Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1937 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 2
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STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. untv duly sworn on oath depose and S av that being duly knol B/ ' ' ' .. 1 Association being said soc!e ty or association, lowo, held a fa.; ' secure games or amusements ' current year f ° r 8peed events or to f inancial statement J M. PATTERSON, President E. L. VINCENT, Secretary. •"• wi IIVIIII. I VII EX-ALGONIANS AT WEST BEND West Bend, Oct. 25—A new house recently built by the Austins is nearing completion. They have been living with their daughter Mrs.Carl Vohs. The Austins lived .„-.._. JL _i c JI.UHUUS 11V6Q many years at Algona, and Mr Austin built a number of houses •Cash on hand from last report' " ' Heceipts outside gates (incl. seaVon family tickets) nnd 353.6 Receipts nlght""grandstand""Vnd""qii_rter stretch on , _ Total ticket sales": 3 ' 45 •Entry fees, speed department Concessions and privileges __" ~~ Advertising in premium list and program S.nte aid (this year anticipated) Miscellaneous and pen rent "I \_ " 18270 Entry fees " 992*00 Exhibit space rentals " oyn'nn $7,245.70 395.00 2,358.67 420.00 1,068.00 From all other sources of fair—dance 313.35 lotal miscellaneous receipts of fair Total receipts of fair •County aid __ Off season rents __ ~~~~ Mjiiey borrowed _~~~ July -1th and 5th .__ '-'-'."_._~__~~__~~_~~~_~~_~ Other receipts—rodeo ~_~__~_ ___"_! Total receipts from sources other than fair Grand total receipts .! Open premium,: DISBURSEMENTS Horses, ponies and mules s '4650 (attic (bee-f and dairy) __ _ 41 i'nn Swine _ "" 'ici nn Sheep, wool amlloats ]0 500 Poultry and pet stock _ """" 1G l 00 Agricultural products _ _ .15.1'75 Fruits, plants and flowers _ O-J'TS Culinary products _ Tw'rm Textile and art de'pt.""_"_"_".""" 30500 School exhibits __ -15975 Dairy products '__'" ' ,„',-„ 1,527.15 4,000.00 1,247.78 None 4,474.05 1,435.06 $13,914.52 11,157.7!) there. Coast Gnosts Complete Visit— Mr and Mrs. Glenn Durall, Los Vngeles. left for points in the east ast week Tuesday, after two weeks vith Mrs. Durall's mother, Mrs J D. \Vatson, and other local relatives. Mrs. Durall, formerly Zora Watson, is a trained nurse. She has been in California for some years, and she married there, Off to Hunt in Canada— roHcemnn in Visit Here— The Con Seamans spent Briefs snmnmrizing clpal news In Fast Thursday's ttyper J>es Molnes, ALGONA WOMEN, Mrs. William Seipman and Mrs. Edw. Gorman, suffered light burns last week Tuesday afternoon, when a stove at St. Cecelia's academy exploded while they were cooking for . supper crowd that evening. VISITORS SAY NORTH DAKOTA HAD DROUGHT Mr. ami Mrs. George Harris, o Jamestown, N. D., their daughter Opal, son Everett, and the letter's wife, spent last week Tuesday Highland Wednesday at Vf. L. Martin s. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Martin are sisters. The Martins and their guests visited the grotto at Weat Bend Wednesday and called on the Lloyd Martins. Marvls Aukes, Baptist Sunday school organizer at Jamestown ac- last -^inuauo spent jast week Tuesday with Mrs. Seaman's sister. Mrs. Earl Cobb and brother, Thorston Satern. They also visited Con s mother, Mrs. Lena Seaman. wr. beaman was a resident here some years ago, but has been a policeman at Detroit more than ten fears. Dorw eiler, , • -• -•""•"=. .ci, iiucompanieu by Doctor Hansen, Forest City left riday , for Canadian points on trip. They planned to . e o o ?one two weeks. This is an annual •vent m Doctor Dorweiler's case. rne doctor ,s a son-in-law of Mrs. R. J. Hutchison, Algona. Tome from Washington. 1) r '' S " da Sioan got hom e' last Dr , D. C., where she er daughter, Mrs. Lloyd visited Fis CUS $25,425.95 . ,, r , lotal °I>en Premiums — _ 4-H Club Premiums- Colts $ Other than live stock ."'