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Middletown, New York
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DAILY THUHBDAT, OOTOBBB 19. UW. Overcoats Alto atejr Ckrk, alack. MiddMom, H- T. Sept 16th, 1893.

N. rooOew you pot onr beat a-d awat smooth, aad dorlaf of any waur drtvlaf us- Its uaquevttowbU. trail. j. H.

MCELROY. to a beautiful book for holiday NEW IDEA. Itk man toifjft let tee tte Mn of CMUm's Gtoiks DSSIBU rwcis. and BUck edged with rtllas at 88c. iiouncement Goods, toiStjlw, Nei Prices! mcccaa, art an proud motto COM ceM all, forfrtoor CAUOHT 8TEAUNO MEAT I Arreeted FITTING ANNIVERSARY SERVICE.

Darweod HU Pralw Meetlac kat Hanf ord utreete. street, mem. ultou street and cademy and Houston mrenaM. FlSSn street and Railroad Street, foot of Orafeud street. 2SHAcademT and Genunf etmt Jjlfijrrtle and street and Bsrtcne 1 stroke of bell denotes elronlt broken of bell denotes Chief's Mil.

of bell denotes 11 o'clock time, 4 of bell tot jroor money Pi tuiUd to the It will pay yon to see our slock of Mitaie, Crockery, Carpets, Qothr, etc, be- fonpnrekMing. IU member the Vwgwt atock in the city. the copy for In standing advertisements is furnished us before 11 o'clock a. m. of the day that the changes are required we cannot Insure their Insertion as we hare snob a large number to set every -Knit ud coaw-Weller fc Demerit --Mloaletown Snv'ngs Bank.

--Drawing of -Horse Mantels-Weeks Bi as --Mackerel--OsburB Brown --Tbe "Country Oct. ffi -Crocks Mid --See ftdv McMougle 1. Rogers. Goodale, auctioneer --Oudyfree. --Fresh Bsh --Children's tups ford's -Felt ha Crawlord's --Plre rooms to let --House work wanted.

--Bouse to let --Boarders wanted --New house to let --Five rooms let. VanOazer, Smith Go. 36-38 St. SUPPERS Temperature. At Tuthlll's Pharmacy, 27 James opposite TIMES office.

Frank Klrtner, a young man about 20 yean of age, living at Dsnton with parents, WM seen about town laat evening quite late in the vicinity of the Cox market on Pulton He then peering in the windows with a longing look at a shank of meat that lying on the bench. About 42 o'clock Mn. Floyd Miller, who had been watching him, him come out of the shop with a large piece of meat and gave an alarm. Fred Beasley and Geo. Stevenson als) saw him about the place.

When Klitner found he had been detected he dropped the meat and escaped. Officer Vail notified and with Mr. Cox drove to Doton where they found the young man. He protested Innocence. He was arrested and arraigned this morning before Recorder Bradnerand the caw wai such a clear one against him that he cent to Gosben to await the action of the Grand Jury.

SUCCESSFUL DEER HUNTERS Two tUddletowaon Borne a Fine OM from Pike Oae of 5nest deer ever seen in Middletown brought here last even- Ing by Chas. V. Predmore and Asa Hoffman. Mr.

Predmore for several years past has taken a day or two off each fall to hunt deer in the wilda of Pike county, and usually been very successful. He was accompanied this fall by Mr. Hoffman who employed in the Predmore (tore and who is an old deer hunter although only a young man. Together they went to Mr. Hoffman's who is of Pike county and who resides in the deer districts about nine miles from Mlllord.

Yesterday the young men went out and bagged their game. It Is a handsome three pronged buck and will weigh dreswd about 200 Ibs. REMINISCENCES OF V. M. DRAKE- lit st.

Last Sunday In giving notice of the weekly prsyer 1 service to occur on Wednesday evening Kev. Dr. Darwood, of St. Paul's stated to hte congregation that he had social reasons for holding a praise servilfe on that evening and urged a large attendance. Accordingly there was a large audience at the church last evening.

New song books have been recently procured and the worshippers, with grateful hearti for God's goodness to them, were prepared to lustily sing His praises. Both the piano and organ were utilized to furnish the Instrumental music, the former played by Mrs. I. B. A.

Tay'or, and the latter by Mrs. Darwood. Dr. Darwood read a portion of the 101th Psalm describing a storm at sea, and then stated that just 12 monlhf ago he anfl hli wife were ln-a ter rible cyclone 'in mid-ocean and he desired to make the service of the evening one of praise in commemorat'oi of their safe daliverance. The doctor's description of the terrible scenes attending their days of suffering and anxiety while the great vessel was irercllessly tossed to and fro and the passengers and crew were constantly expecting to go to the bottom, was thrilling, yet at times amua- gtjfl HOUR, RIStuSH i KIWI 0.00 8nt 11:44 Coming Kventfl.

Nov 5-8-Chrysanthcnmin show at First Congregational Churcn. Nov 17-Reception of 24lh Sepaute Co. at Aimory. Dec 7--Charity bill In Casino Ing. A bsautlful composition, entitled, -FOB- FULL DRESS ike tMion hw opened We are reedy for it.

