Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 8
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Harris Families in Get-Together— Fifty-nine persons attended a Harris family reunion Sunday a* the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel ?Hn r J B M r " northw «at of Hurt : hon : , were Messrs, and Mesdames Harry ' ' I wLad ° ndortf ' Carroll , J. H. Hoppe, and G. D S wl'lf e ; J , a ' 80 , Dr - andMM - oeo Fred «ni V nd , the Me «dames Ann 5" , -. a J"' ice Bartholomew, John Harris, Fairmont, Bettv Joan' and Bobby; Mrs. Warren Pickens' ?h»ri ada ' wMlnn - S ° n Roland; Mr!'. Charles Hynes, Winnebaso, Minn M * ™ Mrs. Arthur Stoddard, Bode sons Bloom, D. C. „ Hull. The speaker was'pred Hud- pi^>.M OC J?- h ? n , tas> comm ander in the Eighth district. Luke Miller, Tt- tonka, was elected county com- v^ derA ft^r^ Idrich Wes '£. elr ^ , business lunch was served and was followed by danc Girl of Four is Hostess— were host and hostess at a small informal party, and guests were Messrs, and Mesdames Qeo L Miller and M. H. Doherty. ' ' Cniran 'Open Ifonse* Tomorrow— Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Curran, Naytahwaush, Minn., who were married 50 years ago at the Congregational church here, will hold open house October 27th (Wednesday) to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, at the home of Mr and Mrs. Roy Guy, Lu Verne. Mrs Guy is a daughter of the Curran Assisting will be Messrs, and Mes dames Charles Clement, Algon Claude- Whitehill, Lone Rock; Ton Clement. Hettinger, N. D. The Mes dames Clement and Whitehill ai •laughters of the Currans •\/r ~n ~ "" *"• mal 'im, Mrs. - ... Martin, Gladys Lelst, Hum- Bonni. n 1 "' - and Mrs ' Jeas& L ewis, Bonnie Dons, and Robert, Mr. and ^ r t AE mer Garrett, son Jackie, all 2.U ./ D °dge: Mrs. George Bell £S?$ 5 D -;, *»"••• and Mes-' names w. L. and Lloyd Martin Al gona. Mrs. Jos. Swe'azey Spokane, i i^Slr-^ bro afte^on 0 ?ce tr Sm n and a ca rk e in were Afternoon guests were ? Mrs. Dick Long, Burt, son Helen Fox, Bancroft; Mrs Spear, Sherburn, Minn Nola; Mrs. E. C. Potter.'Vs. O S Moore, Algona; and Mrs. Victor Applegate, Titonka lJ h ,* 0 ?°J.,^ kens ""ally, Hart- S. bet ' We ' 6n ' 3 and 6 o'clock.' "Mests were Janice Punk M jwe, Anne Berrickman, ' Pickles 5SSS r™ a W». *!$£ Dinner Algonn Girl IVeds— Clara E. Masog and Donald L ugsley, both of Elmore, were mar led here at the Ro v . A. English' parsonage last week Monday. Wit nesses were Mr. and Mrs. L. Pugs ley parents of the bridegroom, and ™ - I ^ a f on ' fat her of the bride. The bride's father was an Algona rural mail earrier till five years ago, and the bride attended the local public schools. Her a at which a tions were in is The newlyweds will live on the Pugsley home farm. The bride-room's father is retiring. . Dr. and Mrs. Julius B. Winkel t n «t'M ne J ^ ? °' Cl ° Ck dillner lai " 1 Babe Baptised— V 1ll , ree j nonths son of Mr. and *lw in Huenhold, was baptised Presbyterian church last *""*'" "- , Huenhold cele- f day. , . and Mrs Frank Ca pesius, daughter Evelyn, and Bern nn \vir.L-«i AI ____ . ' AJC1 <K-«.£?«;U Plans were laid for another union next fall at the sa; It had been 12 years sine Harris had visited here, and six Harrises uen : and suosts included the re- T* 1 ** ^nd PaTmis , Mr and Mrs .August Huenhold {l nd Mrs r ' '^ m Aflld crks, Lakota and He ' and Lulu Hu ™hold In the evemng Mr. and Mrs. fer, all of St. Benedict; and Mr and Mrs. Dennis Carrol, Corwlth Deane Is Dr. F. C. Scanlan's offlc girl, and Lenore is a teacher In thi Sherman township school. PTA Meeting nt the Brynnt— A PTA meeting was held at the Bryant Thursday afternoon at 2:30 .Mrs. Bruce Samiberg, president of the grade mothers' PTA, presided and Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, spoke on hot school lunches Physical corrective work done- dtir- .ing the summer, and study and .uses of the Parents' Magazine .Audrey Fritz's pupils then prerfant- ,ed a radio skit, the outgrowth of a language lesson. A committee served coffee. Ilirthdays of Tiro Honored— Hattie Wilson and Leona Ivrampo, high school teachers, and Minnie J. Coate, assistant librarian, entertained at a birthday dinner Thursday evening in the Backus apartments, honoring Mrs. -lortense Ferguson and Frances