The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1897
Page 7
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-•>£ UPPEii DEB MOlNJESt ALGONA, ICTWA, WEDNESDAY*..AUGUSTJ&J89T. V STRAIGHT TIPS. After wit is everybody's wit. : Rashness is the pi\ot of injury. ' A careless sentinel is a mark inviting B foe. Who serves -himself alone is a tyrant's slave. Censure is a tax paid by man for prominence. Danger expected long is always met not too late. Education polishes good dispositions end corrects bad ones. LATE NEW INVENTIONS. SMILES BETWEEN SERMONS. In the Booth.—Registrar: Excuse me, ma'am, but are you married? Would- Be Voter: Oh, sir, this is so sudden!— Cleveland Plain Dealer. Buckeye Loyalty—A man never makes any mistakes by being born in Ohio." "How do you know?" "I've tried it."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. The next-door neighbors quarreled end one of them exclaimed excitedly: "Call yourself a man of sense! Why, you're next door to an idiot!"—London Tit-Bits. ^ She Was Fly. , ••You want a keepsake that will always remind you of me!" she said. ••I do,'darling," ho said tenderly. "What's the uisW-er with myself!" she whispered. ^ / There will L'e a wedding shortly. Kencl the AdvertiRemontR. You will enjoy this publication much better if you will get into the habit of reading; the advertisements. They will afford a most interesting study and will put you in tlie way of {.'etthiff some excellent bargains. Our • advertisers are reliable, they send what they advertise. lint a Single Clock. Wifey—You value home very late last night Hubby—I looked at the clock when 1 came iu and it was only 1. Wifey—I didn't suy you wore full; I said v on wero late. Try Allen's Foot Ease. A powder to be shaken into the shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Base. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures and prevents swollen and .sweating feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial package FREE. Address, Alien S.-Olmsteacl, Le Roy, N. Y. the use of a new wash boiler it is not necessary to scrub the clothes hard, the dirt being largely removed by the action of the water in the boiler. a series of pipes extending down through the boiler into the stove to force the water out onto the clothes as It becomes heated. Clothes-pins are now being manufactured which have the opening to grip the line placed in the side of the Pin istead of in the end, so that the pin can be attached to the line by pulling down instead of pushing, the jaw on one side being elongated so as to be grasped by the hand. Medicine which tastes bad can be easily taken by means of a newly devised glass, -which has a partition in the center to separate the medicine from a liquid to wash it down, the partition preventing the two from mixing and allowing the wash to flow out by t!rr»inir t>m p\ RS s higher up. DAIRY AND POULTEY, INTERESTING CHAPTERS FOR OUR RURAL READERS. How SncccsRfnl Farmer* Operate ""hti Department or the Farm—A Few Hints aft to the Caro of Live Stock and r/bultrj. Most Important One Thine tn T the present time, the most important single Item In is dairying, testing of writes Prof. Cook in the cows, W. N. Jersey You cannot dream yourself into n cnariutter: you must hammer and forge your- •f self one.—J. A. Frondo. Cheap Kxrnrsion to Virginia Springs. Wednesday. August 25th, the Big Four mid C. & O. R., will sell excursion tickets Lo White Sulphur Springs, $14.00, and Virginia Hot Swings. Slo.00, good returning ien flays. Call ou or address J. C. Tucker, U. N. A., No. 284 Clark street, Chicago. For the two banners we are longing. That will bid our sorrows roam, Stars and Stripe? at Honolulu And the cold wave flag at home. Dr. Kay's Kouovator is mild in action, •main iu eft'ect, and a positive uuro for nervousness, constipation, dyspepsia aud iver disease. ;if>c. Seeadvt. Nature's like Daphne— A smile and u frown— And when no one's looking She dons a uew gown. <;oe : « i^oudh ,'s the oldest, rvnd best. It- will iuvak up n cold qnlclrci ihan unyililni: else. It la always rullubln. Try it. THIS EARTH OF OURS. The momentum of a moving body- that is, the force required to stop it- is the product of its mass, or weight, by its velocity. When a moving body is stopped its motion is transmuted into heat. The weight of the earth is five and one-half times that which a globe of water of the same size would have. Its weight in tons is six thousand million million million. This number may be written with a figure C followed by 21 sirros. An Ahoiiilntililt; lj«£i*<'.v. A tendency to rheumatism is undoubtedly inherited. Unlike many other legacies. it remains in the t'limily. 