Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1937 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1937
Page 7
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yroSER 12,1937. MEVT IR HERE, VETERAN ___KOSSUTH GOUN : r Y_^JAN^^ IOW A ice in Last mths of the jld War. Tfl. Burgess, |or, and his I Sheldon lute If), and (ire fmrsonage, which h:i paired and It. Among pr to ho made, is a tho heating system. Ibcon, or will be, ad- |hcld his first pastor- Tills was from ]»1fi years. Thon he was [from Septemhar till Iry, 191!) till 1921, Mr. Itlcd a theological EJhicago. From 1921 Jeld a pastorate <it from 1920 till .1933, nd from 1933 to now, is tho present state | the Iowa national Bd Mrs. Burgess have |nnd a daughter, 8. prliig the local public nd Mrs. Burgess wore and Mrs. J. F. Overly night .and Sunday, |oss preached his first (Sunday. is planned for tho nd his family on Octo- l)r. mid Mrs. j. o. V. Pri(. 0 , riday at Garner. .- .^hV'u'ro JrontVo'f 0 '' 1 'Sunday. ll ''''''' ir. iind Mrs. Kdw. i'fjirr O r vm-i IKO, wore Sunda "••s Allen borne. '•'•'Hi, spent the day in "o'l'hriruliiv' giving vifilin lessons. ' business callers Saturday' '' Y I 1 .1 III Turner and Dorol'liv II I Sioux (lily, W orc week-™,,'] f,,',^ -Mr, nii.l Mrs. Melvin .r. Fuhor aro l ' : "' l '" l:; " r " !'-">. girl, born last }'<"!v Monday, nained Roscila. ...','"';' l " r ',',', now '-wo Kirls in the •iiinij. I he I'abers live on a f,,n n , -mik. S . I)., Sunday for a Wllh MrH - SI "rlo.v'K sister. 1 " H<-l,wlotert is inmm- , , . "" niJOKS VI I hnr 'laughter, Mrs W If ini,.,i n. Falls. ' '" U " 1 ' S| " UJ: Siipl. mill .Urs. (j ], T/li)1 ,,. , , tended a school KUpeYinienuVn'r." SatS 0<ltIOWftC;ilyFridayil "^ .Mr. mid Mrs. IF. U KosowUl of 151m.: Karlii wore SumHv KW ,..^ „, Mr. Rosowall's molhor, 'M^."('|,,, S . IS OCTOBER was a business visil.ni- here' Monday. Tie called on iii.s mother Mrs George IT. Frc-o. Dr. and .Mrs. (i. n. Wi.lralh and their hl.Uo daughter Jr,,,, spent btmday with Mr. and Mrs Harry Davis, Armstrong. Tll(> \\'. I!. Itnes, of Mason f'ily were Sunday visitors at 10. N : . Taylor's. Mrs. Rao i.s <i (laiighfor of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. McCorklo spent Friday at Ma.soii City, where 'they visited relative* Mam-hie MrCiiiliiiiuh, Marroll'i Mcrlsc, Fred Luke, and Hern ice. Ludwig .spent Sunday with John Har- groavcs at Iowa Falls. Upper IV, Sirs. 1 U". 11. (indfrey an ,| ncsl . dnuglilr.r Bertha .spend Sunday at ','",,!'''""' wl 'ore a cousin, W. F. 'lay. Funeral services -Monday. Bertha Godfrey IK a local teacher. Mr. and .Mrs. w. ,T. Payne went to Ilfti-por's Ferry Saturday to vis- i . t ,. Ml ' K : Payne's sisters, Anno and fter. Mr. Payne, returned k'iiving Mrs. Payne there Ferry was formerly Mrs. Payne's homo, Mr, ami Mrs. C. 11. Williams spent Sunday with Mr. Williams' mother, Mrs. J. It. Williams, Mason City, who is in poor health. Mr. Williams is a member of the Hub- I'lofhlers. and Mrs. Williams is a saleswoman at the Chrislensen store. l>r. C, 1), Schini]! drove to Swea Cily Sunday to bring home Mrs. Sehajia, (llano and Donnip.who had been guests since Wednesday of Mrs. Schaap's brothers. James' and Wallace Reynolds. Doctor Schaap wont duck-hunting while he was day in Mason citv i , ,n Mr • . ,. , ins to husiness nnlto,-/ Mr. mill .Mrs. D. (i Olson Po.-i- wore Suudav cnps's'ni- i ho « V'a *n, B. A. Thorpe, their <"'»'^'' Joan. Mr. and Mrs. Roy oon> sml nichni-d, daughter Mor, Sllmlay dinner S uests Rl Homer Boovers, of lies W. Sarchett ob- |9th birthday anniver.s- |it her home. She still alth and is active out|Her husband who died was a Civil war vet- 1 war. Both are buried fers' lot in Riverview. Ihott was born on a | Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Larson, Minneapolis are guests of their son, Robert C. Larson, Loose-Wiles representative in this territory. ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray McCorkle and Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Lowe returned from and othei Nellie Waters. . .1. M", Moore, Algona, and his daughter, Mrs. Delos Gardner, of Good Tfopo, spent from last week i Tuesday till Thursday at Tipton nnd attended tho funeral of Mr. Moore's brother Lewis, a farmer, te was Elizabeth John- ; college ved two or three years fthen came to Kossuth Mrs „„„.