Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 24, 1919 · Page 5
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1919
Page 5
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ARCOLA TEAM FALLS TO ' STALEYS BY SCORE 41-0 Visitors Fight From Whistle to Whistle, However; Dressen's Open Field Running Feature of Game. Areola came to Decatur Sunday afternoon with a good football team and fouiht throughout the battle but when the clouds cleared at the end of the game the score stood 41-0 for S:alTS- Charlie Dressen featured the game by his pretty open field running while the heavy Areola line miM not stop big lake Lanum and be made gain after pain with help of the Decatur forward mm opening holes lor him. CirpfoTil Good at l'nuiilnsr. "Sid" Gepford played at left the rail bait with the Staley aggregation most of the game and he made some substantia! gains by squirming his way through Areola's defense. His passing was accurate In most cases and m one instance toward the last of the game he got off a 35 yard pass to Bailey who sprinted the rest of the distance to the goal for a toucn-4on. The game was a much better one than was indicated by the score U the Areola team did not give up although they were unable to penetrate the Staley defense. For Areola Honn stood out aa the itellar man but most of the players were in the game at all times and their tackling was hard and accurate n-ost of the time. Richmond and Harris, former Champaign High ichool stars, protected the wind positions of the Areola team and played good games although i-taleys made many good gains around both ends. Areola kicked off to Gepford who returned the ball about five yards. The PoUKlas county men held for dcwr.s and Lanum kicked to Honn who returned the ball 20 yards before be'nS downed. Repeated gains by Earrlngton, Honn and Schroeder netted the Arcolians two first downs but on a fumble Decatur recovered the ball. Drrsnen Makes Flrar. Lanum was given the ball and he B'.owed through left tackle for a ten yard gain. On a pass. Dressen to Gepford. 15 more yards were made. Dresaen then made another 15 yards around right and on the next play took the ball for a 30 yard run through the entire Areola team. Min-tun kicked goal. Areola received the klckoff and earn back strong. In an interchange ef punts. Jake got off a bad one which went outside on the locals own TOOK OUT DREADFV1. SORENESS. When the kidney are weakened or tnrworkld so that they fail to filter and throw ail Impurities out of the blood, the potion remains In tns system and backache, ssrenera. lamene4 and rheumatio paras ars jikely to deelop. Mrs. David Baerr, 5 8. Lincoln Ave., Washington, N. J., wrliea: "Foley Kidney Pills are' ioil n much good, both mjr kidneys M the rheumatism. They took all the ms6fal soreness oat ef my limbs." The Bcestu Drug Ce. REGULAR PRICES 8 Piece Orchestra 8 A Genuine Photo Dramatic Treat For You Mrs. Charlie CHAPLIN (Mildred Harris) In LOIS WEBER'S Sensational Now Production FORBIDDEN' A PICTURE of the great temptation that wry woman knows plsyed by one of the mostfsmousscreeaexb'easesbefore ee pablic ttd with s. leviab hand. It ia the biaseet surprise of the year. See w. Delightful fton start to finish Now arias He Lad wealth, prominent friends and social position. They nauseated him, but to 1-is simple-hearted country bride they represented life itself. av o n mm DECATUR HERALD yard line. In a series of line p.unges and end runs the ball was advanced to the 25 yard line, where Sttaiej-s held for downs. Honn dropped back for a drop kick, but the ball went wide and it was Decatur's ball on the 20 yard line. In the second quarter the Staley backs got down to business and after repeated gains by Lanum. Gepford and Thrift by line plugging and a long run around right end by Dressen the ball was carried up to the Areola 10 yard line. Lanum made six yards, Gepford one. Thrift two and Staley-? had the ball with fourth down and a yard to go. Areola held and got possession of the ball. On the first play a fumble was made and Decatur had the ball on the two yard line. Dressen pulled his fake split play and got around right end for the seeond touchdown. Lanum kicked out to Dressen and Mintun booted over a pretty goal. Score. 