Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1937 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT FOR SALE—YEARLING DUROC hoar.—E. B. McCorklc 21F2. p3 FOR SALE—JOHN DEERE NO. IS ^jOSSUTi^ COUNTY ADVICE. ALQONA, IOWA FOR SALE-A FEW GOOD HEUE- ford bull calves-Elmer Elllni;- son, Ottosen. -^g FOR^VI^riT^rYHsl'KrnVHITE boars nnd Oxford nuns.—S. A wirdner, phono 1>F2. ll>p2-3 WELT, DUTIZwcf A~S PECLVLTY\ i I the Mesdames Lawrence Olllesplo, morrow afternoon <u 2:30 at the Ernest Oodfredson, «nd Mary Shop-, country homo of Mrs. J. C. Mawds- Lutuurau umm w,n u« ,i«m -J.UUI-B pnrcl. The children spent the after-1 ley. Mrs. H. R. Cowan will report day evening at 7:30 at the parson noon at smnes, after which ice a P. E. 0. convention held n few I age. cream and cake wore served, tho weeks flgo nt St. Louis. Mrs. Mario color scheme in pink nnd white. Murtngh will ho in charge of tho Patricia Ann WOK tho recipient of program. many birthday sifts. • ——— Cong'I Women to Meet— I W(ls snowing a cauisn TJiuraua iMnnpr for I'ersinn Wsslonnrv— The women's association of the ' tnnt weighed 8% pounds, caught 1 More Hum 65 persons attended a Congregational church will meet tno Wls( - river. Dakota Citv. eovered-dish supper Wednesday Thursday nt the church for one •vening in the Presbyterian dining o'clock luncheon served bv tho L, '••ii\ttt 1. .1...,.,!., ~ t f „ . ,-i * . -.» __ f^ , rt... "l i • . *_-., A social mooting of the First Lutheran choir will be held Thurs- Motc Sheep for Pnllprson. Hurt, Oct. 4— A, week ago 102 "* V IJocnlor> . ~. -- V LT VI ^ (1.11. IV ,1 L I (It* 1 I ISt Lutheran church, Mabel, Minn., the Rev. Iviir Huvoros officiating in a single-riiiK cereniony. Mrs. Audrey I'ent, liumeston. sister of the bride was maid ut honor, nnd Albert nhone Kent. liumeston, was best tinned at W. E. Lunge's. Fen ton J hursday. mid IS members from here attended. The Guild will entertain a week from Thursday «t a pot luck luncheon at Mrs. A C • .- in iuu i n-Mivuri mn uuium u fiui'ix lucn III:»H aurvua uv mu JJ. room honoring Mrs. Cuyler Young, O. A. Sunday school class 'Election ..,-..„.„— I'ersian missionary, who pave ft of officers will be held, nnd other The Episcopal Guild was enter- illk °" llcr work. • The Hev. nnd important business will bo dismal o, -H- vi ,. . „ jirs. (... 1'aul Carlson brought Mrs. cussed. Cuyler bore from Esthervllle,' where she save <i similar address <'<>«iity Aiixilinry (o .Meet — before the Fort Podw presbytery.' A rounty meeting of tho Legion Auxiliary will bo held next Tnos FOR SALE CHEAP-ONE ALTO Ph™ '.,n?° V ' 0lil1 ' one music 8tan d. Phone 205, Lone Rock, In. I 5 p3 nn-Jir" - Air\ ,,^', Wa '\ bCst «>«"• "<"'««* luncheon t M.: e S|K> t( "" ; «" outbound train -^^^l^nn™^(X- >1 U >>- p"'-'" 10 '"'' nlld ° ach "'oniber luav rlli -f" Wednesday night. Mrs. •E ALTO wedd ± m n ,, ""1^ ^" S take a «"«'• ! i" c . r " ea ™« WhUtemore, has - l '"" ««"i *-'l l»Ul Ul'l, plvl \ ed Lohengrin's and Mendelssohn's take a cuest wedding marches, and Evelyn Gra- !hain, Algona, sang two selections. Podge presbytery. Sll ° tool; iul eastbound train for rlli( '""" \Vednpsdaynight. Mrs. El- , , a sister in the Mrs. Young. ' , mission field with • . — "^o xiniit.-ii in ti Mine j OR SALE—ArcCOUMUnC-Deerin-" 1 ,° lirCSS ' Avlth n sray kid fur ent . No. 3 power take-off.