Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 9
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OCTOBER 26,1937 dngton Woman's Son Is Victim of a Burglar ICKWAfSON, '•=-^-^== 6 FIFE, LOSERS IN THIEVERY SECOND SECTION Portland Twp., Oct. 25 — The Portland Progress club met I a3t (Wednesday with Mrs. J. H. Zanke | Th »rsday I In add >tl°n to a program a roport frvlngton, Oct. 25—-Mr. and Mrs. was given on the county fr-deratinn k-rd Watson,. San Francisco, meeting at Burt October 5 y}l,, i an apartment, and recently tlon of officers took place- pros! i entered by burglars. Among dent, Mrs. Kay McWhorter- vW~ j etolen were two radios, Mrs. Sumnor Parsons; sec'rotarv |e overcoats, an electric clock, treasurer, Mrs. Ivan LOUR- T. S si-t j some money. Mr. and Mrs. »nt Mrs. Martin Larson; prorrain jtson are both employed, and so committee, Mrs. Claud' Sis-lbee eway from home ln ; the day- Mrs. G. 0. McFarland, Mrs Wiiiin™ Honi-d , when the burglary took place. Ringsdorf, Mrs. W Mrs Garn^ A he time ago a dog sent to them Hood, Mrs. Martin Becker'-' histnr-i New Set Officers There will be a 5c grab homemad A walnut-top en away. ^ Gc ^ogetber_ board yard.' _ Boney Completes Tlslt— he K. P. Honeys took S. K. £' ro h0 Con a rad V =""i" er --^" ,' Te » che ™ P^n School Social*and he Smith, • ' Mrs. Other Portland. Tony Jandl and Mrs. W. J. helped Wednesday at a ba- |it for a 1938 .Plymouth fn which 'will return 'to his home at .ndview, Wash: He will travel _ New Mexico, where he will fit a younger brother Byrl, and •1 aluo visit a sister, Mrs. T. Sy- ftson, Pasadena, Calif. He does ' plan to get home before early ling. __ridge Daughter Heard From— po William Boldridges have had !r from their daughter Altha, who recently went to Piney n '"'""*"=> ut:t - zo — A jods, Miss., with a group of Cot- Bureau meeting was held at the l Blossom singers. The girls left t)Wea Community hall last week Tuesday evening. Election of offi- reached Piney Woods on'th'e S, ehrs was hcld as f °Hows: Cecil lowing Wednesday. Slow driving ^° rson ' President; Mrs. Arthur E. CECIL THORSON PRESIDENT OF FARMUREAU Oct. 25 — A Farm anniversary. A program of music and readings was gi ven , and a purse was given the- couple. Lunch was served by the guests at a late hour. Mr and Mrs. Pehrson have ived m this community all their lives and have alays been active in community affairs. Other Swea-Eagle News. Dorothy Anderson, East Chain attending Mankato teachers' college, came home for a few days' vacation and visited Martin Molin- and Mrs. Francis Torine, Mar- last week necessary, lor one of the girls Ande _ rson . chairman of women's recuperating from an append!- woric; Arthur E. Anderson, secrets operation, tary; George Harner, treasurer. 1 Lucille Pepoon, H. D. A., gave a . •fallr f\rt flttn ., — ~_t_ t visited their former schoolmates at school Dist. No. 5. Mr. and Mrs, Theo Miehe and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schmidt, Maynard, home and bureau work in Oyster soup was served. Armstrong Girl in Radio Singing Trio irprise on Anniversary— Fontrm DM "95 i^, j S ar^»^k™!!?J te^M-nd^^Srit The meeting was well attended. Surprise on Anniversary- summer, got back last week Sunday. They worked in North Dakota till a few weeks ago, when they drove west on a sightseeing and fruit-picking tour. Kenneth Asa accompanied his aunt, Marie Wetner; teacher -near Galbraith, to Cedar Falls Friday evening for the week-end with relatives. dslonary Society to Celebrate— ' talk on this year's home project, visited rhe Missionary society will meet chlld Car e. and girls' 4-H club EcklundY liday with Mesdames M. L. and work - Myron Johnson presented I A. N, Carlson Sioin- rttv IP. Roney, with Mrs. K. P. Roney th