The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1897
Page 7
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WOMEN fie first use that is to be made ol 2,000,000 donated by the Baroness lirsch for the relief of the Russian in America is to be the establlsli- ; of a home for working girls. It be called the Clara de Hirsch ie. e Lehmann, who accompanied Fslster, Lllli Lehman, on her recent ft to this country, has returned to ana, where she was for many years jjnge'r in the Royal Opera House. It laid by the Vienna newspapers that lotiatlons have been opened for her engagement at that institution, missionary settlement for univer- women has been founded in Bom- and one of its latest recruits is s Mary Rachel Dobson, the eldest ighter of Austin Dobson. Miss Dob- j is a graduate of London University, Jlng one of the only two women who ler succeeded in gaining a musical jiccalaureate degree from that insti- Itlon. TME UPPISH frES MOINEH! ALGONA, IOWA WEDNESDAY nlarged Joints, from I NOTES OF THE~WHEEL Rheumatism. 189? Venom Inhaled With the Air, _nd imbibed with the water of a innlnr- Ihs locality, hat* still n certain antidote. Kperience sanctions confidence in Hostet- Ir's Stomach Bitters as n preventive of pis scourge. All over this continent and 0 the tropics it has proved itself a certain Benus of defense, and an eriulic.aut of iu- Irmittnnt nud remittaiit fevers, mid other brins of miasma-born disease Nor is it ss effective for kidney troubles, coustipn- Pon, rheumatism, and nervousness Would Not Refuse n Higher Salary. Friend—That article of yours in yesterday's paper was {jroat. old rnav 1 read it frith the keenest interest. .Reporter—Thank you. WoiV 1 you mind ayiug that now to the business manager. Try Grnln-O. Ask your procer to-day to show .you , package o! GRAIN-0, the new food [Si-ink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without Siniuvy ns well as the adult. All who _ ii like it. GRAIN-O has that rich {seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is fmade from pure grains, and the most fdelicnte stomach receives it without Idistress. H the price of coffee. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. [ Sold by all grocers. Tastes like coffee. ! Looks like coffee. President Folk's old family mansion in Nashville, Toim., was sold recently for $15,«. The estate wus divided into fourteen [ lots. Shako Into Your Shoes Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet". It cures painful, swollen, smarting feet and instantly takes the sting ont of corns and bunions. It is the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight-fitting or now shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 2fic. in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. Just the Opposite. Kilduff—I hoar that Touspot is cultivating-his garden religiously this year. Slullins—The report is wrong. I heard him swear while weeding the other day. Iowa, State Fair, Sept. 0 to 18. Half rates to DOS Moiues and return from all points on the Minneapolis & St. Louiu K K in Iowa. The Iowa State Fuir will eclipse all previous efforts. Greater ami larger attractions, bettor horse races, Snoh a Condition Indicates a Chnlfcj IJepoMt and IB Seldom Cnred—There Is Hope In Some Cases. However, From (in Knrlctiliig of the lllood. From ihc Rpcord and 1'nion, Rochester, Minn. Mrs. Elizabeth Pi'ntt, wife of Mr. John Pratt, one of the oldest settlers in Olm- stend County. MiniK-sota, for mnny vears has been painfully nfflicted with rhenma- tism in its most aggravating nnd inconvenient form. Mrs. Pratt is well known in the vicinity of Viola, having during one administration held the responsible position of postmistress. She tells the tale of her affliction and subsequent restoration to health, which is printed in order that others similarly suffering may rend nnd adopt tho same remedy she did. VIOLA, Olmstead Co.. Minn., August 24, 1890. "A little over fen yenrs ngo I discovered that the joints of my fingers were enlarging, nml very sore. 1 consulted ruauy physicians, with some slight relief nt times from pnin, but the joints grew larger nud larger, and my neck, shoulders and limbs were FO stiff that I uoukl not move them without great paiu. My toes were swollen out of nil slinpe. and my fingers were so drawn, nud the muscles so contracted that I could not use tbeni. I had given up all hope of cure, when my attention wus called about three yenrs ngo to the wonderful cures nffected' by tin use of Dr. 