The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1897
Page 5
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THE UPPER MS MOlNESt ALGONA, IOWA, WEBM^DAY, ATOtJBT25, 1801 at these prices. Clothes Wringers A wood frame, cog wheel Wringer for RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. ., „ M>CAL TRAINS WSST. No.l departs at 9:05am No. 3 departs at 3:58 pm ..Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departsat 7 12:16ptn No.71 departs at 6:28pm No. 65 departsat.. 8:30pm „ „ TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45am No.4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 7eT departs at 8:30pm No.94 departs at Q:30pm R. F. HEDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m Pass 7:07am North- Mixed Pocket Knives A double-bladed warranted Pocket Knife for 25c mas Y:UT am ureigut .is:au am Mixed 12:55 amPass 2:33 pm Mixed 8:00pm Mixed 10:3Bp m F. H. VESPER, Agent. 7:07 a m AT&1A.CU >••>•• I -W I ** *" Freight .12:30 am Guns and Loaded Shells. A double-barrel shot gun, with rebounding front action locks, steel barrel, pistol grip stock and choke bore, for the next two weeks goes for $12.00.; These prices are only good for the next two weeks. Guns will be 25 per cent, higher after the new tariff is in force. HARDWARE, STOVES, and Steel Ranges at bottom prices. Please call and get our figures. THE LOCAL FIELD. Hogs were $3.50 yesterday. Tomorrow is Redmen's day. Corn will need all of September. Read the rules for the primaries. Durdall's store has new paint and paper. Tho Bancroft railway well is down 437 feet. A new roof is being put on the Jones & Stacy mill. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Taylor aro in New York city buying fall goods. Tho weather has been delightfully cool for a week—too cool for corn. Dexter Jones got 23i bushels of wheat to the acre on Asa A. Brunson's farm. Robinson's hardware is making some prices this week that are worth looking at. Is J. R. Jones going to run against a democrat, or against a half-way republican? A little girl came to Prank Winkel's Sunday. Frank now has four boys and four girls. Watch for James Patterson's special Saturday sales. It may be money in your pocket. A. H. Paine is building a big barn on the old farm southeast of town. The foundation is in. The Wetmore Truss. THIS TRUSS MURDERS Mel Illu. I WEAR THB WSTWORS TRUSS A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles- no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and It stays Just where it is placed. „,„„„., The cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money refunded. Don't Duy any other truss before trying this For sale and guaranteed by W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, I A. M, P. HAGGARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.l Abstracts, Real Este Collections, The Mitchell & Lamson meat market is closed. The partners decided to do business separately. A new boiler is one of tho recent improvements at the McComb laundry. The old one was played out. Z. S. Barrett is the new postmaster at Wesley. He will be a good one. His appointment was made Friday. The new primary election scheme will give every man a chance to go and quietly vote for the men he wants. Ignatz Wernert, who has been almost totally blind, has been operated on by Dr. Shore, and may regain his sight. Manager White has secured Maro, the great slight-of-handman, for a date in October. Maro is said to equal Hermann. There is nothing slow about Algona. The same company that opens McVicar's theatre opens the Call opera house. Dr. Morse repaired a hair lip for the little son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Carlson of Swea City, Monday. They came to Algona, THE UPPER DES MOINES sends out this week a lot of interesting matter about the coming state fair. It is to be a great fair, Bev. J. E. Boy, D. D. of Chicago, will-occupy the pulpit at the Congregational church next Sunday morning and evening. Markets are fluctuating so from day to day that local prices aro uncertain. Flax'is at $1, wheat 80 cents or more, oats 15, corn 18 or more. J. J. Ryan is about Algona. Can it be that he thinks there is a chance? If James wants to be tho legislative nominee we are for him. The Algona district Methodist conference was held atBuffaloCenter Monday. Revs. Yetter, Southwell, and