Indies' slip pen colon to match any dude of Full stock ready for your inspection. Follow the foot print! to C. HANFORD'S, ..43 North Street THE niDDLETOWN A I TIHES 'his a circulation considerably larger than the combined circulation of all the other daily papers published la this city. CHESTER'S WATER WORKS. The now Sutem Bomt Of.

Chester Is very jubilant over the success ol Its water works. A has been made of Its power and It was found to be 102 Ibs. to the Inch. The hydrants all have triple nipples and when hose was attached to them streams 135 foet high thrown It Is now proposed to organize at least two companies as soon aa possible and ere long Chester will have as fine a fire organization as catfba found anywhere. Frank Hock, of Goshen, and Fred Conkllng are very busily engaged In plumbing as many of the citizens tire connecting their houses with the system "The Light of Home," was eung at the close of Dr.

Darwood's remarks. Mrs. Darwood sang the questions and the doctor the responses, the congregation joining In the chorus. More than a half tour was devoted to short Christian testimonies, during which time many spoke ol the special blessings they were thankful for. Mrs.

Darwood and Mrs. J. C. May favored the audience with a duet entitled "The Saviour With Me At the close of the service all joined In singing "When I Can Bead My Title Clear." SALE OF BUILDING LOTS. TO KEEP OUR BUSINESS FROM GETTING LOP-SIDED, and running too much on "leaders," wa call attention to some ipeclaltles only bj ourselves.

ROGERS, Druggists. Oraage Flower Balm for the skin; the hands smooth, white and tightly and prevents chapping and roughing by work or weather. Made sold by since 1868 -25 cents a bottle. Our Pepsin Essence for all lormi of Dyspepsia. A single dose usually re- lleves an acute case of Indigestion; regularly used It assists to a cure.

Trial Bottle 25 cents. Our Ivorj Tooth Wash. It sweetens breath, makes the teeth like pearls aid tne gnos sound and healthy. It ll pleasant to use, absolutely harmless aad all who ute It. In sprinkle-top bottles cents.

Our Throat Loisnges-- convenient and effectual-- 10 cents a box. Increasing prove merit. Rogers' Opera Cologne. A new and popular perfume-- pleasant and lasting. iprlnkle-tops 25 cents.

has been a big "hit" for us. McMONAGLE ROGERS, Druggists, 30 North Street. Another Invoice BREVITIES. --Buy of merchants who advertise. --The father of hsrd times--the croaker.

--Iligu'ar meeting of Com ton Council this evening. -The grape yield of the State is the largest In years. --The electric road has begun distributing rails on West Main street --The Sheldon Saddlery Company, ol Elmlra, has foiled for a coneiderablo amount. --The Church Club will meet In Grace Church on Friday evening at 8 o'clocic. Subject, "Holy All are Invited.

--Beware of tho prlzs package swindlers. Thf are working throughout the country, especially with stationery packages --Conductor Virgil V. Duryea, ol the O. W. Rsllway, has removed hie family from 127 Wickham to 105 Linden avenue.

--The Union Pacific Tea Company, corner North street and Wickham avenue, have a great variety of candles In its windows to be given to purchasers Fridsy and Silurday. --The Story Clark Organ Company, of Chicago, has beeu given the highest award and aip'oma for oreacs at the Columbian Exposition. Van Fleet Co of this cl'y, are its agents -Excelsior Lodge, I G. will bold Its regular monthly prayer maet- Ing In the lodge rooms th's evening. Members are requested to bring goipel hymns No.

5 Lodge called to at --The committee appointed by the Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias, to a site for a Pythian home, will visit Pishklll on Oit 26 to look at a site at Grovevllle, on property owned by Colonel Wolcolt. --There will be a special meeting of the Columbus Social Club this evening. The last World's Fair special excursion via W. Saturday, Oct. 21 Train leaves Main street at 11:45 a.

PERSONAL MENTION. --Harry Gordon left for Chicago yesterday. --Dr. E. M.

Barnes went toPenn syl- vanla to visit his parents. --Mr. J. Sloat, of Nawb'urgb, passed through towt to-day on his way to Ellenvllle. Dr.

J. H. Thompson, of Goshen, IB attending the soldiers' reunion to-day at Ellenvllle. --Mrs. George Smith, of John street has gone to Btroudsburgb, Pft on 8 visit to her slater.

--Mr. Dvld R. Miller and daughter Viola, of the North End, went to Chicago to-day via the O. W. --Fred Rogers, the operator, has taken Harry Tuthlll's place In the Erie depot during the latter's Illness.

--Mr. J. J. Anderson, who has been visiting relatives at Bullvllle, returned to Chicago to-day by the O. W.

--Mrs. Henry Shaffer and son Isaac, of Gravity, are on an extended visit with relatives at Middletown, N. Tliej Are Suld at Auction- Jiod Reallz-d. Yesterday's auction sale of building lots on Commonwealth avenue, which were formsrly owned by the Low estate and then by Mr. and Mrs.

