Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 19, 1919 · Page 4
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1919
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1919. DECATUR HERALD NEWS OF SPORT, STAR PLAYERS TRY OUT FOR STALEY QUINTET "Butter" Woodworth to Manage and Captain Basketball Team Being Formed by S larch work en; First Practise Tonight With the football season rapidly drawing to a close, interest In sports la the Staler plant Is turning to Indoor games and the firm will be represented by basketball, indoor baseball and . bowling teams. These teams, with the exception of the bowling team, will depend on the Y, M. C. A. for a place in which to prac tise and play. At present the chief Interest Is in the forming of a basketball quintet and from present indications there fa sufficient material in the employ ment of the plant to make a good ' team. The Y. M. C. A. has granted the Basketball and indoor baseball players the use of the floor every 'Wednesday night for practise and games and first practise will be held by both teams tonight. Woodworth I Captain "Buster" Woodworth has been . "amed captain and manager of the uaskrtbc.il team and he is well quali fied for the position. "Buster" first :won a reputation for himself by his stellar work on the Shelbyvllle High ischool quintet. He later played with "the Sparks Business college team for -over six years, tor eight years ne '.averaged slightly over 20 points to ;a game. In one game against St -llmo be bagged 27 field goals. t Otto Pahlman. who came to Sta- -ley's during the later part of the -baseball season is out for the team, 3ie plays a forward position and with ,the help of Woodworth at the same position should make it hot for any team which the Staley quintet might .meet. Pahlman played for five years on the Travis club quintet, of San Antonlo. Tex. and was on the Green Mile Bearcats, an Independent team from Greenville, 111. "; Walter Meinert will be out for xruard position and although he has not bad college experience or has been on "any prominent Independent teams he has played basketball for number of years and Is considered a good man. Meinert is one of the etar outfielders on the Staley baseball nine. West To Flay. .Doe" West, one of the best known baaketball players in Decatur, will he on the Staley quintet. West won a reputation for himself on the Mllli-k!u teams and during the war was a forward on the Great Lakes team. He is known as a speedy and aggressive player, who is In the game every minute of play and is almost certain of a regular on the local team. He will be out for a forward position. Art Watkins, the lengthy brother ot George Watkins, the Staley baseball catcher, will be out for the center lob, and his height and strength will be a big asset to him against competitors. Wakefield, who played with "Buster" Woodworth on the Sparks Business College five, and on the Shelbyvllle-Hish school quintet for two years, will be out for a guard position. These players are the ones who have already signified their Intention of trying out for the team, but every nsaa who is interested In basket ball In the plant Is asked to Join the players for practise, and in this way a crack team can be developed. , To Get Good Gomes. To date. Captain Woodworth has rot arranged a schedule for his team, hue will arrange for games as soon ait he sees what kind of a team he can develop out of the material at hand. He expects to play teams representing the commercial Interests of the city, and late In the season wants to make about ten trips out of the city. The Springfield Y. M. C. A. has asked for games, and this challenge will be aocepted. One of these games will be played in Decatur December 2b. and the other in Springfield January 20. Farmlngton, 111., has asked for a game with the locals and the Invitation will be accepted. . . e TROOP 4 OUTWITS CATHOLIC ELEVEN Wins Hard Fought Game SO to O Wltk Forward Passes and Trick Plays. Troop 4 and Troop 16 clashed for the first time this season on the Fairview grounds Tuesday afternoon. Creech and Moran, the opposing fullbacks, who are rated best in the Scout conference played star games for their respective teams with Creech seeming to be considerably more of a ground gainer than Moran. Robertson, Creech and Molenda rolled up Troop 4's 20 points while Moran and Hogan starred for the Catholics. TROOP 4 TROOP 16 Penniwell, re re, Kelly Hj-kness, rt rt, Cushing Brlcker, rg rg, Foran Robinson, c c, Henebry Dively, lg ....lg, Johnson Santanen, It It, Comeford Wheal, le le, Meara Creech, qb Qg, McFadden Molenda, rhb..... rhb, Hogan Robertson, lhb lhb, Hlse Reese, fb fb, Moran ARCOLA GOMES SUNDAY WITH HEAVY SQUAD Must Change Signals and Plays For Douglas County Team VEECH MAY BE OUT "SAVED MY LIFE," SAYS MRS. GAINES Bedridden for Weeks Before Tanlac Restored Her Now Does Own Work. Time of quarters, 8 minutes. Touchdowns Robertson (2) Molenda 1. Goal after touchdowns Creech, 1; Dively, 1. Referee Hoots. AMERICAN LEAGUE DIRECTORS TO MEET Wrangle Over Third Place Series Money Will Be Brought Before Magnates. NEW YORK. Nov. 18 A specal meet ing of the directors of the American League to consider the failure