The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1897 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 8, 1897
Page 3
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THE UPPEK DBS MO1NE8'. ALQONA, IOWA WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8. 189? ABOUT MEASUREMENTS. A box 28xt3%xS inches will hold a bushel. The crown cctavo page i3 7%x4% inches. • Type are slightly less than 1 inch in length. The American mole is about 6 inches in length. The double eagle, in gold, is 1 7-20ths of an inch. A royal folio volume has a page 9x12 inches. A cable, in nautical parlance, means 120 fathoms. The duodecimo page measures 7x4 Inches wide. The half-dollar is 1 3-1G of an inch In diameter. A demy 24 mo. page Is 5 Inches long by 2% wide. A 10-foot bin or 10 feet square holds 23.74 barrels. The average height of a horse is about 14 hands. The common garter snake is from 18 inches to 3 feet. The middle flnger is from 3^s to 4 Inches in length. The 5-cent nickel is exactly % of an inch in diameter. A 1-cent bronze piece is % of an inch in diameter. The average waist of a woman is from 22 to 23 inches. A box B:c5 feet holds C.92 barrels, a 6-foot box 8.53 barrels. A railroad passenger coach in from DO to 70 feet in length. The foolscap octavo page is 7 inches long by 4 inches in width. The ordinary blacksnake, or racer, Is from 5 to 7 feet in length. One hundred drops from a medicine flropper makes one spoonful. The wasp is about an inch in length, with a wing spread of 1% inches. The average height of man is 5 feet 8 inches, his weight 141% pounds. The incisor teeth of man are seldom more than % of an inch long. The old-fashion copper, or 1-cent piece, was a little more than an fnch. WORN BY LADIES FAIR. Ruffled sleeves, with the points over the hand. Pretty sleeves made entirely of guipure with a puff of the dress material at the top. Plisse silk muslins boasting a multitude of tiny tucks or tucked frills trimmed with lace. Bodices crossed on one side with a three-fold frill of lace forming a single revere and jabot in one. Transparent mohairs in colors spotted with white silk, worn over silk slips in place of grendaine. Princess dresses in organdie or batiste tucked into the waist or made with bodices entirely covered with tiny frills. Effective gray gowns of English satin, wonderfully draped, with a fichu of gray chiffon caught up with a bunch of pink roses. Light material in tartans of every kind crossbars and checks. Care 'must be exercised, however; one stout lady at Newport had on a striped gown which made her resemble the famed porpoise. MEASUREMENTS,, A span Is 9 inches. A hand is 4 inches. A size in cuffs is % inch. A size in collars is 1 inch. The nail is 2% inches long. A nautical knot is 6,100 feet. A quarter of cloth is 9 inches. The royal 32 mo. is 5x3 inches. A royal quarto page is 12^x10. A square 16 mo. page is 4%*3^. One hundred quarts make a cask The royal 24 mo. page is A royal octavo volume is A size in stockings is % of an inch. The hedgehog Is 10 Inches in length. The medium octavo is 9%x6 inches. The 48 mo. paged volume is A demy folio volume is 18x11 inches. A pace is considered to be about 2 feet. A size in finger rings is 1-16 of in inch. The moccasin is from 18 inches to 3 feet. The ordinary human nose is 2 Inches long. One hundred spoonfuls make one quart. Desks arc from 26 to 30 inches in height. A bush la equal to 2,150.42 cubic inches. The viper grows from 2 to 3 Ms feet in length. Knitting needles are usually 9 Inches in length. The common rod fox is from 2 feet long. The average ear ,is from 2 to 2*£ inches in length. The ordinary pin is about 1 inch long, cays the Chattanooga News. BASE BALL GOSSIP, NOTES OF INTEREST ACOUT THE NATIONAL. GAME. Story of a Cftptftln Mftiingsr Who Took An AMnraed Nntne—Glennlvln Ha* Made a Splendid Record ns —Notes of the Game. , a IMnycr ODNEY J. DOWLING. who is better known professionally as "Bob G 1 e n a 1 v in," has been playing ball for a dozen or more years, and in that period was twice In the major league, being both times co nnected to ON THE STAGE. Frank Daniels will discard "The Wizard of the Nile" this season and appear in "The Idol's Eye." Nat Goodwin has written a novel, in which he gives a severe