Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 7
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CAR CEO INTO ITCH IN RAIN 2 5_Mr. and Mrs. met with an ac° Monday even- to mo-A car Bn g om the north and It was raining and the B slippery, stuck pretty „ center of the road. Mr. , m attempting to give cot too close to the edge ', g and slipped off, the car or Mrs. but both 'badly shaken up, and mm dented and bent, but Neither Mr, injured, to be driven. is Formed — Reserve club has Liquor Store Sales Posted State liquor store sales for Aue- ust and September have been tho .— restate commission, and the September figures for Algona and a few other towns arc: AlgOnO, * Q 7nft ft o Sheldon ? I'l^'ll , Spencer . 3,520.02:, Denison Carrol _.. Oskaloosa H. Kt.AMT, Field Representative KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA made larger. They also having a now under tli foundation Le Nevada pviomkon Cherokee * * * * Editor Dewel drove .. — to Chicago last week-end, and he tells us that farmers in northern Illinois pretty generally shock their corn. It Isn't done here much any more, but old..---- can remember when it was , ,srrn-f.« nr .1 een hel Ping done in north Iowa, 4,509.02 ^! )1( ' lS of thousands of men busy „,. T , 6,111.64 tllls year at manufacturing farm The Ben Storm Lake ,, i853 . gl: machinery and other farm * * * * F. Felts, of Wesley, West sup- were getting ready Wednesday for Florida, _ , Union 2,719.99 ' lllOK ' whereas when corn, oats their annual trek io h-agle Grove — 2,606.28 I10 P' nll(1 cattle wore selling at where they spend their winters . WnfrfMIl 2 ' 92UO Mr""" I 111 "'" 0 " theSG m<3n llad t0 be Mr> Felt S£lid U )S 1 ' 700 mileS to been * alrflol a 5,195.5!) ' (llc ' ancl many of them on relief, Kockledge, his -winter home, and he In si tJbUl vv "" ^ -, T - (11 w|Aijii.U(/ , *> -"• mv-nt uij. njijtjj. *"-'«O»-» *iio 'rY.ii.iLd llUIliy. tlllU Ilti icnoo l and consists of Knoxvll e 2,792.14 i boc '; u «« farmers could not buy. As remarked that it is rather tiring to »it* *r» + no 1 Rtn iLflT-llfirVl 1IA A n *i\ /*« 111 tllO PI) un t\C Mi« \r « rli*t^r«i nn P n ~. 17» _ horses. He keeps good horses too. Mr. Seaberg bought another farm recently. This Is where Tony Venteicher now lives. Mr. Seaberg | keeps a fine herd of ehorthorn cows. Carson 'Simpson has for some years worked for him. • * * * * At Mrs. Jos. Schuler's, northwest of Wesley, we found the boys picking corn Wednesday. They were picking by hand. Mrs. Schuler said she had had a lot of pain from a felon on the thumb of her left hand. * * * * H^nry Schnakenberg, east of Inr- ington, was coming to the house with a basket of cobs when we arrived Thursday. He had just been feeding his hogs. Henry has 130 spotted Polands, and they are a fine lot. He took us out to the corn field, where two sons were picking corn. They pick by hand, and they figured the corn was going 60 bushels an acre. These folks moved here from South Dakota two years ago, and they say it has seemed mighty good to get crops here. * * * * When we called at W. A. Wood's, tho 7th to the 12th Eatherville 4,949.07 ! n tlle caso "t the Youngs, farmers drlve so far. For many years Ben e first three classes Jt,ldora 2,911.32 , lvo <l ' KO hcen spending money was a Wesley merchant, and he d'ncsday and the latter Garner 2,316.32 lllls >' car f °r farm and home irn- and the 'ate Edw. Kunz just about .north of Galbraith, Thursday we Tuesdays. The club is Clnrton 2,72:1.46 l )rov oments and have thus not only divided the general merchandise jfound him fixing up a place to put >„,. thp promotion of hob- Clear Lake 2,922 70 boon of k' rea t benefit to local labor- business in the Wesley community oorn - Tnis was near his h °£ house of which include sewing, T ~" -- " ' ' ' - ---' -, --,—--,--,- ,—,,__ eul , T , -. Jefferson 3.CG2.06 , crs aml tradesmen hut have also Irnwing, nature study, dra- Rolfe 3,9-15.96 Kcpt ni!in y, many thousands of men bud craft \vork is contem- Britt ._ 2,775.56 cls cwherc busy, at manufacturing class elected officers ancroft .