The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1897
Page 9
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THE UPPER BES MOlNlSt ALQONA, IOWA W1BNBSBAY AtTGtJST 25 4 1891 •*—*— >->-- —- - -- ~ — •-*--.•..-.. . / . .... . . -._-....,. ,, .,..„_.,_,._.-„..,,., ..... . ... ADVICE TO FARMERS. and Adtantageotii Way to Sell Farm Product*. ! Independent shippers of grain to i begin to realize that they have THE WATER WE USE, vate r loses much organic perco] atlng through the soil. Qk-11 .. ° """"O" <-"« SUII. ! avoS cT Wat6r i8 S enera »y to be obstacle to surmount. The j "' ' b P rin S water is the very best, uonal grain shippers over a L , s . p ^ ce about we "s is usually con- big states tributary to Chicago I iammatea with household refuse and an army. Many of them have j ° r !? nic fl " h of a » kinds. rich from the farmers' wagons i , * , ' with a water surface twenty 25 years' stay at their stations, j , . be , 1 . ow / ro « nt i may drain an area of them have private banks, °| eigtlty feet radlu s or ICO feet in : have bought farms, all are pros- j me er> This house has not a word depth of ground water of only a these people. It is not doing , oot over an acre of sub-stratum would furnish a season's supply to an ordi- IOWA REPUBLICANS. WORK OF THE STATE CONVENTION LAST WEEK. iiess with them. It is doing busi- trith an army of farmers. It has producers the best practical help ithe railroads made the big central kets possible. If 10,000 farmers discovered that ber use for buyers, they they have no 1,000 have country a per- right to go past them, fill their cars, and ship their own grain. years ago farmers discovered the old reaper and the old double otel one-horae corn cultivator were i slow. They left them in the fence aers and bought improved machin- The manufacturers did not kick. nary spring. Very few farm-houses there art, without some polluting collection of organic matter within contaminating distance of such a well. As a rule no cases of contagious diseases are evc-r communicated by artesian well water, though this may be heavily charged with mineral matter. Water passing through soil may become purer instead of more contaminated, because of mechanical filtration, action of bacteria inhabiting the upper layers of soil and by oxyge-nation. Deep wells (fifty feet o:- over) pa-ss- met the demand with self-bind- | Ing through impermeable stratum usu- i and riding sulky plows. The world grown tired of many old things. farming world is getting tired of others to do what it can do it- If farmers wish to desert the shippers (who may have been Jed 40 years ago), no amount of shness on the part of the ship- r cin stop them. Grain shippers an organ to keep up their cour- s Their publication has again filled jrtumns with abuse of the farmers' dission house. It is a case of sore They howl because they are hurt. farmers understand this sort of made on the house which has iem in touch with Chicago. Their to us show that they believe ct, viz., that if there is enough in shipments to fight for, the Hers want that margin. All that is tneeded to spread direct shipments 3 me well-developed opposition. irs are in * frame of mind to do as they please this year. We ome any fair and honorable at- from the paid organ of grain [jets, and will see that its attacks .veil spread before independent tiers and independent thinkers in jjusand farming communities. We assurances that our efforts in be- of fanners will be fully ap- lated and reciprocated. Any man Jny house may be glad of a fair Icism from the enemy with such an at his back, but unjust, malig- , attacks, made with the intention Ilifying and injuring us, are differ- i Farmers never were in better tem- Fto demand their full rights and I profits, for their labor than they to-day.—-H. H. Carr. ally give very nure water. The impurities from tho surface can not get through tho clay and other impervious stratum. On« ur the Fniiilly. "And now children, what i.s n centurion' Well. "• :1 " -• "Please ina'itm. my brother is ono." "Your In-other is one;" "Vos. niu'iun, he mmlo a century last Sunday.