rap at the critics who mix up an actor's doings on and off the stage. Maud Adams is to be seen as a star in a dramatization of Barrie's "Little Minister" and an adaptation of Anthony Hope's "Phroso." Kathryn Kidder has grown tired of acting in "Mme. Sans-Gene," and as she has no other play In view, will become a manager of the same play, relinquishing her role to Marion Abbott. A well-known manager—one of the Trohmans—recently sent to a New r ork theatrical agent for a list of good eading men. The agent could give im the names of but four who were not engaged. Do Wo Need HlR Muscles? By uo means. Persons of herculean build FUNNYGRAPHO. "You wouldn't take that man for a great inventor, would you?" "No. Is he?" "He is. He invented an excuse for being out with the hoys that satisfied his wife, and he's been married 17 years!" Point of Difference-Affable Ciwtom- Br-"You shave differently in Ireland from what you do in America, don t you?" Barber Mulligan H™* "An- in phwat way, sor?" A« able tomer-"Here you mix lather; theio you lather micks."—Judge. A girl will always deny that when she sleeps alone she t>uts her arimi around herself." No-To-liuc for fifty Dents. Guaranteed lobucco habit cure, raukes woaU men ttronu, blood pure. SUc. *1. All dniK.lsta, Prof. Samuel Brassel, oE the Uuiversit) of Klauseuberg, in Hungary, died recently ipon after celebrating his huudredtn mrtn day. A mustard plaster will not make a blis .ter if mixed witn a white of an egg requently possess a inimimim of genuine •igor, and exhibit less endurance than very mall people. Real vigor means the ability o digest and sleep well, and to perform a •oasonnble amount of daily exercise and mental labor without unnatural fatigue. t is because a course of Hostotter's Stomach Bitters enables tho enfeebled dyspeptic to resume the allotted activity of every day life, us well as to participate without discomfort in its enjoyments, that t it is such a pre-eminently useful modi- cine. — ,)ncn in a Great While Ho Understood. "What do you think of Tesla's scheme of telegraphing without wires!" ••That's nothing new; my wile has Indeed my shins under the table for twenty years. If you would be bright, keen and farsighted every orcau should do its work perfectly. Try Dr. Kay's Renovator, it will renovate and invigorate every organ of the body. See advt. !Ji>c. with the Chicago team. He was born Jan. 17, 1868, at Indianapolis, Ind., and began playing ball professionally with the St. Joseph team of the Western league in 1887; but after that club disbanded he finished the season with the Wichita team, which replaced the St. Josephs. In 1S88 he was a member of the professional team at Dubuque, la. In 1890, after the Brotherhood revolt, from which the Players' league emerged, he was given a trial by the Chicago club of the National league, participating in sixty-six championship games that season, and ranking high both as a batsman and fielder. In 1891. he was a member of the Portland club of the Pacific Northwest league, participating in eighty-four championship contests, and ranking first as a second baseman and twelfth as a batsman, according to the averages of that league. He also took part In the after series, for the championship of the Pacific coast, between, the Portlands, champions of the Pacific Northwest league, and the San Joaes, winners of the California league pennant, in which he led in batting, with a, percentage of .328, leading such noted batsmen as Lange and Everitt of the Chlcagos and Reltz- of the Balti- mores, etc. In 1892 he was with the Los Angeles team of the California league, and was re-engaged by the same club for the season oV1893, and when that club disbanded during that season he came east and sljjned with Lhe Chicago club of the major league. In 1894 he was with the Detroit team of the Western league, participating in one hundred and twenty-nine championship games that season. After the close of the campaign he had some trouble about a portion of his salary, which was awarded him by the directors of the Western leauue. In 1895 he was connected with the Indianapolis and Grand Rapids teams of the Western league, being engaged by the former club to play second base during the temporary absence of Canavan, seven