Martin B. Van Fleet, was very satisfactory. Auctioneer Kaufman sold 18 ol them at an average of 1125 each. Among the purchasers was Minnie Lester, the star actress who is now performing at the Casino She purchased two lots tor 1295, and the house and lot for $1,825 There are 13 lots left, and these will be Eo'd at private sale. It Is understood tbnt many of the purchasers will soon build, whileothers will hold their purchase as an infest- ment.

Following Is a list of the purchasers, with tbe prices paid: Purchaser. Price. W. Fltohay EmllE. Mrs.

C.Joyce 105 Darwin E. Musgrave 95 Robt. Hallinan 115 W. F. Bulley 160 Minnie Lester 155 Minnie Lester Robt.

Hallinan 165 A ot tha Port Gaatbs that tha veteran journal- Victor M. Drake, who lying critically ill at homa in Goshen, died quite a large ipace in the of both Orange and Suaiex counties. He wai born in Mllford, Pike county, In 1813, and conatquently now about 80 ol age. His early newt- piper experience was had In and New York olty. In 1845 he became proprietor and editor of the Ntw Jersey BeraM, at New- remained in connection with it until 1853 when he wcoeeded by Thos.

Andenoa, During a portion of his connection with the Herald he had a partner the brlUtant and aggrenive Gilbert Judwn Betbe, the firm name Being G. J. Baebe V. Drake. Victor then just in his prime, and he and young Bsebe madt a very lively pair of Democratic bust- lers, both the editorial sanctum and on tbe itump.

Victor's connection with the fleraid In the when pottofHoei and poit were few in Sussex and were mostly delivered by carriers. Victor ipent muoh of hli time traveling among the people, delivering papen and for In this way became intimately acquainted with the people In every section of Sussex, and in the northern part of Warren, and genial disposition and sympathetic nature made him one of most popular m-n of time. It used to be laid that Victor Drake could call more men by their correct in Sussex county than any other living man. In many families In old SUMOX his name was a familiar household word, and his coming was the signal lor the best entertainment that the houses of Sussex could afford. When the fact of his illness shall have become generally known many and earnest will be the that will go up from these hills and that the life of the white-headed old veteran may be spared for many years to come.

BINQHAMTON CONVERTED. Tb. B. rmj Wto. CUr Binghamton bat been completely captured by the spirit of Calvarj as Indicated by the publUhed reports of tha great work by evangelist B.

Fay Mills, who several years ago conducted'meet- ings In Ulddletown. The BepuWtwn says ol the aspect of the city Tuesday In response to tha proclamation of Mayor Green for a general suspension of business: "The events of yesterday were unprecedented In the history ol Blngbamton. It was -the Mid-week Sabbath, 1 a day specially set apart for religious observance In connection with the great evangelistic movement that hai been in progress in this oily for the last two weeks. There was a general suspension of builneis during the hours of the services at the tabernacle; the city and county offices were closed and hardly a store was open. "It was a day of Sunday the streets were thronged with going to and returning from the religious services.

In addition to the three great at the tabernacle, there were neighboring "prayer In the morning, a prayer meeting for tht women at the First Presbyterian Church In tbe afternoon, and later In the afternoon an overflow meeting at the same church, led by the Ralph GlUam. Evangelist Mills preached at the tabernacle In the morning, afternoon and evening. His morning discount wat based on the words found In Iialah Iv 7. Let the wloked forsake his way. 1 Longbefors the hour for the afternoon service the tabernacle' was filled to overflowing.

People stood In the aisles and tat on the steps. Hundreds were turned away from the doors." LATEST P. I. THE FINANCIAL OUTLOOK. A of Halted auiei PHdlcttd If not Soon Hpeolil to Itatlj Tmn, WABHIKOTON, Oct.

18 --The Senate began work it 11 o'clock. The Treasury report (or the currant fitotl year was read. It predicted If the preienl oocdltlont conllnue that there will be deficit or 150,000,000 at the end of the New Books for Long Evenings. Duffels Edward Triali of a Staff Offl or Oapt King Mmy It.vontk us Kippling Twenty Minutes Uto Adirondack Idyl Mrs. Vantmoo Doanst Mrr Forortor Prince tf Indit Lew Wallace Oriole's DaugHer Jwio Forthogill Lots of books at Breciul prlcee, that moars cheap All the Road in Btt'ionory, tor.

M. Hanford Morton. CELEBRATED ITS TENTH ANNIVERSARY. Honesdale Independent. --Mrs.

Richard G. SHter, accompanied by her two daughters, Mlases Sadie and Florence, have gone to Chicago to the World's Fair. --Frank H. Bertholf, of this city, was registered at the Palatine Hotel, Newburgh, yesterday, and H. Decker, at the United States Hotel.

--Mr. and Mrs. L.S, Stivers and Coroner Abraham Lincoln Decker, city editor of the TIMES, left on Erie train No. 3 last night for the great Columbian Exposition at Chicago. --Alderman Charles G.

Baldwin went to Oneoata to-day on a business trip. Mr. Baldwin Is a large real estate owner in that place, being inter- Lot. 12 13. 15.

