The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1897 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1897
Page 4
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There is no system that will work well so long as so many fellows in the party hare the office itch. There is noclamor in Humboldt eotin- ty for a return to tlie caucus system, although Humboldt's primary election system is open to criticism, in that nominations are made by counting the bulk vote. In Hancock county this same system prevails, and yet we hare it from many leading republicans that they prefer it to tbe old caucus. Every county in this part of tbe state has dig- carded tbe caucus for tbe primary election and the prevailing sentiment i? voiced by the Estberrille Vindicator. •which says: Dickinson county, at their county convention lately, adopted tbe primary election system of nominating 1 county officers. Emmet county has found this system to be very satisfactory since its adoption here and no doabt Dickinson •will flnfl it tbe same way. There is valid objeeiion to nominating candidates for oSc<? l?y merely counting the total roie of tbe couBty cast at the primsri-es- Terras is re B.C advantage ott this p!aa ever tie country, when great iEtsrs?! is z>ot because the vo-lers SLTS sacc« to She polling places ss>£ •vxH mra out is. larger Embark. 3»i3 sari EL olnec- SJeiE eses cr3S tis Siftixsfi tbe TUED pro£ CBS** nr KcBsorut, ti5 si2ii£ ms P^rCi >: •-. Gnuriisr BEVJ urnhr snoug-h that »p I'St .urj that will ; :UTIC 3UHHSE E multiplicity o* CBDCJ- 3in .TiDfnT-nerc cnulS be more unniiir shun "iiie CUUPUE. -where many ts* urfc IE "Ube fialcl. Tbe utsle- ; :ure i&iDHsn wiuhreference losome .one <,EonieHt.. unfi ev-arr other office is mutle trailing fitouli. ZSane-teniitE o5 the OTiS Sealing impBnnerisfl in CQETaDtlanE ^cornet irom -she lailure o! eanfiiaates lor minor positions lo get a fair vote on their merit-E. The new plan obviates tiu£, anfl it -will be just BE possible lor the TDter in any ward In Algona, for instance, to express his wishes as TXJ surveyor or supervisor or coroner, as it will be as to treasurer or sheriff. With the primary, also, it will be possible to nominate all candidates at one election, and the necessity for many caucuses will be dispensed with. There is no doubt whatever that a bill will be introduced in the coming legislature making legal provision for primary elections. The result this present year in Polk county was so satisfactory that it was announced that such action would be taken there. The primary election has never, that we can learn, been discarded when once adopted, while the old caucus system now prevails in but few counties. THE Courier is bragging that it is ft tetter republican paper tbnn THE Ur- R t>ES MOTORS. This confirms R suspicion that a lot of good democrat* have been harboring. By the way has anyone seen a word in the Courier about nominating n democrat for the legislature, or a reason given why Mr. Jones should not be elected? If the Courier doe? not support Mr. Jones openly, it will at least do all it can for him quietly, and will hend off any straight-out democrat from being put up to take the democratic vote awny from him. We welcome the Courier's quiet but effective assistance. THE Jefferson Bee rather criticises the Hamilton county delegates for not voting for Shaw inasmuch as they were not instructed for Funk. This is unfair. To our personal knowledge several of the leading men on the Hamilton delegation hud personally identified themselves with Senator Funk's candidacy before Mr. Shnw"? name was mentioned. The Bee certainly does not pretend that congressional district lines are paramount to personal pledges honestly entered into. REVENGE DEFEATS ITSELF. Probably none have won the contempt of the state in so conspicuous measure in late years us the residents of Dickinson county, who attempted to humiliate Senator Punk to satisfy a petty malice born out of local differences. They did not get even the small satisfaction of having contributed to his defeat. Without exception the delegates who voted for other candidates regretted that at the same time they could not officially record their esteem and regard for the stalwart senator. The only response he makes is the following bit of true philosophy, an indication of the breadth and dignity of his strong character: Most contemptible of all God's creatures are the men who live to indulge a spirit of bitterness toward the rest of mankind. The world is full of blessing and sunshine, in which all men may share, but small indeed is the portion for him who feeds on jealousy, feasts on grudges, and plots to hinder tbe progress of other men. In these can exist no