'Williams' Pink Pills for Piile People, and I procured a supply. "It was not long after I began taking them lit 1 !ore 1 experienced considerable relief, and 1 continued using them according to directions until I. Imvo taken altogether about three dozcii boxes. My fingers are now stritight and flexible, nud the joints reduced to their normal size, the .rheumatic pains are almost gone, and now, though I always keep Pink Pills by me, I never tiso them unless I catch cold, or get wet through. I nm willing that, this testimonial shall bo published in order that the extraordinary curative powers of Dr. Williams' medicine limy be known to rheumatic sufferers. ' (Signed) "Mus. K. A. PitATT. 1 ' . Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a cony doused form, all the olemeutH necessary to give new life and richness to the blood arJ restore shattered nerves. They are also a specific for troubles peculiar to females, no oh ns suppressions, irregularities and all forlmi of weakness. They build up the blood, and restore the glow of health to pnlo and sallow cheeks. In men they effect a radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork or excesses of whatever nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose bulk) nt f>0 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, and mnv be hud of all druggists, or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, tJcheuectndy, N. Y. MATTERS OF INTEREST TO DEVOTEES OF THE BICYCLE. How the Vrogres* of the IVhcrl IB Viewed by n Knilroad Publication— A New Device to Record Finishes nnd Time Id Cycle Races. View ami JlllKCl llblil ilV IjlVJUr,, tJWUKU* il**«*J— - .... , nil events superior to anything heretofore attempted. Hall' rate tickets on sale at M. & St. L. offices, Sept. S to IS inclusive, limited to Sept. 20. Freddie—Mn, what's the baby's name? Ma—The baby hasn't any name. Freddie- Then how did ho know he belonged here; Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, Too. We love handsome woman from inclination, homely women from interest and virtuous women from roasou. Too Technical. •'Wo throw that man into the lake." "What for!" "He wus getting off a lot. of gab about it being humidity and not heat that make* people suffer so." Kciid the Advert iHciuontH. Yon will enjoy this publication ranch better if you will get into the liabit of reading- the advertisements. They will afford a most interesting stucl'y and will put you in the way of getting some excellent bargains. Our advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. R. C. James, of Mnyfield. Ky., left nn uncorked jug out in the yard hist fall, and now there is a big frog in the jug that he cannot get out. 1'rospcrlty ot Fariuurg In Tidewater Yirglnln. There is cause for rejoicing among tho farmers of Virginia. The crops of melou-.. potatoes, peanuts, general crain and truck have been unsurpassed and the prices obtained in the Washington. Baltimore, Phil- mlelphin and New York markets havo boon the highest over paid. On the first and third Tuesdays of o:ich month, Settlers' tickets will bo sold from •Chicago and the Northwest; over the Big Four and Chesapeake & Ohio Railroads at greatly reduced rates. For particulars nnd descriptive pumtihlet of Virginia, address U. L. Truitt, N. \V. P. A.. No. :23i Clark street, Chicago. Paper flooring is in use in Germany. It is laid in a pasty muss, smoothed anil then pressed. Footsteps on it lire noiseless. Dr. Kay's Renovator never fails to cure nervousness, constipation, dyspepsia, or liver disease. It renovates mildly but certainly. 