Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1937 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1937
Page 10
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TEN WHITTEMORE GIRL TO WED CHICAGOAN KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA TUESDAY Dr* Jos, H. Edge Whittemore, Oct.- 11— This week 'Music Cluh Entertains 250— iGonrich, Ktlw. Wolcolt Ralph Mor- Tuesday morning at St. Mlclmcl's Tho Bel Canto music club enter- !guu, and llarrv Ilargrcaves A. two Catliolio church hero the lle-v. taincd at a benefit tea Sunday af- 1 course luncheon was served* Father "William Veil, will jiorfonu torn mm (it 3 oclock at the Country- ______________ the single ring ceroinony to marry club clubhouse, with Mosdamcs C. 'I'nrly nt (lie Clubhouse _ Bornadiiio Konno, daughter of Mr. It. Holt, W. W. Sullivan, Eugene 1 Messrs find Mcsdamcs F. R. Kent, nnd Mrs. John Kenne, diul John Murlagh, and Al. 0. Bourne rcceiv- W. A. Lorens, J. M. Ilerbst, H. 13. Mrs. ing. i While, and C. N. Aalfs, and Dr. and | Mrs. SullU-an sang two selcc- Mi's. .F. C. Scjinlnn entertained at lions., accompanied by Mrs. Sylvia tho Country club clubhouse at 7 satin Cinin, pianist, and Mrs. Carl Vohs, "'clock dinner dance last night Weber of (.'hioago, son of John Wc'hev, nf Chit-ago. The bride will be attired aiikle-lenivl.il while brocadod dross with a long veil trimmed West Bend, violinist. Cannon Ros- (Monday). Covers were laid for 165. with orange blossoms. She will kopf, local music instructor, played Tuning room rccorations wore car- carry a bouquet of yellow jonquil «• flute selection, accompanied' by Tied out witjh fall flowers, and roses. Her sister, Helen Kcnno, Mrs. Don Hutchins. Two trio selec- the orchestra pit looked like a mill- will be bridesmaid, and will wear lions wore sung by Mesdames Geo. ,iaturc forest. Wit Thonia and his a pale preen silk organdy dross, C. Vance, M. E. Sjostrand, and M with white accessories and carry a I H. Dohorty, accompanied by Mrs bouquet of yellow carnations. I Sylvia Gunn. Mrs. Don Hutchins Tod Sclunalin. of West Bend, ft! played two piano selections. be Little Ann Stillman interpreted the song, Lillle Old Lady, in danc- cousin of Ihc bridegroom, will his attendant The bride attended Presentation J ing and singing, accompanied by academy here, and the bridegroom | her mother, Mrs. G. W. Stillman. attended school in Chicago. The ! Mrs. Vohs played three violin sel- ncwlywods will make their home injections, ending Chicago, leaving Thursday. , gram with the the musical appropriate pro- ami A wedding dinner will be served beautiful old song, The End of a to the following: the John Von | Perfect Day. Bank family, Helen Kramer, and! After the musical program John Kennp., Trvington; the Joe was poured for 250 guests. Kenne family. Lu Verne; the Roy Kenne family and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sclimalin, West Peter Kenne family, tea Pro-School Group Meeting— Bend; the' Mrs. Alwin Huenhold entertained Estherville; ] tho pro-school study club group at the Jacob llartman family. Rod-!her home Thursday. Members of man; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kenne,' tho club are the Mesdames N. V. Chicago, j Lowe, Everett Anderson, Holman Emmets- Anderson. William Finn, Norman i Walker, Don Hutchins, Paul Danbe son, Raymond Beamish, Edw. Han- T. Bunkofski, and D. A. Burt; George llagg, of 111.; and Helen Duffy, burg. A free wedding danco will held in Ihe Higgins hall in the son, H. evening in honor of the newly Barnard. married couple. Swanee's dance ' At. each meeting the group lis- band will furnish the music. i tens to a project in child develop_. ,. . . ... , iinent given via radio from Ames af- Birtlidiiy is Observed— [, cr wnich , x light luncheon is serv- A number of relatives and neigh- 1 0( i. Mrs. Huenhold is official leader tlie coming year. Each suc- bors of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt gathered at tho Voigt home Thursday evening to help Mrs. Voigt eel- Ceding hostess will be in charge ebrate her 47th birthday. Among o f a meeting. The next mooting those who were present were the; w ill be held at Mrs. Danson's. Herman Meyers. Henry Schultzos, 1 William Meyers, George Meyers, |;o. A. K.'s Have Guest Ten— George Schult/es, Archie Voigts, The D. A. R.'s entertained this Simon Webers. Mr. and Mrs. Art afternoon at 2:30 at a guest tea Heidenwiths, John Baases, Edwin at Mrs. R. P. Norton's with Mes- Greints. and Rosella