e boys' 4-H club work, including! Wednesday eveninc vf«,iror ** {charge of program. Topics will calves, sheep, hogs, and poultry. Larson's. I India and Alaska, and special Mr - Steinbrook talked about secur-' [cognition will be given to a itv o£ ti fesbyterian foreign missionary general biennial which will be celebrat- "" I in all Presbyterian churches Oc- r 31. Carl Hayne is Sick— Mrs. Elmer Hayne left by train r Peoria, 111. Friday night to help "•> for her daughter-in-law, Mrs. ! Hayne, who is critically sick i pneumonia. The elder Mrs. pyne had a telephone call Thurs" eyening, and another Friday •nine,.. advising;...,tmr-r of the unger woman's condition. his Carload of Xew Cora— [Herman Becker recently con- I a carload of new, corn. He lolled Saturday, running a picker the field and a sheller in the |rm yard. rtoritis Patient Becorering— Mrs. Vern Barker, who had besn PDfined to bed with arthritis, is (W much improved and able to be found the house. Other Irrlngton. Raymond Harr and Wesley Lee, " had been away, since late last at John be heard over national radio chains. She and the other mem- the trio are now at the Bros, studio, Hollywood, and have prospects of a contract with the Paul Whiteman orchestra. Tho girls recently, visited. New York City, where they were audU tioned by radio companies and sponsors of commercial programs! Miss Atwood is a granddaughter of Mn,. Richard Watson, San Fran- ™ H ATwoSd A,*'t aU ^*? r -^ sco. dauriitor-m-law of Mrs. R.!_•?• Atwo °d, Armstrong, division operation for cently. Myrtle Jordan drove to Cedar Falls a week ago Saturday to visit a niece who is attending college there. H. T. Sabin is planning an addition to the west side of his farm home. •Mrs. Mae Miller, Algona was a Friday guest at 0. L. Miller's. manager of the Central States Electric Co., WG!! known in Fcnton Former Fenton Man Dies. Fenton, Oct. 25—Albert Wolfgram received a telegram Wednesday saying that hjs brother Fred, 95, had died at the latter's 'home at Niagara, N. D. The deceased is remembered by the older settlers here, for he lived here till 35 years ago, when he moved to Niagara. His wife died 25 years ago. EXTRA VALUE' R-l FEATURES • about hot cakes—this sensational new Goodyear "R-l" is selling twice as fast btcauu it offers first-class trawl at reduced rates! Look at all jts top-rank Goodyear features — extra protection against all road dangers. There's 12% more rubber, more "beef," in its wi der,flatter tread to giveyou extra-long tough wear. Only the world's largest tire-maker can give you so much extra value—in the face of r i«ng costs--at the price you've been accustomed to paying! See about "R-l" today ~ millions say it's the greatest tire "buy" in years. RIMiNifR tbtchwpwttWojoarourwji theb« .}«J! WB c»n bw •> tliktc (b« tuper-alUil* Goodye.i -•G-J" AU.VC«»U>«- th« niuttloatl oew Goodyew "R-rV pt thf' f conpssM Qoodxeit Speedwty. FUHER, WIDER TREAD 12* MORE RUBBER IN TREAD HIGHER, BROADER SHOULDERS CENTER TRACTION 8RU> SUPERTWISTCORD IN EVERY PLY HANDSOME, STREAMLINED SIDEWALLS At Me price you've been accustomed to paying! WHERETO BUY DUTCH'S R-SERVICE Motorola Car PHONK 3,1 Goodyear Tires and Batteries and Wfttihlnic Stnndiird HU.Ulr torict SltftH B. B, TEAMS PRACTICING AT ARMSTRONG Armstrong, Oct. 25—The girls' basketball team started practice this week. Five of last year's regulars—Marie Irmiter, Shirley Peterson, Evelyn Caboth, Lavon Mixell, and Donna Miller are back again for service this year,- which makes the prospects for a winning team look good. About 15 other girls have reported for practice. They are Joyce Hansen, Doris' and,Mavis Gangsted, Marjorie Caboth, Marjorie Benton, Betty Bunker, Marcella Aakeland, Corrine Miller, Margaret W.olders, Elaine