Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX UNION WOMEN BE AGAINST KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA — '"••••'•••"••••'••••••••^^^^^••.•i^—j^——-!^!!::!^!" ~ •' * W..V"-*. *• fmv£\n\jiu, AUV.TWVN/V, HJVA Kossuth Cited in Editorial on~ConsoUdation of Counties .., and a pot-luck lunch Was served following the. program. Mrs. Mabel T.iaden, new presl-i dent, presided. After discussions ! a comi.iit.tcc consisting of Marie' liodo, lOrma Harvey, and .Ida Win- 1 Ino Jr. was appointed to lead ai drive for a closed season on pheas- j ants. The main objection the! women have to an open season is recent hir«o increase in the number of insects. Ti, ey believe if not only pheasaiit.s but also oiher game bird* (ire protected the insects the birds will consume will keep the insect population down and thus help farmers materially. Another Jirgumeni .is that Ihe farmer feeds and protons the birds, so wliv should be not benefit from them instead of outsiders who carrv awav the spoils? ' f • ! Koll call was on Why Doesn't' Someone Invent? Music was furnished by Prances Winkcl. A paper on The Helping Hand was road , D . rl - [Editorial from the Dos Moincs Register.] friend a.skeTus °ThT rt^" to^'SKito.-.VSi ™n"± S ° " SSI W !r, c J^,:." n » onc ".".-,- «•'.»«* «"?"«« «f Towa. Hancock that Kossuth county is in effect ti' consolidation of two counties?" tt ta «^.^-,T u : | -^r u ,^™s^a:»f'""-, «ro printing a map of the Kos- '-W WSZ I'm, "o?noHo c",v £1 , •' ,"""T i " ( "° tW ° "' - 'i v i ci CM I.OUIIUOS MJ1VC- 1 WO fiOtH Of GEORGE WERMERSON, 54 DIES AFTER OPERATION town, then went on to D6s Molnm , A blood clot wna released while n'! tlm when It reached the boy's heart cnused immediate- death. Tho youth was a Inst ycar'i f Km; area liere to show wlia! oiir z ™ s ' wl »»cba K o ami Hancock to- officers"wiii'in Y-' ' "n T'* I" HUC " Wemlmeanl: : J? 1 . 1 ^ "«." 2 '^- Kossuth had sot '^ "' ^±±^^ h ™ o " ul °™ i When tbp north border of Iowa :W!is bohiK si ripped off into two Urrs of counties, (he area thai is now Kossuth hap].cued to emerge « unit Tlmt is a Ions story. Bur jtlio result is that Kossuth has '"bout the same area as Knimet and T'alo Alto counties together and -Imnsl ox-.ictly (lie K;uno aroa Wmncbago and Hancock to K ethor o . ' --• '»".THttll ll»lll •••Mo- souls, since there is but one county scat town instead of two. Naturally the question irritated! ,»fi as to whether the "consolidation county operated any more efficiently—that is. at any less coat ;pcr citizen-thai, its neighbors ; which had been split into smaller a reas. ! If it did, we argued to ourselves jinn I would suggest the. wisdom of • count IPS combining, and lotting one KPI of county officers do what two are now being paid to do. So we began browsing a bit. And now we're going to report approximately area and population. by Mary Snreh^a^'an^lV^on miles" '"'" ^ n * n ™' ln ""™™ Transplanting Youth by Julia Taylor. The HP\I meeting will be held October -i a , Helen Vo.uel's, lUirl, With Mrs. Maine Hofius assistin- ami ,-(,11 call will be on peace quo-' lotions. A ialk on What. Price Peace? will be given by Mrs. Vogol and a book review—I'c-aco With Honor--by Alary Wood. Music will 1'C m charge of Krna Haas. B,m teacher. i THSCOVERY NO. 1. According to (he Towa Taxpayers association's figures the total •'<'>">».