Monroe Morning World from Monroe, Louisiana on April 11, 1943 · Page 6
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Monroe Morning World from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 6

Monroe, Louisiana
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Sunday, April 11, 1943
Page 6
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PAGE SIX MONROE (LA.) MORNING WORLD APRIL 11, 1943 TO GIVE RECITAL IN WAR ON AXIS Service To Humanity In The Stricken Zones Is Being Administered There will be no weakening of effort by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church organization in its service for humanity the world around, even though the war has destroyed and damaged institutions to the extent of j hundreds of thousands of dollars in countries where the Axis powers have I taken possession of territory. This is the outlook pictured by Adventist church leaders here, based on Information given out recently by the General Treasurer, W. E. Nelson of Washington, D. C. "In China alone the Japanese have taken a heavy toll, particularly at Nanking and Shanghai, where, in ad-. . dition to destroying valuable mission, j Louisiana Tech s music department school and hospital property, and tak- ; Wl33 present Hazel Hilton (above), ing over medical and other supplies, ■soPrano' In her graduation recital in TRY REGIONAL PYRAMIDS LOOK DOWN Considerable Saving Accomplished Through States’ Cooperation • EDITORS NOTE Writing in hi« bonk, ’Below the Potomac,” a year ago. Vtrrmiu* Dabney, editor of the Richmond, Va , Times-Dispatch, suggested a regional college plan, a* the solution for higher education in sparsely-settled states. Now his home state and West Virginia have become a proving ground for that plan. Here Mr Dabney comments on the pOs.-lbUm*- of regional education on a broad basis ! By Virginius Dabney • Editor Richmond Times-Dispatch) RICHMOND. Va., April 10.—(»¡P)—A plan which ha.s just been adopted unanimously by the West Virginia legislature provides the youth of that state Survey To Be Made To Determine If Farmers Are Interested Shown above «left) Staff Sergeant Ivy H. Sullivan. 21, bom and reused in with superior educational facilities Ouachita parish. He graduated at Start High school in 1939 and has had his across the border in Virginia, at a srub- armed service training in Barksdale field and Chanute field. III. He has been stantial saving to West Virginia tax- in Africa since last fall. The picture was taken during a three-day leave payers, and deserves wide emulation which gave time to visit Palestine and several Mediterranean towns. He says __ _ throughout the United States. Con-1 that places in Palestine are in many instances quite modern He writes as SL'have'kSXm^y native IE Howard auditorium? T^e^y* A^li U. I a‘d*rab*y more ^an half of our 48 | often as pnss.ble to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Garret Sullivan of Star t When *'ll! * mad* ?° d^rmin* Produce and instructors " «aid Mr Nelson at 8 p.m. Miss Hilton a pupil of Mrs ! stat* ¡««‘sutures are in session at the he was in high school he ranked as an efficient heavyweight boxer and also are interested In a curb mar- , ___ UndaunW however by* the set- Limta T. Hunt of the Tech music Present time« and they should he in- as a first class basketball player. He engaged in these two activities when kct- *,a,wl P E- Massey, chairman of Gilbert and seven employes, including ; anrf therefor * Jhe and give without backs administered bv Japanese ruth- I faulty, i* the daughter of Mr. and Ier“ted m thia sc^e for combining in training. P. L. McGee is a brother-in-law of the staff sergeant lessness m China, Malay, and else- Mrs. W. R Hilton of Ruston. The pub- b*hter taxes with better education ------------------ Tire first necessary step in developing a successful farm curb market in Monroe and West Monroe is to de- j trrmine if there are sufficient pro- | ducers of farm produce within a fifteen mile radius of the Twin Cities who will retail their produce regularly at the curb market, in sufficient varieties, and quantities to attract the city housewife, according to a state- ; ment mu de Saturday at the Chamber j | of Commerce by O. W. Anderson, marketing specialist of Loufliana State ‘ miver My. before members of the j chamber's farm curb market commit- ■ tee and leading produce farmers of , live parish. An immediate survey of the twenty- eight hundred farmers of the