—Harrv S-, = • i", 0 , and du Bolln et accessories. Coi •in, Algoiui. inn- I 1 ° bridcK '"aid wore a crav dress dav J-VMO- 1 ! \\-ltll r, t^l.,^ *•!.. _. ...''. . ' bin, FOR land China boars — Hauptly, Wesley. TI u~.,""' "••"» ••"« ci'ii'i-LiuHs. Jliisic Club is (iivini; Ten .."",s.°,;x nss - k j ^UK.M«I "s 'J2i*«. '•« ,. w^_ (.ountry club clubhouse next Sun-! s ?ven licenses to wed were is ''{"A" at Lone Rock, and Eleanor Frascr Alguna, will report a con- volition recently hold at Ottumwa: -- Ollln ' with a blue fm.KorVtipVmTth c'oa" with blue accessories. church, Haveros west and half mlle uth huge v * ".— vm\^ uuilin lSpl-3 i center of the bridal table, _. -•-•• •-•. ^***»tiuj 1.111 u *- >i j his family are long-time friends of nes Nocioty. Barber nnd Mrs. Frank Shilts en- ~......,,v,uc!v.- iic.M ouu- * — •• — nviu 'o- tortained tit dinner last week Tucs- afternoon at 3. Reservn- I ^ uc i!| ]n ^ wcck b >' JIrs . Katherine j day evening, honoring Mr. and Mrs. nons can be made with Mrs. M. A. I ? Icr ! vo £. district court clerk, to Edw. Klein, Holly, Colo., who (iro — chairwoman. Mrs. A. E I JjOllls 1'igulski, Paulino Batz, both I visiting friends in Iowa Others "" ' «-l° r St - p « ul ; Joseph A. Becker, of' present were Mr. and Mrs Le Roy Bode. Christine M. Origcr, AVhitte- McWhorter and Mrs. Anna Gill. Viateur Ehrhardt, Lu Mrs. Klein, Mrs. McWhorter, and Constina Marias, Liver- Mrs. Shilts wore friends when all more; _\e-rn Shipler, Ella Woltz, lived in Colorado. Kramer, Bancroft; Vanita Forrest , . , —h of Monterey, Minn Have many others. Write us Yost Land Co., Welcome,"linn 15p2-3 - •--.—,. i * <i i i 1.1 .m r i_i- C. Shierk. M. A. S.iostrand.l Millman. W. W. Sullivan ~~ - ull " an .irar(i PS H onor Californinu- tOr^ttanT!, C °,'' n Picker With m °- tor attached, cheap.—Al Rahe. The bride and bridesroom were Enroe. also honored with a dinner given by the Oliver Farm Equipment Co l"riit|l at the Hotel Randolph, Dos Moines Th. •was evening. ' posed of Mr. hers. e Clnb Has Reunion— I-u Verne "Ex-Club," of ex-faculty and board com- .,„ j ,' " —""* kerosene used, heavy overcoat. Handy Grocery. college and was later bridegroom has been employed for rnr\lnc«f-JO, _ .. , -^HEADOTFL^SHY tho SBt 2 vears a^KSJ" :ed feedintr ot „„,.,. \ tat ,, rn „, ,,',_ L,,' ls sa i es represen- •* **jvv, vrt-'Li, v_.. V 3.T1CG A.C~ — *»»'*«\/» *-'(• u i w i. ji i j| ii^— olis. and Alice Weber. ' also Mrs - w - A - Button entertained at Lucia Wallace and Nora Me- ' fl ^ arl ^ at npr home Saturday even- •ing honoring her sister, Mrs. Geo. D. Sehnell. who is here from Los Angeles, Calif. There were 12 puests, and n light lunch was serv- • ed. The Schnells used to live here. l Mr. nnd Mrs. L. N. Spilles enter; tained at 7 o'clock dinner Thursday evening in Mrs. Schnell's honor, and other guests were Mr. am Mrs. W. A. Button. Mrs. Schnel and Mrs. Dutton are aunts of Mr Spilles, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wallace McDougall entertained their bridge club; Thor-, Wednesday evening and after j wild, i bridge lunch was served. Two ta- bloa wore in play. Glen Roland won the men's high score; Mrs. Roy Brown, women's high; and William Ringgenburg a lucky chair prize. jnu^ftuuuuis u JUUK.Y cnair prize. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown were club "rrsr^:^>£»? S™=n tH ^s J? d ^."rii.