Voigt, of Al-' dames Antone Johnson and Sylvia gona. The evening was spent at,Gunn as social committee. "The cards, and a delicious lunch was; SU ests were entertained with two served at the close of the evening. | V ocal selections by Mrs G D danco band furnished ball room music. Blrilidny Club Honors Members- Mrs. D. P. Smith entertained at one o'clock luncheon Friday, honoring Mrs. W. G. McCullough, who was celebrating a birthday. Guests were other members of the Birthday club; Mosdames Dana Paxson, B. A. Thorpe, R. P. Norton, M. G. Norton, Roy Keen, and Emily Spencer. The afternoon was spent at bridge. Mrs. McCullough received many tokens. Surprise for School Youth— "Bob" Wray, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Wray was taken by sur- IS "PREXY" now to shi •""»» LU OLU REWRITES Ilriofs snimmirl/.ltiff principal news In Inst Thursday's Upper Des Molnes. Services Held for Child Who Drowned at Lone Rock Lono Rock Oct. .11— James Wll- 1 llnm Housoholdor, son of Frank and Kftlhryn Householder, was born December 28, 1935, at Lone won froni Penton on the local diamond Friday ftfternoon, 10-3. Bat- lories for Ponton wore Goronsin and Smith; for Lone Rock, Mario w • MllH. ,T. H. MAWDiSIiKV, whoso death last wook Monday was briefly reported in the last Advance, nine months, and, seven days later, when ho was F drowned In a neighbor's fish pool, j Frenches nl Albnny, Mo.— rj< Ilo Rov s M Gladstone ' loft buried Wednesday in River-' Besides his parents ho is survived Saturday for Albany, Mo., where i ! y ' ' by one brother Konnol.li, and a ]lo w m p roilo h nervlcos Sunday. Ho •'•''• largo numhor or relatives. Fun- w |ll return the first of the week I'lwloi view cemetery, after funeral services coiulnclod at the Presbyterian church by the Rov. C Paul oval services wore hold at the Hurt urn (.:MUII:II uy I.IH: ivuv. i/ .L »iui "•>*• >•• - Carlson. Heart disease was the •Methodist church by tho Rev. Iho- causo of death. -She was Mary j hum Spoicher, Hurt, ami tho Rov. Hodges and was born near Irving- jThos. ]>._ Aromls, Lpno^ Uoclc.^Bur- ton, October, 20 18G2, being nearly ' '" " ««•«« «-" OUicr Lono Koch. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Angus rc- 75 at death. She attended Kossuth schools and taught in the rural schools near homo several years. She. and her husband who died In 1!)30, lived in Plum Creek township till 12 years ago, when they came to Algona. The home farm is now occupied by a sou, Roscoe. Other surviving children are Edward and Clarence, Irvington; Dr. Howard Mawdsley, Mateo, Calif.; and tion at Port Dodge. The next meet•• r -r-m .-- - —- . —.. :«n-i.rl11 lirtiiritli r P/\M n Inn a on Mrs ' Emma Crouch, Ponton. There of the editorial pages" of the, Moines Register and Tribune, expressed great pleasure to learn of the elevation of his old Morningside college friend to tho presi- , w , . dency of the South Dakota institu- irise Wednesday evening, when 1C,tion. vel " three nieces, Ella Lewis Al- 'riends arrived to help him cele-1 jrate his 15th birthday anniversary. The young women furnish- tho eatables for a 6:30 dinner. The evening was spent at monopoly, dancing, and games, and Bob vas presented with a gift from the boys. lub Dinner at Hotel— A dinner club had four course dinner last evening at 7 o'clock at ho Algona Hotel in the Blue Room. : VIembers of the club are Messrs. I ind Mesdarnos W. G. McCullough, \. L. Long C. R. LaBarre, W. A. Coster, and G. S. Buchanan, and Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Baiter. After dinner tho rest of the evening was •.pent at contract. Geortre Cannody >'ew Lawyer- George, son of Mr. and Thomas Cannody, took the bar examination Mrs. state Des Moines Thursday. He left for Des Moines a week ago Monday and was admitted to the bar. George studied law and attended Do Paul university at Chicago. There were 85 who took the examination, and of the 38 who passed George was one. It has not been learned where he intends practice. to Other Whittemore. The Louis and Werner Braatzes spent Wednesday evening at Henry Krueger's, south of West Bend. Mrs. Krueger had the misfortune to break a leg the latter part of last week. Mrs. Margaret Krueger accompanied the Braatzes. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geelan drove to Rochester a week ago Sunday. Marguerite Fandel accompanied them to Mason City, where she visited her brother several days. The Geelans returned from Rochester Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer, who have been employed on a farm near Garner since this spring, moved to Whittemore Thursday. Mrs. Dorothy Sobers and son Ralph spent Wednesday and Thursday with the former's sister, Mrs. Lloyd Walker, in Algona. A large crowd attended the public school play Wednesday evening at the academy hall. -*• Ex-Ledyard, Burt Man Shoots Self Ledyard, Oct. 11 — Everett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred O'Keefe, committed suicide by shooting himself through the head on Wednesday. He was in the restaurant business at Monterey, Minn., and was formerly in (i restaurant at Burt. Ehumway; H. R. Rasmusseu, local band instructor, sang two selections; and Mrs. E. W. Hanson gave tw r o musical readings. Mrs. Gunn accompanied all three numbers. After the muscal program tea was served with Mrs. A. L. Long, present regent, and Mrs. J. 0. Paxson, past regent, pouring. Coiift'l Women Jfiime Officers— The Congregational Woman's association hold a one o'clock luncheon at the church Thursday, with the L. 0. A. S. S. class serving. After lunch a business meeting was held, and election of officers was held. Mrs. T. P. Harrington was reelected president; Mrs. L. C. Hanson, vice; Mrs. H. M. Potter, secretary; Mrs. W. P. French, treasurer. The appointment of the circle chairman will be made later. Covers were laid for 50. Child Study Club Meets- Mrs. John G. McDowell and Mrs. C. D. Schaap entertained the Child Study club at the McDowell home last week Tuesday. The group listened to a child development project via the radio at Ames. Members of the club are Mesdames C. C. Shierk, C. N. Aalfs, B. Arnold, Jos. Bloom, H. M. Olson, Geo. C. Vance, H. S. Hoenk, Paul Carlson, Thomas Kemis, and B. T. Agard. After the program a two course luncheon was served. Surprise for Mrs. Smith— MesdauiGS H. A. Tuttle, Henry Douglass, and Thos. Link were hostesses at a surprise party honoring Mrs. Claude Smith at Mrs. Smith's Guests home were Friday afternoon. Mesdames Albert To Winter in Georgia. The Gail Pettits have leased a home at the Avandale Estates, a small town near Atlanta, Ga., and will leave this week to live there during the winter. Their Algona house will be closed. They got home Sunday from a month's trip through Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and other southern states. Hey, Kids, Vacation Cowing! The Algona schools will be dismissed Thursday afternoon and Friday, November 4-5, to enable teachers to attend a state teachers convention at Des Moines. The teachers each year vote whether to attend a district meeting or the state meeting, and his year they chose the latter. Protests Open Season. Wesley, Oct. 11 — The Wesley Conservation unit met a week ago Monday night and again this week Monday night. The group, it is understood, is objecting to the open pheasant season for 1937, and is making an effort to let protests be known. Wesleyuu Becomes Attorney. Leo C. Wellik, Wesley, was among 50 examinees who passed tests by a state examining board Friday for licenses to practice law. MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE Algona, Iowa Grooters, Alwin \Veber, Henry Johannsen, P. J. Waldron, F. L. Thorpe, Clarence Stewart, Merle . _ Schwietert, John Thompson E. A. week Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Brotherhood Moots Tonight— The First Lutheran Brotherhood ncets this evening (Tuesday) at S o'clock at the church, with Messrs Edw. Sellstrom. Edw. Wolcott, and Theodore Thompson as hosts. August Huenhold will he the speaker on his trip to Germany. To Attend TFninpton Luncheon— Mrs. H. L. McCorkle and Mrs. N. V. Lowe will attend a one .o'clock luncheon at Hampton Wednesday honoring Mrs. Cal Jensen, Los Angeles. Mrs. Jensen is the former Lois Gillet and was employed at the local Ford garage. Dinner Party at Hotel— Mesdames D. P. Smith, Jos. Bloom, Jos. Greenberg, William Hawcott, "W. G. McCullough, and L. G. Baker will entertain at one o'clock luncheon at the Hotel Algona "Wednesday. Covers will be laid for 70. Other Society. The W. C. T. U. will meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. M. J. Young. The meting was postponed last week, due to the death of Mrs. J. R. Mawdsley. Mrs. J. C. Skow, Wesley, who has just returned from a state W. C. T. U. convention at Boone, will give a report. The Congregational Bible class will hold its regular meeting Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. F. A. Corey, with Mrs. Jessie Dalziel and Mrs. Aggie