Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 6, 1919 · Page 4
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1919
Page 4
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.THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1919. DECATUR HERALD By PQ? EWS OF SPORT; CAT TALES. HEY FEU-1 ull you KEEP YOUR I'LL "SL? FEU A NICKEL POP-ViEEPW HIS EYE DECATUR HERALD ri I GEE! it's! 7v&?) i kept rty eyeT-i CI J ;V 1 TUfcWE3) THE ' (suae!) Biggest Independent Game In State Nov. 11 Staleys Training Long Hours Preparing for Tay-lorville Team; Will Be Big Day in Christian County. eye ON ny on ny FLW u V ' '- if When Staley's meet Taylorvllle next Tuesday football fand of Central Illinois will see one of the grgat-t gridiron contests ever put on in this part of the country. The teams re both putting In extra hours this week preparing for the btir fray, which is eeedulefl to be the chief attraction of the homecoming entertainment and celebrations in Taylor-vllls Armistice Day. Taylorvllle "LondlnK I'p" Taylorvllle Is "loading-up" for the SUley aggregation, according to latest reports from Taylorvllle sporting circles. It is rumored that several of the players who have been playing college football will be back t. play with their old team mated. It is a known fact that Taylorvllle is one of the strongest independent teams In the state and if Staley's hope to win the game the locals must play an entirely different class of football than they showed last Sunday against Champaign. In xhe first place, the starchwork-ers must go into the game with a full realization that they must play their best from the start if they even hop to break even in the game. If the locals do this and get any kind of breaks at all in the "luck" they stand good chance of winning, but the score will be a close one nevertheless. Staley's Wnt improve their style of playing in the game with the Christian county stars or they will awaken at the end to see a lop sided score staring them in the face and the big side of the score will be against them. It is up to the team to get busy and get some purfch 'n thair playing. Slant Show More Pep "Pep" was noticeable for its absence in the game with the twin-city team last Sunday. The Champaign team consisted of a bunch of players who had not practised together more than once or twice and if they had shown much team work In the first naif, Staleys would have suffered a defeat. With the Taylorvllle squad, the locals face an entirely different proposition. The members of that team have played together throughout the season and there are some of the players who have been with the championship teams of other seasons. They are seasoned players and under the direction of Conch Hoover, have worked into a machine that will be hard to stop. Hoover is considered as one of the hardest-driving coaches in the state and is credited with turning out the former crack teams from Taylorville by his ability to get the players to work together and get into the game from the start for the purpose of winning. Each afternoon this week sees the Staley team on the field in the hardest workouts of the season. Coach Brannan was disgusted with the showing made by the team against Champaign and is making the team A DECATUR II i 1 I sweat as a result. Scrimmage and signal practise is being doled out to the players in a heart-breaking manner and If Staley's do nothing else they will go into the game with hardened muscles next Tuesday. Taking All Playera Capt. U'asem will take down his entire list of piayers and there will be good men sitting on the bench to take the place of any who may be injured during the battle. Veech. Lanum and Thrift will start the game in tl e backfield. Charlie Dressen will be in his old position at quarter and will be replaced by lire-count if occasion arises. Cooper and Capt. W.isem will play the wing positions. Jack Mintun will fill the pivot position and it is likely that his toe will be called Into use many times during the game! Crisp, Haltorman, May Koehler, Moffett, Krlgbaum. and Chase will be in line for the tackle and guard positions and it will tax their combined strength to withstand the onslaught of the fast and heavy Taylorville backfield. All these men are fighting hard for the chance to get into tne Taylorville game and the selection will be made as to which of them enters the game on their showing within the next few days. . unit Tor Special Local football enthusiasts are taking a great deal f interest in the game and it. is thought that there will be over 600 go down on the special train to witness the contest. It is planned that the train Khali leave Decatur about 12:30 o'clock. Those wishing to go on the special should call Fred Wasem so that he can make ample arrangements to accommodate everyone. Many of the fiepartments of the Staley plant will be closed for the day to give the employes a chance to go