17. 18. 9. 8. 7.

5. 5 4. 3 11 Jarvls Miller David Lain David Lain Geo. G. Holbert H.

C. Brewster. J. H. Horton H.

W. J. McDonald 175 no 170 165 175 95 110 145 A. S. Van Fleet HO Total.

A FINE WORK. eeted in the opera house there. --General Superintendent J. P. OF THOSE 59 and 98 cent SOLID OAK STANDS, Don't fen get oar 25PEBCEHF, IISMUIT on all White IRONSTONE CHINA.

THE C. E. GO. Ptiriut! Wickham avenue 11:50 a. Train will stop at both stations This excursion will be under the personal management of Smith, O.

W. general baggageagent. Call and get Information and rates. Trained I.e«T« Their WhMi an Alarm Mose and Ben, the Eagles' team, have betn put to a severe test lately in answering to the alarm bell. Their dinner Is put on the floor for them jus! after the 12 o'c'ojk gong sounds, when tbe alarm Is again sounded.

They leave It Instantly acd spring to thtlr positions under the harness. Hotae and WaKon Btolen. S. H. Knapp, of Walden, offers ft reward for recovery of a mare acd a waeoo stolen Monday afternoon.

The mare has one white ankle, and minus tbe shoe on her left front foot The vehicle attached to her is a yellow cart. The harness is single strap and has a on the rosette of the bridle. Bariett to Dance at the Callno, Little Maud Barrett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.

Barrett, will make her first appsarance on the Casino stage when she will Introduce a new dance. The little lady has been rehearsing dally with Miss Lester and promises to create a sensation. Buntlare at Port The hardware store of Ludlum Peck was entered by burglars Tuesday night and a number of articles stolen The burglars were evidently amateurs. Four revolvers, four boxes of razon, 15 boxes of pocket knives were taken and to from the monevjlrawer. The Onion Thefta.

Theorlon thieves of Florida who had bsen in the lookup here for two days to day were taken to that place. They will bs arraigned before Justice Oscar Rosencrans for petit larceny. It Is intimated that are implicated in the theft. Bradfield, of the O. slopped at the Eagle Tuesday night.

Mrs. A. Bosworth has returned from her visit with friend! in Sim. -Mr. and Mrs.

William Houghtal- injr, who have been visiting at their niece's, Mrs. George Conkling, of South street, returned to their home last n'ght la Woodbourne, Sullivan county. --Joseph McCoubray, the popular proprietor of the High View Hotel, near Bloomlngburg, was In this city yesterday calling on friends and making preparations to start on Saturday next on a two weeks' visit to Chicago and the World's Fair. --Mr. B.

Scott goes to the World's Fair this week. --Mr J. W. Slauson and son, Whiting, are at the World's Fair. --Fred Glbbens, an employe of the rolling mill, returned last evening from a four months' visit in England En-Senator Llnson, ol Kingston, and Clerk of the Sanate Dunning, two of the prominent Democratic machine leaders of the State, whose knowledge of practical politics Is varied ar.d extensive, made a plessant call at the TIMES offica to-day.

There Is no Mug wumpery about them. ghepp'a Wotld'i Fair Photoxraiilu-J. A. Boar li the Agent Tor the Book In Thli Vlolnity. Mr.

Judson A. Hoar, of 7 Liberty street, the obliging clerk in the County Clerk's office, Goahen, who has the agency for "Shepp's World's Fair Pho- tographe," for which he Is now can- vaEsing, makes an announcement, on page 1 of to-day's TIMES In regard to that work The work is a most com piste collection of views of the World's fair, and all who have been there and have the book It very highly. If you have not been to the fair by all means get the work, BB it is nearly as good as a trip Mr. Hoar has at odd times canvassed a part of the olty, and has already possd of 100 copies. Tbe book Is a work which sells at sight.

He has made delivery, and when another lot of the books is received be intends to make the Old Ladles' Home an! Thrall Hospital each a presett of a copy, which will doubtless bo highly appreciated at both Institutions. THE COUNTY FAIR. Dl ecton to meet Warwick To-Morrow to Diclde where to Hold It Mixt Tear. The Directors of the Orange Cauntv Agricultural Society meet at Warwick to-morrow to audit the bills and settle up the financial sffilrs of the rec-nt rather disastrous Fair held by the Society In that place. At this meeting it is understood, will be determined the time and place for holding the next annual Fair.

What the present Directory will do, we of course have no meant ot knowing. But we do remember how a years ago when Fair having been held there for two years, a committee of representative business men from Middletown went before the Board of Directors and Invited them to to Middletown with their exhibition next time. The Invitation was favorably acted on, and we all still further remember how from a condition of virtual bankruptcy the treasury of the society was replenished by the three extraordinarily successful fairs that followed In tbU place, and aent awsy with a very handsome surplus. Ajid Mlddletonn wasn't near populous or so big and flourishing then as It Is to-day. Whether tbe Directors will take an unbiased, liberal and businesslike view of the matter, and profit by their past experience remains to be seen.