pariah Cooks Macaroni Au Gratin, Veal Au Latin, 0 Mores! Selman has uncovered a classical cook, one well versed in the fine points of Latin, who cooks from a recipe book of Homer and Cicero and expounds the odyssey of Caesar’s adventure into Gaul. In momenta of epicurean despair over a gallon of steaming beef stew, it is nothing for him to sigh with “sic transit gloria mundi." Take last Monday’s chow menu posted on the slate at the entrance of mess hall number one. It listed: beef and vegetable soup; roast veal; natural gravy; sage and onion dressing; snow flaked potatoes; fresh spinach and eggs; fruit cup and lemonade. Concluding was this gem: "O tempora. O mores!’’ “O time. O custom!" NEAR FREIBURG * Pastor Of St. Paschal’s Church Chief Speaker At Ceremonies Sideshow GEORGETOWN, Ky„ April 10.~;p —The sign on the door of a ”5 and 10“ here- said, "out of town on business, be back later." Four hours later Manager J. A The R»*v Henry Freiburg, O. F M. pastor of St. Paschal’* church in West Monroe, was the main speaker Friday afternoon for graduation ceremonies of Class 43-11 cadets of the Selman Feld Pre-flight school at the Post theater. Telling the graduate* to put Into their minds an image of the Crews, backgrounded by an American flag and carry It into battle with them. Father Henry asked the future navigators to live and give with a purpose "War is too serious a thing,’’ he said. | ‘ to go into »¡ihout knowing what has caused it. It is important to you now to get your wings and commissions, but i? you think constantly of that where, he sa.d that his organisation is returning three of its missionaries to posts in west China. Thev ere C. H. Da vis, E. H. Jam«* and Nils Da his- ton, all of v hom already have seen from 7 to 30 year* of service in China. This time, though, their families will not accompany them. Physicians and nurses recently nent Into Africa have arrived safely. Dr. H. J. Weber and wife (also a physician) were sent from Alaska to Ethiopia, where in Addis Ababa they joined the staff of hospital and medical workers directed by the emperor. Dr. Ralph I H. Royer has arrived safely in Rhodesia in central Africa, and Mr. and Mrs, E. H. Cox (nurses) in Tanganyika. Dr. Donald H. Abbott is also reported safe, in returning to the mission station at the mouth of the Congo lie is invited. LONG PIPELINE 10 BE STARTED Will Cross State Near Red River: Seymour, Ind. Terminus but education on a regional rather than a state basis. Regional education, especially at the graduate and professional level, is a logical development, particularly in these days of skyrocketing taxes. First rank graduate and professional training is beyond the reach of many states, I since the library, laboratory and clini- ; cal equipment required are so ex-! pensive. But several states together j readily can finance a regional institu tion, thereby saving themselves from a SELMAN CAPTAIN TELLS STORY OF THE SWOOSE the committee. A minimum of two dozen farmers will he required to sturt the mark»»? Anderson stated. If sufficient farmers are interested, a m:rh market will be established. The curb market will be exclusively retail, for farm producer* only, It Will I»» arranged with stalls, with six girls, returned to work after do- purpse tower'd the ultimate goal of nating blood to a hiood bank at Wil- winning the war and the j<e,-,you liamstown, aome 20 mile* away, are going into this thing totally un“Several of the girls had brothers or boy friends in the armed forces Gilbert said "And they wanted t* donate to the blood bank. We just closed the store and all of us w«nt. Right-of-way construction will be initiated Monday by C. S. Seal, contractor, of Sicily Island, on the war emergency pipeline from the Red river, after a leave of absence in the river, n*ar Natchitoches, to the Mis- United States where he has left his *°tiri state line, it was announced in family. He is the son of Dr. George Monroe Saturday, comprising one K. Abbott, medical superintendent of sector of the line that will start from the St Helena (California) sanitarium and hospital. Dr Abbott personally packed the automobile which accompanied him on Houston, Tex. and will be built to Seymour, Ind. Various contractors will have contract* for different links in the line, his long sea journey back to Africa, I that awarded Mr. Seal being approxi •11 th- precious medical supplies which mately 300 miles in length, requiring he will u«e in