_"'_ Total 4-H Club premiums Total premiums otb- er than speed Premiums for speed Music and attractions '-I '_'" •Miscellaneous expense of fair- Advertising Printing - ________ I__I_~I" Postage __________ ~_ _ _~ Salaries _________ _~ ~~~ All other expenses of fuirllll Total miscellaneous ex- pen.se of fair Total expense of ,. , , lair _____ _ Indebtedness of previous yeans paid and grandstand account Insurance, interest, etc. Permanent improvements ~~_ '__'__ Maintenance of grounds""" "and buildings Any other exiien.se— July 4ih"ind 5th; rodeo Total expense odier than fair ' ?2,352.25 •127.75 2,780.00 1,370.00 4,708.39 'Vi- +,.• "*•«. .uiu.ru 1'jscus. hei trip was made by auto with town Pa '' ents from Mwshall- Tmdv Driver TakoiTsick— Jos Graham was taken sick Friday at Bode while he was covering truck T°'v a Hakes *">"«"' tiuck John Nessen went to Bode and brought him home. Mr Gra^ bam has since been confined" to I'lilnskis to Knnsns City— The. John Pulaskis 'have sold their household goods at priva'e sale and have left for Kansas Citv where they are now making U ' home. Mr. Puiaski had b'4n Ployed at a Ladd blacksmith s Other Wesf Bond. Gezma Schutter. who teaches at Wesley, came home Friday .__ the week-end with her parents^Mr c nd Mrs. Jerry Schutter. She was sc- nompanied here by a Miss Boyer Mrs. Thos. Clarke and 3,288.69 506.49 100.78 955.70 1,580.10 4,431.76 cancelled before the firemen coul eave the city hall. Dinner wa erved that night without difficult} A SEW LUMBER YARD is bein, uilt near the Milwaukee depot b be Noble & Raesley Lumber Co vhich has a yard at Plankington S. D. M. B. Griffin, secretary treasurer of the S. D. firm, will be manager. The yard will be located across the street from the Anderson Gram & Coal quarters and wil have trackage on the Milwaukee Coal as well as lumber will be handled. SIX KOSSUTH MEN have been drawn on a federal petit jury list to serve at Fort Dodge. They are Harry J. Benson, Ringsted; Edwin f. Hovey. Swca City; M. L. Johnson, Armstrong; Thomas E. Johnson, Bode; R. H. Miller, Algona- and Ben Walker, West Bend. IV. W. GIL1ESPIE was elected president, G. W. Stillmr.n, vice, F secretar y-treasurer; •—— .1—v-»*,u_ w m*^_, he Presbyterian Aid -« H • , PUblic eupper patronage. to -•=> -v-w.^i.u.1 j-Lieusurer, u. s. Reiley corresponding secretary, of the Algona Gladiolus society lost week Monday evening. The society will entertain the state meet next year. HARRY CItONKHITE, former clerk at the Algona hotel, was lately given six months in jail plus five years at Fort Madison on the charge of embezzlement of $350 from the Hotel Willson, Webster •ity, where he had been working •ecently. b GEORGE RATH, Lone Rock, suf- red a badly gashed left arm a veek ago Friday, when he reached nto a farm grain elevator and the tumbling rod caught the arm. He was taken to Fort Dodge, where the arm was operated o n to save it. SISTER CA1DIALETTA, of St. J-5GI_BCllCt. fell downfit11 t*e n t- j-t ' «.^i» uvj y\ iio_,tlH S {It tllG school building last week, but did 11 fir cnfilr r\tnr1 S i _ • i i . - . . and companled the Harrises to Iowa „ visit his mother and' sisters at Woden 1 . The Harrises said that North Dakota had another drought last sunflher. At times the sun was hidden by grasshoppers. Even so, there is more feed there this year than last. Twenty-six head of stock were victims of starvation n S i W ^ nt . Cr on the Harrls farm . due f" tack, of feed, but the Harrises ex- to have enough corn left this year from a 30-acre crop to feed .heir cattle. • • HEADS 'FBAT' CHAPTER IN FLORIDA COLLEGE Robert Gray, son of Mr. and Mrs. : eorge Gray near Burt, has beei elected vice president of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity chapter at the T ohn B. Stesan , university, De ..and, Pla., where he is a freshman. He lacked only two votes of he presidency. He pledged the raternity a week ago Sunday light. Robert is a this year's graduate f the Burt high school. His moth- v went to Florida last summer, nd Mr. Gray plans to follow in a reeks. Robert is taking a course n business administration and for- ign languages in preparation for alesmanship. Marjorie Martinson, another Burt igh school graduate whose parents ecently moved to Florida, is tnk- ig a secretarial course at Lake, Fla. KEEP WARM THIS WINTER WITH INSULATION BUT BE SURE ITS 'Capitol Granulated Blown Rock Wool or ivadel 1,272.66 S14.G3 820.61 oS6S.S4 1,381.63 ? 