Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 3
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aflAY. OCTOBER 26, 1937. brwith Auxiliary KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALflONA ANS ARE LAID MEETING OF THE LOCAL UNIT Invith, Oct. 25—The Elmer t unit of the Legion Auxiliary the Legion club rooms last "Tuesday afternoon, with a [attendance. Plans were made htertciin a county meeting here freek Tuesday. Committee re- i were given by the Sick Call nan and the junior chairman, • a report of an eighth district lerence at Fort Dodge was giv- ; Mildred Gouge and Edna En- who attended as delegate ' this unit. Lunch was served tfrs. A. Bosworth and Mrs. |do Peterson. I Sexton F. B. Meeting- is, Robert Masterson and Mrs. told Evans attended a woman's 'i Bureau extension /meeting at Harold Hunt's, near Sexton, lay. There were 11 women, and lie Pepoon, H. D. A., Algona, a lesson on homemade play Bpment. Patterns and bulletins |B distributed, and children's I boards and dolls were made. i Popoon displayed a large liber of other toys made from ferns. A pot luck dinner was led at noon. Follow-up lessons I be given Jn various school dis- !ts. Frcpnres for Bazaar— Jhe Fairview Circle of the Meth- tt Aid met at Mrs. R. L. Haus- jth'B for an all-day meeting Hnesday. Tho day was spent at king articles for the annual ba- >, The next meeting will be at , William Johnson's, and will be an all-day meeting. The .. and Mrs. Miller were dinner Ists of the Circle at Mrs. Haus- — Hodgepodge There's n »<>>,• "inchy pinchy" wh | ch callsrc , end of excitement one <HV week. The game requires (i Sllr 111 stay quiet while HIP "ji" Pinches the sucker r ' cheeks, the chin, the tho snozzlo. Then thn requested to look in tho The "It" had lipstick nn tne ing fingers hence t)io sucker like a Sioux Indian mail ™ft oth i1 s _? ndon !lhln "iy en o work and pulled tho game from tho fire to win 20-19. That is a real accomplishment. Players are usually more or loss affected by the after the look in the mirror" and some plain and fancy ™,ft has resulted after «,no -or two of ho games. Usually the "it" afte tho rassling resemble* tho 'ail Sioux en route" homo after a ba beating. In one game an j bystander collected a lot of unifying to get out of tho way of players. Some fun! Then Micro's the clerk, definitely not Insh, who in an excited moment m reply to a request Jansed Into dialect to state, "i'v golly' we bane come short for two already" » * * * J ' Tile lucitl fmidmll team is show- jig more scrap than any team in the history of the school. Trailing by a score of 10-0 in the first quar- n£ht H i Ha1mi)lon Bilmfi F "day ;•— « t.^geuy within < w' g H± °™ ™^ion_went to foc »ng of moral guilt. «d hk tft State ' s Cafe e ,v e o score and any team that i* trailing; Double front would again b 1 ' un the" h's. Many articles were corn- led, The Fairview Circle serves i general Aid in two weeks, and appetizing menu has been plan- Iring pr las_ . jnber of farmers were Iowa and adjoining states. Puffer, by chance, met R. J. by 19 points is almost certain to ' "vlty instead of the glare onrv° ,h ?° r Ust complcx ' h°Ping ! wasllec[ *indows that To wn Bu ^7,'° ""V H fhTr 0 ' * ^ ^ We also nored th^ o „„• » S a hunch ig " h 'i ™? S ° f the old Cal1 mar]^o Vnnt'T 1^°°? M a T,nv PaCe * wlth " modern front mant to shoot at and went out andj building. And there's the old nost- bested , ' bested it. That's real _.„„. the Algona wingmen learned „.,„ to stop wide end sweeps—and they learned it tho hard way—by seeing opponents gallop goalward through n spot, where they should have """I „.. ,' " vuicB U1U U1Q. POS And [""'CO building! What to do with U- how Jnes e -ire town improvements that would be worth while. Congress is going to go into - ----„ ^ ,,,v,u session next month and the coun- bccn. Once learned such a lesson t! T will again be treated to a bat is rarely forgotten, and the tackles tl °- And battle it will be desnite and ends will show tho value of lilllc of harmony and no senators who junked And . that the court the its Former Corwith Man— J t E. Puffer was one of a party ive men from Hancock who at!ed a U, S, senate committee ..„ on a farm bill at Sioux last week Tuesday. A large ,, ., •• — ~- -"-i - * — -- «."~ ^Av^unvt; uiciu- present ttle . e ' antl truck drivers sooni sion again. Roosevelt has some of acquire a habit of racing from one I tlle characteristics of the great intersection to another. They drive j Teddy, who once he got hold of a can control a| hn "o of contention, grabbed on, this training in tho coming games. * * * * Drivers of delivery trucks, sales-, ~ -....,, me uuun ma will men who nre on the road much nf|"°t Pop out of the executive man- t no I i r*irt n V, ,1 J ,...„!