Messer, Humboldt, a former high school teacher here, now superin- endent in Humboldt county. Miss Messer's mother, also Humboldt vas among 12 guests. week Tuesday were Mrs. C. Paul Carlson, Mrs. C. F. Speeht, Mrg. George St. John, Mrs. Zelba. Drown, Mrs. Brinel! Hardgrove, Atha Hardgrove, Mrs. Luther E. Fairbanks, Ann Stebrltz, and Mrs. Arthur Schunk. The rally was held in the interests of missions. FJre Permits to Wed— Five licenses to wed were issued last week: Donald L. Pugsley, :ilara E. Mason, both of Elmore; Raymond Webb, Lutha B. Bilsborough, both of Algona; Dr. Magnus . Lichter, Burt, Loretta E. Howo, Emruetsburg; Vernon Eggleston, Vrarvel Davidson, both of Lu Verne. Itidson, "" ' " c i e, o . fcMiodlst W. H. M. S. to Meet— The Methodist W. H M "s will ave a dues-paying luncheon a ne o'clock Thursday at thef church' 'lift f\timi>Hn *« lit t _ -- ed at luncheon Thursday in honor ,who has been a' guest of numerous ,old Algona friends during the last .week or so, Mrs, Hand was for- .merJy a resident here, .Serves oii "U" 1'nrty Committee- Ten girls have been chosen at the state university as committee for an annual Spinsters' ball, a big social event. Isabel Oreenberg, Algona, Is a member. She is affiliated with the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. .Touchers Plnn Box Soclfll— Dorothy Frasor and Selma I Egesdahl, teachers, will give a.. joint Halloween box social at the South Cresco church at 8 o'clock i,tlils week Friday evening, and the attendance of the public is invited. ocal solo Mrs. Vaughn Rising; a The Trinity Lutheran Young Pco- lay, the dramatization of the ' p ' e>s society will have a masquer- ear's work, by the officers- vo- ' ade Hf illoween party at the church cal selection by Mrs. Vaughn' RIs- • Thtlra( lay evening at 8 o'clock. Ing. .Hostesses will be Luella Bell, Rita • '.Will, and Marjorlc Otto. --, -.«,— W a« v «, per «. Douglass and Mrs. Jacob Sifiters ' and M ^- and r6 Paren ^ s of Mrs ' lub Gives Uniijne Dance— The Algona dance club held a econd dance Thursday evening at he I. O. 0. F. hall. This was a masquerade, with some of the men ppearing as girls or women, here were many Halloween costumes besides some 'guests dressed to represent what the well dressed debutante wears when horseback riding, as a hitch-hiker, as a dancer, etc. Thirty-two couples attended ,, ——" Program— Mrs. B. T. Agard and Mrs. H. L. Hoenk entertained the Child Study club at the former's home last week Tuesday. After a program given via radio from Ames Mrs. Hoenk read a paper. Mrs. John G. -- was to be leader, but was ° U ,, 1 f t , own> TIle hostesses served a light lunch. had at M«. Blbert Earth ' and attend £ ather A " J ' Arndorfer, Mr \ cnd Mrs ' Roy Picl <Mr ' and Mrs ' Emil Dinner Honors IJour Birthdays- Mrs. Theodore Goeders entertained Sunday at a birthday dinner honoring Monroe Philips, Theodore Goeders, Ray Smith, and little TOO <=„„•*,. .„ Qf whoge birthdays Cong'l Aid Circle Elects— The September Circle of the Con gregational Aid met Thursday at Mrs. Andrew Peterson's, and election of officers took place: Mrs. H. R. Cowan, president; Mrs. E J Murtagh, vice; Mrs.'H. E. Hanson' treasurer; Mrs. M. J. McCall, secretary. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Planned— ^ , «.*« w \s\ Milford Green, son eraldine Palmer. Attend Jfally at Bnrt- , Mr, and Mrs. Donald, and Loretta Elizabeth Howie te Catholic church, with Father Ahraann officiating in a s ceremony The bride will be dressed in a gre> wool ensemble, with black accessories, and will wear a cor sage of tea roses. After the ceremony a reception and dinner ^^^^^••^•H Jhe Place To Get Auto Supplies Is.An Auto Supply Store! Our Prices Defy Comparison GREENBERG STOCK-REDUCING SALE Tire Specials General—Gillette—Goodrich-Kelly Tires Gillette General A SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR 10 DAYS ON EVERY ITEM IN OUR STORE The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lichter, Algona and he is a graduate of the Algona i^w 10 ™ State C0ll6ffe ' 1934. He was president T l th6 Varsity " : " c]ub - Doc- Lichter is a veterinarian and practicing at Burt. lsboroiiylMVold) "jHarriw-o— <l , B ! lBborou Kh and Kavmond , both of Algona, were married Friday afternoon at -1 o'clock ho, . C ™ K1 ' OKiUion "l Parsonage he.e, the R G _ ( . Vttnce off . c .