-'s,'.:'^-.^ white - faced fn P ,Hn^ '""""'• I" 1 ;: •"•-"- ^ .vuara as sales represen- ana .Mrs. M. G. Bourne Afr" weight about 750 iKv* J rrT' mem° r thA ° ftOIlver Fflrm Equip-; Mrs. Burdette T. IS and Mr •• Lone Rock. "^ V J ' £%*; [ ™?\S.°- A ter « f" ort Adding and Mrs. Amone Johnson Dr F ' 1V - ™ n ? 1 ^ 'Has Birthday- ,nnlo ,,»ni i._ _i i .. T •_ . "• ±Ji. ,, T-VI__, ' . state certified, 931 and 9421 discount on all fall orders-A C. Carlisle, Whittemore lSp3 17^1 il the^onn '"in f' 10rt Wedding ^ Mrs " Antone Johnson Dr F « ^ ™«&T Has Blrthdny- ~^--" (Fort DodTo 1 Wl " be at b ° me at,J? nse J s a former board member J Mrs ' F - W. Dingley entertained ED PO-i ^! rs ' Bourne ' was Q music teacher- ! at ' °' cloc k dinner Friday evening ones.— Woman's rinl, *» ir,,»t i T V A?ard was l lrin cipa!, and Mr'. [ a \ b *r home, honoring her husband T,,. m"! ,^:, ln ?J° 3rc . et ~ . Joh »son was superintendent. New 1 ^ vho was celebrating a birthday will members voted in Sunday were Mr i Gue ^ts were members of the Can— and Mrs. Johnson, here, and Mr I dlelisht club and the husbands: and Mrs. Fred Graham, Fort Dodge ' - Me ssrs. and Mesdames W. B. Q.uar- - ton, C. H. Beardsley, C. T. Chubb, T. C. Sherman, and Mesdames E J Murtagh, J. T. Chrischilles J. W. Sullivan, also Miss Lucia Wallace. published by the Advance "' SHROPSHIRE. OXFORD, DIRSE Mrs. C. Cretzmeyer, president; Mrs. R. ; Jergenson Mrs. cr es - • "••• ^i«iu<iuw, uurres- ~-«uic, nus reaa bv Lela ^pplov nf ponding secretary; Mrs. L. C. Han-, Whittemore. A travelogue on a'~ rTr', q" 0 T din ! Becreto ry; Mrs. i cent trip in the east w!s g°ven ?y ^ T- f >f r ^. treasurer : and MrsJ Minnie J. Coate, and was followed for n t n he V S ?r^ C ° mmiUeeS ^Sl^? "f™^'^ Program—Mrs. woman, Mrs T-T ' • • -—• KjiinLii, uiiu j ' «-"\i A^iiaic >VilJ Mrs. W. A. Foster- «nnini_xr. n ^ i Refreshments were served" W. A. Foster; social—Mrs E ~ W. Lusby, chairwoman, and Mrs.' ne *t meeting will'be on" CJctobpr" 1 '? B. T. Agard; membership—Mrs T at ATr = w ™ ^ "- uctODe r 1 L. Larson, chairwoman, Mrs. R! A , ca aace. Mr. Dmgley received many birthday tokens. Connty Club Meeting Today— A county meeting of the federation of woman's clubs is being held it iiurt today (Tuesday), with Mrs H. E. Wodward, Whittemore, county president. Mrs. Robt. Roy Cory, Mason City, will give an address on "Slav Nations" in cos- :ume. There will also be reports guests. Mrs. Esther Helberg lately entertained the Royal Neighbors at bridge. Mrs. Marie Skilling won high score, and Tholma Godfredson was low. A two-course luncheon was served. Covers were laid for "*2. The Presbyterian Helping Hand ociety will meet nt the church Thursday at 2:30, and hostesses will be Mesdames Frank Golgel, Elmer Weaver, Edw. Sheehan, James McGce, and L. C. Caughey. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klein, of Holly, Colo., were luncheon guests Tuesday at Le Roy McWhorter's, and Barber and Mrs. Frank Shilts, Algona, were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Anderson recently entertained at 7:30 dinner honoring Mr. and Mrs. Hollls Trainer, Burt. The rest of the even ing was spent at bridge. The Baptist Aid meets at the church this week Thursday. The D. A. R.'s will entertain at a :uest tea at Mrs. Laura Norton's next week Tuesday. The Trinity Lutheran Aid will neet at the church Thursday after- loon at 2 o'clock with Mrs. Robert -/lesener and Mrs. August Schmidt s hostesses. Amazingly Different these HorviccnMc, stylish Roundabouts CHHISGHILLES STORE """» t-ii«.ii w uuitiLi, ivirs i\. A Evans, Mrs. W. H. Godden; .