nis office on wheels, j approximately the work of 600 men except those intended for a ,«r*?r col- ancj will he completed in the «hortest eny. These were packed .separately for possible time. The line to be laid will the some 1,600 lepers to whom Dr. Ab- ; ^ a 20-inch pipeline. minsters. ^ ^ similar government war emer- GARDEN BUSINESS ■ structed from Longview, Tex., to ! Norris City, 111. “There were just two planes now, so Jack decided he'd pretend he was one flight and Vandevanter would : play like he was the oher. The two crushing bürdenVwhile'providing their °! u? aga,nst 11118 bi* *an« of JaP citizens with far better opportunities S . . for advanced training than they ever ' 'my Pdot’ !i ta C0I)W in f3rst could provide alone. But th® ov«rcast “ 80 th><* we have The University of West Virginia, at to **t do™ t0 Bb°Ut 18 000 befor* w Morgantown, and the Medical College car see tbe target *nd there it is- and the rest is the «tory of the early of Virginia at Richmond have just a row oi transports and naval craft days of this war. Caught in Clark been given’the first practical demon- sorting them. Remember, we’re Field when the Japs attacked Pearl All were member« of the famous 19th Bombardment Group, the “most decorated outOt in the Air Force, whirh was recently disbanded at Pyote, Tex., and its men sent to fields all over the country to demonstrate what they learned in action. The storv of Harry- Schreiher, Jack Adams, Shorty Whelcss, Lee Coats, stration in this country of the far- down t,J 18.000. That's not our aiti- Harbor, they couldn't even fly over reachine nossibilitie* inherent in re- hude. The old model D fortress is de- nearby. Jap-held Formosa for fear of gional education. I s**n*d to perform best at twice that tart mg an '‘international incident." . The West Vireinia university’* medi- a3t3tude But 18,000 is right where the They didn't know that the Japs had P*** m fnim curb market and m each faint producer occupying on«-: tali in which he will display and *«11 ; all his ware*. A small weeklv fee of fifty or seventv-five cent» will he charged on each stall to defray maintenance costs Farmer* who partici- j pate in the market will operate it. •citing up their own regulations and i officials. It will be exclusively « farmer's project. Firmer* who plan to produce poultry, dairy and garden produce In sufficient to justify their | participation in the proposed curb | market are requested to fill out the form appearing elsewhere in tbs; paper entitled, "Intention to Partici- ‘ ALTON. Ill, Ann! 10 V And * baby chick ii leading them—to work The Owen*-Illinois Glass company, comhattmg absentee) sm among it* worker», has been offering 25 blby chick* weekly to the lucky employe I you, and whose name s* drawn, but the worker depen da on prepatcd and without knowledge of why you »re fighting "If you bve and give to this war, you are living and giving with a purpose, just H* our Cl n*t lived er.d gave with « purpos- tht* e <r th ” Father Henry aid. And you, like Christ, mu*t drive from the temple of man's soul thoe# thing* that w< uld enslave His image and bring t d->wn to defeet and tyranny Your country depends on la ger sense, the whole must be on the job to get the buds Plant Manager Floyd Flexon m d rfb»ent«ei*ra h-*d been reduced noticeably during the first week of April cal school provides a course of only two years, whereas the Virginia college has a four-year course and a fine, up-to-date physical plant. What more natural, then, than the West Virginia legislature's action in appropriating IS GOING PLACES RELIEF FUND ORDERED CHUNGKING, April 10.-fAV-G«n- struck but Gen. Brereton, their CO. knew the position was none to comfortable Finally, the Jap» came, their bomb rack» loaded, and of the 35 brand new B-17’* that the 19th had at Clark, there were only five left that could be called fit for flying. By taking a wing from this one. a motor from that, and the tail assembly from another, they were able to get a few more ships into the air. On# of these was flown by a young biackeved boy OIL CITY, La , April 10.