25c. See advt. a Rnllroad Publication. ITHERTO it has remained for the bicycle papers to carry on the agitation in favor of increased facilities being given to cyc- liats traveling by trains. Now a railroad pub lica- tion, "Locomotive Engineering," is to come to their aid and talk sensibly on the matter of carrying wheels by train. While it deprecates the enactment of laws compelling railroad companies to carry bicycles free, it nevertheless thinks that the companies are largely to blame for any injustice that may be done them in this direction. "We believe," says this journal, "that railroad companies have adopted a very short sighted policy in throwing obstacles in the way of bicycles being carried. It is safe to say that every bicycle on a train means an extra fare to the railroad company, and the few companies that have encouraged the carrying of bicycles have received substantial benefits from the increase of t-avel. If railroad companies doing suburban business would adopt a more liberal policy toward bicycle riders they would profit from the same. It would cost very little to put up houses at the leading station*, where bicyclers could leave their wheels going to business in the morning and flnd them safe on their return. This privilege would enable the wheel rider to live further from the station without Inconvenience and the tendency would be to draw more patrons to the railroad company. Under existing conditions the wiser and craftier communities have discovered that by taking their wheel into the city with them every day they can get free storage for it at the surburban terminus and ride home from their own station every night, with no more trouble to themselves than if the thing were done in a simpler way. This practice is rapidly spreading in commuter circles, and it causes a vast amount of wholly unnecessary labor." and had little effect upon the camei-a trade. On the other hand In many cases the possibilities and attractions of the camera were first made known to the cyclist through the trips Into the country. His desire to recall the pleasant scenery of the rural districts after the image in his mind has faded r.way has resulted in countless instances in the purchase of a camera. For the camera expert the bicycle multiplies the range over which he may travel comfortably on his photographing expeditions. For the bicycle rider the camera is attractive because of its usefulness In collecting permanent souvenirs of enjoyable trips and occasions. The demands of the increasing number of cycle-photographers has led the luggage carrier manufacturers to design carrying devices that are especially convenient for carrying the camera- on the-bicycle. Some of the camera makers also supply bicycle attachments with their goods. Some cyclists, carry the camera upon the handle bar and others strap it upon the rear forks just above the wheel, while peculiarly cycling cameras are so construed that they may be suspended from the upper bar of the frame near the steering head. A day's ride through the country will show plainly how often the attractions of cycling and photography are combined. Hand cameras of the snap shot variety are, of course, the most satisfactory for carrying upon a wheel, as the tripod makes quite an appreciable encuir brancc. INVENTIONS. A newly designed writing pen Is pivoted in its center with a clamp at the upper end, so it can be moved laterally to any desired angle with the holder. A new shoe lace which will not wtr.r out quickly is woven very heavy throughout nearly its entire length, leaving only the ends small, so they can be tied easily. * Bicycle bells for attachment to the pedals are being placed on the market. a side turn of the foot throwing out a lever to engage the clapper on the crank and ring the boll. A Considerable Admission. "Of course, all my aunts say that the baby looks like me," said the blushing young man. "What does your wife say to that?" asked the elder man. "Well, she-admits that perhaps I may resemble the baby a little."— Indianapolis Journal. - _ ___ Sympnthy. At n welding ceremony several women present were moved to tears by the address of the clergyman. -Paiin,'' whispered n little girl to her father, "what are those ladies cry iug lor?' "No doubt they are married themselves, was the reply. Stocks' Work. J. W. Stocks, the English crack, who now holds the one-hour world's record of 32 miles 448 yards, is the most envied of the distance riders. Stocks is only 20 years of uge, but has been riding a bicycle since he was 12. While racing in -smii,;! read and boys' rncoa with good success in his early career I,ONCR the Trull. "Simplcins has a now scheme for keeping the wolf, from his door." "What is itr "He moves so often that it can't koop