of the national commission to award third place world series money to the New Michigan Aggies. York Americans has been called to meet here at noon tomorrow by the majority directors. These are Jacob Ruppert of New York, Harry Frazee of Boston and Charles Comlskey, of Chicago. The Detroit club had protested against New York's third place posi tion, claiming that the games Carl Mays pitched not be counted. New York was officially awarded the place at a special meeting of the directors. who adopted a resolution authorizing the national commission to pay the Yankees and players their share of the world series money. Ruppert said that August Hermann chairman of the commission, formally acknowledged reeelpt of the resolu tion but made no comment upon it. Areola will invade Decatur next Sunday and meet the Staley football squad in what is expected to be the best game played on the local field this year. The eleven from Douglas county lias been displaying a good brand of football this year, having played six games and won five oi them. This team played Illiopolis Sunday and defeated them 27 to 0. Taylorville only defeated Illiopolis 33 to 0 and for this reason the locals are expecting about as good a game as they had with the Christian county squad. Most Change Signals. The Staley squad will also be at a big disadvantage Sunday owing to the fact that "Bun" Moran, who played with the locals in Taylorville' November 11, will be on the Areola team, and he knows all the signals and plays of the local machine. For this reason. Coach Brannan is changing the signals and plays of the Sialey tei-n for next Sunday's game, :nul this means a week of hard work for the men. Some new tricks and ui illations will be worked out and the team will gc into the game with the expectation of winning. With a man on the opposing team having an intimate knowledge of the strength and style of play of the Staley squad, the Arcolians will have quite an advantage over the locals, and they are taking full advantage of this opportunity by getting in a week of the hardest kind of practise. Besides strengthening their offensive and defensive playing, the Douglas county gridiron men are import ing two players from Champaign, and it is probable that one of these men will be the crack quarterback of the Champaign squad who played end with the Staley team against Taylorville. The other man will probably be Jacks, the Champaign fullback, who Is now coaching the Champaign High school squad and who formerly was a crack backfield man on the With the addition of two such men as these, and their regular players. Areola is Bure to give the locals a fight-Has Sprained Ankle. The Staley eleven is In fairly good condition and will play with the regular line-up with the possible exception of Veech. Veech had his ankle sprained in the game with Taylorville and has been unable to practise with the squad since then. He will be held out of the game Sunday unless It is absolutely necessary that I he be put in In case the Areola team proves too strong. " , LEGION MEN ROUT CINCINNATI REDS CINCINNATI, Nov. 18. Three hund red members of the Amerloan Legion, led by their officers raided headquarters of the Socialist party here tonight. Hundreds of pounds of literature were thrown to the street where it was burned. BOWLING SCORES DAMAGES FROM 1894 RIOTS ARE AWARDED CHICAGO, Nov. 18. As a result of damage done to their plant by rioters in the railway strike of 1S94, Swift & Co. today was awarded a 113,500 verdict against the city. Claims for nearly $l,0n0,000 Bamages growing out of the race riots last summer are pending. Locomotive Shops. 12 3 Tot. AV. Koshmskl 164 ITS 142 481 160 W. Witt 146 126 132 404 135 W. Perzlnskl..lT9 145 147 471 157 Campbell ... .178 171 165 514 171 Wm. Maleska.173 163 166 502 167 Totals. ...840 780 752 2372 Stale; a. 12 3 Tot. AV. .Mintun m 242 165 588 1S6 C. May 180 163 166 509 170 J. Krutn . ...172 129 301 151 W. May 138 119 257 129 Dressen 185 ' 156 173 494 165 Woodworth .. 155 116 271 136 Handicap .... 24 24 24 Totals . 860 869 763 2420 High Individual average, Mintun, !:; high individual score, Mintun, 212. LEGIONS PLANS NEW ATHLETIC LEAGUE CHICAGO. Nov. 18 The American Legion launched plans oday for a nationwide athletic league to be composed of legion men, and which will include every branch of sport known. Under present plans the nation will be divided into eight zones, and elimination contests in these zones will be held and the winners will meet in the finals in San Diego. Cal., for a great athletic tournament in thn fall. It is planned to make the California tuornament an annual affair, and in addition to athletic events an aviation meet is planned. NEW YORK BILLIARD PLAYER TAKES LEAD CLEVELAND, Nov. 18. R. L. Canne" fax of New York, took the lead In the three cushion billiard championship tournament tonight by a victory over Pierre Maupome of Milwaukee. 