Knapp as assisting hostesses. Mrs. H. M. Hauberg entertained at one o'clock luncheon at her home Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playing contract, Mrs. Joel Herbst winning high. Mesdames Jos. Bloom, Joseph Cosgrove, and W. E. Hawcott will entertain at 7 o'clock dinner at the hotel Algona Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alwin Huenhold and their little son Jon were last and Mrs. W. S. Hunt, Lu Verne. The First Lutheran Luther League meets tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 7:30 nt the church, with the Peter Halsruds as hosts. The ThinVble club met Monday afternoon (yesterday) with Mrs. H. Good. There are 12 members. The Rebekahs will meet tonight at 7:30. -*- Stuffed Birds in a Window Attract Many Roving Eyes The Nelson hardware has a novel and timely window display of stuffed wild fowl against a background o£ cornstalks. The birds includes varieties of ducks, quail, Canadian honkers, a white pheasant, prairie hen, etc. They are from the collection owned by Ernest Luedtke, of Lotts Creek, who has nearly 200 stuffed birds and animals. Many passersby stop to look at the exhibit. Deer Seen by Early Riser Near Corwith Corwith, Oct. 14—Two deer were seen in a pasture on the Joos. Williamson farm northeast of Corwith, last Thursday morning. Dean Brown, who tenants the place, saw them when he was driving to the field early. When he returned an hour later they took fright, jumped a fence, and disappeared in a cornfield. Former Union Boy is Wed in Montana Union Twp., Oct. 11—Ralph Salisbury and Verneva Lewis were married September 25 at Fort Benton, Mont. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Lizzie Salisbury and was born and reared here. The cou- pie are living at Fort Benton. Ralph went with his mother a few years ago. several T. L. LAllSON was elected Hagg Post commander last week Tucs- ; day evening. J. D. Lowe, Dr. Lee j Nugent, and W. A. Lorenz, are vice : commanders; 0. S. Reiley, adjutant; E. A. Schemel finance officer; the Rev. F. E. Burgess, chaplain; Glen Raney, historian; Jas. D. Burns, sergeant. Membership is at a peak for the start of a now year. A new regulation uniform will bo prize in an activity contest in 1038. D. C. Hutchison, county commander has announced a county meeting for Thursday evening, October 21, at Bancroft. ERNEST PETERSON, .Titonka, Leo Arndorfor, Bancroft, and Andrew Follner, Wesley, are now directors for the K. & H. Oil Co., elected at the annual meeting at Wesley last week Tuesday, which 450 persons attended. The company was organized in 1930 and now is third largest cooperative in | Iowa. A 12 per cent patronage dividend aud an 8 per cent stock divi- ! dcnd were declared. S. A. Hirner ,1s president; Mr. Gollnor, vice; J. P. Studer, secretary - treasurer. There are 1350 patrons and stock- lioldors. A DAMAGE CASE involving $5241 was settled for $750 in district court Wednesday. Donald Larson sued M. J. Trunkhill, the result of an accident September 21 four miles east and five miles north of Algona when the Trunk- hill car ran Into a v bicycle on which Larson was riding. One of the boy's arms was permanently injured. Both parties live in Portland township. FUNERAL SERVICES for Joseph Stuflick, formerly St. Benedict, I son of Dominic Stuflick here, were held last week Tuesday at St. Ce- jcelia's Catholic church. He was I victim of a fight at Fort Dodge. | Besides his father, his estranged Iwife, whose maiden surname was IMatheis, seven children, a brother, | and two sisters survive. HARVEY INGHAM has started a movement to commemorate Fort Schuyler at Swea City, named for his father's cousin. Capt. W. H. Ingham commanded the Northern Border Brigade during early Indian troubles. A picture of an Estherville fort presented by Captain Ingham hangs on an Advance office wall. EARL LAYMON, sentenced on a charge of larceny, and Harry Bernstein, sentenced on a charge of statutory rape, were taken to the Fort Madison penitentiary Wednesday by Deputy Sheriff Arthur Cog- Aiixilinry Doiopitucs Niiincd— Tho Legion Auxiliary held its regular mooting with Mrs. G. J. Burl, near Armstrong, Friday af-1 Icrnonn. Plans were completed for! the county mooting hold hero this wook Tuesday. Mrs. Roy Jensen and Mrs. Ralph Thompson were appointed delegates to ths conven- month's visit with Mrs. Angus' sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Hobson, Sail Diego, Calif. ing will bo with Ten a Jensen. Lono Rock Honts Ftsnton— Tho