down. Hoover Prepares Taylorville Team I TAYLORVILLE, Nov. 8. Coach Grover Hoover began business Tuesday night in the preparation of the local Independent team for its game I with Staley's of Decatur here Armis- tlce day. It will be the task of the Decatur i team to atop the locals with a bril-! Uant set of new. plays. The local i coach will also use a new set of signals. vh drill TiiOFdnv evenine was the bnst the team has had all Masnn. anri the pepper that featured the Carlin- j ville team was present for the first time since that game. Harry Bangert is being drilled at halfback, the position he held in high school, and It may be that Hoover will turn the quarterback. Job over to Harry Clark and Cy Jones in order to use Bangert in the back field. Stop Off Tackle Drives. Some time is being spent with a defense to stop the off tackle drives ol half-backs Latham and Veach of the Decatur team, and a new formation to stop the place kicks of Jack Mintun was also introduced. Nothing is being left undone to keep the local goal line a row of goose eggs even if Mintun is one of the best kickers in the state. Charlie Dressen, the quarterback who was one of the tough nuts the locals had to solve when he played here with the Decatur Indians in 1915 and 3916 is not expected to cause as much trouble as before on account of his added pounds. As a youngster Charlie was a peach of an open field runner, but this year he seems to be bothered as Noah Jones was In the last Moline game In which he played after six months in the army, and during which time he developed quite a "bay window." j The grandstand seats for the Armistice game are more than half gone and the tickets, it is said, will be gone before Sunday. FORGET YOUR RHEUMATISM Don't suffer when you can get 'Neutrons Prescription 38." Rheumatism, one of the most com mon ailments, is one of the hardest to cure, because of its being a blood disease. Any remedy to be effective must purify the. blood and kidneys, common sense teaches you this. That Is why "Neutrons Prescription 99" Is so successful, it is a combination of blood purifying agents prepared from the prescription of a specialist. It relieves those- sore. Inflamed joints and muscles. "It puts out the jfire." It does all these things, re-istores your health, makes you happy and free from pain. Go to your druggist today and get a bottle, then say, good-bye, Rheumatism. 60c and $1.00 the bottle. For sale by Decatur Drug Co-, and lead ing druggists everywhere. MILLIKIN MEN GET WORKOUT Coach Wann Sends Them Through Stiff Scrimmage Wednesday ILLINI READY FOR GOPHERS Coach Zuppke's Eleven Good Shape Following Maroon Battle in (Special to The Herald) URBANA, Nov. 6. Playing with renewed vigor since their victory over the Staggmen last Saturday, the Illinois Varsity football team has begun another strenuous week of practice to get in shape for the game scheduled with Minnesota next Saturday on the rival field. Their were no serious injuries apparent after the hard game of last week and it is believed that the team will be ready for the Gophers showing the strongest lineup that It has had all year. Applegran is the only man on the team who suffered at all from the Maroons. The husky guard crushed his foot to some extent during the combat, but he will be back in lineup before Saturday pointment as far as a test game was concerned. The Maroons failed to show any high class football and the Indians had things much their own way throughout the game. The Illinois grid men fear the Minnesota eleven, however, and will not let down in their practice all week. Team Leaves Thuradny Zuppke will lead a delegation of 2a men to the Gopher stronghold Thurs day morning. The team will spend Thursday afternoon in Chicago with a scrimmage billed for that time in the 'White Sox park. The eleven will arrive at -Minneapolis Friday morning. Saturday will be Homecoming day for all Minnesota graduates and a capacity crowd is expected in the bleachers at Northrop Field. This will make the third time this year that the Illini have been one of the headllners at a Homecoming game. A number of rooter will accompany the team to the foreign field while the bulk of the students will hear the reports of the battle on Illinois Field where a special wire will flash the news, play by play. de-the PEORIA, Nov. 5. "Bernie" Smith is dead. He took his own life at 9:45 o'clock this morning at the Mitchell sanitarium at 106 Glen Oak avenue. wh-.Te he had been a patient for six months. He entered the sanitarium late last April, following a mental breakdown. He was S6 years of age. While the nurse was out of the room for a few minutes Smith this morning pulled a piece of electric Posters announcing the High school wire, .fr?" hthe, 1wa" hi "-same with the Universitv Hieh Sat- w,'d " ahout his neck and stran- the-Hrday afternon are making their an-1 himself. The nurse returned to Dutch pearancc in down