-finance —Mrs. H. M. Potter, chairwoman, Mesdames Granzow, B. P. Richardson, Glen Raney. Publicity — Mesdames A. E Michel andjlae Asher; flowers— " " Price, chairwoman, at Mrs. Wm. K Fein's? wit Mrs. Emma Crouch as hostess. Shower nt.tho Academy— A miscellaneous shower was glv T nfn Ty at the local Ac ademy fo Loretta Lappe, Bancroft who wil be married today at St. John i \, •. ' •<-«! ^uiurwoman, »-"«n,u, .ouuurou, to Raymond srm and Mrs H. M. Hauberg; hospital- °' Mr. and Mrs Joseph^Kramo? ity. Mesdames H. D. Hutchlns ! Bancroft. p Cramer — afternoon was spent bridge and 500. First prize at hv"&. an T d J a - C ? air Prize were won -v mem. " y - Mesdames 25(2)3tf i' Walter R °bo 1 Mrs. R. P H. D. 'Hutchlns, Harold Cowan. . — - . Norton is club pian- and Mrs. C. R. Holt is chair- 13200 Andre... „„„,, Ellendtile. Minn. SEED ('OllX, terms. No. 4. 27(2)3-5 ai ai Jair- """se una a cnair prize were won music committee. by Mrs. John Altman; first at 500 County Legion-Aux Party- SrizflV^s^AMn ^1°° ^ The county Legion and' the Aux- Regina Leneriz won a doJr pr£' iliary held a joint meeting at the Tho ^"" •- - • C l ub c i u bi ]ouse Thursday i \V i t ll 'l n ft ^1 ' Burt, Bancroft, : atlvcs °f the bride. >• and Swea City.' r '" tlp <iir l fs 7; Party— i;-. ( ™^ t (Cedar Rapids), was speaker on a "ernooii, with her aunt Mrs Isa- the refpnt X'ou- v^,,.i, _..j:__. , , , Viai TM^; _^ , ., """i-i «-«is. isa- received many gifts guests. Lunch was serve rel- * • ^ i'wiji jjiuu cuun- FOR SALE CHEAP-ONE Stand- he re^nt *$ m *lr' T aS s ' )eaker «"»•, r^V". ""' uuu[ - ««. isa- ard Approved oil-burner com- : Kion \nv n ^°'' k nationa l Le-! bel Me 'ggs, and-the Mesdames Escom .fcion-AuMlmrjr convention. jwe Sullivan and Evan Finnell os- Mr. Hickenlooper said New York siting. Guests were Ruth Ann IOPS were closed for a half day! Duff >', Denise Bredall June s,r^3'fLr'f rte «?s^ B ^s, ™r^r 55b ~ sf „* ^'"»"»'- Company. "" " FOR SALE-IMPROVED , T ' e ar- paraded, i l ls ' Joan Qnd Nancy Hutchison imyments.-H.' D. .. ull;ulllHi retary-Jrwisure-r, Algona. (2)2 — closed before 16'j-an-p ',}' T"' P arade '"' convention since ?av l^ Armisncc wa.s s | Rnc d. Even the l<iys *ork in the stock exchange was 'or 15 minutes. New extended a most cordial in- la " u > r «"ow. Kutn Ann was pres invi, o r i"" U ' e Ije K ion 'iaires andi ed with many birthday tokens invited them to return at any time ! o , , , . ~ mL School for Auxiliary Officers Mro A TJ n i -^ - ( •' -.*tv* *t»i njnii y -> Brien, Arline Spilles, and . Holtzbauer. After games races, and contests a lunch of rolls, cakes, an d ice cream was served at f>:^0 at a table decorated in pink ""•' yellow. Ruth Ann was present- , AUiS ° n ' J ° hn Bohftn . last May. Twenty-five members of the Algona club were expected to attend. 