If they send the Fair here we can fully assure them as before of successful and satls factory results. A LIQUOR DEALER CONVICTED- Sentenced to Albaur for Pclllnjl at Cornwall. The trial of Luhrs for selling liquor without a license was held ha- fore Justice S. Talbotanda jury In Cornwall Tuesday. Frank H.

Cassedy, of Newburgh, was counsel for the prosecution, and S. Dimmlck and H. Dscker, of Middletown, for tbe defendant. It took all day to secure a jury. Tbe examination of witnesses commencid at 9 p.

and lasted until nearly 1:30 a. when the case was summed up and the jury retired at 3:05 s. m. At 3:45 a. they arrived at a verdict, which was that the defendant, H.

J. Luhrs, wai guilty according to the law and the evidence. When the court was ready to pronounce defendant could not be found. The sentence is six months in tbe Albany Penitentiary and flue. The bondi-man for defendant is until he brings him before the justice.

Co for defendant will appeal. The L.dtfi' Ulme Society ol the Unformed Chuiob at Wurtaboro. Correspondence ot tbe There was a very pleasant gathering ol the Dime Society ot the Reformed Church, Wurtsbaro, at the hospitable residence of Mr, H. Holmfs, at Wurtsboro, Tuesday evening, Oat 10, the occasion being the celebrating of the tenth anniversary of their clety. The society was organized Oot.

10, 1883, at the house of Rev. John by his wife and a few other ladles of the vicinity, for the purpo'se ol aiding the church in needed Improvements and also to remove It from indebtedness, Both objects have been successfully accomplished'; Mrs. DuBols was chosen President of the society and remained as such until her death, which occurred July, 1888, when her sister, Miss Mary Greene, was elected to fill the vacancy, which office she still holds. from New York, Middletown and Bloomlngburg were After partaking of a and most inviting supper the company repaired to the parlors, where reports Irom the Secretary and Treasurer were read giving a brief summary ol the do- Ings of the society during the ten years since Hsorgan'zUion. The Treesurer's report showed tha' during that time the money raised amounts to 12,304 78, money paid, 12,176 60 balanos on hand (128 12.

After tho business on hand bad been attended to tha gentlemen present who were not previously members -were Invited to each hand over their quarter and become honorary imbere of the which every one responded to In a very generous manner, thereby showing their appreciation ot the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and ot the Dime Society as entertainers. HYMENEAL Southwell--Hunter. The marriage ol Miss Eairaa L.

Hunter ana Mr. W. R. Southwell took place at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary C.

Hunter, 171 Chatnbars street, Newburgb, yesterday at 1.30 p. Only relatives and very intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. Rev. Charles Seattle, of Middletown, N. pjstor of the matrimonial candidates, was the offlsl- year.

Senator Stewart, ol Nevada, against amending tha journal. ID tha House the Committee on rtules reported a resolution making tha Bankruptcy Bill a special order (or Monday, The Senate Democratic caucus committee made another frultltisattempt to settle the caucus question this morn- Ing but nothing wai determined upon. Sonator Stewart declared that the attempt to gat tha President to make hlmtell Infamous by a violation of tha rules and compelling a vote outrageous. predicted that Vice President Stevenson would administer the rulei and protect the mlnoiliy. Senator Stewart two and followed by Senator DuBols, of Idaho.

THE MONUMENT DEDICATED. a Member of duveraori a Trenton Special to the DilLV TRENTON, Ojt. battle monument WM dedicated to-day. Among the distinguished visitors were Gov ernors Flower, of New York; Werts, of New Jersey; Patltaon, of Rustell, of Massachusetts; Morria, of Connecticut; of Dslaware; Puller, of Vermont, and Brown, ot Maryland. POLICEMEN SUFFOCATED.

They Leave Their Pott In Ceutml Taik acd LCM Ihelr Llvri. to tbe DAII.T Tints. "NKW YORK, Ojt. Ill-Park Policemen David Lyon and James Hayes, and Thomas Furr, a blacksmith, were asphyxiated by gai In the Cottage in Central early this morning. Tbe policeman were off their post asleep.

Policeman George Rogan will die. The are dead. YARNS. We oarry the largest stock ofGormintowr, Carman Knlttinr, Saxony, Spanish, Shetland Worl, Shetland Floss, Angrora Wool, Ice Wool and Home-Made Yarni. Tiy us and convince yourself.

C. W. FANCHER 7 West Main Blraot Mlddletcwn. GEO, YOUNG, CUSTOM AND MERCHANT TIILOi, extends an Invitation to his latent In London Soolch Suitings, Woo) Cheviots, OvorcoatlnRs in Chtnchlllat, that 1 will make up In Ursl-olaes manner at my moderate rates. HY READY-MADE DEPARTMENT (or both Men and Boys complete in all the fashionable styles and makes at my usual liberal rales.

GENTS' I I DEPARTMENT filled with all the latest novoltlce In Cravalt, Gloves, and Shirts. GEO. W. YOUNG, 10 and 18 East Main Ctroct N. Y.

