The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 1, 1946 · Page 10
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 1, 1946
Page 10
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2.B IJXWIJN fMUV JOf BU, AND TAR May B e ,Wron jm MPilll.fl II I I m maawaaj Bcrni Ma4tso4l got hit wish. There were mre then few immmaf on hand whm Ms Corn IjimJlw feit&km sauad rhed out UJpmYit Saturday. Out of U M men who jrported so even 2o weighed 209 pounds Of better . - tour stood it M r vr - .It f therm are 24 years of age and tip, Bigfest hoes of the outfit Is Alin iwwnryr of Superior, who atands e - 4 and tips the scales at 240 even . . Thsee irsrmhers of ti 1S40 Roe Bwl ftiud were on d k fcJdie rV h warVkoryf , WiUard Hunker and f rends Leik. - At) tra4d specUter waa IX Caw. t imer Dahreaaaa, foe - mrfr of Nwvi who la stat - Itotd la Has tranetae . . . W sbt was 11 Srtfra while ia school , . . Made tarm la feet - ball, bavtsurtbalL track and baseball . . A bad knee arpt kin eel af trark bis eri year. Jack liasra, disrharsed frmm the ersoy late laat week, flew la frees VV.bbifto. I.C, la rdrr ( be n baad for tbc ftenfnff drill . , fteaa Vacant! will asaae part af the early drills, Ita la olaUd ta be mutr4 ant the flrat af the week. . a ffijkr roarha, taking a quirk Tfk. liked the looks of Uwimrv. York bark . - . Ha has plenty of speed . . . Absentees Included tha f iarher brothers, Cle - tut and Kenneth, from St K4 - ward, and Calvin Wsldron of David City. Charier Duda, cxparied back, is still in tha service and reported to ba verses , , . Lyle Colerit - k In f firmed Coach Mastervm that he will not attend school this fall, . . A tfaaea Omaha boyt arc a moat welcome addition to tha ataa4 . . . Tha group Ineludee Mike IXBIaee, Kan VacanU Jrk listen, Walt and One YVIIklno, John Hammers, Tom Novak, Red Navler, Bill fireea, Jim flandstedt. Bob tkhleiger, and Cimll Gade, a a o Gordon Hall of Lincoln la one of the tun tackle candidates. Jerry Moore reported In the "pink" wetirhine 1H0 and ready to so. Ttod Cox, an end candidate from IJnroln. was urn scorer on the bt Mary's Pre - Flight court squad last winter. . . Neil TutH McKoe was a little rur the butt time we saw him He checked in at 190 even. . . Jack I'etu - k. mm of John the trappier Is bigger than ever. . , He stands f and weighs 220. . . a .. a Jim ftwanson, eon af Clarence R captain of the 1921 Hunk era, waa en deck, , , Jack Helxer of KcotUblurf la a aan af Mile Kel - ser of Jumbo Ktlehm days. BUI llewtt, David City back or end, ta reported to be honey mooning. Will be en deck later. .w - r . Mfiat nf the hnv nlmt tn utnv In the field houae until they can find rooms. . . Tom Novak, full - buck candidate, ratee aa one of the best ball totem ever to come out of Omaha. . . He utrina at 21a. lsunker and Lietk are both 27 and oldest men on the squad. , . The entire coaching staff of Ber - liie Masterson, Gomtr Jones, Cllenn Presnell, Pop Klein, Jerry Kuthol and Bob Kahler were on the field. , . Saturday was spent In limbering up and showing for the photogruphers. Dick Bchlelger of Omaha, with four years of competition ahead of him, decided to paas up football thla fall. . . He will serve as one of the student man - ... agers. , The only brother art on hand waa Wal( and Gene Wilklna of Omaha. (iene played overseas laat fall. , Walt will be remembered as the guy who beat Kan aaa with a punt return In l4i . . Wa are not sure about Ken and Vera SUner of Hastings. y - r 4a is t i i The Firing Line By X orris Anderson TTHE KAME Is itill Vacant!, M Giants Best Dodgers in Near Free - fi Bums Drop 2 to 1 Decision; Pirates Trample Cards 6 - 1 Sandys Host To Pale Sox Seeded American Nelters Come Thru in Singles Play I FOREST HILLS, N. Y. OJP). Raaktef American ptiyvf wi ! rvfenMinr Oiamrarfli Frankiei Parker and Paulifi nMN rfii !thm - lve tnd uwi BAtuMifii temjmm leaoinz iuia vir - M.r erhan the local ctuo taagiesi - - r - - - - . ... Z a fitaykj 'inilinby deftttiBi DodiE2 - l Saturday before 25,5001 th L Aei wwto ScmBeti of Los Aagele, wmppea tarm nrm rria bj be a LwieTOC4 tmtiJ be pkto mmM WJS ffrZZm at uol Tha Whit So. trwi.itli U. S. ainelea taaiiia chamri4Mishir with out