chances, and seventeen times six chances to a game. In four games played on the afternoons of Sept. 11 and 12, at Indianapolis, he accepted all except two of thirty-seven chances. During the past winter Glenalvin and Robert H. Leadley purchased the franchise of the Grand Rapids club of th« Western league from George Ellis, and Glenalvin Is now captain-manager and second baseman of the team, and thus far has been doing some fine work for his club, both at the bat and in th« field. His best batting feats, so far, was twice making four safe hits in one game, and six times three safe hits, and on June 21, at Grand Rapids against the Indianapolis team, he made three double baggers, altogether having five triples and twelve double bag- gers to his credit. His best fielding performance thus far was the accepting of twelve out of thirteen chances at second base, twice all of ten chances, six times nine chances, five times all of eight chances, and nine, times six chances to a game. KJce Place to Fall. "lie seems a nice enough cfoa-i. but I can't understand why people Are foiling on Ms neck the way they do." "Perhaps yon don't know wh.'.t a good soft thing he is." What Me Thought AbBut It. The wife- 1 think we ought to daughter's voice cultivated, John, doesn't cost too much. • Tho husband— It can't cost too much, my dear, if it will improve it any. if it Cured by Lydla B. PlflkhfttJV Vegetable Compound, j'rogpcrlty of Formers in Tidewater Called Again* From the Cincinnati Times-Star: The story sent out from Plttsburg by the New York Journal man, Roth, to the effect that one of the Pirates' twirlers was laying himself liable to perpetual blacklist by standing in with the Pittsburg gamblers, and pitching as they willed, has aroused the Pittsburg management. There Is nothing so vile as the diseased Imagination of a dishonest critic, and for a man of this class to cast such mean insinuations at the pitchers of any club is most disreputable, to say the least. President Kerr, of the Pittsburg club, naturally Is angered over the accusation, which puts every pitcher on the Pittsburg team under suspicion with the few people who are not onto Mr. Roth's curves, and to vindicate President Kerr, the twirlers, and incidentally to nail Mr. Roth to the cross, Mr. Kerr offers the gentleman $2,500 to There is cause for Wjoicing among the fanners of Virginia. The crops of melons, potatoes, peanuts, general eraln and truck have been unsurpassed and the prices obtained in the Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia nad New York markets have been the highest ever paid. On the first and tuird Tuesdays of each month, Settlors' tickets will be sold from Chicago and the Northwest over the.Big Pour and Chesapeake & Ohio Railroads at greatly reduced rates. Kor particulars utid descriptive pamphlet of Virginia, address U. L. Trnitt. N. W. P. A.. No. 284 Clark street, Chicago. The Requisite Face. "What do you mean by saying she has the fnce to do nnythiug;" "Well, she can't rely on her face to at- trnct much attention to her." Try Grnlii-O. Aslt your grocer to-dny to sbow you a pachiigcof GUAIN-O, the new food drinU Unit ttikcs the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury us well ns the adult. All who try it like it. GR'AIN-O hns that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it ia mado from pure grains, and the most ilclicate stomach receives it without distress. & the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Looks like coffee. Tastes like coffee. Uy-ii-bnby-bmitliip, feuuggled from the cold ; Minmnd'H a grass widow now, papa wont for gold. At the Inst congress of tterman vine- vartlists Prof. Wortuian reported that be had found living bacteria in wiue which had been bottled twenty-five to thirty years. PIHO'B diiro for Consumption is the only cough medicine used in my house—p. C. Albright, Miflliuburg, Pa.^JDec. 11, '1)5. There wore !)().) applications for a single chaplaincy in the United States army recently. COC-H Cough Balsam la tho oldest and bout. It will break up a cold qiilcke! than miy tlilnc "Is"' It Is alwuvsreHablo. 