town windows. The i 'nd him lying on the bed. Before DROBRICK COACHES HIGH SCHOOL TEAM who is head of the commercial nartment. has been coaching team. The boys expect an enthusiastic game next Saturday when they play Champaign High also on the Millikin field. The Champaign team is planning to bring a crowd of rooters along. A good many reservations for seats have been made by Champaign already. The local team will go to Joliet for a Thanksgiving game. Inter-class basket ball will be started next week. M. L. Cook, the new physical director and E. H. Westlund will coach. WELL KNOWN SPORT WRITER KILLS HIMSELF Brrnir Smith of tile l'eorln Takes Hi Own Life at a Sanitarium. Star the best known . . .1 ol lne widely known sj.orting writeri newspaper career dates back ovtr j period of 14 years, during lriit time ne nai oeen sporting elito- every newspaper in Peoria, the Tra script, the Journal and the Ev?-i" Star. ' ' ? DR1NK leaves THE SNAPPY LIME DRINK Sternaman who played only a part of, boys are working hard this week un-the Chicago game is another of I ger the coaching of W. B. Drobnick. ZnnnltB'a rtoneniia hies who is in fine'Slnce Coach Jones left Mr. Drobnick. shape again. Leitch, star guard " ' , 'has been on the sidelines ever since j " the opening ganie of the season is also back in shape again. He was AO.l., 4n nlair loct RatllrHav hilt r...h Vnnnlra tan, htm Ant hArt ha saw mat it was not necessary 10 put his star guard in danger to come tnc v.ire could be removed from his k Smith was dead. Francis Bernard Smith was one of t-5 r-T3 Rmrp ontIirfr Uedl UlttdWlk)5 . . r j.: wunumamr Drmity itff. Otfaat Tafaa 2Sc oA tmmmmmmtm i msmmmmm After two days of signal drill, Coach Watin gent his charges through a stiff scrimmage Wednesday after noon. With Leo Johnson and Ward back in the line-up, the Blue and White regulars looked mighty good in spite of the stiff resistance the second team put up. "Sunshine" Gepford's shoulder is in better shape than It has been for several weeks an he may be counted on to perforin In his old time form Saturday. Coach Lantz of Charleston Is work ing his men hard to whip them into shaDe for the Miliikin trame. He will have as powerful team on the field Saturday to meet the Big Blue elev en as Charleston ever uaa. It is a well known fact that Charleston plays about fifty per cent better foot ball on her own field thai, she plays on foreign ground, and this fact, coupled with the fact that Charleston and Millikin are old and bitter rivals, is going to make Saturday's game as good as any in the conference this season. J55 Stodenta Gains. About 155 students have already signed up to take the trip on the through with a victory. Lineup to Stand. Zuppke's shift in the lineup for the Homecoming game was looked upon as a good move and it is probable that the eleven which started , last Saturday will be the regular team from now on. Smith and Carney at the wings are a smashing pair of end men who are especially strong on defensive work. It was their ability more than anything else which made it impossible for the Maroon backfield to make any substantial gains. At the tackles Zuppke has three good men. Ingwersen. Petty and Olander can be worked in ordr with no danger of the position being badly played at any time. At guards the Orange and Blue lias four good men now. Applegran, Leifvendahl. Leitch and Mohr are the men who are available in the middle of the line now while Ems and Shlaudeman are other possibilities. Depler has been put back in the center position with Shlaudeman ever ready to relieve him. In the backfield the little coach has j walquist. tternaman. iiaipn 1'ietcner and Howard ready for work. Bob Fletcher and Lovejoy are both well OCCATUR. ILLINOIS " Here Is Your Overcoat All ISIiW - fitter! to take rare of nuarterback special train, juore pep ana en-1 jio th hnrri hittimr Cranle and thusiasm is being shown over this;c t . K wjn take care of the am m a tVtan nvor Afhor rroma thl can - i ' ' Th. umiu. r,,,T .m h. fullback position between them to treer. tho hn n,r The Chicago game was a disap- At Wednesday chapel hour, a short ' pe? meeting was held, with Pete lie-; Clelland leading the yelling. Coach Wann made a short speech in which he urged as many of the students as possible to take the trip. He said that the rooters at the Bradley game kept the team fighting in such a manner where otherwise they might have been beaten and he also showed the need of more backing in the Charleston game than any previous game this season. 4 BOWLING SCORES the . national joy . smoke ROLLING your own cigarettes with Prince Albert is just k about as joy'us a sideline as you ever carried around in your grip 1 For, take it at any angle, you never got such quality, flavor, fragrance and coolness in a makin's cigarette in your life as every "P. A. home-made" will present you! 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