others went from Algona. Up in John Grove's town of Morris wheat was 82 cents, barley 20, flax 90, and oats 15 on Aug. 20. John says Morris is the farmer's paradise. Secretary Butler is getting tickets and premium books for the county fair. He will be well prepared in advance. The fair comes in six weeks. Fred Anderson was over from Wesley to hear Bishop Walden. He says the Methodist church dedication at Wesley next Sunday will be a great event. The Chicago Tribune and Chronicle give a column each to Clay Clement's new play at McVicar's, Monday evening. He will be in Algona Sept. 11. A rumor has been about that E. P. Keith is out of the race for sheriff. There is nothing in it. Mr. Keith is not out of the race, but decidedly in it. Auditor Caulkins has old soldiers' tickets for the state fair. All veterans their wives and widows should supply themselves and attend on old soldiers' Varried, at Algona, Aug. 24,at the Baptist parsonage, by Rev. D. R. dis F H. Dundas and Mary M. Matthews, both of Armstrong, Emmet county. J. A. Vipond is going to be in that ten-Die competition at the county fair, along g witn Messrs Hofius Dalton and Belton. He will show ten Poland OVi i nfl.9 Dr.Keneflck was over to Whittemore last week to fix up Fred Mos- baok's hand. He caught it in athresh- ing machine gearing and loses four fingers. The " Old Madrid" company has some splendid paper for its entertainment at the opera house Tuesday evening. It is commended and will be a fine entertainment three outside bands together, and the loss won't detract any from the musical features of the day. Nothing definite has yet been done about selling the diagonal street across the two blocks southwest of the Northwestern track. An offer, we understand, will be submitted at the next council meeting. Work has begun on the new six-foot walk to the Northwestern depot. It is a question what to do with the Northwestern hotel, which stands in the street. It looks as though the city would order it moved. The big Grimm-Gilbert shooting contest comes at the fair grounds tomorrow afternoon soon after dinner. It will attract a crowd of gun lovers. These two have never met in a single- handed contest and it is a toss-up which will win. The state railway commissioners were up looking over the crossing south of Ledyard yesterday. S. D. Drake was out in Nebraska looking after his farms and could not be present. G. W. Pangburn went over from Buffalo Center and presented tho case. The old city pump has been repaired and is in the new well about ready to be put into operation. The city council is contemplating getting a new boiler equal to running both pumps. If it does it will remodel tho building, having an electric light plant in view. Tho school board will not elect a successor to Miss Campbell until the fall term opens. There aro teachers enough if a new room is not opened and it is difficult to get a now room. Unless the school is crowded beyond endurance tho new room will be given up. Senator Thos. D. Healoy was up from Fort Dodge yesterday to take testimony in some Russ-Lund cases. It is now agreed that seven cases affecting tho title of the actual settlers will bo tried at the coming term of court. These aro the really vital cases out of the whole litigation. Many old Algonians will remember Jason Hull. On tho Fourth a careless boy threw a giant fire cracker in his face and the explosion nearly ruined his eye sight. Dexter Turner, who lives in his house, hears from him, how- over, that he is now likely to save both eyes. He has had a serious time of it. about 255 pounds, and looks exactly as he used to when he ran for the legislature out here in Kossuth. If anyone wants to hunt up some spicy samples' of pioneer journalism he can find them in the debate between J. H. Warren of THE UPPER DES MOINES and O. C. Bates of the Estherville Vindicator over the character and qualifications of Bro. DR. SHORE of Des Moines will be at the opera house block until Saturday, Aug. 28, a. m. and p. m. Furniture nt Auction. The household furniture of the Alex. Patterson estate will be auctioned off at the court house square on Saturday at 2 o'clock. ' THOS. H. DAVIS now wishes to close out his entire stock of harness fixtures, etc. Call at once. Opposite Tennant house. ASK to see the newest thing in ladies' shoes—the royal purple; we