„„ lt()s>v( ,n snont <,..„ d , lv ' ': ,,' J; '"„',, = T ir" " taught a rural school Do a. e Des h cs M BoswoH bounty two years. Now £ tho^w own£ of tho K?S Ilded in Kossuth more laundry. r . . .., ,, . .Tolm Shilfs, Mason City, fine children are living: Fl . iday evoninR dinnor ' 8t of his Iltor at the Maple Hill Barents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shilts I Frank, retired teacher Ho , B oraploycd In all oHlc3 or ^ I Sheldahl; Mrs. Tom ' Amlou ,. company, ithwest of Algoua; Mrs.| Graydou Phillips, son of Mr. and fe who lives on a farm!Mrs E. J. Phillips Gowrio, for Ird; and Wmnifred, at I the children have vis- the last son of Mrs. C. E. Roupe here and a brother of Mrs. Gardner, saleswoman at the Kresensky store. This Is the second boy for the Roupes, and the fourth child. Attorney and Mrs. Charles Akre, Washington D. C., arrived Sunday evening for three days with Mr. Akre'a parents, Mr. and Mrn. Thos. Ake. Chales is tax lawyer for the National bank, Washington, couple had visited in South before coming here. Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser, of Rochester, N. Y., and Eleanor Fra- Woman, [After a Dct. 11—Mrs. Laura A. new f'nwa Dr. and Mrs. F. 10. Sawyer, and , daughter, Phyllis, Mnxinc Larson, and Betty Merritt attended a Kryl symphony orchestra concert at Mason City Thursday afternoon. ! Mr. and .Mrs. ,1. M. Storm and a the • r iio,i n,,«j i «i 'their daughter Bernice have moved I died Sunday at an Al- inlo Mrs T p Hnl ,. in! , Um , s prop . tltal. She suffered a; O1 . ty >on caat Kennedy. Dornlce is employed at tho telephone office. ... , , , Atorney mid Mrs. M. C. McMah- hn mo ' T^ *} S , °". w'th their little daughter Nan- hone and he nost day t Sund with M| . and jto the hoBpital.Sunernl Mrs _ paul IIanill Mason cit Jhnrn , U !' S f " 6S - Mrs. Hamil! i.s the former Francos flcthodlst, church at Cor- Bonder Iviv^^'h WUt11 , be mad0 ' • ' -«r. »'"! -««• 0. M. Cummings, of h ' VC v n ^» te... 80 ^ Sponcor spent the week-end here with their daughter, Mrs. Thomas Kemis. Air. Ke-mis is the manager funeral ol tho services. [Charge of the services. ore Swalve to »ve to Germany Hh Morris, Wesley, and |ter City, and two daugh- S"r 0 conmh T£> I" ( tll °, Al '»"" 1 M » t0 '' Slllll)1 >' bl ' allch a brother live in Illi- * 1 ™^[^ c)crk ftt the Koh) . I baas & Spillos hardware store, will leave Tuesday for Los Angeles where ho will make a business con- 1 nee!inn. lie has been rooming at Mrs R J. Murtngh's. A. A.>Itv|ruhn, Des Moines, Firestone representative and formei jAlgonian was a business caller _.'S\valvo got back Satur- ; here Monday. He called on Rae pg from three months in ' Asher > now the lowl1 Firestone and Holland For the I representative. »'s Mr. Swalve has lived | 1>r - and - >lrs - w - D - Aiulrews and pnert hotel. He has been their little aau s hter Beverly re- s' 5-1 years, but hus no. tunled Wednesday from a week at pere. o visited a sister in J»d a sister-in-law in Gar's only brother died last Swalve plans to sell his iere and to return to Ger- Itno rest of his life. IPie people over there," |owalvo, "but I like the better than there. It . yjindjvet in Germany." ] Kirksville, Mo., where Doctor Andrews attended a national surgeons' convention. Mrn. A. A. Itishop attended a Methodist missionary convention at Cherokee from Wednesday till Saturday. She accompanied Mrs. W. H. Morling, Emmetsburg, and two other delegates. Mrs. Kldon IJmlsti'oiu, La Salle, 111., came Sunday for a visit of indefinite length at/the Floyd Pieice home. She is Mr. Pinrce's daugb- i ter, and Mrs. Pierce owns and oper- OfflCftr* ates the Pierue cafe. v * «»*•«*• °j 3i nyor c. F Specht has been con- Rifle club met a* fined to bed since Wednesday with u Pt. Shirley's office last' bronchitis. The mayor and Mrs. idncsday evening Carl Specht went to Forest City last f was elected president" week Tuesday to visit their daugh- phn vice; Mr. Shirley, ter, Mrs. Harry