spirit of helpfulness, for practical kindness cannot flourish in such soil. Selfishness is the supreme impulse, and in base greed it is assumed that in the race of life prizes may be won by holding back others who are on the course, while strong and manly men are helping their fellows to the point of winning. Men full grown in mind and soul are aware that the poorest investment in the whole range of human endeavor is revenge; that the Wise way is to encourage comradeship with worthy people and leave the rest to God. Granted that a campaign of spite, even against an unworthy person, may result in his dioomfiture, what does it profit a man, after all? Life is so short that men cannot afford to spend their time and warp their better natures in campaigns of hatred while opportunity for well doing is all about. If in eternity punishment is provided for such contemptible meanness the victim of this base habit is the most unfortunate of mankind, for punishment on earth is full and ample. Asleep or awake he baa little comfort, His small soul is doomed to wretchedness for which its small triumphs afford no comfort. Cumulative penalties rob him of God's sunshine, and all the world is as a dismal swamp. He may seek the comforts of religion and mock the mission of the loving Christ with tbe daily prayers of his darkened soul, but for him were is no peace. The blessings of life and the sweet pleasures of friendship are reserved fpi 1 those who indulge not the baser instincts of jealousy w<T revenge, but who give free rein to the noble impulse? Which make for helpfulness and happiness. Mas. JOHNSON BRIGHAM, wife of tbe ?<*• THE Sioux City Journal keeps standing the conflicting statements of Gov. Boies and Fred E. White as to the effects of free coinage. Both speakers were firing " opening guns." both were speaking officially, and both have standing with the allied opposition. City He>r*!d w*ys thesnc- of the twscbettf institttte adfteTnore to Superintendent ftewTs meri- orious achievement? BS an edncator. Miss Minnie Morse, the well-known daughter of Algonh's Old-time Jotr mill num. hns accepted n position in the Omaha city schools. She taught in •Sioux City last year. Emmetsburg Tribune: .T. A. Brow- tell of Algonn Stindayed in Kmmets- jurg with his cousin, I,. D. AUred. He s manager and half owner of the shoe «tore of Brownell & Allred. Estherville Vindicator: George Marble of Burt. Iowa, has leased one acre of ground from S. Reed of Lincoln •ownship. He will put up a large wilding on this land and open a general store there this full. Bailey is on the primary election ickpt over in Hancock for coroner. He ought to be nominated. It would be worth any man's while to die if Bailey were going to sit on the remains and make the official report of the cause of death. Bailey: Joe Tennnnt of Algona owes Ed. WnrtchHw of this town 47 large deep enrthern dishes with handles ssn result of n bet on t.he Kossuth nomina- ion of J. R. Jones. Ed. savs he hns assets sufficient to start n fashionable summer resort. Liivermore Gazette: Miss Plums Ball CHtne down from Algona on her wheel last week to visit st the Brunson home. f * * Bert Norton went t.o Algona Sunday and returned with Mrs. Peterson, who visit* here a short time. * * * G. H. Norton, Mrs. Peterson's father, while loading stock last TuescJsy evening missed his footing and stepped out of the car. spraining his ankle quite badly, and in consequence is now going on crutches and moving according to the dictation of Dr. Malin. The campaign, in so far as the White party can direct it. will be devoted to state issues. It is said that a full transcript of tbe testimony in tbe McFariand investigation is to be published and that a genera; raid is to be made upon state management, yiothinp will come of it, because in the first place tbe republican state management has been economical, bonest End efficient, as ibe discussion will fully disclose: and in the second place, because such house cleaning as bus "been needed tbe republicans have "bernn on ubeir own account and have at- tsnaed to. It was a republican committee whiob brought all tbe testimony in tbe Mc- Par] and case. Ex-Lieutenant Governor Poyneer is dead. POLITICAL NOTES. Senator Funk says: J. R. Jones, an Algona pioneer and popular citizen will represent big Kossuth in the 27th Judge Carr's brother was the man the Palo Alto republicans picked ou for representative. They didn't havi votes enough. The Corwith Crescent's politica platform: For representative of th 75th district, (anybody to beat the Wright county porkers). The Clay-Palo Alto district renomi nated W. W. Cornwall and by resolu tion presented him as a candidate fo speaker of the next house. This wll