-' I'u 11 for Hor. '•Does Miss Merry hiuile upon your suit' Chtmifiley;" "Smile; She laughs (ill you cciu hear her a block every time 1 propose." HlH Kxphitmtlon. "I'd like toknow,'' said Edith, "why they look at a horse's teeth to tell his age?" "Huh! that's easy nnough," replied Davie "If they're false he's old; that's all." Try Allen's Foot Ease. A powder to be shaken into tlit shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It coola the feet and makes walking easy. Cures and prevents swollen and sweating feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial package FREE. Address, Allea S. Olmstead, Le Roy. N. Y. M, Shaw Nntncd for Governor— Something About the Nominee—Ills AssocmteM on the Ticket—The I'lut- forni as It Rpntls: The Republicans of Iowa met at Cedar Rapids Aug. 18 and named the following state ticket Governor LESLIE M. SHAW Lieutenant Governor. J. C. MILLIMAN Judge Supreme court CHARLES M. WATERMAN Railroad Commissioner CHARLES L. DAVIDSON Supt. Public Instruction RICHARD C. BARRETT Mr. Shaw is new to politics in this state, having had his introduction last year. He appeared in the campaign as a surprise, for he possessed a greater fund of information on the money question than almost any other speaker in the state and he had a forcible and telling way of expressing himself. This was largely the basis of his victorious gubernatorial candidacy. He is 49 years old and was born in Vermont. He came west when a young man and worked his way through college, being a graduate of Cornell College, Iowa, in 1S73. and of the state university law school In 1876. HP. has always been successful In business, and his interest in educational and philanthropic matters Is a lively ono, and has been helpful to his town. Mr. Shaw is prominently identified with the Methodist church and has been a lay delegate in three general conferences. Captain Milliman was born in Saratoga County, New York, and is just 50 years old. He came to Iowa in 1865. and in 1869 was elected county recorder of Harrison County and held the office eight years. He was for a time a banker, but in 1884 went into the rea estate and loan business, in which he is still engaged with Almor Stern. He was elected to the legislature in 1893 ory recently won. frnd confident In tkt belief hat n still InrRer majority nfralts then) lit the •lost* of trip contest noiv open. They review with the utmost satisfaction the •nmpnlgn last yenr, ami congratulate not only :he republican*, but all the people upon the :rltitnt>hant ele'.-tlon of William MeKlnlr.y ai resident of the United States, and ntshty eom- m'lwl his wisdom and enerfry In directing the whole force of the nilmlnlstnulon toward the arly nnd complete fulfillment of nil pledges of the platform at St. Louis. They npplnml the acts of congress In so fjulck- • reforming the tariff from a menace BRnlnst the Interests of this country Into nn adequate protection for the m»n and women of tho L'nited States. And with ftratlfleatlon they refer to the efforts of thu senators und representatives from li>wn. so Influential In the prompt passage of this niensnre.. tender these .auspicious conditions this eon- ntlon declare* the following principle*, upon which It nslts the oontldcnce and seeks the suffrages of the voters of Iowa: It rpiifllrin* nnd adopts In every part (ho declaration of principles announced by the republican national convention In 180(1 and pledges for liiwn that the elect Inn In November licit shall be n still more emphatic evidence of the strength and Justta" of repnhllean doctrines. It again especially declares for piotcctlon and honest money. It dtniMids a most rigid economy, consistent with pvhllc welfare. In all governments, national, state, and municipal, to the und that the burdens of tHxpayeis will IKS lessened. It demands n system uf taxation that will justly distribute among tho taxpayers the amount necessary for public expenditures, and It Insists Hint nil Individuals and voriiorntlons, In whatever business tl.ey may be engaged, shall l,e fo taxed that Ihey shall not