'The most effectual means of checking this tendency, or of removing incipient rheumatism, whether pre-existeut iu the blood or not, is to resort to Hostotter's Stomach Bitters as soon as the premonitory twinges are felt. Nullifying the influences of cold, exposure and fatigue, the Bitters not only fortifies the system against their hurtful consequences, but subjugates malaria, liver aud kidney t'omplaiut, dyspepsia and nerve disquietude. Belle (to cadet) — How you do resemble my old aunt in atipeurance. All you need to moke the resemblauce complete is a moustache. _ There Is a Class of People AY ho are injured by the use, of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a. new preparation called GRAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the places of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over }± as much. Children may driiik it with great benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per package. Try it. Ask for (3RAIN-O. The Vatican at Rome is thelargest palaco that has ever been erected, hi length it i -i 1.200 feet aud in breadth 1,000 feet. It contains 4.422 rooms. JS10.GO TO BUFFALO AND RKTUItN Via Michigan Central, "The rsiagara Falls Route," from Chicago, good going August 21-23. A rare opportunity to go East at very low rates over "A First-class Line for First-class Travel." Reserve your sleeping car accommodations early by writing to L. D. Heusner, Gen'l Western Pass'r Ag't, 119 Adams Street, Chicago. $10.50 to Buffalo and return. Ing. With rapid and testing milk, test, no one norant of the Bulletin. This may seem a simple matter, but if rightly conducted, Us influence is far reach- the present easy, cheap method of by the Babcock can afford to be ig- btitter capacity of his cows. First, as to the method of testing, and then as to its advantages. The milk of cows, whether taken separately or in herds, is constantly varying from day to day, and from milking to milking, these variations usually falling within an extreme range of one per cent. In addition, the milk is gradually growing richer, from the time the cow calves until it dries up. To overcome these variations, a cow should be tested for at least four consecutive milkings, and eight mllklngs are still better. This is easily done, by mixing samples of the different milkings and making one test of the mixed sample. To get an average test, for the whole milking period, two tests can be made, one six weeks, and the other, six months aft^r calving. The average of these two, irill closely approximate tl'e average quality of the milk given during the year. If but a single test is to be made, the samples ishould be taken toward the end of the •fourth month after calving. It will bo necessary to know the weight of milk given, and this can be learned just as (accurately, by weighing the milk the first and fifteenth of each month, as by •.weighing every day. The real labor of doing all this weighing and testing, is much less than would be imagined, by one who has never tested cows. Having now the -weights a.nd tests, what use can be made of them? In every herd, there are some cows better than others. Testing enables the owner to weed out his herd successfully, to get rid of the unprofitable cows, and tacks of this insect. In the mature state this insect is a fly, which deposits its eggs In the pulp of the apple beneath the skin. The young maggots grow within the fruit, which they render worthless, and when mature emerge from the apple and go into the ground, lying In the pupa state beneath the surface soil among the grass roots. Samples of the earth, six Inches square, were taken, and the number of maggots under the trees varied according to the size, from 1,600 to more than 12.000 under each tree, the pupae somewhat resembling kernels of wheat. Now comes the point which was particularly interesting to me. The