«(nUivc costs for Kossuth •ml H« two pairs nf neighbors wore. „, ions, ,,„ foll(Ws . Kossuth «..r,«.,n Knimel-I'alo Alto Palo Alto Wimipbago ."-_"_".!_"" •> pi) Hancock _ "" ~_~ ~" ","nr KOSSITTFI "-"-"—"_._"."_"-"_l".7_""" ii"ni 1 In otiior words, the hint is that substantially tho same service can -be performed over the larger area |ind population at a considerably I lower cost per citizen. niKCOVRRY NO. 3 IVow we're not trying to present a Prejudiced case hero. So we're Komg to point out that Kossuth's ,.^. ..,.,,.,.,, i,,,oi. in uuiinuuuun witn noon, tho, Rov K W Z Jllllor total administrative expense, board Corwitli Methodist pastor, 'offlclnt- .um,' ° f , HU|10 7'- snrs ' cnch » r ««> county Ing. Tturial was made in a Cor- same • offices, lownsliip and town asses-with cemetery sors district and nilscollancous | Mr. AVermoVsc-n was born Fobru- ! court expense, county homo, and ary 1G, 1 8 !)3. nt Flanagan, Til? and was brought to Oorwith by his par- cuts when ho was nine. Tn 1.00-1, ho Sloven also of were born, nnd I)oniiis, Mlllor, S. D., and n son, Kenneth Kiigono who entered eol/ogo at Brookings, S. D., Mils fall. The Wermcrsons have lived in Soutli Dakota Ifi years, but lived in the forwlth vicinity nmny years before that. Besides his widow nnd children, Mr. Wermorson is survived by two I lirotiiors "Dick." Lu Verne stock- i I mscoVBUY NO. 2 . j *> ™. wo. b«ugit to cimlth m.fbi , M lolnl COR| - Now llnw I And tllc AVERAGTC rank, as to ! cuts when ho was nine, inucn no the county governments: oconomlcal operation, of these five married Bessie Stcvoi cost, their citizens per capita? counties wo are talking about is Corwlth, Two children ad,hHsh-'-in," 10 fi ?"T' S "~ just on rcs " colivol >" i" rtmiRlitor, Mrs. Oiirlai admin,stiativo cost alono: iKossutb 2 7.7 Mlllor - s - *>., and a so iMiiinp.t jo r 7 Kmmot " cn'.i Kiigeno who entered Class Visits Will Fnrin— Oa.rrie Durant's class of fifth grade pupils j,, ,],,. Third wird school ilt Algona spent Thursday afternoon at the Fred Will fjiriii for TKiture study. Morton Wooster helped bring i he. pupils out. The Wills have n new fire-place 'which has just rer-cnily been completed Mrs. Will has a most intoresling flower garden and a fish pool The afternoon was thoroughly enjovod D.V ihe pupils. ' " Louis itodo Hirfliday Observed- Louis 15nde was taken by surprise Wednesday evenine" when friends arrived in the evening to help him celebrate a birthday anniversary. Five ed, Mrs 27.7 -Palo A1 To""_"."_"_"_"_"_"_"."."_"."_"_".""."" 