An Bnerrooui Spread of Oauvael. Pew people perhaps have a true knowledge of the enormous spread ol canvass which the two yachts--the Vigilantand theVa'kyrle--carry, when all their sails are set. Oae of these vessels baa over 10,000 and the other over 11,000 equare feet ot canvass Popularly this not convey any idea other than large numbers. If the sails were laid out upon the ground In one spreid, that carried by ona vessel would cover nearly one quarter of an acre and the other would cover a quarter of an DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINED. Goiheii'e Cataract! at the Mlddletown Parade.

Middletown was favored with delightful weather for her fire parade last Thursday. It was witnessed by thousands of people, who apparently enjoyed it. The olty was gaily decked with bunting, and most of the private rfsldences along tbe line of march, which, by tbe way, included every street and by-way of the city and adjacent country, showed their colore. The Cataracts, as guasts of Ontario Hose Company, were dsllghtfully entertained by their hosts. It was generally admitted that the Cataracts were he best drilled and most tastefully unl- ormed company in tbe line In fact, they "took the cuke." The parade wae EL great success, and but for the outrageous'y long line of march would have been most enjoyable as well to the participants as to those who viewed Democrat The Pilzn Awarded.

A large cake of Riverside soap, manufactured by Belknap MoCann, was shown this fall at three diffareot fairs The person who guessed nearest Iti correct weight was to receive a box of Rlveralde soap. Yesterday the manu facturers shipped to F. Butler, Dan bury, Mrs. A. 8.

Vandermark, Middle All Biters! tiau to BM tkem Ojelaj" lor an antf wotktree. D. OLMSY, CBOGOIST An Ere Bemaved. Mr. Dennis Onell, the veteran stone mason, some three weeks ago met with a very painful accident while at work A piece of stone flaw in his right eye, destroying the (Ight.

InBammatlon set in and Mr. Onell was taken to Thrall Hospital where Dr. ills removed the eye. The operation was successful and Mr. Oneil Is resting very comfortably to-day.

town, and Miss Mary Cronk, Pough keepsle, each a box, they being the lucky guessers at the respective fairs The weight was as follows; At bury, 927 pounds; Poughkeepsie, 93' pounds; Warwick, 1,109, having drle out 172 pounds between the Orang county and county fairs, 10 pout da between Dutohess county and Danbury. Mrs. Vandermark'e guess was 1,110 pounds. COMMANDER WHEELER WINS. He Will Enjoy a Free r.xcuriloii With All 111" Eipemei Paid to the ralr.

The Now York Sunday Press contest for a free trip to the World's at the expense of that newspaper was decided yesterday. Among the fifty fortunate A. members is Commander A B. Wheeler of this olty, and J. S.

Fisher of burgh. Mr. Wheeler stand's 321 on the list with 3 votes, Fisher Is 12th with 4,792 votes. Tbe name of W. R.

Maul, of Middletown, N. is also published with 3,814 votes. P. Glnley, of New York, received 17,867 votes and Is No 1. The fifty vets will leave ths West Shore station at Weehawken Saturday afternoon.

Their two Wagner palace sleeping cars will be attached to tbe Chicago L'mltcd. Mr. Wheeler's many frlend.s will re joloe with' hlnroverTila THE NORTH END. A OariUge Factory te Be Erected bjr Dr. Fauchtr.

A carriage repository Is atout to be built at the North End. Dr. Edwin Fanchcr has let tbe contract for the building to Contractor J. P. It will be erected between Kstchum'e coal yard and the StraT Eat and will be 40x75 feet, with two stories Mr.

J. Mulford will occupy it when completed. Work will be commenced atlog clergyman. The rural decorations were very pretty. Ralph D.

Horton and Wm. W. Hunter, a brother of the brlds, were ushers. The bride was attired in a traveling suit of tapharine blue cloth, trimmed with satin and braid. She carried a bouquet of roses.

The presents were numerous, able and beautiful. The catering was done by H. C. Duncan la his usual satisfactory manner and was a complete success. The bride and groom left for Washington on the 4:30 West Shore train.

On their return from their bridal trip Mr. and Southwell will occupy their home at lOHanford street. They will be at home after Oct 30 The bride for nine years was a popular teacher in our public schools and for live years was an Instructress in Wall kill Academy, resigning her Itlon last June. She Is a member of he Second Presbyterian Church and a teacher in the Sunday school. The Is the well known proprietor of art store on North street.

He Is an exemplary young man. For several years he was engaged as General Secretary of the Y. C. A. in different places and be is still an aollvo worker In the The TIMES extends Its congratulations.

Wnkenmn-MclQtrrr. From Our Wurtsboro Correepondent A quiet wedding occurred at 10 The Still Fateblac It Up. Erie commenced laying new covering over the baggage and freight portion ot the James street depot this morning. It to be put on over the shingles, and of a fireproof material. Good by new depot for a tlms.

Katlread Howe. --The S. W. had a (light wreck yesterday at Rldgefield Park. A coa train ran Into the rear of another.

The Germaai Entertain. The Germanii Mannerchor held one of very enjoyable last evening in the rooms in Bull's Block. Dancing to Barnes' music wai Indulged in. Rsfreehmenti were served. OMtaawy -George'F.