^ tin,, in a single-ring ceremony The parsonage was decorated for the event with autumn leaves and fail flowers. Mrs. .M. L Bilsborough, Tltonha -si.ster-in-law of the onae save a piano recital as suests »rnved. The Lohengrin weddTn^ march was played for the ccre- Protect Your Radiator 4.40-21 at $4.00 (regular $6 value) 25% off list price on all 5 50 17 a t «7 in tlreS and W6 ' U SllOW y ° U 5.50-17 at $7.10 t]le retail priee ^ 32x6 Truck Tires—40% Off These are just a few samples of our tire prices. n t Dawning. The bride wa.s attired in a wine velvet streeMength dress, with accessories in wine colors to match A reception was held after the ceremony at the home of the brideVs Parents- Mr. and Mrs. \V. L nils-' borough, Algona. The bride is emplovcd at the Vance borne. The hrld * ^ the .son of <•. r. Wcl)b L ; , n ^ « employed un ojurn, near Algona .- ey is jy« 1*11 rtv * IO K° di , th Honey celebrated hc-r 13th birthday anniversary Saturday afternoon by entenalnins D»l , rts Bake,, Beuy La Barr £ Ju ^ MiusDniough, Valeria Butts Frrn and Mary Carney, Evelyn Dau, n t . Mc-Guire r< n' ^ Guderial1 ' '^rion iTi'iat i D*I ru Harvey, Joan -111 I«Sl(3tl(Jt Pil ll'lf'i'l Hull TT 1 r i iLia iiull. Hplon Johnson, Mary Johnson, Vera Job?" son Miriam Norton, Imo K en e R 1 eenberg. Ruth sissbee, Audrey Slu- |el, trances Sorensen, Rosalie I Swraiwon, Elvie Vera, Lu Von Wol!' cott, and Marilyn Woodward the latter of Whittemore. The young E" i,?s,rss is-sa« M'!::;r M s < ?;r a ii::;,e > .'Ts they played K *incs and lunch was served at individual tables w^h Halloween decorations, 1'artie.s f or Davenport Visitor- Mrs John N. Kenefick entertained Friday evening ut her home at a bridge party honoring her guest Isabello Thomas, Davenport. The evening was spent at contract, with Mrs. Matt Streit winning high. Miss Inornas was presented with a guest prize. A light luncheon was served, covers being laid for 12. Monday at one o'clock, Mrs W W. Sullivan entertained Mesdames Kenefick and L. E. Linnan, with Miss Thomas, at luncheon. At 1'3( Mrs. G. W. Shumway entertained at a bridge dessert luncheon at her home honoring Miss Thomas, and guests were Mesdames Kenefick Sullivan, Linnan, C. R. Schaap, Joel Herbst, Russell B. Waller, and A. E. Kresensky. The afternoon was spent at contract. County Legion-Auxiliary Meet— A county Legion-Auxiliary meeting was held at Bancroft Thursday evening, and Algoniana attending Alcohol 59c Gallon Also Prestone and Easy Shift Drive-in Service Drive yum- car inside at Greenberg'8 and enjoy real comfort while work is being done. Delco Batteries TIRE AND TRACTOR CHAINS Largest Assortment in North Iowa with Special Discount on all in Stock Windshield Defrosters All Kinds— Electric and Fan Models 17-plateV-8$8.45 39c&UP HEATERS Arvin Hot Water, $9.95 up (Installed) *^ Hot Air Heaters _ _$3.00 up Auto-Lite Manifold $3.00 up - • - - _ Window Glass A Sample of Our Prices 9x12— 8c each 12x24— 25c each 12x30— 35c each 24x26— 58c each 22x28— 58c each ALSO COMPETE STOCK OF SAFETY GLASS FOB ALL IUAKES AND MODELS OF CABS Harrison Radiators for all makes, models Gaskets-Spark Plugs-Fan Belts-Winter Fronts Truck Flares—Mufflers Get Your Car Ready For Winter At Greenberg Auto Supply from Friday of Mrs. C. H. Cretzmy- er s. There will be a musical program, following which tea will be I poured. The tea is being held to "«""" money for a shoe fund and To Elect Circle^ Officers— Mrs. D. P. Smith's Congregational Circle will meet Thursday for 1 o clock luncheon at Mrs. I-lor- tense Ferguson's, an d assisting hostesses will be Mesdames W E Laird, J. W. Little, and P. H. Hargreaves. There will be election of otticcrs. Program for 1VE. 0. Meeting— Chapter BW of the P. E 0 Sis- rhood met with Lucia Wallace ednesday evening, and Mrs Hor,tense Ferguson gave a paper on ,The Advance in Science. Mrs. F. Burgess, wife of the new Metho- talk Pastor> was a guest an d save a luncheon for IToaslTvisitor— Mrs. Lester G. Willson entertain- WEEK END SPECIALS Annex (Chriscliflles Store) In keeping with our policy of under-selling all competition we offer this week some sensational bargains in seasonable merchandise which must command your attention. 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