706 Winnobngo I"_III fis'.S Hancock ~~ J-JQ 3 First place in economy, that is, would give a. rank of one, and last place would give a rank of 0!); since there arc Jin counties in all. Kossuth, therefore, stands pretty high on tho whole-. Her four neighbors, each of which is a twin," don't rate so high. Wo think nil of this tolls tho story about what could reasonably bo expected from combining some nlso by Ihreo sisters: MM. TTnrvoy Sloven, Sexton; Mrs. Ida Comp of Wlntorsc-t; and Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, Algona. board of .supervisors'cost per c-in ' n p nV,T"""V""." "'"""""is some i'a ranks .too high among IbVuM™ C ° Unll ° S lnto moro cfficip "' t I'lvcnnore. Oct. n _ Thursday pvenmg a farewell for the Rev <<" (I Sirs. V. V . Schuldl. of the Mothodist church, was held with Mrs. c. Kenneth Howard and Mrs Hartley Mncklnlns], in charge of 'ho arrangements. 'Box Elder' Bugs Again Prevalent The annual nuisance of or " bugs started ilie 'box eld- has an attraction for tho bugs. The trunk of one of tho trees at tho Athletic park was so covered with the crawling bugs recently that it arc f.u Verne. Oct. :I1—The Lu Verne community was shocked to learn of the death of William F. Godfrey ;it his homo. Ho had been at work m his harness shop till last week I Monday, and died at about .10-30 . evening. Mr. Godfrey! born east of Lu Verne- G7 years ' -ben warmod'by tho aaernoo™ i^'^^ o r Algonian's Brother Blood Clot Victim | fieorgo Wlicoler, IS, brother of Mrs. R. AV.-Anderson, hero, died suddenly Saturday at. Webster City while he was having a cast, removed from one of his logs. Ho had ~f. n ., at " lc A " (lol- son homo for two from a Cre.sco Union Electric Co f.igns '' ft'.v Express Agency, ox- press was improving, and the fracture was believed healed. No trou- are ble was expected. Tho Andersons I loft him at Webster City, his homo (,f a sfnln w., i»,l,,ccaVv no Theodore llode. McLean I Calvin Hodo being low. _„ young folk played monopoly. Lunch was served, brought by the guests. Child's Dislocation Nearly Well— Joan Marlene. small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bacon, lias been wearing a cast for a dislocated hip joint, juid she- was taken to Iowa City by her parents a week ago for examination and a new cast. She is improving and may not have to wear the cast, till sp'rinc, as was thought necessary nt first. It may, be removed late in November. ' i Paralysis Victim Hi-covcrs— The small son of Mr. ,-„,,] M , x Melvin Hieken has improved from his recent attack of infantile paralysis so completely that it is believed no ill effects at. all will remain. Hi has been released from quarantine. Bnys Traclnr and Combine— Alfred Schcnck has purchased a now tractor and combine. Me has a large acreage of soy beans and will thresh them with the combine h ( " C"M' mm . ' - -iitidcI]i,drMi anrt "' Olmpln.j rlntln,, „, Lu VcrnCt 2.29 10.5!) 