up with." MBS. CURTIS, HEW "fells fier Experience With Ovaritis* Jloxiouii railway advertisement worn- We will forfeit $1,<>00 if any of our pub- I*** strawbej^ej^bryday iuUio your. lislied testimonials ivro proven to be not genuine. THE Fiso Co., Warren, la. Diamonds have been discovered in rare instances, in meteoric stones which have fallen to the earth. To Cure Constipation Forever Taito Casciirets Cimdy Cathartic- 10cor2-io. 11 C. C. C. lull to euro, di-UBiilsts refund monur. '•One never knows what to expect from n women." "Alas no! I expected a fortune when I married." Women load and unload vessels in tlie ports of Japan. COC-H Cough Ilalsam la the olilcst nml best. It will brrali up o. cold qiiicliei than anything cluu. It la always rellubli!. Try It. Soveii-oightlm o£ tho families of Philadelphia occupy entire houses us residences. , No-To- Hue for Ji'lfty Coins. Guaranteed tobacco bulilt cure, makes wealt meu fctroiiK, blood pure. Me, tl. All dnuntliits. It, mnkes 110 diferenco how brief a inau is in telliug the story of his troubles, ho makes it too loug. In Frnuco more thau a third (34.70) of the population live iu cities. A Now Device. An ingenious contrivance has been invented by Monroe Sonnescheiri, of Port Richmond, S. L, to record not only the finishes, but the exact time of contestants in bicycle races. This machine is operated by a series of wires under a rubber band one-eighth of an inch thick and two inches wide, which covers the finish, or tape line. These wires are carried to a recording table placed in the judges' stand. A watch also electrically connected is placed under the table and started at the firing of the pistol, and Is stopped at the finish by the same electric connection that records the finish of the contestants. Immediately upon the contestants coming up the stretch a switch is turned and electrical connection made with the wirss under the rubber baud. A touch of a wheel on the rubber band registers each contestant in order of their finish. By the use of this contrivance dead heats are rendered impossible, as it is so accurately adjusted that the crossing of the tape is recorded instantly, no matter should the difference between the men be only one-twentieth ot a second. While this invention has had the approval of several prominent "L. A. W. officials, it can not be used officially until a revision of the racing rules Is made to admit it. W. W. Hamilton, One-Mile Oiiunplon. W. W. Hamilton, the bicycle rider, ,vho holds the world's record for one mile, flying start, paced, in 1:39 1-5, is AVttr In Chicago. "Who is the kid on the other wheol Your golf boy!" "Golf boy. nothing! 1 take him along U carry my license tags." Henl Host nml Comfort. There is ii powder to be shaken into the shoes cailed Allen's Knot-Ease, in vented by Allen S. Olmsted, Lo Roy N. Y., which druggists and shoe deal ers say is the best thinp; they havo ever sold to cure swollen and tender or idling feet. Some dealers claim that it makes light or new shoes feel easy. It certainly will cure corns and bunions nnd 'relieve instsvntly, sweating hot or smarting feet, it costs only u quarter, nnd the inventor will send a sample free to any address. A mustard plaster will not, make a blister if mixed with a white of an egg. A GKEAT SAVING. By using the Flag-Brand Chicory, manufactured by the American Chicory Company, of Omaha. Nebraska, you can cut down your coffee bill 25 per cciit^btxiWes improving the drink, you will 'ilnu it economical, wholesome and agreeable. Ask your grocer for Flag Brand Chicory put up'in pound packages. If he does not keep it, write the factory. Samples mailed free on application. A dull, throbbing pain, dcc6tnt»M!ea jy a sense of tenderness and heat loW down in the side, with an occasional shooting pain, indicates inflainnitttioni On examination it will be found that the region of pain shows some swelling. This is the first stage of ovaritis, inflammation of the ovary. If the roof of your hotise leaks, my sister, you have it fixed at once { why not pay the satao respect to yonr own body f Do you live miles away from a doo* tor ? Then that ia all themore reason why you should at* tend to yourself at once, of you Will soon be on the flat of your back. You need not, you oxi ght not