__ 543.43 ; the goods they bought. - •- • • - i lion thero is a little lesson Ffrom the class in the club, Roman's council is being , advise the girls. „., rmVWeck— nior class play, Beads on a three-act comedy, -will I'nted Friday and Saturday It the high school auditor- er direction of Robert Mor- ficience and music In- nnr is Planned— day afternoon the Metho- met in the church base- jr a pot luck supper. Work tided out to be made for the Ibiwaar which is to be held cr 17. Sher Lcdyard News. y evening Mrs. D. B. 'entertained in the third of fees of Aid teas. Guests were fees Lars Skaar, Glenn Yahn- ID Mayne, and Edward •armers Pants Leg is Caught in Shaft Byn Snyder, Des Moines •\\-pf 1 '; ago Monday to visit |L. W. and W. E. Wieme'i Sho is Mr. Wiemer's niece [Edward Knoner and sons frs. D. B. Mayer and Bar- (pero in Elmore last weeli afternoon. nnd Jlrs. A. B. McCermick visited from Tuesday to toy at Elvin Carpenter's. fend Mrs. II. D. Mayne and visited relatives in Em g a week ago Sunday. nd Mrs. Frank Kelly were in Burf Wednesday j on business. gc Hagge attended a fai meeting at Algona Wednes [ternoon. Mrs. George Thompso Bmore callers last week Tues , L. C. Strand was a busines {in Algona Wednesday. ea-Eagle Potato Crop is Harvested la City, Oct. 18 — Thorson [George Moore, Sam Larson, ,eslie Hanson, Eagle township growers, are finishing dig- week. They have a total > acres, and the yield is about shels per acre. Most of the s are sold from the fields at i cents per hundred pounds. * Kicked by/ Horse. fiton, Oct. 18—E. K. Johnson i misfortune to get kicked in high by a horse Friday even- jrhile doing chores. The injury painful. manufacturing ,™''""' w To our no- - ey> &£lys Geo. W. Aldrich, the old reliable . of Wes- roads have been won- and would be handy for Three of the boys were --- in jcconoinics in all Ibis that is worth 'the attention of everybody. * * * * Wo called at the Hauptmann gar- Fenton, Oct. 25—Everett Dreycr,' aKC " l Wesley last week Monday armor a mile west of Fenlnn, su'f-: a " (1 foun(1 tM e hoys busy, as usual. cred an injured leg Thursday "" "" vening when he stepped over a rivo shaft which connected a eorn- "France" was out, hauling a tractor for Otis Bros., east of Wesley. The tractor was to be in use Tues- derfuly improved since he started o carry mail. Then there was leither paving nor gravel, and the oads were left drifted with snow n winter. The men who have aken up delivery of rural mail since the roads were paved or of •clker and a tractor, and one is pants' logs was caught in the haft. His clothes were torn off, nian> nd the leg severely bruised. Heavy vork shoes probably saved the an- le from fracture. The accident lappened at 5 p. m. The corn-pick- lo shell corn for Jack Kraus, north of Wesley. "Lew" Haupt- o was in his office at the aragc, takes care of the "front end" business. He was a new stream-lined, air-conditioned tractor on the floor, so he sells trac- . . r and the tractor had been hitched i tora in addition to selling and re- ogothcr, and the men were going nto a field to see if the machinery vas working properly, intending to ;et an early start in the morning. Mr. Dreyer was laid up a few days. • pairing cars. 1 August Kngstrum, north of Wesley, is always the same pleasant County 'Spuds' King Stores Bumper Crop late. He was at the Kossuth hospital a few days week before last but was taken home last week Monday. furl Lindstrom, who Portland Twp., Oct. 25—Ray Mc-' startt!(1 work for Mv - Engstrum 17 Whorter has finished digging pota- .oes. He harvested a bountiful crop years ago has been renting the farm land for a number of years and he has a fine herd of young Hereford, cows. He keeps the completed a largo building over hisj farm in tiptop^ shape. immense potato-pit, and this will let him keep his potatoes in better feeding, picking corn by hand. W. A. said they use only four horses but havo three wagons., Two of the boys pick at one wagon, and in thi.