Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQQNA,,IOWA 49 on Honor Roll of Fenton School MONEY To Loan AUTOMOBILE LOANS EXTBEMELT LOW BATES LOANS MADE ON TOUB PBESENT CAB We will make you a liberal loan on your car—pay off youf present balance, advance you additional cash and reduce your payments by extending them over twelve to eighteen months. CASH LOANS MADE AT ONCE NO ENDORSERS OR SIGNEES REQUIRED A courteous, prompt, and confidential cash loan service. Call in person or write WESTERN CREDIT CO. 20« .East State St., Algonn, Iowa TEN SENIORS, 13 OTHERS IN H,S, LISTED lunch was served by Mary Jane's mother, Mrs. Frank Eigler, and Mrs. Glaus. Mary Jane received gifts. Daughter for Teter Family— Relatives' of the Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Peter have received announcements of a now Peter daughter, born at Breckenridge, Okla., the Peter home. This is the first daughter, but there are two . boys. Mrs. Peter, the former Irene , -,-,- lln « announced Meyer, Is a daughter of Mrs Henrv honor roll pupils f or the first six Meyer, Fenton. weeks of school. To be listed on this roll pupils must maintain an Surprise for Mrs. Stoeber— avonmrn nf QQ per cent or over In Mrs. W. E. Stoeber was taken by FoUnT""""""' lnc ' udln s deportment, surprise last week Tuesday even- Following are the names: ing by her sons Oliver? Raymond, Bleckwenn, Had- and Wilfred, with their wives, who 5 Mitchell, Marie brought supper and stayed to eat {^n^ Pn. •* r . • \irtftl Vin»n*'.,lK*.. j-«i_ i M F u. L.. n f nit t- Oltorness Twenty Years Ago * THE COUNTY HAD voted "wet,",asked for 200 gifts. Many of the that. Is, against a state prohibition 'gifts were standardized. Money amendment, 2624-1882, but the state .would deliver cv package to some went dry. Algoiui's second and soldier. fourth wards were dry, but the whole Algona vote was 355 dry, 363 wet. Burt, Harrison, and Lu Verne * * * * Edith Ruth Ruth ley Fauerby, Johnson, Krause, Xern. _____ Juniors—Donald Bergeson Mary 1)octor "*>' fti <* Goes Fishing— Vnn Bohn, Marjorie Voigt Marv m ' J< T> Walte Ieft last week Tane Eigler, Robert Voettel'er I Tuesdfty to join Mrs. Walte who is Sophomores — Dorothy Drever ? g two weeks with her moth- 'forle Mitchell, Margery Brown! " Demise Dreyor, Iris Zweifel, Veisbrod. Wolfe, Marjorie wlth her and Mr. Stoeber. The oc- Dreyer, Edmund casion was a birthday anniversary Weisbrod, Helen of Mrs - Stoeber. o- Albert Hei(J en, and sisters, £ hurney and Mrs ' Carrie Hei- THE ANNUAL BANQUET at the , , Algona Community club was to be were dry; Whittemore, 230-35 wet; hold November 8, with the secre- Wesley, 123-93 wet; Prairie, 126-21 itary of a Des Moines organization wet; and German, 107-7 wet. Lone as speaker Rock and Plum Creek turned in tie votes. Twenty precincts out of 36 were wet. * * * * THE FOOTBALL TEAM had defeated Webster City, 68-0, and was A - TPT T . . . . . , readv ^r another score when the -_ .r R ,', Is . el » had been born to game was called. The team was to play Elmore here as an. athletic benefit for soldiers at Camp Dodge, the following week the locals were - —--"«•", *.>JM.MI,^ lltiu UCUL1 UUIil tO Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Greenberg on October 14. THE * * * * GOVERNMENT . Freshmen— Vernon Ohm Shirlev ! Frank. ouuie y.sota lakes. ' Duluth. Doctor Waite was to week>s fishin S In Mlnne- Hurlan Hoildorf . 