and Elola Wagner, Nellie Offenstein, Alice Camden, Evelyn Bunday, and Bernadine Johnson. The girls have a new coach this year, Donna McCreary, of Bradgate. The boys' basketball team has also begun practice. G. H. Adams, serving his second year as coach here, has around 20 boys reporting for practice. Most of last year's team were lost by graduation. The boys out are: James Vigdahl, Wayne Christensen, , Faye Moore; DonaJd Johnson, 'Clyde '-Eckhart, Earl Harisen, Bill Whitlow, John Thomson,, Kenneth Eckhart Theodore Weiby, Aria larson. Wayne Dale and Carl Oelrich. The boys' and girls' teams wil open the season at Dolliver Friday November 19. Class Play Is Dated— The junior class play, a 3-act comedy, Mr. Tubbs of Shantytown, will be presented November 1 at 8 o'clock in the high school assembly. Admission is 15c and 25c. Other Armstrong News. The girls' high school sewing class went to Fairmont to view the different types of houses and to look at the different types of furniture to help them in their study. Mrs. Bernice Schultz and son Jackie Lee, Britt and Florence Laffey and Sally Ann Pritchard, Garner, visited Thursday afternoon at the parental John Laffey's. Sarah Jane Mixell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mixell, and Jeannine Hoppers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hoppers, were sick last week. . Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lorig and daughter Marlene, of Truman, Minn., visited Thursday evening at the parental John Uaffey's Mr. .and Mrs. H. M., Irmiter and son Willard and daughter Marie visited Thursday evening at Carl Halvorson's. Mrs. Carl Halvorson and son Curtis were Thursday afternoon visitors in Blue Earth and Fairmont. ' A large number of men attended a farmer's meeting in Sioux City Wednesday. Curtis Halvorson is enjoying a week's vacation from his work in Blue Earth. Baby is Scalded in Swea Accident S'wea-Eagle, Oct. 25—The four- months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .Lewis Schwint was badly scalded Wednesday. The baby was in her carriage in the kitchen near the stove and Mrs. Sch'wmt accidentally spilled a pan of boiling water on the baby's back, legs, and arms. The baby was taken to the Kossuth hospital, Algona and she is reported to be in serious condition. Our Coal "TALKS" , . - We depend on our coal to tell its own j f *tory of quality and service. If our pal££l trons who use our coal day after day II and season after season are not pleased | PI and recommend it to their neighbors | H j and friends, it matters little what we | n j may say. | O j ARE YOU LISTENING? | N'j The final word must be spoken by the I p j coal itself. The user who tells his next- j •* j door neighbor how good F. S. Norton's j j coal proves to be in actual service is our | 2 1 £ est advertiser. NORTON'S COAL i i |1| F. S. Norton & Son 1 ! LUMBER AND COAL "Not Just Service—SUPER Service" THEY RE HERE AMERICA.' 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"H,w» Womtn'* Sytt" «reiy gfoa., WW., ttom the dvnltht, •*** •» f *,*.< f.*r.^-« p.m.. cus.r— tf.m., tf.S.T,-(p.oi. t J».&r, TON* Wt BETTER LOOKING • ilTTIR BUI IT v ^A ifTTIR BUY I THI LATEST AND GREATEST FEATURES OF AMERICA'S FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR NW $UVU f TRIAK SrVMNO . NiW SAFITY SHIFT GUI CONT1OI (op.tena. « t sUghl •«!,« cost) t NIW CLUTCH PIDAL SOOJTIR . NIW SAFm-STYLID INTUIOU NIW IAHUY LOCATION • PUFICTEO KNILACTION upi t uwiovio CINTO. POINT STUIINO « MWytMU, TUT1NO 3-PASSINOU FRONT SUT » UTRA-LAIOI IUOOAMCOMPA1TMINT . IIO-CAI WHIWM« (lir' ,« S!«, ««%» B.W t COMPUTUY SIAUO CHASSIS • SAFITY MUU1-MAM HIAIHWHTS • MODOCT Of OINOtAl MOTORS ALGONA, IOWA

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