The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1897 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1897
Page 5
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THE UPPER BES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGtTBT 18, 1891 _._._ .... .. ...... - —v^*. - , g ^. m ja J i M i M i i a M< »jiiii > jai l> a 1 «»»«liiaM^^ in Need Of Footwear ••* Just Drop in and Look n AIL WAY TIMS CARDS. ^^^^-'^^ w w'^rf w ^»^.^^^ 1 Sj»^»XX^^.X-^^S.^S^^,,^Sw^«iw^V>^S> 1 ^i.^^^*^^"^> CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS tTBST. No. 1 departs at 9:05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departsat I2:15pm No. 71 departs at 8:28pm No. 65 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departsat...... f. 8:30ptn No.94 departs at 2:30pm R. F. HEDRICK, Agent. Over our large ^tqck of good and see what we can do for you in that line. Styles to Suit.... the most fastidious, and boots and shoes for every day and Sunday, too. We will make it pay you to trade with us. Brownqll .& Allied, The Shoe Merchants, Algona, Iowa. Fine Repairing and custom work. South- Freight . Pass CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. ...11:30 a m 7:07am North- Mixed Mixed 12:55 am Mixed 8:00 pm 7:07 a m Freight 12:30 am Pass 2:33 pm Mixed 10:35 p m r. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Note Dr. Shore's coming. "Cinderella," Aug. 20-21. Yesterday brought a refreshing rain, but it WHS short-lived. Rev. G. W. Southwell will preach in Wesley next Sunday evening. Supper will be served at the Congregational church parlors Thursday night. Ready at 6 o'clock. Dr. Sheetz is gaining. He now sits up a little each day, and is gradually regaining the use of his limbs. The new house on Iho lot next to J. B. Winkel's is being put up by Thos. Henderson and will be for rent. Monday, Aug. 23, is the date for tho Wigwam's plow exhibition. Read about it in the advertising columns. poison was reported on the streets last week, but investigation shows that it was not a very serious affair after all. It seems to have been a matter in which an uncontrollable appetite for strong drink was the chief disturbing element, and in which a helping hand can be extended with better results than the writing of a sensational news Item. The premium lists for the county fair are out. The Republican turned out the job, which is creditable. Several Alsrona business houses are represented, but it occurs to us the pamphlet is not so well patronized as usual, or as it ought to be. The fair begins Sept. 28 and lasts four days. The added day will be a new feature for our county fair, but the extra day can be profitably utilized. The suggestion by Rev. Landis Sunday morning that it would bo a good thing for every member of his congregation to take a four years' vacation and see something of tho world should not be taken literally. He explains that his hearers must take him for what he means and not for what he says. A four weeks' vacation is generally considered as much as the aver- nge person is entitled to. This office receives a great many propositions by mail these days to invest in Klonkyke gold mines. So far we have been obliged to declino thorn all, but not particularly on account of a lack of funds; the fuel is that Kossuth county is a good deal of a Klondyko itself, and the man who persistently "saws wood" in this garden spot of the world will have more gold than tho average man who seeks it among Alns- kan ice bergs. CHERRYS RIPE AND RARE, ALGONA IS HONOBED BY A VISIT. The Famous Chftrry Sisters and Their Show—A Popular Estimate of the Strange Outfit. The Wetmore Truss. THIS TRUSS MURDERS ME I I WEAR THE WBIUORS TRUES A truss embodying the sym- plicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible— wears forever. Made on strictly hygienic principles- no cumbersome springs to pass around the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hold the rupture that the old styles take. Drop into a pair of those elegant shoes at Brownell's. You can easily do it by dropping into the store first. See " Cinderella" Friday and Saturday nights. It is given in the interest of a worthy cause and should lie liberally patronized. A man feels like doing business after he has had a good vacation. That is what ails James Patterson, and his announcement this week indicates what he proposes to do for a month. A pleasant social event occurred at the home of Mrs. Alex. White last Sat- irduy afternoon, which was in the na- ,ure of a reception for her friend and visitor, Miss Abbio Bailey, who returned to her homo at Vail on Monday. The opera house company have not vet decided whether to put on "Follies of a Night" or " In Old Madrid" for the Bice company, which comes Aug. 31. Either is first class, and under the management of men well up in the dramatic profession. An item in an Eagle Grove paper says that last Friday