Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1937
Page 7
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ITUY. OCtOBfiR 19, 1937. CALS with the former's brother I. Wernert and other relatives here. Mr slstant Paymaster, of rShllts, Mason City, spent night at his father, Frank or Grclncf and Evan Final Thursday evening at Ma- ''Zcrfoss, Des Moines, was tend guests at the P. P. Zer- Kylor visited his daughter, IN. Rcie, Mason City, Friday rlntnml Presbyterian chicken, f will be held at the church j week Tuesday for a visit at the home of his son, Dr. (• r> ^.Schaap has been in health for several Oroin« employed al the telephone KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALftOMA 1 OW A thn ™» ? etlllohcm Pittsburg. ... Wnlliicc ai I'-. McMahon, C T Mosdamos S. visit niece, Mrs. D. E. Dowel James Spencer, who 'him _.. ._,.— ^^., .Yipj IKltS fjppn employed at the Steele clothing store, left Sunday evening for Ma- 13. - the Hnnford hotel. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. U. H. «• lo- i * "««"s ui mr. anu Mrs If TT ,,1 Mrs. D. W. Berdell left Miller and their niece, Donnabelle f tor a W£ ViSit W ' th -L^'™' ,l lav0 rcceiTOd cards re- lv for a fat Sioux City Plant. packing I • an. Mrs. Henry Becker and ho lattcr's nephew, Dimne Jc "''"' "lakes his home with T . , ...... *-" **»'-> Htijiiu WHll f no I eekera, vis-Hod .Natives at Hoi! Stcel mi Dowel, Advance editor, left Thursday afternoon for a week with his son, Dr. B. F. Dewel, who is an orthodontist in Evanston, 111. Mildred Rich accompanied him aa far as Cedar Falls, where she remained to attend the homecoming this week-end. -Mrs. were QIUU'V v>«v,» • Mrs. Nate Tyler Hartley, week-end guests of Mr. . .. Geo. Stewart "Ocnrich returned Mrs. - !U 8|OUX city ' Voorhies and Hofmaster were 5E-JS„"?„ SSH * - e'5=™=-,5;! i, ' ------~ . (-!»"-: O L D I lors. Mrs. Hofmaster .-_ - •*» * "Jl IWll, ."I ,-). m | M. J J Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Swauson and from Corwith was here son George, Whittemore, visited Sunday evening at Mrs. Henry Lavrent's. George is a law graduate of De Pan university, Chicago, and passed his bar test last week at Des Mones. He hasn't permanently located as yet. Cntliryn McCall and James Griffith, Des Moines will spent next week-end with Cathryn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall. Cathryn is the national secretary of the Al- plla Iota s °rorlty at Des Moines, nr it,/ -Jwausun unUj""" 1 »-'>rwitn to vUsit hpr mini , OVJIUHLJT en. uea mumuH, Mr. and Mrs. II. n. Dobson drove "Aunt Jen" Widswm-ih w», i and James is foreman for the liq- In Tilll-f Tllll i-e,l.,,, _.... -I , . "" uo " ulul i WHO IS nnf />ntntvitn n | n « tit". ~-~ • - ___,., ^, — • -•• •-'• ^uufiuii urove '*uu. .j tin \wtncrvi-rii-i i, ...i, i Qenrieh returned Friday, to Hurt Thursday evening, and ""Proving slowly ' ° '" 5 from a state radio service .were entertained at the Ilollis Mrs. I). ?». ||,,f fninn Mft , v n , meeting at Des Moines. j Trainer homo at a duck dinner. Tonic, Le Mars, an Marcaret TTo?f" ; To m Kich moved Monday, Mr. nnd Mrs. Burdallo T. Agard n.nn. Chicago woro weekend vL C r farm home Into part of and daughter were dinner guests'""™ of the Dr Karl n nco Blnnchard's residence, i Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Fred Gra """ ™ " " '"" ' nm l Mrs. Louis Lykken, of , ham, Fort Dodge. Mr.'Graham 'is *~u n /1 o wDAlf fllTfl Slindfl,V Mif» •wrnatUti t* «,->« «v, ,. t m , ,-, •visited a week ago Sunday the wrestling coach at Fort Dodi/c |r. and Mrs. B. P. Richard- \\ w . F. Steele and James Bishop went to Des Moines Sunday, and •nrl It. Hoffman and Dr. H. fcn left Monday noon to alto-day dental^clinic at Fort Jfclsnn, Ruthven, spent two attended