Wilbur, ex-superintend ent ol the gravity road, died at home in Honesdale Tuesday night aged 71 years. a Finger Coupling Care. George Miller, employed in the Erie yard at this station, had three fingers on his right hand so badly smashed while coupling cars this morning that It found necessary to amputate part of the third one. He was JpNo Dr. Mills', who performed the oper- at once.

A Traek foreman Injured. Thomas Fllnn, a new track foreman on the Erie who recently came here from Corning, N. met with a painful accident last evening. He was returning home on tbe hand car and in applying the brake his foot dipped of! and fell between the wheels, btdly jamming his toes He was taken to his boarding bouse and medical aid summoned, Beat Bmate. --Through C.

E. estate agent, Alderman L. V. Slnsa- baugh exchanged house on Royce avenue to B. F.

Low, for four om Beacon street. HIM LMter'e gucceM. Minnie Ltster's troup continues to draw good houses at the Casino. She is well supported and being a star herself, her are heartily enjoyed. They will be here all of this week at popular prices.

o'clock Wednesday forenoon at the Idence of George H. Kerr, at WurU- boro, the contracting parlies being Mrs. KBIT'S sister, Mies Mary Mcln tyre, and Lee S. Wakeman, the popu lar O. A W.

station sgent at Wurts boro, Rev, Mr. Harris, of the Rstormed Church, performing ceremony. Only the near relatives of the couple were present. The presents were varied and costly, The bride Is one of our most estimable young ladieo, while the groom is well known in this vicinity, and both are universally In high esteem by all who knew them. The happy pair Itjt on O.

W. train 1, and will take in Walton, N. the groom's former home, Niagara Falls, the jectlve point being the World 1 Fair. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs.

William Mclntyre and Alex. Mclntyre, of Mongaup Valley, parents and brother of the bride respectively; Mrs. Wakeman, of South Walton, mother of the groom; James Mclatyre, of Liberty Falls; Mr. and MM. William Mclntyre, of St ven.ville; Miss Ella Mclntyre, of Liberty; M.

M. Gtllespie, of Moogaup Valley, and Miss GOiHEN. Happenluft at the Ooentr All the Lale ol --Columbian supper and fair at M. E. Church to-night --II you have any iportlng blood In TOU or If you have any dulre to get a good Idea of bow a genuine prlxs flght carried on, why juit go up to Music Hall on Friday and the aggregation of sporting talent that ever itruck Goshen.

--There are not a lew Goshenltes who know that genial and ever-pleasant musical composer, Still Haroourt, of Chicago. He is the man-who wrote that old time favorite "Climbing up the Golden St.lrs." In Chicago doing the World's Fair, a number of Goshenlles, among them ths writer, entertained and were entertained by this very clever musician. News comes from Chicago that Mr. Harcourt was married on October fl-h, to Miss Mercedes Post an estimable young lady of Cblcsgo. Congratulations are extended to Mr.

Harcourt. --Do not forget the Columbian Fair and suppsr at the M. Church tonight. --Last night it appeared In the TIMES that Mr. Jjhn Crllly and Mils Sarah Weldon had been united In mrr- at St.

Church. Tho bride was Miss Sarah Meldon and tho ceremony was one ot the largest attended or ever yet solemnized at St. John's Church. The happy couple look train 8 for Now York city, and were given a royal send iff by their numerous friends. --At 6:30 Ibis evening Miss Mamie Pur cell and Mr.

Geo. Van Gelder, of Florida, will be Invited In marriage at tbe home of the bride's parents In this village. --Our esteemed joung townsman, Joseph Dean, hai been nominated by the for Miinber of Assembly, and now let the young men of Gotten do what they can to elect him. Joe Is one of Gotben'i molt popular young business men. -Mr.

John Farrell Is at Flshklll attending the annual reunion of his regiment, the 128th N. Y. --Tbe next concert ot the Gashen Vocal Society will bo held at Music Hall on Oct. 27. addressed as follows remain In the Gothen poitoffloe: Maggie Davit, Mlsi Louisa Hammond, Mrs.

Daniel Murfey, Mrs. H. M. McCollan. Gentlemen--Anton Mosdon, H.

M. Mills, J. Frank Me- )rlde, Francjiezl; Zlolklewlc THE COUPONS COMING IN. The People Will Have a flood ThlBg Like aitl I'hotm When Ther Are In Reach. Mr.

M. of Orient, L. 1., who Is pleasantly remembered by many In this city, encloses 20 coupons and a copy of "Shepp's the World," and addc "Glad to know that your business ii still booming, notwithstanding the dul times. The people will have a good paper when it within reach. My health Is A 1, turning the balance a 160 pounds, attar a pretty hard turn mer's work.

Success to you, and a win nlng hand In the next game of A Local Hlitorlan. E. Stlckney, Erq of Decker KNIT UNDERWEAR AT POPULAR PRICES. The liott viiluos in tin at 25c, 4 'c, 50c, 75r, SW; ll '25. Hi 40c, (We, 75c, UL THE UTEST HTELTIES III FOR TRIIMIKS.