escape their fair and proportlunate share of the burdens. It recognizes and Insists upon the broad and fundamental principle that government among men Is Instituted to Insure fair and equal opportunity to every human being In the struggle of life. Unit to afford such opportunity selfishness must be rchukcd, avarlclousness held lu check, and power of combination restrained. And the republican party Invokes Its birth and history as a guarantee of Its pledge that It exists "illy In do Justice among men, to add dignity ami riimrurt to the lives of the poor, and In Inalif eiiuittlty of opportunities not an ub- slnu't him, lint a living reality, \Vi> point with satisfaction and pride to the long rccoid of wise and economical administration of state affairs by the republican party, to the benevolent Institutions established and splendid edifices erected nnd paid for, on a rate of taxation uniformly below that of our ulster states. We commend the general assembly for Its earnest and thorough erTorts to rcducu tho expenses of government to the lowest piauttcahle point. We Indorse the capable nnd faithful adraln-, latratlon of Oovernor Drake, and trust that ho may early mid complete restoration to health and enjoy a long life In the state which he 1mu' served with such honorable distinction upon, the tleld of battle and In high olllclul post tlous. We congratulate the farmers of the Hulled States In the selection of .lames Wilson UH seo- retary of agriculture. Ills eminent fitness for the honorable place he holds and his earnest steal for the development of agriculture, combine to make him not only the pride of tho state but of the nation. We believe In the justice of thoso laws hero- Ont of Politic*, Reporter—How many years hftve yon \been in public life? StntcsrtiftB—Twenty-four. Reporter—But your biographer says twenty-eight. Statesman—He includes four years that I was vice president. Confinement and Ilnrrt Work Indoors, particularly in a sitting posture, nre tar more prejudicial to henlth thnn excessive muscular exertion in the open nlr. Hard sedentary workers are far too weary after office hours to take much needful exercise in the open Air. They often need a tonic. Where can they seek invigoration more certainly and agreeably than from Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a renovant particularly adapted to recruit theexhaust- ed force of nature. Used also for dyspepsia, kidney, liver and rheumatic ailments. Lands near \Vntfonville, Cal., that formerly went teunntless at $0.50 per aero now lease for *T per acre for the cultivation of the sugar beet. Prospectors' Mn|i of Utnh. The PnssengQr Department of tho Rio Grande Western Railway has just, issued an up-to-date map showing all mining districts of record, together with an outline sketch of the older districts, and calling special attention to several partially developed regions which have recently shown important tmcoveriugs of cold and'copper, now attvnctiiiE notice of prospectors, investors and others. For copies of this valuable map address, F. A. WAIII.KHIH. O. P. A., Salt Lake City, Utah. 'Iho Original Summer Man—Browne"Who started the fad of going to the mountains;" Towne — "Mohammed, 1 bo- lievo." Tho success of nn ciluciitlonal Institution Is Inillcnlod in no small ilngroo liv the numbers who glvo U their imtromiuc irora year to yenr. A consultation of tho record lv oi<s of the New KriRluml Conservatory of Music. Boston, Muss., reveals n stiulonl membership or something like (10,000 S'Tieo Its fnuridlnu, with a present nt- lendunceo®rom ],5uO to 2 OOU nnnunllv. This evidence, when tnUen in connoollon with tho careful work do-icnt the ConHorvutory, is convincing proof of the cfllcloncyof the school nnd miikeslt llitlo wonder that Its reputation is world-wido. "A certain man lived in our town, Aud ho was wondrous wise: He rend the bargain talk each day Of stores that advertise." WISE Those Wno Heed the First toms of Nervous Derangement* GKAiNS OF GOLD. Irnestness is self-denial at work. is hard for self to see the other you would outwit the devil, keep . e