21.51 j I 3.55 [ .77 i G7.37 25.38 20.38 4.47 ' 1.50 „« ot ,:,„,,_ juana-lts Stronghold on Youth Merry Butler; vocal duets, Slumber' Boat, and One Fleeting Hour, Bev- Ton \ eral " flnd Do «'othy Morris, with ih'J -n IS acco ™l>anist; talk bv Vhv M V - r Ml '' ? Clnildt; rendlnR,;, » nj the Cop Changed His Mind and Listening In, by Mrs If i' -S'vanson. piano accompanist, Mrs' •'• I'. Hamm; presentation of "if t "> Pasio,- , u ,d wife. Mrs. F. Collins- i-psponsn. pastor and wife; vocal (luot l'p,.foct Day,. Mrs. Bert Brown -HI .Mrs. Alan Cameron, with Win-' nu- Johnson as accompanist Th-' ; company was invited to the dinin-- '•"'"". where a social time was spent and lunch served 'Hie Rev. and Mrs. Sehuldt ex- POCI to leave Lu Verne Monday for t-arnc-r to make their home. fii'ls Omi Thresbinu: Outfit— Rudolph Will has purchased a threshing machine- just for bis own use. Otiior Fnion \ows. A committee consisting of Mrs. A. R. Gardner, Mrs. Glen Raney and Mrs. Carl Van Hoven met at Mrs. Henry Tjaden's Wednesday evening to lay plans for an Episcopal meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey recently visited friends near Ayrshire and Siiencor. The women' wore college friends. Jessie Sarchct has returned from several weeks in Colorado. Mrs. Ma me Winkel is installing a new furnace. I' Brace Car, Garage Burned Near Burt Burt. Oct. II—The Burt fire truck was called to the G. K Brace farm, north of Him. Wednesday • T. A. Jlas Meeting— The P. T. A. me-t last week Tuesday evening at the high school auditorium with the president, Mrs (.ail Bcrryhil], presiding. Following the business session, the pro- Mam opened with community singing with Mrs. Hamm at the piano. Three enjoyable folk dancer, -n stones were given by tho first and -second graders. Two solos weio g.ven by Alvin Bredell, with -Mis. Hamm as accompanist. Preceding the lunch hour two tabloids wore given by seventh graders. i-M's. K. J. Baessler, Mrs. John 01•«»«i. Mr,. Louis Behounek, Mrs Borryhill and Custodian Jack Sjke.s had charge of the lunch Preparation nnd serving. •'"li.v Kijflit Club Meets— -Mrs. Oscar Olson entertained the Jolly l..,.,h, c i,, b al her home Ouests other than --- included Mrs. Albert \Veber and Mrs. Leonard Trauger '»"> afternoon was spent Farewell for (| 1( , Schmidts Members and friends of tho Rev. Mebodi , , V ' > ? ClHlIrlt »«°tat tho .uetiiodist church Fridav even in" for a farewell courtesy 'before be Schuldts left for Garner, their no v home. Approximately 100 people "ere present, and the evening was spent informally, after the! follow! stSuSf^u?"!."?' JIrs ' Aaroa lections by high' school ..., Uluul . „. „, Donovan, agent, ad- Sorenson and' vanco on compensation. the former. The ; R. H. Pittman Ve'funT!"!^ _ of a | Frank Sj3eley, refund Meyer, the [Ted Chrischillcs. adv I" b y|_ TT DEPOSIT FUND &• H. Pittman et al, refund deposit WATER FUND " J. W. Kelly, salary Harry Barton, salary __I Fi-a'nk Ostrum. salary . I Laura Mitchell, salary I" Earl Bowman, labor Reyner Helmers ot al, labor H. W. Post et al, freight"" Leighton Supply Co., mdse ISeptune Meter Co., mdse_ Ice Factory, rudse. Kossuth Motor ' Co. "re- Mrs. .1. R at the ___ afternoon welcome, iclub president, a : poT,v w 11 ,? 01 ; 1 ' and " Barba ~ ^ ^ott> Wolt, two vocal duets bv Honna Xentncr and Donna Dohn^". -ind a piano solo by Wavne Sorensen. Mrs. Alex Evans Mrs I'""-,,, Looft, and Mrs. Marlon pairs Laing & Muckey, md's'o "I" George Holt/.ba'uer, mdse". GENERAL FUND j Frank Greon, salary __ H. A. Van Alstyne, salaryl H. A. Van Alstyne, salary. R. IT. Valentino, salary |ft. H. Valentine, salarv IF. W. Greon, dogs ___'__ " Fred Selichnow ot al labor George Dettman et al labor i Harris Bros., gas -_ _I_~ [Tom Frank!, gas _I".