lorn caf but kindly preface it wixa i . . . . . I v - fci. Lteuvnam Sam, U. s. Marino 1 NEW YORK. (AP). The New Ycrfc Ui&ou oasnea WOOK - jfcc igSTlS Corpa . . mm&t Sam, the !yn,i bopee f Bairwinr the 2 fame marfai wwenja m sm&srs t Many Sun - Hutker peating man, will themeeiirei aad the natiooai league leaamg &t umia t - Ar - iday when the locad club tangiea .... J.futi.M 11 C ttr v Vfrm 3 Kf)ii wifh fhm tjm AnftlM White &OX Lt'KE fsrWCLL , . as manager of the Brown. "Kerfgnf St. Louis Luhc Seidell Resigns as UroKiis9 Pilot ST. LOUIS. Of9. Luke Sewetl, who piloted the St. Louis Browna to the American letue f pennant In 1944 but lost the ail - SU Louis world series to the Cardinals, resigned Saturday &!H and his coach of pitchers, . James W. "Zach" Taylor, was named acting manager. Announcement of Sewell's realgnatlon for the good of the club" came In a formal state ment baaed by Richard C. Murker man, - owner and president of the Browne, following a conference la the club office. Muckerman declined to elaborate on the phrase "for the good of the club, but when preeaed for an explanation of the sudden change In leadership, exclaimed: "Well, the club if down, isn't It. - The Browns' owner said Sewell had offered his resignation, effective immediately, at the meeting, but he would neither affairm nor deny that he had asked for it. a ' ft E WELL WOULD not comment but he previously had pointed to the failure of several ex - service men to live up to their pre - war records as contributing tn the club's , poor showing this season. The Browns were in seventh place and were 34 games back of the league leading Boston Red Sox before Saturday's games. Altho there were reports of bad feeling between Sewell and some of the Browns players, the sitution was not generally re - garde I as serious and Mucker - man, in response to a question, said: "I think Sewell got all he could out of the team." UD that coveted discharge at Great Lakes next week . The ex - lowa and Pur doe quar - terback ia stiii on terminal leave from the Gyrenes and will have to antei two or three day of Huskcr practico time while he sweats out his separation , . . Accompanying Sam to Great Lakes wiil be Marine buddy, Warren Jeffrey, the UN wrestler . . The officers were stationed together la Japan and returned state ide at the same time . . Now comfort My quartered in Lincoln, the Hunker quarterback's wife and baby daughter have been following pop's career as baseball ump prior to the grid opening Saturday . . . He started refereeing early In the summer when Ken Kennedy, bis old coech at Tech high, lined him up with a )ob . . . The biggest trophy on the Vacant! mantel hi the two - foot gold one awarded him after his great 1943 searon with Purdue . . . It symbol - . ires - "the outstanding Italian athlete in the United Suites for the year U43." Fultoii Grabs Soliio Trophy CLEVELANT). fJB, Dale Ful ton, of Waahxr.rton. D. C with 120 ocean crossings as transport vmttf.m pilot to his book, made his first EJ. Vtl trv in enmnrtitinn Saturday lnd lml t narrowly averted in the fifth wbenjftew off with $8,000 first ple money and tn &onio vopny in tho daVa feature at the KataooaL ar t iitj a a a at s it tea a a a ai , StMli Totals BILL EDWARDS, the ex - Husk er swim ace and later ead coach. Is now a Lincoln business man . . . He reports losing two season tickets for the oncoming UN grid season . . . The ducats are In row 34, seats 5 - 6, Section K in the east stadium . . . Finder of the tickets Is a&ked to call Bill at 2 - 7069 . . Forrie Bachman Is playing pro ball with the Brooklyn Dodgers ... He has expanded into a 22 5 - pounder, tome 30 lbs. over bis Hunker playing weight ... The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame probably still remember how the Ali - American Husker tackle, Ed Memorial Stadium m tnat cinrr nefU zmk luoi paid tyx - tnton at the polo ground. MenU aenaeey, reeie erv - kander gave ap three hiu ami went att the way far the Giants te rectster fckf eighth vVtery. Bnddy Kerr's fewrtt) lonbig haaaa raa proved the winning blew. KJrby Hixbe started for the Brooks bet bowed eat for a pinch bitter In the seventh after giving ap both Hew York nns. A