13,290.15 3,230.23 -. -" j here Saturday is employed there. Friday whom they Miss Cleal -e> *noi. wuuiv, UUL Q1C1 not seek medical aid till pain forced her to consult a doctor, who discovered that she had suffered several broken ribs. I-EO SAllIN and Clarence Zumach, both of Whittemore, broadcast from KGLO at Mason City a week ago Thursday night. Leo Played a piano accordion, and Clarence played the drums and a gui- ttir, BR. E. A. HOWE, a practicing or.fi 7*111 n rinn n*- T>^-, f, „ " a week „ --• ---.-J 11 MJf H Ij | veterinarian at Bancroft il- yccirs, died of '•»'«»„* j.- .--, — „ „,. llculu uisease a weelc ago Saturday. He was survived by Mrs. Howe, a son Albert and four grandchildren. Earl Eichhorn IR Car] Daubendiek, Anita, Eletha TX ^\ " JIKIS ' Earl Eichhorn Oaubendiek, Remsen, and W F ! 'f" baby wero injured recent- Daubendlok. Calumet, were visitors I l5 ' when their car was struck by an- o-t W. H. Daubendisk's last week S i"' near Buffal ° Ccnt er. The luesday evening. " •Mrs. Irvin Shellmyei •edyard Girl Has Accident Series t Ledyard, Oct. 25—Little Beverly 'iQlske, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zielsko, has had her share of misfortune this fall. First she bad whooping cough, then a ring worm infection. Several weeks ago her foot was badly bruised by a trailer hitch falling on it while a group of children were playing ihen Thursday, while playing, she received a long cut on her nose when a youngster tossed a tin can which happened to hit her. Three Off for the Coast. Irvington, Oct. 25—Mrs. Freda Chnstensen, who had for some months been here with l;er sister Mrs. R. M. Watson, left Friday for -alifornia, in lier car, accompanied y Grace Turner and Lee Hopkins, both of Algona. . to keep room, ,, a ™ .ncSort" tli! """" st Tlic only knbivn effective cure is („ , Itock IVool ivlien BLOWN Into ,m '""We. -me, iMf to Pnt u,oj;« n ," toof " ,*,r;;!' nu , your rooms nnd coW. Capitol ''""' By our patented Cowan Building Supply Co, COMPLETE EQUIPMENT FOB BLOWING ROCK WOOT PHONE 275 ° L ALGOJA rand total disbursements 8,158.37 j the former's I Kline, there. and her from . ^jumiiu VjUJIltir 1 baby was reported seriously hurt Anna 2-1G7S75 notes. Balance on hand ____ chs, 5, 1. ,,.,00.00 grandstand and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reinhart, of -eona. 111., arrived Saturday to visit with the former's mother, Mrs. from Portland, Ore., to Algona's recent heavy iuu was mentioned over radio tliere as heaviest in the U." ; S. ' believes to be the old- 5,000.00. $6,420.2,3 r < vllibitf "-* •< other Apartments n 5 _ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence ti the -Number of cattle exhibited, "09 -•Number of swine exhibited, ice' iNuviber of sheep exhibited 77 Mimber oi head of poultry' exhibited ">--, house. Mum-on goods MRS, F, L, TRIBON will hold a sale in the old, postoffice building October) 29, at 9 a. m. One upholstered davenport and chair, library table, three .. ° !ti> and is sti11 in use - j . to Earlham Thursday for the day friends. with the Rev. and Mrs. Arch Conde former residents here -^ sr k er, dresser, three beds, rock" u "-'—i, a Grunow Brownell's Sn ^™^^ f^^^^^B • ^^__^^HB^^^^^M^npB||^ In Finest Footwear For Fall the balance of October and November We will have special pri ces On all discontinued styles in our stock. All sizes, but not all sizes in every style. 1.98 OUR PLEDGE A fine selection of good footwear at Prices within the reach of any pocketbook. Odd pairs of women's pumps and ties in black brown and green. Values to $5.00 2.45 Better styles and a more complete size range. Values to $6.00 4.95 Discontinued patterns in Air-Step Shoes for women Reduced To H. Daubendiek got l,ome last week Tuesday from Chicago, where he attended a imtiou&I telephone convi.'! tion. •10c; children,! Ardys Andcre K K has returned to ISTKRKST is being _ m a memorial to Fort Schuylor at Swea City, with many per- critic: iir ><! 4 i i-. ,, c • _ n . . * — - —"vi* v-'ii..