The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 29, 1946 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, September 29, 1946
Page 11
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21 .7 Notre Dame . . 26 I Iowa ....... 16 Missouri .... 13 Ohio State . . . 13 Northwestern Iowa State . . 41 . 9 Michigan .... 21 Indiana . . . . . 0 Illinois .61 Purdue 0 loiija 4 Army i Mimes Tries uMslkeirSn Bucks, . P - - vt . i5M Mizzou issMMitep r jsililiPMi sStEMBEr' 29, 1946 . 1' Cards nb kiWm0W W 34 AVpJifc $gs&JU fir1 o 7 TO Knotted COLUMBUS, O. (UP). A rough, touch band of Missouri Tigers, who couldn't be impressed by Ohio State prestige, battled the Riff Nine eleven to a 13 - 13 tie here Saturday before 65,004 bitterly disappointed Ohio State fans. It was the Missouri line, heavier than the Ohio State forwards at every position, that gave the Tig - mrm thir unexrjected even break. ' LED BY Verlie "Burly" Abrams of Webb City, Mo., a 190 - pound guard, the gold - clad front line completely smothered Ohio State's fleet halfbacks and the secondary had Ohio pass receivers under everything but an armed guard. The Buckeyes were behind, going Into the final period bat managed to eke out the tying touchdown and conversion that kept Coach Paul Bixler's debut from being a complete washout. Lovd Brinkman, a halfback with power far beyond the ordinary limits ox a loa - pounaer, set me stage for an upset midway in the first period when he took the ball on his own 30, cut over right tackle and skipped down the side tine to the four yard line where he was flagged down from behind by Dick Palmer, Ohio State quar terback. " SECONDS LATER Brinkman pounded over and Missouri led 6 - 0. Then Big Jim Kekeris kicked the extra point v Ohio State came to life once more, when ft pass from George Spencer to end Tralan Dendiu was ruled complete on the Missouri 39. Pete Perini, freshman fullback, slugged his way down to the 12, and shortly after Tommy James went over from three. It looked like the beginning of the deluge, but Johnny Stungis missed the kick, and Ohio State trailed at the half, 7 - 6. Again interference on ft pass play saved the day for Ohio State The ruling gave the Buckeyes the ball on the Missouri 25. From there Tommy Phillips skipped to the 15. and Whisler slambanged his way thru the secondary for touchdown. Stungis booted what proved to be the crucial tying point. The lineups: Ohm Stkta Dot. Missouri 1 Be taw nek si tVtaltne; ...It.......... HodKM Jabouscb ...... .... Atmu .........e. .......... Stewart Ian ........ ...raj. ....... Begin to Csurl ...... ...rt... ....... Kekeris Dendin, Oekes v piimar ........ob. .......... Austin Jemes h Hopkins BruKM ..........rta. ... Brinkmen ivhiiiir fb.... MMa Ohio Stat... 0 T 13 iuJMOUrt T 13 Touclulowrai: Brinkman. James, Hopkins. Wbiflir. Folnta after touchdown: Jtekeris, Btuntfta. v Substitutes: Ohio Statt. (anda), Kess - ler, Parks; (tackles), O'Hanlon. Hamilton; (Kuards), Gaudio, Dtplerro. Bcfenetder; (center, Duncan, Renner; (backs), Krail, Phillips, Dooltttla, Bps near, Vardova, Wolfe, Oaniaa, Parlnl. Missouri, (ends), Bound. WatslR. Wren, Bheehan; taclee. Mollat, PPPar; Kuard, Frits. Btona. Quick, Taroff; (centers), Vols, Tattun: (backs). West, Parker, Darr, Brown. Enstminaer, Kling, Oartlssr, Bouldin, Bowman.' uiiuam Orwta. Michigan: am - un nriv. Rkillern. Oklahoma; bead linesman. Bat Bhunatona, Oklahoma; lisld Judge, Roy Knipachild. Chicago. Scott Wrecks Ags' Record STILLWATER,' OkL (UP). One of the brightest records in col legiate football was tarnished Saturday when Oklahoma A. & M., 1946 Sugar Bowl winner, was held to a 21 to 21 tie by a stubborn Arkansas football team. ' The Oklahoma team trotted onto the field with ft record of 20 straight victories extending back to 1943. Furthermore, Oklahoma had All - America Bob Fenimore in backfield