experiment was tried as to whether poultry, if confined to a small range ami encouraged to scratch, would destroy these pupae. A large movable wire fence was placed about a tree whose fruit had been destroyed by Insects. One side of the fence was raised and about fifty hens were called Into the enclosure. The fence was let down and they were confined to the space around the tree. As soon as they had eaten the corn they naturally began to scratch for the pupae, and In the course of three or four days It was found that the latter had disappeared. As these Insects remain in the pupae state from the fall of the apple to the following spring, when they appear, It may be expected that next year the number of flies breeding the apple maggot will be greatly diminished in the localities where this plan is followed. From personal experience, extending over many years, 1 can speak positively of the advantages of allowing fowls and chickens a free range in apple orchards. They not only manure the soil and destroy all Insects harboring in it, but they find, for some weeks, a considerable proportion of their own food —the windfalls, which they devour greedily, with any grubs thoy may contain. The raising of poultry for sale may be much more advantageously carried on where the land Is made to produce two crops—namely, apples and eggs—than where only one is gathered. Pertinentjuestions, Why Will a Woman Throw Away Bet Looks and Comfort? Butter Frniutfi. A few years ago 1 spent some lime In ferreting out the black pepsin butter swindle, says Milo Baldwin, In the Otsego Farmer, and now, here comes Its twin brother, the electric churn, which originates its own electricity, by the aid of which, you can churn in one minute, without regard to the temperature or condition o£ the cream. But the greatest saving claimed, is in the quantity and quality of the butter. The descriptive circular says: "One hundred pounds of milk contains fourteen pounds of solid matter, consisting of Why 1*511 n. Tvottnti drag otit & sickly, half-hearted existence and miss three-quarters of the joy of living, whcti she has health almost within her grasp ? If she does not value her godd looks, does she not value her comfort ? Why, my sister, will you suffer that dull pain in the sinallof your back, those bearing-dotvn, dragging sensations in the loitis, that terrible fullness in the lower bowel, caused by constipation proceeding from the womb lying over and pressing on the rectum ? Do yon know that these are signs of displacement, and that you will never be well -while that lasts? What a woman needs who is thus &f* fected is to strengthen the ligaments so they will keep her organs in place. There Is nothing better for this purpose than 'Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. The great volume of testimony which is constantly rolling in, proves thnt the Compound is constantly curing thousands of just such cases. The following letter from Mrs. Mnrlow is only one of many thousands which Mrs. IMnkham has received this year from those she has relieved—surely such testimony is convincing: " My trouble commenced after the birth of my last child. I did not know what was the matter with me. My husband went to our family physician and described my symptoms, and he said I had displacement and falling of the womb, lie sent me some medicine, but it did little good. I let it go on about two years, and every time I did any hard work my womb would come down. Finally a lady friend advised me to try Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which I did. The first bottle helped me so much, I continued to take it right along. My back was almost the same as no back. I could not lift scarcely any weight. My life was just a drag to me. To-day I am well of my womb trouble, and have a good, strong back, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."—MRS, L. MAHLOW, Milford, III It is about 5.000 uiilo* from here to the Maskti gold fields, ami several timeii as fur Hack. Mrs. WiiiKlow'B Soothing Syrup ForrnDilrontPOtlilnir Kol'U.'iiBtlioisuiim.rwIuceniiinmn- umtiuii,ulluys pain. curu.s wind foliu. Ufi cents u bottle. About 80 per cent nt' London's population 'iye iu poverty, according to the estimates it diaries Booth. Piso's Cure for Coustunptiou is our only mediaiuo for coughs and colds.