be Mr. Cornwall's third term, Estherville Republican: Senate Funk comes out of the fray a stronge man than when he entered it. His can vase was dignified and clean, as become the man. He was defeated by a combi nation of circumstances which no man in his position could forestall. He wil yet be Iowa's governor. Whittemore Champion: In our hur ry last week we failed to note the reso lution which was passed at the countj convention, and is a much needed re form, as it does away with " snap cau cuses." It might be well to use the Australian ballot system to proven machine pressure or influence. Rockwell City advocate: The Do Moines Capital thinks that Congress man Dollivor is strictly in it on the re suit of the state convention and that i Governor Shaw should be called upon to appoint a United States senator Dolliver would be the man. Of course that could only happen in the event o the death or resignation of one of the present senators. Dolliver, Forake and Mason would make a great trio to shake up the dry bones of the senate. The State Register has this hopefu announcement: Mr. Pray will not be in Des Moines this fall to take charge of the finance committee. Mr. MoMil Ian said Friday evening the chairman of the finance committee would succeet Mr. Pray, who will be occupied with the duties of his new position. But he had not reached a decision as to whom he would appoint. It is understood i will he a member of the state centra committee. Mr. S. M. Leach is talked of, but nothing definite has been decid ed. IN THIS NEIGHBOBHOOD. A. A. Sifert has opened school fo the fall term at Buffalo Center. The steel range fakirs are at work in Wright county. They are a set o swindlers. Dave Miller of Algona has gone to Iowa Falls to work in a drug store, th Sentinel says. Humboldt Independent: Clayton Foster and Mies Blanch Coon rode thei wheels to Algona last Saturday. Gee. Frink has taken charge of an elevator at Hutching. George's law suits are still in the supreme court. The Swea City creamery has already packed and shipped 52 boxes of butte to Boston for shipment to Europe. Eagle Grove Gazette: F. H. Tuttli ol Algona Is in the city this week tak ing & few private leesong of Prof. Eacli< oo the cornet. na's old-time Olof Johnson ot Mrs. Phae. Winteie, is to : AMOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1891 JMMJMJM***lMIMMi^*lfa*"M'** 1 "* 1111 ""* SEWER QUESTION AGAIN, »1 wftflt* are well supplied with many mot* comfort* than it would seem pos- ible to possess in such a method of ravel. A specially constructed con- eyance, its elongated box, leather overed, impervious to rain, and confining every necessary for travel, orms, when drawn by a pair of good •oadsters, a very comfortable home on wheels. Mrs. Lacey, who was one of he two first white women residents of Montana, had, with her lady compan- on, the honor of selecting the name hat now designates that state's capitol ity, Helena, SEMI-LOOAL NEW8 NOTES. O. B. Hutchins has been surveying 00 town lots at Wesley for P. M. Butts. It is an addition to that thriv- ng city. -4- -4- -4- Joseph Bloom at Wesley has a "self- nterpreting" New Testament. What are the preachers going to do for a liv- ng? Charley Grimm has some consolation. The Clear Lake Mirror says he has received from E. S. Rice of Chicago, representing the Indian squad who were it the July tournament, a combined x>ok case and writing desk, in remem- jrance of his kindly and untiring ser- ices upon the occasion of the Wolf Shoot. This piece of furniture is one of the handsomest we have ever seen urned out from a furniture house. -*••*••*• County Surveyor Tellier has been called over into Palo Alto to settle some disputed surveying, the Reporter 00. P AND SEAEGT. WALSH. Both Get Good Mention In the Official Reports. Will F. Smith, regimental inspector in his official report pays the Algona soldiers a handsome compliment: Once again has Co. F"s rifle team car ried off the honors, and demonstrated what careful preparation will do upon the field of contest. The trophies were fairly won, and Co. F may be congratu lated upon the splendid score made bj its rifle team—the highest so far tha has ever won the trophies. To all rifle men present the result of this contes must (or should) be a valuable lesson The shooting done by the members o Co. F's team (and some others' demon strated what careful drilling and pains taking work will accomplish. The al most phenominal score made by Ser geant J. M. Walsh, at 500 yards, show much careful thought and study. Hi had no advantage over any other man the range was new to him; the wim and light the same, and there was abso lutely nothing in his favor for malting a better score than others. But he di it