__I Dutch's Super ServuTe" tow j Kossuth Motor Co" repairs ' and gas ;Hoenk Motor Service," re- j pairs and gas ___ jKirsch Laundry, laundry" . ''Vfhos. Akre, rent _ _ 174.92 I Mrs : Al M> Colli nson, sal- 350001 '• Saw y» r . vent "on" rest linn 1 room 20.34 jGSSe Um benh~o~wer"~caro 41.50 3.35 6.17 130.00 72.00 50.00 80.00 30.00 3.50 38.50 1. Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co. mdso. IT. W. Post ot al, freight . Towa Culvert & Pi po Co., mdse. C. S. Johnson, mdse. Kossuth Implement Co mdse. ,Kohlhaas & Spillos, rnllse" : F. S. Norton & Son', mdse' |Botsford' Lumber Co .•18 ! mdso. _ '' .62 Norton Machine" Works" •1C i mdso. ' iNortliwostern Bell T"ele- l.OOj phone Co., service 110 J Gon - L - Ciller, sidewalk ]J.3G| approaches -,, oo Alsona Ul'Per Des'MoTnes" 13.22 ! printing 1.06 Advance Publis"hi"n g: ""co^ 80.51. 74.S1 50.79 3.51 3.07 12 22 302.60 •182.84 19.14 3.42 72.08 31. OS 4 fi.OO 5.00 rrt . I55 -°° "~«iv>i, V,«,l \J I of dump j Jesse Lashbrook, safary"" Jesse Lashbrook advance- Elliott Skilling, team labor Elliott : bor Willard bor i?Sn2 Ge °' Gun( ler,Ta"b"o"r" iJ2nn'n," lnk Sklll| ne. labor I"' 1.52.00 Oliver Bakken, labor no oc ( ; ll 5 ll ' lie Harvey, labor . I •'-j.-o John Helmers, labor _ ^•'.61 i-r. Pentecost et al, labor sn 99 ?°f ? aag et a1 ' labor --80.22 ( J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., •31' mdse. __ | Eagle Iron~Work~ s 7nulse~. printing _________ _ Christenson Bros., m"d"se I Harris Bros., gas and oil !S ttrrl f Bros - ens and oil I Clapp's Master Service Kas and oil "" 30.-I2 20.00 25.00 10.00 i Dutch's Super Service- "re- I pairs 107.80 lElbert Garage;"us"eTcar~~ 'C. E. Erickson Co., mdsc T w T- ,, SI ' :WEn FUND" J. AV. Kelly, salary _ Dic ' c "<l"iors ot al, labor 011 • «, als Kuarani,>..,| nio<Ior:ii(>]y Fine Fur Coats <i t nm o n ey saving prices, CHRISTENSEN r the dale October H 96.25 207.90 117.42 105.37 110.50 103.95 110.88 187.65 168.45 rI X; l " w "Sht, salary Clapp's Service, repairs""" Dtirkee-Atwood Co., mdse" Bob |1™"NG POOL P Bob Sellstrom et al, labor K.rsch Laundry, laundry Kohlluuis & spllles, mdse. 1C D. James, mdse. ADAH CARLSONVru 14.30 10.83 1.50 ! •112.50 I 19.19 liO.OO ' ir nn 7- 64 80 750 56 TIP FOR ot_ ' —'iv-.ii, i»j.i n, htone; response, Mr. Sehuldt • no the Tic That Binds. City Bills September 30, 1937 JlHM'ity Council met at the city speoiuVS:' session - May ° r The members present were- Hawcott, Harris, Kohlhaas, White, WANTED—SMALL LOAD OF stove- wood.—I. M. Fiunell. g THE ADVANCE writer ribbons. SELLS looks like new.—M Whittemore. AV. read and approved. ocSir.^ii^usss- ST!S,r"""!"""»2"°' Lakota, phone WELL DRILLING —Guy Ceeinor, 102. PEKINGESE PUPS" G WEEKS Johnson, Service Station, phone - 138 ' llp-1 Kollasch, 14p4 Shrop- each Kossuth county II flltr nnri .1-. i- . . . . book, Frank, Renwick 16p2-5 FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR stock 1 single-row »»•-<-•--.