and a weight ad - tntage of nearly 15 pounds a man. Clyde Scott, the4 former Navy star, matched Fenimore in producing the thrills for the crowd of 47,000 and raced 63 yards for the touchdown which tied the game. Previously he had dashed 30 yards thru the Aggie team for, a touchdown. Brooklyn, Stay Deadlocked BROOKLYN. (J). Playing like champions behind Rookie Joe Hatten, the Brooklyn Dodgers trounced the Boston Braves, 7 - 4, Saturday to seize undisputed pos session of the National League for the first time since August 21. HATTEN received errorless and, at times, brilliant support as he let down the Braves with five hits, one home run by Danny Lit - whiler. The stylish lefthander also anned seven batters as he regis tered his 14th triumph against 10 defeats and his sixth in row, With a capacity crowd of 30,929 fans in the stands and about 5,000 more turned away, tne ixxigers made quick work of Johnny Sain, the league's leading righthander and one of its two 20 - game win ners. They knocked Sain out in the first inning before ft man was out, and none of the three pitchers who succeeded him was able to quiet the Dodgers' timely attack. Boston ib k o II Brooklyn ab h o a Chiller aa IM tiStanky 2b .Itll Herman lb 111 1 LavaKtttO 3b 0 0 1 4 0 1 0 Oslan If 4 3 10 4 11 0 Walker rt 11)0 SIS 3 Stevens lb 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 liSchulti lb 10 8 0 SOS 0 Kurtlto et S 1 S 0 4 1 S 3 Reese as Illl 0 0 0 0 Kd wards 4 0 T 0 4 0 0 1 Holmes rf Lltwhtlar It Mas! e Kern' del Sb Hopp et Ryan 3m Sain p Mulligan m Johnson 9 milenwataf Wright p S 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 10 0 0 ( Totals ' al a 34 17 tiatun g Total Moomey Races 10 For N. U.'s Score BY NORMS ANDERSON. MEMORIAL STADIUM, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. A University of Minnesota team that moved with drive, pre cision and spirit thru 60 minutes of hard football here Sat urday, swept to a 33 - 6 victory over the Nebraska Corn - huskers. A throng of 51,093, filling this horseshoe stadium, saw the Gophers score in every ST. LOUIS. VP). Harry : "The Cat" Brecheen took the St. Louis Cardinals by their neck feathers and lifted them back into an exact first place tie with the Brook lyn Dodgers Saturday night by hurling a four - hit, 4 to 1, victory over the Chicago Cubs in the next to las game of the season. Handcuffing the Cubs with his eft handed curve and his darting screw bail, tne veteran - money pitcher" from Broken Bow, OkL, won the big one that the Redbirds had to have. A loss would have practically eliminated them from the race. Brecheen's masterpiece brought the National league race down to the finish line in its most exciting climax in years. Never has an exact first place tie existed at the end of the regular season but that will happen Sunday if the Cards and Dodgers both win or both lose their single respective games with the Cubs and Braves Chicago ib k o il at. Lout ab h o a Hack 3b 3 0 0 3 3ch'dlenst 3b 4trtaRr lb .411 liafooraef , ffattkua lb ' Z 1 0 HMusial lb ?av rettacf 4 1 S 0i Slaughter rf McCuU'ugha 4 0 S OiKurowskl 3b Low re y If 4 11 Oflaraglola Nicholson rf SOS 0 Walker If SOS 7jDuak If ' 0 0 0 0SUler S 0 0 HJonea 1 0 0 0 Adams If 0 0 0 0 Marion aa 0 0 0 OiBrschaan 9 r)BV Gopher right end as the Huskers staged ft touchdey, second string Husker back, sails around the MOOMEY DRIVES FOR PAY DIRT Bill Moomown drive that ended with Moomey scoring over right tackle. (Staff Photo by AT Wirephoto.) Army Beats Sooners 21 - 7 After Scare 3a aUlDIHGI Juraca aa Erickson p Chtpman p Bnheffing Rush p Prim 9 S 0 1 S 4 3 S 0 4 3 11 0 5 0 3 0 4 113 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 a o i o 0 0 0 0 110 0 0 0 0 0 4 i a o Sill 87 S37 0 GlUanwatsr batted for Johnson la aav nth Boston 000 100 10 4 Brooklyn .300 030 10x7 Runs: Herman. Lrtwhllsr 1. Mast, Stanky, Lavaetto, Galan