- .1 • . i ninn ««._*.. T-. .. _ *4Jt*,ii su- noi bill will aged armies in the world, rich in tradition of the glory o£ dying for the emperor, and the Chinese have been regarded as an unorganized mob' which would be easy pickings for a first-class army. Yet month after month the Japanese have hammered with everything in their control at the stubborn. Chinese. Use of unrestricted airplane bombing is a fair indication of the fury Japanese leaders feel at the resistance. Bombing of civilians would not have been resorted to i£ objectives could be obtained otherwise—it's too disastrous on world opinion. —D. E_ 33. Dog Hurt by Corn-Picker. Irvington, Oct. 25 — Herman Becker ran over his pet rat-terrier with his corn-picker Thursday. The dog was taken to Algona, where a broken leg, the most serious injury, was set. , Puffer, by chance, met R. J., —--•""' -.- lloway, former Corwith resident' so mucn lMat <•"">' «m coniroi a!"""« "i uomonuon, grabbed on | Ilan a recen " is now cashier of a bank in! mr mnre readily than can tho oe- i and hung on, right or wrong. Teddy kicked him lall town 50 miles southeast of! ca *iona) driver and are more cap-1 wrecked his party in 1912. It is a !been Iroubl __x City, and Bob sent greetings 5,'" 0 ° •'"''S 0 distances and speeds. I common saying that history often ; [many Corwith friends. n " f """' ~ "~ ''" """ ' ' fcnol Nnrso Gives lessons— physical instruction literature, classroom and individual, is g given out by the school Irse, Mrs. Alma Day, from the Ite department of health at Des lines. Individual inspection con- Its of weighing and measuring, I addition to the general inspec- Parmer Wounded by Colt. Union Twp., Oct. 25 — Presley Sarchet suffered a gash on one hand recently when a frisky colt Mr. Sarchet has also PAGE Roosevelt and the Lawyers By Hurt J. Thompson Forest City I have lust read your editorial, '•Mr. Itooseveivs Attack on the lawyers." This is certainly a refreshing change from the more or less consistent attacks which have appeared in the press of the country during the last few months. Its sense of fairness ought to, and, I believe w iu, appeal to those who read the editorial. I am trying to improve the organization of our profession by the integration of the bar. If we succeed It will be possible to give to the public a higher standard of service than has ever been possible before We will then have a inert urn through which a reasonable standard of moral and professional conduct can be enforced, and the very sma n p erce nta g e of our pro- fession who makes out of their 11' censes to practice a "racket" rather than a trust will be eliminated. | As president of the State Bar association, I want you to know how thoroughly I appreciate your en, couragement. We are trying to improve the situation all along the line, and we need the co-operation of the press in order that we may have a chance. Kettle Upsets and Water Scalds Babe Swea City, Oct. 25—Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Schwent's four-months-old baby was badly scalded Wednesday morning as it lay in its basket near the kitchen stove. Mrs. Schwent was doing the family washing, and a kettle of scalding Youth Shoots Deer; Sends Carcass Home Corwith, Oct. 25—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allen were recently surprised to receive a dead deer from their son Gayle, member of a CCC camp at Thompson Falls Montana. It was shot in Gayle's first deer hunting trip, and he was unusually lucky. He sent the carcass to his parents by express, and Mrs. Allen is canning the meat. The hide will be kept, but the head can't be mounted, for the deer was shot through the head. •water was upset. £>f. ft 'M.Mftt* kel took the baby to an. Esthervlll* hospital. 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'niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif But they do scare, the daylights out repeats itself, and it will be inter- of the occasional drivcr by scoot-' csting to see if this bit of history ing out of side streets at full speed will be repeated in the next few to stop on a dime when they have' months, to and tho victim goes on his way trembling and with a mental curse. item about the Tho pheasant open season is coming despite protests, and farmers should prepare to placard their i of teeth, throat, skin, and vis- •''"'">' bofm-o a whole store full with hearing tests. Notice is saying, "Who's the other one?" fct parents to call attenion to editions not seemingly normal. [ iJast week's - ......... -•- ,.,*.,.«.,„ LW v hickov brought a cnunio of unex-i farmland if they want to keep pected responses, and one of the hunters off. Hunters are going to who blossomed gave- herself hc sadly disillusioned if they ex- by poet to find many pheasants," for the crop this year is woefully short. Increase in the fox popula- 3ALRSBOOKS, ORDER BOOKS A similar items can be ordered al the Advance office, often at a aa-?