3trs. Anna Skinner 71; Party- Mrs .Anna Skinner was honoree at a 1 o clock luncheon Friday afternoon at her home in Honor of her 71st birthday anniversary Ten women attended, and the afternoon was S pent at contract bridge. Mrs. Skinners daughter, Mrs. Anton Didnksen, won first, Mrs. Albert Granzow was second, and Mrs. Earl Moore was low. The honoree was presentedjvlth a pair of hose. Union M. & D. club to Meet- .i,7iT e m nion Mother » & Daughters Jlub will meet this week Thursday •it the Community room under the Good Hope church. A potluck unch will follow the program vhich follows: roll call on Why Doesn't Someone Invent?- talk 'he Helping Hand, Mary Sarchet:' rticle, Health from the Ground Jp, Ethel Smith; music, Frances Vinkel. Long's Everything in the STOKLEY LINE We buy this line from Kennedy & Parsons, the Jobbers. . „, . . ,„ .ruuiv uir() Nnlnr. day more than 4,000 we, torn shoo,, arrived in Burt for O. w t'atto son, ; #ho will feed then' scvcni months, nftor which th,y w! j L ,," inarK()tcc1. Don't be discouraged because you wear size. ,1)0 HIS still loves yoi. Buy those You Junior Presses at hful :ore Yes, they're here again —those woolly, comfy, warm winter Roundabouts—fashioned from fleecy, all-wool fabrics m gorgeous Fall colors and built along the ultra-stylish lines which YOU wouldn't believe was possible for this low price. Only $29.75 Sizes from 12 to 20 and full range of colors. See them exclusively at this store. Offlco Over P«5j| F " J< ^^KSU^ Lawyers D. Shumway Attorncys-am, . Of ftce in (!ui%B!til i 68 ' '" A. WlXlfflf Attorney-am,, Office in Quinbyl Phone ISO low about that Fall Dodson dress? We „_ hese popular, perfect-fitting dresses in both the $3.98 and >5.98 models (for office chool room) and the Attorney-at-Ui Office over Iowa SWU Phone 206 ''• A. Attorney-at-Ln Office ovor Iowa State I Phones: Office, 460-J; 1 ^pensive, exclusive ' wear at $ L always be happy Dons Dodson because that certain " _ that everybody i a dress. Sizes 11, 13, 15, and 1, m leading Fall colors and styles I that are thrillingly indiVid- DOXALD c. HUTCH! THEODOBE C,.Hn Attorueys-at-Lai . Security State BankBlil Phone 251 —l MAUEICI: c. Mill Attorney-at-Uw Office in Helse Bit Phone 325 lethodist W. V. 3L S. Elects- New officers of the Methodist W . M. S. are Mrs. E. A. Genrich', resident; Mrs. H. M. Olson, first ice; Mrs. F. W. Green, second ice; Mrs. Walter Klamp, record- ng secretary; Mrs. W. G. McCulough, treasurer; and Mrs. Edw. arney, corresponding secretary he next meeting will be held on 1A t h i i*H T'ViiiTir.^ir.*.. ;_ f\ _ j_ _ i & 4 o ,r ° rcturn at ™ Z_! fu , ar enthusiastic welcome. - __ _ , ome. OF COU.N'TV, suit- JJtlI- bara Hagard entertained with pla . no riol ections and also ac- for framing, accompanies book, ".""^'"ed Book and played Carmen selections. con- MA! able- each Ko.-^uth county j < .• 101 delivery. UOOK and ' " ~ " *'" i - v - ^^ICULIUIIS. i^uncheon i • '«»«. ,»ccn. iuesucty. sne MDur-?r n J|-' *r l 'l^ tax ' Xot suld h^i then **"'**' ' md was Allowed i '" t ?,° Unt / , cllairwoma n and had just separately. Cash with mail orders dancing. ' rr>.tnrn 0r i t~ — -rn-_x ^ , We pay the postage. ol j I'AIOIS FOR SALE — CAX yon use a productive ICO acres, unimproved, along pavement near Sexton {Seethe crop on this black soil, nice laying, Hied and tillable farm. YOU can own this on terms like rent; «uly $2500 cash payment Loaning value high and will always be worth the money.»'