S, Walker. Hchulta. Crror : Holmes. Mast. Runs batted la: Oalan 3. Furtlto 3. Fernandei. Reese 3. Ryan. Schulta. Lit while 3. Two base hit: Onlan. Three bane bit: Ryan. Home run: Ut whiter. Stolen base: Walker, Keeaa. Sacrifice: Schulta. Double play: Culler to Ryan to Herman: Stanky to Reese to BchuitB. Left on base: Boston a - Hrnoklvn S. Base on balls: Off Hatten 4. Bain 3. MuiliKan . wnini i. snruca out: By Mulligan S. Hatten 7, Wright 1. Hits: Off Bam i u inning; Muuman 3 in S 3 - 3: Johnson 1 to 1 1 - 3; Wright 3 In L Losing pitcher: Bain. Umpires: Barltck. Ballanfant, Plnelll and Stewart. Tuna 3:37. Attendance: 30,z paia. Totala SO 4 34 12f Totala 31 8 37 13 Schefflng batted for Chlpman in eighth, Slsler batted for Duaak in elghtb, Jones batted for Staler lav elghtb. Chicago ................. .000 105 0001 St. Louis ..300 000 03 - 4 Runs: Cavarratta. Scbnendleat, Moore 3. Muaial. Error: Nona. Runa batted In: Musial, Slaughter 3, Cavarretta, Jones. Two base hit: Marlon. Home run: Cavarretta. Stolen base: Waltkua. Double play: Jurgea to Waitkua. Schoendlenst to Marlon to Musial. Left on baaet Chicago 6, St. Louis 7. Base on balls: Off Erickson l. Chlpman 3. Kush 1. Brecheen 4. Struck out: By Chlpman 1. Brecheen 0. Hits Off Erickson 3 in 0 inning. Chlpman 3 in 7. Kush 3 In 3 - 3, Prim 1 in 1 - 3. Losing pitcher: Erickson. Umpires: Jorda, Rear - don. Boggess and Ooeta. Time 3:04. At tendance 20,050 (paid). Voiselle Beats Phils NEW YORK. (ff). Bill Voiselle pitched the New York Giants to an 8 - 2 victory over the Jfhiiadeiprua Phils Saturday. Singles by Babe Young and Mickey Grasso, plus a triple by Bobby Thomson brought in three runs for the Giants in the second inning. ib k e il N. York ab h e a ft a 0 SIRueker cf 0 0 4 0 4 0 0 0 Kerr ss 8 13 3 4 0 1 01 Marshall rf ft 1 3 0 4 3 0 OlOordon If 4 10 ft! Young lb 4 0 13 0! Thomson 3b 4 0 10! Blattner 2b 1 0 3 01 Grasso e 1 0 0 0i Voiselle a 10 0 0 Phila. Letchaa 3b Gilbert cf Northey rf Knnls If Hasen'er Sb RHughea lb Hatnner aa , Moore a Hodkey Orate p O'NeU Mauney ToUla 33 0 34 13 aiio a 3 io o 3 3 11 4 a a 3 4 13 0 4 10 4 1 0 0 01 0 0 0 01 Totala 84 11 27 0 O'Nell batted for Orate la eighth. Philadelphia 002 000 0003 New York ... 033 010 oix Runa: Gilbert. Moore. Gordon 3, Young 2, Thomson 2, Blattner 3. Error: R Huzhea Haraner. Kuna nattea in: rnom son 2, Rucker 2, Ennia 2, Young, Blattner X Two base hit: Marshall. Young, inom s. Gordon. Hasenmayer, Blattner. Tnree to Letchas to R Hughes 3. Left on nase mayer to Letchaa to R. Hughes 2. namner base hit: Thomson. Double play: Haaen - Philadelphia 10. New York f.. Base on bails: Off Hodkev 2. Voiselle t. Grate 2 Struck out: Voiselle 2. Grate 1. Hits: Off Hodkev T in 2 innings (none out la third); Grate 3 In ft. Mauney 2, in I. Hit by Ditcher: Bv Mauney (Kerr).' Wild pitch: Hodkev. - Losing pitcher: Hodkey. Um pires: Magerkurth and Ryan. Time 1:46 Attendance l,wi paid. Doane Bumps Peru Eleven PERU. Neb. (Special). Taking an early first quarter lead, Doane college went ahead to blank Peru State Teachers, 12 to 0, on the Peru gridiron. v Midway thru the Initial frame with the ball resting on the Peru 25 Ken Kasparek uncorked a pass to end Shultz who crossed the double stripe standing up. Valenta intercepted a Peru pass in the dying minutes of the game on his own 35 and then reversed his field for a spectacular 65 - yard jaunt to pay dirt Peru made their only real scor ing threat early in the last quarter when they advanced the ball to the Doane 12 but were unable to go from there. Valenta sparked the winners offense while Redman and Mar tens were the stalwarts in the line. Al Wheeler showed best for Peru. Burs Pound Reds, 10S CINCINNATI. VP). Playing their first game for acting manager Vircil "Spud" Davis, the Pitts burgh Pirates pounded out a 10 to 3 decision over the Cincinnati