> , WILH man' sons writing for information.' for were and 6.324; S Charges at ' S ChurBed at " number paid an( ] non-paid admissions at An^ l ^° d ^ nCXt ^'» c ™^ 11, "•' *"-"-"<?(.,* (ji cfjuf] t Y ~ f \. Jlow nuiuy acres in the grounds? About' 40 P™,,,,,, ,. *. S™ 18 ^,-™ ~» i^rrr s^^'ss/ss- •*»• T™,, urer _ H . j. B ,, ae . Mea * l: \;™"- , 35e and 50c; day 35c gran dstand—Day, tjuarterstretch- wth, Rockford . a"er a week with Mae Sloan and Charlene Mun- Ira Hoover spent last week at Oes Moines, attending an Odd Pel- ln\V« or» vi •!-.-_>, *;„„ lows convention, Kenneth Miller drove to Fort ARE YOUR MACHINES UNDER COVER 1 - V ,_. I -...iici uruye to I Dod B e Saturday to v i s j t friends Attend IJi;,' Farmers' J.«'t Penton, Oct. 25-E. A. and Herman Huskamp, B. G. Berkeland, Carl Kern, Oscar Solberg, and A. J. Kennedy went to Sioux City last of e ™rJ Uf?Sday l ° attend a meeting of 5000 farmers held in connection with a long-time farm program. • " *"j j.v.ia were Placed on display by the Kossuth Am l-r»1' fn C"..i 1 Motor Saturday. -*• IVins a Military Honor. Penton, Oct. 25—Harold Newel junior cadet studying agricultural engineering at Iowa State college has been appointed second lieutenant in cadet field artillery. He is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs Charles Newel here. Sexton Pceoo the next six to eight months if von leave your machines outside. »ur..ns u you one Sd? "P 01 " 116 shed - NOT 3uat a lean-to, open on one wde— w a paying investment on any farm. Stored in a good weather-proof shed the avera^ farm machine will last at ] east twice as long Indfn some cases three times as long. S d m At the present price of machines you can easilv How a shed will pay you good dividends * IT SHOULD BE BUILT AT ONCE. We Have AH Kinds of Fuel Beady for You, Too F. S. NORTON & SON m s\ -»r ^ _____ _ Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oxley went to Northwood Friday to attend the funeral of Mr. Oxley's brother-in- laws mother, a Mrs. Whiteman, who died at 92. The Oxlevs had Known her, 56 years. A number from here attended a supper and bazaar at St. Cecelia academy, Algona, Jast week Tues day and Wednesday evenings The reported Jurge crowds. A. L. Greenfield spent Thursda and Friday near Rodman, doin carpenter work on a house. Lo Schichtl, Algona, helped. The Sexton school will have < basket social and program at tb schoolhouse this week Friday even Helen Paetz, teacher of the Paetz school, had a program and pie social Friday evenig in the community room, of Plum Creek Center school in Dist. No. 5. A new school- nouse was built there last year. SOCIAL SECURITY OUTFIT HALLOWEEN BOX SOCIAL TWO SCHOOLS FRIDAY EVENING, OCT. 29 S O'clock at South Cresco Church Dorothy Fraser and Selma Egesdal, Teachers You are invited „ room table buffet, gas stove, kitchen table and chairs, rugs, Hamilton-Beach vacuum cleaner other household goods This' is mortgaged furniture and must be sold in one day. Galoshes and Rubbers COMPUTE W -BEACH employees or less No. SO-IO Outfit Consists of: Loose Leaf Ring Binder 8xlOH Personnel Record Sheet* Employees Earning Sheets L-r.eroutfit«proportionBt»lyprfc»_ All Necessary Information for Social Security Records < Order Now at The ADVANCE PUB, CO, East of Courthouse Golden Arrow ALARM CLOCK 30-hour movement, guaranteed, ._ - « —-tHUt&cu, 2. ur _««ular price 98c. Sale Price 5-SEWED BROOM WHISK BROOM !0c Value. Sale Price room corn. 7Bc value. Sale Price 4-PLY WET MOP £?o» staple yarn. ftta any mop stick. felt Prle« SCRUB BRUSH Hosiery CLAUSSNER gleer Sheer exquisite -tjosieiy in aU the popular shades L Get yours now while complete 98< =. 1-25, 1.75 n , 1.00 Colored Heels $U5 We tint or dye fabric shoes any color or shade. Colors—$1 pair Black, 50c pair ' ^ ^^^^•''^•^•••••^•••i^B^V Brownell's Guarantee of Satisfaction KoJutn Stv^n ^ ? tore h£w been " The Shoe St ° re * andise n°U , . ? is our P oli °y to sell ( "'" ~°' pl1 ' '" ' " sally fit the I Of really flt the shoe to your *° ri ^ * — Brownell Shoe Co. Algona, Iowa HOSIERY Smith-Corona portable type*

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