• • - ctul - K > corn picker, in $25.00 gets prizes. Lunch was served next meeting will be held' Mrs. Herman Pooch. with __ 11 \V tlS ..,n.i.iiV4ui^,. .-\ii UUJU1I1- chicken house was partly burned. Some machinery and tools in the garage were damaged There . ^ eD ^s s ;; r ^;-mou^^ r K| S%S ^ frm - nachinory. it is supposed that he ! the E.ua ity club a'', etnten ^ ned fire was caused by a short in the ' Thursday "Foil^wing the reSr ! busille ss session, Mrs. Albert Web- «"u w M^% w r^.r n ^e ut S; -^Xe^Sro^ '?£ y wiring of the car. HOSPITALS KOSSUTH HOSPITAL Oct. 4- Carl Wauge, Algona, medical. Oct. 6—Mrs. A. E. Clayton, Algo- aa, tonsillectomy. Oct. 7—Mrs. Morris Pattoa. Algona, boy; Martin Yoder, Lone Rock broken back, caused by fall down•lairs. Jack Hensen, Algo- r HnH nil and Mrs. Mrs - L ' E - c °ck- Kate Hammond. Other LIvermore News. -Mr. and Mrs. Oscar C guests at O. T. Larson's, month of September wafk'n 011 *h arried l ° conde «" side- Bldg and tl^'n Sid , 6 ° f Advance : rH w 11, Ver Moe buil ding. i JOa Walker taxes suspended ihe following bills were allowed I w E W niIC LIGHT FUND Wed ' J. W. Kelly, salary $ 19500 Leo' Bollock, salary 140 ; 00 Tn T?^ - ey ' Salary 140 -00 Tom Halpm, salary 1350 o Walter Gorman, salary _._ iss'oo H. E. Stepheason, salary _ 13000 R. S. Barton, salary _ 130 00 V/i; ^ rlght - salar y — ss.'oo Adah Carlson, salary ..__ i 40 00 Harold Roth, labor 132 00 Wm. Vanderwerf, labor Ernst G. Thiel, meter ^yiNirjiBu jfUi-s, G WEEKS.— x single-row McCormick DepHn a goocl soil . high fertility v>' -i. Johnson, Service Station, phone co ''" Picker, in good shape. First i ^ r ° paired ™* Painted gravel Ilp4l* - uu sets it.—H. M Colwell 1 9 2u4 I ' near elevator- $121 FOR SALE—A FEW CHOICE PO- land China boars. — Henrv Hauptly, Wesley. ,,•'"., —" """ i j "uuis, -lOc each I -Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. j _20u4 ' ^4 MIDGET PIANO AT SACRIFICE ' be bought for balance due' m Algona. Easy terms. ^ , SALE ~ THOROUGHBRED Poland China boars, vaccinated | THE —Roy Wiseman. Wesley. 10p4-S FOR SALE—50 HEAD OF FALL »«« V^" " —"' """^ Jen sen, Algona, •on Duane, accident Oct. 10-Mrs. A. R. Hanson, Al- Oct. 11—August Engstrom, of Wesley, medical; Mrs. Leo Stevens Siemon, minor surgery. ' GENERAL HOSPITAL Oct. 5—Mrs. Clifford Carlson minor surgery. Oct. 7—Guy Harman, minor sur- Bery; Roy Hauenstein, auto accident, lacerated face. Oct. 8—Robert Hanna, Junadel Hanna, Lone Rock, tonsillectom- les. Oci. 11—Mrs. Don Christensen, ooy; Mrs. Howard Schoby, minor surgery; Gordon Bruellman, medical. and .._. Jolletriil..7nd S™: ^^ ^on-Work;" Co: Julia Gangsted , Armstrr Mrs. Oscar Axness, D- were also guests. Mrs. John Hohenterger was hostess to the Lutheran Aid at he? %™ Wednesday, when a numb | r of other than members were pres • ent. The next meeting will be held A " with Mrs. Martha Baessler • Aurora Stove Repair Parts Mrs. Frances Sneraw came from 1 C °" mdse ' Algona Sunday to visit her par ems, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Brown, and to be Present for the birthday din- 17.75 32.05 and spring Hampshire Joseph Skow, Wesley. boars.