Reds here Saturday. Davis became temporarily field boss this morn - See HATIOIHAU " 2 - 0t Col. 6. Gophers' Harriers Best N.U., 28 - 27 MINNEAPOLIS. (P). Minnesota's cross - country team defeated Nebraska 28 to 27, in the first such race by the Gophers in more than ten years. Bobby Ginn, Cornhusker NCAA one - mile champion in J 942, came from behind to best Roy Good, running his first race for Minne sota. Phil Meyers of Nebraska, was third, but Bob Brown, Dave New man and Sherwood Nelson of Min nesota, took the next places to give the Gophers the winning margin. I : ! ; II mi! l..VL .A '' 1 MtJr - W i II BT AUSTIN BEALMEAR. WEST POINT, N. Y. VP). Army's dreams of a third straight all - victorious football leaion twisted into horrible nightware for nearly two periods here Saturday before th. Cadets pulled themselves together and turned back a surprisingly powerful Oklahoma eleven. 21 - 7. A capacity crowd of 25,500 In cluding President Truman, watched the Cadets come from behind to chalk up their second win this year. THOSE IN the stands .tat goggle - eyed s the big Oklahoma line hurled the Cadets back on their heels thru 29 of the first 30 minutes and accounted for the game's first touchdown in the second period. Norman McNabb, ft substi tute guard, recovered ft blocked kick for s touchdown. Dave Wallace kicked the extra point and Oklahoma held ft 7 - 0 lead. Later in the second period, Army finally went into the air and acker ripped ft short pass to Hank . Foldberg, big Army end, across the goal line. Jack Mack mull converted, tying the score with less than a minute oz the irst half remaining. ARMY GOT ITS first break in he third quarter when Barney oole crashed thru to block Charles Sarratfs fourth down punt, giving the Cadets the ball on Oklahoma s 15 - yard line. A five yard slash by Rowan and an eight yard pass from Tucker to Davis carried to the two - yard line, from where Vg Fuson, the erstwhile center. attempting to fill Blanchard's shoes, went over for a score. Again Mackmull converted. On the first play of the final quarter, Tucker, who was Army's best performer this day, stepped in and plucked the ball out of the air when an attempted lateral from Wallace to Royal misfired and ran 85 yards to the last touchdown. Mackmull kicked his third extra point. The lineups: . N Army poa. Oklahoma Poole ..... .le...M Tyree Bryant It Paine Oerometta lg.... Burris Knoa ....e.M Rapacs Ray rg Andros Biles .'.....rt. walker Foldberg Oless Tucker .nui, qb. ......... Wallace Davis .lh Royal , NATIONAL. LKAGLK. W. I. .Wtl W. t. .1 Brooklyn M ftl .4127; Fbda. 84 ,M H. Lonia M ftl .Mil InHnnatt M SI .42 t hlean at 11 .: rtttabarCb 2 Rt .414 SO 12 MH. Voek M S JIM AMERICAN LEAGUE. w. I. .pet! . 1. - PH 14 4 .e!CMur 14 It .4M4 Detroit tt St .awt I C leveland 1 M .4SH N. York M 1 . HI. Lenta a M .42ft W asking. 1ft IS .4IW! fhila, . 4S 10ft JHlt Saturday's Scores v NATIONAL LEAGUE, Rraoklya 7, Boetoa 4. New York S. Philadelphia S. Plttsbargh 10, Clnclnontt S. , Ht. Lonie 4, C'hieago 1. y Only ganoee scbeeuied. - AMERICAN LEAOUE. WasMngieai 4, Boston S. KetreM 1, Cleveland S. Only games acbedaleel. Plainsmen, Simpson in 6 - 6 Deadlock BY JIM MAY. Nebraska Wesleyan's Plainsmen played their first game in the new O. N. Magee Memorial stadium Saturday night, winding up in ft 6 to 6 deadlock with Simpson col lege of Indianola, la. Some 4,000 fans braved the near - freezing weather to witness the Plainsmen's home opener under their new coach, , George plete story of the game, dedication ceremonies. THE STATISTICS give ft com - "Bus" Knight, and the stadium's Simpson couldn't halt the Plainsmen's ground attack off the single wing, and wesleyan was unable to stop the passes of John Mills and Bob Williams, the Red - men's left and right handed aerial aita OMAHA. UP). Lincoln Northeast 0r ' Aimrl Wivnn stunned Creighton Prep rooters chalked up 190 yards from scrim - ior Kw nuiium c oiuiu mage wnUe Simp8on COUld gain night, rushing to a 6 - 0 lead, but but zl Jn thc airV however, the after that outburst succumbed 26 - 6 iowang completed 14 of 30 aerials to Prep's superior all - around 1nr uj vrrii tn Wosipvan'a ia n power. two completions in five attempts. ' Sub Halfback Kenny White NORTHEAST GOT its early ad - 1 earned the mail on six success - vantage when Fritz Davis re - ve pimyg for Wesleyan's lone Junior Jays Overpower Rockets 26 - 6 Rowan ........,...rh.,.. Goldlng Fuson ...........