FREE - FOR - ALL fight attempting to stretcn s single into a double, spiked 4 Startky, Dodger second baseman, la sliding into the bag. Stenky pounced upon Rosen and the two wallowed In the dust fully minute before Vmvirm Jocko ConlaJt and Dusty Boggess, with the aid of practically the entire sounds of both ciubt. were able to eeoarate them. Sten ky and Rosea were banished from the game. a a w. Toea i i s ButMf as a a i fuNMM (J 1 0 J0Sto&9' Cs see HinMi at It fUnutm tea rMf ia 1 a oaja rf Sit l.KwrM tela Hiny sa 1 S 1 lUaMrtrp 4 2 The White Soa, tnrrei - tba U. S. siriglea teiaiiia eham$Miahipa with one tone ca Karamiv miirin? mor i nin ime - iumui ui uic wviijl - - . - . m m tng roreign ueiu utks un wwvm - big colored pros, dropped (teriakm ta Sandr's test uucsu aecona piace learn m icet - - ' Cornhtaker baiaehmll league, to lrilhUSker LrOOD to a Labor . . day game Monday at Muay, un HnM I Jllfn 1 laVCr startmg s sm abin itJIdra UUU I ld; w upa for Sunday's contest: nfMatys htmtiu sa air races. Fnltea. who grew p at Fier - flL, and teamed to fly years ace at Ueeator, I1L, trailed William Ong. of Ksmas City, for the first two Bans In the 21 - mile dash arannd a Semite rectangular eoarse. Then he Inched ahead and con tinned to widen his lead nntU he was mMmm mi. liui finikk. The' winning speed was 352.?! sar D. Mat. Sfwa. sa Maatr. ff If - Hj.fla 1 a rt a tfitfty Slats ment. ALL TOF - SFXDED players tn the men's championship pulled ai - K tw mi, thru their opening matches on the YORK, Neb, ( Wrectort - rklelr scattered turf courts at t&e The race, run inlaw H)rr If iiM If w,r rf rfilt ef M wards ntit ia tvtia HiKfa i a Totala 4 a i lata tut 4 1 t 2 (111 33 ft 27 10 WMivMr ttaHarf tar Htcta tn avrwrth: Anrwm fcatt4 tat IUauttt ia afMii Lrs(ta aauaa wm auana m atauo. Inrnokiyn .... .sol e9 aaa I nw Vara ia ie aoa s Mom; ataafev. Blattaar. Krr. Errar: IRtaUnar, Cooar. Bum hattaS la: Roam. FKiMr, arr t - w oaaa : wnww. Horr raa: Hirr, ixubw an arr m liiatinar ta Voaas; Biattwtr to Krr te Tur. Laft aa bmm; BrwMtm 1, Iaw York It. Ham aa ImISi: Off Kannatfr . fiivtia a. r Mv s. atnaeft ant: B Kaa - fiadr 4. IIUrtM 4. BHa: Off Hlfe S la S iinninea; c;mt l ta a. Matas vntzmr iinci. Tjwpr: Brr. cQataa ano rf km. TtaM 3 3sa. atundaitea SS.ftUS aia iklti i I ! f miles an hour. ini rocognitioa of Cteveland's 150th ! 5 ! fl anniversary, ii mrw one, but the average speeo waa o naues n hour faster than the pre - war record In the Thompson trophy race, blue ribbon event of closed course competition. ONG AVERAGED 345 J mOes an hour to win $3300 for second place. Both he and r ulton new North American P - 51 Mustangs. The other finishers and their averages: jwk Mr4wvfc of Para a Gate., at a Lack P - 84, 122 a. Wttaw Hi - hail of Ciiiaaca, a I M f - . Sl : Kmri onmma t,t Tu. oaaw, la a r - ia. aaat man.: Jaom l Baoto ef Fariiara - aarc. W. Va., ta Wt.1 ata; and rzmrim Bint af Iraaanvs, Va., m a Hall P - SS. rrt l mytx. T $4S aaS a. . 1 f .Ms SNriwi aa. artaaw at Miilim Heara, a. the Crnhusker Baseball West Side Tennis Oub, but the Fridsy night accepted a tom - l imata. st took shel - mendation of a emmittee of i. - TWnh Head lone - three that Paul Halemeister.f Uticn player, be berred &omjr lesrje cofnpetiUon for thd bal - . - Monkn. Calif - t the center court, S - t, t - X t - 3, - Parker, Gardnar Mailey or. Mhunt. Billy T albert of WiU. BBinrtoa. DeJU Teas Brown, Jr ef San Fraechtco, Bob Fa lkea - neoY of Ball j weed, Califs and Seynaanr Greenberg of Chicasa, SO seeded aaaong the first 10 ta aaea's stngles, won with alaaeat aaa at MM A. lance of the season for allegedly attacking aa umpire. The reported attack too ptace at Utica last Sunday. Uticn defeated Stromsburg t - 1 In an extra inning game srhich was played Is4; under protest by Stromsburg when Haiemeistcr remained tn vne game iwr rwpwij ordered to the bench by the urn - The directors also ordered umx .the same be reoiared on a neu - a. wta - 'tral field. It will be pUyed here ithe eight f Sept. 10 with - Major League Averages The foreign list, however, dwin dled rapidly, suffering major loases in Bernard Destremau of Franca and Enrique Mores of Ar gentina. Eight other including Tony Mottram and Capt. w. T Anderson of England bowed out along the way. : aaa PARKER, CHAMFIO lnlM4 and 14S while still serving as an army air corps sergeant, set ine Rational gmmm Hinna. 