Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1937
Page 9
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Lv. OCTOBER 19, 1^37. !S STUDIED LU VERNE OMAN'S CLUB , net. 18—The influence Iting c club rgel fthur Richard Sherman's Pictur onUvermore Library Wall KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA was lea Llvermore Oct. 18—The formal m, opening of the now library |Ul held last week Tuesday with served from two to four and to nine. Inspection of the library was solicited by the Equality e who sponsored the tea. During ,,„. afternoon Mrs. George Burns, 'Mrs Prank Conley, and Mrs Brown poured. Mrs. Carl " l -."• mooting of the club is " lor luesday evening, when 't', 0 ," Wl 'l entertain the hus- • 1 no committee in charge of foments | S Mrs. II L ('£,.], "•Inicy Mackintosh, Mrs.' R.' •11 K, Mrs. diaries Howard Baessler, and Mrs. Edna on American Public the general topic for of the Progressive ib Friday afternoon. Tiede was hostess and Dimler and Mrs. Eagle Grove, were MrTs H. Baker read a The Educational Service ™» room was very _..,„ „, Jg Mrs. C. C. Smith and!with its decorations of pretty gnr-lof the Inlc Owen ? Uchty gave five minute | Jen flowora and ferns, and the brother-in-law o - the Readers Digest and j™™ ** nuite well clipped, most- Sweeney. Funo al services i, 0 ,. mncazines were in- i y by Kl£ts tlmf Ilnvfl h """ i- i......... .. hcl vices Under- i ny, Mrs. | Thus. Sweeney j s JI P ,,,I_ vine poured in the evening e- j Word w«« here 0. II. KLAMl', Fit-Id Representative during 18 tons to the acre. He has 16 acres, and has a Mexican and his wife caring for the beets. They are good workers and top enough beets to keep two trucks busy. * * * # L. J. Johnson, who lives south-1 e-ring up corn cobs. She likes to west of Bancroft on the Ole Allison use corn cobs for fuel when baking farm, was digging potatoes a week! bread. She showed us some of the ago Monday. Mrs. Johnson and fine large loaves of bread she bak- their little daughter wore helping led. This bread goes great with him. These potatoes were good ex-I the boys picking corn, where they were drowned * * * «• L. J. was driving a dandy Ole L. Johanson, northwest of irrel team hitched to his plow. He Lone Rock bad come in from the hther magazines were --i --•,-l'~", lll. S'fta that have been made . M' 1 plmvs his Potatoes ,out with a stir-lfield with a load of corn, then un- nJ !U '!. n !l t ring Plow. Mr. Allison also was! loaded it in the pasture for the by; held there-. Thursday. discussed. Mrs. Ray 11°™{ Pr ° u ? n \t J^™', J" aclnR ot Swcci "» ^"inpanlod'Mrs' a group of solos, and lustlc furniture for the opening McGuire Milford ' MH n1«vof1 n nlnnn <ta v wn « nrrm,,rn,l I,,, ,,.. - ., b . ... L ' '""'ord. on t ] le p] ace ag ne j,as been build- i llo gs when we called a week ago •f,. *"« L1H-* JJ JH.ljC U.O IIC 1 111 El UCC11 IJU1 JU. '.'"O" " "»••«. ITU VU11UU «.« IT WUA1. UQV '° ren . ce ing new fences. This farm has the Monday. He is feeding 96 head an Mosher played a piano a. E. E. Hancock became j'ato member of the club, nbci's were present. Corners Studied— Herman AVise and Mrs. were guests of the f club at the meeting held with Mrs. John Voss Sr. was answered by 11 mem- , named odd corners of the rs. Arthur Benschoter ,had fon Harlem, the largest ne- ln the world. Mrs. Pater Jin's was on the subject San Chinatown. was arranged by tho commit- hero Tuesday in charge. To date there are " " best fences that we have seen any- I an<1 they eat almost a load of corn 1738 volumes, not including maga- the lea. where ' the funeral. The deceased hadvis-l itcd bore and in where he hud many relatives. Silver a day. Ole said they will move near Armstrong March 1. * * * * W. W. Ditsworth, west of Ban- II. W. Braddock, west of Bancroft, was cutting kaffer corn a ,, . .. go. This kind of corn is fed croft ' y*f re the y fodder. H. W. got the seed from • corn wltlt a new were picking two-row corn About $20 was added lo treasury proceeds from the with 87 registering. Among tho many and useful gifts i to the library, special mention votary Wednesday. The""ciar'ks «°P. Mrs. Braddock and her J»- »; »'« ^^ ^ ,£'£ Q " g ™ should be made of the pictures livo south of town. a-,,,,^^,. ,,,o,.