morning Brakeman Frank Utley got caught by the draw-bars at Irvington and had the index finger on the right hand severely mashed. The accident occurred in tho gravel pit at Irvington. A note from a foreign subscriber says: "Please send me a statement of my account. I guess I have lived on cheap oats long enough so that I can afford to pay the printer." That is simply another way of saying that confidence is being restored. Dr. McCoy talked to the teachers at Friday and Saturday evenings next tho opera house will bo in the hands of tho W. C. T. U., who have engaged Mr. Ball to produce hisoperatta, "Cinderella," which -has been having such great success. All who wish for a refined and wholesome evening's enjoyment must attend and see what a wonderful sight can bo obtained on short notice by our excellent homo talent. It will surprise many. Opera commences at 8:30 and is over at 10:15. The Cherrys were ripe. There seems to be no doubt on that score. If anything more than their apparent lusciousness was needed to convince the people who saw them Friday night, it was furnished in their feigned anger at the racket that was made on the two front rows. The Cherrys are " hot stuff." We heard that said about them so many times that its truth could no longer be denied. They came, they saw, and they conquered everybody except the aforesaid front rows. Without the aid of those two front rows the show would have been a failure. Wo speak advisedly on this point. Tho Cherrys are nothing if not punctual. They were on hand early on Friday The opera house management interviewed them and incidentally asked if they had brought a screen. Phis brought out their first apparent indignation. They denied point blank that they had overused a screen or that cabbages or other garden vegetables had over been tossed at them in a complimentary way or otherwise. This is but another proof of their short memories Long before " - '" ""°" fl " Good Goods. We are making special inducements to cash buyers to close up our line of Toilet Sets, Lemonade Sets, Haviland China, and Lamps, for the next 30 days commencing Wednesday, Aug. 18, up to and including Saturday, Sept. 11, 1897. 4 Special Days 4 discount a water the institute Thursday morning for an hour, and gave them a lot of good things to think about. His remarks covered a broad field and were not in the nature of a set speech. As usual the doctor was interesting. Humboldt county's fortieth annual fair begins Sept. 22, and lasts three days. Bro. Al. Adams, who is the secretary, sends us a ticket of admission which we will try and use. This begins to seem like an old-settled country when people talk about the fortieth annual fair. It is a noteworthy fact that Jos. Cos- Holds the rupture easily, yet firmly and For sale and guaranteed Dy W. J. Studley, PHARMACIST, Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. Fred Thorn, AT HOBART, IOWA, Gives as many pounds of sugar for a dollar as anybody, and sells all kinds of GROCERIES at right prices, of your trade, We want a part and will do the ui yuui nc»v»~> . square thing by our customers at -- ' Call and see if this is grove Welt Miller, and Ed. Studer of the Wesley delegation in the county convention were all staunch supporters of the democratic ticket last fall. They doubtless have reasons which are good and sufficient for their change of faith, and will be welcomed as intelligent recruits to the republican ranks, Hobart is congratulating itself on a substantial acquisition to its business interests. One of the firm of Bender Bros, was there last week and purchased a lot, upon which will soon be built a good-sized elevator. It is said the work will begin at once. This, with the erection of their new depot, will make Hobart a busy point. Miss Alice Blackford went last Saturday to Mason City, where she has engaged with a firm of photographers and will learn the business. It is the company with which her brother, Ellison, has been for several weeks past, and their work consists chiefly of viewing and outside work. They expect to visit Algona later in the season. The dramatic company which comes here Aug. 31 has with it, among other eood actors, Francis Jones and Billy Marble. Old-time show goers will remember the latter. He has been here several times and never failed to give acceptable performances. The manager of the Columbia Opera company is at the head of the organization. Bishop Walden will preach in the Methodist church next Sunday morn- The fact that Algona was short on sun flowers was emphasized on Friday by the diligent search made for them, their urgent need being the occasion of tho visit of tho Cherry sisters. The town was hunted high and low for them until enough were secured with ^hich to do honor to the famous trio. Iho fact that Mr. Edwin Blackford's stock of these perennials was wholly missing tho next morning is supposed to be merely