board is in session, mooting Monday.' It has given Us timo almost wholly to grades, roods,. and detail work. No matter of special interest has been up. Miss Dodd has a petition to congress for postal banks. Tho postal bank is a great convenience in England and would bo here. Tho petition should bo generally signed. F W Dingley has been chosen general manager of tho new mill company. He will be a good man for the place. He is off to Ohio at present visiting his wife and little girls. w The firm of Hay & Bice has dissolved, Mr. Hay going out. He will leave Algona, but has not decided on his future location'. Algona will regret to lose him and his family. Prof. Carroll was up a toy last week and took",his remaining effects to 1 airfield, where he has bought the Daily 'Journal. He has already mounted the tripod and is getting out a good paper. Judge .Quavton is borne from Storm Lake, where he has been holding court. He decided several cases where borrowers from building &qd loan awo- '"on the ground tjiap ^anies is in fact usury. He decided in avor of the company, holding that it is ot usury. Marriage licenses have been issued o Geo. W. Hendron and Betsey Heid- ndolf, Daniel Golltnan and Mathilda Keek, C. W. Sindom and Manire Minderman, E. J. McElwain and Mary orden. Ten days of hot weather will give Kossuth a good average corn crop. Then Kossuth will lead the state. At he very best the rest of the state will lave a poor corn crop, and has a poor oat crop. The foundation is in for the new depot at Hobart, and the lumber is on the jround for the new elevator. Seven carpenters will rush the elevator up and it will hold 20,000 bushels. Good 'or Hobart. Durdall has been making great preparations for his opening sale which 3egins tomorrow, It will pay every one to visit his store. He has the largest stock he has ever had of handsome goods, and at very low prices. Testimony was taken in Algona Saturday in the suit of Huy & Rico against tho Clinton mill owner they traded with. Geo. E. Clarke is their attorney, while F. M. Curtiss represented Judge Hays in the examination of witnesses. The case is to be tried at Clinton. West Bend is to hold a bigj-ennls tournament some time Boon. A$60 cup will be given to the champion team at doubles, and a gold medal to the winner at singles. Eight clubs have accepted an invitation to bo present. The Algona boys will be there and booked for a trophy. C. J. Miles, Studley's pharmacist, was married in Mason City last Thursday evening to Miss Lulu P. Gilbert, a California girl. They have rented the G J. Stebbins home in the west part of town and will begin housekeeping on their return, which will be the last of the week. H C. Braclsby, commissioner of immigration, did not fully decide what to do with tho Krugor family at tho poor house while here. Ho sent to Mr. Smith for a doctor's certificate as to them, and Dr. Morse was sent over Friday to see them. His report went in Saturday evening. As soon us the Wilson mill sale is completed Mrs. Lonetto Butler expects to close up her business office. She will probably bo compelled, however, to attend to it until Dec. 1. She has had tho entire charge of hor father's estate, and has proved a very efficient and successful administrator. S C. Trumbull of Irvingtou brought in as fine a braid of corn as was over raised in Kossuth in any year. Herb Bailey says his Held is well along out of tho way of frost. Lou Millon says ho has 40 acres on tho poor farm all out of frost's reach. Do/.ens of such reports comp in from all quarters. Mrs Hotolling has moved fromWhit- tcmoroand has taken tho west Grovo house, whore hor daughters are with her Tho Moo family have moved into tho'Dr Rnsi'm house, Win. Ehlers and Archie Hutchison havo taken tho now Ilutohins houses, and A. F. Dailoy is in tho old Chrisohillcs house. of Kossuth county should hear this able lawyer, lecturer, and Christian statesman discuss tho actual issues before the people of Iowa. W. F. Laidloy was down Saturday. Ho says he