1. . , . . . u n, mn mm mm , ipmna dt Dounoiui uul crewMa uii 23t ta tin ta it rt afneken, Canadian Davis cuppe aura ana m am at a swi . , mm 4t net a ii Jtai - abb uiue trmm trocn fiuwuir memrirahle 1&23 game Touted Notre Dame had already beaten Army, Princeton and Georgia Tech when they moved Into Lincoln . . . The Horsemen had caught the fancy of the nation and the Irish were described as a "wonder team" . . . Such they were until the Huskers sent them home, defeated 14 - 7 and convinced that Nebraska was a state full of giants . . . Now another Ed Weir, the 17 - year old son of the ex - tackle great and present track coach, may be playing against the Irish In the new series that commences in 1947 . . . Young Weir scales 168 pounds, is still growing and should be one of BUI Pfeifft top Lincoln high ends this autumn ... He has two years of prep competition left. rwpHE EX - LINCOLN high Une - (Contlnued from Page hit.) s man, Norm Loc - .who saw American J tsajm nam. I AM tt M HASH SB fet) . lut akt nil ai aa a JT1 OL WMtnuBC'waa ,..424 41 IM 4 ta a jaa maoaa .. rrr.. a ttmt m at at jailMhiteAa tZzZZr. ' aaa um M it M Mi aaataa 4a tl1 J Ha 4a 4M tnt t ftS 14 Mi Mao TrB .J. . tdtt iuim It II M JktaiCfeieaaa He irart 4i ua i u j nuaaanw I, m Befit, reiving as usual tm his poieiu ortoae vciaainaau ,...aa - a backhand to govern his strategy. I . Z , w. Ottbart S, McOrmlek, WfroaMi a Tbor S 9tanKaoa. CINCINNATI. UP). Clayton Lambert won his first game of the season Saturday as he pitched the Cincinnati Reds to a 6 - 3 victory over the Chicago Cubs before a Ladies day crowd of 3,463. The Redleg right - hander, who has lost two this season, scattered seven hits to break the Cub s seven - game winning streak. Cincinnati greeted starter Rank Wyse with a three - run outburst in the opening round. A jingle. two Cub errors and a two - run homer by Bert Haas turned the trick. k.H'4iajt aa last at at w Jt now playing out of Los Angeles, mm tat ta m SMiCA;rspleteJy outclassed his oppo k ....lata 4li S4 4i Tf St aaij - 4 - a iMaial mi hkt fmtent Maatwr. Krtm: Byaa. Htaua, r. uk - Caraitrk. HmmmWi. Ktnoa. Kaaa aattad a. Virtaa. Mauaar. Harmaa. IWaa a, M MeCoraitck S. rttaaaSaa. Ta hit: Tabor 8. Wrrortaa, Kazua. Thwa ait Tbar. KjwtU. Bovm. Uamm ran umimii wrufw Roan. Maanar. Left oa bans: Off apaba a Mauaey S. IHrack Mt - H MAanav x. aaaaa 1. jMrrv . fmmmAml . Mlla: Off SaaMI B ta a SI n ;; F. Bartctt 4 ta 1 . Inoaa awt Si (ifih): Pom4i 4 ta t - l; wtatauaaaa a la S S - S. Hrt toy Richer: By Mmmm Utwtinr. Wltrtmaaa Otbart. Faal baU: radcatt. Uoarne attebar: S". narrttt UmpOaai Jorda, Kaaraoa aaa wauw - SECOND OAMTK. Boataa asi 14 m iiniichiA eia see aat s is l BaUartaa: Xottaaaa aaa aiaat; KnU 2 MuUtsaa laoora (7. rsAJi ruisixo. ro a i Claavlaad SH U7 li4 MM t4M UU tea TarH ........... . ! M IMt ......... UU Ul r rSAJH rUUUBDKL PO A St. Laala l W JR4t ftxiiutaiatala . ScmoDaaU 1 Mh OaMaga .......... JTiJ Baauio Roth Is latched tilt 3M ami jiWltli Tex Boddiee jS OMAHA, Heb, (UP). Charlie jr Roth, holder of a third round ea.kapn over Lee Oma, wul attempt ito stoo Tex Boddies heavTweichi iMDiviotai, mhu.6. tMorrroiaj. m1 (prt fight winning streak Mon - 4a. - r I sasaradaT M scaaha. St. L. .. 4i l 14 i Jitaaiai. 84. k ... ua as u u i t j Roth, still packing dynamite la aTraMirf... a l t a l ko. aaa. ..... e fboth fists after 158 professional raaaa. FtuL .... u a a J44ooaaaw. fwt. u J bouts. will be the imderdo aaanirigla ... 14iS US S4iMa Tata .. 1S JHl' ncaokija 114 4a piLuauxih ...... . - ! 