coincidental, but they were gone just tho same. County Attorney Raymond was called to Whittomoro yesterday morning to prosecute a criminal case. rhos. O'Brien and Jas. O'Brien are not rola lives, but they are fighters. Thomas is little and James is big, but they fought just tho same, and while tho big man had the little man down tho big man got a knife cut in his leg. Both were arrested. The big man pleaded guilty and was fined, while the little man denied having used a knife, and so was tried by a jury, tho county attorney prosecuting and McEnroe defending Mr. Raymond came away on tho 6 o'clock train before tho jury had said what they thought about it. Algona is a progressive town, but one thing has been neglected. It needs a bicycle club. Upwards of a hundred wheels are in use here every day, but thus far no organized body of wheelmen exists. The country roads are now in excellent condition and pleasant rides are to be had in almost any direction from town. Aside from tho social feature of a club, which in itself is a good thing, nn organization of this kind can use its influence for the betterment of the roads with much more effect than it can be done single handed Wo suggest that a meeting of wheelmen bo called for organization. Let someone make a move and the work will be quickly done. i.ouB uu.^u the curtain rose the ,p, n I opera house was well filled with an audi- 0 ' once that came thoro for various and sundry purposes. It was learned afterward that thoro wore those in tho house who had consulted thoir charitable feelings to the extent of believing that newspaper reports had done tho Chor- rys Injustice, and that thoir show really possessed some merit. Those were compelled to change front. _ Finally the curtain rose, likewise tho racket on tho front rows. The Cherrys appeared in all their glory, l<rom the gesticulations they made and the performance they wont through tho inference could be drawn that they wore attempting a song of some kind. Nothing they said could bo heard. Iho front rows wore in evidence, wholly, completely, and to the utter drowning of the Chorrys. With every beat of the drum a paper sack oxpolded and torpedoes cracked by tho dozen. 1 hen Saturday, Aug. 21, we will give 15 per cent, on any Lemonade set in the store. Just think, set for $1.40, former price $1.75. Saturday, Aug. 28, we will give the above discount on our entire stock of Toilet Sets. A i2-piece decorated toilet set for $4, former price, $5. Saturday, Sept. 4, we will give 15 per cent, discount on any lamp amounting to $i and upwards. Now is the time to buy a lamp. Saturday, Sept. 11, the last day, we will give to each cash purchaser of $7-50 or more of any of the above-mentioned articles including crockery and glassware, besides the above discount, we will give one cut glass tumbler free. That is not all; you have the satisfaction of selecting your goods from the largest stock in the largest county in the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. No. 8 E. State St. Tames Patterson. ALGONA, IOWA. When the city council elected our present street commissioner this paper said it had done a wise thing. Wo commended its good judgment _and have been commending it ever since, and trust nothing may occur which shall cause our confidence in him to be shaken. But there are a few small things—and not' so very small either— which require and ought to have his attention in the way of weeds in west State street that are rapidly approaching a size sufficient for fire wood; there is likewise a bunch of trees in the street down that way that are now plenty largo enough for fish poles, and can be utilized as such at the proper season of the year. Now, as we have said, we are still confident that the city council selected the right man for street commissioner, but if he wants to secure our influence for re-election he will see that these street obstructions are removed at an early date. He will doubtless also reap other rewards later on. retired and the audience yelled. Everybody said it was the biggest thing that ever happened. Along wait ensued. The management wont to see why the curtain did not again go up. The Chorrys roasted tho management to a turn and said it ought to bo horsewhipped for permitting such unholy proceedings. They refused to goon. The management then said they would not bo paid if they didn't, and so they wont at it again. Tho audience ]0ined in and helped them out. Tho paper sacks and torpedoes made it seem liko a miniature Fourth of July celebration. When tho curtain again went down the music struck up » John Brown s Body " etc., and everybody took a hand. The thing was infectious. Everyone seemed to feel that he was part of the show, and we guess he was. Geo. Holloway's darkey jumped on the stage and danced a genuine break-down. That was a good thing, though not on the program. This sort of thing continued to tho