simply because he knew how to do it And in a measure this may be said o some few of the other contestants. Th lesson is a good one and worth much ti every rifleman. I may not close thi " rambling report" without making mention of the very generous, open hearted reception given by Co. F in th evening after the contest. Their hand some mess tent was used for this occa sion, and the pleasant conversation an good cheer was enjoyed by all present THE STOBY OF A BOOM. Port Bnrroii Tolls How Al«ona Del cantos Got a Sleeping Place a Cedar Ruplds. The unusually veracious Port C. Bai ron tells the following story. Inas much as Mr. Cowles did the talking t the hotel clerk we are are not prepare to deny or affirm. It is a fact, however that the Pocahontas delegates made thundering and needless noise in th Arcade hotel along in the sleepy hours Here is Port's version: The Pocahon tas delegation to the Cedar Rapids con vention had all kinds of trouble afte reaching that place. They got ther at 4 a. ra. and Col. Kent headed the del egation down the deserted streets t the Arcade hotel, where the Co! claimed, he had secured a large room filled with beds and cots for the entir delegation. Col. Kent, upon reachin_ the office, advanced and gave the cler! a military salute and said, " We ar the people—the Pocahontas delegatioi —and we would be pleased to retire. The clerk replied, "Give us a rest; th Pocahontas delegation reached her- two hours ago and have gone to bed. 1 Col. Kent came near falling down stair in his excitement. The idea of tha clerk telling him that the Pocahontas delegation had gone to bed, when the; were standing in disgusted silenc' around him! The clerk finally consent ed to go up and wake the people wh were passing themselves off as th Pocahontas delegation, hut when he tried to arouse them they were so deac to this world's affairs that dynamite would not phase them. Upon examin ing the hotel register we discovere that the men who were posing as Poca hontas in Cedar Rapids were Harvey Ingham of THE UPPER DES MOINES and Gardner Cowles, an attorney of Al gona. Right here the Record edito wants to say that he hopes to live lon| enough to pay off these gentlemen fo stealing that room. J, F. LAOEY^TWAGON TOUB. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Lacoy Visit Mor rl8,Mlnn., and Take lu tbe Slffhts. The Morris, Minn,, Tribune has the following note of interest about ou well-known Algonians: An elderly and well-to-do couple, Mr and Mrs. J. F. Lacey of Algona, Iowa who have been enjoying a tour of th country by driving from place to place passed through here last Friday going eastward via Glenwood, intend ing to visit other sections of the state before returning home. They are hav ing a most pleasant trip, for in addi tioo to the happy contentment mani tfeejr flevptioo to aM enjoymen IN A FAIR WAT FOB SETTLEMENT The City Council Has a Proposition with that End in View—Record of the Council's Doings. LOOK Mnrshall Wright of Spencer brought R boy named Clarence Ostrander over before Judge Quarton last week with a view to haying him sent to the reform school. The News says: The judge decided to remand the boy to the custody of his mother, who now lives at Engle Grove, until the first of September, and if she is unable to properly manage him, he will then be brought into court and sent to the reformatory. The boy's conduct of late has been such as to afford little hope of reformation. -(--*•-»Mayor Boyle says there is no end of wheat up in his Pipestone country. -5- -i- -5- The Armstrong Journal has the following note about the young people whose marriage in Algona was noted last week: Mr. Frank Dundas and Miss Mary Matthews were united in marriage Tuesday at the Baptist parsonage in Algona, Rev. D. R. Landis officiating. The contracting parties were both born in this township and have lived here all their lives, and consequently need no introduction to the residents of this community. They have been acquainted since childhood and have grown up neighbors. The bride is a daughter of C. B. Matthews and has a large circle of admiring friends. The groom is a son of John Dundas, now of Eatherville, and is engaged in the live stock business and also owns the West Side meat market in partnership with Mr. Matthews. They will make Armstrong their home. The Journal joins their large host of friends in wishing them a long life and a happy journey through life together. THE NEW GROSSING ESTABLISHED. The Trains Will Stop and Let Off and and Take On Passengers South of Ijedyard. As noted last week the state railway commissioners wei'e up inspecting the crossing of the Northwestern and Burlington tracks south of Ledyard. Geo. W. Pangburn was over to