Larson. p p - L. McMahon treasur-1 Frank VanderStuep, Orange City, group has adopted and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Vander- 3< s of the old club The Stuep, Mallard, visited Wednesday P 1 *, with the aid 'of G with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele. °ee. Sheriff Loss H B Frank is a grandfather, and R. X. and R. s. Barton 'are an uncle of Mrs. Steele. m ? mbershi P drive. a member to all Beting was perfect plans schedule; Teams 'are ' [Hunt er Kill Klooster Cow? P n - Oct. ii— Pasture, nimal Tony of I'vington, one of their cows M Dr. W. D. Andrews and the Plet- ches left Friday for northern Minnesota, where the doctor, and Mr. Pletch did some duck . hunting They found the hunting excellent, especially on the first day. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Robinson, of Kansas City, and their daughter Joan arrived last week Monday for two weeks at their son T. L. Robinson's. Mr. Robinson is a local caterpillar tractor salesman. leighton Misbach left Thursday to attend the funeral of an uncle, L. E. Misbach, Williamsburg, who died Wednesday. The funeral was held Friday afternoon.. Mr. Mjs- bach was a retired mail carrier. Mrs, L. F. KJce, who had a major operation at the General hospi- - -- - v w „„,. tal a^week ago is recuperating rap- Sjostraad fell from idly, and it is hoped that she wll.1 " "id suffered ft be able to go home Friday. »r. bone fracture. Eice operates the Algona W»ry- •»r. and Jfrs, H. W- Ol&pn.returu- e4 Wednesday evening from 9 h "- Jn.es8 trip to Pwk Rapids, The is accidentally had - carcaa ly devoured by f OX68 or Rev - The bone sister of Doctor Fraser, who is a research physicist for an optical compqny. Eleanor writes the Saturday Shopper's "Up and Down the Street." Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Scanlan, of j Sheldon, came Sunday and were i guests of Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Scan- j Ion. The Doctors drove to Des Moines the same, day to attend a three-day state convention of chiropractors. Mrs. H. D. Scanlan remained here till tho return of her husband. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Arend and Mr. apd Mrs. P. W. Arend, Burt, were last week-end guests of Mrs. Mary Allies, Remsen, and, last week Tuesday, Rose and Christine Arond and Judy Kay Bockes, Algona, were 'guests of the Burt Arends. .The Messrs. Arend are brothers of Mrs. Nilles. (!rn|ff Smith and John Hopkins took Howard Raney back to Ames Sunday. Howard is a student at the Iqwa State college. Howard had spent the week-end with his, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney. i Craig :is employed at Dutch's Super Service, and John is employed at thei Ford garage. Mr jind Mrs. Homer Tultle, son Richard, nnd daughter Marilyn left Friday for a few days at Perry, where, they visited Mrs. Tuttle's parents, Mr. and Mrs, G. A, Burre! 1. ; Mr. Tuttle went on to Des- Moineji, where he called on the Des Mointjif .Drug Co., whose representative jhe is in this territory.- "Anpt Jen" Wndsivorth is slowly recovering from the strokes she sufferpd a few weeks ago. She sat uii in a chair Saturday and stood on her feet once. Mrs. E. N. Tayloi| is caring for her at the Taylor honio. Aunt Jen's niece, Mrs. Margaret Hofmaster, a Corwith teacher, spent the week-ei.d here. Mr. and Mrs. Vinaas, Burt, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Dehnert. Mr. Dehnert is the [owner of the Eureopean hotel here, one of the best in the state i|i towns of Algona's size, and the Vinaases have for nearly 40 years run one of the best small- town llotels in the whole country. The C, B. LaBarres have moved into their new home on south Har- lan street. They formerly occupied an M. G. Norton tenant house. The Frank Baldwins will have the house vacated by the La Harrow, and Flolden Perry of the Kile Cleaners, will have tho one vacated by the Baldwins, which is owned by Bert Deal. i Mrs. A. A. Sterling, daughter CcMOviovc, Mary llliley, Mrs. T. L. j Larson, and the hater's daughter ;Ma\ino drove to 'Webster "city Monday. Mrs. Sterling and Gcnc- vinve visited the former's