10 to 0. Lanum Plows Thronith. Toward the end of the second quarter Gepford got off a long pass to Pailey. which put the ball on Areola's SO yard line. Lanum and Gepford, assisted by Thrift and Dressen, put the ball in scoring distance and Lanum again plowed through left guard for a ten yard fall over the goal lino. Mintun missed goal. Score i0 to 0. With Lanum making long gains, interspersed with some good playing by Pyrzynski and Gepford, the "ball was carried over Areola's goal line and Mintun kicked goal. In the fourth period Areola opened up with a series of forward passes, but most of them proved fruitless and two were Intercepted. Joe Cooper, playing at left end, nabbed One of these passes out of the air for a 25 yard gain, and with Lanum scurrying through the Areola forward wall, and Dressen skirting the ends for extra yards, the ball was placed in scoring position once more. Lanum took the ova over and Mintun kicked goal, making the score 34 to 0. Bailey made the last score in the last few minutes of play by catching a pretty pass from Gepford. Staleys. Areola. Cooper, le May. it Halterman, lg.... Mintun. c , KriKbaum. rg.... Moffett. rt Bailey, re Dressen, qb Gepford. 1 hb Thrift, fb Lanum. r hb ....re, Richmond Tt, Hood rg. Love c, Moran lg. Ghere It, Forner le, Harris . qh, Honn . . . .r hb, Howard . fb. Schroeder .lhb, Harrington The Summary. Score: Staleys, 41, Areola, 0; referee. Harley Mintun: umpire. Adkins; substitutions. Miller for Richmond, Gambel for Krigbaum, Koehler for Martinee 2:45 Tonight 8:15 Twite Jaroorrovy and Wednesday CHARLES MILLARD & CO. A DARN GOOD REASON KENNEDY AND FRANCIS THE ARGUMENT THALERO'S CIRCUS SPEEDIEST ANIMAL ACT BECK & STONE THE LIGHTING DUO MONSIER EOILA AND COMPANY SMASHING BARRIERS EIGHTH EPISODE THREE SHOWS THANKSGIVING EXCLUSIVE PARAMOUNT AND ARTCRAFT THEATER IN DECATUR Bijou Concert Orchestra Maurice PRESENTS THE LIFE LINE' Founded on the World Famous Melodrama of the Sea 'THE ROMANY RYE'' Also Post Nature Picture "Voice of Gladness" and Paramount Magazine REGULAR PRICES for Gepford, oeprord for Thrift ROSE POLY IS LAST ON LIST Millikin Eleven Will Meet Indiana School Thanksgiving Day Millikin closes her football season Thanksgiving day, when she meets Hose Poly, in what will undoubtedly be the best game of the year. Rose has cleaned up some of the best minor college teams in Illinois and Indiana. Her season's record is as follows: Rose, 0; Alumni, 0. Rose, 25; Charleston Normal, 0. Rose, 21; Butler, 7. Rose, 6; St. Xavier 2. Rose, 7; Franklin, 14. Rose, 0; Wabash, 10. Several Rose Poly scouts saw the ilillikin-Wesleyan game, and got some of Millikin's formations, so Coach Wann is developing some new stuff for the clash with the Hoosiers. In a Good Team. Several of the Rose Jllayers are exceptional men. Englehard, halfback, was cited in the Indianapolis Star for his brilliant performance In the Rose-Butler game. The speedy back got away for three touchdowns in the last quarter, when the score stood 7 to 0 for Butler. The Star also cited Harris, tackle, for his work in the Wabash frame. Coach- Watin coached Harris in High school, and he says that tho big fellow was a whirlwind. , With several years experience in college, Harris should be a world beater. Gilbert, who used to be at Bradley, is coaching the Rose eleven, and he is a good man, full of tricks. Coach Wann expects the Rose game to be by far the best game of the season. The champion, undefeated Blue and -White aggregation will have a tough time in maintaining her clean record. The largest crowd of the season is expected to see the Thanksgiving game. Three new sets of bleachers are under the course of construction at present, and when they are completed there will -be a total of 3.000 seats available, besides a great amount of standing room. LARGE ATTENDANCE FEATURE OF SEASON Foothnll Contests In "Bis; 10'' Conference Drew Record Wreaking Crowds Report Shows. CHICAGO. Nov. 23. Final ranking o? the teams in the western conference football race tonight gives Illinois, triumphant over Ohio State in the spectacular 9 to 7 game yesterday. undisputed claim to the 1919 gridiron championship of the 'big ten. Kemarknhle Season. The season was remarkable be cause of the startling upsets and the tremendous Interest in the games. The clash between Chicago and Wisconsin drew 26.000 persons, which indicated gate receipts of between $37,000 and 140,000. The Ohio and Illinois tilt drew a capacity crowd of 20,000. The Michigan-Minnesota contest at Ann Arbor attracted 30,000. The final games marked the pass ing of some brilliant stars. 