—Mrs. C. Heltx, 480 8th ave..Deliver, col., Nov. 8, '05. Senator Mason of Illinois says he is going to write for the magazines in order to pay for his vacation. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, Toe. The Captain (boisterously) —Come, old man, brace up! What's Rot into you; Passenger—If you don't put mo asbore you'll very soon see. A GREAT SAVIXO. By using the Flag Brand Chicory, manufactured by the American Chicory Company, of Omaha. Nebraska, you cull cut down your coffee bill !25 per cent, besides improving the drink. You will fiiul it economical, wholesome and agreeable. Ask your grocer for Flag Brand Chicory put up in pound packages. If he does not keep it, write the factory. Samples mailed free on application. The production of gold in this country was 858.088.000 iu 1S%, Wfl.iWMNW in 1805, and $80.500,000 in ISO-!, For neuralgia iu the face or jaw, a flnn- ael bag filled with very hot salt, hooted in H pan, applied frequently, and with the head kept well covered, will relieve it. To Cure CnnstipiiMoii Forever Take Casonrets Ciindy rntlmrtli 1U« or 2">o. I C C. C. Jail to cure. driiKfists rot'iind money. The 180,000 immigrants who arrived in S'ew York last year brought with them uii ivernge of less than $4 each iu money. Teacher—How many bones are there in •he human body? Pupil— Do you nieau lefore or after one has eaten shad? Tlie Loudon people are computed to ipeucl $0.000,01)0 daily. Ftu'tK About Alnslcil. Write to F. I. Whitney, G. P. & T. A. Great Northern Railway, for "Facts About Alaska," or send 10 cents iu stamps for "Alaska, Land of Gold ami Glacier," a beautifully illustrated booklet containing maps and descriptive matter. She—Ho you don't like the hat just in front of us. How would you like it trimmed? He (savagely) —With a lawn mower. lloii'l Toliacr.0 X|ilt ana Miiolto lour Lift Away. Toqult tobacco easily aui forever, bamt?- uetic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No- To-Bnc, the wonder-worker that makes weak men stioug. All druggists, 50cor &!'. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample free; add.- Sierling Remedy Co., Chicago, or New York. Senator Mills owns 1.000 acres of the richest oil territory newly discovered iu Texas. Kduento Your IJoivoU With CaRourets. ruiidy Calliartlc, riirn constipation forovor. I0c. 11 (.'. C'. C. lull, ilrugtrlsls n.'lund iiiuiiey. The goldfish is n native of China, and was seen iu England first iu 1001. Our Fs and Other Eyes. Our I's are just as strong as they were fifty years ago, when we have cause to use them. But we have less and less cause to praise ourselves, since others do the praising, and we are more than willing for you to see us through other eyes. This is how we look to S. F. Boyce, wholesale and retail druggist, Duluth, Minn., who after a quarter of a century of observation writes: " I have sold Ayer's Sarsaparilla for more than 25 years, both at wholesale and retail, and have never heard anything but words of praise from my customers ; not a single complaint has ever reached me, I believe Ayers Sar- testimony. But it only echoes popular sentiment : over, which has "Nothing but words of-pww for Ayer's Sarsaparilla," Any toubt about It? Send (or the '«CurebwV' It kills,doubts a.)d cures 4P«b'e;»- ress: J. C.Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. SINGLE-COMB WHI TE LEGHORN COCK. to know which ones are paying the best returns for their food. With this knowledge at hand, the dairyman has a powerful aid to correct breeding. The influence of the dam, and particularly the sire, on the quality of the milk of the offspring, has been but little studied, and offers a fruitful field for investigation. The owner of a herd of cows, of his own breeding, will be able to trace many lines of influence, from parent to offspring, and to note, not only those that are prepotent for good, but equally important, to determine prepotency for evil. The man who is systematically testing his cows, soon begins to note the relation between food and milk flow—to know his cows individually, as to which ones will make suitable return for increased feed. He has brought knowledge to bear on many questions that were previously indefinite, and the result can not fall to