dog •vrith a gold collar is still ad man. sees little good in otlier React the Advertisements. •will enjoy this publication i better if you \viil get into the |t of reading the advertisements. will afford a most interesting 1 and will put you in the way of cf some excellent bargrains. Our gi-tisers are reliable, they send , they advertise. greatest length of England and ad, north and south, is about (508 ' Kay's Renovator builds up the iierv- lyhteni and worn out tissue, renovates le systeui and rnakej the weak g. See advt, j-tland, Ore., claims to have 100 mil- ires, d. K o nts or nervousness after Bay's use of Dr. Jihne's Ciieat Serve Kestoror. •for PRIEE 83.00 trial bottle and treatise. ' U, KMNii.Ua,. 931 Arcti St.. Philadelphia. Pa. lakes time to age wtiisKsy ; but it does eke long to age the man who drinks it. [hi en 1 6 Your Dowels With Cascarcts, Cjitliartlc, Pure ponstlputlon forever. 10e. t G. l«n, druggets ratup^l mpuoy. al\ men, Hve4 as they should, what ", become of the doctors? Teacher—What is n pedestrian? Johnny Stjuanch—A feller that gets run over by n bicycle, ma^am. There is 11 CliiHH of People \Vho are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIX-0 made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee, The i most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over % as much. Children may driuk it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 2"> cts. per package. Try it. Afik for GllAIN-O. I hate to see things done by halves. If it be right do it boldly; if it bo wrong, leave it undone.—Gilpin. Parson—I hope you little boys respect your father und obey your mother? Bey— Rather! She cau lick father, she can. Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy specialists in the world. Road their advertisement in another column of this paper. "What large features she 1-as!" ''Yes, I don't believe it would be easy to stare her out of countenanco." My doctor said I would die, but Piso's Cure for Consumption cured me.—Amos Keluer, Cherry Valley, Ills., Nov. 28, '05. Drunkards usually hava a circular line about their chin. Mrs. TFlnslow's Soothing 8yrup For children teething softens tho guiiiH.redii Intlam matlun.alluj-s pain, cures wind colic. 26 cents a bottle. Greater Glasgow, with a population of S58.000 has only 404 medical men, or ono doctor to 1,72U of population. Hegemaii's Camphor Ice with Glycerine Cures Chapped Hands and Face, Tender or Sore Foot, Chilblains, 1'ilen, &a. C. Q. Clark Co., New Haven, Ot. There is but one factory in Japan whore leather shoes are mado, The natives, except those about the court, wear sandals of straw and wood. No-To-Bno for i'lft.y Cents, Guaranteed tobucco habit cure, makes woaU mon ttiong, blood pure. SUo, H. All druggists, -A chain bridge over the Merrimao Kiver at Amesbury is'said to be the oldest suspension bridge iu the United States. ; Jt Don't Tolmcco S|iU and Mnoio Vour laTn Ana;. Toqulttobaccoeasily and forever, botniT netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-Bac, tho wonder-worker that makes v.-^alt men strong. All drugcists, fiUcor $1. CuTn guaranteed. Bookletaudsamplefroo; odcl.- Sjerling Remedy Co., Chicago or Now York. It is estimated that greater quantities of gold and silver have lieou sunk in the sea, Mian are now in circulation on earth. Hull's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75o. Special from Mrs. • A doll, aching pain at the lower part of the back and a sensation of little rills of heat, or chills running do-Wti the spine, are symptoms oi general womb derangement. If these symptoms are not nied by leucor- rhcea, they i precursors jflT->£T T Li^^M \ of that •weakness. It ia worse than folly to neglect these symptoms. Any woman of oom-»- mon sense will take steps to cure herself. She will realize that her generative system \ Is in need of help, and that a good restorative medicine is a positive necessity. It must be a medicine with specific virtues. As a friend» a woman friend, let me advise the use of Lydia B Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. If your case hns progressed