- iver salesmen's prices. O MENU "\V(( foci sorry for the family of tion during the protected season a I the driver of the bus in which ten number of years ago spelled the ly Dies After Birth— ( were killed at Mnson City, nightly doom of pheasant hunting in Kos- daughter was born last week I or wrongly the driver is going to suth county, and there will not be -Jday to Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. i ho blnrnpd hy mnst neonle, no mat- a biff bird crop till the foxes have ig at Mercy hospital, Mason City, ter what the verdict of the invest!- been eliminated. The Conservation she lived only a short time, and gators. The family is going to feel League's fox hunts are a step in body was brought here for bur- tbo thoughts of people who lost the right direction, and last winter children in the crash whether ex- a. large number of the animals pressed or not. And the answer to were brought in for bounty pay. __ . ._ tho question of why ho didn't stop ment-s. Hunters would do much to it church, conducted a brief —or stop long enough—or hear the insure a bird crop in the future by At last reports, whistle—will never bo known. It's, staging the fall and winter,. hunt- in the King family lot in the Invith cemetery. The Rev. Karl G. Hillor, pastor of the Met'ho- preside service. King was improving. Miss Frey is a graduate of the American Institute of Business at Des Moines. „ - in Get-Together— Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hauswirth en- •talned at their home last week nday, and guests were Mr. and Posfinnsfor Homo 's. Orlin Henderson, Jefferson; Postmaster J. • and Mrs. Herbert Laws, From Trip— „„,., . „., „„.... „. Joseph Bonnstet- • u. lu mia. neruen Liaws, Cur- ter got home Thursday from two •?; the Lester Thorsons, the Wes- weeks at Washington, D. C., where ' Lehnus family, and the George he attended a postmasters' conven- hnus family, all of Rolfe. The tion and visited his son Gilbert and ests and the Hauswirths were all thft latter's little daughter Vera. lung folks and neighbors at Rolfe Gilbert is a former Kossuth county '"•" years ago. agent. [tend Funeral at Osnge— Mrs. Johnson's Father Sick- Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Scheffle- MI-. and Mrs. Albert Johnson an, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kirchgat- were called to Spencer one day F. ana the Kirchgatter daughter i as t wee k by word of the serious »ura attended the funeral of Ida illness of tho latter's father, Mr. oigm one day last week at Osage, Penterman, who suffered a second ie body having been taken there stroke. At iast reports his condi- Jter her death at a Lutheran home tion was not improved. I Muscatino, where she had lived <-• r 11 years. Miss Voight was an Oxley 'Grandmother, 92, Dies— at of M rs _ Scheffleman and Mrs.. Mr. and Mrs. Lafa. Oxley received Tcngatter. l word Wednesday of the death of ing drive against the fox. > * * * It's a continuing marvel the way the Chinese armies have been standing off Japanese attacks. Japan is supposed to have one of the best armed, equipped and man- FRIED CHICKEN Mashed Potatoes Gravy Escalloped Corn Cabbage Salad Rolls Jelly Pickles Pumpkin Pie, Whip. Cream Coffee Place Baptist Church Time TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2<J Serving begins at 5 : 30. Prices, 40-25c. Ho,d e*«r Bo °S te1 "? etoiledaylaBt Vidal Bonastetter - flnd Whitman was 92 on Monday pro- Rust *n SkMiv oseer n i Skelly passed first-class tests. , e Rcv . Albert Rust left ie weqf S rt ? f C ? I ? Wned meeting °I Wednesday to conduct two weeks S 1C commttee ™? of special meetings at the First FARMERS and POULTRYMEN! 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Karl AV. * *-**l*v*- illl • <*l*Ui *!*•' *-" *-• " —--—and Cecil, Lottie, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lichty drove to Humboldt to attend a Phil Ward's Evangelistic aen meeting tit the Baptist church' Falls, Dr. I.sEoar's presoriptionj oonlain the most eUecHvo 'ngteaients known to modern veterinary science. Hurry to our store and be one of the fortunate 60 to let Dr. LeGear help you with your larm animals and poultry—FREE. 1 package only to each customer. E. W. LUSBY, Algona ell Tiayie Allen, Thomson . Mont., is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A— —„. ^«. vi — en and fiends at Corwith. He and "arvey Punke gave a fare- J iend arrived by train, but the a ren , ...... I ber mother - Mrs - friend has purchased a new car m Her w I er mother - Mrs | S lf r ,. Wed nesday. Mrs. Elder is to „, h tne b n, dau shter in Illinois dur- Ire M D6xt three months. They will ride on their m " i '° Mrs. R. v".« 0 U1U1JLU9. iuoj -]' ne jj. G. C. 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