be increased commercial as well as intellectual profit. Poultry In Orchard*. Mr. Tegetmeier, the famous English authority on poultry, in commenting on a report of the Rhode Island experiment station regarding the value of fowls to orchards, says: ''For many years I have advocated the introduction of poultry into apple orchards, maintaining that they do good service, in two very distinct modes—flrst, by manuring U»e ground, and, secondly, by the destruction of insects and grubs that hibernate in the soil. The apple maggot appears to be extending iu America, attacking the fa- .vorite Baldwin, which I? so well known as being imported largely Into this country, and rendering it entirely unfit for use, but the spraying the trees with Poydeaux mixture and Paris green has appeared to prevent g}l serious at four pounds of oleo, found pounds of casing, four pounds of sugar, and two pounds of varied salt production, and by the old process, you only save the oleo, or butter oil; but the electric churn, takes up a portion of the sugar and casing, and combines it with the oleo, thereby Increasing the quality and quantity of the product." But before we decide on the quality, let us understand what this "casing" is. According to Webster, casing is a covering, or a case. That would seem a hard thing to work into butter, but we cannot tell what this electric churn may do. Possibly, in trying to bo scientific, he uses the word in lieu of casein (milk curd). If so, it must be a great improvement on the quality of the butter. I knew a man in my boyhood days, who discovered the art of making this same kind of butter, but he produced the electricity, by. dropping a little rennet into the cream just as it began to break for butter, and it fixed it in a minute, so that it turned out a large quantity of what he called extra butter. He sold a quantity of it to a dealer, who had him arrested for fraud, and when he got through and settled up, he found it the highest-priced butter he ever sold. If anyone is not satisfied with the above expose, let him invest six dollars and try his hand. SOUTHWEST BREEZES. Would you know how to give? Put yourself in the place of him who receives. Selfishness is often BO refined that it is deeply wounded at the least remonstrance. About two thirds of a doctor's bill is for his trouble in guessing at your complaint. Don't get into the habit of vulgarizing life by making light of the sentiment of it. An insurance policy often makes a man more valuable after death than during life. There is no man easier to be deceived than he who hopes, for he aids in his own deceit. If we had no defects, we should not take BO much pleasure in discovering those of others. A pound of water in the. ocean tempest has no more gravity than in a mid-summer pond. When you are betting on a sure thing always hold out enough lo pay your car fare home. The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it, the skillful direct It. Don't express a positive opinion unless you perfectly understand what you are talking about. Married men particularly like to hear of an old bachelor getting married; they have become very tired of his superior airs, and want to see him humbled.— Tl "» QnuM-.\voat NOVELTIES IN BRIC-A-BRAC. Jardinieres of decorated faience arc attracting attention. Children's cups in Russian silver afford pleasing birthday gifts. Corkscrews with silver mounted buckhorn handles are popular. For travelers arc provided cut glass soap boxes, with silver mountings. Dagger pins, so fashionable for th<; hair, are diamond sheathed and hllt- ed. Silver receptacles for tooth and nail brushes come in round, oval and square forms. A new idea is the employment ol colored enamel as a background for diamonds. There is a large choice of embossed silver fruit and bonbon dishes, with I'kTced borders. (•odd 1'Vi'd Thtre. "It'sn Kliiinie." cr'oi tlio young wife: ••not a tliln? in tlio house fit'to out. I'm gom? rieiit home to nnpit!" ^, "if you don't mind, de-tr." «i'd tliR IIIIK- Imml.'reiu-hing for liin hut, "I'll go with you.'' l''u«'i'l loudly In I v ml e<l. "Oue of Mnfk's lirkliil presents wits a luwnmower. and it inn do him fnrioim.' 