8en ° rB entertai "ed the jun- or fth and ,„ t - gradea-Kathrvn Bleckwonn r h, 4'L theater party at Emmets- hlsh ' Delbert Evelyn Kuecker, 1 VerdeU Riedel 6&B Special A satisfjing smoke tor the particular smoker. Let the flavor and aroma be your guide •-and the G. & B. Special will be your favorite cigar. The cigar made by men who know how. BEAUTY an .. matched engagement and wedding ring ensemble, in the new "Chevron" design created by Qranat . . the engagement ring with solitaire and 2 smaller diamonds .. the wedding ring with ] diamond . . The pair (Credit arranged) Borchardt's • —-• v «^isn Amy — ,, --- -•—.7" xvueuKer, Fifteen local Methodist Aid worn- James WMrTi ' ,>• Verde11 R'edel, en attended a guest day of the Mite era do, ^? \i f ' rst and second T Tiety at the Presbyterian church guides-Dale Goctsch, Ruth Fauer-i at Lon e Rock Wednesday £.. J * ck . l . e .?.? rha rt. James Holl- i „ -- KrameV" h Lloyd Four Hnbies in a Row— The Rev. and Mrs. R. w. Kabelitz are parents of an S-lb. daughter Mr. Creery hospital,' WhUtemore' 16 and Mrs. Kabelitz. now have girls and four t Lutheran pastor here Mr Mrs. Jos. McGovern, Whitte- ir, Joan Marie, "bom Sfi n °^ at the McCreer >- hospital, Whittemore. Mrs. McGovern quested clothing makers to eliminate expensive fads, such as belts, rom suits and overcoats. This was to conserve wool. THE HIGH SCHOOL football team had defeated Eagle Grove, 400, on that town's home grounds. A tram took down an Algona crowd. Between halv&s, girls of the two towns got into a free-for-«ll. GEORGE CAMPBELL, of Oxford was believed by a coroner's jury to have committed suicide by jumping under the whppis r»p n ?»,«;«.*,* * ._ I wheels of a ran - the Northwestern yards here He was traveling with cattle. R - * —- -"^ «, UUULIIV Sunday school convention at Bancroft. TWO ^MORE* "gravel days" had 290 loads Other Fenton. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe entertained at four tables of bridge Thursday, and Mrs. Clarence Theesfield won high, with Mrs. Raymond Stoebor second and Mra. E. C. Weisbrod, con?° lat '?V Iary Ann Bohn and Marjorie Johnson assisted Edith Wolfe with serving. «•* 1 tt-i-, - -"^^V^t tCl > LlUfi- ' n-nA TIT- -w-i °* l| -->l**HIHt?r. Pital, Whittemore. Mrs. McGovern an ,<l M ' ss E ™rt is her aunt, is the former Verona Weisbrod of w - ?' T' P< Weisb rod Mrs. E C Fenton. The McGoverns have one f r ° d> and Mrs - Bob Harrison other rhilH *, i™,, m_ ,,. av . e ° ne \ went to Whltt omn »« m-,,,- . ls °^ Jensen mm Evert, all of Grand B Thursday for a week the Rev. and Mrs. H. D Stah- Fairville. Mr. and Mrs. Jen— parents of Mrs. Stahmer, Evert is her aunt "'T P 'Weisbrod Mrs. E. C. other child, a o^ToM, and Mr! Francis Ware. Fenton, was bnrn *Sb Jon Wa d ne : F UrSday ^ * them at the home of Mrs V tor, Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod and Mrs. " cil Bluffs, have an 8-lb. son,' Roger Barshar, born October 16 their fi«t child. Mrs. McConnell is the former Iva Weisbrod, daughter of Mrs. Hattie Weisbrod. XIMV Fire fhief Elected— — elected ot the Fenton firemen at a meeting Thursday evening. He succeeds Carl Gillingham, who recently moved to Carrol. Earl Schwartz ivas elected secretary and Gerald voigt was named to fill a vacancy Jn the roster left by the rseigna- tion of Mr. Gillingham. The rest of en men in the fire department are She by Weisbrod, Henry Schulte, •l.vde Humphrey, Raymond Stoeber, Ervin Krause, Clarence Thees- fic-lcl. and Alvin Zumach. The men decided