prefers the straight-out primary election to the combination of primary and convention proposed. He says in Mitchell county tho straight- out primary gives the best of satisfaction. It is to be said that nearly every county now has that primary, but Polk has used the one proposed in Kossuth very successfully. Bancroft is planning on a big coursing meet in October. Tho meet last year was at Ledyard, and there was a full attendance of fast dogs at that time. This year the moot will follow the Davenport gathering, and hounds from all over tho state will come north for a jack rabbit chase. Bancroft has guaranteed $150 in purses and is expecting to have a big time. Geo. S. Foster is a candidate for county surveyor. His announcement appears in this issue. As assistant to Surveyor Tellier he has become thoroughly acquainted with tho work in Kossuth, and is an experienced and thoroughly educated surveyor. Mr. Foster is personally popular, and if nominated would be a splendid addition to tho ticket, As captain of Company F ho has a strong hold on tho young men, and his claims should bo carefully considered by the voters. F. C. Wittenberg, Bowyer's jeweler comes from a family of musicians. Th< fact is called to mind by n recent notic in the St. Paul Dispatch of tho recon successes of his sister, Mrs. Anmnclr HeilKinan, who is back from six years study in Berlin. Prof. Hey, a noted voice trainer, has been fitting her for Wngnorian opera, arid says she. will score immediate success. Ho writes of her: " Mrs. Heitmnan has a gifted talent for dramatic work and music. She is tho first scholar that I have felt myself honored to bow before in respect, after singing and mastering difficult passages." Mr. Wittenberg should got his sister to come to Algona and make him a visit. SHOT WHILE PLOUGHING. to Joronor Morse Called to Hurt View tho IlemnliiB. Monday while ploughing on his father's farm, four miles west of Burt, John A. Johnson, who was carrying a gun on iis plow, was accidentally shot. Tho charge entered his body undor tho left irm, cutting tho big artery. Ho stopped his team, sot the gun up, and walked two rods toward home when he 'ell dead. The funeral is to bo hold today, Rev. Landis officiating. Which Docs tho Courier Endorse} Fred E. White opened tho campaign at Fort Dodge and Horace Boies at Marshalltown on the same day. Here is what they said: WJTITK. This being tho open ing meeting or the campaign tho public expects, and it has a right to expect, a truthful exposition of tho principle!) to ^yhicll wo hold. Our platform declares in its first paragraph that "wo lay special emphasis upon that portion of tho national democratic platform on the financial question, believing that tho very existence of the farming, laboring, and com morcial interests of this country depends upon a change of our financial policy, and we reassert that we demand tho free and unlimited coinage of both gold ami silver at tho present, legal ratio of 10 to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation." COMMENCING Saturday, Oct. 2, 1897, and continuing every Saturday thereafter, until further notice, through tourist sleeeping cars will bo run between Chicago and San Francisco via tho following lines viz: C. M. & St. P. Ry. from Chicago to Omaha, tho C. R. !.'& P. Ry. f'-oin Omaha to Colorado Springs, Colorado Midland Railway from Colorado Springs to G. rand Junction, R. S. W. Ry. from Grand Junction to Salt Lake and Ogdqn, Southern Pacific from Ogden to San Francisco.