have them. Goo. L. GALBRAITH & Co. $4O Per Month Snlnry. A few energetic ladles and gentlemen wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, 18m3 FRED LAX, Colo, Iowa. The opera house will formally open with Clay Clement and his company, Sept. 11. Clay Clement opened McVicker's threatro in Chica,go Monday evening for its 47th season. He ranks at the head and his coming to Algona will be the event of tho year. Read yesterday's Chicago dailies as to his standing. Secretary Blackford hands in the following notice: The annual meeting of the Old Settlers' association will be held on the fair grounds, Wednesday, Sept. 8. Come early and bring your baskets for a picnic dinner. An attractive program is being prepared for tho afternoon. A general invitation extended to everyone to meet with us. John T. Hamilton has been busy lately working out the sewer problem. Ho has been getting adjacent property owners to agree to tap the sewer if it is extended, and now has nearly enough subscribed to make the extension to tho river. It is altogether likely that the next city council meeting will see tho sewer matter settled on tho north side. Some weeks ago wo noted that Prof. Lilly was competing in the Century's guessing contest, in which some big prizes are to be awarded to those who answer difficult scientific and historical questions most correctly. He has received word that ho comes in the first 100, and probably will rank with the leaders. He stands a show for a considerable prize. Bishop Walden lectured Saturday evening on Africa and preached Sunday morning, going to Burt in the evening. He is a plain, vigorous, fighting Methodist. He is not as eloquent as many of the bishops, but is a worker, and he is a Methodist first and all the time, Missionary work is his special charge, and ho says tho best mission field now open is among the Africans. Charles Wernert had the bridge over Lotts Creek west of Livermore go down under eight head of cattle one day last week. One was killed and tho rest were injured. Mr. Wernert noticed that the bridge was unsteady as the cattle went onto it, and was careful to stay off, intending to wait till after tho cattle had crossed, and it is fortunate that he did so. The county will doubtless make his loss good. The teachers' institute closed Friday with a total enrollment of 315. Nothing new is to be said of it. It broke all records in these parts, and reflects great credit on Supt. Reed. The closing public lecture was Prof. French's chalk talk. He spoko afternoon and evening Thursday to crowded houses. The teachers have all been enthusiastic in their studies and the examinations show the good results. Talk has again began of Mayor Chris- chilles and E. J. Murtagh as legislative candidates on the democratic ticket. J. M. Farley has been slated for the place, but it seems that some of the democrats are tired of voting for men with "republican" tacked on them, even silver-republican. Both Mr. Chrischilles and Mr. Murtagh say they will not take a nomination, but it is not in the American heart to really refuse such an honor. Either one would do Kossuth credit at Des Moines. Farms For Snlo. Two improved farms 4i miles west of Algona, 160 acres in each, for sale cheap, time to suit purchaser. Call on C. J. Doxsoe, Algona Iowa.-17tf. HUGH BLACK'S FUNEBAL. A Largo Gathering to Honor the Memory of n Well Known Citizen, Tho rumor of Hugh Black's sudden death, which came in last Wednesday as this paper was going to press, proved to bo true. The funeral was hold at tho home Friday afternoon, and was attended by a very largo concourse of old- time friends and neighbors.. Mr. Black's only sister, Mrs. Paul, camo with her son from Milton Junction, Wis. and Mrs. Black's two brothers from the same place were also present. Rev. Buchanan of tho Rrosbyterian church preached a brief discourse, and tho remains were brought to the Algona cemetery. Mr. Black was 52 years of age, and was born in Ireland, his father a Scotchman, and his mother an Irish woman. The family camo to this country about 40 years ago, when ho was a boy, and he grew up in the same neighborhood with tho Galbraith family. He came to Kossuth county in 1872. He was married about 19 years ago, and three children with Mrs. Black survive, a daughter 17 years of age and two younger sons. Mr. Black was a hard