to hold its annual firemen's ball in a month or so and named Clarence Theesfield and Raymond Stoeber to engage an orchestra. Meetings are held the third Monday of each month, and the next will be on November 35 when an oyster stew will be served! WalthiTs in Halloween Party— The Fairville Walther League was entertained at a Halloween party at the schoolhouse near the church Thursday evening. The rooms were decorated in keeping with Halloween. Games and 500 were played, Ervin Voettler winning a prize at 500. Attending were Laurnetta Bruhn, Virginia Hengel, Sidonia Bier.stedt, Lavaun and Mervin Prie-be, Lucille Bleckwenn Ervin Voettler, Teddy Bleckwenn, the Rev. H. D. Stahmer, and Ruth Dreyer, the latter a guest. Marjorie Johnson was chairman of the en- . r M tO WWttemore Friday to Mr ?' W ' P ' Weisbrod's daughter " Jos ' McGovern, and thf at! at the McCreery Bahnson had re- to go to Des Molnea to play West Des Moines "high." * * * * THE HOME ECONOMICS club women were canvassing Algona to ask housewives to sign pledges to "Hooverize.:* The scheme was to conserve as much on food stuffs as possible with meatless, breadless, sugarless, and, other "days" of tfie week when every family would go lightly on certain foods. The same was being tried out in the cases of wool goods and inany other articles needed as war supplies. CIVIL WAR. VETERANS had been taken on a four-day excursion to Vicksburg, and Henry Turner, Algona, was Kossuth representative. There were 2,500 from the country at large. The soldiers revisited all their old battlegrounds in the Vicksburg area. * * * *. CROSS WOMEN were active TAN THE HOLLYWOOD PICTURE THAT HISTORY MADE BY STANDARD OIL COMPANY (INDIANA) See your Standard Oil Dealer or Representative FHEE SHOW—Wednesday, November 3, V. P. W. hall- shows at 4, 7:30, and 9 p. m. Sponsored by Dutch's Super Service, Tommy Frankl, M. J. Selzer, G. R. Cook, Ray Hauenstein, Kossuth Motor Co., H. C. Hargreaves, agt. train BE a county -,*•, ~~~ — .w»u north Milwaukee tracks. J. A. VIPOND &*So*n had received an order from Carlos Donso Fos- ing other service for soldiers. * * * THE LIBERTY LOAN canvass ter, San Diego, Ch"iii"7orTw'o"Dnrn°P had started ' and teams had been Jersey hogs °° I appointed for each Kossuth town in TheesfieW was en tertained e sewing circle. Friday, and guests were Mrs John %%*£"**' Mrs ' Walter Widde? and Mrs. Clarence Menz. Mrs Wot' erman joined the club ' C. B. »MURTAGH was being urged to run for governor on the democratic ticket by Rinfcsted friends. He had been a member of the legislature from Emmet county in UlO and was democratic candidate for secretary of state in 1912. A CORN-POTATO *SHOW was to be sponsored by the Community club and the Farm Bureau with ?700 worth of prizes. A SECOND LIBER*TY loan bond sale was being conducted, and Kossuth was expected to take a million dollars' worth. * * * * AT NASHUA a practical joker called 100 women by telephone to tell them that the telephone company was going to blow dust from mouthpieces, so a cloth must be tied over them. * * * * THE RED CROSS was planning to send Christmas gifts to all soldiers in the army, and Kossuth was Lewis Reed, Good- •ister. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoe- Florence Longhenry, R. N of Boone, concluded a visit withMrs ^ r °- ilSX T De , Sday »- •"•ifeona ror a few days with before returning to her duties. J ' ' Mueller attended Upper Des tc-.