— 2312 BOIES. Under circumstances as they now exist, with silver demonetized by iho great commercial countries of tho globe, with the frightful chasm that separates tho commercial value of tho two metals constantly widening, and, In tho light of our own recent national election, I cannot bring my own mind to believe that the free coinage of silver at tho ratio ot 10 to 1 with gold is within the roach of its friends, nor can I help the foav that, it would not bo desirable even if attaina able. I have novel' been able to say and cannot now say that I Is now free coinage' at such a ratio under existing conditions, without safeguards of any kind to maintain tho parity of tlio inotals, would not uiivo gold out of circulation and leave us practically, at, least, upon a silver basis. I'or Month Snliiry. A few energetic ladies and gonllomon wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, FKICD LAX, Colo, Iowa. THIS 'Daily Iowa Capital lias issued a complete nummary of tho changes made in tho laws of Iowa by tlui Tweuly-si.xlh general assembly. This information will bo of much practical value to all. Send livo cents to Tho Capital, Ue.r, Moines, Iowa, for a copy. MRS. LKE is ready to receive pupils in music (piano, organ, history, voice, sight rending). She has studied with tho greatest artists in this country and Germany. Call at hor studio at .T, N. Walker's, Nebraska street, for information regarding terms and methods. Inarms J^or S.ilo. Two improved farms 4i miles west of Algona, 100 acres in each, for salo cheap, timo to suit purchaser. Call on C. J. Doxfioc, Algona Iowa.-17tf. TilKKH is no need to shiver around a cold stove or pay high prices for coal. J. A.. Hamilton & Co. havo 200 cords of dry, four-foot body wood for salo at on'ly i?J!.f)0 per cord, delivered at your door free. Now is the timo to buy wood. We also have a good supply of slabs for kindling, and stove wood .sawed and split ready for the stovo. Telephone No. 'II. 2-112 J. A. HAMILTON &, Co. CLEARANCE SALE -GOOD GOODS. We are making special inducements to cash buyers to close up uui line of Toilet Sets, Lemonade Sets, Haviland China, and Lamps, for the next 30 days commencing Wednesday, Aug. 18, up to and including Saturday, Sept. 11, 1897. 4 Special Days 4 Saturday, Aug. 21, we will give 15 per cent, discount on any Lemonade set in the store. Just think, a water set for $1.40, former price #1.75. Saturday, Aug. 28, we \vi\\ give the above discount on our entire stock of Toilet Sets. A i2-piece decorated toilet set for $4, former price, $5. Saturday, Sept. 4, we will give 15 per cent, discount on any lamp amounting to $i and upwards. Now is the time to buy a lamp. Saturday, Sept. 11, the'last day, we will give to each cash purchaser of $7.50 or more of any of the above-mentioned articles including crockery and glassware, besides the above discount, we will give one cut glass tumbler free. That is not all; you have the satisfaction of selecting your goods from the largest stock in the largest county in the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. •:$ '$ No. 8 E. State St. James Patterson. ALGONA, IOWA. Wis are right in lino with llowor pots. M. /.. Giiovw & SON. Tho school board held its regular moctinp- Monday evening. A resolution was adopted to the effect that high school students must select and follow one of tho courses of study, and that variations from this rule will bo allowed only on recommendation ot the faculty and vote of tho board. At tho last regular mooting of tho W C. T. U. tho following oillcors woro chosen for the ensuing year: Pres., Mrs L. Horun; vice presidents, Mrs. F Callcins and Mrs. G. Cowles; socro- firv Mrs. S. D. Hamilton; treasurer, Mrs.'A. Rist. Tho Union will moot with Mrs. S. Patterson, Sept. 15. A fine concert was given at tho Con- n-i-ogational church Sunday evening. Solos wore sung by Miss Peters, W. S. Wilcox and Geo. Horton, Miss Kate Smith gave two violin solos, and Miss Peters and Annabel Hedrick gave piano solos. Anthems by the choir concluded tho program. It was exceptionally good throughout. Aug. Sterabaoh don't know whether these new fangled fish catchers are the thing or not. He got a big 25 pound pickerel from all appearances at the mill dam and reeled it in in a stylish way on a reel. When it was within reach the reel slipped off the rod and nearly got away with the fish. August saved the reel, but is inclined to throw it away. M W. Atwood, etate prohibition manager, sends us the following notice: Samuel Pbelps Leland, Ph. D., the nominee for gpvemor, on the prohibition ticket, will address the people of Algona at the cQUvt house hall oa Monday evening, Sept;. 