working, careful and successful business man. His farm was a model of neatness, and prosperity had rewarded his efforts. Ho was esteemed by all who know him and his untimely death has caused sincere sorrow in many hearts. Nothing is known more about the accident that befell him than was announced at first. Ho was raking hay with a team that had run away several times. It is thought that a bolt broke and tho seat he was on foil forward, pitching him into the horses'heels, A kick on tho head caused instantaneous death, probably, for tho team was seen as itcame running in, and before any Good Goods. We are making special inducements to cash buyers to close up our line of Toilet Sets, Lemonade Sets, Haviland China, and Lamps, for the next 30 days commencing Wednesday, Aug. 18, up to and including Saturday, Sept. 11, 1897. 4 Special Days 4 Saturday, Aug. 21, we will give 15 per cent, discount on any Lemonade set in the store. Just think, a water set for $1.40, former price $1.75. Saturday, Aug. 28, we will give the above discount on our entire stock of Toilet Sets. A i2-piece decorated toilet set for $4, former price, $5. Saturday, Sept. 4, we will give 15 per cent, discount on any lamp amounting to $i and upwards. Now is the time to buy a lamp. Saturday, Sept. 11, the last day, we will give to each cash purchaser of $7.50 or more of any of the above-mentioned articles including crockery and glassware, besides the above discount, we will give one cut glass tumbler free. That is not all; you have the satisfaction of selecting your goods from the largest stock in the largest county in the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. James Patterson. ALGONA, IOWA. No. 8 E. State St. RED MEN ARE IN EVIDENCE HAVING A BIG MEETING TODAY. The Big Sports Begin Tomorrow at the Fair Grounds—Grimm and Gilbert to Shoot. one reached chill. his body it had began to of now Call in GOEDERS is getting stacks clothing for men and boys, and see them. A CHOICE assortment of canned meats, vegetables, nnd fruits for campers and outing parties at GROVE & SON'S. WE have a few ladies' shirt waists left that we are closing out at 75c each, worth double that price. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. FOR the annual meeting of the grand lodge I. O. O. F., to be held at Davenport, Oct. 19 to 22, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company 'will sell excursion tickets Oct. 18 to 21 at one faro and one-third for the round trip.—21 tO . The Bedmen had the Mason City band hired for their field day tomorrow, but the ban* S° ta ob « n SS,. *° ** home and backed out. The twa Some 25 years ago Bishop Walden, not then a bishop, came to Algona with Bishop Haven to hold the first conference Algona ever had. Sunday was his first visit since that time and he had forgotten all about it. But when it was recalled he at once remembered that Algona was the place where they had the court hall stretched full of wives to deaden sound. Bishop Walden will hold the coming conference for this district and IB out now looking over the ground and the preachers. He ie an organizer and a business manager. He will have a pretty good idea of what he is doing when the time comes. Wm. H, Jngbam met Algona's onetime Methodist pastor, J. H, Todd, out in Washington. He is a red hot populist, is known as Farmer Todd, and is much talked about as an important factor. He has ft daughter married tp a leading business man of Shelton, and area fiae lot of industrious farmer Todd pow weighs T, H. DAVIS has farm lands, both improved and unimproved, for sale at low rates and on easy terms. The lands are located in southern Minnesota, and are as gocd as Iowa lands and fully as productive. An improved farm at $16.50 an acre. This is a snap. Como quick if you want it. Also some good Kossuth county land for sale, three miles from Swea City.-20t4 THE latest novelties in ladies' and children's capes and jackets just in at Goeders.' HOME 8INGEB8 PAN SING, X'Jie operetta " Cinderella" Well Put On by Alfjona Young People. Home talent gave the splendid little operetta, "Cinderella," on Friday and Saturday evenings at the opera house, for the W. C. T. U, Big houses were out and the society clears some f40. Over 100 little girls were in the chorus. All did the principal acts well, and the orchestra under Miss Kate Smith's charge added much to the enjoyment of the evening. The cast was as follows: Cinderella Kate Lantry Charlotte. I step-sisters to I Jennie Patterson Ulrica, f Cinderella, 1 Nellie Sessions. Baroness Pompolerio, step-mo tlier to Cinderella Nell Wallace Fairy God-mother Vesta Kenyon Pedro, a good-natured rustic lad ' " Geo. Horton Prince Charming Howland Smith Lord High Step, lord in ™m n ^. .