Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1937 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1937
Page 9
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OCTOBER 12, 1937. I MUST < >tOY A MAN HI met to worie with Maa- MM. Mu«l know lamina a d ha»» ear- Aft* 28 to 58 - p«ta«i>«flt w6tk *• Write „, HOW In car* ol this idper lor pewonal Inlorvlow. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALODNA CARNIVAL BY WESLEY PUPILS DRAWSMOWDS Wesley, Oct. 11—TI high school carnival wi< day and ~ irum ^rwith, Titonha (in f T^ s^ffi^'ffir hy, cane Ramo, basketball, Ing, dart bnard sind novolticq or n'n , uii, i . •-----•— n..n.w« w Wnda. A carnival ( , 11(! cn WM e , ' road " aro ln wct weather. r»»t n ** rl it._ i . " 'in I., IIU.S 1 of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dau cently returned from a trip t western Iowa. Mrs. Cora Bacon fell sick Thurs day evening after she got honi from a club meeting. She had'se vere pain in a knee and it prove to be arthritis. Water was fouh' in the knee cap. Her daughter Mrs. Jesse Hauenstein, of Amboy Minn,, with the Hauenstein family came for the week-end at the Ba con home, and a sister of Mrs. Ba con, with the sister's husbarid , . , I—--.M mm just come Home with T ' S* mC from Boono Saturday. Tn !?-».«-5si,»rz,,s» S»B»- -- w fflatRissr-BSS ,;,„, ou «,« in hns hnnn „„,„ , „"'". " ol - wo1 K . «» hif, day .guests were the Eugene Ho a sec-j f ius family, ottosen the W. I. Neil ..e. .flnna T.n« 0 n^«l, and t]le . 1 !' K '" Un> ' '"'"'1 IU»|>n. wn tiitlv, Ml'lfllinn V"l' '"' h!Ui miilt tt " CW "o"! 1 '.' 1 ?..^ 1 , 10 :' 1 ' «"<• '10 believes in his machinery. H o also SM'&cC: doing thc w ° rk * * * * Frank Kiihn, north of T mm • » Hock, had just come home wHh a j SH ° m ?°°^ Snturda ^ wing plow w, wo saw h^? wn, n,? ?° on< L cou D la had not known on and awarded. a CllCHt was (OKA RENDERING COMPANY tone No. 7 [, T cs D«ntl Stock FREE make and sell en Top brand of |kage. Sowing Circle <;| r l s T! n/nnr _. -- lie Junior Sewing Cii-clo girls tho Christian Tho Frank Lewises have moved tllc . o •'»-• mv uui i iut» lllUfB- tiay. She also has pear trees .-and they bore "' * * * * .. ^., ..ijfwunui i;u JL [)<(- . —"'"* " "»*v/w)j u r and ice cream social (u their 1 us !l SOO(1 llantl at it. church. Friday night. Ordo, S G&B Ipecial satisfying smoke lor the particular smoker. let the flavor and Iroma be your guide l-and the G. & B. Ipecial will be your Bvorite cigar. The ligar made by men llio know how. ACTOR IUPPLIES , T a supply of tractor bins, ball and -roller Igs, clutch plates, and lor cores. i when you are in need bf above supplies. IEENBERG ito Supply Phone 118 Aid ba- John Wessnlman, northwest of ury and to further their work. Ititunar, Supper Annoimcoil— Mcbibei's of the .Methodist aro preparing for the annual , Jit - naar and chicken suppor to bo held in the church basement Saturday •, m- • ----- • October 23, with serving beginning ' ,, '" K timo comcs a™und L11B at 5:30 o'clock. Ucsides clilcl on : "°" ! : llbor8 a " want hil » to ™ silo, they —"' Livermore Veteran Loses One of Eyes Irvinglon, Oct. 11—Ace Bordwcll Livormorc, brother of Mrs. Doug his brother" Charle7 was IS 8 U '! ey horo - lms ^turned from season'helping. They plo-v with ' tbrrp veterans hospital, Des Moinds horses hitched to ft sulkv and il PV whcro he Ilfld ono oyc removed, were doing a fino job. Charles had Bordwe11 llaa """erod Bert Qulnn, northwest of Lone .. ,c. u ... tlt nui L11WUSL UI JjOllO village, j liock was plowing with horses Fri- calllnrt hv tiT T, K ,' urUGr wa « T , * were doin E a fine job. Charles had •/""£" lms autlerctl m °re or less 7"30 -ind !, , ' Kuiilc "i'i «it ^ Rt week Tuesday Jesse A. Vol- ono mare and two fine stud horses W , th «Jeyo since a piece, of stee Krou'n r,rJ- ])rOKnim consifltl,, R n£, of'to. northwest of Burt, was ™chod to his plow. One of tho 2l 0rced t ' C P' 111 Bevorttl *™™ ^ fS thf Bl , prayor> !l """R byi pl r vl " B ror his '"'other Albert, studs Is an imported hoise Bert Th ° T DnA boen ^""ess for I"!? f ' S * a b( '- vs 'lui'-tal. ,VKI a'y"" lives the first farm coat of ""Id Charles was flirt nJwirbthn *°™ tin ! e all(i ™ «l«*r recently , junior girls, a boys quartet Piano duet was presented, follow ing which tho ottcnrtanu ro'i'od n°rHni° ba8C1I1 ? c , nt ''"'• »'«-• auction of articles winch in some instance DI ought enormous bids, <md which from iK *""" " >' n the of Auctioneer who lives tho first farm east of •Jossr-H. Jesse said that Mrs. Vol- entinu had boon fooling much bettor lately. She had not boon well l»r sumo time. Hat ten, northwest of Ban- David fji'ofl. was mowing woods last week said Charles was f lining wich the dTeUeT undertaker by working them. developed. * * * „ Merlin Anderson, northwest of Bancroft was stacking sweat clover hay Friday. This was of spring seeding. Merlin says ho will move next March, for the farm where he , *- - 1 » (H. 1,11 MllJt.'I bonius. Those present next march- Tuosiiav Mn i f ,. P n= (hie, ^1 „ ™« « uu .. oulu . ^ od ,n iine for ref-.sh.ne.H, ,£, ,,,„; ,,f wooc^, an^o ^ sK ^^'^ ^ » lta ' DIG. f'fl K n ii"/i ,,,-,.,.,., i T. f' «,, ,1 i. s_ i » _ _ A V)l LUii. Burt Hormel Truck Driver Makes Gooc Burt, Oct. 11—George «-..u *,*i*,^ 1( , j.,^ uiu mrin wiiere ne j -""'i., W^L. j.j.—VTUUI lives has been sold. He will move ! wll ° Ims Deen driving consisted of p ic , CBko south and his boys farm 320 and coffpp Tim „• i ,V , ' : " JllM1 - "' ' ullu 11IR IK) ys farm 320 •ui^monix^rsi^r «^^ n r c aimost don ° nrv iinrl in. rit»M, n » jt... mnr» I'luwujfe. dyman across the road L. r. Halten. He is the han- tor the neighborhood. He cnsila B° cutter, and when the ••"*" •* i in uu J.111 S11U, - „„ ,,,, l ,,, l;u ." 1(0 . C|1K llis niachinc in good cut- potatoo«, gravy, buttered carrots, J,"* w^cfti' 11 " tI °° S & real 3ob ' Tll ° , j . ' " •-"•' *-•*! 1 V. IV VII will servo moat loaf, mashed . , ' ' •' ' "«»^i ^,u i ui rULK, /|ni- ,,rrt cabbaKo .salad, rolls, cofl'oo and ap- ?J, ' Plo Pie. BosKl™ the suppor thoro 'V will be a fancy work booth, a fish : , pond, Ri-ab bag, candy, and ico " cream booths. Mrs. Arlo Dawson is president this year. « crcw was thresh- clovor. This is some job. lion it was finished the crcw was )ing to dig potatoes. This field was clean of woods. The Wessel- inans have fine potatoes. * * * * f.'. K Spccht, mayor of Algona, 1 IVOR on south Minnesota street. «oy for L. L. I'foffors— Mayor L. L. Pfeffer announces a ... .-...-„.,„..„, otlcOL . new exocutivo member on tho force : . ft sllort vis ' Tt with him at this week-end when the onticipa- llome lnst wcek Tuesday. Mr. tion of that "blessed event" in their Spcc!ll: raises a few chickens and home became a realization Friday ' 10 was Coding them. He also has morning about 6:30, when a baby a fino Earden and a Delicious ap- boy weighing seven and a half ple troc - Tnis tr °e was loaded so pounds waS born to Dr and Mrs ' houv J' l l mt Part of it had broken L. Pfeffer. Marie Richtor is flown caring for mother and baby. This is their first child. Rev. IloUnin is llctnrntMl— Tho Rev. Arthur Bottom returned home from the Methodist The wind may have helped This has not been a good apple year either. * * * * Fred S. Geigel, down on the Ridge road, northeast of Irvington, was chief cook and bottle-washer _ .. wu ij^Luw j-twu.». tuu JtlULIlUUltiL i i -w.w ii v*,*Jij.v* Conferenco at Siuox City the mid-1 . - wee ' lc ' Mrs - Geigel was off die of the week, and has been" re- with her D aren ts for a trip in the turned to Wesley for his third con-| cilst • K) ' cd was washing the cream 'separator when we called and was ONEY IT® Loan IUTOMOUILE LOANS RMFKLY LOW UATKS INS MADE ON YOUR PRESENT CAR PI make you a liberal loan Tur car—pay off your pres- Wance, advance you addi- I cash and reduce your by extending them ve to eighteen months. | LOANS MADE AT ONCE WRSEKS OR S1UNKKS RK(JUIRKI) ["•teous, p|. ompti and con . ]"tial cash loan service. 