-tainment committee, Stahmer was ho.st^ and Mr. nu>cs for Rent Scarce— T. V K- it. L. Padgetts moved Tfif. •'•'': or;fvidfay from upstairs rooms in ''.:<-. late August Krause's house In•_> b.T. upstairs apartment at Oliver •-'.ot.oer's. The. Krause house was <-'(:.v.ly sold 10 Mr. and Mrs. Fred •ioy.'^rri. The Arthur Schweppe's, '..'.0 Lad the downstairs, plan to /:-•-•: :.v.o the front part of the • •-.-.:•':.- Jftn:.x. house. Fenton people --••'-• .oo>:Jnt' forward to a time when will build some houses. .'.<-. in any hi»rne.s now occu- two families. NICKLESS Only 5c f'<irri.Husk!nir Cnntfst Held— A number of Fenton people attended n district corn-husking con- te.-'t at Ringsted a week ago Friday. First place went to Kdwin Janns•-<•-'.'., OsL'ood with a net load of 19.88 bushels; r-econd to Re-uben Berkland, north of Fenton; third to The cigar that Is Samuel .Vauss, E-stherville. A ten- recommended f or minute exhibition of husking was excessive sn.o^s, ^ ^-^^ftd.?S £ because the nico.: world's r&cord. It was tstimated tine, as far as pos-jthat 1,000 people attended. ilble, bag been re.i Farewe ,, Jw ^~^ GuMi _ moved, making it' Mrs . j. A . Mueller entertained not only mild, but! la-st week Tuesday in honor of her a satisfying smoke. Moderate who enjoy smokers a mild cigar are also enthusiastically in fa- Yor of the Nickless. Try a box and notice the difference. Your dealer can get it for you. mother-in-law, Mrs. Clara Mueller, Cedar Falls, who has since left for Carbondale, 111., to visit another daughter, Mrs. M. T. Muzzy, and e-n route was to visit a sister at Davenport. Guests were Mrs. Em- rna Ruske Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod, Mrs. Chris Geronsin, Mrs. J. A. G. Smith, and Mrs. Frank Eigler. "Sixteen"; Guest at Party- Mary Jane Eigler reached "sweet sixteen" last, week Tuesday, and in honor of the event was guest at a party at the Charles Glaus home, with 12 friends attending. The time was spent at games, after which ALMOST EVERY DAY SOMEONE comes to buy a package of the Advance's thin yellow second sheets for letter copies. tt xiwii i ui'i'er ues MO nes week T a ' SS H Ciati ° n at Alsona las t week Tuesday evening. Doctor Mueller , 8 president of the associa- WMttemore Mr and Mrs. Ernest Ware, Emmetsburg came Thursday to "pt acquainted with their new grand son, Wayne Elmer, son of Mr. and Ms Francis Ware, born that day nh M° V ' u ' W " Kabelitz and "is children called on Mrs. Kabelitz and her infant daughter at the McCreery hospital, Whittemore Friday after school. Mrs. Dorothea Gerhart and her guest, Florence Longhenry, Boone were supper guests at Arthur Voigt s, west of town, last week Monday evening. Mrs. E. W. Ruske, Mrs. Emma Ruske and Mrs. John Klingelhofer, ^. t Ca" 0E ?3ens ter ' Cam - lViSited Friday. June Weisbrod went to Waterloo Friday to visit friends, and Saturday accompanied them to Iowa City for an Iowa-Michigan football game. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Tatum, Nora Springs, spent a we-ek ago Sunday here with their son and daughter- in-law, Coach and Mrs. V J Tatum. Blanche Voigt, daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. C. Voigt, has resumed duties at the Kermoore hotel Emmetsburg. Bert Nelson, Welcome Minn came one day last week to help his brother Charles at carpentering. Mrs. Paul Cornelius and her son Lloyd have returned from a visit with relatives at Lake City. an effort to sell a million