— 13p4£G -- SANDING, FINISHING; best equipped.—Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275. ment should be a subscriber SHROPSHIRE, OXFORD, DIRSET I FOR SAIE-CAIT' you use. n productive 100 iicresj unimproved aloui? "•oat near Sextou/See the Jop °n this blnch so(1) nico * «'ed and tillable far,,,. YOU can »wn this o« terms like renf J»i/ $2500 cash payme ^ J'Oaiiinir -i-aln» iii..i •b miue high and will be worth S£?SJ5**»Sa'3B2 W. S. Nott Co., mdse. Kennedy & Parsons, mcfse" Klectric Supply Co., mdje Wi '' * Supply Co., mdse.' jrin Co., mdse. Elec. Supply . Johnson ca me from Iowa General Electric Co", mdse Malleable Iron Range Co.. 840.10 3.70 15.75 363.05 32.98 95.82 .56 100.16 WANTED—TRUCKING OF kinds. — Joe Culbertson, Rock phone 810. «-• - — — ----. O M, ^jvi jvoijii c ' 11-P4-15 Duroc Jersey spring • jeasy-feeding kind. " ALL - see them FOR SALE — CHESTER WHITE boars; priced right.—Aaron Taylor, one mile north of Burt. IMP., STEELE all tiled, well IQ_ 60 days; $90 acre cash,, balance easy terms.- —— — **v W.V1T*A.V>£X i/OOl Ing 1-row corn picker with motor attached, cheap.—Al Rahe. _____ 13u3-4 Reception is Planned. Deception will be given the Irs. F. E. Burgess, of the —. church Thursday after- ThT Rat ^ 15 °' clock by ^ lid. paslor. 6 '- Mr " BUrgCSS is the ™ Westinghouse Elect. Supply Co., mdse. 326 14 Addressograph Division, mdse. 16456 Zion Office Supply Co., mdse. ___ i 60 Shell Petroleum Corp gas, oil 134084 C. M. St. P. & P. R«y, frgt. on gas, oil 1088.89 Didier Safety Equipment €o., mdse. 17 50 N. W. Bell Telephone Co" service _. 2 1.62 JOHN DEERE TRACTOR - PULL- picker; cheap work horse. — Al- lt*f f!./-nilil T).•...*. A ti _ ™ bert Gould, Burt. Burt, 4 miles S. of 15u4 ty. No $12 a day. Box 46, FOR SALE—10 HEAD OF FLESHY white - faced feeding steers weight about 750 Ibs.—V. J. Gross, Lone Rock. 17p3-4 FOR SALE—40 SPOTTED PO- land China boars, good ones. Anton Vammer, Rlngsted, la. 13p3-4, 7-8 FEW CHOICE POLAND CHINA boars for sale.—Jess DuganT ,_ mile west and half mile south of 18p4-6 Burt. FOR SALE—JOHN DEERE single- row corn picker, good condition, Mr. HOLTUM" la- 29p4 — — — - ___ »- - >UL S iar^S'st ss .'?i'S: s~A£ Plete with tank and «„,„ of said COUP?- «n", n & " the Clerk Piete with tank and equipment Also one 1932 dual whel? & ro of said Court- and »tf° r th ° Clerk farm non.. o* «"""" -two-acre : uatu| J ana allow«rl a "~ """ "" i jrtj A&> ™ Ki« ,S £ e October s^-^^^5 rail ™< aanaie, balance by small vao^i™ 8, 1937. KATHERINE McBVOY ^*,SL.w-w«*- Y> 4-6 Around The Clock EeS 1 ^ I' 91 ? 1 hel P |n 9 you to get intense, qu'wk "eat or a steady, even glow, as occasion demands. PEERLESS Lika no other coal; has a unique way of breaking up ''** °jj rf j a " dxhol « ls fi ^ I'ke Mg chunk*, although convenient'/ «ed. A favorite here for yeari. Try 9 load of Botsford'* Peerless today BOTSFORD LUMBER CO-

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