1 In person or write ISIERN CREDIT oo. l8 ' State St., Algona, lowu SOCIAL SECURITY 1TPIT secutive year. Many changes were- ! s]onarato '' when v made in the district, but tho Rev. doing a good J ' ob - S'SH"""—--r M-a« mi me coming >cai. ;l now 0|)0 Qn t]]e Irvlngton route _ Card-Dnncc Pnrty T'ostiioiifid— '• Mr - HiU ' ms works for John F. i The C. D. A. second card and dance party .scheduled for Wodnes- Union Mrs. Opal Wheeler visited at P. N. Sarchet's last week. She will soon return to her home at St. Petersburg, Fla. Georgo, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Rich, and Glen Sabin left Powers vc -- - ------D — I-Iorme O r. meat truck, lias been promoted to the position of salesman and Richard Chipman is driving the truck At present Georgo is taking training for his new work at Austin Minn. He expects to have headquarters at Fort Dodge. Lotts Creek Mrs. Carl Zumach camp. Mrs. Her- recent The b'oys already had 11 recently James Cruikshank, Algona vis- B. H. MarW is making improvements on his farm northwest Next Sunday will be German communion in Immanuel Lutheran church. Board Proceedings Auditors' Office, October 1, 11)37 Board of Supervisors met pursuant prese C nt. n "' nmCllt WUl1 U>1 memb P rs Molion by Morris and second by Cosgrovo that the following Quarterly Keport of Pees collected be approved: Kathorlne MolSvoy, Cleric- J. J. Dooluy, Recorder; Casey Loss, Ave!s- •'ll' lnd E ' S ' Klnsey - A "dtor! Motion by Morris and second by Fruser that Emma Juclicm be given a cash allowance of $5.00 per month starting as of date September 1, 1937, for the care of John Juchem. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Frascr that the Indemnity Bond of Frank Hatten for $-M.oo be approved. Ayes: all. Motion hy .Baum and second by _ _ . J-'ruser that the following Paune'r Weber, oast of Irvington. There are; n^eV'aml'T""? "cV^"-' two boys in this family. Slenus lio Hi li boron Kb and 'wife. „,„„.,„, John -I, and Richard Gene, 2. The i,,*' 1 ", 110 . 11 , by Cosgrove and second by Missouri Kansas Corp., supplies Chemical ., ..... Kohll,aas.& Spines, supplies Kossnth Hospital, hosp. care A. H. Borchardt, mod ....... Dr. G. D. AValrath, med. . Dr. M. O. Bourne, mod ..... Dr. Janse, med. . L. M. Merritt, labor .'...'.'. U. s. Grant, labor ....... Herman Harms, weed comm'. John Karstcn. iveert comm. . Henry Chrsliaiisen, weed comm .................... Richard Zlelske, weed comm Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau approp ............. Burroughs Adding Machine Co., supplies ............ Morroo Calculating Maoh. Co., supplies .......... Browns. Studio, pictures .'.'.. Court of District Court, court 36.35 •1.47 73.00 C.38 3.00 80.00 25.00 as.oo S.CO 24.Of, 12.00 10.05 50.15 283.33 2.81 Auxiliary, however, is planning to hold their party .some evening the following week. MM gravel pi! that belonged to * * * * i ty. Ayes: all. \Vo failed on AV. L. Champion i ,-, ar ° tlon by Morris and second by <"' °™ ^ the John Frankl farms,' In^A^^s IT^ Otlif>r Woulov \"<>iva ( '"' st nl ' Ii'\'ington, Wednesday. Mau- . N»- *•>• Ayes: all. x/iin.i »t»Mi.j ^ ( .>i>. rice Bartliolomew and W L were' •- JL " U "!-, »>' C'osgrove and second by Mrs. Juhiifi K,,nz cmonained her bll , ldlnK a , cattle shed 84xgS- j 101> S Pl ^J e «^^';? n ,?5 oW,",,^ mothor Mrs. John Anderson, Mrs. Th , 8 will , )avo , t , cente H I"K drains: Tri. Drain No s"and No^ Thora ('. Jolmson, Mrs. Silas Skow, |- 01 . | luv -]'] le f,-. imo WO rk : - cedar : Avn "' "" Mrs. Prod Honlclc., and Mrs. Olaf posts''and tho way John In" had c. Funnemark Friday afternoon lion- ihe sheds built they arc most satis-I'" ' ilrtko oring Mrs. Johnson, who plans to factory. Mo has another shed '"-- ' leave for her winter home in n, iK ()n a rai . m near there." Alamo, Tex., .some time next week. « * * * Maurice Olson, who was meat Fred Kadow, northwest