1M4 US iS in t4 Huskers DitaH ab S a at dMtnnatl IfJatrowakl SB 4 1 1 4!Cortm aa IHtaracoa aa 4 1 B liZtaatam t 4 lirrcr 3b S a I O'Lfbka rf 4 S 4 0 Mama lb SSI 0'kfualtar a 4 S 0 Uakoa tf SIS S.Clay tf 1 a B WUaftar er IWaltkua lb ICavar'ta rt ilxmrtyef Hrfcrt tf MvHiicatoa a Htrtncr 2b Ntcbotaaa Wyaa IKuata p i a a o a 1 1 i Total! Chteaga S3 T 24 4 Laatbart a ibtti lilt a a l s 4 1 1 S 1 4 a i a 4 2 12 0 . S 1 S 0 s a a s . esse mi 4 14 0 rar, WUttaau. ApyUrt, Cbi. .... .....Ml w ..44t 13t 14 S3 S ...lit w.. bu.y Saturday mmin. ,h? ?f " Ad ilKlSSSLS "T" a aa a i 1943 before a mid - season army call, will again be in Husker togs this fall . . . Norm weighed 170 when he played before, now hits over 190 . . . The old agent racket, long known in any "talent industry, has even spread to the Lincoln State Fair races . . . All of the Jockeys have their rides arranged by an o (faint whn collects two dollars Considering me awia wtmiflT vg Mswvaas see w - - - - i &"TMK ft phih W turn " . I tiitti i nnf nii 1 Ok ' By next Saturday Hernia may be reaay 10 siart a uiue scrimmaging. Three Lin col niles To Way at Omaha Accompanied by Legion Players Guy Nielaon, Mel Knopp and Tommy. Wilson, Jonn Bretzer, enatrh nf tha I.inrolrt rt!iiia. loft Lincoln Saturday for the American Legion AU - Star butieball aeries to be played in Omaha Surwiuy and Monday at Fonten - elle purk. The three Lincoln bseballers Were chosen for the Outstate aquad which will battle the Omaha All - Stars. Two games will be played Sunday starting t 1 30 p. matid one on Mutiday. Virg Yclkin and Bretzer have been named munugcrs of the Out - Btute team. ing hands and meeting old and new gridders. The sideline quarterbacks who figure the Huskers are to be of vitamin - plus proportions this term ahould not .build their hopes too high, according to Bernie. Many of the prewar gridmen will require comtlder - tsble time to regain playing ahape. A lot of the wartime let - termen will fall aut tn the postwar pace. i i..u ow tm Kji 4rvkov artuallv collects oniy pressive, to be sure, but a lot of six of the ten dollars be fccts that weight is concentrated hi for a race . . . av. " ,!? those soot where service food the Leo Durocher of the Big aix. uhows Uie most. old hog Allen of Kansas, w It is conditioning and the learn - voice an opinion on vn rw.m Ing of the T formation that must Army squabble with Miss State come first . . . 'no: . "" A skull drill on the T is slated big money now being ireeiy for the atadium strategy room used, coaches are performing a Sunday. Prof. Masterson wants lip service behind the scenes every performer to digest his full with the payments. The atn - T library before that Minnesota letic directors arc t uiujr opener, Sept. 28. The library runa business agents. . . . What a . mm .m . IS. 1 n la tMnt T HA into volumes, so plenty or cerebral rnog aoesn auuw calesthenks will be Interspersed UN athletic director. Ad Lew - with the daily 9 a. m. and 1:30 andowski, doubles as buness p. m. physical drill sessions. manager . . ror uic We have only sixteen actual time since mz xne xowa u Aavm In wHiK ua - nn trnptirm tfriHr1lra are drilling Penina um t mm mmm wm iitwii mm wmmmm a atw aa, - . Totala S4 10 2t 13 002 001 0003 311 000 lOa 4 Runa: Oatrowaki, gtontaoa, atnnaar. Corbltt, litniara, rny. Haaa S, Ujifiar. Iturtion. Btrtnaar. fray. Runa batted ta: Haaa 3, Wnf, Corbttt, (jatnmabi. Twa baaa bit: Lowray, Uabar. Corbltt, Mtwtlar, rrsy. Homa run! Haaa mimnu. aaerinaa: uaatara. iwww ptaF Kiava to wauaua; rajr o voaviu io Mui iti on haaa; Chtoaao ft. Clnela - nau f. Baaa aa baita: Off Wyaa 1, Kuah I, Lambart t. Btraek outs Br Wraa 1. Kuab 3, LamMft 3. Hita; oft wyaa a ta 3 innlnga; Kuah 4 tn 6. Ioa1ng pitchar: Wyaa. Umpiraa: Baltaafant. Barlick, PtncUi and Uaoliaa. Ttma; 1:3. Attaod - aaea; 3.443. , Redbird Lose of Buct PITTSBURGH. (A3). The last - nlaca Pittsburgh Pirates treated the first place cardinals as ino their oositions were reversed Sat - tirdav. handing St. Louis a decisive 6 to 1 defeat. The loss kept the rarda! fram oaddinc their ZVi game league lead at the expense of the Dodgers who were losing to New York. ' Nirk Strincevich scattered six hiu while the Pirates hopped on three Cardinal hurlers for 11. It was Strincevich's ninth win in his last 13 games. aaa LEE HANDLET, Elbie Fletcher and Frankie Gustine each singled for one run and Bob Elliott drove in two more with a double as Al Brazle replaced Murray Dickson in the first. Harry Walker's triple and ft single by Enos Slaughter gave the Cards their lone score in the first inning and it marked Slaughter's 100th run batted in. Backer. CI McBrtdc. Bat MatcStaaan. Dot. Kali. Pbtl'Daa. Caibaraoa, Boa. ..140 Partaa, Boa. .... TS BoMaaoa, If - T. .SM Edaaraa. Clef. ..33 Vaia. Pbtt. ......31ft . T, . ?S McCoaky. D - Fbi.4 Ctea. .464 Hadaon. Waan. .. 