Kino Hart Davis, 45 North St WINTER IS COMING. and John E. Adorn i has tho go da to ko you warm. Ulster Coats, Overcoats, Suits and Extra PiinUloonB, underwear, hosiery, cardigan ovor shirtB and Joreoy office C3ate, plovcs and miltone all A. om- p'otoilxkof gonts furnishinps.

Huts, HatP. Cup i. Cups and ho vy working loaibor coat! imd duck Agonl for H. 8 PC' org' Brotherhood Ovoralla MEHOBANT TAIIXUINU DErAiminNr is hnuioiing wuh ordcra Oar largo stock of foreign and dommlic trousorngs arc appreciated, and Mr. linger ironed froo.

JOHN E. ADAMS. Leading Batter, Clothlor and Gouts' Furnisher. i.voicwtings and nil. $ilk baU 41 North Street A XBW LINK OF DRESS GOODS.

Spoeitl, if nit exclusive pnltorns. Tois lino roprcpcnli tho now ntyloa in many varilice. The goods aro all wool, tbo pricua arc in $2.25 to $3.50 per fill dross pattern. Buyers nhouM plcato tako nolira end compare prices and qualiUon. A New Invoice of Fall Gloves ia To-Day in all colors and quallies.

Do you need our Block, itnillwiityou in cvory wiy. H. B. Churchill MIDDUCTOWM. M.

Y. RAILROAD SHOES I NOT goods, laco and cone row, solid and dtrablo at t2 00 per pair. You uro invited Call and Examine This Line, Host ovor offered at thin price. Edmond VanSickle, Norih Or MeetlccelaHlaetecary BoeUtr. A number of Middletown ladies went to Campbell Hall to-day to attend the fill meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society'of tbe Hudson Presbytery.

goldlen la Bcuolon. The of the 156th Regiment and the 56th Regiment are holding a reunion to-day at Ellenvllle. Several from this city are present. MA Note. --The of Sergeant W.

N. Knapp's section ihoot on tbe armory rlfla range this evening at Georgette E. Tattam, ol New York. The bride wai tastefully attired in lavender bengallne silk with chiffon trimmings. Her traveling cottume town, having sold his and real estate In Deckertown, will take a much needed rest from business and settle down to his literary and historical work, In which line he has already gained considerable celebrity.

He has engaged to write a brief history ot the MlnUlnk Valley tor tbe publl.hsr, Wm. S. Sharp, ot Trenton. Mr. Sharp preparing to Issue another reprint otSmlth's History of New Jersey, with a large amount ol local history of different localities in the State which will be profusely Illustrated, and contain of historical Interest which have never before appeared in The work will fill three large About one hundred local bUtorlaiu have been selected and are at work on the parts to which they are beat adapted.

Mr. Stlckney has already forwarded to the publisher the part re'atlng to the Indian history and occupation ot the MlnUlnk Valley. A NEW SUPPLY OF PUKE God Liver Oil! In full pint ittlcB 40c. Emnlfion God Liver Oil fu'l pints 75c. Nono bettor.

UTW'LL, JR. BUILDING LOTS FOR ALL IOBE tbor will sell you a building lot on WatklDi arcnue, just onrtti of Jay ilreot IMP loet In deptb, at a low ttgun ON YOUR OWN TERMS. js you cannot afford to let this chance fo FEstacaoN, atonceattlio Central Bulldlrg. A rich baron Wlokham avenue, near li W. Depot.

MIDDLEIOKN SAVINS IAKK, wuof pearl gray, conventional black. Tbe groom wore are extended the happy couple. Money Januarr oepMl -odJul I tod OB or betora lint day and the Id day ol April at October will draw Inwroit tram tbe Bret. Receivjd her luge Iniolc OK -FALL SUITINGS. PALI.


ha; coll Men In eilnttnce two fears Htj-li'd tbo leaning ertelcro. 10,000 Feet of Moulding I'lcluroB arum' materials oTovmy AM- Hcauiliul cubing!) rorwedaint Nortb Sirctt, MMdletown. W. SOUTHWELL, Prea. The Baoee Tnli AfMnoen.

The races at the Campbell track this afternoon were advertised bj tha two and tha running being drawn about tha city headed by a drum in a band wagon, Tbe attendance at the raoei it small. HraMMM --Cards have been Issued announcing tbe marriage ot Annie, daughter ol Mr. and Joteph Gavin, formerly ot Choiter, to Mr. Frederick Wlllsea Downey, of New York city, at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Wednesday, Oot.

18. by aSlove Smoke Idulng from Qua Pfatt'i hotel eWry-thli morning, which wat at first taken for a Ore in the attle, bat which proved to be caused by a dls- jiinted liora pipe. "Time of Peace prepare for WAT." Cold weather eoon hand. pare yourself with euitablo clothing. We can plot BO yo i at any price.

Good ovorcoaU at 10, SS and $10. Big lino of underwear and Tty our 60c ihirta and drawera, A special outaido eliirt for Working at 50c See it at tho Oae Price Blue Front dothiog 10 North itTOtt.

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