-i way they pick three loads. Th? corn was go ing 60 bushels to the acre. The Woods built a new machine shet lately, and there is now a fine se of outbuildings on the farm. Mrs ;raveled know little of the hard- Wood remarked that "very convenient" if iorn with it at a neighbor's. Ma- ;hine pickers are much in demand his year. A » * * * Albert Yegge, who lives a half mile south of Jos. Miller's, northwest of We'sley, was picking corn iy hand Friday. He and his hired man must be fast pickers, for each f them had nearly e. big load be- ore 10 a. m. The corn was down ome. * * * * At E. G, Ely's, northwest of Wes- ey, we found the men grinding 2orn-fodder and soy beans Friday. !"hey ran the corn and the beans hrough a roughage mill, alternat- ng bundles. This makes great eed for stock, and Mr. Ely's stock shows it. There are few farms where one sees as fine horses. Tour horses had the sleeping sickness but are all ?lght now. The ilys used to be Algona farmers. * * * * Wm. H. Ricklefs must be the jusiest man at Tltonka. He operates a filling station, and besides, xcavates basements for any kind of buildings. He has just excavated a basement for a new Hamilton Hatchery building at Titonka, and men were ponrlng the cement flooY Friday. Mr. Hicklefs also operates trucks and has a busy repair shop. * * * * We called Friday on Thomas Fitzsimmons north of Lone Rock. This Is one place where we always stop for a real visit. Thomas is a bachelor, and likes company now and then. He can tell oldtime winter stories and says he remembers of snow coming as early as now in the fall and not leaving till April. Tom has a quarter section in Texas, where he may strike oil some day. Calf Just Born Out All Night in Snow Corwith, Oct. 25— At John Wilhite's a newly born calf was out in a snowstorm of a week ago Friday night. The cow and one calf were put into the barn Friday evening, and not till 'next morning, when the cow was turned out end 1 went back to another calf in the pastilrt, was it known, that there were twins. Tho calf left out did not suffer ill ejects from the storm. WE HAVE IN STOCK MANILA folders of the sort used by professional and business men for letters, bills, and other pa-Advance. tf filing pers.- ALGONA RENDERING COMPANY Phone No. 7 Removes Dead Stock FREE We make and sell Green Top brand of Tankage. ships their predecessors had to meet. George and his wife are planning a trip to California after They school lets out next year. , iave earned a good vacation. * # * II! Peter Seaberg, northwest of Wesley, was cleaning up in his corn crib Wednesday. Corn-picking had just begun. Peter is one of county's old, reliable farmers. „„ farms 320 acres, and does it with and it would be the landlord would also built a new house. A new driveway has-been graded and graveled. * * * » ' We found Jos. Miller, northwest of Wesley, repairing his yard fence Friday. He believes in keeping everything in good repair. The the;Millers have repainted their house. He ] They have a two-row corn-picker, the hired man was picking of fine Irish Cobblers and Early Ohios. Mr. McWhortor has just shape, besides work room. giving him more -4- Searlet Vover Near Wesley. Wesley, Oct. 25—The David Johnson homes, southeast of town, are quarantined for scarlet fever. Ono of the younger boys has the disease. John Hutchison, of the Exchange bank at Wesley and his brother Earl were busy last week Monday. Guy M. Butts, who usually is there to talk ein wenig Deutsch mit uns nnd tell a good new story or two, was out of town, having gone to an Odd Fellws meeting. Guy was once the head man in Odd Fellowship in Iowa, and he -has never lost interest in the order. * * * * Everett Weiland, north of Wesley, was putting storm windows on his house last week Tuesday. He said he had only a few days left at 1 "'' ut 'picking corn before he would be las^week Tuesday^ Wednesday ^^ ^ «™ ^ ^^ ^relaLs^d the* w= ^ £» - - dV '« >n mo™, tended a district.federation con- the eleuUo, ^s * lie i vention. Mrs. J. A. Johnson was , , h ^ f tl .' pn ,.i v ^*^tonv*^Ut-&™«™t£ °™ about to l £ JohiLt w^counS defeSe! ^ ^ w,th hta corn-picking so soon. Mrs. Chester Bailey, Union, visited her sister, Mrs. Hugh Raney, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. 'Fred Gcigel got home Thursday from Tennessee, she visited her brother, * » At the- Kouba grocery store at Wesley Wednesday we found Frank busy and so did not get to where George Hackman Jr. Ruth Black, Milford, visited the Paul Blacks Saturday and Sunday. Geo. W. Godfrey, Amos, spent Saturday at his farm. The Irving Urches, Algona, were visitors at J. A. Johnson's a few days last week. with him much. He keeps a visil fine . is, the 1-ate now being paid on Farm Loans by borrowers having Federal Land Bank loans through The ALGONA NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASS'N Long T«rm "Government Loans" free you from the fear of having to renew in times." 