mother, Mrs. Samuel Hntcnian, and the others attended tho funeral of George Wheeler, 18-year-old brother of , Mrs. It. \v. AndcrHon here. 1 .Itnyinond Beamish and bis little daughter .lean Ilayo, drovo to Mason City Sunday to got Mrs. Beamish and the little son Jerry, who had spent part of last week at Iowa Kails, the Beamish old homo town, and part at Mason City, where they visited tho L C. Bcain- ifihcs. Mr. Beamish is Hoxie fruit salesman in this territory. liitllo Linda Ann and her moth- •cr, Mrs. R. J, Laird, 4313 Pleasant St., DCS Moines were pictured in the society section oC last week Wednesday's Des Moines Register. Linda Ann is a granddaughter of the local Mrs. Ella Laird, and her father is Dr. R. J. Laird formerly a veterinarian here, now and for innny years past state Legion adjutant. .'I rs, Frank Itiu'k is tho now waitress at the Algona Coffee Shop. Mr. and Mr;-:. Buck recently moved horo from St. Benedict, and will occupy Mis. Prank Winkel's house for the winter, while Mrs. Winkel is in Des Moines with her daughter. Mr. Buck is employed with Swift & Co. Mrs. Winkel left by bus Saturday. Her daughter is Mrs. Marjorie Effor. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Nelson were local Advontists attending a district No. 2 meeting of lay members at Fort Dodge Friday and Saturday. There was a large attendance. There was a picnic dinner at a park Saturday. The district includes churches from Spirit Lake, Torril, Rulhven, Sioux Rapids, Lake City, Humboldt, Forest City, Algona, and Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bornum and the former's parents Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bernum, Charles City, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne. Mrs. Lyle Bernum was Burdine Towne prior to her recent marriage, and .she remained for a visit till Friday with her parents, the others going back back Sunday evening. Mrs. Bernum's husband is with his father in the oil business at Charles City. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver S. Reiley, 'with the little son William, are out of town. Mr. Reiley took Mrs. Reiley and William to Dos Moines Monday for a visit till Wednesday evening with Mrs. Reiloy's sister, Mrs. T. E. Spencer and mother, 'Mrs. Carolyn Holden. Mrs. Holden will come with the Reileys for a visit here of indefinite length. Mr. Reiley was to attend a state fall conference of chamber of commerce, secretaries at New,ton. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne have rented their home here and will again spend the winter in the southwest. They were at San Antonio, Tex. last winter, and Mr. Bourne found the climate there part of the time too damp for his asthma. This time they will locate at Tucson, Ariz., or someplace near there. The Wadleighs, between Irvington and Lu Verne, will take possession of the house as soon asHhe corn-picking season is over. Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Cretz'moyer, with their daughter Jane left last week Tuesday evening to attend tho funeral Wednesday of Mrs. Cretzmeyer's brother's wife, Mrs. W. T. Henry, Oskaloosa. Mr. and Mrs. Henry had made a home for Jack and William Morgan for the last seven years. They are sons of Mrs. Cretzmoyer's sister, the form- PAGE SEVEN LucianJ. Marsh . MARSH, superintendent of >'•• CongrngnlJoual and (')iristian j home missions .in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, was one of tho speakers at the convention hero last week of delegates jfrom tho Mitchell association of Congregational churches. er Mrs. Clyde Morgan deceased. Jack and William have been frequent guests of tho local Cretzmey- ors. Mr. mid Mrs. Wm. Fraundt, Norfolk, Neb., visited last week Tuesday at tho W. A. Vigars home. Mrs. IViillor Itnlicrts accompanied Mr. and Mrs. John Baird, of IHumboldt, on a week's vacation I which included points of interest j in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and in eastern Iowa. Before returning Mrs. Roberts stopped at Dos Moine-s to visit her si.ster, Rose Ann Bass, studen't at Drake. The Bairds arc former residents of Algona. Mr. Baird was connected with tho Boll telephone company here. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woodruff, of Loraln, Ohio, stopped here briefly Friday to call on the-Albert Og- rens and W. C. Dowel. The Woodruffs, who own land near Mason City, and the Algonians got acquainted last winter at Grande Courts, San Antonio, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff, retired • farmers, have traveled extensively in both this country and Europe. Recently they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Messrs. Woodruff and Dewell made up Rotary attendance together at San Antonio, H. E. Peitzke, of Lu Verne, Passes Lu Verne, Oct. 11—Henry Peitzke, blacksmith here, died Sunday afternoon, after a week's illness with pneumonia. He was 74, and had been here 32 years, coming from Klemme. He is survived by his wife a son Roy at Webster City, and four daughters: Mrs. Blanche Allen, West .Union; Mrs. Vernon Stone, Mason City; Mrs. Fay Thmpson, Eagle Grove; and Mrs. George Ditzel, Spencer. Funeral services will be hold Wednesday at the Methodist church, with tho Rev. V. V. S.chuldt officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Poitx.ke had been making plans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Pupils Hold Fire Mil. As a part of the observance of fire prevention week the Algona schools held fire drill last week. Students in the high school building were all out in a minute and 45 seconds. Students in the Bryant and Third Ward schools were not timed, but were out in about the same time. Drills are held each month, as required by state law. Blake Farm, Near Wesley, is Sold' Wesley, Oct. II—Peter Seabcrg has purchased the :j.|0-acro farm north of town known as the Charley Blake farm, nnd which the past year wsis tc.nanl.od by the A. U. Vanteicher family. Possession' in to bo. given March I. and il is understood thai. <i. nephew of Mr Snaborg's, from Clarke, S. IX, and bis wife arc to farm the now place Tho Vnnlcirhors are o.\-poclin K io move to Ktaeyvillo, where (hoy | have a farm routed for next year. ' Pastor in France Visits Whitfceniore 1 Wbittomoro, Oct. 1.1-_Tho Rev ; W. II. DiKcher was surprised last' week Tuesday when an old claws- mate from a foreign country called on him. The Rev. M. Sengele, from , bchillersdorf province. Ingwlllor : Bas Rhiii, France, is on ' (l two • months vacation and looked up the j Rev. Mr. Discher on his visit Io i |tills country. | Prciiclies in flio City. |st. Paul Sunday. Dr. Henry 01* The Rev. C. Paul Carlson, local son, president of Buena Vista col- i resbytenan pastor, preached at lege, filled the pulpit here. BARGAINS WEDGES. TIB HIT SATUK. THEIR ROMANCE BLOOMED IN THE SHADOW OF A MYSTERIOUS PHANTOM! Custard. Set (i Olussbakc clips; and rack _ Baskets Green or ivory metal with designs. SALE STARTS TUESDAY, OCT. 12 ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT, OCT. 16 Second Feature TEX HITTER MASTER TOMMY BUPP and Police Dog- SMOKE Y —in— "HITTING THE TRAIL" Also HOOT GIBSON Serial 'THE PAINTED STALLION' IOWA THEATER PET PARADE SATURDAY MORNING 10 O'CLOCK $10.00 in Prizes. Ponies, Goats, Dogs, Cats. Tea Kettles Gray enameled, 5 qt. Bowls Crystal glass 3-piece set Thick and thirsty New Fall Hand Bags . 25c Women's Ringless Rayon Hose, new fall shades 19c Tuckstitch Vests and Pants, Lastex knee and waist 23c Rayon Taffeta Slips, Sizes 34 - 44, full cut' 44c Novelty Rayon Undies 25c SEE OUR 4-PAGE CIRCULAR EVENT Fashions and Fabrics that say MRS, F,i. TRIBON 1 old will Mrs. East tober room sloset other lamps solid rocking a furniture sale for >ail Pettit at her home State street Friday, Oc- 15 at 9 a. m. Dining set complete, china , office desk, and chair, tables, eight new table .floor lamps, 4-piece walnut living room set, chairs, choice dishes, Mexican ware, kitchen ware. One Pay Only Poor ppe» «t 9 »» WED., THURS., FRIDAY October 18-14-15 Buy a Combination Ticket 2FOR 52c Friday, October 15 Football game, Athletic Park, 8 p. m. and Call Theater Ticket. Complete show after the game. IJICK POWEL —in— "VARSITY SHOW" FOOTBALL PEP MEETING BETWEEN SHOWS 9 P. M. 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