a men's clothiers convent! club ,. —•• **.n i ±v. ^lu Mrs. D. N. Hoffman is Dr. man's mother. Margaret a sister, and Mary is a niece. Virginia Morclc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Morck, pledged the Kappa Kappa Gamma society sor- clothiers convention, winch was .nrlty last week We os Hv at tho! C ' Wl Gl '° en h ° me ' The Mur ' hold at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. University of Minnesot v"r R inK' ^V^n 0 - on route to Florida. The Mr. nnd Mrs. Vaughn Uisilll ,, Mr .: is expected to come homo tor a two / amihe \ are "''' '"'-"'" """'"" irl MI-B W T> rii,.: , , ' . ,.,,.«i. ...., K, . ^ Jl'JHlt IOI a-WOrkRCl nf t v, p _ | , , n"" j-Linnii^, m i . ; ••• ^•M'*- l -i- I -'u i u UllJUl! Ill tfclsnn, Ruthven, spent and Mrs. E. R. Rising and daugh- i week-end November G with Mrs. H..M. Olson. | tor, Marion, Des Moine.s, spent i T 'i«' ffillowinu high s .1 T I1UQ nro. nlfl Hplinnl Qnn/ln.r ,..!4l. Tir....: i _. .... . . « _ ... i and Lillie are old school tjfnnly Tliayer and Mrs. A. both of Blue Earth, Minn., I Mrs. Henry iday. Lavreni! last . Johnson, Carroll, -was a fcallcr at the Dr. H. M. Ol- .-, • ' -...v.., »i|,^uLi ...-i,.ii^ ni^ii .school (each- Sunday with Marion's nnd Vaughn's! 0 ™ spent the week-end away grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira>^'"iTflee Young, English teacher H "" vcr - T „ .. i ilL D "venport; Lucille Ward, ele- Mrs. I{. I. Cratty went t< "' apolis Friday for a -'"entnry teacher, at Hefi, homo tagli cared for Mr. Cratty, her er, during the absc-nce of |Mr. Johnson is a brother of Cratty. Bson. Maliol Olson, lie's .Mnincs, •nil Mrs. B. R. Yeoman spent ' at Fort Dodge with Mrs. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson. »S. I!. Wilson was a Wednes|est of her son J. E. Wilson, Mr. Wilson owns and op,.i cafe there. iml Mrs. Sam Baylor spent |y nnd Sunday of last week TIC former's mother, Mrs. taylor, of Extra. lev. and Mrs. W. G. Muhle- 3 expected home sometime A from a two weeks trip to lisitinfi relatives. spent I-1 ,r«,m A Mrs r IP in ' week-end wit , hi M SV ° mothc ' r ......... "" J " 1 *-"' 111 -' 1 • kJtauitsj' student of dairy and econo- , , an econo- the week-end here with her broth- mics ^ the state college at Ames er, Dr. H. M. Olson. She is em-l JIrs - Patterson is a saleswoman at Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Weiher, Spen cer, were Saturday callers at Ra Work's, en roule to Davenport an> Chicago. Mrs. Weiher will visi relatives at Davenport, and Mr Weiher, who is a De Laval repre sentallve, will allend a convenllon at Chicago. Mr. Work is the loca Equitable Assurance company rep resentative. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Christensen. went to Spencer Sunday, wher they helped Mr. Christensen's falh er. Nels Chrislensen, celebrate his 85th birlhdoy. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chrislensen, of Graollinger, and Mr. and Mrs. L. M Chrislensen, Estherville. The three men are brolhers, sonsi of Nels Chrislensen. The Stanley Johnson family spent Friday and Saturday with Mr and Mrs. Geo. Anderson, Sioux City. Mrs. Johnson 1% a sister of Mr. Anderson's. Sunday they sponl Ihe day with Mr. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Johnson, Sioux Falls, S. D., returning home Sunday evening. Mr. Johnson is a local mail man. Mrs. Edw. KoTcy was taken to the Fairmont, Minn, hospital Sunday for rest pending a goitet operation. Her condition is considered poor. Her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ponsness, of Waterloo, spent tlie week-end here. Mrs. I-Jovey is Ardella Hovey's mother. Ardella is a saleswoman at the Kresensky store. Little Kent Link, son of Mr. and i, having Mrs. Thos. Link, is suffering, from — ,"V """ Dakota state i chicken pox and eczema. Mrs. soldiers home 18 years ago. Nellie • Link's mother, Mrs. 0. A. Renaud, Murray, a niece of Mr. Murray, ae- | Lynnville, came Friday for a stay companied them. of inde finite length to assist her Arln lliiklfen, Kenneth Cowan, daughter in the care of the sick andJJraydon Phillips spent Sunday b oy. Kent is a twin and there yre rie. At two other children in the family. lr.i-ir . T'-i? , ? £ Mr- Mr - Link is employed by the tele- IPhillips' parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. [phone company. 3I P< all( l 3j rSt c _ E _ S; j ostran| j i sti Peter, Minn., spent the week-end here with the Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand. Robert and Palmer uor commission. Mr. mid Mrs. Will F. Walker left Saturday on a winter tour through the U. S. En route they will spend two weeks with a daughte-r at Cedar Rapids, and two weeks with a son at Chicago. They may stay in Arkansas or Ihey may slay in California for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. Murray, Lisbon, N. D., spent the week-end at the C. W. Green home. The Mur- Margaret Fienc, R. N., daughter of the Rev. E. Fiene, Lotts Creek came Monday for a few days with Mrs. D. L. Driver. Miss Fiene has boarded with Mrs. Driver while she was attending the Algona high school, of which she is a graduate. She has just received her R. N. degree from the Fort Wayne hospital Fort Wayne, Ind., and will continue with her nursing somewhere in Iowa. Mrs. Allen T. Bonn, Kansas City, came last week Tuesday and on lior way here she visited sisters Mrs. P. 0. Dorweiler, West Bend Virs. Budd Lawson, Corwith, and Earl Hutchison, and Mr. and Mrs John Hutchison. Earl and John are brothers of Mrs. Dean's. Here she visited her mother, Mrs. R, J. Hutchison, leaving Sunday she vis- ted another sister , Mrs. H G Decker, Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. IVin. F. Steele moved into the Will Walker residence •I 600 south Dodge street Monday, ^hey have been residing with the M S r£ eles for the l3st two months. The Steeles own and op- irate the Steele clothing store Mrs. Cal Jensen, Los Angeles, ormerly Lois Gillet left for the re- urn trip home Sunday after a veek with the Mesdames N V Lowe and Harry McCorkle EHielyn and Evelyn Sletten, Vai- ey City, N. D., came Saturday to rtsit Duane Jensen and his mother, njured in an auto accident Friday Phillips, and Vietta Alstine. Mr. Phillips is Ihe manager of the new Cowan paint store. Aria is a clerk at the James drug 01, j-n. ji. m. ui»uii. 0110 is em-i 1 "" 1 ' i-"".Luisim is a sale ployed with the old ago assistance tlla , 1ion Franklin store. Commission dnnnrtnin-if nC t./.^j.,! rilfhollV ivnmnn in'll today (Tuesday) and commission department of social i ''""' welfare. | annual „, , iuusuily) anu Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Robinson and tomorrow at the St. Cecelia's acad- daughter Joan left for their homo em - v> Dinner will be served each at Kansas City, Kans., after a week ev c''lng beginning at 5 o'clock. Fol- with the T. U. Robinsons. The L. I lowin S dinner, there will be danc- -—- --«o «.-.-.. i oju»Liiuiu. nuui^ri, ana Jraimer Mrs. Margaret Holinnster attend- jSellstrbm and Gertrude Nelson, slues d the funeral of a distant relative, dents of the Gustavus Adolphus col- Wesley Drew,_59, who was buried lege accompanied the Sjostrands i .1 r. • , , Il0l , d their Saturday at Clear Lake. He died rt'J/l?l,f^ nr»,i -irr_., ,. - , .... . . onson.s. e L. , ere w b E. Robinsons arc parents of T. L. i inc aml KJimes of all kinds. Robinson. I Mary Giscli, Pioneer came a Mrs. A 0. Sonerholm of Crystal | a so Monday for two weeks AVednesday of a heart attack at Haywarden. He had been to see "Aunt Jen" two weeks ago and was in perfect health at the time. Mr. . Drew was a coffee salesman Hills Bros. for Mrs. Gail Towne took her daugh- . -,. - iter, Mrs. Lyle Bernum, to Mason p.uents, Mr. and Mrs. L. City Saturday, where the latter met Ifl 11 IO i*mni«c« C71iAJ. A n_1 *i i < - - . __ J^lltllf-l iw.vvi... .