end. Opinions ditTor as to what the Cherrys think of themselves, but thero is unanimity of sentiment among the people about the Cherrys. The only acting they did which could bo said to have any thing, of merit was in their scoring of the management, which they did with such indignation that one is left to wonder whether they were in earnest or whether that is a regular part of tho performance. Doubtless the latter is tho fact. They have practiced this until it has become an accom- plishment—tho only one they have. They said Mgona was the meanest town they ever showed in. They simply got things reversed. This was the meanest show that ever came to A go- na They said they were never before interrupted during a performance. Again they were forgetful. A man in the audience said he had seen them before, and this racket on the front seats was tho regular thing. Some o our military boys saw them m Fort Dodge, and thero they met a hotter reception than at Algona. One thing which seems to augur for their intelligence was the fact that At Co For the Next Two Weeks Our Hammocks will go at cost and less. We have a lot of nice ones from which to select. Gome early and get first choice. L. f\. SHEETZ. Exhibition. all times, not so. North of railway track. FRED THORN. Chas. J. Doxsee, Offlce In^peo. 0. OaU Building MOUHUUIBU UUU1V.H •„"" , " ill 1- ing and evening. The people will be given an opportunity to contribute to the benevolent enterprises of the church after the morning sermon. After the evening sermon the sacrament of the lord's supper will be administered. Rev. D. M. Yetter will be present. Those silver cups won by Company F at Fort Dodge last week have been on exhibition in Bowyer's window, and are trophies well worth the effort to secure. As we understand it they must be won again by Company F before they become permanent property. Our bovs can be depended on to do their ^ - retain the ground thus JAMES PATTERSON pays nine cents for eggs. NEW fall hats just in at Matson & McCall's. See them before you buy. $<IO l j er Month Salary. A few energetic ladles and gentlemen wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call or address, 18m3 FRED LAX, Colo, Iowa. Forms For Sale. Two improved farms 4i miles west of Algona, 160 acres in each, for sale cheap, time to suit purchaser. Call on J. Doxsee, Algona Iowa.-17tf. LADIES are cordially invited to see the new novelties in millinery at Matson & McCall's. The styles are very nice this season.-22t3 DON'T forget T. H. Davis for No. 1 harness at lowest prices. Also_repair : ] Their bills it Every are in the show business for. share here was $87. On their said "there are no others." body will be glad to believe that. The Cherrys are great. They are live wires— that is to say, killing. Their show was all right. But we insist that it would have been no show at all without the yery feature of which they complained the most— the front rows. _____ _ THE latest novelties in ladies' and I children's capes and jackets just inatj Goeders. 1 ASK to see the newest thing in la- i|The Moline Plow Company will give an ex- 11 hibifion of their new sulky plow the PR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat level best to far gained G L Taylor and Mortenson of Britt will'eo to Goldfield tomorrow to shoot in some team matches that have been arranged by the local shooters. They have been shooting together lately and have made some big scores. They shot at Osage last week, where Tayloi got 99 out of 100 birds; he was then set Hack two yards and got 51 out O f65 Mortenson made a score of 145 out o A case of alleged selMestj-uotioa by the latest Goeders.' styles, toes and colors at CHOICE fresh fruits every day at GHOVE & SON'S. UODDW'V**-''" v ' lli "'lr — i , done at once. Opposite Tennant ing house.-22tf DR. SHORE of DOS Moines will be at I the opera house block, Saturday, Aug. 28, a. m. and p. m. VEILINGS that are the latest thing at Matson & MoCall's. It will be to your interest to see their stock of millinery before purohasing.-22t3 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, GOEDERS is getting stacks clothing for men. and hoye. and see them. of new Call In BIG pile of remnants of all kinds of | I summer goods, very cheap to close out. 1 GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. , don't carry filled, plated nor ten- cent rings; but we have the finest line of solid gold rings at lowest prices. ' 1 20 & G - BOWYEB. High Flying Dutchman at Algona, Monday, Aug. 25, Plowing td ,be done at 2 p, m. on the the farm of J, E, reteiteK Blackford north of Stat^ street and south of f\ nnlors at I _. _ _ .-. /—« T-» T .. . •« /* the C,, M, & St, P. &y. t m the west part of Algona. interested in a good I sulky plow and %ood plowing are especially urged to be present. For particulars call at The Wigwam. Wilfrid P. Jones,

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