60 to 46 In 57 innings. In the 48th inning Maupome was 131 points behind. He passed Cannefax in the 54th inning by two points. Cannefax came back with runs of; four, one and two and took the' match. I Charles Otis of Brooklyn, defeat-) ed Clarenee Jackson of Detroit, 60 to 39 In 67 Innings. - 'i Woman to Woman. When a woman has beoo very much benefited by a medicine she can hardly refrain from telling other women about it. Mrs. L. O. Seitz, Lima. Ohio, writes "I have a very high opinion of Chamberlain's Cough Remerty. My mother had a severe bronchial cough for months. After taking ntfmerous cough medicines without relief she was finally cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I take pleasure in recommending It." R ARROW 'Jroy Sjailorea Soft Collars CLUETT, PEABODV A CO. . IMC. . TROY, H. V. YOUR ARMY COAT DYED will make you a dandy Overcoat Our Dyes Are Fast. CLEANERS AND DYERS 241 N. Main. A Czecho-Slovak chamber of commerce and Industry for Switzerland has been organized. Its aim la to further mercan tile Interests between Switzerland and Czecho-Slovakia. The president Is John Splichal, of Zurich and Edward Bigler of Kaladel, Czecho-Slovak, is commercial manager. "Yes, this Tanlac saved my life, and my husband here will tell you the same thing, too," said Mrs. C. A. i Gaines, wife of a retired farmer, of Minier, 111., as she pointed . to . a bottle of Tanlac in Sutliff & Case's drag store, in Peoria, recently. Continuing, she said: "Why, when I started on this medicine I had been down in bed for weeks with nervous prostration and a general breakdown, r-or a long time l could not eat a thing but liquids and finally was so bad off I would become unconscious and have terriblt sinking spells and there was little hope of my recovery. This conditior. had been gradually coming on me for eighteen years, and all this time I could barely drag myself arouna. I never had any appetite to speak oi and had the worst sort of nervous headaches nearly all the time. My sleep was badly disturbed by frightful dreams and I had terrible night-sweats nearly every night. I could hardly do any -work and would have to stop and He down and rest several times while trying to do the least bit of housework. I suffered with such pains in the small of my back I could not get up and down without its nearly killing me, and i would become so dizzy I had to be very careful to keep from falling. My stomach was so badly upset 1 would become dreadfully nauseated after each meal and I could rarely ever retain a thing I ate. Now, all this was , befoni I got completely down, and I gradually went from bad to wiorse until I had to take to my bed. as I told you before. "My husband did all he eould to find something that would help me. but everything I tried failed to du me a particle of good. At last some one advised him to get some Tanlac. He did so, and the very firs: night after I began taking it I res ?d better than I had in a long while and I coninued to improve. By tb time I had finished two bottles ' could sit up in bed and every or.-who paw me was astonished at nv improved condition. Well, I kprt akin it. and you see how well I ook now. Why, I am in perftct health and can eat three good mealf a day without even a thought of suf-r"ring afterward. No gas or dizzy tpTIs hother mi nnv more and all mv fr-r thoubles have pone completelv 1 T now d flll rnv own hnnpp worV t1 never hav tpt tired frpHnc T -r! fn- j;o rnpnv vpnrfl. A modlcinp wpl rln w!if Tpnln' h f""" v" 'rtnnrptj Ml-'thf Tirnisp one could -:v It. nr"1 T cnlrTn't P?V rr' for 'V iC T stood here pnd talked for- Tanlac is sold in Decatur by Dpra-"r Drug Co., in Blue Mound by W. ; R. Graham and in Maroa by Smeltz- Tobbs company. SZX Decatur Busy STORtwxvsTtiLowtsT .iPwcm 60 Years Trial have Proved ) I are a most effective corrective. The present generation is using them today as did their grand parents half a century ago and deriving the same benefit from them. They bring speedy and sure relief for digestive troubles. Keep the stomach right, the liver and kidneys active, and the entire body responds. Good health will succeed to suffering, happiness to despondency. BEECHAM'S PILLS -act directly on the digestive organs. They in vigo-rate the bowels and eliminate the impurities and. toxins due to imperfect digestion. They create a healthy appetite and impart strength and tone to the entire sytem. Try a dose tonight and insure for yourself a bright tomorrow. For gastronomic troubles Beecham's Pills Are Miatolte At all Druggists, 10c, 25c A Of Coats, Suits and Dresses BIG Wo $45 Values, This Sale, $25 The Garment Event of the Season The Lowest Prices Yet Named in Desirable Outer Apparel Women who have not purchased Fall and Winter outer apparel will crowd our second floor to capacity tomorrow to partake of these marvelous bargains. The $25 Economy Sale is a semiannual Stewart garment affair planned weeks in advance and more attractive this Season than ever before because of son?' very special purchases. $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $42.50 and $45.00 Values $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $42.50 and $45.00 Values JliW m The $25 Coats Values to $45 A wonderful lot of the season's best coat models for misses, small women and reular sizes up to 46, The materials are Seal. Plush, Wool Velours, Heavy Cheviots, Bunella Pebble Cheviots and pile fabrics. Coats that were made to retail at I30!00. 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