'iry it. They who wait to do great' things never do anything. ' . who had been Injured. Glenalvin appeared on the Indianapolis team on May 27, and remained with it until the latter part of July, when he was released to the Grand Rapids club, appearing on the latter's team on July SO, and he remained with it to the end of the season, he participating in eighty-eight championship games with the two teams, and made some very creditable batting and fielding performances. Twice during the season he made four safe hits to a game, and ten times lie made three safe hits, including doubles, triples and home runs. In the two games played on May .10, at Indianapolis, against the St. Paul, he made six safe hits, including a home run, two triples, and two doubles. His best fielding feat in any one game that season was the accepting of fourteen out of fifteen chances; twice he accepted all of thirteen, and once all of twelve chances, three times ten chances, seven times nine chances, eleven times eight chances, ten times seven chances, and eleven times six chances. In three games at Indianapolis, on Aug. 19, 30, 21, he accepted all of thirty chances at second base. In 1896 ho was one of ,the organizers of the Pacific Northwest lleague, and had the franchise of the Portland club, he being captain, manager and second baseman of its team. PRESIDENT KERR. name the pitcher and give evidence to support his statement. Up to date Mr. Roth has not made a claim for the $2,500, any more than he would were the same amount offered him to name the man who said that the water which was furnished the New Yorks in Cincinnati was poisoned. Shake Into Your Sliocn Allen's Foot-Euse, a powder for the feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet ami instantly takes the i sting out of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the iigc. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or now fclxoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoo stores By mail for 2flc. in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen 8 Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. "For every evil under the sun There i: a remedy, or there is none; 1C there bo one, try and find it; If there bo none, never mind it." Don't Tolmeco Xjilt nnrt Smoke Tour life Away. To quit tobacco easily and forever. l>3 man; iietic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No• To-Bnc, the wonder- worker that makes weak men sti OUR. All drugirists, Olio or 81. Curo g uaranteed. Booklet and sample free; mlil.- jerlinK Kemedy Co,, Chicago or New York. Tho photograph was foreshadowed by the experiments made on light's effect on chloride of silver us long ago IIH tho beginning of the sixteenth century. Hall's Cutim'li Curo Is a constitutional cure. Price, Toe. Also J cannot speak too highly of flnkham's Medicine, for it has dofie e8 much for toe. I have beea a gfeii stir ferer from Kidney trouble, pains IS , muscles, joints, back and ^honlaerSj feet would swell. I also had womb troubles and leucorrhcea. After using Lydia E. Pinkhafo's Vegetable Com' pound, and Blood Purifier and LiVer Pills, I felt like a new woman., ,My kidneys are now in perfect condition* and all my other troubles are. ettfeto**—". MBS. MAGGIE POTTS, 324 Katiffttiian Sfc» -.> Philadelphia, Pa. Bacltache. My system was entirely ruti d.oWttV and J suffered with terrible bacltfi6he in the small of my back and, could hardly stand upright. I was mdre tired in the morning than pn retiring at night. I had no appetite. &in<S6 taking Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable 3ompound, I have gained flf teen pounds, and I look better than I ever looked >cfore. I shall recommend it to all my friends, as it certainly is a wonder- !ul medicine.—Mns. E. F. MOBTON, 1043 lopkins St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Kidney Trouble. Before taking Lydia E. Pinkhttm'a Vegetable Compound, I had suffered many years with kidney trouble.- The pains in my back and shoulders wero terrible. My menstruation became irregular, and I was troubled with • leucorrhoea. I was growing very weak. I had been to many physicians but received no benefit. I began the use of Mrs. Pinkham's medicine, and the first bottle relieved the pain in my back and regulated the menses. It is tho. best kind of medicine that I have ever taken, for it relieved the pain so quickly and cured the disease.