. C. Stuart, :o« F ori .. stt . r Kld ^ Mason fity. - 7l , 0 , Little Hoy <;i v( . s „ |>,, rty _ Mrs. John N. Kenefick f-a at a birthday party lernoon honoring her little son, J«hnv- , , John M chael, who was celebrating his titih birthday. Mesdames W \. Sulhvan, G. D. Shumway, and L. R. Lmnan assisted. I-Htle guests were David Twldy Hutchison, BUly ' "••"*, iJin^ ^iiiica- Gordon Brown, Gary Vance, A - lf " Philip Kohlhaas, and <!ury Aalfs, .lorry Good. The group was at the *""•"«•• j v/iii^wj, ^ Mrs. 0. H. Graham, -Burt, conducted a school for presidents and secretaries of Legion Auxiliaries 'at her home last week Tuesday. She is county chairwoman and had just returned from Fort Dodge, where she ho4 attended a comitteewom- ens district school led by Mrs L Laird, Rockwell City. Mrs. E. W. Evans, president of the local Auxiliary, Mrs G D Brundage historian, and Eleanor CHARIS HAS AN OPENING I\- f , n Algona for a mature woman dc-1 serving *> ••" _"««.", ut. > — \\K WANT TO SINCERELY thank our many friends for their kindness and floral offerings during the illness and death of our wife '""' mother.-M. E. Hoover and Four-Year-Old Gives Party— Little Patricia Ann Olson celebrated her fourth birthday by giv- A . , ,,Ing a party Thursday afternoon at £* , 3:45 ^ w11 Mrs. Hattie Raney's. Guests were ho f tess chapter, Jacquelyn Zentner, Jacquelin Low-' Ca regent man, Marlene Gillespie, ~ — *iv*~w iiit»tiu^ will ue neiu he third Thursday in October. Guild Gives Benefit Party— The St. Thomas Guild entertained a benefit luncheon honoring the local teachers a week ago Saturday at the Ernest Gilbert country home, and hostesses were Mesdames Claire Anderson, Louise Hyde, George Benschoter, and Leslie Huff. In the afternoon some of the guests played bridge, and Eleanor Fraser won high. Three to D. A? S B. Convention— Mesdames L. J. Dickinson, A. L. to Hampton today to attend a North Central district D. A R meeting at the Conley hotel' There will be a luncheon at noon, and a business session will follow. Af 3:45 tea, will be served by the _,. Mrg ^ j^jjg lg 1(J> JOHN If. 1 Physician and Surgw | Office over Rexall Drag! Office phone 30t Res. phone 32! 0. If. CRKT/MEYEB, III Surgeon and Physlclu I Office John GaJbratth! Phones 444-310 ilgona MKLVIiV G. BOOT I Physician and Surgen | , Office in Postofflce B ' I Phones: Office, 197; reslif DENTISTS mUSICHiRE This farm '//fa ,!'!!': or " C " Aeries Needed DK. 11. 31. OLSOS Dentist Located over Christensen S I Phones: Business, 166; ,"" Algona, Iowa GKO. I). 1VALHATH, fit'iicral JJentistrj • Office in Postofflce BludJ 20 Algou,* 1 ^* Vote these y - dr » in ' automatic tuning. KAKL U. UOFFJUI Deuilst I Office in New Helse BWI Phones: Office 44, rea-j 1 " DR, C. I). SC1IAAT Dentist Algona, Iowa I Phones; Bus. 133, re^i"! LOANS AND INSt rwAnTo —"-"v-c "in ue given a CHARIS wearer, who can explain the benefits she has derived irom wearing our garments; work is not difficult to master, but we will not _ consider anyone who cannot tion to Des Moines Shops bldg. branch, 214 37u3 WANTED-MAN TO of established business. Permanent, with no dull seasons. Must have ordinary intelligence and be able to furnish references. Honest and industrious. Right man can make a good living and provide for future. No canvassing. Requires jstt> casn to secure managing interest. Can arrange balance from profits. Investment secured by stock and fixtures in your possession. If yo u can qualify, write M. J. 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