(b Kreick Army ...0 T T 721 Oklahoma 0 T 0 0 7 Touchdowns: Folberg, . Fuson, Tucker, McNabb. Extra points: Mackmull, (3), Wallace. All nlaumfnti.l substitutions: Army.' tends), folsora, Rawers; (tackles), Feler, Anderson, Tav - xel, Aton; (guards). Drury. Bteiiy; tcen - ter), Livesay; (backs), Gustafson, Qallfla, Shelley. Green, west, Macmuu. Oklahoma, (ends). Glesa. Owens, Dink ins, Greatnouse: (tackles), Walker, Trotter. Morris: (auards). West. Husak, Mc Nabb: (center). Fischer: (backs), Sar - ratt. Altsup. Thomas. Mitchell, Brewer, Davis. Referee: Alble Booth. - Tale. Umpire H. Vola. Nebraska. Linesman: H. E. Genthner. N. T. U. Field Judge: John Waldorf, Missouri. Navy Opens With 74) Villanova Win ANNAPOLIS, Md. (INS). The 1946 edition of the Naval academy football team was unfurled Saturday before 18,500 spectators who saw the Middies win a Hard - earned 7 - 0 victory over the Villanova Wildcats. The Midshipmen, - not too Impressive in the opener, took advantage of ft Villanova fumble In the closing minutes of the first period to score. Bill Hawkins, substitute Navy back, smashed over from the 6 - yard line. Roy RusselL Navy end, set up the Middie scor? when he re covered Bill Zehler's fumble on the Wildcat 23 - yard line. Thruout the game numerous fumbles on the part of both teams prevented scoring as did good line work on the part o both lines. Probable Pitchers - NATIONAL LEAGLC Boston at Brooklyn i Cooper (12 - 11) va. Lombard! (IS - MM. ChtcjMte as St. Ironist Schmits (ia - 1) er Wyse 1 - 1S) vs. Mtsngec - !). rhiladetpbia at New York! JLroeher ((M) ts. Joaca (0 - 2). PHtobargb a Cincinnati (2)t Howard ( - and Tata - vs. Vas (S - 12) ayd Hetkl ( - ). AMKK1CAN LEAGUE. Waabinglosi at Boston t Sfrboroagh (S - 13) r Jobnaoa (s - 4) ts. Kltnger (S - 2) New York a.1 fhlladelphia (2)1 Chand lea - (la - 14) and Oumpert (ll - Sj va. a'agan (B - i ma MeCahaa (1 - S). CleHaad at Uetrolsi Fetter 2S - 1S ts Newboaser (2d - g. Ht. Loais at Chk - ago (2) I Grove (2 - 12) at JUgaejr ( - vs. Jiibweoa (w - a. Irish Crush IUini, 26 - 6, Before 75,119 CHAMPAIGN, IU. (UP). Power - laden Notre Dame opened its bid to regain national football championship honors Saturday by crushing the University - of Illi nois. 26 to 6, before a record - breaking crowd of 75,119 shirt - sleeved fans. ' ' - e JOHNNY LUJACK, 21 - year - old Connellsville, Pa., quarterback, who returned to Notre Dame this season after three years in the navy, directed the - Irish with the same skill that marked bis gen eralship of the national title - win ning team of 1943. Lujack, the master of the T," handled his alternating sets of talented Notre Dame backs flawlessly. He kept the Illinois line and secondary befuddled in the second and four periods, when the Irish struck for their touchdowns. Notre Dame's first touchdown came after nine minutes of play in the second quarter. s Com Gallagher, Illinois quarter back, put the Irish in a deep hole when he punted to Russell Ash baugh. who was downed on Notre Dame's five. Three ' line plays netted a first down on the 15, then Emil Sitko broke around left end, raced 83 yards before Julie Rykovich forced him out of bounds on Illinois' two - yard line. Bob Livingston smashed over. The big Irish line kept Claude "Buddy" Young well bottled up most of the game. Young carried the ball 11 times for ft net gain of 40 yards. Notre Dame's leading ground gainer was Sitko, who rambled for net gain of 115 yards on his eight attempts for an average of 4.4 yards per try Illinois poa. Notre Dame Zatkoft Martin Kasap ............It.......... Connor Prymusk! ........lg. ......... Fischer Wenskunaa ............ Strohmeyer A. Agaaa ......... rg.... ....... . Rovai Franks ..........rt. ........ Caarobski Baumaa ........ .re Ztlly covered ft fumble on the Prep 20 - yard line and a Tom Kidd to Dick Darling pass gave the Lin coln gridders first blood. A crowd of 2,000, slim In comparison with other recent gatherings, huddled in the chill air at Creighton university stadium. Prep came back in the second quarter with a drive which netted touchdown when Don Leahy pushed over from the one - yard line. six pointer. Pins for the touchdown had been set up by Fullback Charles Gordon who Intercepted a Simpson pass on the 24 yard line. Simpson opened the second half with a 74 yard touchdown drive, 64 of which were registered via the aerial route. A Mills to Sub Halfback Hap Merritt pass from 13 yards out knotted the score. Wesleyan's defense wasn't clicking in the first period, and Simpson threatened several times. A Leahy - Bill Wingender pass for nine yards brought the next HOWEVER, the Plainsmen for - tally to give Prep ft 12 - 6 lead at ward wall held for four downs the) halftime. within the 2 yard line as Simpson After a scoreless third quar - threatened again in the fourth ter. the Omaha lads rolled up stanza. 14 more points in the last period, Wesleyan's entire forward wall with Jerry McGlynn and Gene played heady ball, Center Cliff Zink hitting pay dirt. I Squires turned in his - usual A - i prep Poa . Northeast 1 defensive performance. Benson le Voller i hl nffons Frank Mevers. jark ouinn:!!!!:!i:i""V"'.V.V'Burhara Rex Mercer and White were best jim Quina e Thompson jn the backi'ield, with the toes of If " VJ:;: I Chick Knight and Everett Poe u...v f ilww4.n 4 4m nraiaa i.eahy b. Kidd Mill and Williams were the to Avery who circled left end for Wingender hb Darling I A wj" e the touchdown. GaCne hit the McGlynn .. ..hb Bteraei isianauui uu - tmwws w - ...11. Vans. Ib.. Martin enn Leahy, wingender, Mo pe riod with versatile offense that included about every grid iron trick In the book. OL' BERNIE BIERMAN, the Gopher coach, swiped several weapons from the Cornhusker ar senal as forward passes and wide laterals supplanted traditional Minnesota power. Like lightning stabbing thru the murky afternoon, one brief Corn husker offensive spurt carried to , pay territory at the outset of the third quarter. Opening on the Minnesota SS yard stripe, where Roy Long received Gopher Bob Sand here's punt, the splurge terminated ten plays later with Bill Moomey, frosh halfback speedster from York, breaking across standing up from the 10 yard stripe. Upwards of 2,000 Cornhusker rooters in the audience took hope with Moomey's touchdown dash which brought the score up to ... 15 - 6. TOM NOVAK powered six yards to midfield and Long added six more for another first down. After Fischer lost six yards back to midfield, the stage was set for one ofthe sweetest Cornhusker of fensive maneuvers of the day. Vacant! slipped the ball off the T to Long who instigated a direct criss cross that sent Moomey loose for 22 yards to the 2 - yard line. The naked reverse completely baffled the Gopher line and set the stage for the final laps of the touchdown march. A Vacanti pass hit Long who ran to the 16 yard line where Novak pushed his way to the 10 yard marker. The next play saw Moomey burst loose over left tackle for the touchdown. Gerry Moore's placement attempt m - e tauea. Passes paved the way to both Minnesota first half touchdowns after the Gophers had registered two safety points