'hard SEE US NOW ABOUT THESE LOANS. NO COST TO INQUIRE. GLAD TO HAVE YAU Have your appraisals made before snow flies. Now is the timje to make applications for loans to be closed by January or March, 1938. Algona National Farm Loan Association H. D. HUTCHINS, Secretary-Treasurer Over Barry's Algona, la. $8ff&V&SX!Xl^^ AT FOSTER'S »* Buy For Your Home or For Holiday Gifts Our present stocks include all the very newest furniture from Amercia's leading manufacturers, at prices that are satisfyingly low. Why Not Select Xnuis Furniture and We'll Lay it Away for You Bight Now « Mdefisk Public Supper Is Announced at Swea City |ea Ciiy, Oct. 25—The Iranian-levelling at Mrs. August 1 c "uthornn Aid will serve- an an- and Omn Hufi and Helen MakolbUd ludefisk supper at Luther hall were hostesses, eek Wednesday evening. The -M. D. B,l.shorough Snnt.i Lai will consist of fried chicken, bara, Calif., v.sited his buuhei A. 'isk, brown • beans, potatoes, J. a few days last week cranberry sauce, pickles, Mrs. H. Kulandw spen las «eek butter, pie, and coffee. The at Minneapolis with he, child, en, will be served in family Elliot and Henrietta and prices will be 50c for Albert Carlson S mix• ^ ''" and i5c for children. . ited last week at his auiu, Mi.s. J. J. Anderson's. Harlena Molan spent last week William Peterson's, north or IP Visits Hoinp for Agod— pnbers of the Baptist church 1 to Winnebago, Minn, to visit j Bancroft, peoples' Baptist home Sun-1 George I taking with them lunch for pelves and donations of can- 1 fruits and vegetables. The ;<* voted a gift of $10 to apply \ fund for coal for the home. 1 City Farmer Dies W. Anderson, widely known Per who lived six miles noith- 1 of Swea City, died at au Es[Ville hospital, after tin opera- last Thursday. Funeral serfs were held at the Immanuel eran church Saturday. 1 « Newspaper Prize— "fence Looft won a $300 first 6 m a recent Bancroft Regis- subscription campaign. * Close Wednesday Nights - 'gmiiing this wee-k Wednesday 1 L'ity stores, will be closed on fnesday evenings. Other~Swea CJty. "ing club met Thursday at ncroft. Hagge was Thursday on business. in Fairmont FOR SALE I Certified Seed Corn IOWA HYBRID 981 Orders taken now, $6.00 per bushel. Edge Drop graded and treated. For two weeks will still have some in ear at $3.50 per 85 pounds. OSCAE ENGSTKOM Phone 1P22, Renwick, Iowa 3/ 4 mi. north of Boone twp Center school. Wanted farmers and investors interested in buying good farms, all Let us know and locations in and near Kossuth County. y °ur wants. farrn owners wishing to sell to. list their farm for sale Over Barry's H. D, Hwtchins Real Estate Broker Algona, Iowa STORES J <faf{ Op&iinq \ SPECIALS FELT UNDER RUG A fine, heavy under tug made for long wear and comfort. Reg. Fell Undtr Mmt 19c WEATHERSTRIP . 'Spoa« Rubber , Stlcki Tilht Fabric Riliforcid 19c lather Strip THERMOSTATS For Ford V-8 tnd 4-Cylindcr Fordt PidpratticiUy ' ill on fl.18 ^ COAST-Td-COAST TRADE-IN « TIRE SALE Don't throw away your old tires, regardless of their condition. They are worth money to you, especially at' COAST-TO-COAST STORES. Trade your old tires in for new ones during this BIG SALE. You will receive a liberal allowance for any used tires you bring to our store to help pay for brand new, fully guaranteed first quality COAST-TO-COAST Tires. Here's a Bargain in a 4-pc. BEDROOM SUITE at [$79.50 Big, good looking pieces, new and modern in style. Beautifully Walnut veneered over choicest gum wood. With THREE of the pieces shown above Other Suits Ranging from $49.50 to $145.00 Living Room Comfort 2 P^ce Suite Style! Quality! Fair Pi-ice! Very fine selection of covers. Price Range 49.50 & up New Shipment Fine Rugs and Carpets^ Bigelow-Sanford & Hightstown 9xl2-$28.50 & up SP FERHOSi FiU AU Hot Water Heatcn. • t ALCOHOL rust proof I per gallon, 59c Radiator Hose l-ta. IK•'* U-o JOE OM 7 Good Reasons Why You'll Like To Trade At Our Modern Store! 1—Large Assortment 2—Look before you buy 3—Fair Prices 4r-<Quality merchandise 5—'Foster Reputation 6—Free Del. Anywhere 7—Liberal Credit Where "Warranted Foster Furniture Go. AN AL00NA INSTrrUTTION FOB MANY YEABS

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