of Buncutter at the Farmer's locker sys- croft, was digging potatoes Thurs- tem tho first eight momhs of this day, and one oi' his boys was help-I necessary repairs on the " owinff ''rains, No. •!, P. A. K. No. No so No 00 No llt j and N'IJ. ](io7' AyesTnii." Jlotiun hy l<'raser and second by Ahin-is thai 13amn ho appointed to in:il<(' nucossary repairs on drains No. L'-l. No. (iO.'No. SO, No. 110 and ( year, is now 'being employed by the hi!,'. They were, digging with forks,, West Transfer C.o. and goes and Fred said this was tho clean- through Wesley occasionally. -Mrs. est way. Besides they found most Olson visited several friends hero of the potatoes that way. iVed said one day last week, .that Mrs. Kadow was at a hospital The Frank Kouba Sr. home has at Rochester and had had an op- taken on a now look thc past week oration. She was getting Along fine with an exterior coat of slate '""' "•"" 1 - 1 '"• '>»•"" • '''i— »— shingles. Tboy are of a light gray color and modernize the house considerably. Some changes luive also taken place by repair of the porches. 'Several from this community or H Outfit CowW.,1, Courth ouse slate and would be homo soon. Thc fam- gray i'y has certainly missed "Mothei'.' 1 i * « * * L. C. Dudding south of Bancroft, was doing chores when we called Thursday. lie has a fine flock of sheep, 65 owes, and he had sold 60 .spent Friday afternoon at Mrs. " ll ! lbfl - "° LS!l >' s f lee P al ' e , tlie ,,^t Henry Weiland's, east of town, in ial " lm s l " kt>C1> (lown w , oa(K lh ° y attendance at the Hutchins B Die seeul to " ko J »°»» D S - loi '>' V! " c ' s Study hour. Mrs. Marion Paulson led the lesson. best. Lawrence * * Menke, northeast of " v " v .~"~"". ija\>iuuiu iuu-iutu, nui iituu.^1 ui Mr. and Mrs. 11. B. Hopkins re- rj ancm n, has his driveway grav- turned home the fore part of the oled This j mproves the farm yard, week from Hot Springs, Ark., nis f at hor-in-law, John Schumach- wliere they enjoyed a two weeks <,,._ did tne .J OD| and ne j tnows )j OW »! to sl)1 . eat j g ra vel and do good work. vacation. Georgo Price and Itussoll Ixiw- fjtw'rence "feeds a fine" herd son left by way of car ono day ji ero foi-d calves each year, last week for California, where they expect to find employment. of The Rev. S. M. Gladstone, south ney expect 10 lino eiuinujmuui. | iutj ivuv. o, i>i. Miauouuiic, .autii.il The Legion is meeting this week of Lone Rock, showed us a new L.nnrlmr ~ : ™ U * tn nlnfl* llaUf /»Ffirlnl*R llMIIGA Tf f /»VIII ft 1" 1 V WI1K ft pllllrnb- Ayes: alt. -.on by Morris and second by Haiim tl.at Frascr be appointed to nn.ik(! nci'essary repairs on drains No. 1.10, No. 9 and No. •>. Ayes- ull Motion by Morris and second by CosKrovt; that I ho renewal honil c-t-rllflratn of Willlnm Shirley for J5,0(10.Oil he approved. Ayes: all. Motion hy Morris and second by C.'osyrovu ihut the salary of Archie Hainus, janitor ol' Court House bo lixecl ut $SO.OO nil. Motion hy Morris and second by Costvrovu that ?1SO.OO ba transferred t'riini thu Guneral Fund to Teachers Institute for oxpenses of teachers' meeting:. Ayes: all. Motion by Cossjrove and second by Morris that A. U Jackman ,be plven a. rol'iind of $2.00 for Old Atfo "F«n- slon tax paid In lUilC, reason not a (•illxeii of tho United States of America. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second bv Cosgrovo that the claim for onur. ditch Klg-ht-of-Way exemption for li):)5 and 183C on 11.a acres In SWV- of .Section 17 Township 100 Range 30 be approved. Ayes: all. Board of Supervisors proceeded to Audit and Allow Bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: 59.00 Mr.s. Clotilda' I rii'tchisoii,' ' O. A. P; Invest 10.00 K. I). .Famos, .supplies .82 O. K. Kpccht, mayor fees . . 3J)0 Cnsoy Ijoss, sheriff fees . . 8 10 John N. Keneflck. mod 2500 COURT FUND w. P. Haley, witness fees . 1.J.OO Casny Loss, sheriff fees . . 20 35 Clerk of Dlst. Court, court costs 41.