Lone Rock baseball team Icy and Loo Imincrfall, deputy n : tho county auditor's office. | OCTOIUIII 31 will bo deadline for j requests to tho county soil consor- j ration committee for final inspcc-i tion of compliance with the year's program. County Agent Brown and the county committee attended a j recent district meeting at Mason City. BDRDENE, daughter of Mr. and | Mrs. G. F. Towno was, married October 4 at Eagle Grove to Lewis j Burnham, Charles City. They are I living at Charles City, where Mr.! Burnham is associated with his father in tho oil business. FUNERAL SERVICES wore held' Thursday at Lone Rock for little Jimmie Householder, who was drowned in a fish pool last week Tuesday at tho Frederick Schultz , home. A broator, Kenneth, and j the parents survive. HAROLD CLAYTON'S new corn-1 picker and tractor caught fire last week Tuesday in Crcsco township. The cornpickor was a total loss, but tho tractor can be repaired. There was some insurance. THE M. & D. CLUB in Cresco township has presented a protest to the fair management against indecent girl shows and fortune tellers. SHEEP from Montana, 2700 of them, are now grazing on the C. W. Patterson farm, north of Burt, and 1,500 more were expected last • week. RAY MclVHOKTEIt, Portland, is reported to have grown a single potato big enough for dinner for his family of seven. Live Stock AUCTION Friday, October 15 Fair Grounds, Algona Sale Every Friday Our last sale, held October 8, proved much larger and J better than we even expected—$5-,000 sale. Bidding was very good considering where the stock market was quoted. Mr. Seller: You can do no better than you can right here in this sale. Your choice, sell either by the head or by weight. Mr. .Buyer: A considerable amount of the gamble is taken out when you buy by weight — you get what you pay for. You can use your judgment as to class and finish. We are here to treat both in a business-like manner. Expect another good sale Friday. We do not aim to specify what and do not wish to fool anybody. Remember thia, we always have stock to sell and buyers to buy. Settlements promptly. H. M. Colwell, Mgr. COLWELL BROS., Aucts. IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk. Here's night news from Munsingwear! Beautiful, fine, soft, quality-knit pajamas and night gowns—the kind that keep you snugly warm yet looking your best. Flattering colors . . . designs as smart as your favorite dress . . . come in the new Ripple- Knit Balbriggan and fancy pleated Tuck- Stitch sleeping-and-lounging garments. They'll wash, wear, and stay young and beautiful because they're by Munsingwear. Hi Juniors- looki it's a "honey"Doris Dodson in all her glory is here | •sriHm | || Chrischilles IT O ,c{^3|U)) M:«»«»« If you're looking for something dl , fferent __ something yjfthful-^oinething that's full of the zest of carefree Playful days— ^ ieir ee, BUY A DQRIS DODSON There's a style f or everv pocket-book in this great showing of Junior Dresses from $2.98 $3.98, STp^ $1^.85— each model an indi- y 1 dual garment just fash- ued to the liking of ££e tnV?2 d / mands distlnc - tlon in her dresses Sold exclusively by this store Large FUR CO Chrischilles Store We have received a fine selection of hr,» • black Australian seal coats from Newton Ann' • attractive prices which should interest everv who wears a size 40, 42, or 44. ma These coats come in both swagger and seml-flJ models and are especially designed for the ™ with ample lines. If you are interested in buZ fur coat, come in and talk your problem over \vi hi We are specialists in fur garments that tion. PHOENIX HOSIERY The new VITA-BLOOM gives stock? ings a character that sets them apart from ordinary hosiery. A loveliness that will capture your admiration and do more lor your legs. Wear VITA-BLOOM in '"Debutante" ... 3-thread ... dul-Sheer tf- __ ... Custom-Fit top. 91.00 d innus | -i-t rischilles © *3P ©> US. BB \3711 This Matching Set Makes A Complete FoundationWardi All three pieces are ot light weight knitted vway ^jL tic. The girdle and combination have decorative P*™*" Pea( brocade. The uplift top of the combination is or »«• and White. *, w The Combination, Model 3711., • Y, O Q The Pantie Girdle, Model 311 !:' 00 The Step-in, Model 310. •; '*£„ The "Flair" bra shown with the pantie it of ««*• Model jjij. r;ft«<y The"Flair"braihownwith the girdle isaPendu'l' rtU of figured elastic satin and, net. Model 1575- rise

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