— {JPy —‘This ; «rali&simo Chiang Kai-Shek today or- war garden huaineaa is really going dered an appropriation of 20.000,000 Chines« dollars (about 1600,000) for All m«rchants or Oil City have; relief in famine-ridden Honan pro•greed to close their »tore* each j vince. He instructed military author- Thursday beginning April 22 to permit J pies in Honan and Shansi provinces to employee and employers to cultivate ' make available from army stocks their gardens. The closing order will enough rice to keep starving millions last throughout the summer. j alive harvest time. In selecting Thursday for rinsing Oil j ________^________ City merchants are following *uit of Zero« do their b«St stuff “When w# come upon the target, my job as navigator is temporarily over, ao I go back to the bomb bay— where the bombs are hanging in racks on either side of the little aisle—and funds to send those who have com-: Helping pul! out the firing pins of pleted their first two years at Mar- ! *b* bombs. It s dark in there, lit only gantown, to Richmond for their last b^ * little electric light, two years? j "Now the bomb-bay doors are Thu makes it unnecessary far West opened, and the light comes up Virginia taxpayers to finance the last around the bombs. And new the two years of medical education for bombs are away. Before those doors from Florida, who ordered bis crew the youth of West Virginia. At the ar* slammed closed, I catch a glimpse to jump later, but then was unable same time, it pro* ides the Virginia oi » 8»ng of Zeros coming up after us. <o *«t out himself. Hi* name was medical school with added revenue,; I Jack Adams and he heads for and hence is welcomed by the people * cloud which we estimate is about of that state. 10,000 feet below us—sloping down to- It all seems so simple, logical end J ward it with full power on. Mean- natural that one wonders why it was while the Zeros are gaining on us, never done before. and soon they begin shooting. While The plan should appeal especially we are tearing for that cloud, our to largely rural states with relatively gunner* return the fire, low taxable values, and low per capita "There were five of them after us wealth. Such states as Maine, New j —climbing in on our tail. Out bottom Hampshire and Vermont, for instance,; gunner shot down the nearest one, might combine advantageously to fin- but the other four kept coming in in ance a central medical school, or they a tight formation. Jack Adams began the Chamber of Commerci Th« marketing of farm produce has always been the farmers major problem. D. L Bornm»n, county agent, stated, and a curb market properly supported and operated hv farmers will be a worthwhile project fu ooth farmer and citv resident WIFE TANGLES UP HIS FISH TACKLE WASHINGTON, Apr:l 10 -42) Rep re.wntative Fish Republican New York, propi>«*»d an amendment for what he termed “honest labelling’ today during house consideration of a resolution to investigate the government * giade labeling pfogrdln Fish's »uggestion ’That the Republican party shall be henceforth known as ‘The lobe-al C onaervat ve- Ame:ican-Constitutional party and that th# New Deal petty shall henceforth be known %* *Tbe Bureeurrstic*Totalttar ;an-R»diral-Ao - cial.tst part* Menu ben smiled and passed the proposal by Father E etburf was introduced by M ajop LeRoy C. Perking, commanding officer of the Selman Pre-flight school (Bombardier-Navigator) spoke briefly before pr osen ting the mam Traditionally.' Major Per km* »aid, "we do not have year* o# achoiastie *ttCC**»es to look bttck on in Prw-ftight. But * e do have nine months of tradi­ ti m? si-i». 1 *t üoy reici. given e teal will make » *q tare or#*c- • " * wit on V,1 ch we ope X s< ■ ■*>,, and ¡t week* won ier» aqu e That i« the er ,*te our *»,'1 • •. >. fully ' After Father toe /«de* r-,t < e H» * «hr lav« speech lase rea» om** fro M - •< • Ih r!»«*: r P F K hurch !«M /oration and Chap rabbi of B N •<r -??«d the ijv » F n -wt F Huh e ber ef -f Km week. f might all sppropriat# funds to the wish-washing our tail up and down to . _ , , tziwi»« r, , v, j /-.I i pevelopment of the compact crating Harvard medical school in Massachu* J give our top gunners a chance at o pr and Gi - ©f jeeps new enables * ship to carry setts. Much grea*er dcxtances than! them, and sine enough the top gun, who wiU cloe* ' R “m* y Mch 13 in lh* fama -’'Pace it formerly used these are no problem in thw era of the ner picked off one. That left three. automobile and the airplane. “So then Jack throttled back sud The same three states probably ] denly, and one Zero overshot us to would be wise to have a single *n- - the left, which made him a clay gineering school of their own, pigeon for our side gunner, Then stiil or to appropriate funds to the Mas- another one came up under our stab- sachusetts Institute of Technology j ilizer m th# tail, and our bottom gun- Similarly their state-supported Ph D ner got the second one for the day­ work could be telescoped, or carried j that made four Zero» down and one Colin Kelly, and he was a member of the same 19th that Schreiher and the rest belonged to, "When i picked tmse’f up off the ground.’’ Schreiher continued, "after ’hut Zero finished strafing us along the wing, I found one set grant had picked up a cannon bullet m his ieg. 1 had a buliet crease myself—nothing much." Attached to the Filipino f eid artillery because they couldn’t get beck with the 19th Schreiher and the re»’ if the crew manned French 73’s until irdered back to ’heir outfit. A-¡am.*. Railing, and Schreiher were each given a battalion to command, ’ifuch they considered an honor, since they were only lieutenant* Python* in the part of the country gave them the mast trouble. "They were nice and considerate ‘ sa.d Schreiher, but it just wasn’t homey to have a snake the size of your leg nestling up against you as you s.ept It added up C H3CAGO, April !?— »P- -Although he says he isn't one to brood about hi* trouble*. Edmund P Mayer told police today it would take him at east two weuks to get over an argument with hi* wife. He ’1 he net up dtu g that t me. lie said, trying to untangle a men of reels, hnc«, f «* and other firiting equipment m h-s bait and flatting goods store Mayer, who weight 230 poainds, swore out a disorderly cor.du t complaint against hi* 119 pound wile Helen 30. <hare.’.g that ,r< * fit t-f anger she hurled more than 11 worth of fush:ng tackle «gainst ti . walls of his establishment pupp hand had loot 1 doii.«r* w M AN MOI VDED Rohm Bums, 1706 Adams st was a.¡«godly struck ever the with a botti# by an unknown neg a local cafe Friday rught. A P officer aeid he aaw Burns etagg« el'»r.? rh ,S‘«i d etreot and had him en to the < >i#.- ty » rap ’al whei W US St t& f: h U t ä d i tiIft i f? Ckf k*hji bul i'm had toat a ccfr^Múm i!w>un.i tyf f » am f • m ».*«%» t e n Minix ro. Ill RrmHardt Rid* ptv»» ttll Monr»«#. las MX— WOMft iMHXtl IINMITI COMIKOl SEES EQUALIZATION OF FREIGHT RATES esilimi , , t's T me M on at Harvard or Yale, It would be ; to go, and it was still going for us in to another reason 1 didn't like he far more economical to set aside a spite of all we could do. specified amount annually from their "To make it worse, that damned state treasuries toward graduate and cloud turned out to be at 4,900 feet professional education for their citi-) instead of 10,000. There aren’t any zens at some one institution, than to standard sizes for -lauds, so you’re ; attempt the development of anything never sure how far away they are, J like comparable instruction within but we finally got mside this one, ; their own borders. I "But when Jack started to pull out TTie same arguments apply else- j of the dive and level off. he found he mg Maybe it's a* sa?# you ne’, er feel thc<? on the ground they say, but it IS.” Finally the wot d came to go hack to Del Monte to rejoin the 19th. *nd a Fortress ferried the flyers back just m time to be evacuated to Australia All the member» of th# plane had been given up a.* dead after they had j where—to the sparsely-settled states j couldn’t do it Because the Zeros had been shot d*.wn by the Zero« y /r?s sry¿r There** * kind of “K P** thal stands for “kitrhen patriotism.” That’s the kind that rooks and serve* only nutritious food* for body-huilding and better health, and still work* hand in hand with food rationing. of the agricultural west, for example, put slugs into No. 1 and No. 2 engine/, J to the Rocky mountain states, and to —we were losing speed and also aiti- ; the entire South. The logical result' tude, dribbling alowly downward in! should be centers of instruction for side that cloud in spite of all we a group at several «tates, with the | could do. legislature of each contributing its “The last Zero had followed us in, due share annually. The more states and every now and then he would making the contribution, the larger give us a bunt I’ll never forget the | the sum available, and the stronger sound of those Jap slugs, bouncing the institution. around inside the plane. They'd come The idea can be applied in the south ripping through the aluminum skin as : to colleges and universities for negro easy a' if it were human skin, and students, as well as to those for they'd hit a piece of