'Chick Harley, All-American halfback, played his last contest for Ohio, whilo Chicago lost seven men. They are Captain Higgins, Graham, Hutchinson, Hinkle, McDonald and Stege-nian. Meyers, Captain Carpenter and I-ladoes finished their intercollegiate careers at Wisconsin. m The Right to Happiness' A X TrKl Starting !V Next Sunday 8 Halterman. Pyrzynskl I SEE n ' MONDAY, INUVEMBLK 24, 1919 M0NTICELLO TRIMS AVIATORS WINGS Channte Field Eleven Brlon 31-0 Ily I'latt County Tenm In Thrilling; f. a me. MONTICELIjO, Nov. 23. Chaunte Field sent over two airplanes to accompany the Aviators here, to meet tho Monticello Indiana on the football field, Sunday. The visitors were outclassed by the home team who ran up a score of 31-0. A large crowd witnessed the Aviator's defeat. The playing of Hoover, High Stahl and Gregory of the Monticello team was easily the feature of the game. Stahl ran 30 yards for a touchdown through the entire Chj-nute Field line. The game was one of the best that has been seen it Monticello for some time. The playing of Davis. Chanute Field quarterback, was of such a nature as to bring forth severe criticism from the crowds and from the field judges. Roberts and Smedly starred for the visitors. The line-up. MONTICELLO, 31 Woolington, 1. e. ... Caliill. 1. t Dresback, 1. g Snith, c Marquiss, r. e Richards, r. t 1. Lewis, r. g Anderson, q. b Stahl, r. hb High, 1. hb Gregory, f. b CHANUTE F. 0. r. e. Smedley r. t. Root .r. g. Frieberuer . . .c. Abel .. Aoei ..I. e. Listen t.. Kiesgonowskyi . .1. g., Oswollo ... .1. b., Davis .1. hb.. Roberts . .r. hb.. Mechy .f. b., Druming Referee South Hammond. Field Judge Hill Bcment. Timer .Tones Monticello. Time of the quarters 15-1 3-15-15. Srore by Period. Monticello Aviators .IS . 0 Attendance, 600. Just before the game the football to be used was dropped from a plane, at about 300 feet. Duting the game Lieut. Welch entertained the people with some fancy flying. TAYLORVILLE SWAMPS BEARDSTOWN ELEVEN Christian County Team Defeats Visitors 3.'-3 Coach Hoover's Pets Scored on First. TAYLORVILLE. Nov. 23. Taylorville Independents scored a compara tively easy victory over the Beardstown Independent football team in Taylorville Sunday afternoon, winning 35-3. Beardstown threatened only ence. Early in the game the visitors advanced the pigskin down the field to the edge of the scoring zone where Quarterback Clinton was forced to use his toe for the first score of the game. Taylorville swooped down on the visitors with a rush and completely smothered them under a bewildering attack built around straight football tactics. "Dick" Simpson successfully kicked seven goals after touchdown from the field. Taylorville used the Soft Water - Always -in the Bathroom CtlMAlENE Las many essential uses aad such varied onest It not only softens the hardest water but it cleanses quickly and effectively. Adds invigoration to the bath. Prevents the "high water mark", saves scouring out the tub. Will not effect the most senstiveskin. Always follow directions gn package. 10c At Your Grocer's , P THE PICTURE PALACE Production- Sjjjii!!H!!i!i' jjj I Music REGULAR ,s n- C U PRICES Matinee 2:00, 3:45 p. m. Follow the Crowds TODAY and The Great Musical Comedy Success in Pictures JUNE CAPRICECREIGHTON HALE With An All StarCast makes a breezy, buoyant, bubbling outburst of merriment which bristles with mirth, radiates vitality, and moves unflaggingly "OH, EOY!" SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING NOVEL! SOMETHING TASTY! PRISMA NATURAL COLOR PICTURES aerial attack advantageously Summary. BEAUUSTOWN, 3. TAYLORVILLB. 