when 220 - pound Leo Nomellinl, frosh guard, broke thru toblock Roy Long's goal line punt The ball tumble! Into the end tone for an automatic safety. Two passes by Everett Faunce, 170 - pound halfback, who played for Iowa State In 1945, paved the way c for the first Minnesota touchdown shortly after the second period opened. Following the pass plays, a five yard penalty put the bail on the 3 - yard line. Lutz then lateralled Prep Scoring; attar touchdown. Glynn, Zing. Points Leahy 2 (placements) Northeast Scoring: Darling. Prep Substitutions: McGuira, Ferryman . T If .11m O ml. T VI . Jl I B Jl lJl t tfttlMil, IVCIIJ, Hill., MWW.cj, wr n . j . t i tj ineeu ................ xaiiian, emiui, Bi;nnicr, nwiuiui Iii.k et VT W 4 . Unrf Vm.m UWHtn Spencer, Childress, Meburoo, Nlderhaua, Drosda. Simpson poa. Kerm Tannatt Zimmerman ........It. ......... Oyer Liggett (OC) c Wesleyan right corner of the goal posts with his placement to give the Gophera (OC) west over la 9 - 0 margin. wee foet a) squires kauinues rAssiNu ana run - Hu'?.! ning. abetted by Fullback Ken ............ r: l 1 k,.l,l Ik. Little .re. .......... . jTiioniociciuui a iuiiK"et tJl uu6" wiiiiama Qb oc) Meyer Rierman team another score in w.ikin. SSS the second period. nager Y. ta Mercer Commencing when Faunce car - Simpson I ried Long's punt back to the Ne - wesleyan ....t o a - e hraska 40 - vard line, the drive cul - Simpson scoring: (touchdown) afarrttt. mintj w!th Biersdorf butt in tt Wesleyaa acorlng: (touchdown) White. Imlnalea WUn Ciersaun uuvunn flimuon substitutions: Hobos. DeHoet, over center for the touchdown Keith Tannatt, Peteraon, Osmon, Maiuie, End Ulard Bunker blocked Vern wZevair aubstitutiona: Andrewjeeki, Gagne's placement attempt. Tha NEW YORK. W. ThiS is Avret. Gordon. Everett Poe, Porter, Iscqre W8S 25 - 0. . what hnnen if the St. Louis " 7 Sparked by eignt ana z yara Cardinals and Brooklyn finish the officials: Referee. Bin Keefer: umptra, sprints by Halfback Dick Hutton National league race tied lor first Blu orgara; the riuskers launcnea a Drier oi - place Sunday. . . la fnsive wun xwo numu en n 1 The wnr rl lariM. Tinw iphwi. luonircui aiiUMCB viwiuuciu uie secona quarter. i j uled to open Wednesday at either n I ittle Series Opener Penalty tacked on Quarterback r. t t i.i . u " - illllt? OCIiCB wr:a Thnmncnn fnr 9rniinrlin0 A nasa. Ol. UUUIS or Diuun - ijrii, wuuw w T OTTTdVTT.T F. Kv (P. Man - 1 , . 7" " . 1 . ' Here's the Facts If Bums. Cards Finish in Tie and a 15 yard loss by Moomey, m u - . nmnpiN rii liib nuiei itau BaavA.ia - u 3 1 and the Cardinals would w T cafrHnv iht in lune un deiayea unui tounaay, ucx. o. ni. Tinvala of the International f"u .'V" SZl - "VV three - r 1 t..i,ih nowever, Doggea ne miwkuiiun layoff series betwe Uodgtrs ana the (Jarainais wouia f. n 7s h, Saturday nieht in ACE DOGS IN RETRIEVER TRIALS These highly trained Springer spaniel retrievers, pictured with their handlers, go into action Sunday along with numerous others, when the pheasants start tailing in the Open All Age stake feature of the Nebraska Dog and Hunt club's annual field trials. Sunday's competition at the club grounds one mile south of Emerald starts at 8:30 a. m. Left to right, handlers and their dogs: Fred Sehnert, Lincoln, with Skip and Flash; Ray Gronia, Washington, with champion Pendleton Rocket; Ed Abrahms, Milwaukee, Wis., with Sudden Sue; David Lorenz, Barrington, RL, with Staindrop Patricia. Panthers Triumph, 33 - 7 PITTSBURGH. (UP). The Uni versity of Pittsburgh, held scoreless in the first Deriod. burst into a shower jof touchdowns in the second ana third quarters to roll over West Virginia, 33 to 7, be fore 25,000 fans Saturday. be held at St. Louis on Tuesday. LKa 'fif of the 1946 little ZJT 3. The second game of the play - wrld":;r - "" ' inr. inin. ouensive m - off would be held at Brooklyn on