44 Stapbana. SU I .334 Calteabtna, Dei. OtMacsta, If. r. .31 Doarr. Boa. ......404 Barardiaa. 84. V.40 Roaar. PhO. .....343 Ormoa. nt L - WaaB 39S Craaattl. ft. T. .. Sadar. PhlL .....300 WaadaO, Clav. ... 3S BUyaatrt, N. y. .. tl smnaar. Boa. ..... 14 Oaarra. Waan. ... 1 York, Bos. 471 Keller, H. ..43S DUitaear. Bt. U .m Spence. Wash. ...44S CaulIiaW, Pblla S3 Wynn, Wash. ... Lavis, Wasa. ...442 Lopat. CbA. ...... 4S Jobnaon. Boa. .... IS Heath. Waah.t.L.414 Plamlns. Wash. ..261 41 141 73 143 13 3S M 0 21 at us I I a i a s a s a s 3 11 30 44 s a 10 22 S S 21 It 14 2 50 112 10 t at at i t 14 24 t a 40 io s a 47 UY 13 S 32 S I 44 100 a 0 XS SB 11 S at ti4 S3 s 88 144 M f to i3f a s 31 at t 47 103 S 51 40 I 4 it a i at tot s t 114 4 0 4 0 0 0 14 0 3 111 t 1 70 Ut 14 S 70 133 24 S 20 M 0 3 04 130 12 B is at a a at 14 a tt a 33 t a a B J43i WaUta. Brfe. ....447 a JMOIoatararactMr, ttt4 to S Jta i putmM, rail .. at a Xth .m - tm. RM. .... 70 S J2$(or4aa. B. T. ...33 41 l a Jit'. Bra. at s a S JlB'noUaaa. Bos. .... lliiawMa. CHL 1.170 10 44 a .ai4'rmtiA. CbJ. .413 74 130 - v mr j a a ; . s a ia J4s against ine ousxy xoaaie, wno s ft a J haa aoored seven kavoes in nine a a . i.hiuiii in is car. s Jul In the semiwinduo of the sea - - ; son's first indoor fight at the city "J!? auditorium, Joe Hartfield, mid - M ..i ii a a iOtewetKJii. Will diiiii raca 0 t 1 a t is t i a a SiiistST nZ.u i jCampbelL Larry Watson, Omaha. Ila.iSF S.:...4oo ftouits a S JH ui meet Chuck CaidwelL Los J Angeles, in the six - round special jmt aieatara. Cm. ...11 S J0 Jaaa. rbtL ...... 01 S SOt Ouauaa. PiU. ....354 4 Jl8a!Keid, ftt ..... OS 5 J0 WnsU, Boa. ..... 41 a jso iwnaa. . t. ....2io 14 u 47 104 a a i3 aa as B .24 1 aaa 4 SOt 1 .30 i jm l jxm S JM S - 34 a so? 1 SB. (I aJ a Oaiaa. Brk. ..v..302 Banaaa. Brk - Bos Sl SfeCaUoacb, C3U - .241 LttarbHar BUU - BaalM Wattkaa. Cat. ...303 Rataar, Brk. .....307 Rackar. M. Y. ... 00 LaasbatSl. R. Y...144 Uopca. PtU. .....130 McConatck. Fail. .411 Riea. 84. IV .....110 larboaadiaaat. SSk.440 1 J4 Wyroatak, FbU. 3 .303 1 Sl S ,203 0 .209 a joo PHILADELPHIA. (JP). In B Wild hitting spree, the Boston Braves rnrked the Darade of DassinM Phils pitchers for 24 hits Saturday to win the second game 14 to S after bowing to the Phils 10 to in the opener of a Shi be Park double - header that hospitalized Boston's Danny Litwhiler and Mike Mc - Cormick. : Shortly after Litwhiler, left - fielder for Boston, was taken to a hospital with ft fractured left cheek bone as the result of Dick Mauney's pitched bail In the fourth innlntf. McCormick lasted only three innings of the second game before he tore a cartilage in his left leg. 3 f at us a it 4 S 50 114 13 34 St f a a .so t f jn l a .rro t 8 t 1 476 ..MB ...330 at Tjwta ah k a at Ptttaba'ch tkhtl Mm at t A 4 I 2iHaiidla 3b 4 2 15 0 Walker ef SIS 0 Ouatlne 2b 4 2 4 7 kiu.i.i ih 3 17 Ii Elliott rf IIIO Slaughter rf 4 1 1 0 Kln.r If 3 110 Kurows'i SB 4 0 1 a Kuaaatt ei a i a w Staler tf 4 0 0 1 Brown aa .4 0 0 3 Oarastola 0 411 0i Balked a 3 0 10 Marion aa 111 liBUtaoavica p a a a Dtekaoa a S 0 0 0 Rraxla a 2 0 0 1 RndMmtt 10 0 0 Scaaiklt a 0 0 0 01 ToUla 31 24 13 twice - a day," moans Bernie. closed gates They say "Registration opens Sc?pt, 17 and Eddie Anderson has to lock the after that we'll be held down to doors to keep Tulsa agents from afternoon drills only." reclaiming all their ex - players. Wesleyan Squad Gets To Real Business This Joivn Week ihe: fa Cm4 Comfort Al The Spencer Steak House CUMfLTLV tataaaawiaaaaii if n iin 1 Defirioua, Juirf CORN FED S T 12 A K ROAST TtlKKEY nr Golden Brown FIUF.I) CHICKEN iii.m:iis You'll find these and many other deliclousiy preparea ftmrio on our menus seven days ft week. far a Cttmplft Jtfeaf r e 5antrirR ram t STEAK HOUSE 1429 South St Oaea fraai It A. M. ta ItSB A. M. Whon Cnarh George "Bus" Knight asked all men wanting to go out for center on the JNeorasxa Wesleyan football team to maxe known their intentions, he was emoted with nearly a dozen ap