-».• J.I llLH.il OU11 1J3 il, UtlU^ll •Joscpliine Soutlignte spent Sonerholm. ek-cnd at the home of Tena Mrs. S. E. Olski, C Britt. Mrs. Soulhgate is came Thiirsdnv fur n ' u«, u $-, 11 it, i r> *\ n inc tiiiu _,, - - — 7 — -« i«.im. iixt a, jj, i v_,n,y out uruiiy \v JIG 1*6 ino icittcr inct ss z-HTs-swr^! ;fla"«"=s arrsias^Ks^iK^s^^^rL^a Anderson is a dauehter of Afi-s. U1 ° school was dismissed for twnlmo,. n,,v,ii^o TV,,,,,,,, i, .,1. ..._t t ».i ,,.„.„„ iiuimib, MI. ana Mrs. tho school was dismissed for for a corn-picking iBritt. Mrs. Southgate heo Herbst's mother, fcnd Mrs. Hollis Trainer, of pill move some day this the new remodeled Pratt ocated on Nebraska street •Poll Hutchison, Mrs. J. L. land Mrs. G. W. Stillman i leave today for a two-day lith friends at Cedar Rapids. joxiiimtely 250 attended the hicken supper given by the luthcran Aid Thursday even"he women cleared over $80. lorl'nync and Catherine Sel- po are both taking nurses' .; nt Mercy hospital, Mason wnt last week Tuesday here. |F,d Telkmnp, Blair.sburg, left' for her home after a visit ', Wednesday at Henry Furst's. Furst is a brother of Mrs. • IP. i Illi'ssic Olson, Des Moines, | Mabel spent th'e: [nd with Dr. and Mrs. H. M.! Dr. Olson is Mrs. Bessie! son. I •nil )lrs. George Good, Spirit; Ipont the week-end with Mr. 1 mother, Mrs. Walter Good. is an express agent at I [Lake. I 1 n"-I .Mrs. CT! Van Ho-! |cnt Sunday with Mrs. Van t i fathfir, 0. H. Stearns, Es- i They also visited friends > lit Lake. nnd Isalidle Kain. and Mrs. prenscn drove to Graettinger ! lay to visit Mrs. Sorensen'sj I Mrs. Robert Simonsen, the' | Sue Morlan. i 1 5frs. j. p. Overmyer left i lay for two weeks at the Ov- parental home at Lindsey, I Overmyer also has bus- Interests there. i IVnuslm liisiii)?. Mrs. Julius i | Mrs. frank Capesius and Evelyn, and Mrs. Steve drove to Fort Dodge last: Way for iho day 1 lAdiuii I{,.r|p, who has been | F8 from complications re-1 I ironi a cold, has been ill in | ja under the care of a trained , |°r about a week. ; Sheldon, came last, . ........ .,. ... V.V,™,, >.'cdar Rapids !.•''''• IIII(I Mrs. George House, o£ came Thursday for a brief visit !^, t . ui ' s ' Pa -> an & their daughter with her sister, Martini Gilbrid, ass '° cflm e Monday for a week two j mer Burdine Towne, had ' visited her parents since a week: ago Sunday. The Bernums will . make their home in an apartment in who returned with Mrs. Gclski Saturday morning for u stay of indefinite length. I Harvey l.iltroll, Ross Cutler, and) Audrey Frilx attended tlie Cedar i Falls homecoming over the week-j end. Carmen Roskopf accompanied i tlicm as far as Waterloo. All are! local tcacliDrs. I Itlltll McMtilKill, Garner, came Fri- I day evening to spend tho week-e-nd with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Ruth drove to Mason! City Saturday on business. She tenches at Garner. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mervin Foote, Cordia, Kans., came Thursday to visit Mrs. Footo's mother, Mrs. Frank Shilt.s. Mr. Foute left Saturday morning but Mrs. Foote remained for a longer visit. 