-IG K. J. Van Ness, attorney fees 10.00 P. A. Danson, attorney fees 10 00 Don C. Hutchison, attorney fefis 10.00 FA III GROUND FUND ICossuth County Ajjflc. Ass'i: approp 1,000.00 CONSTRUCT ION FUND Mike BuUor, imlrul Artliur I3iium. lahur Paul & Williams. Kraveliuir C. N. AV. Hy. Co., freight .1. 1. Merrynuui, hridKe work MeC.ulru Bros., uradlns MoGuIro Bros., grading .... Mc-Gulre Bros., grading .... Milton MuFiidtlen, rodman .. Herman AVichiendahl, ahor Georgo Wlchtunclahl, labor H. -M. Smith, salary Don T. Nugent, salary .lohn I.). Frasor. rodman ... Arthur liaum, labor Mike Baker, patrol .... Wm. F. Gronbach, labor 33. L. H u her, patro 87.20 Tuesday night to elect new officers house. It formerly was a church, for the year. The Auxiliary is It do&s not appear large from the meeting the same evening. ! outside, but when one goes- inside meeting me saniu uvirniiis. .uuiomu, uui, ,,111.1* u^i* &\j\*a nia*u\> Mrs. John Anderson. hou.°e guest one finds plenty of room. It has a at her daughter Mr.s. Julius Kunx's,' full basement, and Mr. Gladstone spent Tuesday at Clear Lake visit- had a now furnace ready to set up. in MrVa" S BoTan"and in- Jay Godden Uuieast of S.neca, Carol EHaibeth. is always busy, for he operates a _« ,. rt ..^ niolntiiinoi' m that RAnHnn fant daughter, spent laughter, Carol Jinzuneui. '» »'»»^ ---*. Wednesday at the home of, road maintamer -, , « -^ nnd hns nolle SO i£iTh,.nVh«r"pnni Fniren i all(1 uas done so for four y ears - He A M?B Gregory Lu Verne, has'^BO farms- 240 acres Two of his 5SS?£SSiS£&ggS£SS TSrlst^ s?s .•sAsars Mrs. Ankeny, Blue Earth, ~,-— Friday here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alne. " • Services at Burt for Drowned Babe Burt, Oct. 11—Funeral services Everett Larson and living at Los Angeles, where Mr. Larson is conductor of a street car. * * * * At Henry McGregor's five miles south of Swea City, we found the boys putting a grain elevator in place on the'corn crib Friday. They urt, Oct. 11—Funeral services a t pick j ng covn for James William. 21 months, son I we e - b ue . y two . row of Mr. and Mrs. Frant Househoia- w " wt - er, Lone Rock, were held at the Methodist church here Thursday afternoon, the Rev. Thoburn Speich- conducting, assisted by the Rev. - •- Tt^nlr Rlirlfll er , T. D. Arends, Lone Rock waa in the Burt cemetery. child was drowned Tuesday in the Burial The neighbor Fred fish pool at a neighbor *TOI Schultz's. The parents and an old- ALMOST EVBRy~DAT comes to buy a package Advance's tbto yellow sheets for letter copies. com picker hitched to a tractor and all ready to go. They have 100 acres of their own to pick and plan to pick for the son-in-law, Ernest DeVries, who lives near Armstrong and has 70 pcres. * * * * We were at George Patterson's, a mile east of Seneca, Friday and the men were picking corn full blast, using a two-row picker, figured they would pick 1000 da y. corn was tf 361S I-JIUI. Utt/- ***v \""-<* -• — U1 j and they were putting it in narrow cribs. George Eollin "«" 15.03 65.00 1.00 40.11 1-1.GO a.oo 1.00 5.00 1.00 65.00 90.00 Lucille , .... \V. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage ...................... \V. S. Cosgrove. comm. and COUNTY FUND W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage ) C'arl Norman, labor Henry .Tunssen, bty City of Algana, light serv. Delmar Fischer, bty Howard Bldllman, labor .... Nick HIschen, bty Reuben Leudtke, bty Gerald Frankl, bty Bolty Sheridan, salary .... Mary 3C. Sands, salary .... uu.uu P.osella Volgt, salary 65.00 Myrtle Olson, salarj 1.26 Dorothy T. Shatto, salary . . 55.00 Dole salary fiS.OO Dole, salary .... 85.08 . nost- 5.00 cession 181.40 Chus. Morris, comm. and ses- scsslon ..., 209.90 W. K. McDonald, comm and session 168.15 J. H. Fraser, comm. and session , 195.35 F. Wm. Baum, comm. and session , 212.G3 National 3iecmployraent Of-, Bee, office exp 76.34 M. J. Duffy, adv. bty. .' 