so that a troublesome discharge is already established, do not delay, take the Vegetable Compound at once, so as to tone up your whole nervous system ; you can get it at any reliable drug store. (> You ought also to \ise a local application, or else the corrosive discharge will set up an inflammation and hardening of the parts. Mrs. Pinkham's Sanative Wash is put up in packets at 25 cents each. To relieve this painful condition this Sanative Wash is worth its weight in gold. i MBS. QEORQK W. SIIEPABD, Watorvliet, N. Y., says : " I am glad to state that I am cured from the worst form of female weakness. I was troubled very much with leucorrhrea, bearing-down pains and backache. Before using Mrs. Pinkham's Remedies it seemed that I had no strength at all. ' I wr\8 in pain all over. I began to feel better after taking the first dose of Vegetable Compound. I have used five bottles, and I feel like a new woman. I know if other suffering women would only try it, it would help them." Tell a nmu the truth about himself, without mentioning names, uud he IK not mir- I>rised to lieur such stories on liis neighbor. w To Cure CoiiHtlimMon Jforover TuliO OiscurotN Candy Callmrtli; lOoorZ'io. C. C. C. lull to c'uro, clrumilsLs rotund nionoy. II The drought in Australia will make necessary the importation oC a liirge amount of wheat from California this vo:ir. TA C^Can be made working; for us. t\J $OO r m t!eB preferred wlio can (?ivo tliclr ,__.. whole Umo to tho buslntwi. Bpnre PPf* WhrK hours, though, may bu protltn lily fin- i vi T» ivu/ix p| oyo( j_ Good openings for town and olty work OR well na country districts. -J. K. GIFFOJ{1>, llth A Main BU., Ittcbmond, Va. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 35—1897. When nnswerlng lulvortlsemenU pluasu tula pupur. uuutlun GUNS AMMUNmoN ' POWDER, SHOT, IpjMa&kfts AND TRAPS, SHELLS LOADED TO ORDER, uillY. n. Milnrr. Mr. MllucrliuclnirKcoroiiri;iiinlf|iiirtiiifiit. SPORTING GOODS, BICYCLES AND BICYCLE SUNDRIES, FISHING MATERIAL, TENTS, CAMPERS' AND HUNTERS' OUTFITS, TENNIS, BASE BALL, GYMNASIUM GOODS, GOLF, FOOT BALL, CAHERAS, FILMS, PLATES, PHOTOGRAPHERS' SUPPLIES. W T> r^TT A CT7 JOBBER AND RETAILER, . ± . l^JJLj!\.i5JLj, 618-620 LOCUST ST., DBS MOINES, IOWA. If You Need Renovating Take .7 LESLIE M. SHAW, Republican Candidate for Governor of Iowa. was built in V8T3. AN OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. '•' &8&«^P™3%F*SSstSS&SS ' " <'J?JTOHE5?/8 OASTOBIA," AS OUR IRAIJE MARK, [L ,DR. 8AMUEU PITCHER, of Byannis, Massa of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same does now S7x _//rVV ?, ** °™ ever V >. signature of (&&XS&&&4C wrapper, ^original ''PITCHER'S CASTQfilA," which has been homes of the mothers of America for over thirty -' '' a f ike wrapper and see that it is wrap* signature, of authority from m* to use my name except Da Not -Bq and re-elected in 1895. Friends from all parts of Iowa urged him to enter the present contest, as he is considered to be well fitted for the duties of a presiding officer. Judge Waterman is a native of Kentucky. He was born in 1847, and came to Iowa in 1854. He has lived in Scott county since 1863. He received his education principally in the public schools, followed by a three years' course in a private academy. He was admitted to the bar in Scott county in 1873. He has been a member of the legislature and ; eity: attorney of Davenport. He ' was'- appointed district judge in June, 1887, to fill a vacancy. He was elected that fall for the unexpired term, overcoming a Democratic majority of 4,000 and being elected by 2,500 majority. Since then he has been indorsed by both parties. Mr, Barrett has been county superintendent of schools of Mitchell County for twejve years. He was born in Waverly, Iowa, in 1858. He was educated in the public and private schools of the state, graduating from Cornell College > at Mount Vernon, holding the honorary degree of M. A. from that institution. His whole life has been devoted to educational worjc. He was five tfcnes elect-. 