« I IQ ,.,I^O- *v, 0 ™™= !" ot as aiv as no wouia IIKC to see which arc several in number, given by T. c. Sherman, of Algona. Ollior Livcrniorc News. One picture that adorns the will] at V tho library is that of his son Rich-1 Mo |go Association i 30 women attended the Imeeting of the Cemetery |on at the Community hall afternoon. The vice- It, Florence Hof, presided business meeting, after lie women enjoyed a social |h a covered-dish luncheon. |s\Rt the November meeting D. C. Toohey, Mrs. Lee jind Mrs. Kate. Barton. is Friday— gh school carnival will be day evening. Plans arc be- je to have an amateur con- stand, and other attrac- 1 go with a carnival. lotlier LuVerne. , I. Chapman left Thursday ago to visit the F. G. Haher nieces, Ruth and iLichty. She will also <ac- tlie Hagists on a two trip to Florida, i' It guests at the William home are Mrs. Jesse Pippin, Wis., the Jacob Burt, Mrs. James McKee, Lewis Petersons, Mason Ind Mrs. C. C. Anderson re- fto their home at Gveen Riv- iifter having been called i the death of her father, W. jrey. They left here Wednes- j Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Nel- 'ved to Lu Verne from La- fst Wednesday, and he has ills work as pastor of the Bst church, plethodist Aid is meeting at ; hall Wednesday with Mes- lAustin Burtis, D. H. Wer- ard writer and author of To Mary' vacation with 'her With Love, which Is certainly preciatod by tho communily. Club to Knlcrfnin Mrs. Ulus Wilson tip-'Mrs. Frank Hoffman. Margaret, ; who attends schnol in Dos Moines, daughter were herding the cows. They used the automobile instead of a. pony, and it is a fine way to herd cattle. * * * * An ron Taylor, north of Burt was parents, Mr. and busy doing evening chores when we Hoffman, employed in Dos ines, is enjoying a two weeks it. He thought it would keep, had repaired his corn cribs He and Some more good people moving fromo our route. * » * * Otto Knudsen, who lives southeast of Algona, showed us a news item in an old newspaper that he ,~ii r,, , . ... Ji-^ui ill ciu uiu jit* wsuciiJui timu no Clarence Christensen, northwest found , n an o](1 hous ' e ' he wreckfid Wesley Wednesday. He believes in keeping ln his buildings and yard clean. He had a two-year-old colt hitched to the spreader. He lost a fine horse had to work the colt. The colt seemed to work ot k. recently. The paper was printed 1869. Tho news item heading says: "A Revolution in Women's Costume." Then it says, "Free Ll u r e ""^i Lungs, Free Legs—Bifurcated Garana said ne mnr , )o (n V.,, \/i r , r . t ,,/t » T-TQ thmv-ht * * * * The George Hansens, f<jur miles southwest of Titonka, Thursday were busy picking corn. sent us to the house and George told us mother could renew the paper, ments to be Adopted." He thought tnis was better than slacks _ Union Corn-picking was abruptly halted Friday, "when a heavy wet snow Mrs. Hansen is a great joker. She j covered the ground to a depth of asked us in and showed us a new . several inches. Trees were so heav- baby girl, and had us believing itjily laden that large limbs broke was her baby. Then she told us! under the weight of the wet snow, it was the Herman Nordman's. j and others touched the ground. They are neighbors of Hansen's, Corn was also affected some. The and Mrs. Hansen has been caring snow made a picturesque mid-win- for Mrs. Nordman, for Mrs. Nord- ' man has not been woll since the ter scene. Henry Kellow, who was employ- baby came. The baby was born ed on the N. J. Krieps farm east of September .2 They have named her j Algona, near Sexton, has moved to Grace Ann. They also have a boy,la farm neg.r Titonka, where he will John, 3. George has bought a 30-'pick corn for his father-in-law. The acre farm near Bristow, and will .Kellows were Sunday dinner guests to the Twentieth Con u r v • i h i h ™. p , '" hKlr lllul sho is suf ' home south of town rU d v v h", ' ^T ^ t™"™* fl '°™ " 0: ' " lneaB s5r ta M ot E h vrr m r c "?™ : ^» I £A™™KTA^ Obrecht, and Mrs. Martlm Mnck'ln- • '"Mrl'and M^HarrvT Clark had EJi:i»f; »! S s^E'^CSrs riowai (j ( \\ as inn do into vesting. ATI- •> n ( ] M>q ir. • 1 1 r» 11 . • Lunch was served by the- ho.stoss. oi-inoro * ' ll ° r ° eij " COUNTY EET OF AUXILIARY AT LONE ROCK Lone- Rnck, Oct. IS — County Legion Auxiliary meeting was held -.\t the local church last week Tuesday afternoon. The mec-iing was opened by the county president, Mrs. 0. Graham Burt. Reports of units were given. The regular business meeting was hold. Doris Mao Blanchard played a piano .solo, Mrs. W. G. Flaig singing two selections. A report on the Ottumwa convention was given by Eleanor Frascr, Algona. Sixty attended. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard was hostess to the Mite society last Thursday afternoon. The next meeting will bo with Mrs. C. Madison. School Honor Koll Posted — Students receiving an average of 90 per cent or more in their reg- r,. \Vluilon and Mr. and Mrs. Olivet Stnw, of Dolliver. Mr. and Mrs Krueger won high prize, Mr. ant Mr.s. Stowo low. Ifirllidny Surprise Given — presented her with a gift were Mrs II. J. Rjce, Mrs. Fred Genrich, Mrs son, Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, Mrs Ray Snydor, Mrs. Arthur Priebe and Mrs. W. G. Flaig. Otlior Lone Bock. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blanchard DPS Moines, arc spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. M. E Blanchard. They wore accompan ied by Mainord Genrich, student a Ames, and Gcraldine Leming, Var ina, who are at Fred Genrich's. Leona Schiltx, Bancroft, spen several days last week with Kath ryn Stebritz. Thursday they an Klma Krueger took Mrs. Franci Poole to her home at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sanders, so Glen and Mr. and Mrs.. Ivan Me Laughlin spent last week Tuesda mine to his great pride in ! ter White, hogs. He. showed w 'l' at three different county fairs, Al-' '.?. SU M B°na, Humboldt, and Manson, and showed 11 head. His exhibit received three grand champion, six champion, and 22 first prizes. He raised GO spring pigs and has one if seven fall pigs. if if: tH ' »!* At Maurice Bernhardt's, west of and! Bancroft, last Tuesday, they were painted them, and already had one side of the crib full of corn. * * * * Walter Kockler, northeast of Bancroft, was picking corn with a two-row picker when we call- was the best way to ed and pick corn. He told us he had the best corn he ever raised. * move next spring. We will miss these folks on our route, as they are fine people. at Rudolph Will's. The Clifford Pellymounters, who were married this summer, are at present at Frank Thompson's, Muriel Long, Wesley, who is the where Mr. Pelleymounter is assist- new cafe proprietor there, seemed ing with the farm work. to have her share of when we had dinner' Thursday. the trade! Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will were with her! at Ogden recently, visiting rtla- She serves a fine meal. I tives. * * ' * Mrs. Chas. Heerdt entertained Roy Wiseman, northeast of Wes-' her neighbors, the N. J. Krieps and At Herman Runksmeier's, north j Ioy ' showed us his fine lot of 20 Rudolph Will families one evening of I edyard they were busy pick- nlacl!; Poland China boars. It would last week In honor of Mr. Heerdt's ing "some dandy corn with a two- P° ; ha . r . (1 to P ick the best, for all birthday anniversary, two-row corn picker, tie has 705 acres already scheduled and the season Is early. Albert Gould Is doing the 1 plowr- Ing on the farm tenanted by Mr. Becker near the ,Black Cat cfeefo The landlord expects to have,the field nut into rye. Alfred Schenck did the fall plowing on the Frank Thompson, farm* Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas arrived Friday from. Eckman, S. D.j to visit the latter's sister, Mrs. Mame Winkel. Mrs. Douglas wad formerly Emma Zanke, and it Is 36 years since she left Algona. Anthony Stoffel Is picking corn 1 near Bancroft. Robert and Kat'hryn Bode Jeff for Fort Dodge Saturday to speild the waoU-end at William Ryno'8 and help their cousin, Robert Ryno, celebrate his 13th birthday Sunday. Charles Graham, Weals/, visited at Louis Bode's Sunday. , ; New Burt School Building Opened Burt, Oct. 18—Friday evening the newly rebuilt school building will be open for inspection. The regular work of the school will be exemplified by short ten-minute classes. The high school band will also give a half 'hour concert. THE ADVANCE writer ribbons. SELLS TYPE- tf row picker. They are doing repair Herman look fine. Roy takes extra good j Chester Bailey started to thresh work on. their buildings. Herman ? aro ° c tnom ' and w e noticed the. his stacked grain Thursday. He remarked that, building material: ™K barn was clean and the hogs was unable to finish because of the was again as high in price as j|t | nacl dry bedding. Roy told us they j unexpected snowstorm. John They believe "' """ "" ° ° *' " '"' i had bought an 80-acre farm three' Frankl did the threshing. hog. Arnold Schiltz, who lives. ] across tho road, was sharpening! p nu i zielske, on the first farm I' thn hntnhpr knives. He knows ho'\V ' -\yest of Ledyard was hauling: beets Wednesday. Paul said it was the best crop of beets he ever raised. He has raised beets for a num- tho. butcher knives. He knows how Mrs. (n put an edge on the knife. The Mr. and jf^m where Arnold lives is where tho barn burned August 17. when it was struck fiy lightning. It was a stormy night Maurice said, and I the wind carried burning shingles j NOTICE | across tho road to his buildings. If I not. 0 £ years . These beets are pro- 1'KOKATK OF No. 4310. all his buildings would have burn- tthat woe k s O f sc hool were: Seniors — the lower half of the old barn was built, of cement blocks, and there were 2000 bushels of oats burned, making hot stuff. He said they bought the lumber of J. M. Blanchard, Lone Rock. H. S. Troutman, Algona, and his crew of men done the work. The barn was finished by Se-ptember 3. Robert Eichenberger, northeast, of Bancroft, was doing repair work six evening at R. M. Goettsch's, Reu-' on his corn r.rib last Tuesday. Rob- time it was spontaneous tion that started tho fire. He also told us about how fast they built a now barn. There is a fine barn ... In District Court, State of lowa, Kossuth county, ss. September term, 1!)37. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Mary Mawdsley, deceased, dat- standing there again, 36x50, with j ed July'11, 1930, having been this 14 ft. eaves. He said it was some ! day filed, opened _ and read Mon- job to clean up after the fire for wick. Lillian day, the 8th day of November, 1937, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, anc show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- ce°sed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, October . iert bought this farm last year and Adam /.weitel, ana b. ti. Marjorie Jensen, Marian Jensen, Lillian Angus and Mrs. Law- has been busy 'mproving the build- 8, 1037. l " sicsses - . ; Marjorie Pettit; juniors—Mavis Ny- rence Newbrough left Friday to at- inss. He rebuilt the house and: KATHERINE McEVOY, ,d Ivumgartner, Renwick, i mall| n ott y Marlow, John Sprank; tend homecoming at Cedar Falls pointed the buildings. Mrs. Rich-! Clerk of District Court, •elativcs here last week. He fi- cs hmen—Dorothy Jensen; eighth Saturday. ! enberger is feeling much better. Alma Pearson/Deputy. summer in Wisconsin but | gra de—Dorothy Hobson, Maxine Mcta Andrescn, Wolcott, spent Rho did not feel so well the last SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LIN- urned to Renwick for the: Flaip . seventh—Virginia Frye; last week with Tena Jensen. time we called. She was out gath-' NAN, Attorneys. 4-6 I sixth—Luella Ackarman, Jean' , ' — •Alex Evans, Mrs. Arthur J nates> Robert Marlow, Betty Ann — Id Walter Peterson visited Snarpp Phyllis Seegebarth; fifth—, [and relatives in Decorah Helen Jensen, Caroline Rath; : week-end. fourth—Doris Gross, June Hanna, Rev. L. Wittenhurg was at Kenneth Householder, Ruth Kraft, i last week to attend a con-i Do ris Marlow; third—Ersel Bierle, j of Lutheran pastors. Catherine Flaig, Phyllis d Mrs. Fred Rasmussen, of ' Dorothy Lewis, Joyce p, visited at the Looft home fee Kabele, Goldfield, spent Iday at Irvin Chapman's. "ea-Eagle News Harry Lindie and son Roger he first part of list week at Pines, Huxley, and Kelly. JMerediih Dowell, of Artes- D., visited Friday at Fred ir's. / Mrs. Don Funderburk s of a son weighing 8% j born a week ago Monday. their first child. [William Thompson attended Legion Auxiliary meet- Lone Hock last week Tues- i Byers, who has been ill all and fun with, asthma and |er, was taken to a Bancroft tins week to have x-rays |nfl receive a physical-exam- His daughter Avis, who is •nurses' training at Mounds inneapolis, is home for ' a rs 1 visit. [Larson left Friday for a visit with friends at Ce- ds (ind to attend Coe col- mecoming. She is a former I <u COP,. Mrs. Chris Shanger, of and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rmgsted, visited last at o. A. Jenson's. [Andy Swanson and daugh- of Worthlngton, Minn,, first part of last week at , Martin Molinder'.s, rner, and Emil Larson's r husband, the Rev. Andy , attended the Baptist con- W Albert Lea, Minn. I'iman, of Milwaukee, Wls., n s his sister, Mrs. Arthur pson. , B ergeson has built two ° C K silos this fall, one on where he lives, and the tne farm where his son John Dolan is building on his farm. RENDERING COMPANY one No, 7 Dead Stock FBEJ5 make and sell » Top brand pf age. Hawks, Marlow, [ Frederick Rath; second — Beverly. Lewis, Shirley Culbertson, Phyllis Gifford; first—Joan Flaig, Helen Sprank. I Wedding Onto is Oliservcd— ! Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen enter- ; taincd at bridge a week ago -Mon- j day evening in honor of their ISth i wedding anniversary. Atiendhw, I Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, and Mr. and Mrs. V. WHY SUFFER THE SNIFFLES THIS WINTER? ... When you can enjoy the grace and protection of this new Goodyear Glove Brand Plaza Galosh at so low a cost ? , ,. i u The rubber of winch this galosh is made is interestingly treated with a special Pinseal finish. The three-snap fasteners real y stay closed, and are easy to uandle without breaking your finger nails. Here's a galosh which fits as snug as a glove, and is the lightest weight galosh of its type. This is but one of our many »**» Goodyear Glove Brand galosh styles. BROWNELL SHOE CO. w-nv «y \y aj y -ni Roclc Woo! as usual picking corn with his new GUARANTEED TWO YEARS Good Insulation Prevents Drafts, Saves Fuel and Heat Capitol Bock Wool insulation BLOWN into your attic puts millions of tiny air cells between your home and the cold. It stops expensive Ijeat loss, prevents down drafts from attics tlwt keep floors cold in uninsulated homes. Investigate t 0( lay before cold weather sets in—the advantages of four inches of Capitol Granulated Bock Wool Insulation blown into every corner of your attic floor, Es*, timates gladly furnished. Cowan Building Supply Co. Complete Equipment for Blowing in Rock Wool PHONE 275 ALGONA A powerful, super-active battery that will give you positive whiter starting in the coldest weather. Has 46 plates instead of the usual 39, giving you 6 extra plates with over 300 square inches additional actual plate surface, increasing the capacity starting power and length of life by over 40%. You can pay more for a battery of this SAE rating but you can't buy a better battery at any price. Fits certain models of Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth and other popular cars taking a 7*x 9^"x9' case.SAE rating—20 minute, 116 amps. 20 hour, 96 amp. hours. Installed FREE! Guaranteed 2 years on a service basis. Exchange Price, 46-G GUARANTEED 1 YEARS For such cars as Master Buick, Nash and similar cars taking a battery case 10J4'x7*x9«. This battery is priced from $3 to $6 under what many ask for a battery of this same type and capacity. ... Has 45 plates and is guaranteed 1}^ years on a service basis. SAE rating—20 minute—122 amps.; 20 hour—106 amp. hours. Installed FREE! Exchange Price 1% YEARS A 46-plate reverse assembly for Ford V-8, Terraplane and others. Positively guaranteed V/z years on a service basis. Case size 10J^'x7%"x7K*- SAE rating— 20 minute, 100 amps.; 20 hour, 80 amp. hours. A fine quality low priced battery. Installed FREE. Exchange Price BATTERIES RECHARGED AT GAMBLE'S GUARANTEED 1 YEAR Don't compare this battery with the ordinary cheap battery that you often see advertised. This Tiger Royblue battery will fit Ford, Chev., Plymouth and other popular models requiring a case size 7*x9'x8J^*. You will get extremely good service from this battery considering its very low price. Positively guaranteed one year on a service basis. Will undoubtedly last much longer. 39-Plate, Exchange Price BATTERIES FOR ALL CARS! BATTERY SUPPLIES Braided Strap Battery Cable, 6' 16c Positive Battery Cable, 29' .38c Battery Ground Cable, 13H' .20c Battery Filler 25c Battery Hydrometer 23c Winter Trwit- ntlislon Qn«M Eepedsllydeiignea for winter driving (or nil fait using tmni-llauiij grease. Willnot thicken in cold weatlier. <Hb.Pail...'. 55« CoM Proof li* OH Can b« added to the trannnltiton, diH«r«»tial(Br crank-due. Will ton) summer oil or grease Into winter oil or gretuie,Pt,...i»e OUFUUn Atfino quality u youcaaboy.IJon't \ takochancffOQiui old cloEgod mixjU flUCT for wwtor For oil cart.-Me GAMBLE STORES THE M< I t N D I V S ! C) K C S OWN ID bf E f\ P I O Y L I b Brttt wd AlgooA Hotel

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