represent the petitioners, and the Buffalo Center Tribune says he was assured that a small station house would be put in. The Tribune report is as follows: Messrs Pangburn, Gordon, Secor and Mallory went over to the crossing in Kossuth county Tuesday and had a talk with Railroad Commissioner Dawson, and several officials of the B. C. R. & N., in regard to the establishment of a station at the crossing, and after much parleying they were assured that the trains would not only stop there, but that a waiting room would be built and steps put in from one track to the other. Mr. Pangburn in particular deserves much credit for this, as his efforts have been indefatigable in this matter and he has also spent a considerable amount of time and money, and we should consider that the waiting room is a sort of a monument erected 'to his honor. Now, if Barrickman & Arnett would just take their string of bulls over and move Ledyard, Swea City and Germania down to the crossing some day, it would make a fairly good town, and we might further sug- guest that the town be called "Pangburn." ALGONA GUN OLUB MEET. Mortenson of Brltt Wins First Average—Guy L. Taylor Is Second. The Algona Gun club tournament last week drew a lot of amateur shooters. Among them were Mortenson of Britt, Patch of Hartley, Bierbour of Mankato, Palmer of Lake Mills, the two Henshaws of Okoboji, Junkins of Ledyard, Bird of Fairmount, Steege of Waterloo, Dersel of Marshalltown, Kline and Lee of Spirit Lake, Cory of Lehigh, Dart, Goodwin and Buel of Lu Verne, and Phelps. of Britt, besides such local shots as Smith, Nicoulin, Taylor, Curtiss, Moore, Ash ton, and Lenander and West of Bancroft. Mortenson won the first average, Taylor second, Palmer third, and Henshaw fourth. Palmer won in the live bird contest, making 10 straight. The weather was fine and goodly crowds watched the shooters. Guy L. Taylor had the shoot in charge, and made it pleasant for the visitors, who enjoyed their visit. COUNTY FAIR BUTTEB CONTEST. Every Creamery In tbe County to be llepreeented-A lilg Butter Slaow. One of the new features of the coming county fair will be the exhibit of gallon jars of creamery butter, one to be made by each creamery in the county. Several are already planning on the competition, and it is reported that it will be the best butter shove in Iowa. Tbe prizes are $10 for the first and $5 for the second, out tbe real purpose is to incpeaee interest In tbe opunty'e but- The city council will settle the sewer question Friday evening. John A. Hamilton was before it Saturday evening to make a proposal in behalf of the sewer owners, and the council appointed a committee to investigate and report. A special session will finally dispose of the matter and determine the town's policy on the sewer question. It is likely that no better avenue of municipal activity is open than to begin at once to put in sufficient sewers to supply the pressing needs of both sides of town. THE ROUTINE PROCEEDINGS. ALGONA, Iowa, Aug. 28.—The city council met in regular session at the city hall, Mayor Chrischilles in the chair. Members present: White, Vesper, Dingley, McMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin, Sayers. Absent, none. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. Moved and seconded that tbe following approved bills be allowed, and warrants drawn on the treasury for the same: A Y McDonald & Co, water works sup.g 3 84 Frank Stebrltz, repairs 710 J W Robinson, hardware 9 00 W H Horan, for ditch diggers S181 Frank Sobap, drayage 65 L Horan, salary etc 40 50 D WHohn, draynge 1 00 Oscar Anderson, work on well 2850 W V Carlon, street work....'. 57 00 W H Horan, salary etc 43 10 Win Miller, lighting lamps 20 00 A F Dailey, work on well 4500 Walker Bros, oil 9 55 J Chrisinsky, cementing well 450 J B Clow & Sons, Iron pipe 23751 W E Naudain, freight on iron pipe.... 70 22 W E Naudain, freight and drayage— C M & St P Ry Co, freight on pipe W K Ferguson, tile N Grounwall, blacksmithing GEHartwell meals J A Hamilton & Co, hardwood lumber at these prices. Clothes Wringers A wood frame, cog wheel Wringer for Pocket 875 024 1 85 7 75 120 50 31 Albert Anderson, work on well 10 25 Jno Paul Lumber Co, lumber 121 30 Ayes: White, Vesper, Dingley, McMahon, Puine, Slagle, Chapin and Sayers. Noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that a committee consisting of Dingley and Vesper be appointed to confer with J. A. Hamilton on the Algona Sower company's proposition. Carried. Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, that a levy against the taxable property of the city of Algona, Iowa, of ten mills on the dollar be made for general purposes, and that a levy of five mills on the dollar be made for water purposes, and that a levy of two mills on the dollar be made for a sinking fund to be applied in retiring outstanding water bonds. Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes: White, Vesper, Dingley, McMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin and Sayers. Noes, none. Carried. Be it resolved by the city council'of the city of Algona, Iowa, that the following sidewalks be condemned: The walk along the north side of block 238, Call's State street addition; the walk along the south side of block 58, original plat; the walk along the east side of block 58, original plat; the walk along the west side of lot 4 in block 27, original plat; the north side of lot 1 in block 30, original plat of Algona, la., and that the owners of property abutting said walks be notified to rebuild the same within five days from notice, failing in which, the street commissioner is hereby authorized and ordered to rebuild such walks, and charge the cost to abutting property owners. Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes: Vesper, White, Dingley, McMahon, Paine, Slagle, Chapin and Sayers. Noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn to meet Friday, Sept. 3. Carried. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. To the republican electors of Kossuth county: There will be a delegate convention of the republicans of Kossuth countv held at the court house in Algona, Iowa, on Friday, Sept. 24, 1897, at 11 o'clock a. m., lor the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for the office of treasurer, a candidate for the office of sheriff, a candidate for the office of superin tendentof of schools, a candidate for the office of surveyor, one candidate for the office of coroner, and two candidates for supervisors. The representation to which the several precincts will be entitled under this call will be as follows: Precinct. Com. No. Del. Algona—First ward..E. Tellier o Second ward. W.P.Jones 0 Third ward C. W. Sarchett 4 Fourth ward F. D. Calkins.. 0 Burt H. B. Hallock 8 Buffalo August Shrader Cresco C. Rickard Eagle John Liudblom Fenton M. Weisbrod Greenwood C. J. Lenander German Ralph Patterson.... Germania P. H. Spangler Grant Peter Gettman 3 Garfleld G. S. Wright.... 3 Harrison W. R. Peet 6 Hebron W. A. Smith 4 Irvington Z. C. Andruss 5 LuVerne Geo. W. Hanna 6 Lotts Creek A. H. Bixby .... 3 Ledyard W. A. Wright 5 Lincoln Jas. Warburton 4 Portland Timothy Fox 5 Plum Creek R.M.Gardner 4 Prairie John Longbottom... 2 Riverdale J. R. Fraser 3 Ramsay Phil. Winters '.'. 3 Seneca Henry Warner 4 Swea c. A. Erickson 4 Sherman W. E. Starks 4 Springfield C. C. Hall 3 Union T.J.Julian 4 Wesley S. X. Way ... 9 Whittemore N. L. Cotton 7 Total number of delegates Isi It Is especially recommended by a large majority of the township committeemen that all the primaries be held on the same day. The several township committeemen will therefore call their primaries on Friday, Sept, 17,1807, between the hours of 1 p. m. and 8 p. m., holding the polls open for two their calls the •Us open for two ho i the hours of openini J. W. WADSWORTJ hours, stating in and closing. , Chairman. CandldateB' Cards. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination for the office of county superintendent, subject to the action of the republican county convention. FKANK SLAGLE. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the republican convention. _ FIIANK J. KEBNAN. I hereby announce myself us a candidate for sheriff subject to the action of the republican county convention. E. P. KEITH. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the aominatton ol sheriff subject to the action of the republican county convention av " u " Guo. F. HACKMAH. A double-bladed warrant^ Pocket Knife for .25c Gutis and Loaded Shells. A double-barrel shot gun, with rebounding front action locks, steel barrel, pistol grip stock and choke bore, for the next two weeks goes for $12.00. These prices are only good for the next two weeks. Guns will be 25 per cent, higher after the new tariff is in force. HARDWARE, STOVES, _and Steel Ranges at bottom prices. Please call and get our figures. J. The Wetmore Truss. THIS TRUSS MURDERS ME I I WEAR THE WETMORE TRUSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles— no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where It Is placed. The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It Is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't buy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. M. P. HAGOABD. G. V. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.l Abstracts, Real Estate, A ^ Collections, ALQQNA, JQWA,

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