35. Spencer L e. Vaulkner L t. Heitz, Stokler. 1. g. Yasou c. . Elliott ..- r. g. Laimen r. t. Ramsnyder ... r. e. . R. Simpson . . .Waccaser Mayes .... IL Peei Clark . R. Simpson Bangert Clinton q. b...C. Jones. H. Clark Hilton ....... .1. hb. ..Neuman. Muller Wright r. hb Miller Knight f. b. ..Mullen, Dressen Taylorville Scoring: Touchdowns: Mullen: Bangert, 2; H. Clark; Deeren: Goals from touchdown: R. R. Simpson. 7. Beardstown scoring: Goals from field: Clinton. FOOTBALL RESULTS At Decatur; Staley's 41; Areola, 0. At Taylorville; Taylorvile, 36 Beardstown, 2. At Monticello: Monticello, 31 Chanute Aviators, 0. At Stonington; Stonington, 21 Assumption. 0. At Peoria Pekin White Sox Peoria Caterpillars, 0. 21; a oovTaa-n'w.TAST AMUIYarilUN frALLS nrrnnp PTnmTnpnv Coal Miners Hold Visitors Scoreless While Annexing; Three Touchdowns Against Thein. STONINGTON, Nov. 23. Stonington Independents won with ease from Assumption Independents on the Stonington gridiron Sunday afternoon, the tally being 21 to 0. Only once in the game did the visitors have a chance to score, that being in the third quarter when they were held on the ten yard line. Lawler. Livergood and Hise made the touchdowns. Lawler intercepted a pass and got away for a short run to the goal line while Livergood scored on a 30 yard pass. Hise carried the ball through the line for the third tally, and kicked all goals. The game was the last that the Stonington team has scheduled for the season. POLICE NOTES. The Sunday daylight thief was again busy Sunday afternoon when he visited the home of Mrs. George Simpson, 340 North Edward street, but failed to take anything as far as the family could discover. The house had been ransacked. Joseph Cook, 57 East Oglesby street, was arrested by the police Sunday morning, charged in a state warrant with non-support on complaint of his wife. He was placed in Jail to await the action of the court 1 nthe matter. Lawrence Ekiss, Macon. reportedl mat nis l-ord car had been stolen wnne be was in Decatur Sunday night. It carried the Illinois license No. 115341. The R. P. Hauman car. stolen Saturday night, was recovered Sunday. While the family was uptown Sunday night, thieves entered the home of M. R. Allen. 238 North Haworth avenue and ransacked the house. Entrance was gained through a window. A gold watch and a small amount of cash was taken. POPULAR CLINTON COUPLE MARRIED IIks Itln Wilson and Rimer Arnold Co to Peoria for Ceremony (room Is City Mall Carrier. CLINTON. Nov. 23. Miss Lola Wilson and Elmer Arnold, both well ; known and prominent young people of Clinton, stole a march on their friends here yesterday when they slipped quietly away early yesterday i morning to Peoria where they were i married. Each came to town Satur-iday morning as usual and it was sup-j posed by members of their families ;that they were going to work, but in- stead they boarded the early morning car for Peoria where they were married. I They did not take a wedding trip I but returned to Clinton late last ; night and are stopping with the i bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I Elmer Arnold, for the present, i The bride is the oldest daughter of iMrs. James Arthington. 1000 East Washington street. Up until about OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS -Presentation . n,a ctrn 5 S flUAA R Evening 7:00, 8:45 p. m. There's a Reason DECATUR six months ago she was employed at jthe local telephone exchange. She Is at present employed In the E. B. Con-over Grain company's office In the Freudcnstein building, which position she will retain. Mr. Arnold is the Ron of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Arnold. He la a graduate of the Clinton High school. He holds a position as city mail carrier. Sherman Dennlnon Dead. Sherman Dennison, who farmed the place owned by Mrs. R. J. Vance. 