—Mns. LILLIAN , Box 77, St. Andrews Bay, Flu. Frocilmuu Talks of Cllquclsm. President Freedman, of the New Eilunnte Your HoivelB With Cascnreta. rnnily mthBrtlc, euro eonMlpatlon forever. lOo. lie. C. C. lull, driiKKists refund money. All hands agree that the lif th was a great Fourth. OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts, 'originator of "PITCHER'S CASTOR I A/^^g same that has borne and does now Sl*sj££ffl-*--f~ ° n eve7y ^5i^*^S^ "^TCHE^ 8 CASTOfllA/' which has been used in the homes of the mothers of JLmenca for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY «* the wrapper and ***™^™ the kind you have always bought York Club, sailed on the Majestic recently for Europe. Before going Mr, Freedman, in an interview, vehemently denounced Nick Young and John B. yours. Day, inspector of umpires, for the poor umpire system in the League. "Action must be taken," he said, "or the game as a sport and a financial enterprise must fail. Never have so many pro- deputy, tests been made against umpires as this year, and the public—oven those who sympathize with the clubs receiving the benefit of this injustice—is becoming disgusted. Nick Young is to blame, and I am not the only one disgusted with his work. Inspector of Umpires John B. Day comes back from his Western tour of alleged inspection with a whitewashing report of the work of the staff. Place it beside the statements of the press critics, presidents' protests, and sworn affidavits of drunkenness on the field and disgraceful acts on the part of umpires, and which is to be credited?" Mr. Freedman intimated that President Young had too much to do, and that he should be relieved of umpire supervision. He further asserted that there is a clique in the League fighting against the New York club. Messrs. Byrne, of Brooklyn, and Brush, of Cincinnati, arc- mentioned as being ringleaders of the clique dominating the League, Mr. Freedman says they have gained the enmity of the Eastern magnates, and predicts that there won't be a thing, left of them at the next League meeting, John D. SprockolK, tho California millionaire, has become nolo owner and editor-in- chief of the 8an Francisco Call. FITS PermanuntlyCnroil. Wo Ills or norvoii6m>K« lifter 9r»t diiy'H n»o of Dr. Kline's (Jrimt Norvu lU'Btoror. K.,iul forFREK S«.«<> trial boltlniimlircMitiso. Uii. H. H. KI.IKK, Jvtil.,l«l Arcli bl.,rinliiUul|jliia, I'll. Adnm Asuyk, Poland's groutast i-ontem- porury poet,'hiiK just tliod nt the ago of !i!. MIR. 'WliiHlow's BnntliliiR Hyrnp Korclillitron tei!tliliiir.niifti>ii»tlioi{uiiis.i-oihn.«BlntIniii uiutlun.ulluye pain, cures wind tollu. U6 i'vum u boli.u. lOWAPEOPLE All of Whom Are Known Throughout tho State Highly Endorse Dr. Kay's Renovator and Dr. Kay'a Lung Balm. Rev. J. G. Lemen. Founder of tha Christian Homo Orphan^). Council Bluffs, lown. Rev. J. D. De Tar, Spring Dill, Iowa, Pastor H. B. Ohnroh. Rov, Geo. Brown. Emerson, Iowa, Pastor Baplist Church. lev. D. H. Rohrabnugh, Ososola, Iowa, Patt.r Prcsbytcrka Church. Rov. J. A. Mitchell,,Iowa, Pastor B. B. Church. Rev. P. J. Berg, E«s Boints, Iowa. Pastor Swedish M. K Ohuroh. Rev, W. B. Crewdson, Coming, Iowa, I'rcs cf Iowa Christian Convention. lev, f. Edwards, Osrcola, Iowa. Pastor H. G. Church. Rov. A- M. Shimer, to«oin«», Iowa, 15« KisV H&plo 8t. Rev, G. W. Station, louanco, Iowa, Minister of the Gospal. Rev. J. C, Nacke, Carroll, Iowa. AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS. There is nothing that renovates ovorv organ of tlio body, and restores them to a thy natural viiior, so pleasantly and yot Bosarotiml certain In 'Us effects ns Dr. Kay's Honovalor. ] t strikes to tho root of the troublu and removes) the causo and cures when all others full. Send for proof of It. Dr, Kay's Renovator and Dr, Kay's Lung Balm are sold by drut'gists or sent, by mall. Price 25 i-ts. Don't talio any mibstltuie for it has no uqmil. j OUR BOOK "Dr. Kay'HHomoTrpatmonf him US ]iuKi!H iind SU excellent reolpi s. Andy \Vhitmer, Hunt Cincugo. Intl., vHtos: "I would not mite 41U.03 for your uoolt if 1 could n»l i'0t another" Sent, free to UIOBO naming this p:i- pur by Dr. D. J. Kay Median I Co., Omuhti, Neb. Cluire Ferguson has liuon appointed bv tint Kliorill' of Bait Lnlio City nn his To Cum CniiHtlpillion t'orovor Ciifit'iiriMB (.'nmly (.'iillmrlli; ll)c or-'.'10. C. C. C. lull tomiru. clruiiKlbts ruliiml money. Homo's population, iiceordiug to tho oensimot: 18%, in 477,272. T(\ l\f Cen be made working for us. jiartliiaprcl'uniHlwhnaiui.Klvu. tlivlr _ wholo timo to ttiu buriilOKB. Siurro Dr»r WFFK' hours, tlioiipli. limy iMiprontiiMy cm- rGl W UCIV ployed. aoudopuulnuH tor town uud ••ItywoHtiiBwelUBrauntrydiBtrlctB. • J.'Ii. <;1FFOK1>, Mill <fc Mnin 8U.. Klchmond, Vc. W. N.