to let your-! self go, \' whenoneof your own sex holds outthehelp-^ ing hand to you, and will advise you without money and without price. Write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., and tell her all your symptoms. Her experience in treating female ills is greater than any other living person. Following is proof of what we say: " For nine years I suffered with female weakness in its worst form. 1 was in bed nearly a year with congestion of the ovaries. I also suffered with falling of the womb, was very weak, tired all the time, had such headaches as to make me almost wild. Was also troubled with leucorrhoea, and was bloated so badly that some thought I had dropsy. I have taken several bottles of Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, and several of 'her Blood Purifier, and am completely cured. It is a wonder to all that I got well. I shall always owe Mrs. Pinkham a debt of gratitude for her kindness.- I would advise all who suffer to take her medicine." — Mns. ANNIE CUBTIS, Ticonderbga, N. Y. The United States vegetable canneries. has l,!30l) fruit and J. W. STOCKS. The duelling pistol now occupies its proper nlace in the museum of the collector of relics of barbarism. The pistol ought to have beside it the pestle that turned out pills like bullets, to be shot like bullets at the target of the liver But the pestle is still in evidence, and will 'be, probably, until everybody has tested virtue of Ayer's sugar coated pille. They the liver as a friend, not as ar t enemy he declares that he began his racing in earnest in 1888 as an amateur. He was then 17 years of age. His first notable victory was over Harry Roberts,' of Sheffield, in a five-mile scratch race. The latter at that time held the Brld- lington Plate. In 1888 and 1889 ho met with good success, and until 1893 he rode as an amateur, winning some big races. Occasionally in his late amateur days Stocks would win four and five firsts nt one meeting. It was in 1803 he ijajvan to ride in record form. In that year he rode 25 miles, SCO yards in tho hour, which then stooil as world's record; in fact, it was the first time 25 miles had been ridden inside the hour. Later, in trying to create a new record for 100 kilometres, ho rode 25 miles 690 yards in the hour, and 48 miles 000 yards in two hours, which also stood as world's records. With G. E. Osmond, in 1893, he rode 2G miles 1G5 yards, unpaced, on a tandem, in the hour, indicating clearly that distance riding was his specialty. All these records wor<; made on the VIerrio Hill track, and, barring the 100-kilo- metre record, were accepted by the N. C. I. In 1894 he did little riding except to lower the 50-mile road record. In 1895 Stocks raised the world's hour record to 29 miles 45 yards. In 1895 he became a professional. Last year he made records'at short and long distances. Stocks rides ten to twenty miles every day while training. His diet consists of plain, wholesome food; he smokes occasionally and also takes an occasional drink. His gear varies from 00 to 119. IlotTt Tobacco N|iit mill Nmokc lour Life Jwny. >TB quit tobacco easily and tot-over, be mar- netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, lake No- To-Bac, the wonder-worker that makes weak meiistioug. All druggists, !>0c or 81. Cure guaranteed. Uooklot and sample free; nrld.- Sierling Hetnody Co., Chicago or Now York. An Abilene, Kans , man is suing for di vorco because his wife drank thirty gallons of wine which ho had stored in the collar for himself. , Mm. WJnsIcnv'HHootliliiBHyrup . Pori'litlilrun tceUiliiK *"ft"i>s Uio itunm.ruilucuH Indum uitttlon,ullay« l«il». euros wind ixillv. '.15 ceiitB u bultif .Tolni Stoliar, a Nebraska farmer, who went into debt for eighty acres of laud htiH raised enough wheat 011 it this year ti clear the debt. Kiinoiilo Vour llowolH With OHfiarnlR. dimly rnttmnlp. euro ronsllpullon forovor. lOo. 11 o. O. O. lull, (InwlHts rolumljiicmey. In Japan Iho locks are placed upon tho jiunb instead of on the door. ror next 30 days we will sell this machine for tl. to advcrtl -J!t same. Weave your fonce for 140, por rod. AMERICAN TRUSS FENCE CO.. TRENIONT. ILL. ICiilluimy, Constltutlomil Ctilurrli, unit cIli-euROS of wuiiiun. Dr. W. It- U. Unlliinl, Dob Jlolnes, hi. IT. Hiillnnl has curort more chronic CUSOH Ihnt iilhor nhj-Hlcliin.s hurt |irononn«;|l tnuurublo than liny oliiuriliiol.iirln luwu. Write lo him. U costs voii imly 8 eolith 10 Bcnrt for symptom Wank to llml ilia If your euso IK ciiruhlo. CullH mudo In Iowa only. -1*11. W. K. O. 1UIKI<AKI>,, 14 IS Maplo St.. !