dollars' worth. * * * * MRS. EDITH WHIFFEN had decided to return to Algona from China, where she had spent several months awaiting word to proceed to Russia to join her husband. She was to arrive for Christmas. BLANK NOTES 25—In Pad—25c —Also— Chattel Mtg. Notes Art-vnnce Pub. Co. DELICIOUS HALLOWEEN CANDIES Wholesome, fresh goodies that are ideal for parties, etc. Keep it, in the house at all times, too, the whole family will enjoy it. Butter Creams, % lb. Candy Corn, i/o lb. lOc lOc Jelly Beans, lOc Black and orange. (Jellies, 4 f*_ |y 2 lb. lUC Black and orange. FUN For HALLOWEEN Funny face masks, many styles hats, noisemakers, lanterns, party favors, napkins, etc. 5-5c 2-5c 5c each WE GIVE GKEEN STAMPS Algona, i —-— •I. L. ce *"co phono 460-w D4a , nk ' A| w - Sullivan s BEN FRAN KLIN B.IIH '" Phone: Office, 261 Attorneys-at-La, I. J. Harrington Jn . 'hone 287 '"^ Offlco Ove. Office in nowHeiseBwl 'hone 213 ' D. Shumway P », SIIOMWAY & KEuS" Attorneys-at-U w Office in Quinby Block 'hone 68 L. A. _ Attorncy-at-Law Office In Quinby Built; Phone 180 II IK AM It. WRITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Stale Bail •hone 206 P. A. DAN80H Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Slate Bail Phones: Office, 460-J; Ha See the Advance for Job Work MISBACH'S Ready for Winter Come in now before cold weather starts. Be ready the first cold day. Special offerings during next fen days. u HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCH TIIKODORE C, Attorueyo-at-Law Security State Bank Bl •hone 251 AlBODa.li •K C. MoMAHOS Attorney-at-Law Office in Ileise Bldg, •hone 325 Algona, li T)OCT()HS JOHN N. KI-NKFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Sloi Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 C. IF. CKETZMEVKK, J, 1 Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 4-14-310 .igona Ii MIMFOGRAPHING ADVANCE .Algona, Iowa —^^^™«^"^™^^^ Suits O'Coats $18.50 $22.50 $12.50 $1650 $24.50 $29.50 $24.50 $29.50 ihe .suit or coat you want at a price you , va «tto pay. TOPCOATS $12.50 $18.50 $24.50 Men's 5-buckle Work Overshoes $2.89 Men's Zipper Jackets BLUE MELTON All Wool $3.39 oes Sren's Dress Zipper Overshoes $2.95 W i Physician and Surgeon Office in Postoffice Block 'hones: Office, 197; residence, DENTISTS DK. II. M. OI-SOX Dentist Located over Christensen Slo 'Uones: Business, 16G; Re!, Algouai Iowa (JK0. 1). IVAl.KATH, D, 1 General Dentistry Office in Postoffice BlocL •linne 20 Algonfr HAUL 11. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in New Heise Bldi Phones: Office 44, res. I HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL Ear Muffs . 5 Qc Mittens to Match _$U9 Husking Supplies Gloves and Mitts _ Sleeves at --$1.39 and $1.89 29c OVERALLS Rail Chief _$1.10 Lee $1.59 Suede Zipper Shirts...$1.19 s lannel Pajamas $1.6$ to $2.45 Dlt. 0. D. Dentist Algona, Iowa Phones: Bus. HDJITAGII & SON Paroi Loans , B" 1 "I Insurance and Bonus julnby Bldg. ^ TOUR MONEY'S WITH J HOMES. HOMES W. FARMS, ANDI.VSUBAM* JOEL M. 1IEKBS 1 Office over In. St. jjj|\__i. See D. D. 1'AXSOS For Town Dwelling, H° us ' ioods, and Automobile Insu- Do not neglect your poll«' HQ loss occurs when IM»' apses. _--VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX J. B. WINK EL Veterinarians West State Street, AW™,. 'bones: Office, 475-i*' Men's Blanket Lined JACKETS $1.69 BACH'S culture ID «" es: Office 6H hoae for

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