steel armor plate ____ whites. The .section is staggering un- and ricochet—they sounded like some- criticize the der the load of its dual educational body had slung a handful of BB shot j system. It would be necessary to se- j every time a burst went through us. Kitchen Patriotism meets still a third requirement now—that a economy. Anvthing you can do to provide healthful food %alues on your ration book, and •till use up leftover foods. Is truly a patriotic accomplishment. Ve suggest “Glorified Baked Hash” (se« below). Remember two things about any hash you make __ unless you like it otherwise, use enough moisture so it will not be dry—and bake it about 30 minutes at 3 >0° F. Try ‘’Glorified Baked Hash” the next time you want to use up leftovers in the refrigerator, ami remember—green pepper ip a splendid source of Vitamins A and C. cure s congr«visional enabling act, in j order to consolidate nergo centers of ; higher learning on a regional basis, but this is not nece^ary in the case of white institutions. The Ph.D. degree is unobtainable at the present time in several south| em states by either white or colored students. If those states should com| bine, and concentrate upon the de, velopment of a few promising insti- i tutions, the picture could be changed. Th# same is true with respect to medicine md engineering Moreover, this | could be done at a cost smaller than ; that now being assumed by these Mme states for a definitely inferior j grade of training. Such southern state universities as Pretty soon, as we dribbled on down through the bottom of that cloud, the co-pilot yelled that we were to prepare for a crash landing. Jack was | looking for a nice beach to set her down on, but there wasn’t any beach j —only jagged rocks with white surf ! wrapped around them. So Jack nosed her in toward land, and then right ahead of us we spotted a big clump of trees, about 60 feet high. Well, It’s s powerful story, one that will set you to thinking about what a man can get into “out there/’ Part two will be in the May is#ue of Re* i*r's Digest. Don’t dare m ss it and if you haven't read the story of “Queen* Die Proudly ’ get it and find out -Ahat it’s really like in the hell of war, w.’h 30,000 feet below you. a rack full of bombs, and a dozen Zero* hunting you as fair game After you read it it Isn’t easy to boys who are fighting up there. And it isn’t easy to sit her# out of action, and *afe, ORLANDO FI#, Apr/ 10 ~iV Governor Oh* Antal! of Georgia pre- dscted tod««v that freight rate*, which southern leaders contend *re unfavorable to the south, » ¡¡1 be equalized within a year. Speaking at an informal luncheon here, where he u visiting relative* the Georg;» governor did not elaborate »n this topic, hut «aid that the petition filed by southern governors tie- fore the interstate commerce canuius- ftan to «ecure rate# more advantage- i ous to the vouth “is certain to he in : our favor within the next 12 months ” • Li vmg T o /v tove Room Outdoors W« a ( omplrif Lm# of Th SUMMER FURNITURE Í A The proper poeitkm for a driver a to sit squarely behind the wheel an- to keep erect Look over the whee instead of through the spokes. 506 SCHOOLS IN LUNCH PROGRAM BATON ROUGE, U April I'' <jp The new eomuiunjty school lunch rogram is now in operation in 506 there wasn't any time for anything schooU m „ ^ State Super*n- but a prayer, but Jack puhed her nose up over those trees, and then made a.« nice a belly landing ¡n a rice patch as you could hope tor. “You’ve forgotten that one remaining Zero0 Well, I hadn't, because it Stop in at our office a* soon as you can ami ask for your free copies of Home Volunlcer nutrition ami meal-planning booklets. YouTI find them especially helpful. had followed us all the way down, those of Virginia, North Carolina, | crawled out as fast as I could and Louisiana and Texas, together with -tarted running. The funny thing was such privately-financed institutions as Bill Railing, the co-pilot, was either Duke Emory, Tulane and Vender- stUnned or felt comfortable right bilt should provide nuclei for regional v,here he wa3 Anyway, he stawd graduate and professional training of right in hu seat wh!l< the Ze,o cir- the highest class Similarly, the negro cled Bnd then came p^t Wlth guns colleges and m Atlanta blazing. The .slugs beat a tatoo along and Nashville, together with such. the length of the Fort’s wing, and old — , ,, ,, , - , Railing dreaming away there, all re­ us egee, of or well mgh unlimited [axed Jn bis seat, right in the middle UNITED GAS CORPORATION HOME VOLUNTEER VICTORY Glorified Baked Hash 1J4 e. cooked ground beef 2 e. boiled potatoes 1 c. rooked carrots, diced 2 T. grated onion Combine mixture with gravy, soup, or a No. 1 ran of tomator*. Season to taste. See text above for directions on moistening and cooking. 