1 ••Furious; Ho ought to have been pleased." "No: you see, lio iniirried u grass widow." L$75 One Standard One Price Two short sentences that mean a great deal to every bicycle rider. The first denotes a qualify of ma< Icrlol, construction and elegance wlilcli stands for (he world's pallcrd. Tbo second emphasizes the fact that DO one can buy an 1897 Columbia cheaper than you. Jiiat remember tlieec two facts. jauJ 1896 Columbias, $60, Hartford Bicycles, clc except the Columbia, $50, $45, $40, $30. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. Catalogue free from any Columbia dealer ; by mall \ from us for one 2-ccnt stamp. ror next 30 days wo will soil this ma' chine (or SI.. ,to advertise same. Woavo your fonco (or 140. per rod. AMERICAN TRUSS FENCE CO.. TREMONT, ILL. Iliii I'l'M' ronvtllullimiil Ciitairn, anil <llumso(i of wumt'ii.' Ur. W. "• ''• Dullard, HUH Jlnlnm, la. l>r. liulliiril lias riircil more flirouic C'II»UH thai, mhrr |ih;hiclaiis had i iMnniinccil im-iiral'U: Mum i uuy I'tliordoHiirlii Itiwu. Wrllo lo him. It costs ! voi'i i nly '^ cents to nund for sy nip tout lila nk lo find cull II' vimr vuiu Is mmilile. Culls muilu In Iowa c Iv OH- W. «. C. HUJM,AKI>, I4K! Mapli'St., 1)(K jMolnux. 111. TO < R^ E J Can be ma£le working for us. l\J tjJOtJ partii-u iirefwml who tutu give tliolr __., wholu tinio to till! iHisinmH. Sparo WF^Iv hours, thoiiKli, may beiirolUulilyi'in- T T lufc- IV j,i O yt»(f t uood openings for town and • Ity work anwull us country dletrloui. J.1C.UIFVOUU, lltli «fc Main SU.. Illelimoud, Vo. I Wheel fur *'-'», »i5 for Mil, *l«<> tut Hi, i!. ". l>. mi npiii'iivul. (,'iitnlotf free. It. A, \VuTi\ur & tiro.. SS7 Haliiuli Avtiiiio, Clilcujn. ENSIGNS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. 'JOHN w. MORRIS, WASHINGTON,D,a Luta frinclDttl Examiner U. S. Fen«i<m Bureau. _ _ _ <|tik>); relict'amlttl'lcu worst i-Ksi'H. Semi fur Imolt of tuHiliiioninlHuiai JOclllJ'B* krcutiuuut Free. l>r, ii.n.<ii:Kr..v'ssii\H. iiiomu, uc, H. B.WILUSON <tOO. r Wtisli. iuKlmit O. I'. No feu till patent bocurud. <lH.gmi;u book tVui*. MOHPHINt and WHISKf HABITS. IKIMK Cl'KK. HiiiiU I'KKH. ll.I. 4. V. HOFFMAN, UnlielluBills., CHK.U.O, ILL. Xn-To-Uin! for rifly IVulx. (luiinintiM'il tuhacco hiihil cure, makes wciili men tticnv, blood IIHI-C. Mir. Jl. All itniKulsts. Jii fortv veeii'.-i tliu population of Uuiiliu \ us decreuseil from ritil.OOJ lo W5.0I).). PIT QICll nUICKI.Y. Herri forBouk, " Inventions Utl nlUll \t Wanted." i:J B arTiitc*Cci.,a4iiU'iluj',N.Y. W. N. U. Des Alolnes. No. 34—1897. When mibwcrlnv: advuriSsunienn iiU'aso uiontiou tills paper. If You Need Renovating Take Dr. Kay's Renovator. * H Inviforatcs anil renews the whole system. A perfect renovator, removing the «*• cause, fcend for our new ite-pape book with M recipes. Mr. Andy WuHrcer, of fcnst Ghl; cwo, lucl., writes: "I would not take U ) for your booU U 1 could noiKOt another. ----- ' "or it stamp. Address On. U. J. KAY MKUIUAU (Jo., OMAHA, NEU. Will send it now for it stamp. The Little Leaks.—The little leaks on the farm amount to a considerable sum every year unless they are carefully looked after and stopped, says an exchange. Every hill of corn missed iu planting or rooted up in cultivating reduces the crop without reducing the work of cultivating it.. A leak in a ropf that intgbt be stopped in a minute may b' Uie uiv-a,ns pf spoiling g,, dollar's of, grain, and is % warning to ' TEACHERS WANTED! Send for list of 4.COO vacancies- we have several times as many vacancies, as members. Must have more members. Several plans; two pluns give free registration; ono plan G u AKAN- 1'EES positions. 10 cents pays lor booU, containing plans and a »5W>.W> lovo story ot College it;vs. Clunks und circulars free. No charge to employers for recommendlnK toacliers.. ' BUREAU, I REV. DR. 0. M. SIJTTON. A. M., I BUTTON TEACHERS BUREAU. ,„ *" . V dt!-n UeurUru S., I'lilwgo. IU Qfflct- One lit Vuyj c«in.'t (TO °«t t« prosnevt lti*oiwi«Ul& • — ..-..- 'WR BUNKS B'V'V «H>. w ill ivprowiit ur: -; uuiwrkutf t'voui settle to tiu> now ' r W. Q&liumjent c.\i))wtitluii, uroftpocUuK, di;vc'ki|iiuit tuiU Uuilhuc vompoiiy In the '""*'" "' " ' I'io), H . - — r ._ Ogvsnxov Outarlu ,l)lt»ll8t, llg»ra »t Tr»0», f .... .?•_.. jug ....... JW i no s . . (lUioutoi- 1m- Ug I '> '•> - ^ ', ' ,•

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