10.73 C. H. Ostwinkle, del. tax col 40.30 Casey Loss, bd. anfl lode*. prisoners 392.05 Wm. Shirley, office exp. .. 44.87 J. J. Dooley, office exp 3.74 U A. Winkel, office exp 45.53 Jenkins Fergemann Co., supplies 128.39 F. 30. Bates, supplies 5.25 Advance Publishing Co., Ben Nolle, patrol '..'..! ibsioo Spear & McVey, grading . ..' 41)2 75 K. I!. French dumber Co.. supplies -155.81 .Serviced Products Corp., supplies Nicholas .7. Krieps, right-of- D.C6 85.01) ., printing ................ 432.82 Fidlar & Chambers Co., supplies 5.21 Whlttemore Champion print- Ing 24.9S Bancroft Register, printing 375.61 Swea City Herald, printing.. ,3.83 LuVerne News, printing .... 17.34 H. A. Phillips, sypplto .... 16,55 Kllpto Loose Le^f Co,, supplies 286.31 I.akota Record, printing .... 02.22 Botsford Lumber Co., sup- : ' piles 2.81 XMotor Service. SUD- .58 408.89 5.30 9.20 ..... . ....... ....... HoenkXMotor Service, supplies Hillyard Sales/supplies .... . D. W. Grippen Co., supplies 5.30 R. A. Evans, coroner fees Nortl-western Mm. Life Ins., right-of-way 75.09 .T. 1. Merryman, bridge work 911.71 .fule SBlfert, grading 148.50 FarmiM-s Oo-Op. Assn., sup- \ plies 131.81) fiotsford Lumber Co., sup- I plies -. s "li ' MAINTENANCE FUND "i Dolbert Shprey, damages not allowed Hollle Steelo, labor ... .not allowed 13. AV. Post, freight 6.6(5 Jay Godden, putrol 88.55 Peter Movlck. adv. patrol.. 2500 .3. R Cnrran, hibor 7.00 C & N. W. Ry. Co., freight . . .50 City of Algona, light serv. . 13 M Cecil McGlnniH, freight .... 6.7Q 3f. W. Post, freight 3.55 Oliver Young, patrol 84.00 Clarence 3iuum, patrol fli oq H. T. Turley, patrol 91.00 •Tuy Godden, patrol 83.6S) Ed Baker, patrol 75.28 .1. II. Montgomery, patrol .. 93 4a ISIflier 33\ving, patrol 100.81 3iubert Mergen, patrol .... 89.23 Tom \Velr, patrol 9;) 10 S. D. McDonald, patrol 104.00 Fred ,1. Coon, patrol 89.25 John Hanselman, patrol .... 19045 Bert Shellmeyer, putrol .... 91.00, Joe M. Etiser, patrol 9100 Ralph Murkla, patrol 89.95 Ed Fnchsen, patrol 115.0Q Harry Helmkc, patrol .... 143 5S Jim H. Merryman. labor .... 81.80 Frank J. 33urke, patrol .... 77.00 Wm. O. Ludwlg. patrol .... 92 05 Dick Baade, labor 24.50 lioitider Kromirga. patrol . 107.50 A. J. Hlldman, patrol 96.60i J. B. Falk. patrol 110.40 Wllber F. Fischer, patrol .. 77.60 Lynn Kuchenrether, patrol ..lOO.'SO Alton Fettit, patrol 106.40 Earl Earing, patrol 92.75 J. F. Qulnn, patrol 91.00 Jake Keller, labor 75.00 Leo Delperdang. labor 100.00 T i, T ,....— 60.90 115.00 77.00 34.50 99.40 85.61 89.25 66.00 91.00 24.50 36.00 44.00 8.00 J. M. Long 1 , labor Arnold 33e]perdung, labor Mervln Marlow, labor .... Ed Willard, labor Hugh Butterfleld. patrol .. Lyell W. Miller, patrol M. L. Worby. patrol Feter Movlck, patrol .... Clifford Holmes, patrol .. Paul Trasamar, labor .. Albert Bosma. Jr., labor .. Henry Christiansen, labor Walter Schwartz, labor .. o.uu H, R. Trenary, labor 15.60 M, C. Thill, labor 49.60 13. p. Stinstrom', labor 02.00 Stanley Ege3, labor ..'.. 6.00 Julius Seler, labor 3.00 Paul Bgel. labor ....'...,.. 100 Ambrose Lecktelg, labor .. 10.00 L. C.' Hutchins, labor .... 82.25 Jay W. Brones. col. poll tax ...,,. 13,15 A. M. Kollasch, col. po31 ax 17.55 Ed Zwlefe3. labor 1.50 ' " —'- , labor .... i.oo iO,r 66.00 *-«%* ** f,T. < D«.9'< **HJ Joseph N. Wittet Jaraes Kelso, l&W D. B. Wayer, labor Co., freight & Storage, George Looft, labor Ooorgc Graham, labor ....'.. I'ulur N. ThilKCS, labor ... • ). A. (Jnrilnur, labor .... •lolin F. Lenertx, labor .. • v. U. Flulg, supplies . . IJa [jj Blacksmith Shop, eup- .''r.-ink Cook, supplies ...'.'.' iorijiisi.il CJrncery, supplloH .Colillimis & Splllos, Riippllca Jell Motor Co., suiipllos Arthur I'ehrsori, supplies .'' (.tool-go Holtzlmuer, supplies " a ,l'i". L . IS '''lovalor Co., sup- Jlapps Service, su'p'n'I'lejs'.'.'" .vossuth County Impl. Co, Kiipplios ' Uulcli's Kup<;r Service siit)- DlluM .'.'