woria senes' chine again moved on aU cyl - Thursday and the third game, if n. . r. ro 7 inders after the Huskers had nprpssarv. at Brooklyn, on Fridav. Cincinnati Bows, ZO - 7 scored early in the third quarter. w I n.Tn,tT I fm iim TTmI I rru. w1m. m 1? rni.H IV - lXNVliNINV 1 1. Aiirj vim - xiiicc yiaja euci i ; versity of Kentucky Wildcats Faunce to Herb Hein aerial, Saturday night scored a 2r7 tri - Faunce hit Sandberg in the end umpn over tne giani Killing uni - zone wun a io ymu wuuiuuwn - versity of Cincinnati Bearcats oe - pass, uagne s piacemeni again i4s sis lei 17S .842 fore a sell - out crowd of 23,000 failed. The final Gopher touchdowns eame in rapid succession midway in the fourth period. One drive carried from the Nebraska 45 yard line with Halfback Harry Elliott capping the Sem HUSKERS, Page 2 - B, Col. 5. Player, elub MuHtal, Cardinals Vernon, ttenators Williams. Red Sox . .toi - ::::::fflSsaa ! fan at Nippert 8tadium Hoop. Braves 128 441 is 141 .wain ere. Moss ........ .....qb. ......... Lujack Rykovich ......... .lb Brennan Younc rh Sitko Stexer ...fb Mello Referee: Lyle Clarno, Bradley; umpire Dallas Marvil. Northwestern; field Judee Dr. David Reese, Deniaon; linesman : Herb stecer. Mlcnig&u. , - Record Attendance Sees Gilmer Star r ab r b .168 12 124 Babe Breezes to Links Title NEW ORLEANS. (UP). A driv ing rain grounded All - America Harry Gilmer's passes Saturday but he valiantly slushed his way along the ground to pace Alabama to a 7 to 6 victory over Tulane before 60,000 here. It was Gilmer's show, as far as Alabama was concerned, even tho he did not score. Otherwise, Tulane, in its first game under bowl - famed Coach Henry Frnka, of Tulsa, battled on even terms before the largest crowd ever to see a football game in the south during the regular season. TULSA, Okla. (JP). Mrs. Babe Didrikson Zaharias, of Denver, added the National Women's Amateur golf championship to her long string of 4firsts" for America's wor - .en athletes Saturday, by de feating Mrs. Clara Sherman, Pasadena, Calif., 11 and 9. A DRIZZLING rain that fell thruout the day slowed play around the greens. Never down to an opponent in four days of match play over the tricky, deeply trapped 6,232 - yard Southern Hills Country Club course, the great "Babe" took a one - up lead with a birdie 4 on the 415 - yard second hole, and, after seeing Mrs. Sherman even at the sixth, made a walkaway of what was expected to be a fight to the finish. A partisan gallery of approxi mately 500 fans gave the "Babe" big ovation as her No. 9 second shot from the seventh fairway sailed dead to the pin and dropped in for an eagle 2. That made Mrs. Zaharias 9 - up and left the game, but outclassed Mrs. Sherman in a hopeless plight. The official score card, conceding several short putts gave Mrs. Zaharias a two - under par 110 for the 27 holes. feuaieflfaijfr i'r i'fV itasMffrif 'tis) BABE ZAHARIAS Adds another crown to her head. Wisconsin Rips California, 28 - 7 BERKELEY, Calif. (UP). Latent power hoarded by the University of Wisconsin came' to life in the final quarter here Saturday before 50,000 sweltering spectators in Memorial stadium to give the Badgers a 28 - 7 victory over the University of California in an in - tersectional football game. Held to a 7 - 7 tie for the first three quarters, the heavily favored Badgers ripped the Golden Bears line and skirted the ends in the final period to capture victory from a California team which a few minutes before had threat ened to score a major early season upset. Giantt Give Dick Kartell Unconditional Release NEW YORK. (UP). Veteran Dick Bartell, 39 - year - old player coach who played with five different big league clubs during his 19 years in organized baseball, was given his unconditional re lease Saturday by the New York Giants.

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