210 South Center street, died suddenly Saturday morning at 12:30 o'clock with heart trouble, in his home six miles west ofFarmer City. He leaves his wife and seven children, five of whom are at home. The two married children are Mrs. Earl Vance and Mrs. Pearl Rutledtre of near Farmer City. There is also brother in Michigan and a sister in!i,!,is conference from the High school. Ohio. Word was received in Clinton Sat- Funeral services will be held in the "rday b Mrs. C. C. Harwood. North family home Monday afternoon with Jackson avenue, of the birth to Mr. burial in the Farmer City cemetery. ! Finish State Aid Work. " i '' - " i ui me state aid road work for 1919 was completed on Saturday aLLcrnoon at 2 o'clock by Dave Ferguson of Creek township, who tias been doing the work for W. C. Me-neely of Franklin. Ind.. contraetor on road work. The work which was done ; last was a stretch of road two miles i oi wapeiia. Hold Texas llonir-Cominsr. Under the auspices of the Sunday school of the Texas Christian church and the Texas Township Rural Life and Progress Community club, the returned soldiers and sailors are to be given a home-coming reception In the Texas Christian church Tuesday night. A program is being arranged. U Admitted to Probate. The will of E. G. Argo. which "wsb admitted to probate Saturday by Judge John Bedinger of the county court, disposes of an estate of $175,-000 among the children bv an eoual division. Perry Hughes and George G. Argo are the executors of the estate. The children are George G. Argo, Charles C. Argo, Florence Hughes. Eliza A. Graham. John J. Argo Katlierine Gray and Minnie N. Flack. The property consists of the farm east of Clinton, tracts of land south of Clinton, a lot on East Main street and a down town property in East Main and Monroe streets, with several shares of bank stock. Brother Dies. J. D. Rogers, Sr., North Madison street, received word Saturday of the death of his brother, Benjamin Rog- WOMEN OF MIDDLE OE How Lydia E. Pinkham'j Vegetable Compound Relieves the Ailments of Change of Life. "During Change of Life I had hot flashes, dizzy spells and every month 1 was wild with misery. I had a constant, dull pain, and would always feel tired. I suffered in this way for five or sis years and wa3 treated by a physician and took different remedies without benefit. Lydia E. 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Brtaa." ALHAM Water & Packard St TODAY Wonderful Mary McLaren with only five cents left, took a gambler's chance and stole a dead man's name too, and see how she became THE AMAZING WIFE TODAY ONLY "9 BRAi 1 1 Always 10c and 15c HERALD era. in Joplln. Mo., in the home of his daughter. Mr. Jennie Thompson. Mr. Rogers was at one time a resident of this county leaving here about .15 years ago. He was 77 years of age and leaves three children. . The body will be shipped to Bedford. Ia., where burial will be made or. Monday. J. P. Lane, who has been managing the N. J Samuels farm northwest of Clinton, has purchased SO acres of land east of Jenkins' Switch, occupied by Dudley Jenkins, and formerly owned by Walter Andrews. Mr. Lane win take possession March 1. The delegates from the Presbyterian church to the Older Boys' Conference of the Y. M. C. A. In Aurora on Friday. Saturday and Sunday re Maurice Langellier, Roland Johnson and Thomas Ford. There are ex- ai pected to be eight or ten boys In WILLIAMS OPTOMETRIST RECOMMENDED 147 Merchant WilirllBiW I I I Dollar For Dollar I Clothing Values 1 If you are looking for real, genuine values in clothing, values in your winter suit, come here and be satisfied. We have all the latest moi-tls in fancy fabrics for young men. The prices range from $35 to $60 AVe have those stylish over coats for the young men, those double-breasted belters, ulsterettes, etc. Also more conservative styles in overcoats for older men. priced at S20 $40 Quality Shoes r the Entire Family We are making a specialty of quality shoes and from our large stock can fit any member of the family. You'll save money on every pair of shoes you buy here. WINTER UNDERWEAR Don't run a chance of getting sick from delay in "putting on" your winter underwear. Our stock is one of the most conjnlete in the city and we are able to fill the want of every man and boy patron. 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