18. AU NEXT TUESDAY'S CJOKOE11T. A. MiiKliTiI KocitJil by iluHUUi J''!-<LU- C«;H I'cterw 'Assisted by 1'roi. ford, and Alias Kule .SiuUU. Next Tuesday evening Algona music lovers will enjoy a nm; treat in thu bonoiit musical rouital l.o bo yiven by Miss Pi'.Uu'S, tho rocisnt graduate of tho Illinois uaylum for tho blind, assisted by local talent. Miss Polerd its an accomplished musician, and all who love music should make a mark opposite thu ilato. Tho program promises a delightful evening: 1. Piano solo, Polonniso iu F Kh:ivp •;;; ., r(1] . ". Soil's, To Au'i'itonii.ty ..... AUKUJO Miwlivoni Violin obli.nato, Miss Smith. •i Sonata, Op. No. H. Alluvia Su.stonutu ........ Alli"'Tetto, Presto Agitato— iituthoveu. .1. SOUK, I/Avcllta, W!ilt.z;orl3i-illiaul^..... irtltl 5. o'l'b'iui' solo .'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'-. • . .Selected 1'rol. Kovrte. G. Waltz, Capriso ................. • • • • • Nowland MuvmuriiiB Zephyrs— J oiiseu-Niemnun. Novelette in A tiat .............. MerUel. 7 Song, Sing, Smile, Slumber ................. Violin obligate, Miss Smith. 8. Scherzo, 13 Hat minor ................. Chopin Tickets for admission will bo 25 cents. Homo Seekers' .Excursion. Special homeseokers' excursion tickets may be sold Aug. 3 and 17, Sept. 7 and 21, Oct. 5 and 19, 1897. Selling rate will be one lowest regular first class fare plus $2, the ?2 in addition to the one fare rate to be collected by agent selling the ticket, No extra charge will be made when tickets are executed for return passage. Wanted, 1OOO 'Live V for dulivory Sept. 10. Got pricoa and report tho nuinbor you wish to soil to W. A. iJuttou, unclisr Goedors' riloro. Tins is tho season for flower pots. Sou Grovo & Son's assortment. WE Uavo a fow ladies' shirt waists left Unit, wo tiro closing out at 7uc each, worth double that jiru;,:. Gico. L. G.-UJJK.MTH & Co. .Hay 1'i-UHMljifs Wauled. I havo a now hay jii'css and am pre- •wrert to proas hay foi 1 all who want it. 21t:> C. D. .B'-ST, Algona. Now and all other kinds of game in their eeftson. Taken ftt market priwe by W A. RuJt9R, Hftder Gaedeys' store.— 2513 WK don't curry filled, plalod nor ten- 3(.'iit tings; but wo havo the finest lino •>f solid gold rings at lowest prices. 20 E. G. Bow YUK. 60 VEARS' iA'. : 'ri; TRADE MARKS, DESIGNS, COPYRIGHTS fltc. Anycmo sending a sketch unit description may quickly ascertain, fvoo, whether au invention ia probably puteutublo. Communication!* strictly cituUdeutlul, Oldest iiweucy lornqciinng put out a in America. Wo Uiivo a Washington office. Patuntu taken through JHuuu & Co. roculva epeclul notice in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, oouutlfully lllugtratea, uuwat circulation of any scientific Journal, weekly, towns ?3.CO a yoari fl.wjalx months. Specimen copies und HAND tiooiS OS I'ATUNTB aout free, A MUNN &. CQ., 301 JUwndwav, fftrty T EGAJj BLANKS— 4W Buy them at tue Upper Dea Motnes office tue most approved {pnns. We have them in end.!..:.;:; variety and can provide your wants in this line better than anyone else. Our stock .of Boots and Shoes of all kinds was never more complete. It \vill pay you to trade with us. Brownell & Allied, The Shoe Merchants, Algona, Iowa. Fine Repairing aucl custom work. . L. A, B5EETZ, Drugs and Medicines, I will continue my' cor t- 'oi'-ilo on fcjLLOl'Vo uiu.'.!] rvj.i avo Kolu. VA/ <-» T>7.i}l. k08T> th.O stoe 1 ! well o.'Bsorten. on all staple goody, cui:' will soli them at ocBt until. all of our high priced shoes are sold out We will also sell all Rubber goods at Hat prices. f GET WATER OR NO PAY. - The undersigned has a coniplote Steam Cable Weil Drilling Outfit, and solicits the inaUing of deep or baallow wells on tUe terms nhove seated. 0. R. PRA2ER. ' >.'$:>, -4.,;' ".. 16 '*iti 3&H' 'j ,. ?jAJi.A'ir*^,-f. .-rt.f

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