'ed superintendent of Mitchell 'County without opposition. He has held several positions in educational work, among them president of the state teachers' association, member of the educational council, member of the legislative committee and member of the Jowa State Teachers' Reading Circle board. He aas taught in or lectured before more than thirty teachers' institutes. He has been chairman of the Republican county committee and president of the Fourth District Repub- lipan league. -He' has always bees an active party worker, a n<l has a genial wbtph, has made all over the state. hlaj many Rajlrqad Commissioner Davidson Is fcupwn to al) IfiwftQi »s an effl- o$cial |n t&e ppslttfln fqr Which toforo vimctnd bj- republican loglBlnturcB, secur- .ng t« einploycB of ruilwnys thu rlislit to In- leninlt.v for ptM'Koiml Injuries rusultlnt,' from cKllKiMio't', and wu fuvor Buch k'Klslution IIB umy bi' found ni'i-csHiiry to perfect Hucli \-\s\\l mil prevent Us Impulriueut ur uulllUcutlou lu letter or spirit. II inviirorutCH ami ronuwH the wholu syslcm. A perfoct renovator, removing tho ciuisu. t-ciiA lor our ii(3Y.- U,--pui;o ljuok with iitl rovlpcs. Mi. Andy Whltmor. of liust Clii- ei^.'o, Intl., wrlies: "1 would not tul'O Jl I for your book It 1 ouultl not KOI unotbor." Will Bond it now for a stamp. Address Dit. B. J. KAY MBUicAh Co., OMAUA, NKH. THE CHILD AND THE BEARS. Since the legendary days of Romulus and Remus many instances have been recorded where beasts of prey, having opportunity,have refrained from harm- Ing a small child. The Pittsburg Dispatch cites an interesting Incident of. th'ls character. Little Helma Ursler wandered away from her home near Snowshoe, Penn., one day in the fall and was swallowed up In the wilds of the Allegheny mountains. The greatest alarm was felt, and for two days every man, woman and child, of the neighborhood turned out to beat the woods. On the third day four lumbermen found the little girl a mile and a half from her. home in the dense wood,playing with two bear cubs. The men called to her, and with a glad cry she ran toward them. The two bear cubs began to 'whine, and a moment afterward a large female bear dashed out from the underbrush, evidently to dispute the right of the men to carry off ner protege. The men had their axes, and after a hard struggle they dispatched the beast, and took the cubs for pets—a fine reward for the bear's care of the child! Fritz Yanseer, one of the lumbermen, was badly lacerated in the arm by the bear's jaws. Helma was uninjured by her sojourn among the bears and. was soon restored to her anxious parents. A NEW WAY TO YOUR GRAIN. I NSTEAD of Belling your grain at home send It to us and EK.VO middleman's protlt. Wu liavo Saved tUhur FurmcrH r riiau«nn<U of Dollar*. Wliy liun't 1'OC try 111 Address for full particulars, ' 1)4 Board of Trade, ft CHICAGO. STANDARD OF THE WORLD Dinner pails are being made with a reversible reservoir in place of a cover, the two portions being of the same circumference, with one side much longer than the other, and a flange between the two to rest on tho pail rim, th,us decreasing the size of the empty n,ea,rjy Not absolute certainty, for that isn't anywhere, but as near to it as possible. The Columbia of 1897 is the culminative finish of an evolution of twenty years of best bicycle building. 1896 COLUMBIAS $60 1897 HARTFORDS 50 HARTFORDS Pat. 2 .... HARTFORDS Pat. 1 .... HARTFORDS Pats. 5 and 6 40 30 POPE MANUFACTURING CO,, Hartford, Conn. II Columblas are not properly represented la your vlciully, let us know. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIRRENEWER Beautifies and restores Gray Hair to its original color and Vitality; prevents baldness; cures itching and dandruff. A fine hair dressing. B. j». Ban & Co., props., Nashua, J*. Sola by ftll For next 30 days we will sell this machine for $1, , to advertise same. MERICAW TRUSS (enc» (or per rod. co., TREMOHT, 10. .„,— _auil for book of truatuiuut Free. »r. olluf wul ucrt'u wornt anu OPIUM MOHPHINt and WHISKY HABITS, MOJU9.0VKB. Upok 1'KEB, »T."• & ' i j «* rli

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