2 T. grated green pepper Gravy soup or tomatoes possibilities for our colored citizens We cannot afford any longer to continue our wasteful, archaic and inefficient system of trying to provide all types of education within the boundaries of each state. It is a relic of them, and believe it or not, the boy wasn't even scratched! It just goe» to show it doesn’t make much difference which way you run or whether you run at all.” *endent John E Coxe said today. The average school attendance i> 66,618 and of this number 51.573 aie receiving the lunch, 20,613 w thout charge. Two other parishes, Claiborne and Jefferson Davis, expect soon to inaugurate the program, and nine others will begin thu fall, Coxe said. They are Acadia, Alien Evangeline, Morehouse, Natchitoches Plaquemines Terrebonne, Vernon and Winn. Representatives of the food distribution administration and of tne home economic* division of the state de* partment of education will meet with superintendents m the remaining 35 parishes before th»« end of tins school session. The new system of providing the lunches is more of a community pro-j ject and place* on local schools and patrons the lespoiuebiiiiy to provide! of the horse and buggy age which; Qwpt should be done away with at the earliest possible moment NEGRO STABBED Clyde Mitchell, deputy sheriff, notified police Friday that a negro man who had been .-tabbed and treated in the office of Dr, J. T. French, Ouachita parish coroner. The police department investigated the matter and reported the man to be Willie Hook 201 Magnolia street. He That is part of the story told bv gardenei.i, canners. cook,- and lunch- Harry Schreiher. operational room attendants formerly provided by training officer at Selman Field and ; NYA and WP*\ a former navigator on “The Swoo.-e,” j As a re-ult of point i ¡«turning. Cose world-famous Flying Fortress that •••‘id. school den* are mcuiuiiii irt saw* early action in the Pacific. It is • numbers, and it is expected that their part of a story in April Readers Di- will be a sizeable increase lht.s sum* gest, as told by William L. White, war correspondent and author of “They Were Expendable. mer in foodstuffs raised and preserved for the lunchroom. Parishes now providing school On this particular trip described | 3uncbe* under tbe community setup above, the target was Legaspi Bay in e A. m f usion, Avoyelles, Beauregairi the Philippines. That day, another j Bc!?slf// 9ald'''f-’33« DeSoto, Eatrt Car- end his wife had had an argument and1 pilot of a B-17 lagged behind because r“!1’ Iberville, Jackson Lafay-- 1 ette, Lafourche, Lincoln, Sabine St John, West Carroll and West Feliciana in the scuffle he was cut but the ( his motors were faulty. Later, he wound was reported as not serious, came over the target aftei Sehreiber’* Hook does not want to press charge«- and the other plane had stirred U|> Fort McHenry National Monument, ¿.gainst his wife so no anest was made, i the hornet s nest. Hi* name was ! m Maryland, was visited hv 515 823 «»** Wto Wh-k* Imu te# M WOMEN Afires 20 to 50 JOIN The Fightinjf MARINES and free a Marine to Fijfht If you have had 2 years of college. If you have had 2 years business experience or a college degree—you can qualify for Officers* Candidate. Two years' high school wiil qual* ify you for er.listed ranks Note-. Women with children under 18 years of age—not eligible nor women wiih hush md» in marines If interested—fill in coupon below mai! to Marine Recruiting Offne, Pm.' Office Building »Monroe, ! j * »Name ..................................... Address .............................. I Age ................................................... Education ..................... Meta Gliders STURDY METAL Lawn and Porch CHAIRS .Match color* t fortablc, well r »mix thorn, rom­ bili It chair*. A*tractive S#t» METAL TABLES and CHAIRS Invest now in « metal set for imude or outside A complete stock of small beverage tabi»-s in metal. I.i SI 3 1 R Oi Cf ’ 4 t w . SUMMER FIBER », » » m »9 : « Ci Ci Si ¡tí

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