nitrations for the nivot spot. Al the same time, only three men wanted to play guard. After a week of practice, now - .... . . . ever, Knight has convinced some of his center candidates max mey should turn guard or tackle, ana now he has four full teams lined up for the heavy workouts slated to begin Tuesday. LAST WEEK WAS devoted mainly to limbering up and con ditioning exercises. Saturday Knight set his backficld men to learning plays off the single wing formation, while Line Coach Men Parsons had his charges working on fundamentals. TaHnv. after the holiday lay off tha Plainiimen settle down to - . . preparing for their ruggea, iu - anma oAA skit A which ODCDS in three weeks. Bostoa Culler aa nark as Herman 2b Ryan 2b Hopp lb Holmes rf Litwhiler If M McC'k cf Paditatt a Kowelt If ef Kera'dei 3b Hpaba p I Barrett r Barrett 9 Poaedel B WlataUa'a p Itaal ab h e al Phna. tbttt 3 0 3 HOIlbart rf S 1 S t 111 llWvroatek ef S S 2 0 110 UTahnr 3h Kit 1 0 2 0 Knnta If S 2 2 0 4 2 4 I F McCo'k lb 4 1 T 1 Bit ltHemalev a 4120 111 OlNewsome as ' 4130 3 9 2 OiVarban 2b 1 4 2 2 2 SIS 2iMauaay a I I 000 4 2 3 01 4 12 1 1 0 0 0' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 10 0 0 110 0 Totala 31 il 27 14 Bodtoott batted for Brtsla ta serenta. a ti ..100 ooo ooo I Ptttabursb ...'800 011 Ola 0 Raaa: Walker, Handler S. snetahar 1, atrinMvtch. Krror: Guauaa. Walker, Marion. Runs batted on aiauR - ... tr.utntt a Ouatiaa 3. Twa baaa bit: Eiiiott a - iatrhar. Klnar. Three baaa bit: WmyrMW Muaiai. Hacnxice: uummv. vi.tBSf nnitbia bIsy: Marion ta Bchoen - (... . uii.i.i ' huatina ta Fletcher Laft aa baas: St Urals 0. rutsDursn 10. Baaa on balls: Off Braxle 4. Btrince - vlch 3. Schmidt 3. Struck out: Brasie 4, Strincevich i, acnmitu . bub; m - a in A limine: Braila. ft tn 0 o.hMt a t a. Passed bait: astasia Losing pitcher: Dickson. Umpires: Mager hurt Kt. wart ud Dunn. TUas; 1:57 Attendance: 0,074. . Totala S7 1ft 2 7 7 to fourth, 1?8 JltSt Ducky - Keeping well - groomed la aa natural aa water falling off n duck's back . . . when yon have your clothes dry cleaned Inexpensively at "fJncofn't Baay Vlemmrrt" ZIMMERMAN CLEANERS 4 DYERS . S - Z2Q3 - SS5a O St Doane Outlook Promising CRETE, Neb. Some 60 men men have reported to Coach Jim Dutcher for pre - school football nrartira at Doane college. Wltn B total of 70 expected by the time classes start Sept. 8. Dutcher is optimistic bdoui Tio - pr rhancea this fall, and well he may be. He has 18 lettermen harir aa well aa a libera auoi - ment of promising high school material.. His line will be fairly hMw. averaging about lv ..WW W f , - . - W w nniirirla ..... f . ....... 1. V. . MDL ao. ml aimaaon """ - ' 27. at Pemi Oct. 4. York, hers; 11. Has - Una. bars; ib. at wiynt; , Nov. 1, Dakota weeieyan, oi . l Weaterit State fuunntsoa, vow.. Cbadroa, bars. Totals 38 12 24 tt J srMtt ttattad for BashB Mast batted for WUsJUaaa Ui ntath. io on oo2 o PblladalDhla X. .......... .103 WI Bia XO Runs: Cultar, Herman i. Hops, Rowan, Armed Is Favorite CHICAGO. (UP). Twelve of the year's top handicap stars were named Saturday for the $50,000 Washington pars: handicap Labor day. . " ' Armri. Calumet farm's great handicap performer, was , the nrnhahla favorite Wltn CnlOI op - wiinn vnp.rtpd from two oid rivals. Historian ana wron pit. riTCBEBS' BECOKDS. :t00 oc better W I, Pet mincer. Bos. ...I 0 1.000 Parnck, Cter. - St. b.... 3 0 1.000 Caodint. Waah. ........ 1 S 1000 Ferrtss, Bos. ........23 4 .053 Dreisawerd, Boa. ....... 4 1 004 Ncwhoasar, Dai. ......22 S .784 Brown, Boa. .......... 3 1 .750 CaktwaO, Cbi. ......... 11 4 .733 CKnapart. M. T. S 3 .727 Wynn, Wasa. S 2 .714 Johnson. Boa. ...... 8 2 .714 Feller, CTv. ..,...,,,.22 S Chandler. If. T. ......10 f M. Harris, Boa. It V .082 Dobsoa, Bos. ..........12 .007 Murphy, n. T. ........ 4 I .007 Fannta. St. IV S 1 .007 Wade, B. T. - Wash. .... 2 1 007 Caster, net. .......... 2 t .067 Bewns, H. T. .........It t .020 Tracks, Oat. IS S .010 HoUlngswortb, 8t L - - Chi. 2 2 .400 Marsnan, If. T. ...... 3 S r,nbr, H. Y. - Bos. ..... 