><•* MolMCH. la. In your own county selling Otwell's Tree Paint Wrlto today to W. B. OTWELL, 1'ntuntKi', Ciirilnvlllo, 111.. W. N. U. Des Moines. When iiK iiilvorUsomonU ihl.'i . p:i|ior. No. 36—1897. mention i(jfca*^' l K*^*'».^ 1 ^^ GKT TUB GEIVUINI5 ART I CMS! Co.'s I COCOA Pure, Delicious, Nutritious. Costs I<ess than O2VJJ CENT a c»;>. Be sure that the package bears our Trade-Mark. (Established 1780.) Walter Baker & Co. Limited, Dorchester, Mass. Trade-Mark. It' You Need Renovating Take s work thoroughly and faithfully under obstructing conditions, and if the ob .ructions '. are removed, the liver vrill do its , da to ' When your that will," liver wants duty. help, got the pill er's $12 TO $35< Per WEEK P iS^'^^SSS Syr!Uuiiv»Mvar.l6uUjuuicuvmBclami»,u,.«y ««»'-'•• 0 o tlmoHl. ami JOitMiys 1 Uf.U.U.UUKKS'S BO.N8) AtlwUi vit. PATENTS I H. B.WIULSON(fcCO.,Wnsri- iugton, D. O. No fou till patont eccuvoU. 4«-l"' ' MORPHINE and WHISKY HABITS. HUSH! OUUE. Book HUCK. 1)11. i. V. V/. W. HAMILTON. on his way to the east, and, it Is said, will race on the Manhattan Beaoh track on September 5 and (i. His beat forte is said to be following pace. Photography AUlu. There is at least one class of dealers that has not as yet registered a protest against the popularity of bicycling. While theater managers, liverymen, jewelers, furniture makers, and a thousand and one others have been groan- Ing because of the effect of cycling upon their cash drawers, the dealers in cameras and photographic materials have been smiling over increased business and consequent prosperity. The combination of camera seems to be a perfectly natural one. The camera enthusiast has adopted the bicycle as by far the most convenient means of transportation available for his purpose. In this way the love for the camera preceded the love for the wheel That BlK Kuco. The preliminary arrangements for the big $5,000 race, to be hold at Boston on September 13, are about complete. The management is anxious to secure Michael and Lesna and two of the best American long-distance riders to take part. Limiting the entries to four riders is done with the object of creating new records. The conditions of the race are as follows: Distance undecided, but likely an hour contest; number of competitors limited to four; pacemakers and machines unlimited; purse $5,000 guaranteed, $3,000 to first man, $1,500 to second and $500 to third; entries closed on August 20; no entry accepted unless backed by a guarantee of $500 that the men entered will be fully equipped with machines; the men to ride the entire distance, unless an unforeseen accident occurs or they shall fall so far behind that they will be called oft' the track by the referee. All men riding under the latter condition will receive their money back. Entries are open to the world. The management reserves the right to reject all but four entries, which in their judgment will make the best race. The contestants will be allowed to have only two machines on the track at a time. Manager Bert 0, Whitney has engaged for Miss Mather's support Mark Price, Ben Ringgold, Eugene Eberte, William McVay, Mary Breyer, Dorothy I/Hote, Catherine Murray fln.d Gene* vleve Murray. 7 s Renovator, ft It invigorate)) nml renews tlie whole system. A pet-tout renovator, removing the cause. Send lor our new Ua-puiro book wllli iiti ruuipeu. Mr. Andy Wliitnier, of Eusl Clil- ciw/o, IruL, writes: "I would not tiike H) for your uoolt it 1 cuuld not wot uuotbpr. Will send it now for u stamp. Address Du. U. J. KAY MEDICAL Co., OMAHA, HARTFORDS TAKE THE SHINE OFF OF OTHER BICYCLES Enamel that wears and does not wear out—that is Columbia enamel. It gives that lustrous, lasting and unequalled beauty to Columbia and Hartford bicycles. Our secret process gives us this advantage. &,„.,. ,,,. „,,.,.,. .. ,.... zs tiniMas STANDARD OP THE WORM). $75 1896 Ogling, §60, Words, *50, H5, *40, t Conn, in

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