. ..... Alfred IJItsworth, supplies Juntral States Klec. Co.', C'IM: trill .States' ' ' i:il'e'c'.'' Co.' light fierv. ' TiiKiisten Spark Plug '60.', stipplicB Itasco Alloy Co., supplies Great. Western Laboratories' suppllCH Shell Petroleum Corp., 'supplies \rnold Motor Supply',''siipl McCormick Doc'riiig'' Store' supplies Greenborg Auto Supply,'supplies Standard Supply Co./'s'iipl f. W. Steelo Co.',' .siippVlcs" Kollcy How Thomson Co., supplies Waterloo Constr. Co.,' 'supl plies Iowa Machinery & Suppiy Co., supplies Own.lonna Tool Co., supplies (ilhb.s Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies CR- Fort Dodge Co., supplies \ustin Western Road Mac'h'. Co., supplies l£TO Iron Store Co., supplies Central Auto Klec. Co., supplies Swan Finch Oil Co., supplies I. .D. Adams Co.. supplies.. Employers Mill. Casualty Co., Ins. premium Jnlon Transfer Brady Transfer freight. lobe Mach. & Suppiy' Co.', supplies '. Standard Oil Co., supplies DUAJNAGE FUNDS Dr. No. -I — 1C. G. Ktlnstroni, labor .... Dr. No. 7— Carl Garretl, labor Chas. 10. Chubb, engineer Dr. No. 9— James Kelso. labor M. C. Thill, labor Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., supplies Dr. No. 30— Chas. E. Chubb, engineer .Tim Chubb, labor Homer Nolle, labor Dr. No. 31— George- Looft. labor D. T!. Mayer, labor Dr. Ne. 07— James Kelso. labor M. C. Thill, labor Dr. No. 75— Dick Baade. labor George Graham, labor .... Chas. E. Chubb, engineer Jim Chubb, labor Homer Nolte, labor .... Dr. No. 80— 33. B. Mayer, labor George Looft. labor Dr. No. S2— Albert Bosnia, Jr., labor . Her.ry Christiansen, labor Dr. No. SH— D. B. Mayer, labor George Looft, labor 32d Willard, labor E. G. Stinstrom, labor .. Dr. No. 8G— Charles Kwallek, labor . . Dr. No. 90— Albert Bosma. Jr., labor . Henry Christiansen, labor Dr. No. 99— 31ick Baade. labor George Graham, labor .... TCIlert Boyken, labor .... Dr. No. 105— M. C. Thill, labor James Kclso, labor Dr. No. 110— Henry Christiansen, labor Albert Bosma, Jr., labor r. No. llfi— Jnmes Kelno, labor . .. M. C. Thill, labor '. >. Nn. 127— Fnrmer.s Co-Op. Assn.. sup~ nlies Dr. No. 1(!5— Mack Dudding, lost warrant Dr. No. IfiB— Ed Willard. labor K. G. Stinstrom. labor .... Dr. I3.-IC No. 2— 12.00 42.00 13.00 14.25 G.40 110.57 5.85 49.55 .27 17.05 12.4D 8.8-1 29.86 .01 .53 1.1.99 223.«7 150.00 1.28 3.02 26.50 2IJ9.73 13.20 352.28 •101.92 107.35 114.87 24.33 •I 2 8,.1C 12.77 17.51 181.15 181.15 17.92 73.49 86.10 40.25 I 30.25 i 75.93 ! 7.09 j 1183.80 j •19.55 221.ST. 1!I95.72 I 4.00 IIIO.OO 3.50 10.SO S.10 K G. Stinstrom, labor .. Ed Willard, labor . . Or. E. K. No. 4 — ..... Lawrence Waldors, labor '>. G. Sllnstrom, labor.. Kd Willard, labor ...... II.- K. No. 2-:)G— l Slln II.-K. No. :l--IC—' Fanners Co-Op. Assn., supplies ' Mrs. A. Malecek, labor'.'.'." Ur. Il.-K. No. 2— Chas. K. Chubb, engineer Jim Chubb, labor Homer Nolte. labor Dr. Il.-K, NO. S— James Kelso, labor M. C. Thill, labor . Dr. I 1 . A.-K. No. I — M. C. Thill, labor ... ,-," us ;,.'' : - Chubb, engineer Jim Chubb, labor . Dr. VV.-K. No. 08-130—' '" Albert Hos-ma. Jr., labor . •Hf'iry Christiansen, labor -I'd ill Trasamar. labor 3'rank Clapsaddlc, labor '. POO3J FUND District No. 1 — ..•';. V Y' Novllln. supplies . Hufis Restaurant, prov. . Hede Groc., prov -''it Hate Groc., prov Paul Ernst, prov. ..'. .'. \ I'jlsin Steussy, care '..'.'i 1.44 .10.87 15.25 C.7S 5.60 4.20 1.50 21.40 1.68 3.50 4.60 3.50 9.90 f uner il Mary Dole, care II. Lli-hty, rent ('. MeCulkiugh, Corbln, med. .. Meyer, mod. .. Janse, mod ml Hospital, hosp! 'ca -e 21.00 (5.75 3.75 9 00 12.00 13.20 fl.DO 57.60 •10.DO 7.90 20.00 15.00 3.00 4.00 16.00 12.00 4.50 S.OO 3.00 4.00 10.00 3.50 7.50 3.00 4.00 8.00 B.OO 2.40 3.SO 1.03 W. ir. )r. Dr. Goi lUslrlcl No. 2— Miss Ilpwltt, bonks Miss 3Iullertnan, books C. S. Johnson, prov. .. K. A. Clark, prov. \V. T. Pllcher, prov. !!!' Soreiisen Grocery, prov. . Cut Kate Grocery, prov I/. E. Hovcy, fuel. . . H.itKfMi-il Lumber Co., fuel ». L. Martin, rent A. M. Colllnson, rent . Harold Schmidt, rent Mrs. Dearch, rent Alex Miller, rent ' Mrs. Wm. Meyers, care .' SI. Anthonys Home, care Mary Webster, care, . Dr. Janse. mod .' 