3 2 Hus;hson, Bos. .........13 10 Haefnar. Wash. .......11 S Kramer, St. L. ...,. .It t 'awpoBs. Fh'1 - Wash. ..12 0 arder. C51aa 4 1 Floras, Fhll. ...,.., 0 S aaa, It. T. 7 0 Teuton, Det. t 0 Tooat, Cat. ..,.,...,...10 10 Potter. At. f. a a Chrtstonher, Phil. t t .500 - 20 Pagoy. oBs. I K JbOQ 34 Kinder, St. L. ......... 2 2 .MM 21 Wight. N. T. 2 3 .500 20 PleretU. Wash. ,., 1 1 .500 SO isssawsy. Cley. ....... 1 1 .600 21 Queen, K. T 1 1 .500 20 SO 00 3 40 100 t 33 73 24 07 S 34 00 3 70 113 11 IS 20 S 13 S3 t 13 40 1 40 lit 11 0 34 1 vt 131 a S3 130 S 20 01 2 t is a 34 Tt t 04 111 13 10 01 2 13 30 I 24 OS t S3 117 4 30 104 a t S J04 a jot t 1 Mm s s jm 4 t Ml 0 1 Ml 9 Ml 1 s 20 one .513 070 S7t .171 71 S4ft 030 .51)0 500 BOO 5 IS, 51 Out at Kearney KEARNEY. Neb. - Tifti - one onHiHotM ware nresent for tne opening football workout at Kearney State college. Tha stout) includes elgnt letter - men, most of them war vets. They .Tim RUrhnir. Amherst, end; Arfo Gard, Kearney, center; Bob dnAita I .mm Citv. and Marion wiiarm Oxfrwd regular tackles lut woar Inland MoiTOW. end 1942.' Dick Badura. Loup City, nnri vri Kturker. Ansley. backs, lUa nnrt F.lHnn TOODS. Arcadia, ,OOQ Cos. rttt CNetL Fhtt. .... 44 Brk. - W. TTfi K urea ski. 84. I .30t Ftirtllo, Brk. .....210 LiTlncstoo, Chi. .140 Fat aaiidea. Baa.. .244 Raaaa. Brk. .....434 S JTBiVarbaa. S U - Pbil37t a J75 - . - rrr. - ri TT - tik ssivawa. 400 or better! ,W L M IBM mm at T. 0 1 ooo 34 30 Poaedel. Boa. S 0 1000 Branca, Brk. 1 B 1000 20 Hchmtdt. at. iv t a loos st lunar, Phil 1 0 1 too S 2 Kash. Chi t I .370 30 45 Herriaf. Brk. B t .357 Htaba. Brk. 12 4 70S Dtcksoa. St. L. ...I 750 40 Barkhart. Bt. IV B S .70 27 Rowe. Phil 11 73S 21 Krieksan. Cbi. S 2 737 40 Bnahn. Baa. ........... 7 3 .700 20 PoUet, Bt. L, 10 f Rahman Brk. ........10 t Baser. Brk. 10 007 St Bahr, Pitt. . 0 t Kraus. N. T t F Barrett, Boa t 1 Wsltera. cm. 0 t Ores. Brk B 3 Lombard!. Brk. 11 f Wallace, oBi. .3 2 Barrett. St. L. ........ 3 2 Head. B'k. 3 2 Wysa, Ch' ., ....12 B Maune. PhO. .4 3 "lain. BV. IS 12 Iwetkt. On B 4 a7jly, St. L. B B ta hwthftm. fl B S an orowv. ChL B 7 .IWS 44 71 Ta, Ba B t .SS3 43 49 VanderMeer. Cln B B .630 53 71 Waareaa, Chi. ...,... 0 0 580 43 07 Sooner. B. 10 10 500 33 m Schauta. Chi 0 0 tA 71 119 jO j OBtermueller. Pitt. - .... 0 B .500 43 49 43 BeffffB, Cln. B t .500 27 33 10 Wright. Bos 8 8 500 tl 31 10 Ohtpmaa, ChL B B .500 30 tl 15 i Mr 1 ton. Brk. t S .500 37 33 18 1 Thompson. N. T 3 S S00 30 10 tTliirty Candidates Report For Football at Wtmneta i WAUNTTA, NebvThirty gnd - iron candidates have checked out saiita al Wauneta hi eh achooL in - ihi4in Inll.i man Amnnv tn t m. rroun that reoorted to Coach a js Keith CottrcU, ex - Kenmey Teach - !ers sprint star, were two ex - il! servicemen, Jussell and Fanning, W BBS m j. M. S Dacx xrom two years m me navy. Denny Aman, 185 - pound former McCook high fullback, has trans ferred to Wauneta. S 344 4 JB4 a t S ST0, 1 3T an a n s JCt I cSl - if - I! BB BO If 14 S li 1 2 SB Ba 13 14 S3 210 14 0 23 35 24 03 10 10 34 34 .710 113 200 .000 77 lit 02 110 44 75 10 It 34 33 35 SO It It 47 104 00 140 24 34 44 V 34 2T 34 14 03 VI 03 79 22 90 01 41 40 47 2 raOTOR 043 030 on .00 000 .tot .571 9Ref M M .545 2S. 1 1 OA 53 04 100 03 CO 20 33 33, 14 t II I 57 tt 30 41 73 49 20 23 24 9' 24 17 42 4 14 ?i 74 10 29 9 44 90 99 e 9 71 M r n il Motorcycle Overhauling 1. We prove that a quick Job can be a good job. 2. Don't just hope but make sun that everything's Jake. 3. Every modern facility for prompt, dependable repair work. See the New Chief at Qndicuv at Back Island Depat Maeela t. Neb. ' Ota "O Street Motorcycle Sales & Service Wast SEVEN - UP BOTTLING CO. OtrtQ rt C. IJnrnln. Nebl. 2 - 7075 LINCOLN JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Football Special! SEPTEMBER 28, 1946 NEBRASKA .vs. MINNESOTA Special Coaches Leave Lincoln Friday Evening J Sept. 27 - Arrive back in Lincoln Sunday Morning Tickets on Sale at; Chamber of Commerce, Colds, Harvey Bros, Latsch Bros., Magee's, Miller & Paine, Nebr. Book Store laela4ei Price includes Round - Trip rail fare and Reserved seat for game Make checks payable to Lincoln Junior Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln, Nebraska 1 - f e atv w , 'squad. J' - f i

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