-U. DCS Moines. No. 37—1897. Vi'ueii unsweriiiB urtvortiseuients jilcuso mention tills paper. GUNS, AMMUNITION, POWDER, SHOT, 'TARGETS AND TRAPS. SHELLS LOADED TO ORDER, mTorH to Pfrkini* Willis and W. It. Mllncr. Mr. Milnerluscliiirifcoronrgnniliiliartiniiiit, SPORTING GOODS, BICYCLES AND BICYCLE SUNDRIES, FISHING MATERIAL, TENTS, CAMPERS' AND HUNTERS' OUTFITS TENNIsr BASE BALL, GYMNASIUM GOODS, GOLF, FOOT BALL; CAHERAS, FILMS, PLATES, PHOTOGRAPHERS' SUPPLIES. JOBBER AND RETAILER, 618-620 LOCUST ST., DBS M01NES, IOWA. W T> . ± . If You Need Renovating Take ; I Dr. Kay's Renovator. It Invigorates and renews tho whole system. A perfect renovator, removing the cause. Send lor our new Os-pai/o book with f>0 recipes Mr. Andy Wbitmer, pf Bust Chi- e ciwo, Ind., writes; "I would not take $1'J for your booli II 1 could not got another." J Will send it now for u stump. Address OIL B. J. KAY MKUICAI. Co., OMAHA, Nun. *• to use my name except X' 5^^±±VSL» oto. a. **** * Company President, March 8, 1897: ^ . . Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute ch wiSdnSist'inay offer you (because,he makes a few more pennies it), the ingredients of which even lie does not know. ^ "The Kind You Have Always Bought BEARS THE FAOSIMILE SIGNATURE OF on Having/ The Kind That Never Failed You. "BOB GLENALVIN." The league was short lived, the season beginning May 2, and terminating on June 14. After the dlsbandment of that league Glenalvin returned east and signed with the Milwaukee club of the Western league, where he finished the season, participating in seventy-eight championship games, as second baseman of the Milwaukee club, and again making a very excellent showing, both at the bat and in the field. His best batting performance in any one game was the making of a safe hit ea,ch of the five times he went to the bat, and in two games on Aug. 5, at Indianapolis, he made eight safe hits, including two triples and two double baggers, while his best fielding feat In any one game was the accepting fifteen out pf sixteen chances, Oace he accepted, »}I of eleven chances, eight of \vbJch were assists; three times he accepted all pt ten chances; s^ times nine chances, Settled »n Old Grudge, After Jack Doyle had retired in favor of O'Brien in a recent game at Washington he went up to the coaching line and began to guy Reilley. The latter appealed to Emslie, who ordered Jack to stop. The two exchanged some words, which fun Emslie stopped 1>V peremptorily ordering Jack off the field for an alleged personal remark. Jacl! gracefully slid around the stand, where he was confronted by a park policeman, who volunteered to escort him to the gale. Doyle wanted to take a seat under the stand, but the guardian said no. There was some talk, during which the fellow blurted out that he had an old grudge against Jack, who, be claimed, while a Giant, once threw a ball at him. Doyle did not want to go out, and tried to jolly the man with a grudge, who persisted, and finally escorted him through the gate. Doylo got a cab and 'went back to the hotel. In talking about the matter after the game Jack s*aicl that he had no recollection of over having thrown the ball fl t nira, but 8.8 the. easiest way out of a lengthy and absurd argument, he consented to leave the grounds. Artouv Thomas will Ue the actjng Q| ''ppe Eouad 9? irirnrf'*inirrrnirir""*i'"*, 1897 Columbia Bicycles STANDARD OP THE WORLD, to all alike, We have not seen a spoke broken through defect, in any 1897 Columbia or Hartford bicycle, What could better show their superior quality and strength! 1897 Hartfords, , « Hartford Pattern 2, Women's, Hartford Pattern 1, Men's, $50 45 40 POPE MFO, CO., Hartford, Conn, ' *.:, MM M11111II11 I'll NIII I'll M H i

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