3Jr. Kereflck, med. ...!!! 3)r. Crelxmoyer, med. A. H. Borchardt, med. Is. D. James, med. .. Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care ii. N Grant, opening grave .Keyipw Cemetery Assn., opening- grave L. M. Merritt, funeral Hohonseluib Mortuary,' 'fun- 4.00 W. a. McCullotigb, amh. 4.50 serv 204 J. W. Neville, supplies to.lt 3.G-1 District No. 3— -' 10.41 Fasbenders Groc., prov. .. 12.00 9.37 Cut Rate Groc., prov 6.00 T. P. Doerr, rent 10.00 Leo J, Ilnnig, rent* lO'.OO J. W. Neville, supplies .. 4.10 Dr. Sartor, med 6.00 Kossuth Hosp., hosp. care 69.60 District No. -I— Smith Dept. Store, prov. .. 10.00 Tfoods Store, prov 10,00 O. 1'. McDonald, fuel 6.00 Mrs. Augusta Belt-/,, care .... 16.00 J. H. Sheridan, rent 28.00 C. H. Schroeder, rent 9.00 3. W. Neville, supplies , 3.41 Dr. I5ga.n, med ,. 32.7B J. W. McCrecry, mod 7.00 District No. 5— Wilsons Groc., prov 30.00 Hill Top Dairy, prov 6.40 H. M. Dyer, prov 14.65 3. W. Neville, supplies 9.68 Tohn Osland, rent 10.00 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care 84.60 Dr. Lundtiulst, mod 6.26 General— flilma Oslrum, labor 6.00 '-. A. Copp, printing 1.00 bounty Farm— Frank Miller, light serv 12.85 Carl Norman, labor 67..0. Carl Norman, labor 67.00 Tohn Hcnnlng, labor 60.00 ;. A. Vlpond, threshing .. 68.60 W. F. Ounder, labor S.OO Alex Gllllngham, labor .... 1.20 . V. Janse. med. «.00 "OS. Akre, prov 83.07 Farmers 331ev. Co., sup_P" esr 40.87 s. D. James, med 15 24 V H. Borchardt, med 3.37 Cohlhaas & Spllles, supplies 328.88 Cossuth County Impl. Co., supplies 127.38 McCormick Deerlng Store, supplies 23.6S Botsord Lumber Co., sun- Pllcs 51 /ender & Caldwell, supplies 7.73 Fox & Winkel, veterinary serv ^red Park, supplies ....'.".' Algona Rendering Co., tank- age Dr. M. G. Bourne, med CONSTRUCTION FUND Concrete Product Corp., supplies 905.13 Peerless Oil Co., supplies .. 317.36 Balbach Co.. supplies 432,34 RESOLVED: That tho County Auditor is authorized to issue •Warrants or hills allowed at this meet- Ing as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written. On motion board adourned "sin* 35. S. KINSET. County Auditor. 9.77 5.00 3.00 30.00 2.50 42.86 14.00 C.OO 79.50 14.50 20.00 3.00 60.50 .40 2.95 18.00 10.00 9.CO 18.00 18.50 4.00 8.30 8.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 10.00 10.00 45.00 2fi.OO 25.50 1.00 28.50 S.9H 2.34 141.50 10.00 8.00 25.00 88.20 118.90 5.27 28.75 2.00 You Cant Fool the Chickens.. If their winter quarters are not warm, clean, and properly ventilated, you won't get many winter esffs or as much poultry weight for the feed they consume, as you want. Nature made them that way. Give them good winter quarters and they will do their part in paying for it and-making money for you. A well planned and well built chicken house isn't expensive and does pay big dividends. Now is the time to build it—get it ready for business before cold weather. See us for plans and materials. F. S. NORTON & SON AL60NA PHONE 229 IOWA GUARANTEED SAVINGS/ i ia**» v • V V »*»••" " , O f Gambl 6 ' 8 ^ ce Sboot one-balf of a J ^^ tbey a e ^ells...!^^^'^^^ of P«ce equal to ^**£\# and ^ wiU return the other refund your money. GAMBLE'S SHOT SHELLS We positively guarantee savings and satisfaction. Gamble's Shells have the patented cone base construction, making them one of the most powerful types known. This construction positively assures you that every bit of the powder is behind the load. We also positively guarantee low price. Gamble Stores have pioneered the way to lower prices on shotgun shells. Our prices are as low as you can get anywhere on sifliilar quality and lower than many ask for the same quality. See your Gamble,- iStore for latest low price NOW! GAMBLE STORES THE FRIENDLY STQRtS «Att*A4U>, OW NED BY at Brltt UN) Jiotol

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