^. ..^ Mutey, page to prince Oarl Dodge Miss Daisy Coombs sang the "Flower Girl" during the program and won a 'deserved encore. AH in all it was one of the pleasantest musical entertain' ments Algona has had in a long time. The program for the first annual field day sports of tlio Rcdmon is completed, and only good weather is needed tomorrow to make the celebration one of the events of the year. The committees have been hard at work, no money has been spared in the matter of attractions or in advertising them. Today, the first day of the meeting, is devoted to receiving visitors, and to genei-al preparations. Tomorrow the program begins with the reception of visitors in the morning. At 10:30 tho tribes will gather at tho opera house for tho MORNING EXERCISES. The full program is as follows: At 10:00, parade from* lodge rooms to the opera house. At 10:80, vocul solo by Prof. Fordo. Address of welcome to visiting brothers, Mayor Chrischilles. Response to address of welcome, A. B. McCowen, Great Keeper of Records of Iowa. Address of the day, Hon. F. C. Naovo, Groat Sachem of lown. Piano solo, Otto Falkonluiinor. At 11:30 tho parade will form and march TO THE FAIR GROUNDS, whore dinner will bo sewed by the ladies of tho Baptist church, and whore u big free barbeque will bo given by Seneca tribe. Tho first event of tho afternoon, and tho chief event of tho day, will be the GRIMM-GILBERT CONTEST. C. M. Grimm of Clear Lake, who holds tho world's live bird championship, and Fred Gilbert of Spirit Lake, I will continue my cost sale on SHOES until all are sold, We will keep the stock well assorted on all staple goods, and will sell them at. cost until all of our high priced shoes are sold out. We will also sell all Rubber goods at flat prices. JAS. TAYLOR ONE HUNDRED dozen men's, ladies' and children's shoes just received in the latest styles, toes and colors at Goeders.' ' BIG pile of remnants pf all kinds of summer goods, very cheap to close out. GEO. I* GALBRAITH & Co. TWELVE cents lor eggs at James Patterson's for all we can get. who holds the world's target championship, will immediately after dinner shoot a 100 live-bird match on the fail- grounds. This will be tho big shooting event of the year in tho United States, and shooters from all over tho west will bo present, A purso of $100 is offered. AFTERNOON SPORTS. The general program of sports includes the following, with prizes offered: Pony raco, half mile, single dash, (free for all) ...sp,PO Foot raco, 100 yards Racing shoes Two-mile foot race Selected prize Running broad jump I. O. R. M. charm Running high jump .Moccasins Throwing hammer box Reel Men cigiu's Tomahawk throwing I. O. R. M. badge Relay race • • • .Tomahawk Bow and arrow shooting. ...Bow and arrow In the relay race four runners from each tribe will compete, stationed 330 feet apart. The rules are: "The runners will be assigned their positions in tho race by drawing lots, and must retain such positions throughout the race. The runners carrying the token will have a distance of seven yards in which to hand the same to his partner. Should he overrun tho distance of limit the tribe he represents shall be ineligible to complete theii run." THE BALL GAME. The Eagle Grove tribe will compete with the Seneoas at ball, for a prize, and a hot game is promised. THE BAND CONCERT. In the evenjng the Algona band will give a grand concert on the court house lawn. When in Need Of Footwear... Just Drop iti and Look Over our large stock of good and see what we can do for you in that line. Styles to Suit NEW fall hats just in at Matson & MoCaU's. See them before you buy. PICKLES, sauces, and relishes to suit every taste at GROVE & SON'S. the most fastidious, and boots and shoes for every day and Sunday, too, We will make it ;»pay you to trade .with us. , BrownelV & Allred, The Shoe Merchants, Algona, Iowa- Fine Repairing aud puatom work.

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