'I'lie Win. C. Dims visited Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carstcn, Ituywrti'den, a! week ago Sunday. Mr. Carstcn. was | formerly an Armour salesman' hero, but now operates u meat market at Haywarden. .Mrs. Itcniicc Domiiier former! saleswoman at the Clirisehilles 1 store, will have an opening of aj now hosiery, lingerie, and corset-j ry shop ncxi Saturday at the Tiny Tot Toggery, at Fort Dodge. Mr. nnd Mrs. Can-oil Johnson i spent the week-end at Hampton,j wlic-ro they visited friends. Mr. Johnson manages the D-X oil stn- tion and Mrs. Johnson i.s H saleswoman at the Cuniinings store. Kloanor Krnscr went to Pipestone, Minn, with Mrs. C. C. Hickman Friday afternoon for a brief visit till Tuesday. Kleanor is tho author of "Up and Down the Street" in the Saturday Shopper. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Larson, Forest City, and little son Wayne, were Friday visitors at Mayor C. F. Specht's. Mrs. Larson is the daughter of tho Spechts. Mr. Larson is the owner of a Forc-st City hatchery. Dr. S. W. Mcjcr underwent tt tonsillectomy Friday at tho General hospital, where ho is tho house doctor, and his sister Opal underwent a tonsillectomy Saturday. Charles City. and visited their respective parents. The Rev. Mr. Sjostrand is a son of the C. E. Sjostrand's, and is the minister of the First Lutheran church here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Keith Kiepp, Waterloo are leaving today (Tuesday) for their home, having been guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Johnson since Thursday. Sunday Mrs. Johnson entertained at a family dinner and , . Mrs. W. B. Guy and grandfather, D. L. Jones, Lu Verne. Mrs. Kiepp is Mrs. Johnson's sister. Mrs. Johnson is a saleswoman at the Cum 1 mlngs store. |Ki!l!iH!l!l!i!!!ll!!!ll!l!l!!Ji!J|||||M Sport Coat ale! Fitted Reefer Balmacaan Raglan Swagger Boxy There's frost V the air, but you won't mind it when you're wearing one of these luxuriously warm sport coats in novelty woolens TODAY—TUESDAY M, GABGAN, OBIEN HATWAED in "SHE ASKED FOK IT" •8-Thnrs,, Oct. 20-21 m. daily. AbwefAll-Am.ri«n |-"*» Hi in' W HiUrlly" . FRF 0 SFONE GLORIA SIUARI :Dick BALDWIN Ndt Rendition Friday-Satur., Oct. 22-23 JANE WITHERS —and— Her gun totiu' Grandpappy in «WIU) AND WOOLLY" Plus POPEYE "I Never Changes My Altitude" and "Will You Stop" $10 and $15 Made to sell for $12.95 and $17.50 Lined and Interlined Every wanted style, in sizes for women and misses, but a limited number in each PAGE SEVEN nera Olivia, Minn. Duane and hi. mother are slowly recovering a the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Jensen suffered head injuries and cracke( vertebra in her neck. Duane's back is broken. The Sletlen girls are registered nurses and intend to care for Duane and'his mother. 3Ir. nnd Mrs. Geo. Hackman Sr. and daughter, Mrs. Fred Geigel, are expected home this week from Knoxville, Tenn., where they have been visiting the formers' son George Jr. two weeks. Mrs. Matt Kelly is on the farm in the mean- .ime. The Hackmans took Mr. -laokman'B sister, Mrs. William Mullica, Ortonville, Minn., to Decatur, 111., where she visited rela- .ives while the Hackmans were in Tennessee. Mrs. Mullica was born and reared on the Hackman farm here. Mr. and Mrs. John Becker and Julius, of St. Joe, returned from Comfry, Minn., a week ago Monday, where they had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lenertz. The Messrs, and Mesdames Becker and Lenertz were married 36 years ago at a double wedding ceremony. | They celebrated their double wedding anniversary at a card party and a dance at the Comfry hall, where 50 families gathered in their honor. The Beckers also visited at her brother Don Knoll's, al Rockwell ,Minn., and at another brother Peter Knoll's, at St. Cloud. 2 FEATUBES — 21« WEDNES. THRU SATUB. BOB LIVINGSTON —in— "GUN SMOKE RANCH* Feature No. 2 MASTER SLEUTH SOLVES C 'THE PAINTED STALLIOH* MOREfMRRTDRE/lEf Hand knotted fringe on the sash of a two- tone crepe frock. 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